Zoolander 2 Is Too Offensive for Students, University Shows Deadpool Instead

Making fun of marginalized communities is never okay, says student group.


Screenshot via Zoolander 2 / Youtube

Claremont McKenna College's student programming board cancelled a planned screening of Zoolander 2 because the film's humor is inappropriate and comes "at the expense of individuals of marginalized identities." 

The college ultimately decided to show Deadpool instead. 

Of course, many people would probably find the R-rated Deadpool a whole lot more offensive than the PG-13 rated Zoolander 2. I've seen Deadpool. It's incredibly violent, graphically sexual, and contains plenty of offensive humor of its own. (It's also a great film.) 

The difference, it seems, is that Zoolander 2 offends "marginalized identities." 

"Though 'Deadpool' is a R-rated movie it does not target marginalized identities the way Zoolander did," the programming committee wrote in an email to The College Fix. "Our choice to cancel the film was a calculated choice that we felt would support and respect our community on campus." 

I've seen Zoolander, but not its sequel. The second film has been criticized for the problematic manner in which it introduces a possibly transgender character, "All," played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Owen Wilson's character asks "All" whether he/she "has a hot dog or a bun." This isn't the greatest joke ever, and I'm open to the argument that Zoolander 2 might just be a terrible film, or at least, a vastly inferior film to Deadpool

But the idea that "marginalized identities"–the trans community, in this case—can't handle one stupid joke is more than a little insulting to them. No one should strive to be so fragile. 

Can We Take a Joke? a new documentary produced by former Reason staffer Ted Balaker and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education asks whether college campuses are where humor goes to die. Increasingly, the answer seems to be yes. 

Maybe next time the college should just show Paddington. 

NEXT: Our amicus brief on behalf of nine states in an important Takings Clause property rights case

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  1. We had a Zoolander party in college.

    I think that was the only time I’ve gotten laid while wearing a garbage bag. I think.

    1. Did you use “blue steel,” “ferrari,” or “magnum?”

      1. None of the above. I was DERELICTE.

        That’s why I was wearing a garbage bag, man. Commando.

        1. Duh. The question was about what expression you used. Maybe La Tigre?

          1. He never gets the bit on Sesame Street right either.

            1. This is Donald Trump’s most shocking statement yet,
              However the mainstream media isn’t saying a word about it!
              What are they really trying to cover up?

    2. You could have stopped after “laid”.

    3. My favorite halloween costume was JP Pruit, world’s greatest hand model.

      I think 2 people got it, but it was worth it.

  2. Zoolander 2 was hot garbage. I mean, it wasn’t as bad as The Hangover 2, but it was bad. And I’d rather see Deadpool.

    But everything’s fucking problematic these days. Including the word problematic.

    1. As far as I’m concerned, the orignal Zoolander is an important part of cultural literacy. You HAVE to see it.

      I didn’t know there was a second one. I assume Ben Stiller needed another vacation house?

      1. Films that serve as a vehicle for offensive humor should certainly not be shown on college campuses, any more than inappropriately deadpan “parody” mocking a distinguished academic department chairman should be tolerated in institutions like New York University. This proposition has been clearly enunciated by the courts, with only one foolish “First Amendment dissent,” authored by a single, isolated judge who has now quite logically been removed from the bench because of his advanced age. See the documentation of America’s leading criminal “satire” case at:


    2. The Problematics is a great band name.

  3. Deadpool was a great film made even better by Morena Baccarin.

    1. I’ll be in my bunk.

      1. I’ll be in her bunk.

      1. That guy looks like the worst waiter Chili’s ever had.

    2. Squirrelz!! But not much wrong with two Jaynes.

      1. And a libertarian to boot? Two words: pussy magnet.

      2. Stop this crazy thing.

    3. Ryan Reynolds has worked with some astoundingly hot actresses. The chick from Green Lantern was an 11, too.

      1. That’s because he’s hot. Too douchey for my taste though

        1. Mrs. Tundra didn’t care much for the movie itself, but gave naked Ryan Reynolds the enthusiastic thumbs-up.

          Oh, and I think he married the chick from Green Lantern.

