Primaries Tonight, Millennials Reject Capitalism, Another Mattress Girl Lawsuit: P.M. Links


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  1. Millennials reject capitalism… and socialism?

    As words or concepts?

    1. As things too hard to understand more like.

      1. If only those words and concepts were defined in some sort of ever-updating tome or online format which not only included older words and concepts, but newer words and concepts… those in the parlance of our times.

        1. “I am but a simple Millenial, and your world confuses and frightens me…”

          1. Speaking of great attorneys…

    2. As functioning links, apparently

      1. Here, I’ll enact some labour for you because Robby is a busy man who is (in?ala) on his third beer by now.

        1. Well at least I know what Robby did! Put http: in your links, people!

          real link.

          1. Enabler.

          2. It isn’t clear that the young people in the poll would prefer some alternative system, though. Just 33 percent said they supported socialism.

            Well *that’s a relief*

            1. Honestly, I see that number and think “oh, that’s pretty good, I didn’t expect it to be THAT low.”

              1. I agree! I was expecting closer to 50/50. I guess I understand the appeal of socialism, but how many fucking times are we going to have to try it before people realize its not a good idea? (I wonder whether, all told, good or bad intentions have caused more misery and death?)

                1. “but how many fucking times are we going to have to try it before people realize its not a good idea?”

                  So, you want to know how high is peak derp?

          3. Just 27 percent believe government should play a large role in regulating the economy, the Harvard poll found, and just 30 percent think the government should play a large role in reducing income inequality. Only 26 percent said government spending is an effective way to increase economic growth

            Yet 48 percent agreed that “basic health insurance is a right for all people.” And 47 percent agreed with the statement that “Basic necessities, such as food and shelter, are a right that the government should provide to those unable to afford them.”

            This seems to comport with similar polls that I’ve seen in the past.

            That is, either people don’t have a consistent picture of what they want, or want something that quick polls and words like “capitalism” and “socialism”, as they seem to be understood, can’t capture.

            1. I think it’s pretty common for respondents who are for or against a more general concept to then take the opposite position when you get into specifics.

              1. think it’s pretty common for many people to self identify as idiots when they respond to surveys, let alone the asinine answers they give.

                1. “think it’s pretty common for many people to self identify as idiots when they respond to surveys, let alone the asinine answers they give.”

                  What I would really like to know is how many people self-identify as “does not respond to surveys.”

            2. i think you’re just misunderstanding their consistency by using things like logic. They have a consistent picture of what they want in the sense that their policy concepts are consistently driven by their feelz.

            3. Emily Ekins already showed us that millennials are idiots who don’t understand the meaning of words.

            4. what if someone has twenty bucks and decides he or she would rather buy heroin than dinner? [Of course there are things people can value over their own lives (I just haven’t found one yet)] My point being If you buy them dinner you’re effectively buying them heroin, are you not?

              1. “My point being If you buy them dinner you’re effectively buying them heroin, are you not?”

                Yes, and rather inefficiently. The markup from the source is huuuge. Best to just give them the smack.

            5. You forgot option 3: fascism

    3. Hello.

      “Prince died without a will.”

      Or a soul…?

      1. He died unwillingly.

        1. He would – and did – die 4 U.

          Remember that.

          1. Oh, you.

            1. Baby – I’m a star

              1. I’ll betcha, by golly wow!

      2. He had a more flamboyant way of distributing his wealth as one would expect.

        1. Mencken’s complaint about the tycoons of his time was that they never spent their money on anything interesting, they always gave it to charity or something cliched like that.

    4. So millennials are fascists?

      1. As in National Socialists?

      2. Or Mercantilists. Or Feudalists, maybe.

      3. Judging by the current campaign, I’d guess Monarchists.

    5. I think we’ve talked about words enough for today.

        1. Word.

            1. Where did my comment go?
              Anyway, as I was writing, before my comment disappeared: My timing was UNFORTUNATE. I was replying to Almanian and then your link popped up.

            2. It seems that sections of this comment thread will be 80s references and videos… a portion of the way down.

      1. I’ve posted one video by the 80s band Missing Persons this month, and I trust that should suffice, Playa.

          1. *Ponders*

            I think I’ll try an adult beverage and try to determine where you are going with that, GIL.

            1. try to determine where you are going with that, GIL.

              Destination Unknown?

              I just like the tune

              1. Destination Unknown

                That was the primary point of my comment with regards to your link.
                It is as simple as that.

      2. Yeah, they should talk about more than that.

        1. Not feelin it

      3. cornucopia

      4. “I think we’ve talked about words enough for today.”

        Or WITH words. Hrnbllllrghhh!!! Gwaharanar! GArejqer-gerierno?

        1. There was a dictionary post earlier. It got retarded.

            1. Not even a little bit. He actually had one of the best posts of the thread.

          1. It got retarded.

            Not really, at least not by our usual standards.

    6. Well, millennials are morons, so there’s that.

      It’s okay, I am one, so I would know.

      1. Oh that they are. There are two that ride my bus home. Both guys. The stand at the front of the bus in such a fashion that it’s very difficult for people to get off and on the bus. They are two stupid to even notice.

        1. “Two stupid.”

          1. “Get a brain, moran!”

    7. But they totally embrace narcissism.

    8. Millennials can’t even

  2. More primaries tonight.

    Well, today, technically.

    1. Robby meant the *counting*. That’s what counts!

      1. I really thought we’d already settled that it was going to be Trump to lose to Hillary in November.

        1. Don’t forget the twist — the FBI is just waiting for her to be the nominee, then they’ll indict!

          1. And in comes crazy uncle Joe to save the day.

            1. Crazy Uncle Joe, or Fauxcahontas?

  3. Bernie Sanders plans to soldier on, even if he loses (as expected).

    Vice presidency, here he comes!

    1. Highly unlikely.

      1. He’s no Lizzie Warren.

        1. I don’t see her putting another white woman on the ticket.

          1. Ahem. “White”?

          2. But but but….Liawatha heap big injun

          3. Jeebus. Two screeching harpies for the entire general election campaign? I just can’t even . . .

            [fumbles shakily for loose .45 round, racks slide . . . ]

        2. He’s no Lizzie Warren.


          I find your comment to be rather creepy

        3. Or as I like to call her: Lizzie Boredom

      2. Yeah, she’ll want someone who can get her a big battleground state like Florida, Virginia or Ohio. Jim Webb, maybe?

        1. Jeb!

  4. These links are so weak.

    Weak sauce, Rico.

    1. Sometimes I wonder if he even wants to work here.

      1. I think our cruelty has broken him and turned him into a handsomely coiffed shell of his former self.

        1. Irish,

          You wrote that he was handsomely coiffed, which could be interpreted as some sort of compliment.

          – x cruelty points for you, sir or madame (or xe)

        2. [golf clap for Irish]

        3. Handsomely coiffed, like a Ken doll. And like Ken, not anatomically correct.

        4. “handsomely coiffed shell” – like a hermit crab?

