Brickbat: Sex, Booze, and Superheroes


"Deadpool," Fox

The Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has cited Brewvies Cinema Pub for showing Deadpool. Officials said a sex scene and a brief moment of male nudity in the film violated a state law against simulated sex or nudity in a place that serves alcohol.

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  1. Congrats Utah, way to live up to the stereotype.

    1. Great movie. Loser state.

  2. OT: First true victory of the election cycle. Tampa choo choo plan did not even make it out of committee to the ballot…..-20160427/

    1. First true victory of the election cycle

      Not a victory, merely a temporary setback for the Forces of (For Your Own) Good. Trying to hold back grand transportation plans just because it’s a huge boondoggle is a fool’s errand – that huge boondoggle is the whole reason they’re supporting the idea. There’s too much loose money floating around and they’re determined to get some. Might as well pour a jar of honey on your picnic blanket and then try to keep the ants away. They’ll be back.

  3. I have it on good authority that jacking off unicorns will cure ‘climate change’. That was a public service announcement. Nothing more.

  4. Lawmakers stroking their authoritarian boners doesn’t count as simulated sex?

    1. I’m pretty sure you have to actually get off on the charge for it to count. I’m sure the Utah ABC enjoys pounding it to “Ilsa, she Wolf of the SS.”

      1. And that’s not a masturbation euphemism.

        1. It’s really a single entendre.

        2. It’s love when they pound us because they aren’t imagining we’re anyone else.

          1. Well, who’s your genicon?!?!

  5. Kind of reminiscent of the morality police the Taliban and the Saudis utilize.

  6. If I could kick one state out of the Union, it would be California. If I could kick a second state out, it would be Vermont. Long story short, the fifth would be Utah.

    1. No, NY should be first. CA at least has good farming and wine.

      1. That’s what international trade is for.

      2. There’s parts of NY that aren’t batshit crazy. I guess the same could be said of Caliornia, but I really hate Californians. Even more than New Jerseyans.

      3. oh, oh, MA … cause it’s were so many of the delusional come from (Kerry, Warren, Harvard Graduating class of 1974)

        1. In our defense, none of those assholes are _from_ MA, we just keep ele… oh, yeah, you got a point.

    2. Utah is like Saudi Arabia. Instead of oil, they use the Nation’s best powder snow as their leverage.

  7. Since both of those things are perfectly legal by themselves, what is the additional hazard in combining them that warrants a legal proscription?

    1. The morality police just don’t want too much debauchery going on in one establishment. This isn’t restricted to Utah. I’ve seen a number of dry strip clubs. In counties in Florida where I’m at, it seems you can sell alcohol or have full nude. But you can’t do both. One place has a bar on one side and a strip club on the other.

      1. There’s a lot of things I really don’t like about my adopted state of Nevada, but one of the handful of things I do like is the relatively consistent tolerance for vice is great, even though I’m not really one to indulge.

    2. It’s the perfect storm theory of sin.

      Any one sin alone can be tolerated, but when combined……

  8. my tolerance for this kind of crap is rapidly coming to and end…

  9. Public displays of simulated violence? Drink up!

    1. NFL, NHL, MMA…sessions of Congress?

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    1. “I work-over internet!”

      So do I! At least when it’s been working really slow and it keeps telling me my connection has timed out. That’s when I take out the rubber hose and the brass knuckles.

      Once I even had to resort to a pair of pliers and I applied a bit of persuasion on little-used keyboard keys like the semi-colon and less than/greater than sign key.

      I even affect a German accent during the interrogations. “Vell, vee have vays of inkcreasing your bandwidth!”

  11. Imagine if you were banging the wife while watching “Sideways”. ATF kicking down the door.

  12. I’m so pleased to hear that crime in Utah is so low as to make this type of enforcement a reasonable allocation of resources.
    Can they seize the theater over a morals violation?

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