Campus Free Speech

U. of Delaware Students Drew a Penis on a Free Speech Ball. Cops Made Them Censor It.

The unending effort to broaden sexual misconduct.


Screenshot via Young Americans for Liberty / Youtube

It's tough to find a more perfect indictment of anti-sex hysteria on university campuses: the campus police at the University of Delaware forced students to scribble over a drawing of a penis in order to comply with the university's sexual misconduct policy. 

The outrageous incident—as clear a case of censorship as they come—was caught on video. Ironically, the students were attempting to promote an upcoming screening of Can We Take a Joke? a documentary about censorship of comedy on college campuses. The film is sponsored by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, and was produced by former Reason TV producer Ted Balaker. 

UD's Young Americans for Liberty created a giant free speech "beach ball" to advertise the event. Students were invited to write whatever they wanted on the ball. Eventually, a uniformed police officer approached the ball and instructed YAL to rid it of penis references. They did so (partly) and he left. 

FIRE is not amused. 

"A campus police officer should never ask students to self-censor their constitutionally protected speech," said FIRE's Marieke Tuthill Beck-Coon in a statement. "As a public university, UD must abide by the First Amendment, which has very few exceptions—and subjectively offensive words or images are not one of them." 

The officer's insistence that he had a duty to be the speech police was quite remarkable. 

"If I were to write, 'I think Donald Trump should be the next president, I think that's something we could have a discussion about," he said. "Drawing a penis, or a swastika, or putting the n-word on there, what does that do?" 

The YAL student responded that the two of them—the officer, and the student—were having a discussion about it at that very moment. 

"I don't know that it really opens up a conversation," said the officer, disagreeing. "I just think it's meant to provoke." 

Here's the thing, officer: the police are not in charge of deciding which kind of speech "opens up a conversation" and which kind is just "meant to provoke." Nor is there anything illegal about provocative speech. Sometimes speech should offend. 

But in the era of the Title IX inquisition, university authorities would sooner prohibit a large swath of clearly protected conduct than risk running afoul of anti-harassment laws. Guidance from the Office for Civil Rights has cheapened the definition of sexual misconduct, undermining the most obvious free expression rights of students and faculty members. 

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  1. B====D~~~

    1. B====D~~~

      1. Biggus Dickus?

    2. Hate speech!

      Threatening violence!

      1. Perhaps not, but it is certainly inappropriate, and sometimes we need to use whatever means we have to encourage compliance with basic moral standards. This is why no one should listen to the outrageous “First Amendment dissent” authored by a single liberal judge in America’s leading criminal “satire” case, documented at:

        So let’s stop being so critical when little signs are sent. No “reasonable” person will dispute that offensively deadpan “parody” crosses the line into a dangerous form of criminal deceit when it is created with the intent to damage the reputation of a distinguished, well-connected member of the academic community. Indeed, the people who really matter, the prosecutors and 99% of the judges, are well aware that libel needs to be re-criminalized, and they are prepared to do what needs to be done to achieve that goal. You damage a reputation, you go to jail, it’s as simple as that. Hopefully law enforcement authorities will soon be able to expand this understanding to other forms of unacceptable “speech” as well.

        1. P.s. indeed, as FIRE’s statement indicates, U of Delaware police are required to investigate incidents of “derogatory” writings, which are potential “hate crimes,” as well as written “rumors,” which might be “harassing” or “libel,” to say nothing of words that “may be offensive to other people.” FIRE does not dispute that excessively deadpan Gmail “parodies” of a distinguished professor cross the line into criminality, despite the “First Amendment dissent” of a single liberal judge. FIRE knows that it cannot simply draw the lines as it sees fit, and FIRE would never dare come out with a “statement” in favor of that outrageous “dissent.” Prosecutors, judges, and juries are quite capable of handling these little “free speech” issues, and we can safely predict they are going to have plenty of work to do over the next few years to make our nation strong again.

    3. It’s like a penis, only smaller.

  2. “Ironically, the students were attempting to promote an upcoming screening of Can We Take a Joke?”

    What do you mean ironically? It seems like they got themselves a promotional video out of it.

    Of course, the video only got 84 views.

