U.S. Weapons Sent to Middle East For Sale on Facebook, Bill Clinton Responds to Black Lives Matter Protesters, L.A. Police Chase Ends With Selfies: A.M. Links


  • Fox 11

    Weapons sent to the Middle East by the United States sometimes end up for sale on Facebook.

  • Bill Clinton told Black Lives Matters protesters who showed up at a campaign event that they were "defending the people who kill the lives you say matter."
  • Uber agreed to pay at least $10 million to settle a lawsuit over background checks pursued by prosecutors in California.
  • A police chase in Los Angeles ended with two burglary suspects high-fiving bystanders and taking selfies before surrendering to cops.
  • A state trooper in Indiana has been fired after a second federal lawsuit over his preaching during traffic stops.
  • 2015 Masters champion Jordan Spieth leads after the first day of golf at Augusta yesterday.
  • American Idol crowned Trent Harpmon as its final winner.

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  1. American Idol crowned Trent Harpmon as its final winner.

    That’s even still on?

    1. 2015 Masters champion Jordan Spieth leads after the first day of golf at Augusta yesterday.

      That’s even still on?

      1. No.

        They still give out the award, but they stopped playing golf and no one noticed.

        1. * polite golf clap *

          1. 1) narrowed gaze

            1. That’s on par with one of Swissy’s.

              1. That’s on par with one of Swissy’s.

                *narrows gaze to .00001 mils, can’t see*

        2. Just because you barbarians can’t appreciate the subtle beauty that is golf, doesn’t mean that that the rest of can’t.

          1. *selects a 5 Iron*

            *Brains LynchPin with the golf club*

            I’m beginning to see the appeal.

          2. I like playing, but watching is very boring.

            1. Yeah, it’s not a bad game, but I don’t see how people watch it on TV and remain conscious.

              1. +1 Don’t give a fuck about some senile asshole game

              2. I watch the Masters because I had the pleasure of actually playing a round at Agusta National. I enjoy seeing the pros play the same holes that I did.

                It is the only golf I watch at all unless I want to nap on the sofa.

            2. I’m the exact opposite. There is something incredibly zen about watching.

              1. I like watching other boring sports like baseball or soccer. But I just can’t get into golf as a spectator sport.

                1. I’m pretty much the same. I will say that actually going to The Masters is a lot of fun, cheap food and cheap beer and hot women.

                  1. Are they cheap women?

              2. You vatch, zen you get a bier. Repeat.

            3. I don’t watch or play “real” pasture pool…

              but I do really enjoy playing it on the console or computer.

            4. It’s perfect hangover fair. The game, the course and the commentators help me forget the dull ache behind my eyes visited upon me by half a fifth of whiskey the night before.

              1. 18 holes in golf, 18 shots in bottle of scotch


                I think not.

            5. I can’t really talk shit about golf on TV. I watch the Tour dee France zealously.

          3. That’s Yokelbarbarians to you!

            1. Damnit. Yokelbarians. I meant Yokelbarians.

              1. Or would anti-golf barbarians be Cosmobarians?

                The mind boggles.

    2. No.

      1. 15 years late is better than nothing I guess.

    3. Hello.

      “Uber agreed to pay at least $10 million to settle a lawsuit over background checks pursued by prosecutors in California.”

      The parasite class always gets a cut.

      1. It would be awfully nice if some intrepid reporter followed that $10M for the next couple years and let us know where it ends up.

      2. The state just wants to wet its beak.

        1. Don Fanucci agrees

    4. I drew a blank. Then I wondered why Ed thinks we would care.

    5. Isn’t that the sport where chicks wail on each other?

    6. Negan’s rendition of Lucille was off da hook.

      1. Who do you think got the business end of Lucille?

        1. Glenn. But they suckered last year with that, too.

          1. That’s my thought also.

        2. Everybody knows Gibson got the business end of Lucille.

          1. +1 pointy haircut in a sea full of waiters

      2. They are teasing it might be Darryl…they’d lose half the viewers.

    7. Yeah, it has been on for what 15 years and they have managed to produce like 3 actual music stars (Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry) and a couple of others who went on to success as actresses (Sparks, Hudson, McPhee)

      Not exactly a great record of success

      1. Never watched the show but finding Carrie Underwood made it all worthwhile.

        1. “Never watched the show but finding Carrie Underwood made it all worthwhile.”

