Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Wins New York Primary, Is This the End of Bernie Sanders?

Sanders came onto Clinton's turf riding a winning streak, but he may no longer have a path to the nomination.


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's New York Values

is projected to win the New York Democratic Presidential Primary, according to MSNBC, CNN and Fox News.

Clinton entered today with 1,748 delegates (including pledged superdelegates), putting her well ahead of her only rival for the nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who came into the primary with 1,058 delegates. 2,383 is the magic number for securing the Democratic nod. 

Clinton was always expected to win her nominal home state, though according to Real Clear Politics' average of eight major polls, Sanders had narrowed Clinton's lead from as much as 33 percent to a little more than 11 percent going into the New York primary. 

Sanders had won eight of the last nine contests and his campaign had poured a ton of resources into New York in the hopes of maintaining the momentum and further chipping away at Clinton's supposed inevitability. 

The Clinton campaign may have taken Sanders lightly in the past, but not when it came to New York. Former President Bill Clinton even went so far as to tell supporters, "Look. This election in so many ways psychologically is coming down to New York." Yahoo News quoted Clinton's campaign manager Robby Mook as saying the only way to stop Sanders from forcing a brokered convention was "to build an insurmountable delegate lead." Mook added, "To do that, we need a strong result in New York."

An NBC News exit poll showed that 64 percent New York Democrats felt that Wall Street does more to hurt the U.S. economy than help it. NBC also reports:

The dark mood of Democrats is driven largely by supporters of Bernie Sanders, with fully 81 percent of these voters holding a negative view of Wall Street and just 14 percent having a positive one. By contrast, supporters of Hillary Clinton are more divided - 48 percent say Wall Street hurts the economy, and 43 percent say it helps the economy. 

Next Tuesday features the all-important Pennsylvania primary, where Clinton enjoys a comfortable lead in a state where the Democratic delegates will be awarded proportionally. Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island will hold primaries next week, as well, with 252 combined delegates at stake in those races. 

NEXT: Donald Trump Wins New York Primary, Taking Small But Significant Step Toward Nomination

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  1. Feeeeeeel the burn...ing vagina!

    1. Snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

  2. Damn, there goes are only chance to magically transform into a Scandinavian country with a population of 10 million people.

    I hate it when that happens, kulaks and wreckers!

    1. bork bork bork

    2. Are the women going to suddenly get more attractive?

      1. No, but you get a free pony.

        1. That's not arousing at all. At least for me. Crusty?

        2. I wonder what the Venn diagram for BernieBros and Bronies looks like.

          1. It looks like love and soul, baby

      2. There was a Swedish girl at my college...

        She looked like...Bjorn Bjorg.

        OTOH, better than the French chick, who looked like a somewhat hairier Ernest Borgnine.

        The joys of going to an engineering school.

    3. Don't forget that they're also 90+% white countries.

  3. Mook? I'm a mook? What's a mook?

  4. Is This the End of Bernie Sanders?

    I sure hope so...

    1. Oh, I wanted the Dems to nominate a geriatric pinko socialist instead of the geriatric pinko crony capitalist.

      OT: 7 Things That Offended People At The White Privilege Conference. My favorite is #2.

      1. My God, that story is not parody, that fucking conference is real.

        1. people's memories are so short. that's a thing every year, usually in Wisconsin, but it seems to surprise people every spring when its mentioned.

          1. And people wonder why 1) college is so expensive, and 2) why so many graduates can't find jobs.

      2. barreling vectors of overwhelming privilege

      3. Those people are genuinely mentally ill. I almost feel bad making fun of them. Almost.

      4. 17th Annual? Well I'll be damned.

      5. I wonder how many people showed up believing it was a conference to celebrate how privileged they are for being white and how to get more privilege? I hope they were given refunds

    2. I would rather Hillary than Bernie. Hillary is an incompetent crook who really only cares about herself. America has had that aplenty and survived just fine.

      The main issue I have with Hillary is letting her or anyone with a (D) next to their names pick 2-3 Supreme Court noms.

      1. Yep. Two justices from guns are illegal, hate speech is illegal, and all criticism of Democrats before elections is illegal. Plus, "fun" camps for reeducating those not in the party.

        If Hillary is elected civil war will follow behind...

