Democratic Party

Hillary Clinton Wins Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware, Wants Bernie Sanders to Kiss the Ring

Clinton rewrites history, forgetting the how hard she battled Barack Obama to the bitter end in 2008.


Kiss the ring, Bernie.

Hillary Clinton keeps racking up victories in the blue states, winning four of the five contests in the "Acela Primary" of states scattered along the Northeast. 

The Associated Press projected the former secretary of state as the winner of the Pennsylvania primary, with 58 percent of the vote in. She holds a commanding lead on Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the Keystone State, where the 118 state delegates will be awarded proportionally. 

A little after 9p ET, Sanders was projected the winner of Rhode Island, where 33 delegates will be allotted proportionally. Around 1030p, Connecticut was called for Clinton, with about 80% of precincts reporting. That state's 70 delegates are also allotted to the candidates proportionally.

Earlier in the evening, Clinton was projected as the winner of the Maryland primary and with it, all 118 of the state's delegates, according to MSNBC. The network also projected Clinton as the winner of all 31 delegates in Delaware. 

(This post has been updated to reflect current primary results as they come in.)

As she moves ever closer to reaching the magic number of 2,383 delegates, Clinton and her supporters are stepping up their calls for Sanders — a lifelong independent until a few months ago — to tone down his criticisms and get in line supporting the consensus candidate. 

At an MSNBC-hosted town hall last night, Clinton said she that didn't feel the need to pivot any further to the left in order to placate Sanders' supporters, and added that she hoped the democratic socialist would help her unite the party once he's been fully vanquished. 

"I did not put down conditions," Clinton said of her eventual endorsement of then-Sen. Barack Obama after losing a bruising and interminable primary campaign to the freshman senator from Illinois. She added that she spent "an enormous amount of time" lobbying her supporters to vote for Obama in the general election and added:

I have a bigger lead in pledged delegates than Senator Obama, when I ran against him in 2008, ever had over me. I am winning…And I'm winning because of what I stand for and what I've done and what my ideas are.

Clinton is downplaying the rancor of 2008 a bit just a bit. A substantial group of her supporters dubbed themselves PUMAs (short for Party Unity My Ass) and threatened to vote for John McCain, even though Obama and Clinton were much more ideologically aligned than Clinton and Sanders will ever be.

Though her campaign chafed at the mere suggestion from Sanders that some of the disastrous choices she has made regarding foreign policy could make her "unqualified" to be president, both Bill and Hillary repeatedly questioned Obama's qualifications to serve as commander-in-chief in 2008, with the former president even reportedly telling Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), "A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee."

What must be especially grating to Clinton is how hard she's had to fight a guy who is not even really a member of her party and who despite presenting himself as the fresh face of progressivism, has been in Congress since before Bill Clinton was president. Add the fact he lacks the soaring rhetoric and charisma of the 2008-model Barack Obama, Clinton must be wondering why the hell her "inevitable" anointment as the party's standard-bearer is taking so long. 

But like the increasingly fractured Republicans, the Democratic brand grows more meaningless by the day.

The Clinton v. Sanders brawl of 2016 could have presented the Democratic Party with an opportunity to distinguish itself from the GOP by adopting a principled non-interventionist platform, but instead they'll almost certainly nominate someone with a "perfect record of hawkishness," as Nick Gillespie put it.

Sanders, for his part, has been admirably vocal in his opposition to mandatory minimum sentencing, the militarization of police, and marijuana prohibition, but just this past weekend he mused about criminalizing cigarettes on Meet the Press.

Just when you think the old hippie's got consistent principles, the major party authoritarianism kicks in.

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  1. “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.”


    1. It’s never too late.

      1. Better or worse than when harry Reid called Obama an “eloquent, light-skinned negro”?

        1. Pardon me, double-checked the quote and found:” [Obama can win because he’s “light-skinned” and “doesn’t have a Negro dialect unless he wants one.”

  2. Delaware has more delegates than Maryland?

    1. Corporations are people after all.

    2. I don’t know if they updated it or I’m just old, I swear it said 18 instead of 118.

      1. “I don’t know if they updated it or I’m just old”
        (sighs, nods, takes a drink, goes back to watching Sportsball.)