          1. More of a Chia Head.

    2. Bad hair day?

    3. Irish just doesn’t get the stark minimalism you’re going for, Soave. Don’t listen to the haters. If you want to hang up a white canvas and call it art, you do you.

      1. It’s very Zen.

      2. You should listen to the haters. Paying millions of dollars for a rock outside the Museum of Modern Art is a fucking catastrophe.

        Must like hearing I told you so, or perhaps doesnt plan on living long enough to see his gods consumed.

        1. My god is consumed with wrath.

    4. As already noted, Robby is engaged in a project to reduce actual PM linkage from full sentences…

      …to partial sentences (as we see here)…

      …to gutteral grunts, (“Buzzfeed. Trump. Beyonce. Vox. Poll. Meh.”)…

      … eventually, like Prince, moving to entirely ‘non-verbal’ forms of communication, which i presume will consist entirely of various eyeroll-Gifs.

      1. various eyeroll-Gifs

        Reason could use more gifs. We don’t argue nearly enough about the how a truly free person would pronounce it.

        1. Meh, I had enough of the pronunciation argument with thac0 back in my d&d playing days.

          1. Oh, you.

          2. Drow. Thac0 isn’t bad, but you can lose friends over Drow.

          3. Thak-Oh.

            I will duel to the death anyone who says otherwise.

            1. *Draws sword, hefts shield and prepares to back HM*

          4. I’m still trying to figure out Myxlplyx.

        2. Hard G. Soft G is peanut butter. Go die in a fire if you disagree.

          1. HardG is actually one of my former Rap-Names.


          Ask and ye shall recieve. Milana Vayntrub(the ATT girl).

          I kinda sorta love that woman…boobs.

      2. …to the symbol formerly known as Robby’s hair

      3. “Buzzfeed. Trump. Beyonce. Vox. Poll. Meh”

        That would actually be pretty funny.

        And not change the hooting, screeching, and poo-flinging in the comments one bit.

    5. His are the weakest links.

      1. You need to say that in a bitchy-british voice

    6. What makes you think the links are weak? You ain’t one of them intellectuals who actually look at the links before commenting on something entirely different are you?

  5. Robby, I’d rather you be late with the links than turn in this sort of substandard effort.

  6. Liberia – the country that wants to privatise its primary schools

    The plan to hand Liberia’s education over to private hands has also angered the UN’s Special Rapporteur on the right to education, Kishore Singh.

    In March he said that “the concept of education as a public good [was] under attack”.

    “Provision of public education of good quality is a core function of the state,” Mr Singh added. “Abandoning this to the commercial benefit of a private company constitutes a gross violation of the right to education.”

    But Mr Werner thinks this criticism “misses the mark” and is the result of only talking to the teachers’ unions.

    You don’t say…

    1. Even Liberia has teachers’ unions?

      1. Well, yeah. They’re not Somalia, after all.

        1. General Butt-Naked even built roads!

        2. I give you Somali National Union of Teachers.

          1. Is… is that Comic Sans??

            Well… looks like the Somalis are several years behind in web design.

          2. Whoa! That’s so nut!

    2. Provision of public education of good quality is a core function of the state

      And if the state currently provides public education of poor quality, well, um….more money!

      1. Gov’t is the only employer who pays you more the worse you do at your job. I really don’t see how that could ever have any bad consequences.

    3. In March he said that “the concept of education as a public good [was] under attack”.

      The concept of education as a public good was economically, functionally and morally retarded in the first place.

    4. I don’t know much about the UN, but it’s disgusting that it spreads or reinforces Western leftism like a metastasising cancer.

    5. Education is not a public good, in the economic sense.

  7. I’m liking the sparse links, Rico.

    1. I’m with Tonio. Don’t listen to the haters, Rico!

      1. Wait, we’re not haters?

        1. I’m more of an indifferenter.

  8. Prince left everything to me. I have it on a napkin.

    1. My assets are few. My debts are many. The rest I leave to the poor.

      1. When I die I don’t care what you do with my body but I want all my stuff put in a big pile and burned. It’s my stuff and I don’t want nobody touching my stuff. The good stuff, anyway. The junk you can give to Kathy Ireland. Kathy Ireland can touch my junk.

        1. Don’t touch my stuff!

          You touch my stuff and I’ll kill you.

    2. Didn’t work with that Hughes guy, did it?

      1. Mine is handwritten and therefore ironclad.

        1. Unless it’s written in purple ink, it isn’t worth the napkin it’s printed on.

    3. It’s cool, I’m really his illegitimate son. Here, let me prove it by showing off my funkiness.

    4. “Prince left everything to me. I have it on a napkin.”

      You better get those sperm frozen before they dry up.

  9. Paul Nungesser is suing again.

    Has he tried instead simply carrying around a piece of bedroom furniture?

    1. Apparently, there are 3 other people accusing Paul Nungesser of rape.

      1. These aren’t the three other people who all know each other, are they?

        1. He did hug and hold one of his accusers for longer than she was comfortable with, which is just about as bad as rape.

          1. Hug rape is a thing.

        2. I read a while back that they were all friends as well as friends of friends of Matress Girl and that they directly coordinated with each other about the details and timing of the allegations. Which basically makes their testimony, true or not, wholly invalid.

          1. Conspiracy to commit defamation?

            1. Conspiracy to commit defamation?

              Maybe, maybe not. Even supposing that their allegations are true, the fact that they colluded with each other to cooroborate their testimony and/or evidence, makes their allegations automatically suspect. Either a conspiracy not only to defame but to use judicial system as a cudgel, or they invalidated their own testimony which justifiably ruined their chance at ‘justice’. So they’re evil or stupid, you pick.

          2. And…if coordinated would be a conspiracy rap.

            1. And…if coordinated would be a conspiracy rap.

              Not for supposed rape victims. The SJWs would be falling over themselves to make prosecuting them a nightmare. It’s much easier for the various authorities to go after the more unpopular people like Nungesser.

  10. The Columbia graduate is suing his alma mater again ? over the fact the school continued to permit “Mattress Girl” Emma Sulkowicz to lug around her mattress despite him being cleared of charges that he raped her.

    Freedom of speech is a bitch.

    1. Someone should just remind him she is unemployable.

      1. I would think someone who’s been known to text “I want you to fuck me in the butt” wouldn’t at least get an interview somewhere.

        1. If he is filing two separate and nearly frivoloud lawsuits as a college student, he has money somewhere, perhaps a mattress or two.

          Thus, he has been exposed to adults that make money for retirement accounts. And so, fantasizing about this woman living on welfare in a bad neighborhood should be enough to get him through his day.

          1. I think his parents are very middle-income back in Germany. And I’m okay with him suing the university and their officials for contributing to a hostile environment (as opposed to a judgement proof idiot). Hoist them on their own retards.

          2. The judge shut down the first lawsuit and the second lawsuit is the first refiled with the problems with the first corrected.

