Minimum Wage

Hillary's State Department Stopped Haiti From Increasing Its Minimum Wage to 61 Cents

Because it would have hurt an already anemic economy. Sound familiar?


The #FightFor15 movement is continuing to make gains. After steamrolling through large urban centers such as Seattle, San Francisco, and New York, now it may be coming to entire states near you. New York and California recently adopted a $15 statewide minimum wage, and both Democratic presidential candidates have advocated extending the policy nationwide.

While Bernie Sanders has made political hay out of Hillary Clinton's seeming reluctance to fully embrace his rush to $15, she has been coming around to the same talking points of late. Of course, when the rubber meets the road, Hillary seems to have a different take on drastic wage hikes. When she was running the show, the State Department helped block Haiti's efforts to increase its minimum wage from 27 cents to 61 cents per hour. Why? According to U.S. Embassy cables obtained by WikiLeaks and analyzed by PolitiFact:

back in 2008 and 2009, embassy officials repeatedly told Washington that a hike would hurt the economy and undermine U.S. trade preference legislation known as HOPE.

The program, shorthand for the Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity through Partnership Encouragement Act of 2006, gives garments manufactured on the island duty free access to U.S. markets.

So Hillary thinks that drastic wage hikes—even those that leave the hourly rate under a dollar—can have detrimental economic consequences, or she's at least willing to let her subordinates make such claims when convenient. But due to political expediency, her view changes when it comes to U.S. businesses and workers.

Even if affluent urban centers in the U.S. may be able to absorb huge increases in labor costs without extreme pain, what happens to small businesses in places like, say, Detroit if their wages more than double from the current federal minimum of $7.25 per hour? And what happens to the low-wage workers who depend on the jobs they provide?

While it will take a few years for all the implications to shake out, there is already evidence of some nasty unintended consequences, even in wealthy urban centers. The first step of Seattle's wage increase, to just $11 per hour, has already led to the largest three-month job losses in the city's history and large increases in restaurant prices, and California's new minimum bodes ill for its apparel and hospitality industries, among many others.

Are these trade-offs worth it? In the video below, Reason TV took to the streets of L.A. to find out what residents think, and just how high they would like to see the wage go.

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  1. Spot the Not: Belarus

    1. Same president since 1994.

    2. It is illegal to film the back of the president’s head because he has a bald patch.

    3. It’s the only former Soviet republican where the intelligence agency is still called the KGB.

    4. The president banned gold teeth and suggested instead that people should gnaw on bones to strengthen their teeth.

    5. The president loves to play hockey. Other players are forbidden to bump into him during games.

    6. In response criticism, the president said it’s better to be a dictator than to be gay.

    Reals from here:

    1. I’ll take 4, even though he’s probably right about gnawing on bones.

    2. It can’t be 3, because everybody knows Republicans are really Soviets.

      1. Whoops! That’s one of my more amusing typos.

        1. + 1 John

        2. That’s one of my more amusing typos.

          Yeah, I laughed as well.

      2. Yeah, I find it sort of odd how it’s the Democrats who behave more like Soviets.

    3. 4 is the Not. That is policy of the late dictator of Turkmenistan.

  2. I’m getting ads for $700 video cards. I must be a zillionaire fatcat.

  3. OT:

    Here’s a complimentary government frustration story for you: At the Ohio state prison where I work as a contracted healthcare employee, there’s a garage where prison vehicles are maintained. A few inmates work in the garage under the supervision of state employees. Anyway, a state trooper (who was off the clock at the time) brought his personal vehicle to the prison garage to have it repaired with taxpayer-funded convict labor. He had his personal concealed carry pistol in the glovebox, and a state employee found it and reported it. It’s being handed over to the highway patrol as a “disciplinary matter”. I haven’t heard the outcome yet, but it sounds like the most he’ll get is a slap on the wrist.

    Let me point out that there are giant signs at every entrance that make it clear that firearms are absolutely prohibited on prison grounds. If I so much as had a stray round in my car from a weekend range trip, I’D be the one in prison.

    1. This officer made it home safely, right? Isn’t that all that matters?

    2. Laws don’t apply to The King’s Men.

    3. Different jobs have different perks. For example airline pilots don’t have to pay for travel when they take their family on vacation. Cooks get to eat for free. And law enforcement can flagrantly violate that which they enforce.

