Hillary Clinton Says Trump Won't Win Sanders Voters, Detroit Teachers Launch Sickout, Germany Wants to Extend Border Controls: A.M. Links


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    Hillary Clinton insists Donald Trump won't be able to win over Bernie Sanders voters.

  • More than 80 schools in Detroit are closed today after a teachers union sickout.
  • Venezuela has run out of beer.
  • Germany would like to ask the European Union to permit it to extend its border controls for six more months.
  • Protesters in Iraq stormed the Green Zone to make political demands, then disbanded. Later, three bombs killed at least 14 people in Baghdad, including several Shi'ite pilgrims.
  • Australian Craig Wright claims he created bitcoin.

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  1. More than 80 schools in Detroit are closed today after a teachers union sickout.

    No one hardest hit.

      1. You don’t look like Rufus.

        What have you done with him?

        1. He was merely ….delayed. Stuck in a maple syrup puddle?

          1. /narrows gaze.

            1. I think you mean
              /narrows glaze

              1. Heh.

              2. +1 dozen Timbits

      2. Flashbacks to my Swedish roommate in college getting phone calls from his mother in the middle of the night. “Hallo-hej!”

    1. Hello.

    2. [beats Fist with a wet towel]

      1. I was home wet towel snapped.

    3. Detroit children celebrate.

  2. 173) What amazes me about the transgender bathroom law battles is how they’re presented in mainstream media as stirring civil rights battles. In the 1950s and 60s, civil rights battles were a great fight between blacks who wanted a chance to live the prosperous and free lives white Americans took for granted and an entrenched white system that denied them their God-given rights and dignities. There were similar battles for women’s rights, gay rights, youth rights, and others.
    But I can’t even bring myself to care about which side wins in the bathroom thing. I suppose I can see the point of the transgender activists, but the cause is so small and their tactics are bullying. It’s not good vs. evil. It’s the petty vs. the petty. I mean, in the end, everybody’s still going to have a stall of their own, so who cares? This isn’t the 60s all over again, except maybe in the “second time as farce” sense of history.

    1. The fact you don’t care is exactly why they do it. YOU MUST CARE


    2. These SJWs don’t think their shit stinks.

    3. That sounds an awful lot like a sermon.

      1. Let’s get some witnesses in here tonight!

            1. PRAISE JATNAS!

              1. IN THE NAME OF AHURA MAZDA!

                1. Mazda makes an Ahura [joking; I have always thought they should make a Zoroastrian model]?

    4. It’s like they really wish it was still the 60s or something, so they need to pretend like everything is the most important civil rights struggle ever.

      To hear some people talk you would think that we weren’t at the best place we have ever been when it comes to race relations and equality, women’s rights, gay rights and social acceptance and acceptance of transsexuals. Most of those things could still be better, but you can’t just make a wish and have everyone come around all of a sudden. It would be nice if people would at least acknowledge something good from time to time.
      People just love to be miserable, I guess.

      1. People just love to be miserable, I guess.

        Is that some shot at libertarians? You son of a bitch!

        1. You *Miserable* son of a bitch!

      2. To hear some people talk you would think that we weren’t at the best place we have ever been when it comes to race relations and equality, women’s rights, gay rights and social acceptance and acceptance of transsexuals.

        Well I’m not sure that relations between the white cisgender heteropatriarchy and the perpetually aggrieved are all that great right now. Once the bathroom issue goes their way, the Aggrieved Legion will assault some other aspect of social existence that no one ever surmised could possibly be a culture war battleground.

        1. ” that no one ever surmised could possibly be a culture war battleground.”

          What?!?! You mean you never anticipated that TAKING A SHIT would be made by the left into making a political statement?


          1. If you didn’t anticipate that, you really weren’t paying attention.


              1. Sounds like Venezuela…

        2. Well, by definition you can’t have good relations with the perpetually aggrieved. The perpetually aggrieved don’t even have good relations among their own subgroups.

          But most normal people don’t seem to care much who’s gay or what race you are and think women should do what they want when it comes to careers or having children.

          1. Well that just spoils everything; there MUST BE VICTIMS or there will be no metaphorical club to beat you with.

            Absent that, they will have to look at themselves and the choices they have made as the source of their misery, as in “you don’t like me because I’m a narcissistic ass-hole, not because I have special needs!”

        3. Isn’t it wonderful how ever smaller minoritys are becoming ever more empowered to jerk around everyone else?

      3. To be fair, race relations were better in 2007.

    5. I’m seeing more businesses in my town make their bathrooms gender neutral.

      When men start pissing all over the toilet seat and/or leaving the seat up, women will be annoyed by it. But if they complain, they can be easily tagged as bigots.

      So either way, the cis hetero patriarchy will win.

      1. no, it will be illegal for men to make a mess, but “women” can sit in there all day

      2. How hard is it to miss the damn toilet seat, anyway?

        1. If the aim is to help keep the bathroom clean,. you can help by keeping your aim.

      3. Err I’m sorry I am far less worried about a dude pissing on the toilet than I am so entitled little princess on the rag bleeding and shitting all over it because she refuses to let her precious derriere touch the seat.

        1. This!

          Women hovering over the seat makes for some of the nastiest bathrooms I’ve ever seen.

          1. That it is; nothing like blood and feces looking like a scene from Quills.

          2. And it’s idiotic. Toilet seats are one of the least hospitable surfaces for bacteria to grow on you can find. Unless it actually has shit or blood smeared on it, it’s probably cleaner than your ass.

            1. This entire comment thread is going to haunt my dreams. What sort of bathrooms do you people frequent…

    6. I’m always happy with loose shoes, good sex, and a warm place to shit.

      1. Now you’ll never be secretary of agriculture.

    7. I suspect the fundamentals here is that neither side ultimately seems to really care much about toilets. Everyone involved seems mostly focused on signaling their membership on their particular social team. And, for the social justice cadres especially, the chance to put the screws to people on the other team is one of the primary perks of team membership. That is, they aren’t so much interested in getting the transsexuals access to the toilet so much as making “those people” have to deal with transsexuals in their toilets.

  3. Hillary Clinton insists Donald Trump won’t be able to win over Bernie Sanders voters.

    Crazy cult followers don’t sway easily?

    1. But will she?


      1. Trump is encouraging Bernie to do this.

        Clever, eh?

      2. But will she?

        Just like the super majority of Republicans will line up behind Trump. The Berntards will line up behind Hillary.

        I overheard a Berntard at work stating that he is fully behind Hillary because she is far and away similar to his beliefs compared to the Republican candidates.

      3. No need, Jill Stein and the Green (on the outside red on the inside) Party are a natural fit for most Bernie voters.

        1. If we could get folks to actually read these third parties’ platforms and take the time to understand them, we might be able to make some progress. None of the “Occupy” activists belong in the Democrat party. They are pretty much universally Greens. The #BLM folks belong in the libertarian party, or maybe the Greens, depending on their other personal beliefs. The Tea Party folks should break off and form a party. The libertarians among them could join us and the SoCons could stick with the Tea Party.

          That should bring a transformative level of diversity of thought. The statists on the left and right would have 20-35% each. Greens, SoCons and Libertarians would get between 10% and 25% each. Maybe Dems would split off a labor party too. And maybe issues-based coalitions could form, so we could actually be responsive to problems instead of staking out positions for the spin cycle in hopes of winning the next election.

          I used to thing European style parliamentary systems were silly with all of their weird fringe parties. Now I can see the strength of having these oddball parties.

      4. The best thing that could possibly happen is for both Republicans and Democrats to have third part challengers; doubtful that any of the four could get a majority of electoral votes, thus invoking the 12th Amendment and punting to congress.

        We could call whoever wins prime minister.

    2. She just needs to de-program them.

      1. Like, in a camp?

        1. No, she’ll just wipe their brains. With a cloth.

        2. The scary part is that I believe she has that desire to send the wrong thinking people to Lake Laogai for “Camp”.

      2. +1 Clockwork Orange

    3. I tend to think she’s correct here although my conclusions are largely anecdotal. All the Bernie supporters I know are hard-left progressives who hate big business and think Trump’s a fascist. It’s hard to see them voting for Trump – although they may not vote for HRC either.