          3. And I’m sure he has some connections and sympathizers with money. People who may realize it’s this kid today, their own kids tomorrow. People who hate SJWs and have found an effective way to push back against their worst abuses.

    2. Aren’t there things called “libel” and “slander”?

  11. Bernie Sanders plans to soldier on, even if he loses (as expected).

    I know we keep hearing about the number 1237 for the Republicans that if they don’t reach that number, it’s pretty much fair game. Do the Democrats have something similar?

    1. No. The super delegates will choose the nominee.

      1. I think the people from Krypton have entirely too much influence in this election.

    2. They do, and I forget the exact number, but their situation is complicated by the superdelegates.

  12. Ridiculous leftist says weird things about masculinity. News at 11.

    “Bear Grylls would have no trouble surviving on a remote Pacific Island with nothing more than a snakeskin in which to collect his own urine, but according to Grayson Perry he wouldn’t be much use on the mean streets of Finsbury Park.

    The Turner prize-winning artist has turned his sights on the survivalist and his exceptionally rugged version of masculinity, arguing that it isn’t fit for the 21st century.

    “He celebrates a masculinity that is useless,” Perry said. “Try going into an estate agent in Finsbury Park and come out with an affordable flat. I want to see Bear Grylls looking for a decent state school for his child!””

    “Men might be good at taking the risk of stabbing someone or driving a car very fast, but when it comes to opening up, men are useless,” Perry told the Radio Times in an interview to promote his new series, All Man. “Masculinity is a decorative feature that is essentially counter-productive.””

    1. “”However, he added that pressure on men to adopt overtly masculine traits is compounded by human sexuality, which also reinforces stereotypes about women.”Who has sex fantasies about gender equality?” he said. “Our sexuality is formed in the past ? we are invested in sexual differences.”

      Perry is known for both his art, in particular his work in ceramics which won him the 2003 Turner prize, and appearing in extravagant women’s clothing.””

      It should be illegal to be this much of a stereotype.

    2. Awww…that’s so cute.

    3. I want to see ANYONE find a “decent state school for his/her/xe child”

      1. I like the assumption that the lessons Bear Grylls learned becoming a survivalist would have no positive impact on his daily life. Clearly the fortitude someone needs to be willing to drink their own piss in order to stave off dehydration wouldn’t impact their daily life at all. I mean, it’s not like hard work and effort have any value outside of survivalism.

        1. I dunno, he seems pretty skilled at finding a comfy hotel room after shooting a “survival” scene.

          1. This. I thought his stunts were debunked already.

      2. Seriously. The guy that drinks his own piss and is willing to eat bugs can’t negotiate with a lease?

        1. strike “with” from the preceding sentence.

          1. Showing up to the negotiation with a snakeskin of your own piss to drink would give you a significant psychological advantage. It would also immediately disqualify you as a crazy person, regardless of the anti-discrimination laws.

    4. What a fucking beta.

      1. This person is more like an iota. He’s the weird kid the Betas used to take their frustration out on after being roughed up by the jocks.

    5. “Masculinity is a decorative feature that is essentially counter-productive.””

      I like the comparison pictures of Perry and Grylls. They’re very telling.

      1. I got this from David Thompson’s blog and he mentioned the same thing. This type of masculinity can’t be useless if it’s the kind of masculinity that makes people want to fuck you.

        There’s value in being sexually desirable, last I checked.

        1. ^This, even though I know it’s inherently racist to agree with Irish.

          1. I feel like it’s hard to go wrong with “Bear Grylls is fuckable”

    6. Now, I’m no Warty, but I find being able to lift/move heavy things, endure cold/hot temps without discomfort, and exert myself for long periods to all be very useful, even in an urban environment. What kind of man does Perry hire to install his water heater?

    7. So basically this guy is a complete narcissist and functionally useless in the real world. You know, the place that everyone else lives. He harps on things he’s probably not good at and puts them down to make himself feel better. I don’t recall Bear Grylls ever putting down some other sort of lifestyle (not that I’ve really paid attention), but rather doing things he probably enjoys (on a macro scale. He probably doesn’t enjoy drinking his own piss, but the survival thing as a whole). God forbid a man should do what he likes. Then again, that’s the whole premise of the Prog culture…people don’t know what’s best for them, but I sure do!

    8. Someone needs to watch the first episode of James Burke’s Connections.

      We’re always one blown power relay away from the collapse of civilization.

      1. Or an EMP attack that would knock is right back to 1900

    9. when it comes to opening up, men are useless*

      I haven’t watched Bear Grylls for a while (I’m surprised he is still relevant), but I do remember him openly discussing how important his faith and his family are to him when he’s in those survival situations**.

      *All that being said, emotions are best buried deep within one’s heart and soul.

      **I’m well aware that “survival situation” in this context means the producer handing you a burger or ferrying you back and forth between a tree and a hotel in between takes.

    10. But what will Grylls do when the cosmopocalypse arrives?

    11. Bear Gryllis probably has the trump card Grayson Perry doesn’t have ? loads of cash.

      1. Exactly. How does he think he got the show in the first place, clubbing a producer with a woolly mammoth bone? I’m pretty sure a successful TV star doesn’t have trouble finding living arrangements.

    12. “Men might be good at taking the risk of stabbing someone or driving a car very fast, but when it comes to opening up, men are useless,”

      Why does this idiot think that traditionally masculine men are incapable of having emotions and acting on them?

      Oh, and let’s flip the gender and observe how sexist it sounds:

      “Women might be good at providing emotional support or finding good deals at Macy’s, but when it comes to putting out fires or fixing engines, women are useless.”

    13. So, being a tranny on the mean streets of Finsbury Park would be better for make survival and procreation? Send unlikely to me.

  13. And nothing about this?

    “Yesterday, IJ won our fastest victory ever. Just hours after we launched our latest civil forfeiture case with an exclusive feature in The Washington Post, the government agreed to drop all charges against our clients and returned every cent that it had wrongfully seized.
    This case involves one of the most outrageous forfeiture actions we’ve seen yet. During a routine traffic stop for a broken tail light, the Muskogee, Oklahoma, sheriff’s department seized more than $53,000 from our clients?a church and a Burmese Christian band on tour in the U.S. trying to raise funds for charity. The full Washington Post story is here, and you can find more information about the case, including IJ’s video, on our website.”

    These guys are GOOD!

    1. Yes. It is amazing what good lawyers and some publicity can do.

    2. Yes, they are.


      *puts on obligatory “Killin’ it” song*

      Seriously, IJ is fantastic.

    4. Technically, shouldn’t “here” be a link?

      You’re almost as bad as Robby. (But nowhere near as bad as Nicole.)

      1. Yes, it should. I copied and pasted, so I blew it.

    5. Is that…is that good news I see?

      I don’t know what to say, it’s all a bit shocking.

      1. It is indeed good news, Mustang, and in keeping with the “Should we have any purely good news” meme, I provide this quote: “In 2014, a Washington Post investigation found that, since the 9/11 terror attacks, police had seized over $2.5 billion in cash nationally without search warrants or indictments. Of those nearly 62,000 seizures, only one in six was legally challenged by defendants, in part because the cost of doing so tends to be high. When defendants did challenge the seizures, the government agreed to return all or part of the money 41 percent of the time.”