    3. The population of Delaware is the same as bumfucktuloo, Kansas. Not sure how this works.

  3. Sen. Bernie Sanders ? a lifelong independent until a few months ago

    A lifelong independent who has strangely voted with Hilary Clinton 93% of their shared time in Congress.

    1. It’s not his fault reality has a Democratic bias.

      1. It’s that the Democratic Party has a socialist bias.

    1. I’m liking your handle there, and the vid, good buddy. I’m think about something along the lines of ‘CIS Shitlord Beard’?

  4. I am highly amused that Bernie Bro’s thought that they could beat the Clinton machine. Hell… Obamabots thought they could beat it, and we ended up with Hillary/Romney/Obamacare.

    Don’t let the Shithawks get you. =D

    1. What the fuck is a shithawk, Ricky?!

        1. Smokes let’s go.


    APA says pedophilia is not always a mental disorder Culture war here we come.

    1. Back in the late ’60s I saw a Conservative Book Club ad that talked about how all these hippies would lead to an epidemic of drug addiction, STDs, and bastard children living in poverty. “Haha!” I laughed. Those old fogies…!

      And then it pretty much happened.

      Many years later, the old fogies were at it again: gay rights would lead to pedophilia, polygamy, and bestiality. “Haha!” I laughed….

      1. It is just a matter of time. You watch.

        1. So as a gay, it’s my duty to speak out against child fuckers and animal fuckers despite having absolutely no relation to that stuff. Is that how this works?

          1. You are not obligated to do anything. But you know as well as I do there is no end to the culture war and it is just a matter of time before the Progs and their various toadies get around to normalizing pedophilia and bra ding anyone who objects a bigot. I would hope people will finally stand up to them over this but I am frankly not optimistic.

            1. Bullshit.

              The culture wars may never end but there are always reasons for it going the way it goes.

              Gays were favored becasue they could be used as a weapon against the religious right and were legitimately being discriminated against at the time the gay rights movement started.

              Trannies are being taken up for similar reasons

              All of it however is to brand their opponents as small minded bigots and they get away with it because at the end of the day gays and trannies aren’t harming anyone but themselves.

              While Pedophiles may make up roughly the same percentage of the population as gays (depending on how you define pedophile) they DO harm people, at least the ones who act on their attraction to children do and all the culture war bullshit won’t change that. When there are very very real victims of the “oppressed” group you can’t use them as an effective weapon. This is why their attempts to use Muslims as an aggrieved minority has gone nowhere, while most Muslims are safe there are very real victims of Muslim violence to point to as a counter balance.

              1. Are you sure the Muslim thing has “gone nowhere”?

                1. In the US, yeah, even in Europe while the politicians might wring their hands about being open and inclusive the people are on the border of rebelling over the Muslim violence the politicians have allowed to happen

          2. Your only “relation to that stuff” is that you are in a sexual minority. The controversy is, in rough form, tradition/majority vs. non-tradition/minority. So the argument is partly conformity vs. nonconformity, tradition vs. reform, societal norms vs. individual rights. One result is that when (e.g.) gay rights is framed as “the human rights of a sexual minority,” it becomes problematic when the pedophiles and etc. say: “I’m a sexual minority, too!”

            And as John says, it’s all fuel for the left-wing culture warriors. The main issue to them is that the conservatives and Christians and middle-class America be humiliated.

            1. Except, when 2 gays blow each other no one is harmed, when someone has sex with the kid the kid is harmed.

              So while the pedophile has the right to live and can probably make an argument for being able to express his desires in art and with non human analogues (dolls and graphics) the instant they touch a child they have violated that childs rights. Their non conformity directly infringes on the rights of others in ways that gays and trannies do not ergo there is no relation between the arguments.

          3. More like, as a human being, you should revile pig fuckers and baby rapers, as anyone who isn’t a pig fucker or baby raper would do.


            1. Wait, I can eat my pig but I can’t fuck it? Well, can I at least fuck it after I slaughter it but before I eat it? Grant me that much.

          4. You don’t have any sort of duty, but they’re right that progs are putting gay rights on the table, and intend to keep going for double or nothing until they lose.