      2. No way. Bern would accomplish nothing because he's too out there. Hillary doesn't just care about herself, she cares about the machine propping her up. She has feral instincts and with the right compromises here and there she'll create lot more damage.

        1. Bernie has a pen and a phone just like Obama. I don't want Hillary, but yes I view her as less dangerous. There's very little that Hillary would do or want the legislature do that scares me. The biggest issue is the Supreme Court for me, and the Republicans have give ground there eventually.

          I'm not going to count on Republican obstructionism for 4 years to stop Bernie's stupidity.

          1. I dunno. I willing to believe that either of them would be awful.

          2. There's very little that Hillary would do or want the legislature do that scares me.

            I suspect you're not using your imagination. Remember, she has a phone and a pen.

      3. The main issue I have with Hillary is letting her or anyone with a (D) next to their names pick 2-3 Supreme Court noms.

        Yeah, but at this point I think that's a given. Republicans really fucked themselves this time around.

        1. It's amazing, isn't it? The GOP was always stupid, but this primary season has exposed unprecedented depths of retardation. The Trump-fellating talk radio blowhards (Limbaugh, Levin, Savage, etc) are going to have a shitload to answer for after this election.

          It's one thing to nominate an unelectable conservative idealist like Goldwater, quite another to nominate an unelectable rank statist Manhattan Democrat.

          1. I seriously doubt they'll learn their lesson, though.

            Trump appeals to people who want to blame The Other for whatever's wrong in their lives. When Trump crashes and burns, that will just reaffirm their belief that The Other has grown too strong.

          2. Well they could nominate Cruz and lose to Hillary by a slightly lesser margin than Trump would. At least with Cruz they can't argue that they failed to nominate a "true" conservative like with Mittens last time around.

            1. If Cruz gets the nomination at the convention, the inevitable backlash from Trump supporters will lead the Cruz supporters to argue that he would have won had the Trumpsters not refused to support him.

          3. Mark Levin is a Trump fellator? Since when?

            1. This confused me too. I don't listen to Levin, but I've read a bunch of stories featuring him blasting Trump. Pretty sure he's a Cruz guy.

              1. The last time I listened to the man, which is not that often I'll admit, he was lambasting the media for their treatment of Trump all the while reiterating that Trump is not a conservative.

                There are lots of people who do support Trump (and how!), but for some reason people think anyone who doesn't reflexively oppose Trump in all things is a supporter of him.

                If the media started pushing for the police to search Sanders' house for guns, given his past (but wavering) support for gun rights, I would stand up for the worthless communist's rights. That doesn't mean I'm gonna vote for the pinko bastard.

          4. Big Dripper, do you seriously even listen to radio? I mean, it's clear and obvious you don't listen to Mark Levin at the very least. He can't stand Trump, and has spent at least the last six months bashing him at every turn.

        2. if it's cruz and he loses the argument is that trump could've won and the establishment fucked us again, or that trump wasn't enough of a team player to get us that last inch. probably a little bit of each.

          if trump loses, the argument will be that those people who didn't line up enthusiastically behind him kept him from winning, even if he loses by a mile.

          they will learn nothing.

  5. Trogdor the Berninator has crashed to earth.

  6. 64 percent New York Democrats felt that Wall Street does more to hurt the U.S. economy than help it.

    64% of Democrats don't understand where most of the money that want to "redistribute" comes from.

    1. i wonder what they would think if Wall St was to relocate en masse, say to some red state in flyover country. At least Team Blue could celebrate the right people being hurt.

      1. Yeah, he's a real Jason Krueger.

  7. Hillary Clinton Wins New York Primary, Is This the End of Bernie Sanders?

    Wasn't the end if Bernie Sanders like eight primaries ago?

    1. Yeah, he's a regular Jason Krueger.

  8. Funny, there was a thing called the Burned-Over District in the 19th century. Currently, it is feeling the Bern.

    1. Woot! County results are in! I live in Berniestan!

      If I needed another reason to drink.

      1. There's a county populated entirely by college students? (Other than Tompkins, I guess...)

        1. I'm hearing now that Bern won upstate. Hm... I wonder what demographic difference could explain that.

          And... the Sheldon Silver stooge wins his replacement seat. *sigh* Oh well, at least her corruption sentence will come in a few decades.

