Glyphosate Found in Some Cereals: Alarmists Generate Useless Panic

Another bogus scaremongering study by anti-technology activists


Dreamstime: Rene Van Den Berg

Environmental alarmists are worse than pit bulls with a bone when it comes to refusing to let go of any random myth or misinformation they happen to pick up. Sometimes it appears that their chief targets are any modern technologies that are particularly useful to humanity. Last month, a really stupid Moms Across America study reported that it had found parts per billion (ppb) of the herbicide glyphosate in organic wines. Basically, the chemophobes found the presence of glyphosate that was between 10 and 3,000 times lower than the EPA's safety threshold. And never mind that drinking alcohol is a considerable risk factor for developing many kinds of cancer.

So a new set of environmentalist pit bulls calling themselves the Alliance for Natural Health USA is reporting that they tested a bunch of commercial brands of cereals, some eggs, bagels, and coffee creamers. What horrors did they uncover? Take corn flakes, for example. AHA-USA reports that the glyphosate was detected at less 75 ppb which even they acknowledge is 66 times lower than the EPA's safety threshold of 5,000 ppb. Their highest detection was for an instant oat meal which was 22 times lower than the EPA's safety threshold for oats 30,000 ppb. The AHA-USA did manage to find organic cage free eggs in which glyphosate residues were double to triple the EPA's very low threshold of 50 ppb.

The AHA-USA then cites rather amazingly simplistic claims by some researchers that "epidemiological evidence supports strong temporal correlations between glyphosate usage on crops and a multitude of cancers that are reaching epidemic proportions, including breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, thyroid cancer, liver cancer, bladder cancer and myeloid leukaemia." Damned near anything can be temporally correlated, e.g., the increase in glyphosate spraying and the increase in global life expectancy.

As it happens, U.S. breast cancer incidence rates have been slowly drifting downward since the 1990s. Pancreatic cancer incidence has been rising slowly since the 1990s and is likely associated with the increasing prevalence of diabetes and obesity in the U.S. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS) the rate of new kidney cancers rose during 1990s, but seems to have leveled off now. The ACS adds, "Part of this rise was probably due to the use of newer imaging tests such as CT scans, which picked up some cancers that might never have been found otherwise."

A 2014 study in JAMA Otolarynogology reported that almost all of the recent increase in thyroid cancer incidence "is not an epidemic of disease but rather an epidemic of diagnosis." The increase in iiver cancer is related to chronic infections with hepatitis viruses and the rise in fatty liver disease associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes. The ACS notes that bladder cancer rates have been falling. Acute myeloid leukemia rates remained essentially flat until 2007 when they began to rise from 3.6 per 100,000 Americans to 4.3 per 100,000 as of 2013. It should, however, be noted that a 2016 systematic review of studies found no causal relationship between glyphosate exposure and the risk of getting leukemia. Similarly a 2015 review of 14 rodent studies reported "no evidence of a carcinogenic effect related to glyphosate treatment."

Nevertheless, they know that all they have to do is bring out the C-word and wait for credulous citizens to panic. This "new study" will be linked to the Facebook pages of millions of perpetually alarmed people undermining science and modern agriculture. Shame on you, Alliance for Natural Health!

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  1. There are glyphs? Are they magical?

    1. They are tools of Satan.

    2. Glyphs do it with nymphs.

      1. resulting in Nyglyts.

  2. Sometimes it appears that their chief targets are any modern technologies that are particularly useful to humanity.

    I can’t do the fancy cross out thing and I’m too lazy to look up the html, but I would remove the “sometimes” here if I could.

    1. Sometimes it appears that t Their chief targets are any modern technologies that are particularly useful to humanity.

      I’d strike the “it appears that” part, too.

  3. What the FUCK is a “promoted comment?”

    1. Something we can all ignore…

      1. Speak for yourself. I’m aiming to get promoted!

        1. Aren’t you your own boss already?

          1. Dude, I ain’t ever satisfied.


            1. So you want it all then?


                1. Shit I haven’t heard that song forever:)

              1. Nor that one:) Those are good trivia night tunes.

    2. It’s a means for people who think their internet thoughts, as shallow and stupid as they may be, belong at the top of every comment thread. It’s kind of like Facebook comments for self-imagined intellectuals.

