Bernie Sanders

Forget Denmark, Venezuela is the Real Culmination of Bernie's Socialist Dreams

For the Vermont senator who favors press censorship and sees bread lines as evidence of success, the Bolivarian regime would seem to embody his ideals.


Last September, Independent-Socialist-turned-Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders got a bit pissy when supporters of Hillary Clinton tied him to Hugo Chavez, the late supreme leader of Venezuela. They "tried to link me to a dead communist dictator" his campaign complained of a super PAC mailing that pointed to Sanders working with Chavez in 2005 to bring oil subsidized by the Venezuelan government to Vermont as part of a mutual publicity ploy.

The harsh distancing may have been a step too far for lefty fans of the late Venezuelan strongman and his American comrade. A press release on the same incident preserved at refers instead to "the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez."

Apparently all is forgiven. Last month Nicolas Maduro, Chavez's hand-picked successor, praised Sanders as "an emerging candidate with a renovating and revolutionary message."

And why not? In addition to oil deals, Sanders and the Bolivarian regime in Caracas have much in common. Venezuela has people waiting for hours to buy strictly rationed quantities of basic foodstuffs, and the Vermont senator loves him some bread lines.

"Sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is because people are lining up for food. That's a good thing," Sanders told interviewers in 1985. "In other countries people don't line up for food; the rich get the food and the poor starve to death."

Actually, it's a bit odd that Sanders would care what American journalists talk about, given the "democratic" socialist also tends to share the Venezuelan government's disdain for independent voices. Long before Chavez gained power in Caracas, Sanders expressed support for the suppression of dissent and censorship of the press implemented in his long-favored models of socialist Shangri-La: Cuba and Nicaragua. The Sandinista regime's restrictions on the independent newspaper La Prensa "makes sense to me" he commented at the time, even as he sparred with Vermont's Burlington Free Press over his Castro fanboy-ism.

For its part, Venezuela is rated "Not Free" by Freedom House, which points to concerns about the forced inclusion of pro-government messages in private media broadcasts, and a law that "bans content that could 'incite or promote hatred,' 'foment citizens' anxiety or alter public order,' 'disrespect authorities,' 'encourage assassinations,' or 'constitute war propaganda.'" Violators face heavy fines and closure, and the government works behind the scenes to force the sale of outlets to pro-government interests.

So, to hell with those journalists pointing to hours-long bread lines!

Or lines for anything else, for that matter. Like beer. Empresas Polar SA, Venezuela's largest brewer, is on the verge of closing its doors, since it can no longer gain access to necessary raw materials. Not that you could keep the stuff cold with electricity cut four hours every day in the oil-producing country.

One place that lines may be getting shorter is at the hospital—but not for good reasons. With a collapsing economy and worthless currency, the country can no longer afford to import the radioactive materials needed for many cancer treatments—which could possibly unify Venezuelans of all classes in the socialist solidarity of the grave. They'll have plenty of company, since medicine of all sorts is in short supply in the country.

Not that there are many people left to administer the medicine. The country guarantees a constitutional "right" to healthcare, but the system is crumbling. Over the past decade, an estimated 13,000 physicians fled the country in search of greener pastures. Cuba dispatched some of its own physicians to fill the gap, only to see them defect in turn. That's no shock, considering that the physician father of a Venezuelan friend of mine has been reduced to accepting payment in cooking oil and other groceries.

Seventeen years of Bolivarian socialism have arrived at the same point that state-directed economies always seem to arrive: severe shortages of goods, producers closing their doors (or peddling only to black market dealers) as mandated prices fail to cover costs, and growing state takeovers of industries as reality fails to keep pace with grandiose promises—or even to match the not-so-bad-in-retrospect conditions that prevailed before the socialists came to power.

Almost inevitably, the Venezuelan government has tried to close the gap with capital controls, "official" exchange rates that bear no resemblance to reality, and funny money that has become almost worthless. The International Monetary Fund expects inflation "to rise to 720 percent this year, from a world-high inflation of about 275 percent in 2015."

Probably the only thing holding the country together is the vestige of the free market, primarily in its illegal, black market form. Simply standing in the country's endless lines for an opportunity to make a purchase, for a fee, has become a business opportunity. Away from those lines, something to trade, or a handful of hard currency, can produce the coveted medicine, diapers, and food that the state's socialist policies have chased out of the normal market.

Maybe, just maybe, the black market can keep the country alive until the new opposition majority in Venezuela's Congress can wrest a measure of power from the president and his allies.

