Republican Party

Donald Trump Sweeps the 5 'Acela Primaries,' But the Republican Party Will Continue to Fracture

One thing Trump is right about: party politics is a "corrupt enterprise."


The end is nigh

Donald Trump appears to be the big winner in this latest installment of Super-ish Tuesday, sweeping the so-called Acela Primary of 5 Northeastern states.

Immediately as the polls closed at 8p ET, Trump was projected to win the primaries in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Connecticut, according to MSNBC. About 25 minutes later, the network called Rhode Island and Delware for Trump, too.

(This post has been updated to reflect current primary results as they come in.) 

However, just like last week when Trump trounced his rivals Gov. John Kasich (Ohio) and Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) in the New York primary, it will take some time before the allotment of delegates becomes clear. 

Only Delaware's system is simple: all 16 delegates are awarded to the winner. Maryland's 38 delegates are also winner-take-all, but 24 are reserved for the winner of each congressional district and 14 for the statewide popular vote. Rhode Island's 19 delegates (13 of which are statewide, 6 for the congressional districts) are awarded proportionally. 

Connecticut gets a little tricky, with its 28 delegates split in a bunch of weird ways. 15 are winner-take-all for the congressional districts, and 13 are allotted proportionally statewide unless a candidate hits 50 percent, after which it becomes winner-take-all.

But no state's delegate allocation is as wacky (yet crucial) as Pennsylvania. Only 17 of the Keystone State's 71 delegates are allotted via winner-take-all statewide vote. The remaining 54 belong to elected delegates, whom the voters choose without ever knowing who they plan to support. It's a mini and even less transparent version of the Democratic National Committee's superdelegate system that allows Republican Party bigwigs to have an outsized voice in the nomination process

The #StopTrump alliance of convenience, where Kasich pulled his campaign resources out of Indiana to make it easier for Cruz to battle Trump there in exchange for Cruz going easy on Oregon and New Mexico campaigning, is already proving to be a futile endeavor. Moreover, it gives more ammunition to Trump to frame himself as a righteous outsider. 

The Associated Press quotes Trump as saying, "If you collude in business, or if you collude in the stock market, they put you in jail…But in politics, because it's a rigged system, because it's a corrupt enterprise, in politics you're allowed to collude."

The upside of watching these endless machinations of desperately power-hungry men is that the fracturing of the Republican Party — once a "big-tent" coalition of evangelical Christians, military hawks, pro-business economic conservatives, and constitutional libertarians — may actually be upon us. 

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  1. The upside of watching these endless machinations of desperately power-hungry men is that the fracturing of the Republican Party ? once a “big-tent” coalition of evangelical Christians, military hawks, pro-business economic conservatives, and constitutional libertarians ? may actually be upon us.

    Ahh the end of an era.

    *turns on Dawson’s Creek theme song*

    1. I think that call is a little premature. Like a glob of poisonous mercury it may reconstitute itself. They know as individual interest groups they can weld no real power against the dem machine.

      1. The sad thing is that it’s Trump that’s going to pull the establishment back together and he’s going to expand the base by appealing to those blue-collar Dems. The Dems go full socialist and the GOP fill the space by moving leftward. Forget Rockefeller Republicans, you’re looking at a future of FDR Republicans.

        1. I suspect you’re right. dammit.

        2. If the Repubs want to be relevant to governance, they move Old Right/Populist.

          1. Yes, because a Trumptard would know about being relevant in the future.

        3. FDR republicans is just as scary as socialist dems.

        4. That’s just what I wanted to read before going to bed. Thanks for that nightmare.

        5. Future? Try circa 2003, and the libertarians were “fractured” out of the picture at that time. Medicare Part D was passed by a Republican President and both houses of Congress Republican, too. It added $11,000,000,000,000 to the accrual basis debt. It was the biggest add-on to the entitlement Ponzi schemes outside of FDR and LBJ. And they ain’t been moving rightward since then.

          Not be be offensive, but it would probably have helped if people had noticed this THEN instead of projecting what has already happened over a decade ago into some “theoretical” scary future. FDR Republicans been done and gone at this point. We’re already moving BEYOND that. So calculate the scariness factor of THAT and it’s RIGHT NOW.