        Why Oklahoma cops are returning $53,000 to a Christian band, an orphanage and a church

    6. I like to think that it was the one tenth of one percent of my purchases on amazon which I give to IJ that made this happen. Yah Me!

      1. It did. So, yah you!

    7. Holy crap – there’s something that deserves some applause if not a few bucks sent their way.

  14. “””Prince died without a will”””

    Yeah, I remember now, Its strange I never mentioned it before but Prince verbally promised me 10% of his estate. Funny that.

    1. Hey, me too. We should hang out.

      1. Sounds like you guys are cruising for a bruising courtesy of a tortious interference with an expectancy claim.

    2. “Prince died without a will”

      A will to live, that is.

  15. So how about some primo analysis from our Beloved State’s Broadcaster’s Most Serious Correspondent (who has now somehow become A Thoughtful Analyst)?

    Will spoiled boomers bankrupt the millennials? Probably not

    Highlights include a Debt-To-GDP ratio graph that show ratio becoming 0 sometime after 2050 and this gem of reasoning:

    But the big issue is financing medicare. Foot says the answer is obvious: Pay for it with a tax increase.

    He proposes a tax of one-tenth or one-fifth of one per cent on all stock transactions and all foreign exchange, something that would disproportionately hit the wealthy.

    (The counter-argument is that capital is mobile, and rich people can change behaviour to avoid taxes; but Foot says, correctly, that it’s a matter of paying for health care or losing it).

    1. And damn, forgot the link

      1. State paid morons, canada rocks.

        Let’s destroy the economy in the meantime, gotta love progtards.

    2. “”(The counter-argument is that capital is mobile, and rich people can change behaviour to avoid taxes; but Foot says, correctly, that it’s a matter of paying for health care or losing it).””

      Holy retardation, Batman. If capital is mobile, then this type of tax *won’t* pay for healthcare because you can’t tax money that is now being invested in another country.

      Holy shit.

      1. In addition, the wealthy (or even just the wealthier) individuals can use their mobility to avoid our shitty health care.

    3. Sweden tried such a tax in the 80s, and it failed miserably.

      1. I should have included a link.

    1. Malted barley, hops, water and yeast.

      1. The press release explained that in order to produce beer, it needs barley and hops, crops that canot be grown in Venezuela’s climate.

        It’s clearly a Northerner’s drink, just go back to wine if you want to culturally appropriate colonialists’ booze.

    2. When the country runs out of beer, revolution is imminent.

      1. This^^^, the people will not like no beer and they will give a fuck that Maduro is responsible.

        It will be hilarious to see, the beer revolution.

        I like beer and I’m betting a lot of Venezuelans like beer, that Maduro dies on this petard would be hilarious.

    3. This just shows how successful Berniezuela is. There were so many newly prosperous that could afford so much more beer that they drank all the beer and they had to close the brewery. Forward!

    4. Yeah, this sounds like the death knell for Venezuela. No TP? Well it isn’t that hard to find away around that problem. But no beer? That’s going to bring the whole thing down.

      1. No beer is why the Puritans landed in Massachusetts and not Virginia.

      2. This, with beer you only piss, the tp part comes later.

        Good point.

  16. “Millennials reject capitalism… and socialism?”

    That’s because they’re….Rejectionists!

  17. Prince died without a will.

    Yeah, opiates’ll do that. 8-(

  18. Robby, you’re a millennial. Explain yourself

    1. You’re gonna have to poll him.

      1. Not Okay!

      2. What you did there, the womyns have seen it. Tread carefully sir.

  19. Posted this prior to am links. Worth a repost. Principle takes girls pants, leaves her in her underwear on bus.…

    1. That principal sounds unprincipled to me. /someone else who frequently makes that mistake

      1. Ah yes.

    2. Old Man With Candy is currently looking into becoming a school administrator.

    1. Myself – This type of thing is just MADE for the “Ignore” button.

      Moving on….

    2. Laughter?


      1. Thankful these people are 2000 miles away from me

    3. Reminds me of the episode of South Park when Randy goes to AA and becomes a horrible drunk because he’s “sick”

      The racism is inherent in my skin color, oh well, I guess I’ll just be a white supremacist

      1. If life give you lemons, make lemonade. If life gives you racism, make Zyklon-B.

      2. This was posted from a small vermont town. Population under 5000. 99% white. Native American for the other 1%.
        The part about who we are attracted to really stuck out in that context.

    4. What they really need to admit is that they don’t actually give a fuck.

    5. Oh my God:

      “I feel the knee-jerk of surprise when a darker-skinned person, perhaps dressed a certain way, speaks “articulately” or “intelligently.” I’m intrigued when I see old black men playing chess, or a young black woman reading a novel. Despite my best intentions, my general sense of black identity is implicitly restricted to all-star athlete or radical activist.”

      So you’re a racist who assumes black people can’t be smart and you assume that I think the same thing.

      I don’t think the same thing though, so stop projecting your racism onto me.

      And how few black people do you know that you’re surprised when you see one reading a book? WTF

      1. It’s like those former drug addicts who support complete prohibition of everything because they assume that everyone lacks the self-control and morals they did when they were addicts.

        1. Same with the gun control argument, I suppose

          1. There is a pattern here.

      2. I feel “naturally” attracted to lighter skinned people. When I am attracted to a person of color, she’s too often a woman who’s straightened her hair, or who has a skinny nose. How many other white guys out there resonate with this? (I personally know several.) You can blame the movies, but at some point you have to confront white supremacy in your own soul. You think this is a coincidence, that you just “happen” to be more attracted to white people?

        This guy is a sheltered, repressed, racist dickhole.

    6. “I feel the knee-jerk of surprise when a darker-skinned person, perhaps dressed a certain way, speaks “articulately” or “intelligently.” I’m intrigued when I see old black men playing chess, or a young black woman reading a novel. Despite my best intentions, my general sense of black identity is implicitly restricted to all-star athlete or radical activist.”

      Okay, so this guy actually is racist. I thought old black men playing chess in the park was a stereotype. Also, why in the world would a black women reading novels be surprising? I’ve been given no reason to think they aren’t just as fond of bodice rippers as the rest of the female segment of the population.

    7. He’s right: he is a racist and a white supremacist. Of course only a racist would think that this means other people of the same skin color automatically share his views

  20. Prince Says Saudi Arabia Not Yet Ready to Allow Women to Drive

    Not Prince-Prince.

    Allowing women to drive is “not a religious issue as much as it is an issue that relates to the community itself that either accepts it or refuses it.”

    We’ll just see what President Hi,Hil,ack…, um, the next president says about *that*!

    1. Dead men tell no tales

    2. So, not a Muslim thing, just an Arab thing. Got it.

      1. That pretty much explains most of our problems with Islam. We have an Arab problem as much as anything. Even when the terrorists are not Arabs, they are Muslims who have adopted the Arab version of Islam.