      1. My anecdotal experience is more mixed. I know a few younger Sanders supporters who also like Trump.

        I’ve been saying this for a while – turn down the rhetoric about Mexicans and women and turn up the heat on Wall Street. Offer student debt forgiveness. You’ve just picked up a bunch of the less ideological Sanders supporters.

        1. Offer student debt forgiveness

          No. No. No. No. NO!

          I paid off my scads of debt the hard way, no one gets a free ride on my tax dime!

          1. He said “offer it”, he didn’t say to actually follow through on it.

            1. Exactly. Offer it, and then blame the selfish, heartless, capitalist teathugliKKKans for refusing to follow along.

          2. no one gets a free ride on my tax dime!

            Hey, it’s not a free ride, its just something we decide to do together!

          3. But it may be the issue that actually mobilizes younger voters.

          4. Is it okay if the offer is retroactive to your debt. ?

            1. No. That doesn’t make it less of a stupid plan, just more expensive.

        2. Free college, just like most countries. It’s a subsidy that America doesn’t do, but other countries do. Other countries prefer that intelligent people contribute their brains. America, not so much.

          1. Yeah, funny how this country exponentially increased the number of college students over the last 40 years to include those who couldn’t spell “cat” if you spotted them the C and the T, and college ended up getting more expensive instead of cheaper, despite any number of diploma mills opening up to meet the demand. Further proof that progressives don’t understand the limits of scale.

            Want to make college cheaper to the point that you can pay your tuition with a part-time job? Limit the number of students to those who can actually read at a 12th-grade level (the 1960s version of 12th grade rather lowest common denominator version we have today, would be preferable, but even the latter would still weed out a huge chunk of the current college student body), make student loans dischargeable in bankruptcy, and make the colleges partially liable for any bankruptcy payouts via their endowments.

            As it stands now, colleges are basically 13th-16th grade institutions devoted more towards providing self-perpetuating and self-justifying make-work jobs for third-tier trash clerks than they are markers of intellectual rigor.

          2. We have free lower education in America, and how has that worked out for us since government took that function over? If we want to make college go the way of lower schooling, I say sure, make it “free” and let government run it. Morons that cant read, write, or do math graduating college will have something to be proud of then…

      2. ” All the Bernie supporters I know are hard-left progressives who hate big business and think Trump’s a fascist. “

        Well for the first time in their lives they are actually right about something.

    1. Why did an 11-year-old boy have access to a fully loaded handgun? That question obviously never comes up.

      1. Also: why was he home alone??!!11!!

        1. His parents are in soooo much trouble.

        2. [slaps own face with both hands while making O face]

          1. +1 John Hughes 80s movie

            1. I think you can be more specific than that.

              1. The kids in the library, and Cusack wins over the heart of the principal with Peter Gabriel before dying his hair ginger and putting on a pink dress. That one.

      2. Well, clearly he knows the proper usage, so what’s the problem?

      3. Why did an 11-year-old boy have access to a fully loaded handgun? That question obviously never comes up.

        The answer to that question was in the paragraphs that immediately preceded it. You would think the author read what they had wrote.

        1. You would think the author read what they had wrote.

          That’s, like, so 20th century, man.

        2. Pittsburgh.

          1. I’m ‘Pittsburgh’ and I can’t understand what your comment has to do with the article. Have I been insulted?

    2. He fired 11 shots until the 12th finally hit the “bad guy,” as WVTM reporter Kyle Burger calls him, in the leg with a “full metal jacket bullet.” “He started crying like a baby,” Chris says.

      Why does anyone *need* “large-capacity magazines”?

      1. Kid needs more range time. He’s got police accuracy.

        1. You kidding me? He didn’t hit any bystanders or dogs.

          1. Police academy will fix that

      2. And why should anyone get shot just for breaking into someone’s house? Yes, there are anti-gun people who will make this argument.

        1. Trivia question: Who said “You don’t look too bad. Here’s another.”?

        2. A man’s house is Bernie’s castle.

        3. If you’re in my house, I’m not going to be asking questions to determine whether you’re merely there to steal something.

        4. “He’ll live.”

        5. I would ask instead, why should anyone who breaks into someone’s house when someone is home not get shot?

        6. Fun fact- the % of burglaries that take place when the resident is home is muuuuuuch higher in the EU than in the US. Wish I could remember the exact numbers (or motivate myself to look it up.)

          1. For obvious reasons.

            1. For obvious reasons.

              6 hour work day and 4 day work week leaves more time to spend at home?

            2. What could you possibly mean?!?!

          2. Omg, they’re called economic migrants!

    3. The burglar was outside the house fleeing when he was shot? I’m surprised this isn’t an issue with authorities.

      1. Probably in a very gun and self-defense friendly location.

        1. Well then apparently the 11/12th’s of what he fired that went somewhere other than the target didn’t hit neighboring property, so he’s fortunate on a few levels.

          1. Yeah, that could have gone differently. No idea how close any neighboring property was. Shotguns are good.

      2. In California, that would be legal?

    4. Chris says he was scared, but he grabbed a 9mm handgun to protect himself. “When he was coming down the stairs, that’s when he told me he was going to kill me, F-you and all that,” Gaither said.

      The alleged intruder then made it to the front door with a hamper in his hand. And that’s when Chris started firing the weapon. He fired 11 shots until the 12th finally hit the “bad guy,”

      So in this scenario, the Slate writers are of the position that the “bad guy” is actually the 11 year old boy defending himself with an icky gun, not the home invader.

      1. While I shed no tear for the invader, I believe the lad was an irresponsible gun user. This incident does give ammunition – I DO NOT ASK YOU TO FORGIVE THAT PUN – to the grabbers.

        1. Although, given where he lives, his stepdad is probably one of those who will make him put 100 rounds downrange a week until he improves his accuracy, since he’s probably hearing all kinds of shit about it at work.

          1. Peer pressure can be good.

          2. +1 drywall repair service

  4. Venezuela has run out of beer.

    Which is odd since they ran out of beer money months ago.

  5. “Venezuela has run out of beer.”

    * crosses Venezuela off list of possible vacation sites *

    1. Are you kidding? Roll down Caracas way with a few cases of Corona and a pallet of cheap two-ply from Sam’s Club and your trip pays for itself.

      1. I have the feeling those Coronas will be in the bellies of the customs officers before you even leave the airport.

        1. And the toilet paper will be in their lockers.

      2. You know the reason they ran out of beer is because they have no hard currency with which to pay for imports, right? The only way you’re going to sell your Corona and two-ply is if you’ll accept something other than actual money, like maybe illegal drugs and under-age hookers and……and nevermind, carry on.

        1. “Hola, chicka. How many rolls of toilet paper for 30 minutes?”

          1. Might I suggest letting her use the paper before beginning your mutually agreed upon activities?

            1. Speaking of cleaning up first – how is Venezuela doing on soap?

              1. It seems that they’re running out of that as well, Restoras.

                Here is the list according to Ed Krayewski.

                “Batteries, beef, birth control pills, bleach, brass, bread, breast implants, butter, cheese, chicken, chocolate, clothes iron, coffee, coffins, condensed milk, condoms, corn oil, deodorant, detergents, diapers, eggs, fabric softeners, fish, flour, French fries, fruits, gauze, hops, ice cream, insecticide, jams, juice, lentils, margarine, Marie biscuits, makeup, mayonnaise, medical gloves, milk, mouthwash, mustard, napkins, oatmeal, olives, pan de jam?n, pasta, peas, pork, powdered milk, raisins, razors, rice, sanitary napkins, sacramental bread, sardines, satin, shampoo, shoes, skim milk, soap, sodas, sugar, sunflower oil, tires, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, varnish, vegetables, water, wine, and more.”

                1. Seems like Ed compiles nice lists when not distracted by Jay-Zed and Bounce stories.

            2. Shakla, when the whores smell.

              1. Witty.

                I didn’t watch very many episodes of that show, Chip, but the one you alluded to I’ve watched more than once.