          Granted there’s a few Republicans who are a bit old school, but if they get too uppity, they’re shouted down quickly. Just look at how shabbily Ron Paul was treated a few years ago. He was Trump 1.0 (as far as challenging the Republican orthodoxy). He got the full FDR Republican treatment in 2012.

          1. What time horizon is that $11 trillion over? What a useless number without this crucial bit of information. Its like the people that say we have hundreds of trillions in unfunded liabilities related to social security.*

            *Except they forgot to mention that those hundreds of trillions are over an infinite time horizon. The social security funding gap is actually around 3-4% per year if I recall correctly.

    2. And the future will be libertarian! What a glorious day, my brothers! Right?? What could go wrong?

      Like with the governments of Czarist Russia, Capitalist Cuba, or Baathite Iraq, it’s better to decide what you are going to replace something with, before you destroy it.

    3. People were talking about the end of the Democratic Party not that long ago. It’s a game of ping-pong.

  2. “The upside of watching these endless machinations of desperately power-hungry men is that the fracturing of the Republican Party ? once a “big-tent” coalition of evangelical Christians, military hawks, pro-business economic conservatives, and constitutional libertarians ? may actually be upon us.”

    Let’s hope so.

    Hasn’t Trump received more votes than Romney though? Wouldn’t that make the awful tent bigger?

  3. The upside of watching these endless machinations of desperately power-hungry men is that the fracturing of the Republican Party ? once a “big-tent” coalition of evangelical Christians, military hawks, pro-business economic conservatives, and constitutional libertarians ? may actually be upon us.

    Pitch drop experiment.

  4. So the Democratic party will remain unfractured, as in totally unfractured commie?

    1. Da, comrade.

  5. Here we go round the prickly pear
    Prickly pear prickly pear
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    At five o’clock in the morning.

    1. Make up your mind, man! Be gay or don’t.

      1. He’s serious. What more could you ask for?

      2. There is a reason they added the Q to LBGTQQIAAP

  6. Between the idea
    And the reality
    Between the motion
    And the act
    Falls the Shadow

    For Thine is the Kingdom

    Between the conception
    And the creation
    Between the emotion
    And the response
    Falls the Shadow

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    Between the desire
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    1. T. S. Eliot. Nice.

      1. I feel compelled to post one modernist poem for every election returns post.

        1. I just thought we were having poetry night.

        2. As opposed to one post modernist poem for every post elections return.

    2. Turning and turning in the widening gyre
      The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
      Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
      Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
      The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
      The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
      The best lack all conviction, while the worst
      Are full of passionate intensity.

      Surely some revelation is at hand;
      Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
      The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
      When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
      Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
      A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
      A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
      Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
      Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.

      The darkness drops again but now I know
      That twenty centuries of stony sleep
      Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
      And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
      Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

      1. Old white guy, like a hundred years ago.

        1. Also, the author was Irish, so obviously racist.

          1. *Did not own slaves

      2. Steyn should set this to music for his theme song.

  7. My money is still on George Pataki.

    1. George Pataki? The gay Japanese guy who played Sulu on the Star Wars TV show?

      1. You’re thinking of Mel Torme. George Pataki was the dad on Eight is Enough.

  8. I have a hard time believing that anyone, you know, I’m talking on the planet, is more evil than Hillary. That being said, and I really do not have any bias in this thing, The Donald is going to bitch stomp her, it’s just a feeling I have.

    1. While I agree with your assessment of Hilary, I think somehow Republicans have found one of the few people who is in Donald Trump.

      We’re talking about a man who had people evicted from their homes to build stuff. Someone who bragged to Howard Stern that he forced his mistress to have an abortion. A man who brags that he uses frivolous law suits to bankrupt people he doesn’t like.

      Hilary is woefully incompetent, but I don’t think she’s nearly as evil as Trump.

      1. I disagree, Hillary is more evil, damn, I mean a LOT more evil. I don’t even want to go into it and I have no bias at all as I don’t want either of them to ever be president. But Trump is going to squash Hill like a bug.

        1. Yeah. She’s evil. I agree with you about his electability; I think the chattering class is going to be amazed how this guy wins by a landslide.
          You know who else was a psychopathic demagog who won an election and was really popular?

          1. “I think the chattering class is going to be amazed how this guy wins by a landslide.”

            I think you and a large number of commenters here are suffering from clinical psychosis.