    The lesson, “ironically,” is that they’re not being provocative enough. You need to be more outrageous to break through the media barrier.

  3. So one day the President wakes up to find snow on the White House lawn. He also notices that someone has written “Impeach Obama” in great big letters in the snow.

    So Obama makes his Secret Service people put down their donuts and investigate.

    The agents come back with their report. “Well, sir, first of all, we did some urine samples and the urine came from Joe Biden.”

    “That so-and-so!” shouted Obama. “But you had something else to report?”

    “Well, sir,” said the agents, “we checked the handwriting, and it was Michelle’s.”

  4. “Drawing a penis, or a swastika, or putting the n-word on there, what does that do?”

    Elicit a chuckle?

    1. I really hoped that the dude who kinda interrupted the video was going to go up and draw a huge swastika made from penises and n-words.

      1. A penistika? That is almost as bad as Trump 2016. Also, I want to draw one.

  5. “As a public university, UD must abide by the First Amendment,

    The University of Delaware is a privately chartered, publicly assisted institution.

    So, it’s like a charter school?

    1. It is a “land grant” private university. The state has given it the land that it uses, and in return the university gives favorable tuition rates and priority selection to in-state students (my dad used to teach there). I do not think they need to abide by the first amendment.

      The only good thing about this particular incident is that it was about 10 billion times less embarrassing than the UD resident life controversy FIRE was involved in a few years ago.

  6. FIRE’s Marieke Tuthill Beck-Coon


  7. “I just think it’s meant to provoke.”

    Too fucking bad. I don’t give a fuck what you think.

  8. That police officer is a total dipshit. He even has the FYTW pose perfected.

    1. HAHAHA! It is a guy…at first glance I thought it was a chick.

      1. He just has really delicate facial features.

        1. And…apparently…an inferiority complex.

          1. Steroids shrink your penis.

  9. o/t but too terrible to keep to myself…..1771292316

    1. This beats TR’s dinner with that square Booker T. Washington!

  10. You would think a college campus would be a good place to talk about dicks. Talking to a cop on a college campus about dicks is just icing on the donut.

    1. You’d think the policeman would be happy as a pig in clover.

      1. Right? I mean, cops there to uphold the law, fellow citizen not breaking any law, they should get along like a house on fire.

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  12. That short jacket makes your ass look fat.

    1. No, the fat makes his ass look fat.

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    1. We’re getting a piece of that south of you, in the Jemez Mountains. The four day forecast is “Snow” and they’re predicting 4-8″. I already took the plow off of the ATV, dammit!

      … Hobbit

      1. We got 8″ of sloppy wet shit today too. Tried pushing it with a broom. Wouldn’t budge. Ain’t gonna shovel. It’ll melt.

        1. 60s here today. We get a very short window of pleasant weather here in NYC so I have to celebrate it while it lasts.

          1. Supposed to be in the 70s again by Tuesday. Global warming comes to MT.

    2. I’ve heard anywhere between anow inch of rain to 3 feet of snow in Boulder.

    3. Stop that jinxing you guys! I’ve got a flight tomorrow morning to get out of this place.

      1. It’s not that bad here.

        1. Other than the country’s shittiest drivers.

          I’m just a little grumpy. Too many hotel rooms and I’ve got another week after this before I see my dog again.

          1. The drivers are atrocious. Hotel rooms for two more weeks?
            Your dog will be very excited on your return.

            1. I’m losing track of time. Just one more week. Thank god for dogs. The wife probably might want to see me too.

    4. Heh. My tomatoes are about 2′ high and have blooms. My fig tree is covered with tiny figs and my muscadine vines are loaded with BB sized grapes. The peppers have yet to bloom.

      *looks at forecast*

      Nope, no snow predicted here.

    1. Ha! I knew that was “Zardoz” before clicking!

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  14. C’mon, people.

    It’s called donging.

    It’s been around for a long time. It somebody leaves their textbook unguarded, you dong it.

    It their car needs a car wash, you dong it.

    1. When a problem comes along, you must dong it?

  15. Got tired of listening to the cop, but I wasn’t hearing him talk about *the law* at all.

  16. It’s all about the dollars. The campus cops are there to ensure that the Feds don’t ding them for any Title IX “violations” and dock them millions of bucks.