      2. The chick from Green Lantern, Blake Lively, is so hot he married her. Seriously. They just had a kid.

        1. She’s also an atrocious actress, so I’m glad she decided to focus on giving the world new Reynoldses rather than acting.

          1. I was hoping her career would get more and more desperate and she would eventually end up in soft-core porn or something. Her rack is a gift from God and she is doing the world a disservice by keeping it to herself.

            1. Apparently she’s keeping it to herself and Ryan Reynolds.

              1. Their kid gets to use it, too.

  4. I get that the school thinks Zoolander 2 is offensive, but showing Deadpool as a punishment seems a little harsh.

    1. Why? Deadpool was a great movie.

    2. Could have been worse; they could have screened G.I. Joe, but that might fall under ‘cruel and unusual’.

      1. You mean GI Jane?

        1. I actually liked that movie. I was in the Navy then so that might have something to do with it.

          It wasn’t the statement that they might have been trying to make with it, I just have always thought that the SEAL stuff was pretty damn cool, and I always thought Demi was a decent actress.

    3. They made a great decision for entirely the wrong reason.

      Showing Deadpool instead of Zoolander 1 or 2 — good call.

  5. At some point aren’t we better off patting them on the head and saying “that’s nice” and moving on? Why give them the attention they obviously so desperately crave?

    1. Because if we don’t, they’ll end up blocking traffic, and I have places to be.

      1. Because if we don’t, they’ll end up blocking traffic

        *Fd’A ponders the grille guard on his truck…smiles*

        1. Eventually we’ll be caravaning between refuges in armored transit buses a la RE: Extinction, plowing through masses of shambling, snarling, slow-witted protesters.

    2. Hmm, suspect there are canisters of sarin gas degrading in a bunker, dangerously, that could be expended at this campus for the safety of some random children. Patting on the head will encourage the little fuckers.

    3. Patting them on the head would probably be considered by some to be rape or some form of assault.

      The logic behind all of this dictates such.

  6. “I’ve seen Zoolander, but not it’s sequel. The second film has been criticized for the problematic manner in which it introduces a possibly transgender character, “All,” played by Benedict Cumberbatch.”

    Zoolander isn’t just bad for Trans people, Robby, it’s a step back for us all.

    “Gender is a prison we all live in ? “men don’t cry”, “women are nurturing”, “women can’t read maps and men can’t multitask”. We’re all diminished and restricted by sweeping statements defining boy and girl, our expectations and disappointments with ourselves, the way we look, what we enjoy, and the choices we make. Many of us cis people don’t spend much time thinking about why we identify as our gender, what has been thrust upon us by expectation and conditioning and how it is making our lives worse. We apologise for not liking sport or not wanting to hold someone’s baby when it is the concept of gender that is wrong. Bodies have a sex, but gender is a thing we made up, like your star sign or nationality. It doesn’t really say anything about who you are. The destruction of gender binary would free everybody.”

    Clearly this was a completely reasonable reaction to a shitty Ben Stiller movie.

    1. It doesn’t really say anything about who you are.

      This is perhaps the most ironically irony-impaired thing I’ve ever seen. In the last half-hour. If all this identity-politics shit doesn’t say anything about who you are then why the hell won’t you shut the fuck up about it for five goddamn minutes?

    2. How would denying basic biological facts ‘free’ anybody?

    3. “Many of us cis people don’t spend much time thinking about why we identify as our gender, what has been thrust upon us by expectation and conditioning…”

      How many more studies do we need that show nature, not nurture, is overwhelmingly responsible for what we are? I’ve read countless articles written by parents who did their damndest to raise their kids without trying to pigeon hole them, only to be amazed that their daughter likes dolls or their boy likes to play cowboys and indians.

      1. What I don’t understand is this: If gender is totally a social construct, how can someone be born transgendered? If someone can be born transgendered, that means gender is *innate* and some people are just born with a gender that conflicts with the gender most people of their sex have.

        If you believe people are born transgendered, then gender has to be innate and determined by your brain chemistry or something.

