It Takes Exactly Four Tweets From Non-Eyewitnesses to Tar a City as Racist

New York Daily News irresponsibly reports that Cub Jason Heyward was 'blitzed with N-word taunts from Cardinals fans'


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"Jason Heyward blitzed with N-word taunts from Cardinals fans in return to Busch Stadium," ran the jaw-dropping headline in today's New York Daily News. Heyward, who played for the Cardinals last year before signing a free-agent contract in the offseason with the rival Chicago Cubs, is black. Cardinals fans until pretty recently were famous for being super nice, and are still famous for being super knowledgeable, so this story was especially distressing. Here's the original wording in the News:

Jason Heyward's return to St. Louis was marred with racial slurs.

In addition to booing, ESPN crowd mics picked up multiple Cardinals fans yelling the N-word at the new Chicago Cubs right fielder, who played last season for the Redbirds.

Must have had some pretty solid reporting to back up those confident assertions, right? Think again. The sum total of evidence supporting this bold claim was four tweets.

One was from Cub fan and BP Wrigleyville contributor Isaac Bennet, saying nothing specific about an N-word: "ESPN needs to be *very* careful with opening up their crowd mics. There are absolutely nasty things being said right now towards Heyward." Upon being challenged about whether he really heard something horrible, Bennett tweeted "You could literally hear it on the broadcast."

The second tweet came from Bradley Ard, who describes himself as an "Equality activist, injured guitarist, and all-around geek" who does not care for people who are "homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, [or] racist." Ard, whose tweets are protected, is quoted by the News as writing "Hey, #Cards fans! While you were too busy yelling the N-word and booing Heyward, the #Cubs were busy winning!"

The third tweet is from musician Jr Terrazas: "Hey @Cardinals how about addressing your racist fans calling Heyward the N-Word?" And the fourth, from someone named A.J. Manuzzi, no longer exists, but at some point said, "Jason Heyward has been referred to via N-word 2x already on audio by Cardinal fans in return to St. Louis. Stay classy #BestFansInBigotry."

So did ESPN mics really pick up fans saying the N-word? Not according to officials from ESPN and the St. Louis Cardinals who reviewed the tapes, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "Officials with both the network and the Cardinals said later in the day that they were unable to find [evidence.]" The paper also noted that the Daily News article has since been updated; now the magic word "alleged" appears in the headline; the name "ESPN" has been removed in front of "crowd mics," and some other hedging has been introduced.

So to sum up: Based on exactly four tweets from people who were not (as far as we can tell) at the ballpark, and who were mostly or all Cubs fans, the Daily News stated, originally as indisputable fact, that multiple fans at a Cardinals game yelled "Nigger!" at a black man in a highly public setting. With no audio corroboration, no iPhone footage, no eyewitness testimony, and despite the fact that that widely reviled slur is an ejectable offense at Cardinals games.

So surely this bit of journalistic irresponsibility wouldn't be passed on wholesale as the factual truth? Ha ha, j/k.

"Cubs' Jason Heyward Called N-Word In Return To St. Louis," ran the headline at CBS Detroit. "Racism at the ballpark: Cubs star Jason Heyward called N-word, booed by fans in his return to St. Louis," blared Salon, adding in a factually dubious subhed that "ESPN mics picked up multiple Cardinals fans yelling the N-word at Heyward for his so-called betrayal." Fox 2 Now St. Louis at least added some new tweets to the allegation, including one from a guy ("That Brown Guy," to be precise) that at least referenced having friends at the game who "feel very uncomfortable."

How bad was the by-now widely disseminated Daily News report? This bad: Deadspin, the sports arm of Gawker, conducted an exhaustive examination of all available audio evidence, and concluded with the headline "No, ESPN Did Not Air Cardinals Fans Yelling Racial Slurs At Jason Heyward." Better luck next time!

As we keep learning, the evidentiary bar for calling people racist is appallingly low, even among institutions that are supposed to be in the corroboration business. Thank Buddha there's a universe of smartasses ready to use the BS detector that newspapers once prided themselves on.  