          More like Underwould, am’right?

      2. I’m still achin’ for Clay

      3. “Yeah, it has been on for what 15 years and they have managed to produce like 3 actual music stars (Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry)”

        And Daughtry didn’t even win – he got 4th. They did pretty well the first 4-5 years which is when their only successful musicians came through.

        1. I only watched for the auditions. Once it got “serious” I hightailed it out of there.

      4. (Sparks, Hudson, McPhee)


      5. If it takes that show to create McPhee so that my son and I can watch Scorpion each week, then I am grateful.

        1. I can’t fully parse this euphemism, but it sounds disgusting.

      6. Ummmm…T. Swift much? Granted she didn’t win but don’t you slight Tay-Tay.

        1. I like the cut of your jib.

        2. Taylor Swift? She was never on Idol, at least as a contestant.

        3. She was on American Idol?

  2. 162) An article in the Washington Post a few days ago frets that coal companies going out of business will stick the US government with clean-up costs at abandoned coal sites.
    Two of the four biggest coal companies have declared bankruptcy in the past six months. The article’s tone is that the coal companies are using bankruptcy to intentionally “escape [their] obligations to restore land” or, at best, are “financially squeezed by competition from cheap natural gas and declining U.S. and Chinese demand for coal.” Those last two are true enough, but the article completely skips the fact that the Obama administration is intentionally attempting to drive the industry out of business! As if that has nothing to do with it, and it’s just evil coal companies trying to get away with something!

    1. The Obama administration has good intentions, while greedy capitalists do not.

      1. Ch 7, v 24-26, Book of Prog:
        “Business bad, government good.”

        1. You misspelled “god.”

    2. +1 October Sky

  3. Bill Clinton told Black Lives Matters protesters who showed up at a campaign event

    Hey everyone, stop paying attention to the email scandal.

    1. Whaaaat? Trump had an email scandal and no one said anything? Bastards!

    2. You mean, to the illegal private server scandal? Good luck.

      1. Tell it to subtext Bill, not me.

        1. Oh, I gotcha.

          And “subtext Bill” — I like it!

  4. A state trooper in Indiana has been fired after a second federal lawsuit over his preaching during traffic stops.

    If he had only beat them with that bible, he’d still have a badge.

    1. Lesson: shooting unarmed people is not a firing offense. Trying to save their souls IS a firing offense. Got it.

      1. He should have just forcibly pulled people out of the car and beaten them. Gotta follow protocol

  5. Bill Clinton told Black Lives Matters protesters who showed up at a campaign event that they were “defending the people who kill the lives you say matter.”

    When the first black POTUS speaks, you listen.

    1. You don’t need the TU.

    1. Kiszko, who wants to pursue alternative treatment, told the court she should choose her son’s treatment and did not want to put him through the pain and side effects of cancer treatment like a “lab rat”.


    2. I’m going to go ahead and say this is one of the few cases where the authorities should intervene.

      1. On the basis of a 50-50 chance of survival for 5 years?

        1. Question – what were the chances of survival from the ‘alternative treatements’? Were they something of actual medical merit or claptrap and snake oil?

          1. The article doesn’t address what alternative treatments the parents have in mind. That does some like it would be relevant information.

            1. seem like

          2. I didn’t see that level of detail in the article.

            Presume the alternative treatment added zero to the chances for survival. This looks like a 50-50 shot at survival for five years, with some serious unpleasantness during the treatment. It’s just as likely as not that this kid and his family are going to be put through a tortuous treatment and emotional ordeal for nothing.