      1. I wish airline pilots got free flights. Only time I get free flights is when commuting to my base airport.

    4. If you’re not cop, you’re little people, Akira.

      1. + 1 Blade Runner

        1. If I was quit when I came in here, I’m twice as quit now.

  4. Hypocrisy? Well I never. Haruph

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    1. #fightfor69

      1. Prob the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Well done.

  6. #FightFor35.

  7. Ugh! That video.

    What the average person knows about economics would fit in a thimble.

    Politicians will never have a problem buying votes from the stupid.

    1. Depressing, is it not?

      1. You can’t save people from themselves. We let the ignorant vote, those seeking power will use that to their advantage. You’ll never educate them as they see no incentive to become educated.

        The only way to minimize it is to limit the power to almost nothing and reduce the period politicians are allowed to wield it. Single term limits, for everyone, in the next constitution. Nothing corrupts a person like the need to get reelected.

        1. In some countries, the govt actually encourages illiteracy as a means of keeping people ignorant and thus easier to control.

          1. ‘cough’ South Africa ‘cough cough’

        2. I want term limits. Strict ones. I was once against this, but I had a lot of time to think about it. What I would like to see is, someone can serve one term in elected office. 4 years max. After that, they can never seek public office again. One term for lifetime. I don’t care if people start living 10 million fucking years. One term. Then you go get a real fucking job. Then outlaw cronyism and make the penalty severe. That is the only way to fix the problem. Elected officials have one duty, serve the public. Otherwise, do not pass go, go directly to jail and no get out of jail free cards.

          1. To include anyone working on their staffs, to avoid professional staffers.

            I can see perhaps extending the terms, by maybe 50% as there is something to the notion of spin-up time. BUT, you’d need a vote of confidence every two years to keep the politician loyal to his constituency. If 2/3 of those who voted say nay, he’s out immediately and you have a special election.

            1. To include anyone working on their staffs

              Not just their staffs, but the entire civil service. If a fucking ambassador can lose his or her post if the wrong party gains control of the White House, then there is no reason for a 30+ plus DoS career for anyone.

              1. This…term limits for pols and bureaucrats, but it will never happen no matter which tribe rules the roost because of the need to reward their minions. Politics 101.

                Basically, we are fucked either way.

                It won’t stop until people quit lending us money and given the global economic malaise that might be a few years but it will happen.

              2. +1 term limits for Opposition in Residence

          2. I want term limits. Strict ones.

            I’ve talked to a frustrating number of people who want terms extended, so that politicians “can get more done”. Yes, because that’s the problem in this world…our leaders aren’t given enough time to fuck things up.

          3. You’d end up with singe term politicians who know they have a short time to accumulate as much crony cash as possible, and people who follow up their one term by being lifetime lobbyists and consultants.

            Enact automatic sunset clauses in all existing laws, and let each crop of politicians spend their time voting on the laws they want to have another term of enactment instead of trying to find new ways to throw people in jail and take their shit.

            1. A couple other little tidbits I thought up:

              I. Limits on Congress
              1. Anything not associated with protecting the rights of individuals or not specifically listed in this document is not a function of government.
              2. ALL laws will sunset after a period of 10 years. Expired laws can be re-passed via the legislative process described in Article II G.1.
              3. Laws must be passed on their own merit and Congress may NOT vote to reinstitute them in groups.
              4. No law may be more than 11628 characters in length (Approximately two pages, 8 x10, Times New Roman, 12 font, single spaced)
              5. All laws will be written in the common language of the day so as to be understood by the common man without the assistance of a lawyer.
              a. There are to be no special legal definitions and all words not specifically defined in this document will be defined as in X dictionary dated Y?
              6. Congress and the States shall make no law favoring or discriminating against one individual or group of individuals over another.
              7. Congress may not exempt themselves or any portion of government from the laws they pass.
              8. Congress will not delegate its powers.
              9. Congress will make no law inhibiting free trade.

              I figured that would keep them too busy to be thinking up additional ways to get the boot on our necks.

              1. Wasn’t 7 a feature of Newts Contract with America? Wha happened?

            2. I don’t think so, the average guy or gal who runs for Congress from flyover states are not fuckstains like charlie rangell, who has had that throne for decades.