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  1. As we keep learning, the evidentiary bar for calling people racist is appallingly low, even among institutions that are supposed to be in the corroboration business. Thank Buddha there’s a universe of smartasses ready to use the BS detector that newspapers once prided themselves on.

    “Online Media: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.”


    1. Lol

    2. Lol

    3. Lol

    4. Lol

      *that makes 4, it’s official*

  2. “Not going to hit many home runs?”

  3. St Louis fans? That’s highly dubious even at a Cubs player.

    Philly? Sure. Boston? Likely. LA? Probable. St Louis? No fucking way.

    1. LA fans will kick your ass.

      1. Not mine. I was smart enough to never sit in the left field bleachers.

        1. You never want to to sit in the left field bleachers.

          1. They’re the only bleachers I’ve ever been kicked out of.

            1. Fond memories of sitting in the bleachers ar Fenway. Couldn’t see the games for shit, but we had drunken brawls in the stands. Yankees games were the best for hooliganry.

              1. Dodger Stadium security sucks. I did some things that warranted getting kicked out, but I never got caught.

                Then, I do 1 minor little thing, and boom, I’m in the parking lot for 7 innings.

  4. Seems like these types of stories turn out to be fabricated 100% of the time. Everytime time I see a story about some racist or homophobic slur showing up somewhere I just assume that the accuser did it themselves because it always turns out that way.…..ave-video/

    1. It’s the consequence of our culture lionizing every “victim” and giving them a national platform for contrived sympathy. Given the far left’s ascendancy in the kulturkampf it’s not likely these hate hoaxes are going to abate any time soon.

    2. Twitter is mostly a haven for Alinskyite SJW schmucks and JournoLists (but I repeat myself).

  5. OMG, OMFG, Welch went and printed the N-word, not “N-word” but the fucking N-word. I can’t even..My left arm kinda hurts and ..I..can’t…catch….my brea…oh god, oh god…this is the big one, you hear that, I coming to join ya liza……

    1. You know, if you can drag that to 1200 words, Salon might pick it up for their “I used to be a libertarian, but then…” series.

    2. +1 junkyard

    3. Yes, thank you Welch for actually using “Nigger!” in the article.

      /off to watch The Dambusters….

      1. OMG, OMFG, Ted S. went and printed the N-word, not “N-word” but the fucking N-word. I can’t feel my toes,,why can’t I feel my toes?!?, ..Oh god,.. everything’s. going black, and I’m cold, so cold…. so…..cold……so…c……

  6. “…who describes himself as an “Equality activist, injured guitarist, and all-around geek” who does not care for people who are “homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, [or] racist.”

    Otherwise known as self-righteous twit?

    1. “Injured activist, all-around guitarist, and equality geek” who does not care for people who are “phobic-phobic, homo-trans, and homomisotheliomic.”

      Or, you know, good old fashioned racist.

    2. What the hell is an injured guitarist? Did he get a blister?

      1. I just read it as “special snowflake”.

        1. That’s ‘disabled guitarist’.

      2. Tony Iomi lost the tips of the fingers on his fretting hand in an industrial accident.

      3. It allows him to pick up hipster girls without having to actually learn guitar

        1. “even though I can’t play anymore, the music is still inside me…in my soul baby!…Show me your tits”

    3. “… and who is not cared for by people not suffering from a rabid case of self-loathing.”

  7. Whether a small collection of people dropped the N bomb or not doesn’t mean an entire city is racist. Ridiculous. It’s been my experience you can’t gather more than 10 people in a setting without at least one of them being a complete asshole.

    *looks around the room, whistles and walks away*


    1. Now that the asshole has left, me and the other 8 people can enjoy ourselves.


      1. Thing is that we’re all assholes which is why the attempt to make being an asshole illegal is basically just institutionalizing tyranny.

        1. I knew it. I’m surrounded by assholes!

          1. Keep firing assholes!

  8. Keep relying on Twitter for facts!

  9. I thought St. Louis was already tarred as racist, since Ferguson at least. They may as well say “nigger” more often now.