      2. I don’t see the issues with polygamy or bestiality, so I don’t see why anyone should care. As for leading to pedophilia, I highly doubt that. Spreading diseases and getting people pregnant because you had sex with a bunch of random people without protection isn’t a surprising result, but pedophilia increasing because of gay rights sounds like nonsense. Those two things aren’t related.

        Something about a broken clock.

        1. NAMBLA is a thing.

          Polygamy is socially destructive. A large part of the awfulness of Islamic culture is all the young men who can’t find wives.

          1. “Polygamy is socially destructive.”

            1) No it isn’t Utah is doing fine 2) It’s not the government’s job to stop ‘socially destructive’ practices.

          2. NAMBLA is a thing.

            So? Gay rights and pedophilia aren’t related. You might as well be saying that gay rights leads to gay rape, simply because homosexuality is involved in both cases. Those are some pretty shallow similarities.

            All the whining about pedophilia is largely fearmongering, and I’m not even sure if a lot of these people know what pedophilia even is.

            Polygamy is socially destructive.

            How so? I don’t see how people having consensual relationships is “socially destructive” merely because there is more than one spouse. I don’t have any problems with other types of poly relationships, either. I also don’t think that marriage is a magical, sacred thing that has only one definition.

            But even if polygamy was socially destructive, the government would still have no business getting involved.

          3. Polygamy was a social necessity before death rates plummeted. In most cultures a few hundred years ago, men did the most dangerous work, and died in high numbers. An imbalance between the number of men and women meant that polygamy was a necessity for society to be able to support the female population. It’s only (relatively) historically recently that the number of deaths at work is down, the amount of men and women are roughly equal, and polygamy is becoming non-viable in most areas.

            Also the problems with polygamy in the modern age (not enough women for the number of men) go away with socially acceptable polyandry as well. Most non-Mormon polygamy proponents are also polyandry proponents, so I there is no socially destructive problem here. That being said, I personally am a staunch monogamist, but I don’t think polygamy is as destructive as you assume and it ain’t none of my business anyway.

      3. “And then it pretty much happened.”

        No it didn’t. Drug addiction is not ‘epidemic’. STD levels have crept up recently but are not out of hand. Bastard children are the fault of the welfare state.

        1. You are too young to remember the last 40 years, but yes, there’s more drug use around, and there was a thing called AIDS that you might have heard about, that has killed about 39 million people so far.

          1. “there’s more drug use around”

            Not because of hippies.

            “there was a thing called AIDS that you might have heard about, that has killed about 39 million people so far.”

            Most of those deaths weren’t even in America, and the ‘straight AIDS’ epidemic never happened in NA.

            Do you ever miss an opportunity to make an idiot of yourself? Ever?

    2. I don’t consider it a mental disorder, just depraved. But I doubt “depraved” is in the APA’s vocabulary. If something is not a mental disorder to them, it’s probably fine.

    3. That’s surprising, considering how rigorous the social ‘sciences’ are. I was certain they considered everyone on the planet to have some sort of mental illness. Do you oppose authority? You have a mental illness. Do you like doing X more than other people think you should? Mental illness. Everything is a mental illness, brought to you by pseudoscientists.

    4. Looks like the APA has decided it’s time for their organization to cease to exist.



    Man robs wife’s pet store and gives stolen monkey as a tip to hooker.

      1. He did promise.

    1. Blanchard questioned the need to label non-criminal behavior as mental illness:

      “If you take [an] individual who has a very strong erotic attraction for children, but who has never acted on it, who never would act on it, who agrees that society’s prohibition of adult child sexual interactions should be in place, do you want to say this individual has a mental disorder?”

      I wasn’t aware that criminality was a pre-requisite for something being a mental illness.

      1. It would be a controlled illness. But if you have the desire to screw children, you have a problem.

        1. You know what’s really going to inspire pedophiles to seek treatment? Making admitting to pedophilic inclinations so completely taboo as to be a death sentence.

          You know what’s really going to inspire mental health cases to self-report their violent inclinations? Making any admission of mental insecurity subject to serious civil injunctions.

          Fuck conservatives on this. You wanted to blame problems involving guns on nutters, wanted to come up with some national registry, well, fuck you.