        1. They identify as being born the other gender. Their feelings make it real, like when Pinocchio wishes upon a star to become a real boy.

        2. You might not realize it because you are a racist, but there’s been a major schism between new wave (or whatever they’re calling themselves) feminist SJW thought and LBGTQPGABBQ SJW thought over exactly this. When you live by identity politics, you die by identity politics.

          1. Yeah, it’s a big mistake to assume that all of the identity politics nuts are on the same page. The Us v. Them way of looking at the world leads to a lot of oversimplification. Happens quite a lot here (though much of it is probably at least partly joking).

          2. Why would me being a racist impact my understanding of feminist infighting?

            Geez, you’re getting lazy

            1. Geez, you’re getting lazy


        3. Great point. The core idea, as your quote states, is that sex really IS biology, and thus must be corrected by medical intervention should the person feel that their biological sex is wrong. I get that. I don’t grok it, but I understand it enough to appreciate that the statement is meaningful enough to the person making it that they are willing to incur great personal risk and hardship to achieve it. I’m a libertarian, so the mere statement, “This is what I want” is enough for me.
          But, SJWs have been yammering away that gender is a construct. So, whence cometh the term “transgender”, and why must medicine be employed to correct it? If it’s a social construct, CHANGE YOUR MIND. Be a cock in a frock, no snipping required. Take the tired old ideas of gender and toss them. However, if what they’re really seeking requires surgery, the proper term (according to the terms that they themselves have used) is “transsexual”: the surgical alteration of biological SEX characteristics (or at least their outward appearance).
          Of course, another question then arises: If gender is a mere construct completely unrelated to biology, and if we’re all gender-neutral (but sex-specific) males and females, then what does it mean when one wishes to alter their sex to match their gender? The very concept implies a connection between the sex and gender that they claim doesn’t exist.

      2. If nurture were the end-all and be-all of personal proclivities, my children would be neat, eat their vegetables and never run in the house. There would also be far fewer fart jokes.

        1. There would also be far fewer fart jokes.

          What kind of a monster are you?

        2. Fart jokes are a feature, not a bug.

      3. cowboys and indians


        1. What about Cowboys and Aliens?

        2. Yes, I’m old. I guess tomorrow’s grandparents will reminisce about playing vigilantes and zombies.

          1. It’s simple: if the cowboys are the good guys and the indians are the bad guys, that’s Eurocentric racism. If the indians are the good guys and the cowboys are the bad guys, that’s cultural appropriation and homophobia to boot. In either case it’s a celebration of violence and conquest.

    4. It never fails to amuse me that the same people who scream loudly about how there’s no biological difference between men and women also scream loudly about how much better the world would be if women ran it because women cooperate and listen more and blah blah blah….IOW, because of traits that supposedly women (who have no innate difference from men) have that men don’t have.

      Pick a fucking side already. There either IS something biologically innate to being a man or a woman, thus the poor mentally ill people who are convinced they are truly something that they’re not are simply delusional, or there isn’t any difference, and they can shut the fuck up about how women do this better or how having women involved in something brings a perspective that men can’t provide or whatever.

      1. It never fails to amuse me that the same people who scream loudly about how there’s no biological difference between men and women also scream loudly about how much better the world would be if women ran it because women cooperate and listen more and blah blah blah

        When a “feminist” hits me with this one, I ask them if there is any way in which women, as a group, are worse than man. They usually stammers and then tells me that they can’t think of one.

        Their actual argument is :

        Men and women are exactly the same, except in all the ways that men are worse than women.

        You may recognize this argument from somewhere…

        1. Kindergarten?

          1. I was going for “turn-of-the-century Progressive eugenic assholes’ perspectives on ‘inferior’ races” but you’re not too far off the mark…

    5. Try taking directions from my wive and then tell me woman can read maps…

  7. Deadpool is offensive to burn victims and those born with debilitating skin conditions

    1. Progressives are offensive to humans. Need to build poison dorms for these little turds that are like roach motels. Progtarded students check in but they don’t check out.

