20 Years Ago


"Those who advocate protection and managed markets, from Ross Perot to Patrick Buchanan, are aligning themselves not against trade, but against innovation. The dream of managed trade is functionally equivalent to the utopia of scientific planning: Neither can achieve the results their supporters hope for."
—John V.C. Nye, "No Trade, No Gain"

"Yet free peopleeven those on the Netwant to live by reasonable rules. Before Congress considered regulating the Internet, the denizens of cyberspace spontaneously developed tools to accommodate the wishes of parents, and others who appreciate civil discourse, without infringing on those who enjoy tougher talk."
Rick Henderson, "Code Blue"

"For too long environmental policy has been shaped by people who demanded that environmental values trump all other considerations and who assumed that a regulatory elite possessed all necessary knowledge. Rather than figuring out how to perfect or create institutions that would allow a market for environmental goods to develop and flourish, they have been bent on opposing and destroying markets."
Lynn Scarlett, "Evolutionary Ecology"

—May 1996