Democratic Debate Live Tweet

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders face off in Brooklyn. Reason is here to help you through it.


UPDATE: Our work here is done.

Get your debate post-mortem fix here:

Hillary v. Bernie on Gun Manufacturer Liability: Common Sense is Treason in the Gun Control Empire of Lies, by Brian Doherty|Apr. 14, 2016 10:24 pm

Good night and good luck.


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debate tonight in the Brooklyn Navy Yard at 9 p.m. on CNN. Wolf Blitzer moderates.

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  1. OMG first. ..right? Uh, Sanders will say ‘Banks are bad’, Hillary will try not to be noticed.

  2. Evil and Eviller

    Not sure which is which

    1. I’d say Bernie. Hillary is entirely predictable but Bernie could go full Lenin if he gets to a point where he’s convinced he might actually become president.

      I’m not even sure if I would call Hillary’s corruption evil. She’s a pig entirely at home in shit. Do we blame pigs for rolling around in shit?

    2. Well, one is an unapologetic socialist and apologist for brutal third-world dictators, and the other is a senator from Vermont, so…

    3. Hillary is more evil, as a human being, but Bernie would be far, far more dangerous as president.

      1. The saving grace is that so far Bernie has been flamingly incompetent at everything he does.

  3. As far as banking consolidation, there’s a legitimate argument for increasing banks’ reserve requirements beyond the minimum as they represent a larger and larger share of the sector; however, that mainly makes sense when there is a lot of diversity in their behavior and strategy, which necessarily means a hands-off approach to regulation. Overregulation creates industrial monocultures, which present the same dangers as agricultural monocultures.

  4. I don’t think we need help through it. We need help out of it.

  5. “Reason is here to help you through it.”

    No, reason is not going to help you. In fact, if you want to get through this thing, reason is the last damn thing you want. I suggest killing off your reasoning ability with a large bottle of booze or a small bottle of Oxycontin.

    1. *And

  6. A Thursday night debate that no one is watching? What a surprise.

  7. (looks, sees there’s a debate going on)

    Yeah, no.

  8. I am not (unsurprisingly) a Libertarian

    But I am certainly “market friendly” and when I was younger I had this vague notion that the United States was going to move through my adulthood with more decisions made by the market and the the State might actually begin to roll back its powers.

    I am even “Libertarian-persuadable” on many issues.

    But of course I see that there will now not be any roll back of the State over my lifetime and in fact we are moving in a direction of ever stronger centralization and an ever more powerful government.

    Was this inevitable?

    1. Pretty much, and it’s because you’re not a libertarian.

      1. inevitable that I view it this way (because I hold back from embracing libertarianism)?

        or inevitable that it _is_ this way (because I hold back from embracing libertarianism)?

        1. And presumably the answer is

          “Yes” 🙂

    2. Perhaps not inevitable, but certainly foreseen.

    3. If you feel the power of the state should be reduced, why aren’t you a libertarian? I’ve seen you here before, so something about libertarians attracts you. Perhaps you will change your handle one day.

      1. He may be like me, a libertarian but not a Libertarian. Not quite “I wouldn’t be a member of any group that would have me” but more like “the Libertarian Party is the anti-party party, the people who think politics shouldn’t be politicized”. I hate to say it and if you’re fighting the good fight more power to ya, but I think you’re deluding yourself trying to sell freedom when all of human history seems to suggest the vast majority of people really don’t want freedom except the freedom to enslave others. Which is why I call myself a rattlesnake libertarian – I believe everybody should leave everybody else alone but I’ve got a gun and l can by God make you leave me alone.

        1. Oh, I’m not fighting the good fight. I’ll tell anybody who cares about the r of libertarianism, and I’ll slide Reason a buck or two every now and then, but, like most libertarians, I’m not exactly a political activist.
          My contributions to the libertarian cause mostly involve wise ass comments and Godwining the thread.
          BTW, you know who was politically active?