          1. I bet Erie County will flip for Clinton before the night is done.

          2. Does anyone else see a bird?

            1. Which one, the light blue wanting to flap away, or the dark blue engorged penis of avian subjugation?

              1. Careful. We don't need any more memes of the bird penis variety.

                1. These masturbation euphemisms are getting less....euphemistc...

          3. Kasich is winning New York County - LOL.


            1. Feel the Bern Drink the K!

    2. Interesting - I'm from Rochester and I've never heard of this term. But I knew about Palmyra, of course (grew up with commercials for the yearly "Hill Cumorah Pageant").

  9. Ok, so... yeah... by "helped" you mean you haven't found anything more, so it's 'helped' you learn the the terrorists probably acted alone. "Helped". Kayyyyyy.

    Sources: Data from San Bernardino phone has helped in probe

    Investigators are now more confident that terrorist Syed Farook didn't make contact with another plotter during an 18-minute gap that the FBI said was missing from their time line of the attackers' whereabouts after the mass shooting, the officials said. The phone has helped investigators address lingering concern that the two may have help, perhaps from friends and family, the officials said.


    1. A rock found on the side of the road in New Hampshire also did not contain any evidence that the shooters acted in concert with other terrorists. Thank god the privacy fetishists didn't keep the FBI from investigating that rock.

  10. Clinton and Trump. Whatever those New York values are, I don't share them.

    1. As opposed to every other state where both people also cleaned up. Like most of the South. Sure, its a NY thing

      1. It's New York values all the way down.

    2. And that's exactly the sort of attitude that going to be re-educated out of you!

    3. Trump? Fine, then. Enjoy your 1 star hotels.

  11. Nick Gillespie totally fucked up the facts in his post earlier today where he called for the passage of gay and trans non-discrimination laws as "libertarian" 'cause EQUAL PROTECTION.

    Updated at 9:46 P.M. to clarify original case. See below for corrections.

    1. Yes, SIV, I'm sure somewhere in that thread you found something to support your whine.
      Goody. Fuck off.

      1. Oh, man. I could really go for some pizza and red whine.

      2. Regardless of what you think of SIV, Gillespie botched that story pretty badly. Hell, a big chunk of the comments concerned exactly what the school district actually did - creating a third unisex bathroom in addition to the existing boys and girls rooms, which seems like a reasonable compromise to me.

  12. So Gillespie is opposed to freedom of association? What a shock. Oh sure he opposes non-discrimination laws in theory but in practice he supports them and wants more of them. How principled.

    Also I noticed he said that conservatives are hypocrites for not wanting to repeal laws prohibiting discrimination against blacks. Of course Gillespie is going to be principled and call for repeal of such laws as he is not a bigoted socon, right? Oh wait...

    1. *looks up to see who wrote the article*

      God dammit. Do I need to call your family so that they can have you committed?
      This is more than just a whine problem. You're huffing Canadian gold spray paint at this point.

      1. You Know Who Else said that people he disagreed with were insane?

  13. Since Hillary has this about sewed up, I am wondering if her going full-retard on guns is going to bite her in the ass in the general election.

    Her team must understand that she needs PA and Ohio to win and talking about assault weapons band and litigating gun sellers out of existence is probably not a smart move.

    1. If Trump and the Republicans are doomed than why bother?

    2. Assault Weapons Band would be a good name for something.

          1. Gun Club was an awesome band.

  14. So why do libertarians want to cut spending? Eliminating the entire deficit will never happen so why bother? Not to mention the last time that someone actually paid off the entire US deficit it was by a slave-owner who caused the Trail of Tears...


  15. I also notice that for a guy who talks about the libertarian moment all the time he states that libertarians aren't going to be able to get rid of laws they oppose to might as well support more of them. What a libertarian moment!

    1. Winston|4.19.16 @ 11:27PM|#
      "I also notice that for a guy who talks about the libertarian moment all the time"

      But enough about Winston.
      Do you have anything to post other than that? Fucking TIRED, pal!

  16. OK, so the blow-hard faces the felon? Sounds like a fair match-up in the later days of the American experiment...
    Anyhow, the poobahs of the SF city gov't have decided that food and other goods arrive in SF entirely too well protected and cheaply, and besides that, we are assured that Styrofoam can be *linked to* CANCER!