But is it fair to hold Sanders to his past approval of totalitarian socialist regimes and link him to the failures of the current crop of such governments? After all, the new favorite model for the "democratic socialist" is the Scandinavian welfare state, which requires a very elastic use of the word "socialist" or an awareness of current events that stops short at 1978. Scandinavians experimented with actual socialism decades ago, but realized that they liked to eat and keep the lights on. As Johan Norberg recently wrote for Reason, "Being more like modern Sweden actually means deregulation, free trade, a national school voucher system, partially privatized pensions, no property tax, no inheritance tax, and much lower corporate taxes." Yes, they have generous welfare states compared to the American version, but those rely on free economies to function—and they're shrinking under the pressure of economic reality.

If that's what Sanders really means today—assuming he fully understands the implications of what he's proposing—it sounds a lot better than what he's traditionally peddled.

But Sanders doesn't really seem to have given up his infatuation with authoritarian socialism. Even as Cuban officials prepared lists of dissidents to arrest in preparation for President Obama's visit, the Vermont senator hemmed and hawed at a Miami debate over whether the Castro regime's literacy program and healthcare system (those same doctors defecting through Venezuela) were offset by the lack of dissenting publications to read, long lines for sub-standard care, or the country's status as a tropical Alcatraz.

The Ladies in White group, consisting of the wives of political prisoners, were rounded up just before the president's plane landed—although they are regular involuntary guests of the state, as anybody keeping an eye on Cuba's political situation should know.

That may not have troubled Sanders very much, to be honest. Why would the arrest of a few embittered dissidents bother a politician who has a history of endorsing press censorship, and who sees long lines to purchase a few crumbs to eat as a sign of policy success?

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  1. Just as any thinking person should recognize the emptiness of the proggie world by their worries that Cuba would be ruined by having cheap McDonalds food instead of not having expensive socialist food, so should any thinking person be disillusioned with Bernie by his bread line nonsense. I about fell off my chair when I first heard that, thought it was some kind of false flag prank, because only North Korea propaganda could actually be so naive as to spout such nonsense.

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  3. God, there’s so many bitchy articles on Bernie Sanders, lately. You know, right, that if he were president we wouldn’t have murdered hundreds of thousands of people in the ME or poured hundreds of billions of dollars down the DoD’s rat hole? Does this have something to do with the big boss’ dalliance with HRC? Mr. Koch, if you are reading this, you can have her.

    If we are going to compare apples with watermelons in warning about Venezuela’s third world lessons for our first world economy maybe we should also consider the experiences of Argentina and Mexico at the turn of the Millenium, when free-market austerity hounds were busy persuading right-wing governments to slash and burn their public sectors. Their economies grew at like 10%, right?

    1. When have socialist countries grew at 10 pct? And if so how did you determine socialism as the cause?

      You seem like a very miserable person. Perhaps you should move? What is your income btw?

      1. It doesn’t understand the fact that that austerity very often isn’t a choice. When you have no more money to spend, there’s no choice but austerity regardless of how people vote or what top men decree. I don’t know why this moron is harping about Mexico regardless as if it is held up as some paradigm of free market virtues. But even then…I’d rather be in Mexico than Venezuela, and economically, slow growth is better than the world’s largest contraction.

        1. Not to mention that of all the policy descriptors which could be applied to Mexico and Argentina ca. 2000, “free market” was not one of them. Slightly loosening your ridiculously burdensome taxes and regulations does not a free market make.

          1. When Bernie and his pal American Socialist and the likes of them, are done with us, bread lines will be the least of our troubles, we will be waiting in oxygen lines for our daily allotments of oxygen!

            1. While we are all busy watching the monkey throw poo at each other, the real powers that be are busy trying to provoke the next world war to distract us from our impending currency devaluation. They know the only reset button for our situation is a world war.

      2. He means that the governments grew at 10%. After all, he’s a socialist who sees the government and the economy as the same thing.

        1. The gov’t is the economy in a socialist regime.

          Excellent teaching, albeit long, on why socialism will aways fail.

          Ivan Pongracic:

      3. So we need a “nice” guy to promote policies that failed in Venuzuela.

    2. Yes, dipshit, Argentina and Mexico are the way they are because of FREE MARKET policies, not because of leftist ideas about bigger and bigger government.