  10. Where there’s the mildest tendrils of smoke, there’s clearly a raging bonfire of racism.

    1. And a rag like the Daily News with a can of kerosene.

  11. If I can’t get obscenely drunk and shout nigger randomly at a baseball game, I don’t even want to be an American anymore.

  12. Is Twitter a viable original news source or not?

    1. What the fuck is a “Twitter”?

  13. What would you say someone is or how would you describe someone who has to let you know, unsolicited of course, that they are:

    “do not care for people who are “homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, [or] racist.”

    1. Is there a definition?

      1. Should have read Sevo above.

        Perhaps virtue signaling, self promotion, self absorption

        1. I like the concept of altruistic punishment. It’s not original to this author (and I highly recommend reading the book, it’s very short but revealing), but it captures the thrill some people enjoy in seeing social transgressors get their comeuppance. It’s true of every ideological tribe, ours included?I mean, just downthread someone mentioned one of the four tweeters getting lambasted on his own feed, and I enjoy that. But the social justice crowd, much like the “Amanda Knox is guilty” partisans, are unmoored from reality and any sense of proportionality or justice. So that useful function social shaming serves is weaponized as a way to destroy people rather than merely censure bad behavior.

    2. Social signaler. That’s all it is.

    3. Compensating either for their own latent bigotries, or a total absence of self-worth. Civility should be a virtue to which people aspire, but it’s not the same thing as character or worthiness. These people want to wear civility as an armor, want to make it their identity, because they have nothing else to offer the world. They are worthless.

      1. Zing. I like that and will apply it liberally at the next opportunity.

    4. If somebody tells me, unsolicited, that they are against child molestation, the first thing I’m going to do is check their trunk for dead bodies.

      1. You know who I hate? Alchoholics and Porn addicts.

        1. *raises eyebrow*

        2. I hate really good looking people who are awesome in the sack.

          1. I find your comment othering.

      2. It’s really only a cause that works in tandem with critical theory. By itself it’s just a witch hunt with very few deserving victims, an eccentric passion to have in a world as indolent and plentiful as ours. You just can’t get too worked up except for the occasional basket case like that shooter in one of the Carolinas whose name I’ve thankfully forgotten.

        So the key is conjecturing a racial conspiracy of which open bigotry is only one face. That way you can impugn many more people on much more limited evidence for being imperialists and colonizers and appropriators and oppressors and whatever else because they wear dreadlocks, sing Beyonce, or whatever gets these twits’ panties twisted.

        1. ^^^ Check this guy’s trunk for black bodies ^^^^

          1. +1 Ta-Nehisi

          2. I keep the black body in my bed, and believe me, she’s happy there.

            1. I dated a black chick once, she wanted me to take her to ‘Funky Town’ but it wasn’t listed in the Thomas Guide index.

              1. Thomas Guide. Goddamn you’re old.

  14. The Daily News has a duty to pander to its readers, who demand sensationalist left-wing news 24×7. If there’s no crime in msu (making shit up), why not?

  15. Well, that Issac Bennet tool is getting hammered on twitter for his tweets.

  16. The right fielder is near!

    1. He said the right fielder is near!


    It really is a religion.

    1. “Doing nothing leaves an unthinkable burden — possibly an unlivable planet — for generations, the canvasser told me. And people most affected by warming now tend to be those, like Pacific islanders, who burn little of the fuels that cause global warming.”

      1. And people most affected by warming now tend to be those, like Pacific islanders, who burn little of the fuels that cause global warming

        Yes, they just depend on the rest of the world to do it for them and then ship the results (burning fuel in the process, no less) to them.

        A lot of the Pacific Islands would be inhabited by a fraction of their current populations if not for the ability to trade with places that can burn “the fuels that cause global warming”.

        1. I’m not trying to be mean to Pacific Islanders here, but rather to the idiots who hold them up as hapless victims of a global conspiracy.

    2. Cheap and proven fix…..

      Lost me at the title.

      1. Lol yep. The funny thing is i do agree a carbon tax would limit emissions….however that is not the same as a fix.

    3. All hail, the great Ice Glacier!

  18. Yet more evidence that social media is not the problem: lazy practitioners of mainstream media are the problem.

    Watching the Twitverse and your MyFriendsterBook is not reporting, and no amount of twits constitutes actual news …until someone in journalism? makes it news.