    "Foam fight: SF plan would ban Styrofoam"
    "It's everywhere ? packing peanuts, ice chests, beach toys, dock floats, mooring buoys and fish trays."
    Paywall, but do you need more?

    BTW, approximately 30 years ago, SF voters decided to pay supervisors so they didn't have to have real jobs, and as a result, the position has become the goal of every fucking Poly Sci loser in the area.
    AFAIK, the BoS is now populated entirely by those who have never held a job in their lives. Ditto the mayor, who started a wasted life as a 'tenants' rights' slimebag in a non-profit.
    In a just world, one of them would step on a degraded Styrofoam float while boarding a boat, slip off and drown. We can hope, can't we?

    1. It's fun watching America's most progressive city entrench itself as the most Dickensian in the nation: a privileged few of economic and political elites sit atop a permanent underclass of homeless and poor schmucks utterly dependent on government assistance.

      1. "...most progressive city entrench itself as the most Dickensian..."

        It is difficult to believe that the facts you state are not obvious to more than they are.
        The internal contradictions are, or should be, clear to anyone how chooses to look. The others are purposely avoiding that; they're well paid to be stupid and remain so.
        How about this?
        SF is starving for housing, according to the BoS, so obviously, they will do everything in their power to lower the cost of building new housing, right?

        "San Francisco just became the first big US city to require solar panels on new buildings"
        "San Francisco may be known for its fog, but the city wants to turn the sunny days it does get into power for its buildings.
        The San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously passed legislation that would require new construction that is shorter than 10 floors to install solar panels or solar water heaters on top of both new residential and commercial buildings."
        San Francisco may be known for its fog, but the city wants to turn the sunny days it does get into power for its buildings.

        In one of the foggiest citys in the world!

        1. Again, the irony in that a city run by progressive is firmly, 100% against innovation and change as it pertains to making their city actually livable.

          They genuinely think it's better to keep new people out and the homeless homeless so they can enjoy the old Victorian houses and quaint skyline views of the bay.

          And then they blame the tech people for making things expensive and unaffordable despite the fact that tech money is the only thing keeping the system afloat!

        2. I had solar hot water. It doesn't fucking work. Yeah, I took the tax credit, but it still sucks.

          Now, I have tankless. I can fill an olympic sized swimming pool without running out of hot water. And it's +/- 98% efficient. The exhaust gas is room temperature.

          1. I went to a primarily engineering school that was known for its solar research. The area boasted some 350+ days of sunshine per year. My Engineering Economy prof (who wrote the textbook) used several examples of solar power to illustrate bad decisions. One of them was a local city pool that hired him to consult on heating its water by the sun. After evaluating the situation he told them that the periodic maintenance costs would result in a net loss. The city went ahead with the project anyway.

    2. At least the Board of Supervisors are run by social liberals that want to leave everyone alone, right?

    3. every fucking Poly Sci loser

      Does that include labor flunkies like here in NYC?

  17. I see that the Manitoba has tossed out the NDP. Seems the PCs might get the largest number of seats any one party has had since 1915! And the first time since then that one party has won the majority of the vote! And the largest majority since 1932.

    1. The Liberals have had their best showing since 1995. I'm sure Cytotoxic will be around claiming that they are classically liberal (indeed Wikipedia describes Izzy Asper during his stint as leader as "libertarian") but considering their platform and the fact that have been a third party (with one two year exception) since 1969 and how untrustworthy they are (see Turdeau jr. and Dalton McGuinty who was describe by the Red Star as "right-wing" Liberal) I have my doubts.

    2. First you whine, and then you spew out this gibberish. What the fuck is a Manitoba?

  18. Agile Cyborg? Oh Agile Cyyyyyyyborg? Where arrrrrrrrrrrrrre you?

    1. Lying in a ditch while all shroomed up?

    2. There's probably a moon or something that's interfering with his intergalactic internet access--I assume he's posting from Planet X.

  19. We like to call the Republicans the Stupid Party (Didn't a buddy of Pat Buchanan coin that term? At least he was where I first saw it...) however that overlooks the fact that if the Republicans were the Smart Party they would still be pretty bad (see how the classical liberals loved the Republicans between 1861 and 1933). And the main anti-establishment force in the Republicans so far is...Donald Trump. Ugh.

    In the Democrats the main opposition to the status quo is...Bernie Sanders.