      Honestly, that idea is so stupid you would have to go to college for four years just to believe it…

      1. Yup, and North Korea and Venezuela and Cuba, they are all fucked up ’cause of the FREE MURKET!!!! Oh, yeah, and Zimbabwe too…

    3. You know, right, that if he were president we wouldn’t have murdered hundreds of thousands of people in the ME

      Well yeah, socialist regimes tend to murder people by the millions. Many of them their own citrizens, too.

      1. You don’t understand, man. It’s the job of governments to murder their own people.

      2. amsoc just wants a competent killer in charge for a change.

      3. They just kill the uncooperative capitalists. Can’t have anyone with any type of independent thought running around. That is why there are so many kollige edumkated kids wanting everyone to feel the burn.

    4. You know, right, that if he were president we wouldn’t have murdered hundreds of thousands of people in the ME or poured hundreds of billions of dollars down the DoD’s rat hole?

      Well, we didn’t murder hundreds of thousands of people in the ME, so that one is true regardless of whether Sanders had been President at the time.

      Moreover, the assertion that Sanders being at the helm would have materially affected the country’s direction in the wake of 9/11 is laughable. First of all, that direction came primarily from Congress and with widespread support, at least at first. Secondly, Sanders has never been in any executive position his entire life. His decision-making qualities are as yet untested, which means that we have basically no idea how he would have reacted.

      But it’s par for the course for dipshits like you to see the election of one party as democracy in action and the election of the other party as dictatorial tyranny. Tell us again about how Obama is the greatest President ever.

      1. To be fair, he was briefly mayor of a small municipality in Vermont. That’s almost an executive position.

        1. Hmm, that’s true (except that it wasn’t that brief, he was mayor for the better part of a decade). During which time, his principal achievements seem to be increasing public spending and praising Noam Chomsky.

          1. Sorry, skewed perspective. I live in New York, where incumbents are so hard to dislodge that it’s practically lifetime tenure.

        2. However, it proves nothing as regards his likely response to catastrophe. Unless there was a major terrorist attack on Burlington during his tenure as mayor that has gone mysteriously unreported, it’s kind of hard to guess how he would have responded to 9/11. All that we have is amsoc’s wishful thinking, which combines mendacity with myopia. No war in Iraq? Maybe no “Arab Spring” and no ISIS. Although that depends on Bernie not acting like Obama, who according to amsoc is wonderful. No war in Afghanistan? Then an emboldened Al Qaeda goes on to try and form a caliphate anyway.

          1. Yeah… I wasn’t arguing that point, I was being a pedantic ass.

            you know, par for my commentating.

          2. Bernie Sanders: He Kept Burlington Safe!

            1. He kept Burlington…VT!

        3. Little League coaches have more executive experience than a small town Vermont mayor.

          1. but in fairness, Little League is much more important than Burlington…or all of VT for that matter

    5. God, there’s so many bitchy articles on Bernie Sanders, lately.

      It’s unfortunate that they’re only bitchy articles instead of mob with pitchforks and torches driving this deadbeat out of the country.

    6. Austerity happens because of socialist retards like you making a mess of things.

      Look at it this way. An adult stepping in to clean up the mess left behind by an irresponsible child.

      Guess which one you are.

      1. Ooo, Ooo, AmSoc is the mess, isn’t he?

    7. american socialist|4.26.16 @ 4:38AM|#
      “God, there’s so many bitchy articles on Bernie Sanders, lately.”

      Yeah, the guy’s a loser, proposing universal poverty, and darn ‘the press’ for covering him!
      Way to go, commie-kid! Fucking stupid even for you!

    8. Until Socialism lifts nearly 1 billion people out of extreme poverty, Socialism is really just a joke. BTW: capitalism has lifted billions of people out of extreme poverty decades before too.…..should-aim

    9. No, instead of pouring hundreds of millions down the DoD rathole, he would have poured tens of billions down the “free shit” rathole.

    10. american socialist:

      God, there’s so many bitchy articles on Bernie Sanders, lately

      Yes, if there’s one thing that’s difficult to watch, it’s an ostensibly grown man whining like a little bitch.

    11. Pol Pot: 1,700,000 dead
      Adolph Hitler: 12,000,000 dead
      Mao Ze-Dong: more than 30,000,000 dead
      Joseph Stalin: 7,000,000 dead
      Vladimir Lenin: 30,000 executed

      Commonality: All were socialist/communist government.

      This doesn’t include the grinding poverty, loss of human potential and loss of hope suffered by those in the U.S.S.R., Eastern Germany and other E. European countries for several decades.