    2. And avacados, esp. horny avacados

  8. It’s truly offensive that Ben Stiller even collects a paycheck.

    Middle of the road dreck.

    1. He did direct, write, produce, and star in Tropic Thunder.

      1. +1 What do you mean, “you people?” What do YOU mean, “you people?”

        1. I’m just a dude, playing a dude, disguised as another dude!

          Even the DVD menu for Tropic Thunder is a masterpiece.

          1. I had given up on him long before Tropic Thunder.

            1. He was also in There’s Something About Mary. Ben Stiller has churned out some impressive drivel, but he was also a part of two of the funniest movies EVER.

            2. If you (or anyone reading) decide to watch it, don’t view the trailer or read a synopsis. It will be better blind.

            3. I quit after Scorcher 3.

              1. “The kids aren’t dressing as Scorcher for Purim anymore.”

          2. One of those rare comedies that I felt I only caught about 1/3 of the jokes. I need to watch it again.

      2. As a writer and director he’s done a lot of good stuff.

  9. No one should strive to be so fragile.

    Ah, yes, no one should, but college students seem to be trying really hard to out-fragile one another in the last couple of years.

  10. It is so easy to make mock “the school” for this latest farce. But I don’t think that is quite fair. The type of kid who wants to be in student government is the type of kid who wants to make decisions for other people, and that type of person is not representative of the average student. It’s the same with our national politics. I don’t want someone to point at me and call me a snowflake or an idiot because Nancy Pelosi says “there’s nothing left to cut.”

    1. The type of kid who wants to be in student government is the type of kid who wants to make decisions for other people, and that type of person is not representative of the average student.

      The revealed preference of most of the populace, student or not, is that they want to make a fuckton of decisions for other people.

    2. I’m starting to come to the conclusion that all of this garbage is just pure fascist power politics. No one can be this stupid, even a 20-year old prog.

  11. SPOILER ALERT: I haven’t seen either film yet.

    1. I hate the hell out of myself for having enjoyed the hell out of Zoolander 1

      1. Why? Zoolander 1 is a frickin masterpiece.

  12. One of the paradoxes about this kind of thing is that if the students are so oppressed, why can they force people to do what they want just by claiming they’re offended?

    If they were actually oppressed, the cops would respond by beating the shit out of them.

    1. Kids these days can’t even get oppressed properly. Hell, they’re not even on my lawn.

    2. I’ll be in my bunk…. I mean, that would be wrong!

  13. Wildly OT: The Killer Hiding in the CDC Map

    This is a few days old, but I missed it. Details the source and coverup of the cholera epidemic in Haiti.

    1. Yeah, like I am supposed to believe poosl of tainted poo could cause potential health issues.

    2. (At the time, most people thought cholera?a bacterial disease?was a product of either bad odors, moral and physical weakness, or the wrath of God.)

      And what does your precious germ theory say about bad odors, moral and physical weakness, and the wrath of God spreading germs that cause cholera, smart guy?

    3. This is a fascinating link, but:

      The Obama administration and the U.S. government did not want the U.N. to be held accountable, because doing so might persuade other people elsewhere to hold U.S. peacekeeping missions accountable?and because the U.S. foots about a quarter of the U.N. peacekeeping budget.

      I’m sure the apology-tour president would not mind pinning this entire thing on the U.S. if not for having to be reflexively defensive of the U.N.

      1. In fact, this is such an absurd contention I can’t believe even a Slate author managed to put it on paper. According to Obama, the United States has been responsible for just about every major cataclysm during his tenure. Global warming? A failure of the U.S. to take charge and sharply reduce carbon emissions. Instability in the middle east? The fault of proactive interventions by the U.S. Russia annexing the Crimea, China squaring off against us? The byproducts of America’s aggressive foreign policy and inability to secure compromises within the U.N.. Ending the Cuban embargo means the United States is no longer oppressing Cubans; relaxing immigration restrictions means the same for Latin American immigrants. Detente with Iran means an end to the hostility we inspired and the start of cooperation. Even our freewheeling financial sector is the scourge of foreign lenders and their home citizens. Obama is reflexively anti-U.S. and pro-U.N. The only explanation as to why he wouldn’t condemn the latter is that he can’t risk delegitimizing it.