              A lot of them want to DO SOMETHING. But the bullshit in Congress will never allow that.

              I like the desire to make changes about how the government works….the problem is nothing the fedgov does is done efficiently. Can anyone name a federal program that isn’t with waste, much less corruption.

              I’ll lay off corruption, but does fedgov do anything well….they don’t and if any progtards want to give it a try, bring it.

              DOD, nope, Medicare and assorted progams, nope 40 billion in fraud, Amtrak, loss leader, VA, a total fucking mess that spends billions for very little help for people that need it, DOE, nope, tons of male students suing schools that denied them due process and they will win costing the schools who bent their knee to that bureaucracy.

              The federal government sucks at everything it does. I’m a libertarian, when political parties try to excuse the state from denying my rights, fuck them, no matter which bunch of douche bags is in charge.

            3. Enact automatic sunset clauses in all existing laws,

              There’s a related concept called desuetude where a law that isn’t enforced for a long time or is “more honour’d in the breach than the observance” is automatically repealed.

        3. The problems with term limits, IMHO, are two:
          First, I should be free to vote for whomever I choose, even if I choose “wrong” by reelecting a corrupt cronyist.
          Second, many matters that the government is involved with are complex, and the rules in the Congress are labyrinthine. Without Congress Critters who have a deep knowledge of the subject matter and/or the rules, them unelected bureaucrats become the de facto law makers.
          Don’t like the EPA making rules that Congress didn’t authorize by statute? Don’t like the POTUS making up healthcare or immigration law on the fly? Weakening individual Congress Critters’ power is not going to help.

          1. I support the two-term limit: one term in office, one term in prison.

          2. “I should be free to vote for whomever I choose, even if I choose “wrong” by reelecting a corrupt cronyist.”


          3. Of course you should be free to vote for them. They should just be ineligible to serve.

            1. Sorta like I keep voting for Starchild in SF. He gets my vote, but like every candidate I vote for, he won’t win.

          4. Good point

    2. The only hope I see is cynicism. As long as people can safely laugh at those in power, things can’t be that bad.

    3. “The first lesson of economics is scarcity: There is never enough of anything to satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics.”

      ? Thomas Sowell

      1. Well then that’s a market failure, and we need to make more laws to fix that!


  8. Spot the Not: translated city names

    1. Love City

    2. Flat Land

    3. Foundation of Peace

    4. Frog River

    5. Center of the World

    6. Gardens

    1. They’re all real; you just don’t know enough languages to find the example that fits your not.

      1. I’m pretty sure one of them is not the name of a city with over 500,000 people.

        1. Shit. That’s over a third of the population of my state. While there are perks to living in a rural state, there is one thing about it that sucks. Craig’s List. When you’re in a highly populated area, you can find all kinds of shit for sale. But when you’ve only got a couple hundred thousand people within a fifty mile radius, not so much.

    2. 1 sounds fake to me

    3. 4 is the Not. The rest in order are Ashgabat, Pyongyang, Jerusalem, Quito, and Riyadh.

      1. Wow. They really blew it with Jerusalem.

        1. World’s most ironically named city for 3,000 years and counting.

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  10. …or she’s at least willing to let her subordinates make such claims when convenient.

    Plausible deniability.

  11. Daily study routine of a man who is literate in 40 languages:

    No thanks. Proficiency in 2 or 3 foreign languages is enough for me.

    1. Yeah. English. Java. Javascript (by necessity, not choice). SQL. Html. Xhtml. Xml. C++. That’s good enough for me.

      1. Y un poco de Espanol.

        1. Voce e um palhaco.

        2. Right now I am sitting on the runway on an an Aeromexico flight headed for Buenos Aires by way of Mexico City. I could use some of your poco Espa?ol. I have no idea what the fuck they are saying on the overhead except they aren’t servimg booze until after takeoff, right now it’s just juice or water.

          European airlines would never pull such crap.

          No more Mexican airlines for me after this, they couldn’t even access my TSA precheck, so I had to be in line behind 400 people, some bringing chickens in cages with them. All I want is a drink to forget the experience, pero no es posible!

          Yours in poultry feathers,
          Buenas Tardes.