            Now, maybe some parents choose that route. Hell, I’d do just about anything if it meant saving the life of one of my daughters. I just don’t know that a coin-flip is really the point at which that authority should be taken away from the parents.

            1. You’re not going to get accurate stats on the “alternative treatment.” Those people are not known for doing the hard back end work of data collection and statistical analysis.

              a 50-50 shot at survival for five years

              Which are pretty good odds, actually. Not great, but given the seriousness of the condidtion they are pretty good. Also, you don’t know what might come out of the treatment pipleline during those five years.

              Having said all that, I’m really torn about this wrt parental rights. No sympathy for the worthless hippies and their “alternative treatments,” but also skeptical of the state stepping in like this. I find it ironic that nobody bats an eye over unneccessary genital mutilation of children done purely for superstitious reasons, yet comes down hard on parents who (ostensibly) want to save their child the pain of therapy.

              1. Im not torn at all. The parents are the best judge of the relative values of the treatments. This sitiation doesnt even venture near the borderline for me.

                And on another note:

                1. Same here. Fuck off, your honor should be the libertarian answer.

                2. Oh, you want to play the hypocrisy card, Mr. State-Marriage-for-you-but-not-me? LOL. [flips robc the bird]

                  1. Hypocrisy?

                    I was bringing up people with issues of repeated offtopic analogies.

                    And I continue to drive on state roads too.

                    And I will cash my SS checks if It still exists.

          3. That’s Lorenzo’s (snake) Oil to you!

        2. ” a 50% chance with both chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but could die within months without it.”

          die within months without it

          1. “Could.” So could I, and I don’t have cancer, AFAIK.

            1. Maybe you have heart cancer?


      2. We have an ‘open-minded’ parent who adheres to the ‘oregano oil’ alternative medicine crap. The educators observed red rings around the kid and surmised it was ring worm and that it was necessary to go see a doctor and proper medication. Naturally, she refused saying she had ‘natural’ products to take care of it. The spots got deeper and bigger and my sister told her either go to a doctor and get real treatment or the child can’t come back. Simple as that. Guess what? Real treatment and the kid was fine within days. Sometimes parents do indeed cling to bizarre thoughts on how to take care of kids. But when it potentially impacts others, it can be problematic.

        1. Oregano oil sounds like something you add to pasta sauce.

          1. Not until the end. It would break down too quickly.

          2. Only it tastes disgusting.

            1. So does oregano if you eat it straight up.

              That said, I only said it sounded like such an ingrediant.

              1. Good in salads.

          3. Oregano oil can be good for throat infections if you gargle with it, but it tastes like absolute crap. It’s not useful for anti-fungal treatment.

        2. it was ring worm and that it was necessary to go see a doctor

          No. What? No. Ringworm is a common, mild fungal infection easily cleared up with OTC anti-fungals. Hell, if the kid’s immune system is working efficiently it can clear up in a few days on its own.

          1. Clearly it wasn’t getting better, and with parents like that I doubt the kid had a properly functioning immune system

            1. Clearly it wasn’t getting better…

              What will the doctor do about that? The cure can be found at WalGreens. If the parents weren’t dosing the spots regularly, again, what would the doctor do about that?

              Recall all those Skenazy threads wherein we fondly reminisce about the good old days of yore, when every adult wasn’t an overreacting ninny who thought we might die at any second from a boo-boo?

              Hold on to that thought. Hold on tight.

              1. There was an added issue but I forget what it was – it’s been two years but it was getting worse and they got some medication that cleared it all up within days.

                1. Well, if she was putting oregano oil on it…

                  I mean, it’s frikkin’ easy to cure, easy to manage, not dangerous. But it would have helped if the parents had been actually applying something useful.

                  And since I haven’t mentioned it, you’re a champ for smiling and bearing it when the parent was fumbling containment and treatment of something contagious. Definitely more patience was given than required.