            And the notion that Hillary is The Most Evil is also a part of that psychosis. She’s a crook. That’s all.

            1. The future will tell, my Canadian friend. A twenty dollar donation to Reason as the bet?

              1. Also, she’s more than just a crook. She is willing to have people imprisoned, or let people die, in order to further her goals. That’s evil.

                1. Lots of pols do that. She is not distinct. The emotions she whips up here are overcooked. No coincidence that the least intellectually developed commenters are the ones talking about how Hillary = Sauron.

                  1. The least intellectually developed? I think this where I tell your punk ass to fuck off.

                    1. Hey, the truth hurts-but I was actually talking about Hyperion and other lazy-minded individuals.

              2. No. I don’t want either of us donating to Reason until it gets better.

                1. Fk off, Senators fan/asshole.

        2. Ramsay Bolton is offended by your statement.

        3. I stand by my prediction from last fall. When people actually start casting votes, nobody is going to pull the lever for Trump. People take voting too seriously to vote for a reality show buffoon.

          The logic is flawless. Therefore, reality must be wrong. This must be a dream, or the matrix or something. Because there’s just no way people are going to vote for this guy.

          1. The polls are clear: they’re not.

        4. This. Trump is without a doubt a total asshole, but Hillary is the most vile candidate in the race. If people would just open their eyes, they would get a glimpse of whats behind the mask, and see what a power hungry sociopath she really is.

          1. People keep saying this. They haven’t really presented any evidence to that effect.

            1. Nobody had to present the evidence; Hillary had doesn’t the last 30 years doing it for them.

              1. Ah of course. Why should you have to actually make a case? How elitist of me.

                1. Ok, you want me to make a case? I’m too drunk to make the full case. Let’s just start with benghazi. Not only did she order rescue troops to stand down, allowing our ambassador to be raped before being executed, she then blamed the attack on some poor shmuck’s movie, when the actual cause was her running arms to terrorist organizations. But no, she’s just a criminal.

                  1. That fact that she was so callous about it just amazes me.

              2. * spent not doesn’t. And has not had. Stoopid whiskey. I mean, stoopid phone.

            2. Personally, I’m basing this on her hawkiness and general disregard for the constitution. Though to be fair, the other major party candidates share these same qualities. I think it is her connections and ability to dodge scandals that makes me more biased against her (and according to SJWs, because I’m misogynistic).

              But I would agree with you. In Clinton vs. Trump, it will be Clinton that wins in a landslide.

              1. See, you are at least trying to be reasonable, but your own post kind of backs up my point that she’s not distinct. She just a crook that gets away with being a crook. *shrug*

                1. Luckily, faggot Canuckistanis don’t vote in U.S. presidential elections.

    2. Looking at the RealClearPolitics polls Trump couldn’t beat Charlie Manson. He has the worst negatives of any presidential candidate in history. Hillary leads him by 5 or 6 points. Sanders leads Trump be even more.

      1. 5 or 6 points? Hillary led ALL GOP candidates by 40 points not long ago. There’s no way she can beat Trump, he’s going to curb stomp her, even if she lives through the campaign.

        1. There’s no way she can beat Trump, he’s going to curb stomp her, even if she lives through the campaign.

          How? Both parties need independents to win and Trump has proven himself in every poll to be independent poison.

          1. Hillary is poison all the way down.

            1. That’s just you projecting your feelings onto the electorate. Again: the polls are clear and you are psychotic.

            2. I would say she’s like poisonous berries. Kids are enticed by them, unaware of the effects until its too late.

          2. Then why does he do better in semi-open primaries (where independents can vote) than in closed ones?

            1. Because unregistered trailer trash come out to pull in those primaries.

        2. I expect the opposite. As long as Hillary doesn’t have a serious medical issue between now and November, she beats Trump easily. Doesn’t matter who the VP picks are, or how far left she moves on gun control, or what the economy does, or whether there’s a terrorist attack.

          The Democrats should be confident, because the “will vote Dem no matter what” part of the population seems to be growing faster than the “will vote Rep no matter what” part.

          1. Oh look, a sane person.

            Trump will ensure a structural Dem majority for a long time. He is the best thing that has happened to the Dems in a long long time.

      2. 5 or 6 is an MOE. And that puts her way down from before.