          1. I think it’s human nature to be revolted by pedophilic inclinations. It’s not a conservative conspiracy.

            1. Well, yes, but it’s conservatives selling out the mental health crowd as a cheap excuse for gun violence that pisses me off. There’s good reason for being suspicious of feds asking for gun registries, and it doesn’t suddenly become palatable because they’re now asking for mental health registries.

              1. I don’t disagree. But I don’t see what that has to do with the fact that people’s who are sexually attracting to children are suffering from a serious mental disorder whether or not they choose to act on those desires.

                1. Yes, they are. My point is that maybe the overwhelming condemnation makes seeking treatment untenable.

    2. This wouldn’t have happened if the wife had just put out more. Shame, such a shame.

  7. OT: Another installment of the climate change walk-through. His own simple model fits better with the actual data and gives .33C of man-made global warming since 1950 at best.

    1. Here’s the latest on Global Warming:…

      This might be the worst thing I have ever read. And it was published in a (sort of) mainstream publication.

      1. Worst in recorded history in Peru, going all the way back to when they started keeping records in 2009.

    2. That is a good blog post. It reminds me of one of the odd things I notice about man-made CO2 warming: why wasn’t there a jump in temperatures during and after WWII? Talk about fossil fuels usage! Not to mention bombs and burning cities. And yet the temperature was down around then.

      1. Um, no. A few cities burnt, and a few countries hiked industrial output, but by and large, for the vast majority of the human population, nearly all greenhouse gas output was due to activities that had nothing to do with war.

        Effects of the war wouldn’t have much impact on the overall trend.

  8. She added that she spent “an enormous amount of time” lobbying her supporters to vote for Obama in the general election

    Out of the goodness of her heart? I mean, there’s no way she stood to benefit, right?

    1. I am sure McCain would have made her Secretary of State.

      1. I am sure McCain would have made her Secretary of State co-Consul, in charge of the eastern part of the Empire.

    2. After I kill all of the crew. I dump the bodies overboard, and claim that the ship has been abandoned. It’s good enough for the Government, as long as they get their cut, and I get my cut to spend on wenches, and booze. =D

    1. His lawsuit names officer King, Walmart and other Walmart employees.

      Good – maybe Walmart will think twice about employing moonlighting psychopaths.

      1. Who else would work the night shift at walmart?

  9. If I was Bernie I would tell Hillary to go fuck herself and tell his supporters that they’re better off voting for the green party.

    1. I believe the CPUSA will endorse Hillary, so Bernie will go along with that.

  10. “Clinton rewrites history, forgetting the how hard”

    Heh, I bet she has forgot the how hard.

    1. The how Huma helps with that.

  11. He’s awesome. It’s more like a statistics lesson than a political speech. Trump! Trump! Trump!

  12. The reason people respond to trump over the usual Republican nonsense about how you just can’t find a tax rate low enough on rich people and corporations is that he actually talks about trade as if it is something that should be debated and not treated as a first principle. Good for him.

    1. Fair enough. Let’s have a debate about any trade that you may have engaged in this month. This could be for clothes, groceries or anything else. I suspect that your purchases may have harmed someone economically and need to be addressed.

    2. Say what you will about Trump, but the fact is that you’re cut from the same raaaaaacist cloth, racist.

    3. american socialist|4.26.16 @ 10:10PM|#
      “…he actually talks about trade as if it is something that should be debated and not treated as a first principle. Good for him.”

      So he appeals to know-nothings like you?
      That is no surprise.

    4. Commie punk praises trump! Fuck you both.


    5. 1) Actually, corporate taxes are among the highest in the developed world; if we emulated your beloved Swedes we’d lower them, not increase them.

      And 2) Yeah, it’s so terrible that the right to buy goods and services from foreigners unimpeded by guys with guns is taken as a first principle.” It really needs to be debated. While we’re at it, why do we just accept, as a first principle, that I’m allowed to buy cheese from Wisconsin? Some Ohio dairy farmer is losing his jerbz because of that!

      Good thing Bernie also has the courage to talk about things like freedom of speech and freedom of the press and freedom to smoke cigarettes as things “to be debated” instead ghastly first principles. I mean, it’s about time we started to debate basic individual rights instead of just taking them for granted. Maybe Lenin was on to something?