      2. Nope. Lebanon.

    3. I thought Prince was dead?

      1. Maybe they should just get motorcycles if four wheels is too boring.

        1. No wine, no women, and stuck in the middle of the desert. What are they gonna do other than fck each other and do stupid car stunts?

  21. Speaking of horrible millennials, and why they are horrible: Selfies in the Voting Booth? Snapchat Fights for the Right.

    But in several states, the right of free speech has clashed with the question of whether allowing photographs in the voting booth, a typically private space, could compromise elections. Some states, like Pennsylvania, have banned the practice. Last year, a federal court in New Hampshire overturned a ban on such photos, a decision still being appealed.

    Snapchat, the social network of choice for many younger voters, joined the fray on Friday, filing an amicus brief in New Hampshire arguing against the ban. It called ballot selfies “the latest way that voters, especially young voters, engage with the political process.”

    Both supporters and detractors of the restrictions agree that there are significant freedoms at stake. They just disagree on which freedoms to focus on.

    1. It called ballot selfies “the latest way that voters, especially young voters, engage with the political process.”

      Oh, FFS! We are doomed!

    2. “focus on”?


    3. Just tell ’em the Koch Bros. support this idea as a way for them to verify you voted the way they pay you to vote before they pay you. We don’t make all the big bucks spending just a few hours a day on the internet posting pro-Koch talking points, they expect us to turn out the votes, too.

  22. De Blasio to Propose $2 Billion for New York City’s Hospital System

    The 55-page report is not the first to point to the dire financial future facing the city’s health care and hospital system, which has maintained its mission of treating all patients regardless of their ability to pay or their immigration status. But the new report reflects the impact of the Affordable Care Act, and points to trends that make adaptation daunting.

    As previously uninsured low-income New Yorkers have gained insurance, they also have gained new health care options. The city system has been losing those patients to other providers that are seen as more upscale or convenient to patients. At the same time, it remains the major source of care for nearly one million city residents who remain uninsured, many of them unauthorized immigrants who are ineligible for public insurance.

    Uninsured patients and those covered by Medicaid, the federal and state program for the poor, now represent nearly 70 percent of Health & Hospitals’ total hospital stays, compared with 40 percent for other hospitals in the city, the report says. Yet federal and state funding that helps cover the cost of caring for the uninsured is projected to decline by almost $1 billion ? from $2.2 billion in the 2016 fiscal year to $1.4 billion in the 2020 fiscal year.

    1. The city system has been losing those patients to other providers

      So the city system is losing the patients that cost the system money? Not sure I see the problem.

    2. But, I thought that Obamacare was supposed to fix all that…

  23. Revealed: The symbols that pedophiles use to signal their sordid sexual preferences on social media

    The comprehensive account of the code has emerged a month after Monster Jam was forced to recall a line of toy trucks which featured symbols bearing a horrifying similarity.

    Nicole O’Kelly, a mother in Syracuse, New York, bought the pink-and-black toy for her two-year-old daughter.

    But her older daughter recognized the symbols, which appeared in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, which tackled pedophilia.

    1. This is why I cancelled cable and never got an antenna.

    2. Next up this reporter explores how married women with ankle bracelets are signalling their husband’s approval for them dating other men.

      Seriously, is there any urban myth too stupid for some reporter somewhere not to believe?

      1. Next you’re going to tell me that Floridians aren’t all butt-chugging at rainbow parties while doing bathsaltz.

        1. I am just a crusher of dreams Jesse. Sorry.

          1. I think my favorite of these stories was when a The Onion article about Harry Potter leading children to Satanism got picked up as a legit thing back when the first or second book came out.

            1. I miss the old Baptist Preachers talking about Satanic rock records. I had friends in school who went to churches that believed that stuff. I remember seeing them on local TV doing their Sunday morning shows playing Led Zeppelin and Eagles records backwards. Man that was some fun shit.

              1. Oh god, my parents were way into that whole “rock is the tool of satan.” thing. We had VHSes that explained it in detail and would watch them as a family. I still have a soft spot for the music from Hair because of those things.

                1. Led Zeppelin was one of the few rock bands that actually had a sense of humor. It makes sense they were most hated by the two most humorless groups of people in America; rock critics and evangelical ministers.

              2. Here you go John, this will help save your soul.


              3. I was told that with a straight face in Sunday School in the early 90s.

                1. There is a great exhibit at the Rock Hall of Fame about the ‘rock n roll is satanic’ with some nice videos.

                  Don’t forget the Christian outrage when John Lennon said the Beatles were more famous than Jeebus.

        2. I was just at one but they ran out of bathsatlz so I ate one last face and then left.

    3. OK, serious question. While I don’t doubt the existence of an organized pedo community, I also recognize that there’s a lot of hysteria about this. So, how real is this?

      1. Its total bullshit. Even if it were real, what would be the point? Okay, me an all of the other perverts have a special code language. For what purpose?

        1. For what purpose? To set up kiddie-fucking deals! It is so simple! It was on Law & Order for Pete’s sake.

          1. Yeah, do you think that Mr. Wolf is a dick or something?

          2. Yeah because my biggest concern when selling children into prostitution is having a good code system for my customers, not finding a kid or somehow keeping him from blabbing about it.

        2. “Its total bullshit. Even if it were real, what would be the point? Okay, me an all of the other perverts have a special code language. For what purpose?”

          Great cover, dude. Deny and deflect.

      2. So, how real is this?

        I have a membership card, photo ID, and a subscription to the monthly newsletter.

    4. Next you’re going to tell me that Futurama isn’t real.

      I’m sure the writers never take some freedom with these types of things. Never.

  24. How the FTC and a scam security firm destroyed a company.…..c-tiversa/

    1. A scam security firm connected with four-star scoundrel Wesley Clark.

    2. Dear god that’s maddening. 🙁

    3. By Dune Lawrence? Were his parents libertarians?

    4. Leaving a medical billing system exposed on a file sharing network is a major failure, something that can turn the lives of its customers into a nightmare. And it’s not sufficient to say “we fixed it” without addressing the underlying causes. It seems to me this company was so poorly run, it needed to go out of business one way or another.

  25. White House on lockdown after another apparent fence jumper

    A journalist who was attempting to leave the White House grounds said that Secret Service officers reported a “jumper” outside the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. The report said a stretcher was requested and that “the individual is in a moat” ? possibly a reference to a dry trench inside the fence perimeter.

    Individual is in a moat? Let’s crack that code.

    1. Isn’t the whole thing based on copyright law and blackmail? The scam as I understand it is that you give them your money and in return they advance you to the next level and let you see the super secret materials available to the enlightened who have reached that level. Of course there is always another level and even more amazing secrets to be had for the right price. In addition, as part of your therapy and growth you basically confess every single embarrassing action or thought you have ever had, which the churches notes and keeps for blackmail purposes should you ever decide to leave.

