Hundreds Dead in Ecuador Earthquake, Trump Coins Nickname for Hillary, Impeachment Vote in Brazil: A.M. Links


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    A magnitude-7.8 earthquake in Ecuador has killed at least 272 people.

  • Donald Trump debuted a new campaign trail nickname for Hillary Clinton, "Crooked Hillary." Meanwhile, supporters of Bernie Sanders threw dollar bills at Clinton while she was on her way to a fundraiser at George Clooney's house.
  • This week the Supreme Court is hearing arguments over President Obama's immigration actions.
  • Pope Francis accepted 12 refugees from Syria to the Vatican.
  • Legislators in Brazil voted to impeach the president, leading to parties on the beaches of Rio.
  • Philippines presidential frontrunner Rodrigo Duterte says he won't apologize for suggesting he should have been allowed to rape a lay minister during a prison riot first because he was mayor of the town when the gang rape happened.