    1. Don’t watch the morning news shows then. I think half their material comes from reddit and twitter.

  19. “It Takes Exactly Four Tweets From Non-Eyewitnesses to Tar a City as Racist”.

    Collectivism FTW!

  20. These are Cardinals fans. You ever see the @BestFansStLouis twitter account? Using that word would be the least bad thing those idiot fans do.

    (hate them so much…)

  21. The Celtics’ 7 1st Qtr points are the fewest ever scored in the 1st Qtr of a playoff game since the shot clock was introduced in 1954-55.

  22. OT, via Welch’s twitter feed:

    NY Rep. Peter King: I’ll take cyanide if Cruz gets the nomination

    I think I’m going to have to make a donation to Mr. Cruz’s candidacy.

    1. Awesome. Best thing I’ve heard yet to convince me to vote.

    2. I’m sure King will keep saying that until he is blue in the face.


      2. What you have done here, it was observed.

    3. Vote for me and Peter King will kill himself is best campaign slogan ever.

    4. Gary Johnson might not be able to top that for my vote.

  23. Metallica: Band’s Manager Peter Mensch Says YouTube Is ‘the Devil’
    “YouTube, they’re the devil. We don’t get paid at all,” he said during a BBC Radio 4 documentary. Mensch went on to critique the site’s business model.

    1. Is Metallica the whiniest band ever?

      1. For a band that hasn’t released anything worthwhile in 30 years they sure manage to get themselves in the news a lot.

        1. I think they actually sued a tribute band once. That’s just douchey.

          1. Yeah, but so are ‘tribute bands’.

      2. What’s Coldplay, chopped liver?

    2. Don’t they have a DMCA guy?

  24. Just found out that there’s a Magnificent Seven remake starring Denzel and Chris Pratt.

    The original was perfect. Therefore this one will not be able to measure up.

    The Professionals was another perfect western as was McCabe & Mrs. Miller so I expect those to be fucked with as well.

    1. Don’t you mean a Seven Samurai remake?

      1. Guns swords.

        And I’d rather watch Mexicans die than Japanese…

        1. Goddamn squirrel ate my greater than sign!

          1. He’s only into anime if it’s tentacle porn.

            1. Imagine my disappointment when I went to see Octopussy.

    2. I never did see the True Grit remake. I heard it was decent but I just don’t feel like I need to see a remake.

      1. It was really good. I was shocked. I watched them back-to-back and the new one was not quite as good but it brought no shame upon the title.

        1. The young lady in both movies was extraordinarily annoying.

          1. I liked them both.

          2. “The young lady in both movies was extraordinarily annoying.”

            I figured you for some kind of kneeler!

      2. Ricardo Cortez was the ultimate Sam Spade. 😉

        1. Goddamn kike Jacob Krantz appropriating Latino culture!

    3. A friend just told me about the magnificent seven remake. Antoine Fuqua sucks.

      1. If a remake is attempted of The Wild Bunch I assume all the hard asses that were involved with that movie will collectively rise up from their graves to wreak havoc.

        1. Zombie Wild Bunch would be a must watch for me and I hate the zombie (and all undead) tropes.

          1. I’d pay to see Zombie Warren Oates.

  25. I’ve been to several Cardinal-Cub games in St. Louis.
    If one of those honkies just said “nigger” instead of “fucking nigger”?well, that was them being nice.

  26. Black people should “just get over it”, right Matt?

    1. Way to miss the point douchebag

      1. Matt is trying to put y’all back in chains?

        1. Just Alice

          1. + 1 Layne Staley

      2. “Way to miss the point douchebag”

        Hell, that’s as close as Alice ever gets to understanding an argument.
        Alice; *5* bricks short of a load.

    2. Um… I think the point is it never happened.

      1. Stop whitesplaining…you just don’t get it!

  27. that multiple fans at a Cardinals game yelled “Nigger!”

    Ruh oh, Raggy!