      So everyone in the church is subject to blackmail by the threat of whatever embarrassing thing they have being released and all of the church materials are protected by copyright and thus can be prevented from public release.

      1. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

        They also run some concentration camps used to punish employees who have pissed off their bosses.

        1. They are not a threat to the country or anything, but they are some seriously nasty pieces of work. If I were ever elected to Congress, I would get in touch with some defector who had the magic materials and just read them into the Congressional record. It would destroy their monopoly on them and their entire business model. Since teh actions of Congressman on the floor of the House are immune from all civil and criminal action, there would be nothing they could do about it. Just lance that boil on the ass of society once and for all

          1. It would destroy their monopoly on them and their entire business model.

            Already done.

            I present Operation Clambake. Basically, they collect materials on scientology; often from documents filed as evidence in court cases.

            As a result they actually have a large number of the secrets. And they are exactly as nutty as what you would expect when a bad sci fi writer decides to dream up a mythology.

            1. and yet, people still join. And God was Hubbard a terrible writer. How did he ever get famous before Scientology? Who read him or thought he was any good?

              1. And God was Hubbard a terrible writer.

                That’s something Gilmore and I can agree on.

                1. No points for “Universe Creation”?

                  I’ve never actually read any L.Ron Hubbard. I DID attend the NYC premier of “Battlefield Earth”.

  26. “British university speaker censored over anti-Obama comments.”

    We would welcome him to Cleveland in July. But he might have to wait his turn.

    1. The Turks have Europe by the balls. The only reason there is a refugee crisis is because the Turks decided to let the refugees out of the camps and head up to Europe. They basically can turn the refugee flow on and off like a spigot.

      1. And all orchestrated by Obama, who just went to Germany to show off his peacock.

        1. I thought it was Putin who did it by carpet bombing Syria for the specific purpose of creating the crisis and fucking with Europe.

          1. It’s just crazy that they put so much effort into pleasing this Erdogan guy that’s no better than Assad.

            1. He is worse. Syria was a shit hole to begin with. Erdogan is destroying what used to be a nice country.

          2. And Merkel fell for it.

    2. Money? MONEY?

      You are telling me MONEY is involved in a freedom of expression case?

      Well I never.

      1. There is no case. Insulting authority figures and religion is illegal in Germany, period.

    3. It makes *sense* in this context but it’s reprehensible to potentially ruin a life over it. But hey, in politics and to these sociopaths what’s a single life (think what Obama and Hillary did with the Benghazi video guy) when they feel they’re doing things for the ‘greater good’? Although, one may quibble what Merkel did with the refugees wasn’t for the ‘greater good’.

      1. There’s an old German saying that fits here? Common Good Before Individual Good!

      2. Considering how many people perpetuate the drug war, with its vast toll in lives, finding a politician who is only willing to ruin a *single* innocent life might be difficult.

  27. What’s the worst rap verse?
    My vote is 50 cents in how we do.
    50, unh
    Bentley, unh
    Em came ‘n gotta nigga fresh out the, slum
    Automatic, gun
    Fuck ’em one-on-one
    We wrap up ya punk ass, stunt ‘n ya done

    1. Anything from Splack Pack’s Uhh Ohh album? It’s like the Spinal Tap of rap albums, but I don’t think it was intentional.

      1. I’ll listen after work.

    2. These all seem like pretty good finalist…..Lyrics.htm

  28. “Millennials reject capitalism… and socialism?”

    Hurrah for Mercantilism!!

    1. I am of the belief that failing to have a position on something was somehow viewed as “cool” during the millennial formative years. I think also there was societal pressure to be measured, tolerant, and slow to form negative opinions. I think these factors are driving the “motivated” to be feminists, Puritanigressives, and socialists.

      Anecdote: I talked with a friend of mine in Chicago about the elections for about five hours last weekend. He seemed to believe Sanders was the “common sense” choice. Should mention here that this friend is a redditor. So for the ensuing three hours following my opinions on Sanders, we talked about personal responsibility, the burden the State should be saddled with, and whether or not his money should be used to fund someone else’s life. All positions removed, he did say that he “never thinks about that stuff” and he even believes he shouldn’t have to think about “that stuff.”

      I should have said, “Ignorance is bliss.”

      1. Puritanigressives

        Hoo boy. Tell us more about what you’re of the belief of.

        1. I’m guessing sophistry.

          1. Oh hey you!

            Puritanigressives is the portmanteau of Puritan and Progressive. Intolerance of dissent mixed with the Progressive platform.

    2. Let me guess, they favor the steal other peoples money and give it to them system.

  29. “Who will step forward to claim Prince’s millions?”

    He died without a will? In that case, stand back!
    The state will grab every penny it can, plus half the stuff that’s nailed down.

    1. Its easy. Its called intestate succession. He is not currently married and has no living children or grand children. So the estate goes first to his parents, who are both deceased as I understand it, and then equally to his siblings. I heard he has one sister. She is going to get it all.

      1. Sister: Who? Whaaaa? Ralphie was Prince?! Sunava…

  30. A woman is walking along a highway, so a cop decides he wants to talk to her. The woman does not want to talk. The cop decides this is no bueno and proceeds to corner her under a tractor trailer, taze her multiple times, and arrest her on bullshit charges. Ta Da!…..iple-times

    1. Did he get home in time for dinner?? Don’t leave us hanging

    2. What we have here is failure to communicate.

  31. Millennials reject capitalism… and socialism?

    Gosh, if only there existed a libertarian publication with some reach that could systematically tackle those issues….

    Never mind: transgender bathrooms, rogue cops, and mass immigration by anti-libertarians are higher priorities….

    1. and mass immigration by anti-libertarians

      Well that doesn’t seem true. Unless you mean “high priority” as in, Reason staff applying no critical thought to the topic and largely ignoring it aside from some Dalmia screeds. By far, the most editorialization, current event updates and genuine commentary on that topic comes out of the commentariat, not the Reason staff. I think there’s some standing orders from the editorial staff to ignore it when the writers aren’t cheerleading it.

      1. True, only Shikha flogs it regularly, but the others all make periodic nods to the wonders of immigration, which (according to them) is a Good Thing with no real downsides to care about, ever.


    Even pregnant Bar Rafeali is amazing.

  33. LOL, Robby, bae, what is this? You’re so lazy.

  34. I’m watching the Hillsborough 30 for 30 now, after reading your guys’ praises earlier. It’s breaking my fucking heart and giving me quite the anxiety. (And now it’s getting to the lie and more lies and cover-up, and so I’ve progressed to anger.)

    I also watched the Duke Lacrosse episode recently on yinz’ all recommendations. Was excellent.

    I don’t follow sports, so with that in mind ? which other episodes ought I and everyone else to watch?


    1. The one about Ben Johnson testing positive at the 88 Olympics is really good. It follows the entire track culture in the 1980s and more or less says Johnson was set up by the creepy Santa Monica Track Club coach.