  6. Hillary Clinton insists Donald Trump won’t be able to win over Bernie Sanders voters.

    I know for a fact my sister and brother-in-law won’t be voting for her. Maybe I can convince them to Feel the Johnson.

    1. my sister and brother-in-law won’t be voting for her. Maybe I can convince them to Feel the Johnson

      You must have the most interesting family gatherings.

      1. Incest is best, give your sister the test?

    2. The Sanders supporters I know think Hillary is as much in bed with Wall Street as Trump is, I suspect if she’s the nominee they’ll just stay home.

  7. Germany would like to ask the European Union to permit it to extend its border…

    OH NO!

    1. You know who else sought to extend Germany’s border?

        1. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

          1. Stop doing that! I still get caught off guard.

            1. Stop doing that! I still get caught off guard.

              Now my thoughts and prayers are with you.

            2. The Pope will not be happy with you…

      1. King Ermanaric of the Goths?

        1. + “If you’re a Goth, where were you when we sacked Rome” shirt.

          1. I want one.

      2. Bismark?

    2. C’mon Fisty…

      “You know who else extended Germany’s border…controls?”

    3. “Ask.. to permit..”

      Loss of sovereignty, in one sentence.

      1. All those Germans in the Sudetenland are left helpless.

  8. Venezuela has run out of beer.

    Let them drink cake.

    1. After 8 hour wait in line.

      *Bernie Sanders nods approvingly*

      1. Totally equitable method of distribution

    2. Let them drink ferment cake.

        1. Enjoyably read- thanks for the link HoD

        2. What’s the function of the ketchup?

          1. Not having spent time in jail, my info is sadly limited. I suspect it’s the sugar? Most everything in hooch is either there for sugar or yeast.

            We can further explore the role of ketchup in home-brew hooch when we’re all in the camps.

            1. But they throw in 50 cubes of sugar- the ketchup wouldn’t be adding any significant amount.

              1. If you would look a little north of the recipe itself, you will find the name of the man who authored it. Let me know what you find out.

          2. Probably the Lactobacillus and vinegar to jump start the fermentation. SImilar to fermenting food for preservation.

      1. The cake ferments on it’s own while the electricity is off.

    3. The odds of people dying from drinking methanol-tainted illegal brew just went up.

  9. Protesters in Iraq stormed the Green Zone to make political demands, then disbanded.

    But…but…Joe Biden says all is well!

  10. Venezuela has run out of beer.

    “In socialist paradise there is no beer ?.”

    1. Beer is the opiate of the asses!

      1. It also makes a lovely fish batter!

        1. They’re probably out of fish as well.

          1. SEE?! They don’t NEED toilet paper!

    2. In socialist paradise Venezuela, beer so good, the people drink it all before more can be made.

    3. Only vodka produced at the industrial solvent plant.

    4. Now I’m singing polka in my head…

      “NO BEER!?!

      That’s why we drink it here!”

      1. But when We’re gone from here? Who get’s to drink all our Beer then? Commies? Greens?

    5. Just a reminder:

      “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand.”

      – Milton Friedman

    6. “In socialist paradise there is no beer ?.”

      The USSR tried to go dry several times?

  11. Protesters in Iraq stormed the Green Zone to make political demands, then disbanded.

    The zone is always greener…

  12. More than 80 schools in Detroit are closed today after a teachers union sickout.

    Genuinely touched to see the teachers union doing something that actually benefits The Children.

    1. *stands and applauds*

  13. Saw this excellent series of tweets (retweeted by Nicholas Christakis, the target of the idiotic Yale protests last year). Too bad it won’t get through to anyone who actually needs to read it.

    When campus activists equate the metaphoric violence of speech to physical injury, then violence becomes a justifiable response to speech.

    This is the exact same mentality harbored by Islamic extremists who murder secular & liberal Bangladeshi bloggers.

    This is the same mentality that justifies the killing/persecution of apostates/blasphemers who say or write critically of Islam.

    1. “Then why the fuck did you accept the position? it is your job to create a place of comfort and home!!! It is not about creating an intellectual space! It is not!”

      1. “WHO THE FUCK HIRED YOU!?!?!?!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” *rage splooge*

    2. I’ve always said that leftists and radical Islamists have a lot in common.

      1. I’m not sure they have a lot in common per se, but there’s no doubt they are each other’s useful idiots. One cannot thoroughly destroy western civilization without the other.

    3. When campus activists equate the metaphoric violence of speech to physical injury, then violence becomes a justifiable response to speech.

      This really is brilliant… and true

      1. Eh, Epi has pointed out that this their endgame before.

  14. The Ghostbusters Trailer is the Most Disliked Movie Trailer in YouTube History

    It has to be sexism, right? Can just be a bad movie or a bad trailer. It has to be sexism. It has to be.

    1. It is definitely fattist.

      1. Why can’t it be racism at fault at well?

    2. What discerning comedy consumer wouldn’t be won over by women taking over iconic comedic roles?

    3. The trailer in of itself is a godawful cliche of modern trailer making. And then there’s the black lady’s painfully unfunny Sassy Black Woman schtick that I can actually see as being an offensive stereotype for those invested in seeing black women get serious roles.

      And then there’s CGI shitfest of slapping a bunch of neon green and purple crap on the screen. I saw Ghostbusters in a theater last October and the special effects of using matte paintings and stop motion models l looked more convincing.

      1. I can’t see videos from here. Please tell me she does the finger wag.

        1. Awwww, heeeeaahhhlll no! Mmmmmh.

        2. Or the head-bob.

          1. They have to be done in synchrony to be authentic.

      2. slapping a bunch of neon green and purple crap on the screen

        That’s a horrible thing to say about Melissa McCarthy.

        1. She’s Quinoa. She’s in everything.

      3. “And then there’s the black lady’s painfully unfunny Sassy Black Woman schtick that I can actually see as being an offensive stereotype for those invested in seeing black women get serious roles.”

        I rarely agree with SJWs, but it is telling that there are four characters in the movie – three white scientists and a black woman they found working in a subway station.

        1. Some white progressives have a form of antinomianism – they’re part of the elect, so what they do cannot be sinful by definition. Since they’re progs, by definition they’re not racist.

          Other white progressives don’t go this far, they simply make a routine “I’m a racist because I’m white” disclaimer, but they don’t actually *mean* it – as you’ll find out if you agree with them – “you’re right, you *are* a racist!”

          1. Yeah, a lot of it is just rationalizing away their racism. See, they’d have Asian-Americans as the scientists but that would be racist. So the white people nobly portray white scientists helping the black woman who can’t be a scientist because of the legacy of slavery

        2. Scream Queens did a great sendup of that stereotype as a running gag. Which is basically the appeal of the show in a nutshell.

        3. Yeah, it’s a good thing the original was more enlightened.

        4. White progs fucking love science almost as much as they love helping poor black people

      4. I saw Ghostbusters in a theater last October

        I saw it in the theater for its 30th anniversary run, too. It holds up remarkably well. This piece of shit remake will be forgotten as quickly as the Robocop or Total Recall ones.

        1. They made remakes of all three movies? When was this? Does Lou Reed know about it?

        2. They remade Robocop??

          1. They called it “Robocop 3” he became an action figure and it had a discongruous happy ending.

          2. I actually didn’t think the Robocop “remake” was so bad. It was so totally different from the original that it was its own movie. And it wasn’t bad…

            1. So why call it ‘Robocop’?

              At least porn had the decency to call it ‘Robocock’!

    4. White Male Nerd Rage. How dare they give ladies real roles in their pwecious pwecious reboot!?

      1. Why reboot something that wasn’t broken?

        1. Money, why else?

          1. But if they actually wanted to maximize profits, why make a feministy, SJW bullshit piece of crap gauranteed to turn off large segments of potential audience?

            1. The all-female cast doesn’t preclude it from being funny. The trailer just indicates that it’s going to suck. Misogyny just provides a convenient excuse for the marketers.