    1. *don’t dong them

      1. For once I’m not the one with dong on the mind.

  17. I think all the Thought Police should wear bike helmets all the time, just to emphasize their concern with protecting brains from external stimuli

    1. I write jokes and funny quotes on the whiteboard on my door. Most people like them. Sometimes, a junior thought policeman will get upset and erase it. So today, I put a piece of paper on top the whiteboard with the message: “WARNING! People who are easily offended should not look behind this paper.” It stayed up for the night and most of the day. It was funny seeing people eagerly lift the sheet to see what I wrote. Alas, by the afternoon, the whiteboard was erased and the warning was gone.

      The new message says “the worst thing about censorship is **********************************”.

      1. I write jokes and funny quotes on the whiteboard on my door.

        I had to read that a couple times to be sure you didn’t say you write funny jokes. It’s all good.

      2. The first quote that got erased was the one from Goering about how Americans can’t make airplanes. The thought policemen wrote on the board that I shouldn’t be quoting Nazis. Way to miss the point, goober.

        The next quote was one from the Marquis de Sade: All people have 4 things in common: we eat, we shit, we fuck, and we die.

        1. The thought policemen wrote on the board that I shouldn’t be quoting Nazis.

          It would have been awesome to leave his quote up there, but credited

          a la =

          “You should never quote Nazis”
          – Idiot, 2016

          1. Hilarious! That will be the next quote.

    2. Speaking of people who need to wear helmets all the time, i was reminded of this

      1. I’ve wanted to wear a helmet while driving my car in heavy traffic. I think people would give me a wide berth. They did when I had a skull and crossbones as a front license plate.

        1. Like the Stig. Yeah, that would be pretty cool. pull alongside moms in Mini-Vans full of kids, and rev the engine really loud like you were challenging mom to a drag race…. just to make the kids all freak out and go, “LOOK!! RACE-CAR GUY!!! DO IT MOM!! DO IT!!!!”

          1. I’m surprised more people don’t drive around on Halloween dressed as crash test dummies.

            1. Me this year! boom, locked in.

        2. That’s why I drive an old truck. No one gets near ya if it looks like stuff might fall off while driving.

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            “I’m a fuel injected suicide machine! I am a rocker! A roller! An-out-of-controller!”

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    1. 2nd local what?

      1. I read that as German Lokal (= pub).

        1. fun fact: pub is short for public house.

          1. uh, i’m pretty sure its short for crotch hair.

            1. That’s pube you ignoramus!

              Now go to the corner!

          2. And the operator is a publican, not to be confused with a Roman tax farmer of the same name.

      2. He lost me at Saskatoon. That’s part of an orchestra, right?

        1. Saskamatoooon. Saskamatoooon.

          /sits alone pensively on bed.

      3. “How to get bourbon stains out of ka-hackie pants? Fastest way to the LC?!”

    2. Incidentally, did you know there’s actually a book about the Canadian temperance movement called Canada Dry.

      1. Well, they do say ginger ale is a recovering alcoholics best friend

  19. This cop is clearly microaggressing against transwomen who haven’t had sex changes.

  20. “We’re having a discussion right now. Are we having a hateful discussion?”

    I like that young man’s poise. (Um, while leaning on a giant beach ball, that is.)

  21. Event draws attention to ‘voiceless’ religious minorities

    “A lecture sponsored by the American Jewish Committee April 11 in Philadelphia drew a range of Christian supporters, including Catholic leaders, who heard a clear message of interfaith solidarity on religious freedom….

    “Archbishop Stefan Soroka of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia and Metropolitan of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in the United States delivered the invocation, given in the form of a grace for the lunchtime event….

    “”Each of us here today,” said the archbishop, “from our respective religious traditions knows all too well the suffering our brothers and sisters have suffered throughout history, especially during the 20th century and in the present age.””