  20. I'm looking forward to the libertarian case for Hillary article. She supports Mexicans and Ass-Sex so she has two down. Or the arguments that since she is lying crook she obviously is a secret libertarian, like Obama was going to be. I mean HillaryCare, opposition to Citizen's United and Assault Weapon's ban is not at all proof of what she actually believes and will try is she gets the chance.

    1. Eh, if she's going against Trump, then sadly, she would be the more libertarian candidate.

  21. So one of the reasons (Drink!) I am so critical of the Libertarian Moment is that during the Shutdown Reason posted plenty of polls showing that people just wanted the politicians to Get Things Done, irrespective of whether or not they supported whatever it is that got done. How that made logical sense or squared with the Libertarian Moment is not explained. Not to mention that all the low opinion polls of Congress (who nevertheless almost always get re-elected) more likely showed the desire for some strongman who will Get Things Done rather than some latent libertarianism.

    So on the Republican side we have Trump..yeah. He is a Top Man will Get Things Done (whatever he will be Getting Done is not explained) and save us from Hillary. And much of the Hillary support is that is a Top Woman who will Get Things Done (again who knows whatever it is she will actually be Getting Done) and save us from Trump.

    1. ""So one of the reasons (Drink!) I am so critical of the Libertarian Moment..."""

      What?? When.... Why......how......

      So shock, much questions.

  22. If all the Bernie supporters hate President Hillary and all the Republicans hate President Hillary, too, it might not be so bad. Theoretically, that should give us a more libertarian environment than when all the Democrats supported Obama, right?

    Better than Obama isn't saying much, I know, but still--it probably is better than Obama.

    1. Republicans hating Obama didn't stop him. And as long as the Senate is filled with enough Dems that will not impeach her or reject her SCOTUS appointments what is there to stop her?

  23. I can't really watch a football game if I'm not rooting for a team so, for that reason, It's my sincere hope that Trump wins the nomination. At least it will make things interesting if I have someone to [perversely] support in the same way i supported that guy who wore a loincloth in those Conan movies here in Cali. Competence is boring, Gray Davis.

    Is there any way that we vote to get out of this second-rate-armed-to-the-teeth imperialist hellhole where you should just fucking keel over if you are poor and get a cancer diagnosis? I side with these guys... http://www.cascadianow.org

    1. Thanks for the link, racist.

    2. Wow, you racist as hell dude.

    3. Poor people with cancer have no real problem. They don't pay for anything. Maybe they get less than customer friendly care, but they get it for free. Instead, it's the working-class and the middle-class who bear the brunt of medical costs because they pay the higher fees necessary to subsidize the poor and others who don't pay their bills.

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  25. At what point do you guys think the Bernbots will realize they are just a set piece in the show that is the DNC? Bernie's campaign is an illusion to make Hillary look like the reasonable candidate versus the goobernugget from Vermont. Look he says 15 dollar nation wide I am only asking for 12 look he wants free college for all I only for those who can't afford look how middle of the road I am. Bernie's campaign also is generating a lot of cash that no doubt will find it's way into DNC coffers right after he calls it. Also the DNC is hoping to tap his momentum among the younger gen to win back the Senate and try for the house. He will be out there rallying the Bernbots to help DNC Senate candidates. No doubt he will also be embracing Hillary at the DNC conference probably will introduce her and rah rah along with them. Of course he is going to get something out of it. he wanted a seat at the adult table of Washington and he will get it.

    1. Didn't Hillary come out for a $15/hr minimum wage? I think Bernie's role in that was to say (or at least not so subtly imply) that there should be a maximum wage. Of course, Clinton will (probably) have to walk that position back later when she has to deal with at least one house of Congress not under her party's control.

  26. I am surprised that Hillary's additional delegate lead was only increased by about 30 committed delegates more than Bern after this contest. A significant lead in toto, but without the superdelegates in the picture, not such a dominant position considering that the opponent isn't a "real Democrat."

  27. Clinton has all the inevitability of death. It's just something you have to learn to deal with in a constructive manner. Talking about it with loved ones can help.

  28. Bernie's spent the last 73-odd years ignoring math and facts, why would he start paying attention to them now?

  29. If I'm going to vote for an unindicted criminal it's going to be John Mcafee. Lord knows he'd give us four interesting years. I know he won't win or even get the nomination but, damnit, I can dream can't I?

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