Environmental Protection Agency

EPA's Latest Swerve on Racing

EPA says it won't regulate amateur car racing, legislators not so sure.


The Environmental Protection Agency says it is backing off a controversial plan to regulate amateur car racing, but congressional critics aren't taking the EPA's word for it.

After Watchdog.org reported that a proposed agency rule threatened to crash the amateur racing industry, an EPA spokeswoman said greenhouse gas standards for medium- and heavy-duty trucks would be stripped of language that could have effectively banned the sport.

But the EPA insists it will target "companies that don't play by the rules, and that make and sell products that disable pollution controls."

"I'm highly suspicious," said Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Georgia. "There is a continuing bombardment of regulations."

In an interview with Watchdog, Loudermilk accused the EPA of "a continual abuse of power. They're out of control."

Loudermilk and members of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee exposed the EPA's failure to conduct a required regulatory impact analysis after officials acknowledged the emissions rule would trigger more than $100 million in compliance costs.

Rep. Lamar Smith, the panel's chairman, said the dust-up "is not yet in the rear-view mirror."

"The EPA's rhetoric implies that it will strive to find any excuse it can to regulate the racing industry," the Texas Republican told Watchdog. "To date, the EPA has failed to explain how regulating amateur race cars would have any meaningful impact on the environment."

Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-North Carolina, introduced a measure to block the EPA from taking any action against amateur racing under the Clean Air Act. The bill has 48 co-sponsors, including Henry Cuellar of Texas, one of four Democrats who signed on.

Three Republican congressmen—House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton of Michigan, Rep. Ed Whitfield of Kentucky and Rep. Richard Hudson of North Carolina—warned EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy in a letter that her agency was swerving beyond congressional intent.

The lawmakers asked McCarthy why the EPA sought to ban the conversion of street vehicles to racecars, and what language in the Clean Air Act justified the prohibition.

EPA spokeswoman Laura Allen said the agency "plans to review and respond to the letter."

Meantime, Loudermilk and his colleagues requested that the House Appropriations Committee defund any EPA efforts to implement new emissions regulations against amateur racing.

This article originally appeared at Watchdog.org.

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  1. Name one of the big alphabet agencies that is not out of control. I just want one here.

    1. TSA is doing exactly what it was chartered to do?

      1. Stealing luggage and groping?

        Oh and doing searches on highways out in the middle of nowhere?

      2. They’re doing security at political events away from airports or other modes of transportation. At the same time that “staffing” is short, “causing” screening delays.

        1. That’s a fucking hoot. Every time I go through a security checkpoint there are at least 3 agents per line that aren’t actually doing anything.

          Now if they said, “we can’t check people fast enough because where we used to have 4 x-Ray machines, we can now only fit 2 dick-and-tit scanners, creating huge back-ups,” then I would sympathize.

          1. I wouldn’t. The rapiscanners should go. WTMD should be the only device.

            1. WTMD without the phony false alert feature.

    2. Sesame Street?

      1. Have you ever been tickled on the inside?

    3. The WPA ?

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    1. Your sister is a he?

      1. Can’t we all be like text-generating clickbait spam software, and not see the differences between genders, which are really only a social construct anyway?

    2. pfft. My aunt has only been at it for 4 months, she not only paid off her home, but bought off the city council, and bought two shiny new Cyberdyne T800s with matching phased plasma rifles (in the 40-watt range) for an EPIC Rock’em Sock’em Robot battle (Pay-Per-View, check your local listings).

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  4. Just wait,in the future the E.P.A. will want all freight hauled in electric Chevy S-10 sized trucks.Think of all the jobs.

    1. Every car will have to stop at the weigh stations since we all technically could be hauling cargo.

      1. You will need a permit for that,which will require a special driving course taught by Top Men,women and LTGB’S.

        1. No otherkins? I see privilege at work here!

  5. Passover is postponed at the White House – President Obama is in Saudi Arabia.

    1. Why didn’t he hold it in Saudi Arabia?

    2. Dear Angel of Death, I’m going to be out of town on a business trip and therefore won’t be around to mark my doorway. Could we postpone this until I get back?

      Tootles, B.

  6. Three Republican congressmen ? warned EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy in a letter that her agency was swerving beyond congressional intent.

    If only legislation implemented *intent* rather than what congresscreatures actually *write*. You know — like computer code.

  7. The EPA is going to deny it was ever their intent to kill after-market modding, merely “clean up around the edges”, but they will inist they do have the authority to do so. Inch by inch they’re going to strangle industry as a whole and they’ll only back off a half-inch when there’s enough public outcry. Then, too, note how many people are squawking about this particular provision within the trucking bill and not paying attention to the squawking the trucking industry is doing about the bill. The usual problem is that the EPA gets deep into the minutiae of how to achieve lowered emissions rather than just setting goals and letting the market figure out how to reach them – powertripping rather than leading.

    1. Their ‘goal’s are mandates that will not be based in reality. The science and engineering be damn.We could all end up in Mini Cooper sized electric cars.Large trucks would not be possible.

      1. And then the rolling blackouts. You’re stuck for 2 days at a charging station. But it’s all for the greater good.

        1. You could always charge your electric car with a gasoline generator…

          1. It’s all so we are forced to use Warren Buffet’s choo-choos

      2. The sad thing is that some people almost-but-not-quite get it. He makes a logical argument that if these “efficiency” standards were so all-fired efficient as the proponents claim, you wouldn’t have to mandate them because the profit motive would already drive the market to adopt them. That’s fine as far as it goes, but it neglects the fact that the EPA sure as hell isn’t profit-driven. I see no reason to accept the assumption that the EPA wants to find the most cost-effective methods of cleaning up the environment.