              1. If they were able to produce funny, they wouldn’t have to slap a marketable brand onto their product, they’d be able to sell something on its own merits.

                1. Speaking of selling the story on its merits, I watched Mad Max finally. There was a decent story buried in there, somewhere. It just didn’t have anything to do with Mad Max.

              2. The all-female cast doesn’t preclude it from being funny.

                Yes. Yes it does.

                1. Yes, of course it does.

            2. Is it feministy, SJW-bullshitty? Or just shitty and starring women?

              I mean, putting women in the lead roles is clearly calculated, but that’s really just the sort of mainstream kind of “women can do anything” type feminism that most people more or less agree with.

              Seems like the problem is just that it was a shitty idea, poorly executed. The original Ghostbusters was great because of the actors and writers and director. Any reboot is guaranteed to fall short.

              1. The Bad News Bears ( the original one) was way more feminist than this. And realistic, as a 12 year old girl being the best pitcher in the league is more likely than finding 3 women scientists in the same place.

                1. Does Jodie foster count as Female anymore?

                  1. Tatum O’Neal.

                2. Political Science!

        2. “Why reboot something that wasn’t broken?”

          More like, “why attempt creativity when there are still remakes to be made?”

      2. White Male Nerd Rage. How dare they give ladies real roles in their pwecious pwecious reboot!?

        Did any fans of the original want a reboot? Even with an all male cast?

        1. Of course not. It was good because of the people who made it, not because of a brilliant plot or fantasy universe.

        2. The problem is that when you take a movie with a mostly male cast and *purposefully* set out to remake it with a mostly female cast, your goal is to call attention to the gender of the main cast.

          No one’s saying you shouldn’t make comedies with female casts, they’re saying you shouldn’t decide what the gender makeup of your cast will be for political reasons.

          1. No one’s saying you shouldn’t make comedies with female casts, they’re saying you shouldn’t decide what the gender makeup of your cast will be for political reasons.

            And destroy an iconic film in the process. I wonder what Hollywood ‘genius’ actually thought this would be a good idea?

            1. Here you go

              Dan Aykroyd … executive producer
              Ali Bell … executive producer
              Katie Dippold … co-producer
              Paul Feig … executive producer
              Jessie Henderson … executive producer
              Michele Imperato … executive producer
              Joe Medjuck … executive producer
              Amy Pascal … producer
              Tom Pollock … executive producer
              Ivan Reitman … producer / production executive
              Ben Waisbren … executive producer

              1. When a project has that many “executive producers” they have almost no impact on the work product.

                Also from the Sony leaks, there were indications that the old cast was being seriously pressured to fall in line behind the project.

              2. Ah, so they accepted a payoff and a producer credit min order to try make a quick money-grab. But who is the executive who greenlighted this shit in the first place?

                1. Probably someone’s tired of getting reamed at cocktail parties and award ceremonies for not being “inclusive” enough so okayed it less for the potential success and more for the appearences.

    5. Oh dear.



      1. She’s not uneducated, it’s just that they majored in the sciences and she double majored in communications/grievance studies.

    6. Press 9 after pressing play on that video. It’s perfect. (HT to some commenter)

    7. “White Male Nerd Rage. How dare they give ladies real roles in their pwecious pwecious reboot!?”

      So Jezebel must have missed all the progressives who were really angry at the portrayal of the black woman, right?

      1. So Jezebel must have missed all the progressives who were really angry at the portrayal of the black woman, right?

        I think so:

        “Now, in 1980s? Saying that a group of men are failures at science wasn’t even remotely sexist; it was funny. Even today, it would be funny. Saying that a black guy was completely ignorant of science and yet still not making him the character with the most negative portrayal? This was forgivably racist.

        In 2016? Saying a group of women are failures at science when women are still struggling to truly break into science? That’s sexist. If they follow the original plot and have the black woman not know anything about science? Congrats… racist and sexist. If this movie follows the plot of the original, it’s been essentially set up to fail and take down every woman who supported it when it crashes and burns. And then it has a bunch of feminists supporting it simply because they refuse to think about the sexism against women they”re unwittingly supporting.”

        – end portion of a comment one the site to which SugarFree provided a link.

        1. women are still struggling to truly break into science


          1. What they mean is “far fewer women *want* to go into science, and this is the fault of men for some reason.”

            No one is telling women not to go into the sciences if they want.

            1. In fact, a whole lot of people are telling women that they can and should go into science, and those who choose to aren’t struggling any more than any man to “break in”.

            2. And that’s part of it. There are women, like my mom, who went into science because it was expected she would become a nurse, a librarian, or a teacher, like my grandmother. She was interested in science anyways, but a lot of the determination to keep going was because people told her no.

          2. sammich making IS a science

            1. +1 Subway sandwich engineer.

              1. So you’re saying that engineers are real scientists?


                1. Bill Nye thinks so

            2. Here here!

              1. *Hear hear! Not enough coffee this morning..

          3. Regardless of the veracity of the commentator’s statement, Rhywun, this claim appears so well entrenched in contemporary discourse as to be taken as a solid fact.

            The discussions I’ve heard* do not dispute it, but use it as a premise to discuss why “women are still struggling to truly break into science”.

            *Obviously this is purely anecdotal on my part, since I am commenting on what I personally have heard on radio programs (especially NPR) or read online (including comment sections such as the one I drew the quote from).

            1. You also seem to hear a lot on NPR about how girls are outperforming boys academically. Not sure how that fits.

              1. Employers prefer to spend their employment dollars on inferior men who also cost more, Zeb.

                1. Men are easier to control, we respond well to “Work or get Fired”,

                  1. “Hard to fire, hard to hire” probably fits in there somewhere as well.

                    Any sane employer will pause before offering a job to a member of a protected class if there is an equally qualified white male on offer. Incentives, yo.

  15. Later, three bombs killed at least 14 people in Baghdad, including several Shi’ite pilgrims.

    Sheesh, Iraq needs common-sense bomb control.

    1. Or they need military Superpowers to stop invading them and telling them they know what’s good for them.

      1. You’re preaching to the choir, AmSoc. Go complain to Obama.

        1. You mean Barack “no boots on the ground” Obama, who currently has nearly 5,000 troops in Iraq?

          1. Obviously a mistake! It’s Bush’s fault! I know better than everyone what’s good for them, I’m a proggie douchebag!

          2. How many in Afghanistan? Like double that?

            1. Don’t forget Syria!

          3. They’re not wearing boots! They were all issued some other shoe type…except for that one guy who levitates, he’s wearing boots but they’re floating above the ground. So no boots ON the ground.

      2. Isn’t that to raison d’etre of a left-wing ideology?

        The part about knowing what’s good for others?

        1. Aren’t the neocons basically reheated Trotskyists?

          1. Not even reheated properly. Just microwaved to soggyness, rather than the crispness of a turbo oven.

          2. I thought they were ‘disaffected liberals’?

      3. Better to take them down from inside, Amirite comrade?

      4. I haven’t seen any evidence that they know what’s good for themselves…

      5. And you’re going to vote for Hillary the war monger to fix that, right?

    2. We need to teach Islamist radicals not to bomb.

  16. Why Is Desiigner’s “Panda” No. 1?

    I going to go with: Declining IQs.

    1. Whereas as I cannot type because of brain parasites.

      1. Relax and don’t fight it. Once the brain parasites reach a certain level, it won’t be you unable to type – it will be them. But they’ll learn, oh yes we will, and we are a fast learner.

    2. I tried to read that name-dropping circle-jerk of an article, but couldn’t.

    3. Eh, maybe. Some #1 hits from 1979: “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” (Rod Stewart), “Love You Inside Out” (Bee Gees), “Babe” (Styx)

      1. It was more about the paucity of the song vs. the amount of analysis thrown at it. Terrible music will always be with us, but treating it seriously can be stamped out at the source.

      2. The difference between Panda and the songs you listed is that there isn’t a single instrument on this song. It’s all computerized and lifted without much musical talent at all. i agree that the songs you listed aren’t the Moonlight Sonata, but all those songs had artists who could sing and play musical instruments. Yeah, they did some cheesy songs but at least they could sit at a piano and put a melody together.