      3. I think you’re right about Trump going down in flames.

        On the other hand, this will be the first time in living memory (perhaps in US history?) where both major-party candidates are disliked by the majority of the population. So who knows? Trump may be *disliked* by far more people than Hillary, but he also seems to have a larger number of actually-motivated supporters than she does.

      4. Manson was charismatic.

        A Manson/Bundy ticket would probably do really well.

      5. It’s actually more than 6 points.

      6. They said the same thing when the Republican primaries started. Yet Trump emerged from a field of 17 better qualified candidates.

    3. Hillary for Prison 2016!

      1. As much as I would love to see her win THAT election, she won’t get so much as a slap on the wrist for her crimes.

    4. Oh there are definitely more evil people on the planet than Hillary. Now, if we limit that scope to western civilization? Yes, right there behind you in that viewpoint.

    5. Your feelings are as detached from reality as ever.

      1. Coming from someone having an emotional meltdown on this entire thread, that comment from you is particularly hilarious.

        1. My poignant takedown of Trumptard talking points is not an ’emotional meltdown’.

          1. Why would we want to hear from a Canuckistani fuckwad?

          2. Go back to not living in an immigrant neighborhood, chimpy.

  9. The Republican Party was the party of big spending, war-hawk, anti-abortionists. It still is. The difference is now the serious constitutional conservatives and libertarians know that they have no place in the American political scene. The Republican party will be one half of its former size. Expect Hillary to take 45-50 states and both Houses of Congress. Hello campaign finance regulation and gun control, goodbye cheap energy, Uber and a free internet.

    The mainstream Republicans will look at the disaster they created and begin their usual mea culpas begging the people they spent the last sixteen years crapping on to return to the fold. They will swear that things will be different this time. They really, really, really will cut spending and they really, really, really will deal with entitlements and they really, really, really will get rid of the departments of education, commerce and energy. No one will believe them.

    This time, the battered wife will leave for good. Paul Ryan will have to enter the witness protection program.

    The Republican Party is history.

    1. If the Republican base wanted someone who would shrink government and cut spending, they’d back Cruz. He’s easily the most conservative candidate since Coolidge.

      But instead they want a big government liberal, Donald Trump.

      1. On foreign and military policy, Cruz is even further from Coolidge than Trump is.

    2. The difference is now the serious constitutional conservatives and libertarians know that they have no place in the American political scene.

      Things have actually improved immensely for constitutional conservatives and libertarians.

      We now have some chance at an Old Right Populism alternative to the ever expanding Progressive Theocracy. I’ll take it and like it.

      1. Old Right Populism = Progressivism

        Shill your garbage somewhere else.

    3. I am not sure if she’ll take the House.

      Conservatives with an interest in relevancy need to start looking for a third party candidate to run. Not to win, but to avoid oblivion.

    4. -1 libertarian moment

  10. If Republicans really want an insult comic in the White House they’re backing the wrong Donald. They should get Don Rickles. Rickles could insult you in a way that made you laugh. Trump is just a vicious idiot.

    1. I would totally love to see Don Rickles negotiate with Putin.

    2. Actually, this is the only positive to this mess. The idea of Hillary having to stand on a dais with Trump and have a structured debate is hilarious.

      Hillary: “My opponent doesn’t have what it takes to answer that call at 2:00 am!”

      Trump: “Listen up Cankles, I’m a married man, and my wife is seriously hot. I mean, look at her! So don’t bother calling me at all, 2:00 am or any other time. I’m not interested.”

  11. Why is there so little support for Cruz on this board?
    Yes, his SoCon stuff is annoying, but those issues tend to fade in general elections. And he seems to be the most pro-liberty, pro-constitution candidate in quite awhile.

    It would be nice for the GOP to have someone the Left can’t call a moron for a change. And he even tempers his SoCon positions by saying he won’t crusade to implement personal opinion; he states he believes opinion is different from policy and law.

    At this point, I would think he’s a libertarian’s best hope. What say you?

    1. His face looks funny, all scrunched up like

      1. If only Cruz had Marco Rubio’s good looks. *swoon*

        1. There are some photos of Rubio, taken from a certain angle, where he looks a lot like me. I’m not delusional here, many people have told me this, including my own mother.