  13. By the North Gate, the wind blows full of sand,
    Lonely from the beginning of time until now!
    Trees fall, the grass goes yellow with autumn.
    I climb the towers and towers
    to watch out the barbarous land:
    Desolate castle, the sky, the wide desert.
    There is no wall left to this village.
    Bones white with a thousand frosts,
    High heaps, covered with trees and grass;
    Who brought this to pass?
    Who has brought the flaming imperial anger?
    Who has brought the army with drums and with kettle-drums?
    Barbarous kings.
    A gracious spring, turned to blood-ravenous autumn,
    A turmoil of wars – men, spread over the middle kingdom,
    Three hundred and sixty thousand,
    And sorrow, sorrow like rain.
    Sorrow to go, and sorrow, sorrow returning,
    Desolate, desolate fields,
    And no children of warfare upon them,
    No longer the men for offence and defence.
    Ah, how shall you know the dreary sorrow at the North Gate,
    With Rihoku’s name forgotten,
    And we guardsmen fed to the tigers.

  14. Trump – Christie 2016!

    Go Team Red! Go Go Go!

  15. Uh oh, consensus, I guess Bernie better sit down and accept what the super duper delegates have said. I mean consensus is absolute,… Right?

      1. He lost a shitload of weight. Hang on.

          1. Wow! It’s great that he kept it off, too.

        1. BTW, if you toss Cato a couple of bucks, you get quarterly news letters/appeals.
          The one that landed in the mailbox today was devoted to PG explaining how he came to be a libertarian (starting out as a garden-variety ‘liberal’ as quite a few of us did).
          I presume there is a copyright, so I’m not about to keystroke enter it, but the crux was ‘what causes will make you pick up a gun and use it?’
          Unlike that slimy commie-kid, Gillette has some ethics and it didn’t take long before it was obvious that the government was/is using the gun for all sorts of reasons, most having to do with ‘feelz’.
          He mentions the guy who sort of aimed him and the questions the guy asked; he was ‘way more easy-going than I am, and he also had the luxury of a really bright guy as ‘audience’.
          I’m not sure the ‘conversion’ is more widely applicable, since we have hypocrites/ignoramuses who refuse to accept responsibility for gov’t coercion, but it was a good read.

          1. ‘Scuse me.
            That’s “PJ”, not “PG”.
            And “Jillette”, not “Gillette”

          2. Looks like a free PDF here.

            Hey Sevo, maybe you and I could grab a drink after work some day.

    1. Crusty?

    2. She gets noticeably fatigued from all that yelling and arm waving towards the end.

  16. Clinton is going to be president. How do libertarians best prepare for this eventuality?

    1. Well yeah, Trump is the plant for her

      1. No shit.

    2. Stockpile weapons, ammo, and reefer.

      1. …but you’ll be up to your eyeballs in Mexicans and ass sex, so there’s that…

    3. By lubing up our buttholes and bending over?

  17. The Clinton v. Sanders brawl of 2016 could have presented the Democratic Party with an opportunity to distinguish itself from the GOP by adopting a principled non-interventionist platform

    Considering the Democrats have never had “a principled non-interventionist platform” in their entire history, why start now?

    1. Again this is part of Reason’s delusion that they can have a Libertarian moment by having “socially liberal” business people, Never Trumpers and the Anti-War Democrats ally with the libertarians despite the almost non-existence of anti-war Democrats and the assumptions that these three groups have any real libertarianish elements among them let alone that they can agree with each other.

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  19. Anthony, why are you playing along with the commie rat bastard’s wish to be called a “democratic socialist”? You know he’s a commie. Quit helping him pretend otherwise.


  20. Democrats love Hillary Clinton who is a bigger war monger than Dick Cheney, who supports the racist war on drugs, and the sexist war on women who smoke weed.

    In short, Hillary Clinton is a war monger, racist, and sexist and the presumptive democrat nominee.

  21. Sometimes i wonder if that dude even has a clue lol.

  22. Good! No one wants to vote for some idiots who thinks “bro” is black or white slang (Bernie Sanders)

  23. I’m for Trump, but I hope Hilary beats Sanders. Republicans deserve a challenge, not something that insults their intelligence.

    1. If you’re for Trump, then intelligence is something you’ve never experienced.


  24. Hey FBI, come get this bitch.

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