        1. Synthesizers and drum programming are instruments. The instrumentation choices have nothing to do with whether it’s any good as music or not. That’s purely a matter of taste.

          I tend to agree that there are things a truly skilled player can do with an analog instrument that don’t really have parallels with electronic music. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to make “real” music. It’s not as if you can just push a button and new electronic music that people want to hear comes out.

          1. They are instruments in the same way that a kazoo is an instrument. Or my ipod is an instrument.

            “I’m gonna m-m-m-m-akkke music-mu-mu-mu-sic. With somebody else’s mu-mu-music.”
            Henry Rollins.

            1. No, that’s really, really not true. Except for singing and maybe some percussion, all instruments are technology that allows specific sounds to be produced by manipulating some kind of machinery. Electronic synthesizers and sequencers and such are just a newer way of doing those things.
              And sampling is a whole other issue. I’d like to see you take some samples and mix them in a way that people can enjoy and dance to to show us all how easy and talent-free such endeavors are.

  17. Why is the government out to destroy vaping?

    A piece that starts out like saying things like this:

    US authorities are taking extreme, hysterical and often ludicrous steps to stamp out vaping, massively overstating the harm it does, speculating wildly on unproven potential risks from trace amounts of chemicals involved and banning vaping indoors, outdoors and even in outdoor public spaces such as parks.

    Ends with this:

    Few loathe smoking as much as I do. Cigarettes killed my father, after gradually destroying his quality of life over an agonizing period of many years’ suffering. Unlike progressives and bureaucrats, however, I don’t loathe smokers. Some people simply cannot quit.

    CIGARETTES ARE MURDERERS! Maybe they do not want to quit? Nah….

    1. I enjoy smoking, though I’ll be asking my doctor for a prescription for Chantix again the next time I see him (I quit with it six years ago, but then started back up three years later).

      I only smoke outdoors, so when I smoke I always know what’s going on with the weather and wildlife. It’s an excuse to get out of conversations or get my mind off of something. And I like nicotine.

      But I can’t afford the expense, and it doesn’t do my body any good.

      I agree though. I can see why some people simply don’t want to quit.

      1. Everybody’s gotta die sometime, Red.

      2. I smoke, and I understand intellectually that it’s bad for me and it makes no sense for me to smoke, and yet I do. I just accept that the human brain is capable of rationalizing the stupidest shit imaginable and my brain is no different so it tells me there’s some benefit to smoking that outweighs the harms even though I know it’s not true. I just try not to think about it.

        Same as I accept intellectually that the billions of years after I die is probably going to be just like the billions of years before I was born and yet I can’t really accept that life (and, more specifically, my life) has no greater meaning or purpose than you’re born, you live, you die and that’s it. It’s crazy either way you look at it. I just try not to think about it.

        Or Trumpillary. It seems insane, and yet many people seem to have rationalized the concept. I don’t think people are necessarily truly insane for supporting any of the major candidates this time around, I realize and try to accept that the vast majority of human beings I am surrounded by seem to have a view of reality that is waaay different than mine and therefore incomprehensible to me. I just try not to think about it.

      3. I quit 8 years ago, but have kept on with one form of nicotine or another because I believe that the danger is in the route of administration rather than the drug itself (a mild vaso-constrictor won’t worry me unless I become hypertensive.)

        I totally relate to your reasons for smoking. I miss the ritual of pressing pause on life to go outside whether at work, home or out at a club. Besides the opportunity for introspection and enjoying the outdoors, there’s also a camaraderie among smokers- perhaps the result of sharing a common peril.

        After eating the cost of nicotine gum (pun intended) for a couple years, I settled on camel snus mellow (washed, non-spit tobacco that tastes caramel-y) which is much cheaper and doesn’t seem to hurt my mouth, teeth or pocketbook.

        1. I’d check on the Came snus stuff. I’ve heard that it has a lot more of the cancery stuff than real Swedish snus. I’ve been mail ordering some Swedish snus and it is (in my opinion) much better than the Camel stuff and apparently it has no significant association with oral or throat cancer risks.

          1. So….no death by snu-snu?

            1. Remarkably, no. Apparently the cancer causing parts of tobacco come about because of the high temperature curing, and from combustion when smoked.

          2. Will look into it, but damnit I really like the foo foo caramel flavor. Know of anything legit from the Swedes?

    2. CIGARETTES ARE MURDERERS! Maybe they do not want to quit? Nah….

      Well yeah, it couldn’t have been his choice to smoke them that killed him. Because cigarettes have actual agency, like guns do.

    3. Even if they banned vaping at this point it wouldn’t matter. The technology is already out there. Tens of thousands of people know how to make the juice. You can vape with a flashlight battery, a piece of wire, and a piece of cotton ferchrissakes.

    4. Because it’s not taxed like cigarettes? (Right? I neither smoke nor vape.)

    5. Why is the government out to destroy vaping?

      The funniest part of this piece was at the end where the “other stories you might be interested in” included a Cancer Centers of America advertorial headlined “E-cigarette dangers lurking in a smokescreen, experts say” which heavily featured the very lies the piece was denouncing.

      Because they involve inhaling a heated aerosol vapor rather than tobacco, many users mistakenly believe they are a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes.

      “E-cigarettes have no redeeming qualities,” says Dr. Laeeq Shamsuddin, Pulmonologist at our hospital near Chicago. “In fact, they may actually be worse than regular cigarettes.”

      “In the past, they were smoking 20 cigarettes a day,” he says. “Now, while using e-cigarettes, they are only smoking 10 a day. In their minds, they are inhaling less. They feel in the short term, they are coughing less and experiencing less discomfort.”

      And we all know the worst thing about vaping:

      Despite their ballooning popularity, e-cigarettes are virtually unregulated by the federal government.

      The horror.

      1. They reacted in a similar manner when research showed that nicotine and cocaine act differently on the brain back in the early 90’s. It screwed up their anti-cigarette marketing schemes so they just denounced the results.

        They have no commitment to the truth. Just to their agenda and those yummy yummy government grants.

      1. For a second there i didn’t see who’d posted that, and assumed it was someone mocking Mike M.

        Nope, just Mikey himself, looking for cake.

        1. Weird, I did the same thing.

        2. Hearing nickname feels like doing this.

      2. Not nearly as insane as his job-killing policies.

    1. Romney kicked his ass where comedic tempo was concerned.

      And in the debates I might add. Obama’s dreary and terrible performance in the first debate was one for the ages.

      1. I disagree. That joke that started, “If you like your….” was pretty funny.

    2. You may or may not appreciate Barack’s comedic stylings, but you’ve got to admit that he’s a much better comedian than he is a president.

      Of course, his real talent is as a politician, provided that it is defined as really nothing more nor less than getting elected. His 2008 campaign was nothing short of genius.

  18. Toddlers have shot at least 23 people this year

    The lesson I learned: New York and California are full of responsible toddlers.

    1. Halt all toddler immigration.

      1. We keep trying, but people complain about treatment of children or somesuch shit.


      1. Not an all out ban. But some very strong common sense toddler control laws.

    3. We need to build a giant crib around NY and CA.

    4. Now maybe Mr. Burns will stop trying to take candy from babies.

      Oops, I mean spoiler alert.

    5. But how many have they missed?

    1. Yet somehow, he just keeps on spending the money anyway.

  19. Once again, Slate investigates the most pressing issues of our age:

    Why are depictions of childbirth taboo in literary fiction?

    1. Because it’s yucky?

      1. Sexism, Rich. The answer is always sexism.

        1. What is *racism*, chopped liver?

      2. Seriously. Shit’s gross.

        1. Word.

          My eye surgery is more fun to describe. All the wince factor in the audience, none of them visualizing my tender bits.