          Unfortunately for me, he was a hard candidate to support, and seems rather slow-witted. I was secretly rooting for him, though. Imagine the chicks who’d be hanging around if I looked like the handsome young President!


          1. Pics or GTFO.

          2. Is the angle where you are surrounded by foam, and the photographer is surrounded by foam, and everyone is surrounded by foam?

    2. It would be nice for the GOP to have someone the Left can’t call a moron for a change.

      Romney is no dummy, but he still wasn’t worth voting for.

      I admit there was a time several months ago I was sort of hoping it would end up being Biden vs. Cruz, just to see if any media voices even tried to use the “Biden is smart and Cruz is dumb” approach.

    3. I was kinda-vaguely hoping for Cruz, him being someone who seems to believe in the Constitution, but the SoCon stuff is a big turn-off. And he seems… smarmy. Trump is often obnoxious, but it’s a sort of open, brazen, honest obnoxiousness that is hard for me to take too seriously.

      But I avoid emotional attachment to, or support of, any politician. It only leads to disappointment.

      1. I am still hot and cold on him. He’ll be good one day and the next he’ll just do something so dirty.

      2. “I avoid emotional attachment to, or support of, any politician.”


    4. I’m utterly repelled at how low Cruz stoops in pandering to the dumbest, most backwards motherfuckers in the electorate. I can’t vote for anyone who thinks gay marriage and trans people in the restroom are mortal perils to America or at least works very hard to convince people it is. It’s a total nonstarter no matter how good a game he might talk about spending.

      1. That is most minute and silly reasoning possible.

        1. Could you – please – go fuck yourself.

    5. Why is there so little support for Cruz on this board?

      Because Trump pisses off my enemies, and provokes dishonest bullshit out of a lot of people (e.g. Reason writers) who I otherwise support.

      If Trump weren’t around Cruz/Fiorina would have been my preferred ticket. Luv me some Carly.

      1. Ah, so that’s why Trump is ahead: retards. Like you.

    6. SoCons are icky, and his face looks weird. There’s your answer.

    7. In the beginning I thought Cruz was a distant second-best to Rand but then he started talking bad about Snowden and wouldn’t shut the hell up about Jesus and I realized the sorts of people that had hijacked the TEA Party. At this point I really don’t know what’s coming next and what to hope for. If Cruz wins, it’s still the same old crap system. Clinton is just pure evil. Trump is just a horrible horrible person. Sanders is a lunatic. There’s nobody who’s going to make things better, nobody’s going to shrink government, increase liberty, tell people the truth that the government ain’t the answer to your problems and if you want to find happiness you need to start looking somewhere else. And do it with your mouth closed and your hands out of my pockets, you whiny-ass greedy bastards.

      1. Well done – this is a pretty accurate summary of the candidates. I’m going to finish getting drunk now.

    8. “Why is there so little support for Cruz on this board?”

      Because we like our dildos around here.

    9. Cruz is anti-libertarian on more issues than just the SoCon stuff. He’s promising to double down on foreign military adventures, increase military spending (i.e. increase the budget deficit), and crack down on free trade.

      He can certainly claim the mantle of “least repulsive major party candidate”, though.

      1. An amazingly low bar this year.

      2. “He’s promising to double down on foreign military adventures,”

        No he isn’t.

    10. You forgot Ron Paul already?

  12. The upside… is that the fracturing of the Republican Party… may actually be upon us.

    I got twenty dollars says you’re wrong, Mr. Fisher.
    Also, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny aren’t real.

  13. The #StopTrump alliance of convenience … is already proving to be a futile endeavor.


  14. I don’t know what’s supposed to be wacky about Penna.’s prez primary. The party members just vote for the national delegates whose judgment they trust.

    1. But nobody knows the national delegates. They haven’t been in any debates, or in the news.

  15. I don’t see a party fracturing, but one in which voters are gradually warming up to the goon.

    1. Must. Stop. Hillary.

  16. Welp. Today is the day I officially unregister as a Republican and register as an independent.

    I was hoping for Cruz as at least he was a constitutional conservative (wasn’t big on a lot of his stuff, but lesser of two evils and all that), but I have absolutely 0 intention of voting for either Trump or Hillary.

    I will continue to hold out hope that this will actually kill the republican party and give rise to a libertarian party (even if it is 8-12 years from now).

