Artist Censors Anti-war Mural to Appease 'Triggered' Student

At Pitzer College, offense trumps art.



An anti-war, pro-peace mural was deemed "triggering" by a student at Pitzer College, who objected to the work of art because it included a drawing of a gun. The artist has now agreed to alter her mural so that this student can continue to feel safe on campus. 

Forget controversial art. Even non-controversial art is apparently unwelcome on campus if it includes any elements that bother anyone for any reason. 

The mural, which was approved by Pitzer's aesthetics committee, depicts flowers erupting from the barrel of a handgun. 

"This mural is actually representative of a nonviolence movement to protest the Vietnam War in the 60s," one student, Jessica Folsom, told The Claremont Independent. "There's a famous photo of a protester putting flowers in the barrel of a National Guardsman's rifle and everything." 

Another student took the mural a different way. 

"It's truly in bad taste to have a large depiction of a gun in a dorm space—especially when students of color also reside there," wrote Gregory Ochiagha in an email to campus. "My Black Mental and Emotional Health Matters. I shouldn't be reminded every time I leave my dorm room of how easy my life can be taken away, or how many Black lives have been taken away because of police brutality. This is emotionally triggering for very obvious reasons." 

Again, it's a work of anti-violence art. Still, the artist—Selena Spier—has agreed to modify the mural to keep it free of "potentially triggering content." 

Of course, this is a fool's errand. Everything is "potentially" triggering. Would Spier paint over the entire mural if a neoconservative student said he found the anti-war message offensive? I presume she wouldn't, although underestimating the modern university student's capacity to cater to unreasonable offendedness is usually a mistake. 

Hat tip: The College Fix

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  1. I know Rico has covered plenty of ridiculous stuff on this beat, but are we sure this one isn’t parody?

    My Black Mental and Emotional Health Matters

    Seriously, that capitalization? Feels like a spoof.

    1. You know they’re super-cereal when the racial categories are Capitalized.

    2. I had that copied and ready to paste. Holy crap! His mental health has its own independent racial identity! This really is parody, right?

    3. I don’t feel like.looking up his name, but there was a big to-do at UCLA in the last couple of years when a professor with the standard leftist beliefs of the trade was branded a racist and became the subject of loud protests because he was correcting the inane, excessive capitalization and grammatical errors of black students.

      1. My art prof – an SJW but a brilliant artist – would never capitalize any word … even in her name. She claimed it was hierarchical and was her protest against power structures.

        1. She just stole that from e.e. cummings

  2. Will the gun be replaced with a walkie-talkie?

    1. I was thinking what the artist could replace the image with while maintaining her integrity. Im thinking a mural of a completely white wall could send a pretty powerful message.

      1. WHITE? All WHITE!?? RACIST!

      2. WHITE? All WHITE!?? RACIST!

    2. A vase.

  3. Please tell me I’m not the only one appreciating how incredibly punny it is to be “triggered” by a gun.

    1. Not a gun. A drawing with a gun in it. A gun with flowers coming out of it. In a picture. Not in reality.

      1. +1 picture of a pipe

      2. that a picture is triggering someone is no surprise when books, videos, and guest speakers have all been triggers previously. triggering is initiated by ideas, no objects, which is why it’s so pathetic.

  4. “I shouldn’t be reminded every time I leave my dorm room of how easy my life can be taken away, or how many Black lives have been taken away because of police brutality. This is emotionally triggering for very obvious reasons.

    With all due respect, then, encountering other Blacks must be *at least* as triggering. Please get help, Gregory.

    1. Jeeesus Fucking Christ. And to think, one day this guy is gonna be in a position of serving me fries.

      1. No shit, Gregory is a fucking pussy that will never get a real job, he’s doomed to decades in his mother’s basement…and I truly feel sorry for her.

      2. That got orange juice up my nose

  5. Painting over neoconservatives seems a capital idea, but many trigger at the sight of the color gray.

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  7. Does he hyperventilate every time he sees someone in his dorm hall playing a first person shooter? Or watching a movie that has guns in it? This is a bunch of bullshit wrapped up in this narrative that “people of color” are victimized by the police unjustly or disproportionately, and because no one is willing to challenge that narrative, pieces of shit like this are allowed to walk all over others. Blacks’ share of violent crime is far beyond what it should be given their population, so if he wants to collectivize and say that he feels personally threatened when other blacks are killed I’m going to have to collectivize as well.

  8. This is emotionally triggering for very obvious reasons

    “Obvious reasons”? Only to you, kid. The only thing that is obvious here is that you are a sorry excuse for a human being.

  9. So the mentally ill are now in charge of intellectualism on American college campuses?

    1. Have been for a while.

      At least long enough to trickle down onto this:…..84878.html

  10. Now there is a dude that knows what time it is. Wow.

  11. “Again, it’s a work of anti-violence art. Still, the artist?Selena Spier?has agreed to modify the mural to keep it free of “potentially triggering content.” ”

    A white canvas.

    1. “After consideration, the administration and artist have concluded that the best course of action is to demolish the dorm entirely.”

  12. The “modified” mural made its way around twitter a couple days ago. They just painted over the gun and left the flowers on the wall, then taped a printout of the original sketch next to it, small enough that you’d have to be really close to see it.

    So, in this case, “modify” meant “make the piece complete devoid of any of its original intent.” But, hey, nice flowers!

  13. I say let it ride, until it arrives at the logical outcome of total and complete entropy, where no one can say, do, think, or feel anything without creating an offense to some virtuously self described victim. And yes, it will have to get that bad before the folly becomes sufficiently obvious.

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    1. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but Im very triggered by this comment.

  15. The flower is triggering my allergies.

  16. Everything is “potentially” triggering

    Cannot stress this enough. LITERALLY EVERYTHING is potentially triggering. Go intercourse yourself.

  17. I wonder what this student would do if he visited one of the former or current communist countries and saw one of those huge social realist murals on the side of a buildings which include grandma in her babushka carrying a Kalashnikov?

    1. Hmm. Kinda makes you wonder why all those Communist countries were full of strong, stalwart men and women who knew how to weather hardship with silent nobility, and who could probably fight a bear and survive, while it seems that Capitalist countries are full of spoiled SJW pusswads who get the poop scared out of them by their own shadows. Are we SURE the Good Guys won the Cold War??

  18. “I shouldn’t be reminded every time I leave my dorm room of how easy my life can be taken away, or how many Black lives have been taken away because of police brutality.”

    Actually, you SHOULD be reminded of those things. Isn’t that the ENTIRE concept of “Awareness”? The alternative is to ignore these issues and sweep them under the rug. I mean hell, Black Lives Matter, as an organization, exists for the EXPLICIT PURPOSE of reminding people of how many black lives have been taken away by police brutality. I swear, these people are even retarded and self-sabotaging about promoting their OWN ideology.

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