    12. American Socialist…
      Check some articles from Reason Magazine about how vibrant and successful Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina were about 50-75-100 years ago before socialist and top-down management of their economies took hold.
      Those changes led to catastrophic collapse for once-thriving, world-leading economies and standards of living.

      To deny that history is flat out stupid, or normal for people living under a Reality-Distortion Field.

  4. As a libertarian and an asshole, I end up with many arguments with progressives and leftists from all over the globe. It amazes me how out of one side of their mouth, they try to separate their favored leftwing politician (Bernie fans lately) from all the bad ones in history who weren’t real socialists, and then out of the other side they defend those very same regimes. They will accuse you of red baiting if you dare compare what Sanders supports to any of it, but they can’t help themselves. They just have to defend the Castro’s and Chavez’s.

  5. Am Soc, why don’t you move to Venezuela, to experience TRUE socialism? I bet YOU could make it work this time!!!

  6. “Sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is because people are lining up for food. That’s a good thing,” Sanders told interviewers in 1985.

    What’s magic about *food*? We should be lining up for toilet paper and health care, too!

    1. hey, no food = no need for toilet paper…QED

  7. You know, if the Scandinavian countries really are that deregulated and their welfare state is shrinking, it might actually be a nice place to live for liberty-minded folks.

    Just throwing that out there as a thought (because it would be very ironic if that were the case). I’m sure there’s plenty of reasons not to move there as well.

    1. Wrongthink is a crime in Scandanavia.

      1. Oh yeah…that. Some of the links I’ve seen seem to point towards Scandinavian countries moving towards deregulation and whatnot, so I wonder if other things (like wrongthink) will follow suit. Just kicking ideas around, not being very serious.

        1. point towards Scandinavian countries moving towards deregulation and whatnot, so I wonder if other things (like wrongthink) will follow suit

          Unfortunately, Scandinavia seems to be on a quest to prove Milton Friedman wrong (well, the implication of what he said, not the literal reading of it).

          Ultimately, I wouldn’t trust any country that treats its residents as subjects rather than citizens. I realize the US is not so great in that regard, but an absolutely essential criterion is that they are free to keep and bear arms, and we are miles ahead of damn near everywhere else in the world in that regard.

          1. This is very true. From what I understand, there’s huge cultural differences that would probably make life very miserable for anyone trying to increase their lot in life.

        2. Individual liberty in Scandinavia is largely stuck in the dark ages. Try to keeping a significant portion of the money you earn, speak against social dogma, or defend yourself from a violent attacker (or even own very modest means to.)

          Scandinavian governments have simply had to allow businesses to operate freely, only because it produces the sweet, sweet nectar of taxes from individuals to keep the wheels of the byzantine welfare machine turning.

          This is what the deregulation is about, not individualism.

      2. I think that even thinking about wrongthink is a crime. You need to turn yourself in for the greater good.

    2. I have friends living there. Between them and ‘Lilyhammer’ you couldn’t drag me.

      1. I have friends living there. Between them and ‘Lilyhammer’ you couldn’t drag me.

        That show is such a great caricature of Scandinavian culture. Particularly the embittered socialist running the kindergarten, complete with “muri buri land” puppet plays, trying to brainwash the children from an early age took me right back to my childhood. It was spot on.

    3. Why would I want to live where winters are cold and I can only play golf 5-6 months of the year?

      1. Winters are supposed to be cold.

        And since when can’t you golf in snow? Just use flourescent pink golf balls.

        1. No, winters are supposed to be colder than summer. They don’t need to drop below highs in the 50s more than a few days a year just to let us know God is paying attention.

          I guess you hate the earth and want me to burn more greenhouse gases to keep my pool heater running later in the fall. Why do you hate the earth?

          1. Four words: Nu Cu Lar Power.

            1. That’s not a bad idea.

              ::rifles through Rolodex for the kid (not Cynthia Nixon) from “The Manhattan Project”–apparently he’s a Pilates instructor now::

            2. hey, the radioactive balls are even easier to find than the fluorescent pink ones, just need to keep your Geiger Counter handy!

          2. This guy gets it.

          3. Also, why would you have a pool? It’s just going to freeze over 7 months out of the year if you forget to drain it on time.

        2. Winters are supposed to be cold.

          Winters are when it’s safe to go in the swamp because it’s too cold for the alligators to digest their would-be prey.

          But below-freezing temperatures are for labor theorists and socialists.

      2. Take up skiing?

        I got nothin’.

