Brickbat: Situational Awareness


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A District of Columbia police officer and sergeant are under investigation after the officer "dry fired" an unloaded weapon at another officer during a roll call meeting. The sergeant reportedly ordered the officer to unload his weapon and fire it at another officer as part of a training exercise on situational awareness. 

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  1. Threaten one of the serfs, and it’s a joke.
    Threaten another cop, and it’s suddenly a serious matter.

    1. Of course that’s how it is. If 4 members of the Clinton family had died in Benghazi, Hillary would’ve been all over it. But since it was 4 serfs, she said, “What difference, now, does it make?”

  2. “I can tell you there are about seven different versions of the incident that are out there,” MPD Chief Cathy Lanier told reporters on Monday.

    Sounds like instead of situation awareness, those officers needed a refresher course on getting their stories straight.

    1. One would think they would have plenty of practice at that.

  3. Another officer could easily have drawn their weapon and killed the officer who dry-fired at their colleague. Some sources say at least one officer did pull his weapon on the officer during the confusing moments surrounding the incident.

    Oh, come now. We learned after that incident of the detective who fatally shot his estranged wife through her windshield in full view of several officers with guns drawn on him (and of the man’s fleeing child) that police don’t fire on their own even to save a life.

    1. But to save the life of another officer? I’m surprised their panic fire didn’t snuff out the entire room.

      1. +1 circular firing squad.

      2. I sincerely doubt this was a training exercise. It’s more likely the “victim” was being taught some other lesson.

  4. It this the cop version of ‘dry humping’?

  5. as part of a training exercise on situational awareness.

    They hate wearing the dog suit. Sarge always calls them his little bitch.

  6. Most revealing comment: “You shouldn’t be doing that kind of training. This is police academy 101. You do not pull your weapon out of your holster and display it, especially in a roomful of cops.”

    1. But this sounds like exactly the sort of thing that would happen on Police Academy.

    2. Nice.

    3. are you allowed to pull anything else out?

      1. Your papers and/or cash.

  7. Only cops are trained to a standard high enough to be allowed to carry and use guns.

    1. rule #1: don’t put your booger hook on the boom latch!

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  9. Remember folks, only these highly trained specimens get 50-state concealed carry..for life. Due to their ‘proficiency’, er something

    1. know who else was “proficient”?

      1. Mark Twain?

  10. The sergeant reportedly ordered the officer to unload his weapon and fire it at another officer as part of a training exercise on situational awareness.

    To be fair, this awareness exercise was probably cheaper than that bullshit where a “gorilla” bursts into the meeting.

    Well, modulo the paid administrative leave, I mean.

  11. I dunno dude that makes a lot of sene to me dude.

  12. Pointing a weapon, much less pulling the trigger, at another person [whom you do not wish to kill in justifiable self defense] violates the very essence of safe and responsible firearms handling. The directive to do so was the fundamental mistake in this scenario; not surprisingly it all goes downhill from there.

    1. I don’t know about DC, but in New York, pointing a firearm at another person qualifies as assault. Regardless of whether it was loaded or not. (Usual caveats about use of force justification in such circumstances apply, but this was an unprovoked situation).

      1. Did a cop give the order,


        did a cop perform the action?

        The answer to both is yes, so it was doubly justified.

    2. I used to work for a PD. Twice I was given direct orders to do things that would put others or myself at risk. Both times, without hesitation, I said “Hell. No”. Once I was told “Do it or you are fired”. I handed over my keys and badge and said goodbye. They chased me down in the parking lot and asked me to stay.

      I was never police material and they knew it, I was never one of them. They respected me for that.

      I finally resigned. I guess I am one of those “I won’t be in a club that would have me” types.

    3. That is the way my dad taught gun safety. First rule: there is no such thing as an unloaded gun. Your rules follow from the first rule. Second rule: there is no such thing as a foolproof safety.

      All cops involved in this incident should be subject to summary dismissal.

      1. DA RULES:

        1. Treat all guns as though they are loaded, at all times; the vast majority of accidental shootings occur with what was believed to be an unloaded gun.

        2. Never point a gun at anything, and especially ANYONE, you do not wish to kill or destroy.

        3. Never touch a trigger until you are aiming and ready to fire at what you wish to destroy [“safeties” being a secondary line of prevention, the mass of grey matter between your ears, and the finger it commands, being the first].

        4. Always consider what is beyond your target [includes roads, houses, and any potential unknowns] as well as the target itself.

  13. Situational awareness: “Oh shit, i’m in a room full of cops!”

    1. and they have gubs!!!

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