      3. Watch half your wife turn inside-out with this one weird trick!

    2. Define “Literary Fiction”.

      Also, a lot of plots simply don’t involve such an event, so your sample size is already reduced there. Then you, being slate, probably disregard anything not processed through the traditional gatekeepers at the big publishing houses, significantly reducing the sample size even further…

        1. So… Literary fiction is fiction for reviewers with their heads inside their own rectums, and commercial fiction is for the people to buy.

          Goit it.

        2. Also, Miss Snark was awesome and I sincerely miss her blog, although I strong suspect Janet Reid’s blog is the continuation of it under a different name.

          1. I thought that unmasking was official, but the Google assures me that you are correct. Miss Snark’s alter ego has yet to be officially revealed.

            My money’s still on Janet Reid, though. Agreed. I still read the old blog for kicks.

      1. “disregard anything not processed through the traditional gatekeepers at the big publishing”

        I sense some bitterness here….

      2. Define “Literary Fiction”

        Defining literature into product segments isn’t really saying anything about the works themselves, and more to do with who buys them and why.

        A lot of stuff we’d probably call “pulp” from 100 years ago is now considered ‘literary’ mucky muck

        there’s certainly stuff people sit down and write with the intention of filling a specific “market category”. calling all the stuff who don’t “literary” is stupid. But I do get the point of the distinctions from a Marketing POV at least.

    3. I was wondering where all these examples of childbirth had disappeared to, that she was so upset about it.

      My latest novel, Eleven Hours, takes place entirely during one labor and delivery in an urban hospital.

      And now I see the reason for her pressing interest.

      Never thought I’d see the day that an author would be complaining her work wasn’t derivative enough.

      1. “I got my book published, but not easily enough. Burn it all down!”

  20. “Clinton insists Donald Trump won’t be able to win over Bernie Sanders voters”

    I can’t figure out who is more annoying… Outright mysogeny from Donald Trump or supporters of HRC who feel like Leftists who support Sanders’ should just shut up about her militarism.

    1. Outright mysogeny

      Dude, do you even dictionary? Maybe you just want cake.

      1. I don’t have cake, but there are cupcakes on the cabinets in the middle of the office. I’ll have to ask what the occassion is (Usually someone’s birthday)

      2. He’s a socialist. If he wants cake he’ll just employ a thug to go and take it from you after a good beat down.

        1. Government is just the stuff we steal together.

      3. Give him a cookie. BTW they’re real. I bought some today.

      4. Look, people would be better spellers if it weren’t for the evil Koch suckers who hoard all the wealth.

        We need a Universal Dictionary Program, paid for by taxing the Koch suckers.

  21. Dashcam Footage Shows Chicago Police Beating Reverend They Claimed Tried to Run Them Over

    Newly released video shows precisely what happened during a 2013 incident in which Chicago police officers claimed a local reverend hit them with a car, eventually charging her with attempted murder.

    Officers involved can clearly be seen laughing, hitting her car with a metal rod, drawing and pointing firearms, hitting her and using pepper spray.


    1. Sounds like paid vacations all around to me

    2. Unless the officers were white and the reverend was black, it doesn’t fit the narrative and can be quietly ignored.

      1. The reverent was black, the story noted it.

        The story did *not* specify the race of the cops, look for yourself.

    3. Well, I mean they PERCEIVED that they were about to be run over. That’s what matters, even if it bears no resemblance to reality!

    4. She’s lucky they didn’t empty their guns into her car.

      1. And then into the dashcam. Next time!

  22. More than 80 schools in Detroit are closed today after a teachers union sickout.

    The thing I’ve never understood about unions is… if you’re financially stable enough to strike, then what are you bitching about? Your pay can’t be THAT bad. Your benefits can’t be THAT bad. Or am I way off base here?

    1. It’s not about that anymore. Those days have long since passed. Now it’s all about the union execs flexing thier muscles to justify their phone-baloney jobs to the dues-paying rubes.

      1. It’s been covered.

        The Cali unions are pissed the latest minimum wage hike didn’t include the usual union exemption whereby the hospitality industry workers unions can negotiate below-minimum wages for their membership. They know damn well it’s better to have a real low-wage union job than a merely theoretical higher-wage non-union one and raising the minimum wage is actually harmful to their members and their ability to pay union dues. No prizes for guessing which part of that the union itself objects to most, the harms to the workers who would lose their jobs with a higher minimum wage or the harms to their ability to pay union dues.

        1. So now unions are collecting dues to negotiate for lower wages?

  23. What is with that Hillary photo?

    She looks so, um, calm.

    1. She looks 20 years younger than she is today.

      Someone is ready for Hillary.

  24. Hippy Nelson had a birthday last week and the stupid college stations won’t stop playing his boring music. Arg.

    1. So, he’s always on your mind?

      1. Hey Swissy, will you please narrow your gaze at this guy?

      2. Stop that!
        *wonders how to get rid of another annoying ear-worm*

        1. Maybe I didn’t love you quite as often as I could have.

        2. Nothing trumps yellow submarine.

          1. Oh yeah? What about that fucking annoying Kars for Kids commercial, hmmm?

            1. My six-year-old likes Taylor Swift. Holy fuck some of her shitty songs are catchy. I’ve got to blast Megadeth once in a while just to purge my head.


              K-A-R-S KARS FOR KIDS




              1. GAH! YOU DICKS!

              2. Argggh. That TUNE!

              3. I like sing along with my own words on those occasions when I can’t make to the remote to mute the goddamn thing.

                1. I also like to omit short words like ‘to’ and ‘it’.

              4. This is why people leave them in their cars on sunny days with the windows closed.

      3. +1 charge for possession.

    2. Whew, they switched gears and are playing the Alabama Shakes. Much better.

      1. giant tranny epilepsy

        1. John approves.

        2. Dat voice doh.

  25. From the Washington Post: We ignore Venezuela’s imminent implosion at our peril

    Gangs of regime thugs now roam the streets on motorcycles and attack opposition gatherings. Meanwhile, the government is essentially shutting itself down: Last week Maduro ordered that state employees, who make up more than 30 percent of the workforce, would henceforth labor only two days a week, supposedly in order to save energy.
    Remarkably, most of the Western hemisphere is studiously ignoring this meltdown. The Obama administration and Washington’s Latin America watchers are obsessed with the president’s pet project, the opening to Cuba. As it happens, the Castros turned Venezuela into a satellite state, seeding its security forces and intelligence services with agents. Yet now that it is decreasingly able to supply discounted oil to its revolutionary mentor, Venezuela appears to have become an afterthought even in Havana.

    Jesus, what are the chances that Venezuela replaces Somalia as the new libertarian utopia in future salon articles? I’m thinking 8/10.

    1. Gangs of regime thugs now roam the streets on motorcycles and attack opposition gatherings.

      Well, if anyone tried that in many parts of this country they’d likely be shot at. Not advocating that, of course, just saying…

      1. Yes they would. And that is why Progs hate guns so much. They can’t use mob violence and intimidation if their victims can shoot back.

        1. Prog bully: “JUMP!”

          Unarmed prog useful idiot: “How high, Honorable Sir?”

          Armed resister: “You first, bi***.”

          1. bi***

            Biscuit? Bigot? Bisexual? Bigamist?

        2. The State learned something from the Civil Rights fights.

    2. Well, they are being destroyed by capitalism, despite the best efforts of their benevolent rulers. So yeah. It will indeed be a “libertarian paradise” before long. Proof that capitalism is a “race to the bottom.”

    3. Gangs of regime thugs now roam the streets on motorcycles and attack opposition gatherings

      You know what other gang of thugs has attacked opposition gatherings?

        1. Which one?

      1. Chicago PD?

      2. The Baseball Furies?


      1. Well, yeah. Socialism is based on good intentions. It could never have bad results. Capitalism is based upon selfish profit motives, so their problems must be caused by capitalists.

        1. You sound like Chavez’s daughter… How much is she worth these days again?

          I know you are being sarcastic – its in your name – but I just couldn’t let this pass.

    5. Once again, the people have failed the Top Men.

  26. San Diego cop “accidentally” shoots at baby crib, which was thankfully empty. This was after he was cleared after he shot a man armed with a terrifying pen.