          1. BA? Is that your final destination?

            1. If by “final destination” you mean “brothel in which a 3-day bender of cocaine and popozuda will take place”, I think so.

          2. Have a nice trip otherwise, dude.

          3. Call it a taste of culture.

          4. Wait until you deplane. There’s no patient wait-for-the-rows-in-front on Aeromexico. Everyone jumps up and forces their way out.

      2. Fuck Java.

        1. Really? Why? I kinda like it. After a while. Doesn’t give you as much control over memory and IO, but at the same time it’s nice that it does a lot of stuff for you. And it runs on just about anything. A bit slower. but you don’t need a compiler either. Trade offs, I guess.

          1. If you could see the horrors perpetrated upon my coworkers by some Oracle DBA who got ahold of a Java forms IDE, you’d understand. Oh, and we can get only use IE 9 because of some obscure compatibility issue.

            1. Sounds like you’ve got more of an issue with the people configuring your machines than you do with Java. Not trying to be an emissary here. Just don’t understand all the hate.

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  13. ??Start working at home with Google! It’s by-far the best job I’ve had. Last Wednesday I got a brand new BMW since getting a check for $6474 this – 4 weeks past. I began this 8-months ago and immediately was bringing home at least $77 per hour. I work through this link, go to tech tab for work detail.


  14. The “libertarian” Koch brothers are now hinting that they are going to support Hillary.…..d=38622141

    Matt’s probably working on “The Case for Hillary” right now.

    1. The only case for Hillary involves certain unmentionable mulching devices.

      1. I’ll say it out loud


        She’s earned it.

    2. The “libertarian” Koch brothers are now hinting that they are going to support Hillary.


      All except the part where he or the article you cite doesn’t say or even imply that anywhere.

      1. Koch couched it in a lot of passive language, but this was really the knee-slapper that crazyfingers should have focused on:

        We would have to believe her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric. Let me put it that way,’ he said.

        Sure. Lady MacBeth fulfills her lifelong ambition and finally has the power she’s always craved, and her first day in office she says, “Gee, maybe I should be judicious with the tremendous amount of authority my predecessors have accumulated!”

    3. The “libertarian” Koch brothers are now hinting that they are going to support Hillary.

      Except Charles Koch’s actual statements were something along the lines of

      – “Bill Clinton’s presidency was *arguably* better in some ways that George Bush’s…. in terms of spending and regulatory over-reach”

      ….to which the journalist asked, “does that mean you’d think about supporting Hillary?”

      and CK responded

      2 – “Well, i’d have to believe that her actions would be different from her campaign rhetoric first”

      this was in the context of a similar comment suggesting “i’m hoping the GOP candidate’s actions wont reflect their rhetoric”.

      At best, he was making a point about campaigns being entirely WAY too full-of-shit & hyperbole.

      What is more notable about the Kochs is that they’ve mainly been hands-off so far during this campaign cycle. And yet the Citizens-United frothing-morons would have you believe that elections are all bought and sold by bazillionaires.

    4. Good. If it’s her or Trump, the she’s the obvious choice for anyone who isn’t a nihilistic moron.

      1. She’s also the obvious choice for butthurt neocons.

        1. Donald “Torture Terrorists’ Children to Death” Trump isn’t enough of a warboner for you?

        2. Red Rocks Rockin|4.24.16 @ 7:35PM|#
          “She’s also the obvious choice for butthurt neocons.”

          Hey, she’s ready to bomb the shit out of anyone who questions her, so adolescent Canikuistan gamers can get tots behind her!

  15. I don’t know why people watch Game of Thrones when stuff like this is real:

    Spot the Not: Francisco Nguema, dictator of Equatorial Guinea

    1. He was the son of a witch doctor. He watched his father get punched to death when he was 9.

    2. He kept the national treasury in a suitcase under his bed.

    3. One Christmas, his soldiers dressed in Santa Claus costumes and executed 150 people in a soccer stadium.

    4. He decreed that his name was the new official greeting. People caught not using it were fed to sharks.

    5. 1/3 of the country fled the country during his rule. He banned fishing to keep people from escaping and put landmines on the only land route out of the country.