      The one about the 1980 Russian Olympic Hockey team that tells the Miracle on Ice story from the Russian perspective kicks ass.

      Those are two really good ones that come to mind. There are others though that I can’t think of right now.

    2. The Band That Wouldn’t Die is one I really liked. The Christian Lattener one is great, the one about the 1980 Russian hockey team was good, the one about SMU football was good.

      They are frequently well-done. I guess it depends on your interests.

      1. Those are both really good as well. Its funny how Lattener turned out to be such a good guy and have such a good sense of humor about himself.

        1. The recent Duke lacrosse presentation was awesome.

          Ditto the 1983 NFL draft.

        2. I don’t know. I watched Garnett and Marbury have their first practice together at the wolves gym while standing right next to Laettner and he was a total ass.

          Agree that the documentary is good. Just disagree that he has changed his spots.

        3. Larettner, who intentionally stomped an opposing player, but was allowed to finish the game and to this day praised by Mike Shit-sky? That Laettner? Always an Asshole. F him.

    3. yinz’


      The episode on the 1995 Cleveland Browns is really good. Fuck Art Modell.

      1. Modell managed to fire two of the three or four greatest coaches in NFL history (Paul Brown and Belecheck) and fired one of the greatest college coaches (Nick Saban) to make up for it. I had no idea the staff Belicheck had in Cleveland. It was basically the same group of people Saban who went on to build the dynasty in New England with Ozzy Newsome thrown in. And that dumb ass fired them all except for Newsome. It makes me want to drive up to Baltimore and piss on his grave for you. And I am not even a Browns fan.

        1. He could never have won in Cleveland because he was comically broke by the early 90s. Even after he got the bribe to move to Baltimore, he was still so broke that he couldn’t even get his team proper practice equipment. The league made him sell out 5 years after moving. It’s incredible.

          I challenge you to find a more successful con artist. The guy bought the team with other people’s money, managed to run the team at a loss for 50-some years, and when the clock finally hit midnight, he managed to sell out for hundreds of millions of dollars. And by all accounts, everyone who ever knew him loved him because he was so goddamn charming. It’s just amazing.

          1. Warty, the way to do it was like Billy Sullivan did with the Pats.

      2. My friend is from Pittsburgh, and it’s a useful word, I think!

        Thanks all!

        1. We yinzers don’t like it when you appropriate our culture.

          1. Just “don’t like it” or, like, give out swirlies in response to it?

            I can live with the former. The latter might compel me to change my transgressive ways.

    4. Watch The Two Escobars episode. Still the best in my mind.

  35. OT: did anyone ever notice that the Exit Full Screen pictogram on YouTube is actually a Balkenkreuz?

      1. What a load of bullshit. Everyone knows that the Nazis are still in subterranean cities beneath the Amazon. That’s the lizard people that have moon bases!

        1. Hyperion, you’re being naive if you think the lizards haven’t infiltrated the nazi bases. Or maybe they’ve gotten to you too.

      2. What no link to the highlights of a Palin administration?

        1. What? How am I just now hearing about this? Why did the millennials all not drop dead from horror?

  36. Millenials reject capitalism

    Here’s your new paradise, retards:

    Look ma, no refrigeration!

    1. You can’t reject what you don’t understand

    2. they just got too prosperous too fast

  37. Just popped in to say that I’m proud of all of you for steadfastly refusing to participate in this promoted comment nonsense. That is all.

    1. What we really need is a thread about nothing. That glorious event almost happened once, but alas, it was not to be.

        1. I’m a thread architect.

      1. I remember that. The Jacket posted an article with no article. The comment section filled five times faster than any link I’ve ever seen, then poof! Gone. That was glorious.

        1. That never really happened.

        2. It was something like 400 comments in less than 10 minutes. It was glorious, and then the cosmos ruined it. It shall never be forgotten and shall forever drive a burning stake between the true libertarians and the cosmos.

          1. Every boomer attended Woodstock. Everybody here posted on that thread.

            1. Not I. I just sat back and enjoyed the chaos. After multiple refreshing I got through maybe half the comments before the post disappeared.

            2. P.S. The new(ish) Woodstock is seeing Daft Punk at Coachella cira 2006.

            3. I actually did make a post on that thread. It was glorious.

  38. For those who grew up during the Cold War, capitalism meant freedom from the Soviet Union and other totalitarian regimes. For those who grew up more recently, capitalism has meant a financial crisis from which the global economy still hasn’t completely recovered.

    Yeah, all that capitalism has failed to fix it.

  39. “Capitalism” is a Marxist term. It should be abandoned by those who believe in economic liberty.

    1. I do prefer the term ‘free markets’, but I typically use it in conjunction with the word capitalism. Lefties do not understand what either of those things mean or the difference between cronyism and free market capitalism.

      1. “Capitalism” kind of has a connotation of a system managed by the government.

        1. Re: Diane Reynolds (Paul.)

          “Capitalism” kind of has a connotation of a system managed by the government.

          Nope. Sorry, wrong.

          Capitalism is a PROCESS, where Capital (savings, or postponed consumption,) Capital Goods (land, tools, etc.) and Labor are used in conjunction to transform goods of a lesser value into goods of a higher value for trade and wealth accumulation. People tend to confuse Capitalism with corporativism.

          Whatever the little Marxian shits believe is inconsequential. They will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes, after all, so who cares about them?

          1. connotation not denotation

      2. Most people don’t.

    2. It should be abandoned by those who believe in economic liberty.

      Why? We know what it means, they know what it means, and the accrual of baggage with the term will follow whatever replaces it.

  40. Just 27 percent believe government should play a large role in regulating the economy, the Harvard poll found, and just 30 percent think the government should play a large role in reducing income inequality.


    Yet 48 percent agreed that “basic health insurance is a right for all people.” And 47 percent agreed with the statement that “Basic necessities, such as food and shelter, are a right that the government should provide to those unable to afford them.”

    So the whole poll is just a big, discombobulated mess of self-contradictory positions.

    1. “Young people could be saying that there are problems with capitalism, contradictions,” Frank Newport, the editor in chief of Gallup, said when asked about the new data. “I certainly don’t know what’s going through their heads.”

      I think that’s the best position to take on our nation’s young people, and then just back away slowly, and pray to god they’re ambivalent about voting.

    2. Polls cannot make people intelligent.

    3. Depending on how people interpreted the questions, for the idea of ‘rights’ — which is fairly abstract concept for too many people, so not defined well in their heads when responding to this — answering that you feel people should be provided with basic food and shelter if they have no alternative to starving and freezing on the streets, does not seem to be a contradiction of endorsing capitalism nor a step towards joining the Communist Party. The question should be better delineated if they want the true Millennial mindset on the topic.

  41. Millennials reject capitalism… and socialism?

    In other news, millennials are unwilling to learn what words mean. Details at 11.

    1. “unwilling to learn what words mean”

      They require $15 an hour to learn about words.