                  1. We gave it a couple days (you have to be careful in a private setting here) and then we had to step in.

                    I may have erred/conflated ‘oregano oil’ (which she uses) with some natural ointment.


                    1. AYE TO THAT.

                      Lots of feral cats in my little village. The weather started to warm up, the feral cats began to have little feral kittens. Smalltown kids, playing outside, they do love feral kittens. Kitties!

                      It went through the elementary in a rather impressive manner. The locals must be used to this, though. The school just started lining kids up at the nurse’s office for a swab of ointment if they had the same great big scabby sore forever. The rest of us parents dabbed a few times a day at home, covered anything in an often-touched location with a band-aid and waited it out.

                      Could’ve been handled in a few days if everyone had done it that way, instead of a few weeks… but whatevs.

                    2. “Lots of feral cats in my little village. ”

                      Do you live in Cambodia?

              2. Good call, Ham.

                But the doc could prescribe a more powerful formulation than is available OTC. Duly noted that in most cases OTC strength will do just fine but might take longer to cure the fungus.

        3. And this is how things should work out in the real world. Sure, you can treat your kid’s non-threatening illness with remedies of dubious properties, but don’t be surprise when you get refused service for your child and other parents don’t want their kids playing with an untreated child.

          1. Precisely. It’s not easy on us either. We have to balance (Lord I hate that word) the wishes of parents with the well-being of the entire place.

            And then there’s the whole anti-vaccine part.

          2. but don’t be surprise when you get refused service for your child

            What if the service I want for my child is the baking of a wedding cake? They have to bake it, right?

      3. The parents seem to be weighing quality of life against chances and length of survival. On the bare bones info I have seen here, it is not obvious that their calculation is so irrational that it merits the government overruling them.

    3. They just need to get that kid in the choir

      Scientists at Tenovus Cancer Care found choral singing can boost immunity, reduce stress and improve mood. There are social, psychological, emotional and biological benefits, Dr. Ian Lewis said.

      1. I don’t think they are saying that it cures cancer. Pretty much anything that improves quality of life improves outcomes. But we’re talking statistical improvements (ie, measurable over a large sample), not guaranteed individual improvements.

        1. But we’re talking statistical improvements

          Everybody knows that statistical improvements justify laws to make everything better for everyone.

      2. I did chorus one year. Best part was when some kid behind me passed out and fell off the risers, and we just soldiered on.

        1. +2 locked knees

        2. If that was the best part then Chorus is as lame as I always imagined.

  6. Bill Clinton told Black Lives Matters protesters who showed up at a campaign event that they were “defending the people who kill the lives you say matter.”

    Bill is feeling the Bern?

    1. Was Bill speaking at a Planned Parenthood clinic?

      1. He would make the perfect spokesman.

    2. “Bill is feeling the Bern?”

      Does the clap burn?

      1. I dunno. You could ask Epi, if he’s around.

  7. The libertarian moment comes down under!

    Question. When is libertarianism not liberating? Answer: When it’s really a feudalistic patriarchy, a trompe l’oeil of birds and flowers hiding a hardhead pile-driving agenda. In particular, when it’s the low-profile but remarkably influential Institute of Public Affairs.

    The IPA is usually described as a “radical libertarian think tank” but it’s not libertarian, since its freedoms for the few spell oppression for the many. It’s also not-thoughtful and so not-public it’s almost clandestine.

      1. *slow clap*

      2. Great, something else in Australia that will kill you.

        1. That’s just about everything.

      3. The sun is coming up. Unleash the reverse vampires!

      4. There we go. Austrialopithakochtus.

      5. Whoa, there is actually an octopus illustration accompanying the article.

    1. “a trompe l’oeil of birds and flowers hiding a hardhead pile-driving agenda”

      Some people are into that.