        1. Never liked skiing much but give me that over golf any day.

          1. I know you’re obligated to say that in the Canadian Constitution. But that’s just crazy talk.

            1. The law applies to curling only.

        2. Sounds fun…for a week maybe. The rest of the winter, I want to be able to play golf and tennis. Besides, do you know how much more pleasant tailgating at a football game is in the 60s rather than the 10s?

          1. 10s can be balmy – what’s the wind chill factor?

            1. It,doesn’t matter. Too cold to stand around while the brats are on the grill.

              And I’m sorry, but having to put my beers in a warmer because it’s too cold outside to leave them sitting for fear they’ll explode? Fuck that fucking shit.

              1. Warm-adapted people are no fun.

          2. Tennis! Now you’re talking!

    4. Scandinavian countries are socialist as they control the means of production in various industries. /List_of_Finnish_government_enterprises

      Useful idiots have begun to rebrand Socialism as of lately, in an attempt to make it more palatable to Gen Millennials and Gen Z. All the rest of us were alive during the Cold War and should know full well how bad these tyrannical socialist “paradises” do things.

  8. Weston, Florida (Fort Lauderdale suburb) has a very high concentration of Venezuelan immigrants. Was recently at a restaurant there and saw a man outside of a Venezuelan restaurant yelling at another man in a Bernie Sanders 2016 t-shirt. It was hilarious.

    1. Were one or both of them wearing a helmet?

      1. The Venezuelan was just so happy to be able to speak his mind he didn’t care about the quality of the other mind involved.

        1. Could he hear his own voice echo in the emptiness of the bern-meister’s head? Hello? lo? lo? lo? Now pitching, pitching, pitching, for pedro borbon, borbon, borbon……”

    2. Unfortunately, I imagine it flew entirely over the target’s head (and not necessarily because of language differences). Sanders has a lot of support outside the “true believers” like amsoc; people who genuinely believe that social equity can be achieved without force. Or are at least deluded enough to think such force will only ever be directed at “the rich” and not them or their friends and families.

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  10. People are blinded by social justice rage they’re willing to collapse an economy and wait in line for stuff.

    1. People are blinded by social justice know so little about economics that rage they’re willing to can’t admit they’re trying to collapse an economy and wait in line for stuff.

      Okay, that was less a FTFY than a “rewrote the whole premise.”

      1. I thought the original statement pretty much implied as much!

        We pretty much know it’s driven by envy and ignorance of basic economics.

        1. The way I’d read it implied they were capable of realizing the implications of their agitations rather than dumber than a box of rocks.

          1. That too!

        2. It’s not that they’re ignorant as much as they refuse to accept economic facts because those facts interfere with their social justice rage. That which serves social justice is the good. All that opposes social justice is evil, and hence, must be eliminated. That includes individuals as well as institutions.

          1. That which serves their addled notion of social justice is the good. All that opposes their addled notion of social justice is evil, and hence, must be eliminated.

            Hayek was absolutely right when he wrote that the whole notion of “social justice” does not belong in the category of error but is, rather, an excursion in nonsense. One might as well speak of a “moral stone” or a round square as to assert that social justice exists in any real sense.

    2. No, they’re not really willing. If they were truly willing, they would go to places where it has already happened. They’re hoping to see no reduction in their own standards of living. They’ve been sold all this “Denmark is so wonderful” horseshit, but even then they only look at the parts they want to see. What they are willing to do is to watch “the rich” have their property confiscated and redistributed to them. The part where that collapses the economy and makes everyone wait in line–potentially indefinitely–is the part they think can be prevented. Their fictitious version of Denmark is the unicorn that proves it can be done without all the messy consequences.

      1. This is, again, for the majority of Sanders’s supporters, and not the true believers in Marxism.

        1. No, I think this just about sums all of them up rather well.

  11. OT: Principle confiscates girls pants leaving her on bus in her underwear.…

    1. Doesn’t sound very,principled to me.

    2. That intern reading the news looks like a deer in the headlights.

      Also, how hard is it to get a full set of false teeth? Come on, people. It’s hard to take you seriously if you’re at an interview and you’re missing a couple chiclets unless you’re a professional hockey player or boxer.

    3. Lastly, this deserves mention in the AM Links. Don’t waste it here in the minor leagues of threads.

    4. Why am I not surprised that the perv is on paid leave?

  12. Sanders needs to fire his campaign advisors immediately.

    Venezuela is in total collapse. I have several expatriate friends who are still in touch with family members and friends back there and they all report that things are actually worse than what we read here in the media. Never mind food lines, you can’t even buy toilet paper anymore. People are stealing light bulbs from light fixtures in public places because you can’t buy those anymore at any price. And never mind that the country has more oil than Saudi Arabia — the boundlessly greedy politicians have actually managed to tremendously overspend even that.