    You mean they didn’t shout “The N Word”?

    Here’e hoping Matt isn’t lynched.

  28. OMG, I’ve never heard the N-word uttered so many times in the space of under four minutes!

    1. Imagine how you’d feel if everywhere you went, people called you “nigger guy.”

  29. Neither here nor there….

    But I clicked a link to a NYT article… and I got this =

    The New York Times
    We can’t go on like this.

    Please disable your ad blocker to view our site.

    it does actually include the ability to dismiss it, and go on reading the article, but the pleading nature of it made me laugh.

    1. Forbes and the Telegraph both require disabling ad blockers now. It seems to be a spreading trend.

      1. I think its overall a good thing.

        Some of these sites are going to have to learn a fine-balance between advertising and annoying. the more power you give the consumer, the better the products.

        CNN and the other major network sites (ABC, CBS, NBC, etc) all tend to lock up my browser with their bullshit autoplay video and other useless crap. Its gotten to the point where I just want to blacklist their domains to prevent ever linking to them.

        1. The local newspaper/TV sites are some of the worst. I find them unusable unless I allow 27 different scripts.

      2. I’m sure AdBlocker will work around it eventually.

        BTW, I also use it to block those annoying “headers” that have popped up on every site lately – the ones that break using the space bar for reading articles. I zap away three or four of them a day.

      3. Forbes at least offers you “thirty days ad-lite experience” in exchange for whitelisting their site. Gilmore is right, it’s a positive sign. So of course NYT bungled it.

    2. this is what i actually read, which also made me laugh

      on West 72nd Street on Tuesday, two close friends, retirees and Democrats who had met through a Jewish men’s group, made the mistake of discussing how they had voted.

      Mark Fleischer, 79, favored Mrs. Clinton; Abraham Hershow, 88, backed Mr. Sanders.

      “Sanders,” said Mr. Fleischer, “I can’t stand how he talks and we don’t need a socialist. That leaves me with Hillary, I guess. She’s experienced and I like her husband.”

      Mr. Hershow shook his head emphatically. “I can’t stand someone who takes hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches,” he said, referring to Mrs. Clinton.

      Mr. Fleischer cut him off. “How come?” he pressed his friend. “Good for her.”

      “Look, look, the issue here is money and power,” Mr. Hershow shot back. “Just read Paul Krugman.”

      Mr. Fleischer rolled his eyes.

      “You know what?” said Mr. Hershow. “We should avoid talking politics if we’re going to remain friends.”

      On that they could agree, allowing Mr. Fleischer to move on to the next order of business. “Oh shut up!” he yelled at a man who sped by on a motorcycle.

      It also included some quotes from a Hasidic guy in Wburg who was pro-trump and thought Sanders was “crazy”.

      1. “Get off my stoop!”

      2. That’s parody, right?

        Look, if you’re spitting out partisan headlines with anything approaching vehemence… maybe politics isn’t your thing. There’s no shame in having better things to do.

        1. That’s parody, right?


  30. I spoke too soon, this is the most N-words you’re going to hear at one time.

  31. As a split Card/Rangers fan who used to go to St. Louis a lot when he lived around there, I can attest that this probably didn’t happen since 100% of the population of St. Louis is black.

    It kind of sucks when your favorite city is one of the shittiest ones in America : ( Thank Zod for Cleveland and Detroit, to make good ol’ Saint Louis look somewhat respectable.

    1. I guess if by “100%” you mean “47.5%”.

      1. I dunno, I never saw another white person there in all the times I’ve visited.

        Not once.

        1. We are on the outskirts.

      2. Every percentage is 8%.

  32. The most offensive N-word song ever

    Seriously, don’t click on it, you’ll just get mad.

      1. I don’t think you trust my links any more.

        You can trust this one to be offensive.

        1. No, I just don’t click random youtube links.

          1. Thank you, those were what I was looking for.

  33. University administrators can identify with the constant need for funds. The Maryland Jesuits who ran Georgetown needed money for their struggling institution in 1838…so they sold 272 slaves down the river* to New Orleans.