    2. “The IPA is usually described as a “radical libertarian think tank” but it’s not libertarian…”

      Huh. I usually describe it as being pleasantly bitter with abundant citrus aftertones.

      1. [golf clap]

        That was far better than my lame attempt below.

    3. When I saw the link was “smh.com.au” I assumed it was some millennial targeted Australian version of Buzzfeed…

      1. Jesus it might as well be. It reproduces wellness bloggers and HuffPo for clickbait, and the coverage of daily Sydney news is just pissweak. Only things it has going for it are good coverage of federal politics and two excellent investigative journalists

    4. Not another IPA thread…

      1. International Permafrost Association?

        1. Shut the fuck up, Donnie.

          1. I am the walrus

    5. Get that woman a fainting chesterfield or whatever you call it down there.

    6. “The IPA brands itself strongly around freedom. Free market, free media, free speech are its constant rhetoric. But freedom is not simple. Libertarianism turns on prioritising individual judgment ? for everyone, not just the rule-making few. If one person’s freedom is another person’s cage, is it really freedom? Or just privilege?”

      ZOMG 111enty!!! Prioritizing individual judgment…FOR EVERYONE!!!

    7. We are the worst.

  8. A police chase in Los Angeles ended with two burglary suspects high-fiving bystanders and taking selfies before surrendering to cops.

    The selfies were erased by police as a matter of course.

  9. Weapons sent to the Middle East by the United States sometimes end up for sale on Facebook.

    That’s awful. I can’t believe facebook has a marketplace, now.

    1. You like it, you buy it.

    2. Keep your ethnocentrism to yourself, BT. It’s called a bazaar when the Middle East is involved.

  10. 2015 Masters champion Jordan Spieth leads after the first day of golf at Augusta yesterday.

    And Ernie Els? Not so much.

    1. That was painful to watch.

    2. Els went into full nuclear meltdown

  11. What’s the equivalent of a dozen red roses for a man? A Brewquet, of course…

      1. That’s a .au web address. Getting alcohol shipped internationally…

        1. Here in NY you can’t even get cigarettes shipped (guess why!); well, you can try but your goods will be stolen.

    1. You misspelled “sex.”

      1. After clicking the link, however, I will agree that that’s pretty awesome.

        1. Anybody who sends me that definitely wants sex.

          My penis can only get so erect.

    2. The Old Milwaukee version comes bundled in stained whitey tighties.

    3. One of these wouldn’t be bad either.

  12. Bill Clinton told Black Lives Matters protesters who showed up at a campaign event that they were “defending the people who kill the lives you say matter.”

    It’s a fool who looks for logic in the chambers of the protester heart.

  13. A police chase in Los Angeles ended with two burglary suspects high-fiving bystanders and taking selfies before surrendering to cops.

    I don’t understand, given this sort of “chase” nonsense endangers untold numbers of innocents, why a couple of head shots from a helicopter during the doughnut phase wasn’t a thing.

    1. Two words: Police ‘Accuracy’

      1. “But they studied at the NYPD ‘Spray and Pray Oops Sorry About That Innocent Bystanders’ Schools of Marksmanship!”

      2. *** looks up “Special” ***


  14. Private school ‘ignored warning’ from prop supplier not to use real cut-throat razor in Sweeney Todd production that saw two boys rushed to hospital with neck wounds – as show is cancelled


    1. I think I saw this on an episode of Monk.

    2. I don’t understand how the second boy got injured…. I mean wouldn’t you have yelled “Cut!” after the first one??

      1. That’s the problem – they did, and the actor with the razor misunderstood.

        1. Thanks for spelling the joke out for the slower folks out there.

      2. Cutting it rather close, ain’t ya?

          1. *narrows gaze at entire lot of ye*

      3. They were just too lathered up to pay attention to the director at that point.

    3. Do they stage “Romeo and Juliet” with actual poison? Oliver with actual orphans? etc.

      1. Just imagine their King Lear or Titus Andronicus…

        1. Or the super awkward cast photos of Oedipus Rex

      2. If you click on the link, you’ll see in the first part of the story they mention it’s a *private* school four different times specifically, I assume, to reassure you that your kids are perfectly safe at a state-run institution.