    3. Idk but pretty sure it causes cancer.

    4. An indulgence for the commentariat, apparently.

  4. I always assumed the stuff was in all cereals and of a shit I could not give less, particularly at the concentrations they’re crowing about.

    1. I’m presuming the whiners are all for ‘natural’ foods, but I’m also gonna bet they’d scream to high heaven if they ever found out the FDA allows a certain level of rodent ‘stuff’ in foods.

    2. I assume there are all kinds of toxins in trace concentrations all over.

      Those that could handle it lived and had kids while those that couldn’t died (along, hopefully, with their sensitivity to trace amounts of chemicals).

  5. The dose makes the poison! It’s such a basic concept but somehow so hard to grasp for these chemophobic Luddites. Of course these are the same people that believe homeopathy works even when the supposedly helpful ingredient is at concentrations of like .001 parts ber billion. At least they’re consistent?

  6. This sort of bullshit “science” is how we end up with people the anti-vaccine crowd.

    1. You’re not very open minded are you?

  7. Cut to the chase, Ron.

    Is it safe to eat Raisin Bran or not?

    1. Of course not. The raisins get stuck in your teeth.

  8. Damn, they’re worried about the glyphosates when it’s a little-publicized fact that the average bowl of breakfast cereal has a shockingly high level of amino acid in it? How many parents are happily shoving acid in their kid’s mouth without even knowing it?

  9. I can’t wait until the catch on to the CRSPR technology.

  10. Ron, I think it would be great if you could spend a bit of time in more of these excellent articles explaining who the groups pushing this stuff are. Especially when they’re an activist organization funded by litigation or their “leadership” is an attorney with a team of avaricious quacks.

    Not that these good folks here are, nossir, I’m sure they are altruists and supreme intellects.

    1. Yes, it’s like being terrified by a series of clickbait advertising.

      “9 Foods that contain cancer-causing glyphosate!”

      “Read this amazing study that proves GMOs are bad!”

  11. “Nevertheless, they know that all they have to do is bring out the C-word and wait for credulous citizens to panic”.

    My thoughts exactly, Ron. It would be one thing if they had actual, credible evidence that supports their claims, but they don’t. Instead, they use bogus studies to scare the hell out of people. These are not people who sincerely care about the well-being of others, rather, they are fearmongering luddites.

  12. These pants aren’t gonna shit themselves!

  13. All my farts are 100% natural and organic

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  15. When your body digests glucose, one of the first reactions is, it attaches a phosphate group to the glucose, making a … [gasp]… a GLYCOPHOSPHATE!!!!

    1. Oops, I should have said, when your body METABOLIZES glucose…. etc.

  16. So why exactly do Moms Across America and Alliance for Natural Health USA want poor people to starve?

  17. Why should any of us give a shit what the “Alliance for Natural Health USA ” says about anything?

    In this modern internet age, everyone knows that for any subject there are at least a dozen fake organizations promoting their own junk science. The only people who are going to fall for it are either already true believers or the the sort of extremely dense people that still fall for Nigerian email scams.

  18. Here is the thing, folks. Monsanto’s own data from experiments in the 1980s and up to 1990 show that glyphosate causes tumors in mammals. Rat feeding trial of 2 year duration and 240 animals shows that glyphosate exposure correlated to pancreatic and thyroid tumors, the latter malignant. And yet in 1991 they got a shady EPA memo to “declare” that the tumors were “not compound related” even though this was an experiment with the single treatment of glyphosate exposure and a control group, and the treatment groups showed a much increased rate of several tumors over the control group. So…. they lied. And now, people are dying most likely of cancers that they would not have gotten if not for glyphosate exposure. It needs to come out mainstream. Monsanto needs to be dissected and denatured.

  19. Funny how those people who read Reason religiously are averse to reason.

  20. This just showed up in my Facebook feed in mid-August. Unfortunately, it came from my teen-years girlfriend (late 1960s), and I don’t want to de-friend her. Ah well – at least I didn’t marry her, like the next guy did.

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