        1. Or even just cleaning up the environment.

          Shutting down amateur racing was NEVER about cleaning up the environment, but about control. Modders we’re going around the diktats of the Beureaucrat Class and so they had to be stopped.

    2. That was a good read.

    3. The usual problem is that the EPA gets deep into the minutiae of how to achieve lowered emissions rather than just setting goals and letting the market figure out how to reach them

      Can you imagine the state of the transportation industry if the car manufacturers got to spend their R&D money on things the consumer actually wanted, rather than bogus shit mandated by Top. Men.?

      We’d likely have cold fusion powered, fully automated, flying cars by now.

      I wish there was a way to demonstrate the actual damage done by restricting ingenuity.

  8. All of the agencies are out of control. Otherwise there would be strict limits on their authority and ability to expand, set by congress. And I thought that was the case. So now you have congress potentially fighting with this agency over things? Sorry, that’s not how it’s supposed to work. If congress did not expressly give them authority to do what they’re doing, then congress should just bitch slap and tell them to stop and not do it again.

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  10. Expect a hell of a lot more of this agency nonsense as January 20, 2017, approaches.

  11. This act of aggression will not stand, man.

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  13. “a continual abuse of power. They’re out of control.”

    That defines government today. Federal, State, and Local.

  14. IF the Caps progress against Pittsburgh, that Caps vs. Pens series should be epic.

    If you don’t get hockey yet but want to, you might check out the later games in that series.

  15. I remember a time when the elected legislature used to have to debate and vote on such regulations.

    Just kidding, I don’t. That was way before my time.

    1. The Roman Empire really started before it had an emperor, and after the emperor was established, the Roman Senate continued to meet and debate and vote on things for another 600 years.

      That’s the way it will happen with the U.S., too, if it hasn’t happened already. We’ll still get to vote in the American Empire, and we’ll still have certain rights respected–unless they conflict with what the government is doing–just like Roman citizens had a right to a trial, etc. in the Roman Empire.

      It’s just that the legislature eventually becomes a rubber stamp for whatever the emperor wants to do. And that’s pretty much where we are or where we’re going. Can’t even get the Republicans to stand up against Obama when they control both houses. The Democrats didn’t stand up to the Bush the Lesser Administration when they were in power either.

    2. The last time I saw something that made me really think the empire wasn’t here yet was when Bush the Lesser’s Harriet Miers nomination flopped. Caligula was known to have threatened to nominate his horse for consul. Christian historians typically cited that to show he was insane (to bolster their argument against him for being pagan and persecuting Christians), but Caligula probably meant to show that the Senate had become a rubber stamp for him. That’s an emperor! Because Bush couldn’t get his horse confirmed to the Supreme Court (by his own party, no less), it made me think we weren’t really an empire yet.

      But when’s the last time something like that happened?

      Representative democracy without a legitimate legislature is more or less an empire.

      1. Representative democracy isn’t democracy at all… The Greeks already knew that.

      2. An empire is foreign
        control of once independent states, and is independent of the type of government the controlling state has. At least in modern usage. Yes, our word for empire descends from the Latin “imperator”, but very few would classify North Korea, for instance, as an empire, despite having one all-powerful man in charge. On the other hand, the Roman Republic controlled and dominated their neighbors, and were in fact an empire before the emperor arose.
        It might be better to say that representative democracy without a legitimate legislature is no longer representative.

      3. Democracy is a logical fallacy.

  16. Typical EPA tactic: they propose something outrageous, identify their enemies and let things run their course, then say that they are backing down, and finally implement the rules anyway. Straight out of Machiavelli and Sun Tzu.

  17. I should have known better than to think this was over.

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  19. Want to stop the EPA?

    Say it with woodchippers.

  20. Just enjoyed my first drive in my “new” ’63 Mercury Marauder. Got a 390, burns oil on startup….a tiny cold blooded, but once warmed up, runs smooth and nice.

    I’d forgotten what it was like to drive a 17′ long car with skinny tires, four wheel drum brakes and handling limits best described as “theoretical”.

    It was a blast! I’m gonna like this car….especially that plume of smoke for the EPA every time I start it up. Fuck you, EPA. Fuck you.

    1. Nice! One of my coworkers is in the middle of restoring his Marauder. Just came back from the paint booth and he was showing pictures like a proud papa. His is a ’69 if I recall correctly.

  21. its not just amature racing its any company that makes aftermarket parts for any car. like your hotrod kiss them goodbuy even though a lot of aftermarket components make cars more efficient and less polluting. this is not just a $100 million dollar industry we are talking 1000’s of jobs as well.

    1. Kill the jobs, kill them all. Let Labor (Dept. of) sort them out.

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  23. RE: EPA’s Latest Swerve on Racing
    EPA says it won’t regulate amateur car racing, legislators not so sure.

    The EPA must regulate racing out of business.
    Otherwise people will have fun, enjoy their hobby and directly (and indirectly) employee people that would only improve the economy.
    Happiness is reserved for the ruling elitist filth only.
    You don’t see them racing, do you?
    (Except to run to their offshore banks filled with the taxpayers’ money. But that doesn’t count.)

  24. BREAKING: Racing proves a fun and lucrative endeavor despite legislation. Crowds drunkenly rejoice. Nothing of value was lost. (I.e. EPA said so? That’s super cool and all, but people still probably don’t give two shits)

  25. Why,… We Say So,… Duh.

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