        1. After all the public schools cut Drama in favor of Common Core Grievence studies.

        2. It’s all about demonizing anything not owned and operated by the state.

          Just like that video with a Success Academy teacher yelling at a first grader who kept screwing up a math problem. It’s something that happens every single goddamn day in schools both public and private (I can’t count the times that public school teachers yelled at me and belittled me in front of the whole class like that) yet, the prog media will just cram “PRIVATE” and “FOR-PROFIT” into the headlines to make it sound like teachers yelling is some aberration borne of the profit motive in educational institutions.

  15. Is that a TMZ tour bus? Is it just people being told to put their nose somewhere and then not being able to shake the feeling that it doesn’t belong there.

    1. Which story is that photo supposed to go with?

  16. So now, just a “reasonable expectation of danger” is enough to justify shooting an unarmed person.


    Former Texas officer who fatally shot unarmed woman found not guilty

    Defence attorney Kristen Jernigan said that Willis was expecting to see a gun based on what he was told by the 911 dispatcher, had a reasonable expectation of danger so was legally allowed to protect himself, was entering a volatile situation and was in fear of his life when he shot Smith. “Why does everybody else get to be scared except Daniel Willis?” she said. “When you are a police officer and you encounter apparent danger you are trained to eliminate that threat.”

    1. “Defence attorney Kristen Jernigan said that Willis was expecting to see a gun based on what he was told by the 911 dispatcher, had a reasonable expectation of danger so was legally allowed to protect himself, was entering a volatile situation and was in fear of his life when he shot Smith. ”

      So you can kill anyone on sight if the dispatcher or the caller make a mistake.

      1. *nods furiously*

        / the cops who killed Tamir Rice

      2. I’m waiting for the story to break where it turns out that this is a rouse perpetrated by 911 dispatchers everywhere.

        “I’m telling Willis she’s got a gun. That bloodthirsty idiot is probably gonna shoot her.”

        “Nice. That guy’s such a dick. I hope he gets fired.”

        1. More like:

          “Willis said he wants an excuse to kill someone, so let’s tell him she’s got a gun.”

          “Good idea. Serves her right for making us work.”

    2. Well, she existed. Enough reason to shoot her.

    3. So if you want somebody killed, just call 911 and tell the operator where that person can be found and emphasize that s/he is armed. They are going to put hitmen out of business.

  17. Bravo on the alt-text Ed, bravo

  18. N. Korean staff in overseas restaurant in mass defection to South

    Seoul (AFP) – Thirteen North Koreans working in a state-run restaurant outside the country have defected to South Korea, a government official in Seoul said Friday.

    The South Korean government estimates that Pyongyang rakes in around $10 million every year from some 130 restaurants it operates — with mostly North Korean staff — in 12 countries, including neighbouring China.


    There have been reports of staff not being paid, as the restaurants were pressured into increasing their regular remittances to Pyongyang.

    I just found the perfect job for American Socialist. It should make him happy, after all, he would be paying his ‘fair share’ of taxes to his favorite form of government.

    1. And he could devastate Red China with food poisoning!

      1. That way he could agitate for more regulations.

      2. Making fun of Red China is Dis-Orienting.

    2. I first read this as defecated

      1. No one gieves a siht abuot yuor diselxia.

        1. * runs away sobbing to my safe space *

    3. Too bad. They had the best Bibimbark in town.

    4. They need to pass a living wage law so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen.

  19. Canada is back. So, among the *values* Trudeau demands our Global Affairs minister Stephane ‘Lint has more personality’ Dion keep in mind when dealing with countries is that Canada is committed to A) climate change, B) women’s rights and C) peaceful resolutions through the UN.