    Meanwhile, they actually are trying to grant pseudo-sainthood to Chavez. And Maduro claims to be in daily communication with the ghost of Chavez –sort of like a Latin Obi-Wan Kenobi!

    If Bernie is holding Venezuela up as example to follow, he’s dumber than I thought. Bernie actually seemed like a likeable and forthright, although rather loopy, old guy. As the opponent to a hated politician with the highest negatives ever (apart from Trump), he should have been able to eat Hillary’s lunch in all the primaries. Instead, he’s pretty much blown it by repeatedly making stupid statement after stupid statement.

    1. I don’t think switching advisors will help. The problem with the Sanders camp is Sanders.

    2. The nice thing about his stupid statements is that they’re also honest. He’s honestly delusional. Strangely enough, this is also why people are attracted to him.

      “Hey, he’s as delusional as I am! That’s great!”

      1. Well, the problem is he says “Denmark”, and then goes on to describe policies that he think/claim are Danish. Instead they are really policies that has created socialist failure over and over, like in Venezuela.

        I can’t tell if he is honestly delusional, or if he is deliberately confusing the two to deceive people into accepting his beliefs.

        Maybe he really does mean well and think he cannot be corrupted like most socialist leaders before him. In that case, I’d like to know what his plans are beyond becoming President and convincing Congress and everybody else that his way is a good idea. Let’s say it does pan out for him and people see his vision, what happens when a new “Socialist” leader is “Democratically” elected to succeed him?

        History shows this to be a real issue for socialists. The initial top man is usually disposed of by either the people or a stronger, meaner top man once reality starts to set in.

        1. The Bolsheviks can be counted upon to usurp the Mencheviks.


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  15. Great article, J.D.

    Unfortunately, the Sanders camp is oblivious to reality, gobbling up whatever nonsense he peddles under the guise of free-shit.

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  18. “In other countries people don’t line up for food; the rich get the food and the poor starve to death.”

    Bernie is so out of touch. In the somewhat capitalist USA, the poor don’t starve, they are instead among the most overweight among us. In the capitalist countries, food is in plentiful supply. It’s so plentiful that many choose the most caloric laden options on which to dine. A recent article in the news pointed out that there are now more countries on Earth where obesity, rather than starvation, is the norm.

    1. It’s due to one of those weird situations where sugar and corn subsidies enrich the well-connected AND the poor who eat the artificially-cheap sugar-laden and corn-syrup-laden food and drinks get obese. The middle class gets robbed of taxes and the poor gets killed by obesity while the rich cronies, as usual, walk off with public funds.

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  20. Well, Sanders will be pleased that Venezuela has only one kind of deodorant: the kind you find on the store shelf if you got in line early enough!

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  23. Fundraising idea for Bernie and all major US universities: field trips to Venezuela! It’s the Disney land of socialism! Socialist bear jamboree! Wait in lines for toilet paper! “You have to be this stupid to ride this ride.” Read by candlelight. A true Solidarity vacation for your family!
    As predicted in my updated version of Atlas Shrugged: The Noah Option and the sequel, The Rainbow Option. On Amazon.

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  25. so, you must be arguing that the USA is a rotten to the core third world country with massive poverty and weak government institutions that could never adopt socialist policies like social security, medicare, medicaid, public schools, libraries, highways, etc.

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  28. For tose of you our there, Venezuela has never beben a socialist or comunist country. What iit is actual y is a dictatorship disguised as a democracy. Maduro gave less of 15 days to get rid of an elected National Asembly. And Venezuelan collected more than enough signatures for a Referendum. Under our old constitution health and education was a right to all so it was free. So, Chavez did not invent that and even less the man he dislike: Maduro (humiliated multiple times on live Tv by Chavez for his ineptitude ).
    As for Americans and Sanders, we will all have to united against Trump and rally behind the democratic candidate – whomever that is. We have to look at the big picture and not act like angry little brats.
    Venezuela is going through starvation, no medicine, everyday they are on lines to see if they can find something to eat. No, I go into a short line for a concert, books, a game, but I have no done a 5-8 hours line for groceries, medicine or any necessity!
    If anybody likes it and you survive the shootings in Venezuela everyday. Go and experience day-to-day!
    As for me, I will be happy to back the democratic candidate and make sure that everyone has a picture ID so no one but no one can turn people away from voting.

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