    1. Maybe my primary vote in California will matter this time…. hold my nose and vote for Cruz to stop Trump? Or just say heck with it, and vote for Rand Paul like I planned to all along?

  17. Trump’s primary victories today are just another good argument for saturation nerve gassing the parts of the US both north and east of Richmond, VA.

    1. Oh good, then Governor Terry will be spared as the treasure he is. Hate yankees too, bub?

      1. If you want to put a bullet in him en passant that’s fine with me.

        But individual idiots aren’t the target; the voter culture that brings them to power them are. And the designated region is not just a major stronghold for “progressive” Democrats, but also provides the Republican Party with its worst big government tax-and-spend authoritarians.


    Even the fuckin’ Yankees got this one right

    1. Yeah, never gonna happen. If on a scale of 0 to 100, Hillary is a 100. I’d consider Trump about a 95. Which means I will never vote for him, even if it means Hillary wins.

  19. Man, I got mesmerized by the alternating butthurt and gloating on the Tweeterz. It’s fascinating.

    I just wish that people would remember that there IS an alternative:

    Vote for Almanian for President – 2016
    I Probably Won’t Make It Any Worse

    1. By far the best choice.

  20. “The upside of watching these endless machinations of desperately power-hungry men is that the fracturing of the Republican Party ? once a “big-tent” coalition of evangelical Christians, military hawks, pro-business economic conservatives, and constitutional libertarians ? may actually be upon us. ”

    Typically fucking brilliant analysis from Reason. Yeah, nothing is going to help liberty as much as replacing any coherent opposition to DNC-proggressivism with a void.

    1. Can’t forget such brilliant analysis as “Republicans need to more consistent ideology yet more willing to experiment” from Suderman. Or the whole “get the Socially-Liberal Business Republicans and the Anti-War Democrats to ally with the Libertarians…somehow.”

  21. President Clinton it is then.

  22. It’s entirely possible that we’re starting to see a political realignment, from left-vs-right to authoritarian-vs-libertarian, or in a more extreme case, fascist-vs-anarchist. People who admire Trump, Le Page, and Le Pen could end up on one side, and people who admire Edward Snowden, Cody Wilson, and Satoshi Nakamoto could end up on the other.

    Things could end up either much worse or much better, depending on which side wins. But at least libertarians would have greater clarity in which side to root for.

  23. It seems clear to me that our system for choosing candidates is broken. The election of delegates rather than the direct election of candidates makes it possible for the parties to ignore the will of the people. I used to think that direct elections did not provide an adequate check on the “tyranny of the majority”, but I was wrong. Our system has become an inwardly focused, criminal enterprise that regularly ignores the people in favor of the perpetuation of what is little more than organized crime.

    1. Jefferson said you need revolution every 75 years or so. He’d studied history, and he saw EVERY government system, no matter how it was founded, turn to tyranny.

      So libertarians, as a loose affiliation of people who dislike Force, really can only act as a hand break on the expansion of tyranny, and try to – once revolution manifests itself – to try and steer the after affects toward a sensible and reasonable new foundation instead of guillotines and purges.

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  25. So who are the running mates? Clinton/Sanders? Trump/Carson?

  26. Doesnt mater who wins, the American citizens are doomed.

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  29. I spend a lot of time in the blue collar world, guys in helmets and safety vests. A lot of them are union members and a lot can trace their ancestry to south of the Rio Grande or Africa. They are the people that HRC relentlessly panders to. The majority seem to be Trump supporters. And they like him for the very reasons the establishment wants to shut him down. I think the powers that be grossly underestimate the anger in the working class. A lot of these guys got seriously screwed in the great recession and don’t have enough working years left to recover. They got jack shit from Obama and the Republican congress. They know they’ll be in the harness til they drop dead and they perceive that their labor is being stolen from them. They’re not gonna buy Hilary’s free stuff promises and they don’t give a crap about transgender bathrooms, abortion or global climate change. I think they like Trump because they think he’s as pissed off as they are. They will undoubtedly get screwed again, but they know that with Hilary it’s guaranteed. I will of course be throwing my vote away on a 3rd party candidate but predictions of a Clinton landslide may be premature in my view.

  30. t. rump should know about corruption, given how many pols he has claimed to bribe, successfully.

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