        1. And then he admits that perhaps the only agency capable of holding the U.N. accountable… is the U.S. justice department.

          Meanwhile, a lawsuit against the U.N. itself, in which Ban and Mulet are named defendants, is wending through U.S. federal court. The U.S. Justice Department has appeared at each session to argue on behalf of the U.N., against the Haitian victims.

          Yep, we’re the bad guys here.

  14. Hey…Snowflakes…fuck off…I don’t care.

  15. The other thing Deadpool has going for it is that it shows a superhero taking it up the ass from his girlfriend, and if anybody’s a superhero to social justice warriors, it’s a guy who takes it up the ass.

    I mean, what could be better than that?

    1. what could be better than that?

      Wearing a snuggie and cuddling with your special someone while binging on the latest season of Girls?

    2. It would be offensive to them because it plays it as a joke. He should be enthusiastic about being pegged.

  16. The film “Can You Take a Joke” will most certainly be found offensive, to those who cannot take a joke, and be banned from most college campuses.

  17. Proving my theory…once again….that Blazing Saddles could never be made again at this day and age.

    it’s a shame we are so afraid of each other.

  18. More OT-ness: That awful Jack Ohman won the Pulitzer for editorial cartooning.

    Second place was Ben Stiller in a rubber fountain pen costume with a label on it.

  19. I’m surprised they haven’t gone after The Life of Brian yet.

    1. (I can’t say it’s exactly my favorite movie, but if it pisses off the crazies, I wouldn’t mind trolling them with it)

    2. Because Life of Brian also makes fun of Christianity so it’s okay since it pisses off Christfags

  20. I’ve seen both of those films. One thing that the school seems to miss is that Wilson and Stiller’s characters are supposed to be dumb as can be, so the joke being made with that scene with All is not at All’s expense: it’s at the main character idiots.

    Also, while a guy taking it in the butt from his girlfriend is something they probably would like, I would think that the huge, pansexual family unit of Wilson’s character should be even more “inclusive”.

    1. Oh, and yeah, Zoolander 2 was not great, but it still got a few laughs. It certainly wasn’t anything as terrible as no alt-text.

  21. It’s always a good choice to not show Zoolander, or any sequels.

  22. No one should strive to be so fragile.

    If the market, and by “market” I mean government, is paying for fragility then fragility will be supplied.

  23. Not letting me see Zealander 2 is offensive to me; me being a member of a marginalized community, of which I am a transgender, tri-sexual, tri-racial, unnaturalized immigrant.

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  25. These people never take ownership of their own lives.

    They rely on other people’s good intentions to leave them alone, so that advising young ladies to get drunk less often if victim shaming. They rely on others to come rescue them.

    When other people fail, they’ve developed no methods of standing on their own feet.

    Then they wonder why their whole life is so fucking miserable.

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  27. Funny how college life turns the best and brightest into helpless infants who need guidance on everything including what movies they watch in spite of the fact that they probably had less “oversight” as college bound teens. Having a debate in the public square or any other purely notional place is beyond stupid when you employ bureaucrats to do little more than start them. Lectures occur a few hours out of a “work” day and usually consist of a professor or grad student reading from someone else’s notes or just talking to a blackboard while writing on it. College libraries are underutilized , never have enough computers and coffee bars, and are never good places to study in, although they do have books. And campuses never have enough parking spaces, a sore point especially to those to realize that living on campus makes studying difficult.

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  29. Well… at least they chose something good to watch, as opposed to putting on Care Bears or something thinking nobody will be offended by it. Though I’m sure that somebody somewhere is offended by Care Bears since people are offended by literally anything nowadays.

  30. Well… at least they chose something good to watch, as opposed to putting on Care Bears or something thinking nobody will be offended by it. Though I’m sure that somebody somewhere is offended by Care Bears since people are offended by literally anything nowadays.

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  34. This is Donald Trump’s most shocking statement yet,
    However the mainstream media isn’t saying a word about it!
    What are they really trying to cover up?

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