          1. I’ll spread the word among my circle of friends when I’m liquored up or high, but that’s about it. But even then I’ve found lots of agreement with the basic ideas among – yes – my fellow New Yorkers.

            1. It’s weird, right? In principle, most people support libertarian generalities, but when it comes to actual policy realities, they just can’t seem to shake the government addiction.

              1. It helps if you accept that life isn’t fair. That seems to be a major stumbling block – I know it was for me.

              2. Yeah, I keep recommending going cold turkey, but I don’t think most people have hit rock bottom yet.

  9. I don’t see what’s so hard to understand about a $15 minimum wage. Minimum-wage jobs are shitty jobs by definition. If you raise the minimum wage to a decent wage, all the shitty jobs are going to disappear – and why would you care whether or not shitty jobs are available? Raise the minimum wage to $100 I say – that way we’ll only have good jobs available. Sure, you’re going to have a 95% unemployment rate – but all those unemployed people would have to be employed in shitty jobs in order to have a job! What sort of monster wants people to have to work at shitty jobs?

  10. Bernie says reschedule now. Hill talks pre-K.

  11. I’d have had more confidence that Sanders “could make the debate more interesting by taking on Hillary the way his supporters do” if they had had the wit to counter the absurd ‘bernie bros’ narrative with some sort of ‘Hillary Princesses’ narrative, the endlessly accusatory, defamatory, and cynical white darlings who ‘protect’ Clinton by pretending to think Clinton is anything like a real progressive. They could have started with the nasty Salon writers, or Lena Dunham, or other shameless Hillary shillers.. Perhaps Sanders supporters aren’t up to a real fight like that.

    1. It may be dryly or darkly amusing that the “bernie bros” narrative will be used against any GOP supporters in the general election

      and _by_ the very same “bernie bros”

    2. Opposing Hillary isn’t something you do out loud.

      It’s something you feel in your heart–very quietly.

      1. Radio Yerevan was asked: Was it possible to criticize Hitler?

        Radio Yerevan answers: Sure. The same way as you criticized Stalin. You had to lock yourself in your bedroom, hide under two, or better three covers, place a pillow, or better two pillows on top of the blankets over your head, and then whisper whatever your soul wishes about the dictator, strictly adhering to a five-minute limit.

  12. Holtby with the shutout!

    I’m just sayin’.

  13. Are there any questions from the moderators about how it’s tax day tomorrow?

    And how much that sucks?


    1. 2016 Tax Day is Monday, April 18 due to a DC holiday called Emancipation Day. I wish I were making that up, but I can’t imagine anything that perversely twisted, that the government would think itself magnanimous in giving you a few extra days to pay your taxes in celebration of freeing the slaves.

      1. I’m OK with it. I haven’t started yet.

    2. It’s not tax day. For some reason that I am too lazy to Google, wet have until the 18th this year. I think. Maybe. I am not a tax lawyer. Google it to make sure.
      Doesn’t matter to me, they owe me, so I doubt the IRS cares if I’m late.

      1. Thanks, Jerry. Yes, it’s a holiday in DC, so all the employees at the IRS Gerry the day off.….._18_-.html

        1. *gets, not Gerry. Stoopid phone

  14. At least she’s not wearing that god-awful yellow muu-muu again. (Seriously, she trotted that thing out twice.)

    1. Yep, of the Dems two candidates, one dresses like the Korean dictator, the other want to be him.

  15. Wow this is hard to watch. The two evils on the stage + the audience lifted from the Jon Stewart show.

    1. Why are you watching? Surely you can predict either’s answer to any question.

      1. I’ve watched maybe three minutes. A kind of self-flagellation, I guess.

        1. Well, as a Libertarian, I’ll respect your right to torture yourself, even if I think you’d be better off getting drunk at the pub.

          1. I’m getting drunk at home, does that count?

            1. Yes, yes it does. Salute!

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