    1. This can’t be. On Law & Order they take every shooting extremely seriously and everyone’s job is on the line!

      1. Especially since internal affairs is always out to get innocent cops.

        1. Yeh, that’s the best. It’s always carefully plotted so that the viewer sympathizes with the heroes while internal affairs are evily men out to get them.

          Too funny.

    2. Must have heard that statistic about toddlers killing people and feared for his life. Good shoot. As long as he went home safely, that’s all that matters.

    3. Pantshitter got lucky. Both of them.

  27. “Australian Craig Wright claims he created bitcoin.”

    When you claim to be the Bitcoin inventor, people don’t believe you. When you don’t claim to be the Bitcoin inventor, people suspect you.

    I suspect I’m susceptible to that kind of thinking myself. If Hillary Clinton confessed to everything she’s done, I might question how she could be smart enough to get away with all of that and still win the Democratic nomination.

    Make millions off bribes from foreign governments while the Secretary of State–and still win the nomination? How could she be so smart? Witchcraft seems a more plausible explanation.

    1. When this guy first surfaced, Reddit dissected his claims and concluded he was likely a scammer.

    2. I might question how she could be smart enough to get away with all of that and still win the Democratic nomination.

      Her being smart has nothing to do with it. Her supporters know she’s lying, corrupt, incompetent, and criminal. They just don’t care.

      1. She’s a witch!

        1. Well, she looks like a witch!

          1. And this isn’t my goiter, it’s a false one.

            1. I think she may weigh more than a duck?

            2. “Well, okay, maybe we did do the cankles.”

  28. 200+ comments and nothing on Jon Snow? I guess GoT has jumped the shark?

    1. That show ended years ago.

      1. Scott Baio is replacing Jon Snow?

        1. Was he one of those boring minor characters?

    2. It was the most obvious “twist” ever and they even managed to handle it in a boring way.

      Not worth discussing.

      1. Yeah, I was completely underwhelmed by the season premiere. I will hang in for a few more episodes to see if things improve.

        1. I have enjoyed some stuff, but it seems that this is the product of HBO writers who in most cases, haven’t read the books, and in some cases, even watched the show.

          GRRM, you fat, lazy bastard!

          1. Yeah, the show is pretty much completely beyond the last book now, so the HBO showrunners are pretty much making it up themselves, likely with some small input from GRRM.

            1. The Iron Island plotline is going back to the fourth book.

          2. At least SOME of the writers have been reading the books. It seems the writers remembered that Tyrion had an interest in dragons in the book and had extensively studied the subject, and the story he told about wanting a dragon for a birthday present was from the books.

      2. Yeah. The twist in itself is boring and everyone saw it coming. More interesting will be what happens after, since John is now free from his vows (which specifically state that they last until he dies) and can thus claim Winterfell. Hopefully they can make that realization work better.

        1. I’m starting to think that the R+L=J theory has a different R than what most people seem to be assuming.

          Hint: It has to do with Jon’s hair.

        2. John Snow will be outed as a Targerian and rightful heir to the throne…

        3. Oh. ya it’s been so long, I’d forgotten about the vows part. I couldn’t even remember why I thought 100% Jon wasn’t really dead-dead. Just remember I was pretty sure.

  29. A re-post from last night: Gerry Adams: Sinn F?in president apologises amid racist tweet claims

    The tweet: “Watching Django Unchained – a Ballymurphy nigger!”

    1. I like the way he says it. “Nay-gur.”

  30. The totally non-violent commies prove their non-violent tendencies once again

    Update at 9:42 p.m.:

    Seattle police report nine arrests during May Day mayhem: three for assault; one for property destruction; five for obstruction. Those arrested ranged in age from 20 to 32 years.

    Five officers injured; one with a head laceration from a rock and one injured by a Molotov cocktail, though not burned. One officer was bitten.

    1. OK I larfed

      Update at 8:35 p.m.:

      The number of protesters has dwindled as police have pushed the demonstration south. The remaining anti-capitalist protesters were found to be “assailing shopping carts” and flipping pallets outside of Costco at Fourth Avenue South.

      1. See the inherent violence of the system found in the shopping cart man.

        And the reporter forgot to mention “and taking selfies and videos with their I-Phones”. Nothing says hating capitalism like posting it to Facebook.

      2. They did this at Costco, which is a union shop widely known for treating their employees well.

        1. Oh gross. I thought they were nonunion. No, it looks like they’re Teamsters. Ew.

          1. I prefer BJ’s anyway.

          2. That’s Berkley and Jenson, you perv.

            1. Well, I prefer both kinds to Teamsters.

            2. WE ALL KNOW WHAT YOU MEANT.

        2. Look, capitalist pigs can treat their employees well and still be evil bastards ruining American with their corporatism. Some Costco execs make more money than me, you see.


    2. On Facebook, organizers noted the march has “become an annual event where we march in rage against capitalism and the oppressive forces that seek to gentrify our communities and force the poor into everlasting homelessness, or death.”

      Those are some weird oppressive forces.

      1. When capitalism results in people voluntarily associating with one another it is force because the corporations are them.

        When government uses force and coercion it’s voluntary because government is us.

      2. Then they went home to their cool, hipster neighborhood in Seattle where the poor can’t afford to live anymore.

        1. Unpossible! I am sure they have the integrity to eschew all trappings and benefits of Capitalism!

          1. Yes because they are all anarchist according to the media every goddamn time the commies riot.

  31. Fuck this shit, broheims. Let’s all spark up and listen to Monster Magnet.

    1. Was just listening to The Sword-Tres Brujas.

    2. Dang. Really great.

    3. That had better be “Gods and Punks.”

      *clicks link*

      Oh, well, not bad either.

    4. Cage around the sun is my go to song when I’m Agile Cyborg mind altering/reminiscing.

  32. Since everything Hillary says is a lie, the fact that she feels the need to announce that Bernie voters won’t go for Trump says she must think they will.

    1. Of course they will. Their voters are mirror images of each other. Bernie and Trump say two things: 1) Politics is crooked, and 2) it’s not your fault that you’re a loser.

      1. A decent number will. The political class of this country has so disgraced itself, it can’t even make a winning argument even when it has one. Most Americans, left and right, just want all of these people to go away and never be heard from again. They may not think that for the right reasons but it is hard to argue with their conclusion.

      2. One of the radio programs I like on the local college station is hosted by a Russian guy with a thick accent. It’s an interesting hour and a half. A mix of music from Russia and its neighbors, Russian history, and of course his take on current events from a Russian perspective. They guy is totally in the tank for Bernie, but says he’ll support Trump before Clinton. He hates Hillary.

        1. I know so many Democrats and leftists who hate Hillary. Other than an old high school teacher of mine, who loves Hillary, I don’t know a single person who likes her. I know a lot of die hard Democrats. Other than my old teacher, none of them like Hillary and will vote for her in spite of themselves. And I bet a decent number won’t vote at all.

          If Hillary does manage to win, she will be unlike any President in my lifetime or maybe ever. She will be a President that the country genuinely and broadly dislikes and mistrusts from her first day in office.

          1. “What about Ruther*fraud* B. Hayes?”


          2. And that dislike will make it all that much easier for the Republican Controlled Congress to start impeachment hearings against her over the email server on day 1

            1. Maybe but I doubt it. First, even if the public hates her that doesn’t mean they will be okay with impeaching her. Second, her VP might actually be worse. If she picks a real brain dead SJW as her VP, the Republicans will suddenly and rightly lose interest in impeaching her.

              1. If she’s smart, she’ll pick another one like Biden. I personally view Biden as the main reason no one has made an attempted assassination of Obama, which speaks to Obama’s wisdom in choosing Biden as a running mate. It’s kind of like Cheney was to the left. They all wanted W. Bush dead, but then they had to think about Cheney being president.

                1. The reason why Obama hasn’t been impeached is because no one is going to impeach the first black President. Biden has nothing to do with it. Frankly, Biden would have been a better President than Obama.