  42. Millennials reject capitalism… and socialism?
    More primaries tonight.
    Going to be a good night for Trump.
    Bernie Sanders plans to soldier on, even if he loses (as expected).
    Paul Nungesser is suing again.
    British university speaker censored over anti-Obama comments.
    Prince died without a will.

    And Robby thinks bathrooms belong to transgender patrons and not the business owners who built them in the first place.

    Film at 11.

    1. Public accommodation.

      *drops Mr. Microphone*

      1. Public Accommodation is Bullshit.

        *drops Mr. microphone he just picked up after it was perfunctorily dropped by Diane.*

        1. I’m more interested in

          **dons shades**

          pubic accommodation!

    2. What about the bathrooms at all government facilities, which was also part of the NC law?

      1. They belong to the government?

          1. All your bathrooms is belong to us.

  43. BREAKING: FEDERAL COURT UPHOLDS NC VOTER-ID LAW Advisory: Link to MSNBC, best I could find.

    1. They should just let felons vote.

      1. Law abiding non-citizens next!

      2. With all due respect, what does letting felons vote have to do with voter ID?

        1. “With all due respect, what does letting felons vote have to do with voter ID?”

          Getting Dem. votes in a swing state.

          1. I would think that being in prison would make a person hate the state.

            Libertarian recruits?

            1. “I would think that being in prison would make a person hate the state.”

              Libertarian recruits?”

              Unless they’re ascribed to the “grow the beast until it explodes” philosophy, they don’t seem to reflect much of a libertarian leaning. I don’t know how many libertarian books fill prison libraries though, I’ll ask some friends.

    2. “If this decision remains in effect, the impact on the November election could be devastating,” said Penda Hair, a lawyer for the Advancement Project. Hair said the plaintiffs would appeal the ruling immediately, asking for expedited consideration of the case to ensure a decision before voters go to the polls.

      North Carolina could be a pivotal state in the presidential race this fall. Gov. Pat McCrory, who signed the voting law, also will be up for re-election in what could be a close contest.

      Voting rights groups fear that the law’s various restrictions will cause longer lines and make it harder for minorities to vote, when the presidential and governor’s races could make for a high turnout election in the state.

      Know and have know a fuck ton of minorities. Exactly 100% of them have some form of ID. And I will absolutely not let this go, and will kick it in the nuts every chance I get. If requiring ID to vote is racist, demanding an ID to bear arms is super-double racist.

      1. Makes it harder for them to commit voter fraud which is the real reason they oppose ID requirements.

        1. Indeed, the side that resists voter ID is the side that relies on cheating to win.

          1. Obviously you hate freedom and the children and want to put minorities and wiminz folk back in chains. And you want the terrorists to win. Rat fucking bagger.

        2. I’m not against allowing felons to vote. I may not even be against non-citizens voting (depending on the circs), but how in hell can you know if some person or groups aren’t driving around from polling station to polling station, and pulling the lever repeatedly for a given candidate? For local races, I can’t tell you how many times a major local initiative that can be devastating to a local economy came down to a few hundred votes.

          They demand I show and carry id to bear a concealed weapon, yet voting is the most potentially violent act a person can commit, and it’s racist to ask for ID to make sure they haven’t voted multiple times.

          1. Felons? So they’re actually allowing people serving a felony prison sentence to vote?

            1. Shit they let congress vote.

            2. No, I was merely making a point about voting restrictions in general. I’m being careful to say that I’m not taking my voter id position because I don’t think undesirables shouldn’t be voting, I’m taking my position because without voter ID, how can we know or ever know if people aren’t committing voter fraud?

              The who gets to vote is a different subject. I have no doubt that the “Republican Legislature” passed this law with illegal aliens in mind. But even that is a secondary concern to me.

              1. Ok. Sorry, I’m totally lost here. I guess I’m confusing voter ID law with the Virginia governor recently, supposedly, allowing ‘felons’ to vote. Although I think that’s likely GOP generated bullshit.

                1. Hyper, those Virginia felons had already served their sentences. The Governor simply restored their voting rights. Rand Paul introduced a bill in the US Seate to do just that nationwide, but I believe it died in committee.

                  Here’s the thinking – you do your time and you’re re-integrated into society. Also, from a libertarian perspective, realize how many people are declared felons for BS reasons – drugs, mere possession of weapons, etc.

              2. I don’t think undesirables shouldn’t be voting

                I’ll be the first to tell you that I wish the undesirables weren’t voting. And I cast a wide net. As a compromise I’m willing concede that no one should be voting except as by contract in voluntary associations. I can’t fathom as to why Todd the Hawaiian beach bum, Cletus the West Virginian sister banger and Tyreese the Detroit mugger all get to have some kind of legitimized say-so about infringements on my life, liberty and property.

                In very small communities and clan and family groups, I can see some kind of democracy working well to it’s own limited extent, but there’s no reason I ought to be forced into an association of tens or hundreds of millions of people all vying for their turn at the helms of a violent monopoly of ultimate decision making.

          2. You would give me suffrage?

            1. I would make you last against the wall.

              1. Thanks.

                I think?

                1. You think right. There’s billions of people ahead of you in line.

                2. You think right. There’s billions of people ahead of you in line.

      2. Everyone who is honest about their white supremacy/privilege knows minorities are too dumb to get voter ID

        1. are too dumb to get voter any ID


          1. Unless they’re under 21, then easy-peasy!

      3. “Making Voting Easier/Opposing Voter ID” was one of the other Very Libertarian positions on the most-commonly referenced Nolan Chart…. along with some other oddities

        I’ve never quite understood the supposed ‘libertarian-ishness’ of the idea. The idea of any requirements for voting – like identification – being tantamount to “barriers” to voting seems to be an idea promulgated by the worst kinds of rabble-rousing statists.

    3. On Monday evening, U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Schroeder upheld the law, ruling that it didn’t give minorities any less opportunity to participate in the political process than whites, as the plaintiffs alleged under the Voting Rights Act.

      Well to be fair, minorities aren’t as smart as whites are, so they need to have things made easier for them.

      1. “Well to be fair, minorities aren’t as smart as whites are, so they need to have things made easier for them.”

        I’ve read that, even correcting their grammar and spelling is a form of racism apparently.

  44. So I’ve had the good fortune to listen to Democratic Senate contest ads for Murland all week long. I don’t even know if any Republicans are running. I haven’t heard any ads, so maybe there are no Republicans running. Anyway, their single issue seems to be gun control. I have briefly heard them mention all of the typical marxist shit, minimum wage increase, more spending on fucking everything, but wiping out your 2nd amendment rights seems to be the big ticket item.

    1. but it worked so well in Chicago to stamp out their urban violence problem? What are you suggesting?? DO *NOTHING*?? The one thing everyone knows never works.

  45. Millies can reject the markets all they want. The Black market, Red Market, and the Free Market always wins.

    1. Agora !!! Anarchy !!! Action !!!

  46. Am I the only person that noticed that the capitalism poll was conducted at freaking Harvard?

    That’s like going to Berkeley and doing a presidential primary poll.


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