    1. The speech police, they’re like the cops at the mall
      The speech police, can’t put a dick on a ball
      The speech police, they’re coming to arrest me, oh, no

      1. (meant as a separate post)

  22. If there is any justice in this world, Agile Cyborg will enroll at U of A this year.

    1. Death once had a near Agile Cyborg experience. Death has since become very spiritual and tries to spend more time with family and friends.

      1. Death no longer carries a scythe, but a rainbow stream of jizz instead.

  23. What the student did was wrong. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER talk to cops. It’s only “Am I being detained” and “I don’t answer questions”.

    1. with due respect, this is terrible advice.

      if you’re doing nothing wrong, in general its best to smile and nod and say, yes officer, no officer, glad you reminded us of that officer, we’ll be sure to look into that officer, have a nice day … where by contrast, immediately taking the “I NO MAH RIGHTS” posture over every little fucking inconsequential interaction is almost guaranteed to end with you face down in the dirt wondering what you did to deserve being pepper sprayed.

      1. Did I say be disrespectful? You can go to jail for saying yes or no even if you don’t think you are doing anything wrong. “Am I being detained” and shut up. Cops are not your friends but do what you want.

  24. Cops was being a…

    /dons sunglasess


    1. *groans, claps begrudgingly*

  25. What a fuss about an omelette!

  26. Sometimes speech should offend.

    But sometimes it’s Not Okay.

    1. A) Sometimes speech should offend.

      B) But sometimes it’s Not Okay.

      lab83, does this mean that Not Okay speech should offend?

      1. Only sometimes.

        1. As for Okay speech, the jury’s still out on whether it should sometimes offend too

          1. When will the jury be in? Is this a regular jury to which you refer, or a major one?

            If it is a major jury, is it a Major Majorjury?

            (I think you’ll enjoy the dialogue, lap83, yet as you listen give attention to the portrait on the wall.)

  27. “I don’t know that it really opens up a conversation,” said the officer, disagreeing. “I just think it’s meant to provoke.”

    “Ah, Officer, you see how this works? Now we’re having a *conversation*.”

    1. Police like a little less conversation and little more action, please.

      1. That’s how people end up at a party in the county jail.

  28. If this went to the Supreme Court, would the opinion be that they know a penis when they see it?

    1. They are a up in age, so…. Depends?

  29. OT: Alleged Brussels Terrorist Was Star Of Documentary About Successful Integration Of Immigrants

    The Syrian-origin Swedish passport holder arrested in Belgium last week for his involvement in the Brussels bomb attacks is a former poster boy for Sweden’s efforts at integrating migrants into their society.

    Now accused of murder, and captured on CCTV cameras carrying bags which contained the explosive devices which killed 32 civilians, Islamist Osama Krayem had once been hailed as a model of integration. A former employee of the city of Malmo, at the age of 11 Osama starred in a documentary about migrants in Sweden.

    Both of Osama’s parents are Syrian migrants to Sweden, and have told tabloid Aftonbladet they wanted to see their son integrate into Swedish society. The family featured in a 2005 documentary called ‘Without Borders ? A Film About Sport And Integration’, in which football-mad Krayem demonstrated how the Malmo football team had helped him settle into Swedish society.

    1. Why does Breitbart interest itself in a local news story from Sweden? Are they racists?


    2. Even when Krayem started posting pictures of himself on Facebook with Islamic State flags and guns, his old friends didn’t think anything was wrong. One said he just thought Krayem was trying to be “cool”, and that was just what “young people are doing”.

      Kids display the darnedest death-cult paraphernalia.

  30. OT:
    Womens’ college hoops coach comes out as gay! Someone surprised!

    “Jennifer Azzi, USF coach, comes out as gay, reveals marriage”…..222858.php

    1. I feel funny in the pants now and feel confused and distraught. Crusty I need your guidance and mentorship! Help!!

      1. You try to make a funny, but I am legitimately confused. Why in the heck would a women’s basketball coach (and legendary former player) feel the need to be closeted in this day and age? And at the University of San Francisco? Really?

        I respect your privacy and everything, but it still surprises me that someone working in that field and in that location would feel the need to keep their identity a secret. It seems like it would be more of a perfunctory “here’s my wife” kind of introduction, not “announced she was gay”.