            2. Oh, please. She has a bullet-proof get out of jail free card once in office. Just like Barack does.

          3. I think a lot of Bernie supporters and disaffected Democrats will vote Trump. He not only advocates the anti-immigrant position of the Democrat Party’s old KKK wing and the anti-import position of the Democrat Party’s old industrial union wing, he’s the anti-establishment candidate. A vote for Trump is a vote against both the GOP establishment and the Democrat establishment, the very political establishment that gave us permanent wars, financial crashes and bailouts, a sluggish economy, flat wages, ballooning national debts, a permanent welfare class, etc.

            Trump really is more of a Scoop Jackson Democrat, but with greater appeal to the appalling ignorant and gullible, than he is a Republican anyway.

            1. Trump’s positions are not that different from Dick Gebhart’s . Of course that fact makes all of the pants shitting over him by both sides that much more ridiculous.

              1. I would never consider voting for Gebhart either.

                1. Sure. But you didn’t shit your pants and go catatonic over him either.

      3. They are both populists. Trump is a labor populist, Sanders is populist socialist. The line between those two is pretty thin. Trump wouldn’t have to do all that much to pull in some of Sander’s supporters.

        1. I agree. The other thing is that a good number of Bernie supporters are not if you listen to them actually socialists. They just like the word and don’t really understand what it means.

          1. They also aren’t all SJW. They’re attracted to both Trump and Sanders because they rail against the establishment. Trump doesn’t need to go full-on SJW (which would alienate his base), he just needs to tone it down enough to not offend the Sanders supporters’ sensibilities. And he doesn’t even need to tone it down if he goes after the right bad guys.

    2. I just saw a poll somewhere that put the number of Bernie supporters who will vote for Trump, at around 20%.

      1. When you figure that those are normally votes that would go to the Democratic nominee, they are effectively two votes for Trump, one for him and one subtracted from the Democrat. If the truth is even close to that number, Hillary is doomed.

        1. I personally know one guy who’s a hardcore prog who swears he will vote for Trump if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination or make an independent run. I have no reason to not believe the guy. I’ve heard other life long democrats say they will just stay home rather than vote for Hillary. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever seen that before. I guess some Democrats voted for Reagan, but I don’t remember hearing any of them actually say they were going to.

          1. As you say below, there are definitely some NeoCon and generally butt hurt Republicans who will vote for Hillary if Trump wins the nomination. I do not think there are that many Republicans like that. I think 90% or more of Republicans will suck it up and vote for Trump. There seem to be a heck of a lot more Democrats who refuse to vote for Hillary.

            The one thing about Trump is that for all of the people who hate him there are also a lot of people who like him and are excited to vote for him. You cannot say that about very many Hillary supporters.

      2. Are there also significant numbers of Republican Cruz and Kasich supporters who might vote for Hillary rather than Trump? Because alot of them seem to hate Trump more than Hillary.

        1. The neocons will definitely go for Hillary, they know one of their own when they see it.

        2. Kasich supporters? I wasn’t aware such a thing existed.

          Some of the establishment Republicans might vote for Hillary, particularly the hawks. But hating the Clintons has been a major part of the Republican party ethos for decades. I don’t see that changing in a significant way.

          1. There’s a house in my neighborhood with a Kasich sign in the front yard.

            It’s weird.

            1. Take pictures, get an interview, do some investigations- you’ll have a best-selling serial murder book before they even find the bodies.

  33. If you’re going to be a god-man or a priest-king, there’s only one way that those careers come to an end: “The scapegoat, upon whom the sins of the people are periodically laid, may also be a human being. . . . The Athenians regularly maintained a number of degraded and useless beings at the public expense; and when any calamity, such as plague, drought, or famine, befell the city, they sacrificed two of these outcast scapegoats.” I wonder if they campaigned for the job, the way our contemporaries do.

    KDW is good when he’s good.

    1. regularly maintained a number of degraded and useless beings at the public expense

      Sic transit Bernie Sanders.

      1. *rockets out of chair, begins thunderous and prolonged ovation*

  34. Hillary Clinton insists Donald Trump won’t be able to win over Bernie Sanders voters.

    Isn’t the more important question whether SHE will?

    It seems to me everything about her candidacy is going to be about ‘ignoring Trump’ and trying to consolidate what is her very messy and fractured base. Of course few/none of them are going to cross the aisle. But many on her own team still find her abhorrent.

    1. Winning over voters is of secondary importance when you can manufacture all the fraudulent votes out of thin air that you need.

    2. We all know why conservatives and libertarians hate Hillary. What is the progressive hate principally based on? Is it her support for the War on Iraq? Getting huge fees for secret speeches to Wall Street fat cats? Standing behind the Rapist in Chief?

      1. What is the progressive hate principally based on? Is it her support for the War on Iraq? Getting huge fees for secret speeches to Wall Street fat cats? Standing behind the Rapist in Chief?

        Yes, yes, and not really AFAIK.

        It seems more the sort of contempt that hardcore-leftists from the 60s-80s had for “Liberals” – their sneer-word for those who apologize for and protect the establishment system. For the ideological-leftists, she’s as bad as a Republican. For the more-culturally-Progressive types (the SJW lot), she’s just old and doesn’t speak their language. She appeals to older church-going blacks, but not the BLM-blacks that protest in the streets. She offers them nothing from the POV of their own ego-boosting desires…which Barack and Bernie do wonders for.

        I think the leftists will be the ones who stay home; the progs will inevitably come out in tepid #s for her.

        1. And as bad as Hillary is, they are worse. Hillary as much as anything represents the long game socialist strategy of keep the moon bats in the closet, look respectable to the American public, get elected and slowly tighten the screws without alienating the public. That is why current leftists hate her even if they are too dumb to realize it. They have lost their minds and think they are the majority and the country is theirs if only they take it and view anyone not willing to do that as the enemy.

      2. It’s primarily the cognitive dissonance caused by forcing the progself to ignore all those issues.

        Which causes feelings.

    3. trying to consolidate what is her very messy and fractured base

      Who could have guessed that identity politics would lead to this, a victim-ier than thou holy war of all against all? Where the victims are the oppressors and the oppressors are the white middle class males who are slipping over the barbed-wire fence and making a break for Trumpland. Because Trump knows who the biggest victims really are and he’s offering a safe space for all the little trembling chihuahuas, promising them all the free shit they so richly deserve. I’d say the odds are about 50/50 Trump picks Bernie as his running mate.

      1. Trump would not pick Bernie as a running mate. Trump is not a socialist. He isn’t a libertarian but he is not a socialist.

        1. Why wouldn’t he?

          Trump seemingly has no interest in ideology whatsoever. He’s interested in people, and purchasing a competitor and incorporating them into his business is a pretty standard way to expand market share.

          Bernie would make a great pet monkey. Give him control over something he really cares about such as HUD, and keep him on a short leash and everything will be fine.

          1. Yeah. I could see that. I have to admit, a Trump Sanders ticket would likely not just beat Hillary but crush her.

            1. Now I want to see that happen. Whatever the outcome of this election is, it’s going to suck. So it should at least be interesting and amusing.

            2. “a Trump Sanders ticket would likely not just beat Hillary but crush her.”


              Just get over it: Clinton is going to be the next president, period.

              1. Keep telling yourself that pal.

    4. This really should be a good year for the Libertarian Party.

      Even if it nominates McAfee, the LP candidate will be more sane and reasonable than either Team Red or Team Blue’s offering.

      But the LP isn’t going to nominate McAfee; it’s going to nominate a guy with a solid record as governor of New Mexico and a reasonable, non-dogmatic libertarian. The LP is going to run the only candidate who is not a murderous sociopathic criminal or a certifiable egomaniac.

      1. The LP is going to run the only candidate who is not a murderous sociopathic criminal or a certifiable egomaniac,

        as usual.

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  36. Hillary Clinton insists Donald Trump won’t be able to win over Bernie Sanders voters.

    I wonder if Heil Hitlery will get any of Comrade Sander’s votes.

  37. RE: Detroit Teachers Launch Sickout

    Should read, “Detroit Babysitters Launch Sickout.”
    You’re welcome.

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