    Now a wealthy alumnus and a professor, with some others, set up a project to track down the descendants of those slaves.

    * They may have been shipped by sea, “sold down the river” is just an expression

    1. Is the school hard up for cash again and they’re going to hit these folks up for money?

      1. Nice. I clicked this one because I knew what it was going to be.

  34. Is there anything Jeremy Wade can’t do?

    1. I dunno. Can he refine Uranium?

  35. Samantha Power: US Ambassador to UN’s Motorcade Fatally Hits 7-Year-Old Boy in Cameroon
    Cameroon’s Ministry of Defense said one of Power’s motorcades struck and killed a boy who crossed the road Monday. Power and her aides were on their way to meet refugees in the Minawao camp.

    This administration just has it in for innocent kids.

    1. In her defense she made promises to refugees that she won’t keep.

    2. That Irish banshee was the one who pushed the Obama administration to bomb Libya.

  36. OT : You know what I think is the worst with the Derpbook ? The algorithm (that decides what to show to you). You try to engage into one civilized discussion with an uneducated idiot (and I include myself in the lot) and then : WHAM! You’re stucked having to go thru 3 or 5 Pro-Transgender Feel the Bern quotes a day. Painful

    1. make that overly-educated. Where is that edit button !?

    2. I stopped visiting the main page after they did that. Now I only click on important stuff that arrives in my email (invites, replies).

  37. The USS Iowa oopsie-boom was 27 years ago. Goddamn. How can it be that long ago?

  38. I may have missed it elsewhere, but apparently Conor McGregor has announced he’s rage-quitting UFC since they insist he’s required to do promos for them and he doesn’t want to do that sort of thing. You’re not just a fighter Conor, just as Barry Bonds wasn’t just a baseball player or Randy Moss just a football player – you’re an entertainer and you gotta do some stuff you don’t want to do to keep generating the cashflow. (Not a big fan of MMA but I know who the guy is and I’m pretty sure the sport has been good to him. There’s a give-and-take thing here with athletes that some of them don’t quite seem to catch on to.)

    1. He’ll be back.

    2. Conor McGregor has announced he’s rage-quitting UFC since they insist he’s required to do promos for them and he doesn’t want to do that sort of thing.

      This guy had no career as of 18-20 months ago, and now ‘he’s too big for the sport’

      Didn’t he lose his last fight to Nate Diaz, and badly? I’m going to go watch that now just for shodden-froy

      Rhywun is correct – he’s not going anywhere. He seems to be trying to borrow from Trump’s playbook by “Being such an asshole that you’re always in the press”; i’m not sure it will work outside of politics as well as he might think. at least not indefinitely

  39. Chasing you people down is hard.


    I stand by my assertion (having been to my own fair share of sporting events in my life) that North America is a model of civility next to Europe.

    1. North America is a model of civility next to Europe

      Depends on the country. England seems to improved dramatically – mostly by pricing out the yobs, I think. The other “northern” countries seem pretty tame. Italy… well, uh…

      1. I took a Turkish friend to a baseball game and he could not believe the safe, family atmosphere. He says that you would no more take your children to a soccer game in Turkey than take them to a riot.

  40. I think more likely it was “Traitor”, since he played for the Cardinals last year and chose to play for the Cubs for less money

    1. ^Correct.

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    1. Whoring?

  42. What does reality matter when there is a narrative to push?

  43. Asking for evidence is a violation of Social Justice!

  44. First we get this fake story, so St. Loius gets revenge by alleging Andrew Shaw called somebody a faggot or something.

    Land of the thin-skinned and home of the chicken shit.

  45. No need for verification if the story advances an agenda or supports established received wisdom.

  46. Why should we believe anything Cubs’ fans say about the Cardinals’? That’s a poisoned relationship in which literally anything might be said of the other.

  47. It might be true that there is no actual evidence that St. Louis fans used the N-word.

    But –given the gravity of the issue of name calling — can the St. Louis fans or the Cardinals organization prove that no one THOUGHT the N-word?

    I submit that, because we cannot conclusively prove a lack of bad thoughts, the STL fans must be considered guilty.

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