        According to a USA Today story last fall, there were no out Division I women’s basketball coaches, after Portland State’s Sherri Murrell was fired.

        Huh….. well, shows what I know. Apparently it is something that is still kept under wraps.

  31. Test…. Scotum

  32. BTW, The Reason Magazine commentariate hypocrites when it comes to nourishing the flower of free speech. There are lots of examples of violent attempt to quell dissent. For example, How many “Shut the Fuck up, Lonewacko” hits are there? How many different people have said, “Shut the Fuck up, Lonewacko?” Who said it the most? HOw many times did you lose straws to get to see who got to say, “Shut the Fuck Up, Lonewacko?” How many flecked spittle on thier screen screeming it as they were typing it? Yeah, free speech. Ask Lonewacko what Reason thinks about free speech.

    1. Because the Reason commentariat has the power of the State behind it.

      Shut the fuck up.

    2. This makes no sense. Shut the fuck up.

    3. How many violent attacks against Free Speech must Mike M. endure for writing “Block Yomomma” before we collectively say enough is enough????? The answer is infinity to the slept one power.

      1. the slept one power

        Is that an abstract euphemism for something?

        1. Even with the correction it’s still a fail. ::sad trombone::

      2. That was supposed to read “aleph.” Sigh.

    4. Oh, and Lonewacko hasn’t been around in like five or six years.

      Or has he?

      1. I’ve heard that some students once drew a juicy hog on a ball and got a lecture. The moral of the story is juicy hog.

      2. I recall seeing him pop in time to time.

        1. There’s an impostor with an alternate spelling but the real deal is long gone.

          1. I wish people wouldn’t do that. Only Preet knows for sure.

            1. Oh, it’s obviously a parody. He doesn’t give out the extra-special Lonewacko craziness that we all used to know and love.

              1. Confession: I’m both Tulpa and Lonewacko.

                1. No I am.

    5. “Shut the fuck up” is violence? It truly takes a feeble minded coward to believe that.

      1. Well, look at Donny. He ended up dead.

    6. ( ( * ) ) —- poot!

    7. Troy muy grande boner|4.15.16 @ 10:24PM|#
      “BTW, The Reason Magazine commentariate hypocrites when it comes to nourishing the flower of free speech.”

      BTW, you’re not real bright.
      Fuck off.

    8. Ask Lonewacko what Reason thinks about free speech.

      Vete a la verga, pinche cabr?n.

    9. Shut the fuck up Troy.

  33. Parasite SHOCKED when she moves out of rent-controlled apartment after ten years and the new rent is double!

    “Reddit user shocked to see price on her Tenderloin studio doubled after moving”…..249091.php

    I’m betting she’s SHOCKED that milk costs more than it did ten years ago. I’m betting she’s as dumb as commie kid and Jack.

    1. It’s a total fallacy that shoplifting drives up prices for others. /sarc

      1. We now have a proggy (as opposed to “liberal”) plurality on the Board of Supes; a nitwit named Arron Peskin and an equal brain-damaged twit named Jane Kim, plus the random other one or two, depending on who needs to buy some votes at the time.
        Kim is now trying to change the terms of a contract with a developer to require that 40% of the units in a current build are ‘below market rate housing’.
        I’ve never met the woman, nor have I heard her speak, but I have read her comments is the dead-tree version of the news and it’s an odds-on bet she really has no idea that requiring X% of new builds to be ‘below market rate’ has any effect on what is considered ‘market rate housing’.
        I’m pretty sure she thinks that her requirement means that evil developers will simply dip into the swimming pool full of gold coins and use some of those to make up the difference.

        1. “Fixing” govt created shortages is what makes statists cream in their jeans with moral self righteousness.

        2. requiring X% of new builds to be ‘below market rate’

          That crap is infesting NYC too. I would love to get a look at the Party member list that benefits from it. I tell you what, I like NYC & my current neighborhood but I’m getting the hell out of the big building I live in now. There are plenty of ‘brownstone’ type houses that aren’t subject to all this crap & are more affordable too.

          1. Paying fifteen dollars per hour for skilled labor should make that doable. Think anyone wants to help out? Maybe some suppliers will provide materials at cost. She should call Jimmy Carter.