    So what do the Liberals do? Strike an arms deal with a petro-state endowed with a tragic human rights abuse record who couldn’t care less about the U.S. and is a net exporter of terrorism while adhering to the most virulent strand of Islam in Wahhabism.

    The hypocrisy is SPECTACULAR.


  20. Huffington Post: FDR was a bullshit artist just like Bernie, and we all like FDR, right?

    The following is an imagined 1932 New York Daily News editorial board interview with Franklin Roosevelt during his presidential campaign. The Daily News comments below derive from the editorial board’s interview with Bernie Sanders on April 1, 2016. The Roosevelt statements are taken primarily from his 1933 inaugural address and his 1936 campaign speech at Madison Square Garden.

    Daily News: Speaking broadly, you said that you expect to break up the big banks within the first year of your administration. What authority do you have to do that? And how would that work? How would you break up JPMorgan Chase?

    FDR: We must get the money changers to flee from their high seats in the temple of our civilization. We must restore that temple to the ancient truths. The measure of the restoration lies in the extent to which we apply social values more noble than mere monetary profit.

    1. My grandpa, hated his guts and he was alive during his presidency.

      1. My grandpa was alive during FDR’s presidency, too… He got thrown in a concentration camp because of FDR’s executive order 9066.

    2. What is up with liberals wanting another FDR and new deal? The original new deal kind of sucked.

      1. They had complete control of the levers of power under an “indspensable man”. The New Deal did not suck for them.

    3. Yes, FDR also had no idea what he was doing, and just had his boys ‘experiment.’ As for the legality of those experiments, we all know that story.

  21. Ooops. The city manager in Bemidji, Minnesoda has canceled a concert by Ralphie May because there is an old YouTube clip of him making fun of Indians.

    On Thursday, City Manager Nate Mathews formally directed Bemidji’s Sanford Center to cancel the comic’s Saturday night performance and refund tickets to customers “due to concerns about the appropriateness of what the comedy material could contain.”

    Not sure how that squares with the free speech thing.

    1. I don’t think we really have that any more.

      1. I can’t post what I’m saying aloud in response.

        1. Well, you’re not in Preet Bahara’s jurisdiction, but he might be willing to overlook that.

          1. The emperor here isn’t a total asshole. Now your emperors…

    2. Their loss

    3. I’d like to see it fought though.

    1. As I understand the proggie argument, the Constitution has different words in it if you are black or Hispanic.

    2. “Haha, I just ruined this guy’s career, but fuck him, right?”

      Were I Garland, I’d be praying for Federal lawyers to show up in my court so I could fuck the whole administration right back.

    1. + fish tacos

      1. No kidding. The smell must be just overwhelming.

  22. Kerry visits Iraq, showing support for embattled PM

    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visited Iraq on Friday to show support for its prime minister who is grappling with a political crisis, a collapsing economy and a fight to retake ground from Islamic State militants.

    Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi last week unsettled Iraq’s political elite with a proposed cabinet reshuffle that aims to curb entrenched corruption by replacing long-time politicians with technocrats and academics.

    His aim is to free Iraqi ministries from the grip of a political class that has used the system of ethnic and sectarian quotas instituted after the U.S.-led invasion in 2003 to amass wealth and influence.

    U.S. officials fear the political unrest may harm Iraq’s efforts to retake territory it has lost to Islamic State militants, notably its second city of Mosul, seized when parts of the Iraqi army collapsed in 2014.

    “This is obviously a very critical time here in Iraq,” Kerry said as he began a meeting with Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari at his villa in Baghdad’s heavily protected Green Zone which houses embassies and government buildings.

    1. Oh, well now with Horse Face there, all is well!

      His aim is to free Iraqi ministries from the grip of a political class that has used the system of ethnic and sectarian quotas instituted after the U.S.-led invasion in 2003 to amass wealth and influence.

