Trump Calls Cruz/Kasich Team-up 'Weak,' Tamir Rice Family Gets Settlement, Latest Developments on Gay Wedding Cakes: P.M. Links


  • Trump, Cruz, Kasich
    Credit: DonkeyHotey / photo on flickr

    Donald Trump thinks Ted Cruz and John Kasich teaming up to try to keep him from landing the Republican presidential nomination is a sign of collusion and says it's "weak" and "pathetic."

  • Sure, Melissa Click, as a communications instructor at the University of Missouri, attempted to call for force to eject journalists covering a protest on public property, but really, she's the victim here, she says.
  • Today in the extremely important cake beat: Colorado's Supreme Court is letting stand a ruling that a bakery violated the state's anti-discrimination laws by refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.
  • A school choir was stopped from singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Sept. 11 memorial in New York City by a guard because they didn't have a permit for a public demonstration.
  • The family of Tamir Rice will receive $6 million from Cleveland over the boy's fatal shooting by police.
  • Will some of this year's elections be a referendum on which public bathrooms which people should use?
  • The feds have withdrawn from their efforts to try to force Apple to help them decrypt an iPhone in New York when they got its passcode.

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