    2. Getting really fucking tired of the “we need rent control response!” to every article about rents rising in Los Angeles. No, you don’t. Move the fuck somewhere else where you can afford to live, shitheel.

      1. grah, “we need rent control!” response*

        1. “Rent Control” (scare quotes intended) has removed 19 units from the rental market in the square block on which my property stands.
          Most of those who converted (at government approval; I signed every petition) consider themselves “liberals” and support rent control — so long as THEY don’t have to deal with the bureaucracy, you see.
          I mean, they wouldn’t charge ‘unreasonable’ rents, ’cause they’re liberals, but you know, they’d just rather give up that $750-rent-controlled place and convert back to single-family use… Or maybe a TIC. Or condos? Or maybe just leave it empty if the owner is clear of the mortgage; who needs that grief?
          You can guess what that does to the rents for the remaining places.

    3. Good. Jack baby jack! These masturbation euphemisms are getting so plain that they are barely or even no longer euphemisms!

    4. And California is really bad compared to the NYC area – at least here you can take a train to the burbs and get a good deal, if you’re into that sort of thing. Not so much in CA from what I’ve seen. $3000 to live in Hayward? LOL.

      1. Dude it’s a bay, what are you not understanding here?? BAY!

        1. I fucking hated the one year I lived in SF. They can have it.

      2. Obviously we need to go to negative interest rates in order to allow the poor to buy their own homes. Rent controls, labelling lending standards as racist and Fed asset purchases should make housing much more affordable for the poor.

        1. This whole “affordable housing” bullshit has reached “living wage” levels of “well duh, only a teathuglican monster would oppose it” acceptance. I don’t see any end to it outside of a seventies-style urban decay reset button.

          1. Not to mention if you suggest that city planning commissions – *gasp* – let builders build more buildings, or suggest that workers move to more affordable cities, you’re worse than Hitler.

            Dallas was quite affordable even at the peak of the housing boom compared to the Bay area, but suggesting to a progressive that people move to Dallas will likely induce them to spit in your face. As far as they’re concerned, everyone has a fundamental right to be able to afford to live in San Francisco.

        2. straffinrun|4.15.16 @ 11:41PM|#
          “Obviously we need to go to negative interest rates in order to allow the poor to buy their own homes.”

          Or let the taxpayers help out:
          “Palo Alto considers subsidized housing for families making under $250,000”

          The poor you always have with you…

    5. “It seems like it’s no longer just a San Francisco thing,” she said. “I wasn’t willing to pay $3,000 for a two bedroom in Hayward. I know that because friends of mine just moved there. I have a lot of friends who live in Oakland and I know the prices over there. It feels like the problem of high housing prices is spreading. To get away from them, we had to move across the country.”

      LOL! Was across the country perchance somewhere that affluent cosmopolitans didn’t want to live, somewhere perhaps you could afford both to work and live?

      1. IMHO the huge drop in crime has caused a sea change in the way that certain cities are perceived. For my generation (X) it was relatively easy to move to a place like SF or NYC, struggle for awhile, and eventually make it. For millenials… not so much. I can understand their frustration. But yeah, bitching about it isn’t going to help.

  34. One of the essential human capacities is self-restraint. No cop is needed to recognize idiocy and self-stifle it.

  35. I hope I haven’t missed Baylen’s article about this. Farm to Table is not real in Tampa, and I bet it’s not so real elsewhere.

    1. Thanks for posting. More ammo for my proggy friends.

      /former Tampon

    2. All food is farm to table.

      1. Good point. It’s also almost all organic (except for my favorite food group: salt)

      2. *slow applause*

      3. I actually eat mine off of my roof.

    3. The fraudulent farmers markets article is good too.

    4. I try not to be malicious or mislead people.

      Nice try.

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  37. B—–08

    This bot gets it.

  38. Happy tax day everyone. Just learned the due date was delayed until Monday because our betters in D.C. didn’t work yesterday, due to their own holiday.

    “For a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.”?Winston Churchill

  39. I would have drawn a picture of a pig and asked him if that was better

  40. And none of the students had the balls to tell the campus gestapo to get fucked?

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