    6. He changed the national motto to “There is no other God than Mac?as Nguema”.

    1. I’m goin’ with #6 as the fake one.

      You could say some of the same weird things about Obama. I don’t know about Obama keeping the national treasury in a suitcase under his bed, but if and when hyperinflation comes to the USA, I think we should put Obama’s face on the trillion dollar bill.

      Obama didn’t dress up as Santa Clause, but he has killed hundreds of children.

      1. He would let the mass-murdering soldiers dress in the holiday garb of their choice to promote diversity and tolerance

    2. I’ll go with #2; even if it was all in diamonds, i’d think he’d at least have a safe to put it in

      1. I’m thinking #2 because I would hope the national treasury wouldn’t fit into a suitcase.

    3. I’ll go with #3, seems more gleefully sadistic whereas the others seem to be the narcissistic and paranoid type of sadistic.

    4. Turns out i am wrong. Also, he was not much improved on by his nephew, who murdered him

      The sad fact is that this isn’t even that-unique a case-study in Africa. Or anywhere.

    5. I’m changing my pick to the “Fed to sharks” one. Seems too complex when you can just hack people with machetes.

      1. Yeah, “fed to sharks” smells wrong.

    6. “Those Were the Days” just got a lot more disturbing.

    7. You know how Fernando Poo came to be a location in Illuminatus!? They didn’t know anything about this shit. It was just a funny-sounding place on the map that a neighbor kid of either Bob Shea or Bob Wilson pointed out. Bob Shea told me. Then life imitated art.

      I’m pretty sure Carlotta in Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid was in homage to Illuminatus!.

      1. Oh, and Fernando Poo (now Bioko) was the location (I mean in the plot, not the production) of “Craphole Island” (Get it?) on Lost, whether you realized it or not.

    8. Apparently you are unfamiliar with tits.

  16. Let’s Go, Caps!

  17. One charcoal briquette per hour is the correct answer

    1. Haiti is all out of charcoal.

      1. They came to kick ass and cook barbeque?

        1. Put on the glasses!

  18. I doubt Hillary was ever aware of any of the actual goings-on of the State Department beyond what brought dollars into the Clinton Foundation.

    1. Y’all drying out down there?

      1. *pours another vodka*


        1. Ohhhh! You mean the floods.

          Kinda, but we keep getting more waves of rain. The high waters have mostly gone below flood level.

          The woods are full of slick mud and the mosquitoes are pretty bad so it will be a while before the effects are all gone.

    1. its interesting that his classroom looks full of teenagers.

      I’d expect adults to have problems actually dealing with a lot of that. Maybe because it requires un-learning so much bullshit.

      1. its interesting that his classroom looks full of teenagers.

        The subtitle calls it a High School Summer Seminar

        Prolly something the 1%ers send their spawn to to preclude them from having a fun summer vacation.

    2. The comments are a treat. SuperMrFriendly has opinions.

  19. And what happens to the low-wage workers who depend on the jobs they provide?

    They go on the dole, and our betters have no problem with that.

    there is already evidence of some nasty unintended consequences, even in wealthy urban centers

    I don’t often agree that “unintended consequences are intended” but it seems apt in this case.

  20. This is why I don’t think Hillary will be as bad as Obama. I don’t think she means a thing she says.

    1. I don’t think she means a thing she says.

      Don’t the pro-Trumpers say the same about Trump? And I recall people said the same about Obama. And your assuming she means the stuff you like and don’t mean the stuff you hate.

      1. “Don’t the pro-Trumpers say the same about Trump?”


        “I recall people said the same about Obama.”

        Sure you do.

  21. Nick Gillespie really let himself go, grew his hair, got stoned, and channeled his inner socialist!

    That *was* Nick Gillespie, wasn’t it? Maybe a twin brother?

      1. No, it’s the right thread.

  22. I seriously cant imagine anyone with a single ounce of common sense taking this hillary bimbo seriously.

  23. RE: Hillary’s State Department Stopped Haiti From Increasing Its Minimum Wage to 61 Cents
    Because it would have hurt an already anemic economy. Sound familiar?

    There’s a very simple reason for this.
    Hillary was wise enough to encourage economic liberty in Haiti.
    She is even wiser to support a $15 an hour minimum wage increase here in Amerika.
    How else is she going to eliminate jobs here in this country and turn it into North Cuba?
    C’mon people.
    Do some thinking!


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