      I could see the seeds of this at the end of 2008, when I was leaving. The Iraqi Army was in good shape, the oil was starting to flow and they were making money – so naturally, it was time to start looting and patronage stuffing and cronying…

      We gave them their chance – just like the Afghans. They decided to piss it away, the better to loot – just like the Afghans.

      Now I am sad. Tonight, I will go to the local taproom and see if high quality ale and stout will cure that.

      1. So Dr when has this adminstration been against a political class amassing wealth and influence?

    2. But why isn’t he “calling for peace and unity”???

      I think he’s mailing this one in.

  23. “Weapons sent to the Middle East by the United States sometimes end up for sale on Facebook.”

    You mean the Obama Administration didn’t even have to do a background check? Do they have an FFL?

    I guess that’s the gun show loophole. Were the people the Obama Administration transferred the guns to residents of the state where the transfers were made? No? They were in Syria?

    Why does the Obama Administration respect the Second Amendment rights of potential foreign terrorists and, meanwhile, seek to savage the rights of law abiding American citizens here at home?

    The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind. The answer is blowin’ in the wind.

    1. The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind. The answer is blowin’ in the wind.

      No, that’s the Sarin Gas.

      1. That is not sarin – its that last plate of kebabs….sorry about that.

        1. I’m thinking gyros for lunch.

  24. ESPN’s Bomani Jones attempts to cause a stir with “Caucasians” shirt

    For years now, many have urged the Cleveland Indians to drop the Chief Wahoo logo. The mascot depicts a racist caricature of Native Americans, and is clearly offensive to many Native American groups.

    In order to point out the racism to those still in denial, Shelf Life Clothing created the “Caucasians tee,” a shirt that parodies the Indians logo, but replaces the Native America with a stereotype of a white person.

    That’s Bomani Jones of ESPN wearing a Cleveland Caucasians shirt on the network. He immediately began trending on Twitter, as many watching had strong opinions about the T-shirt. Not surprisingly, Jones was reportedly told to cover up the shirt after some at ESPN “freaked out,” according to TMZ. Jones appeared later on the program with his hoodie slightly zipped up, but people at home could still make out the logo.

    If you’re sitting at home thinking, “that’s offensive,” well, yeah, that’s the point.

    1. Caucasian isn’t an pejorative term and neither is Indian.

    2. It’s rather telling that this is the only Native American advocacy that mainstream people in the media give a shit about. Not the horrible state of Indian reservations blighted by poverty, violence and drug abuse. But Chief Wahoo and the Washington Redskins.

    1. The article doesn’t have a picture of the shirt in question. I bet it was pretty funny.

      1. Really? I was about to click the link when I saw your comment. How can you have an article and not show the shirt??????? Were they afraid middle-aged white accountants in glasses and pocket protectors would call and give them the what-for?

        1. Sooooo…basically they just made the logo blonde and his head-dress is a dollar sign. The razor edge of the wit is astounding.

          1. I was underwhelmed. I was expecting something more amusing. This is just droll.

    2. I’d say it’s all about signaling, but I’m afraid communicating by smoke signals may be an injun stereotype.

    3. I am not offended. In fact, where can I get one?

      1. I want one that calls us the, “Honky-Ass Crackers”.

        1. Nice. Sign me up for one as well.

      2. Buying a white tee shirt shouldn’t be a problem, JB.

        1. Don’t forget to roll up one sleeve for your pack of cigs.

          1. Oh Rapid Roy that stock car boy
            He too much too believe
            You know he always got an extra pack of cigarettes
            Rolled up in his t-shirt sleeve
            He got a tattoo on his arm that say “baby”
            He got another one that just say “hey”
            But every sunday afternoon he is a dirt track demon
            In a ’57 Chevrolet

    4. I want to see the Indians or Redskins change their name to “The Caucasians” and then have over the top celebrations of their Caucasianness, Caucasian culture, and Caucasian history and then see who complains white people? or minorities and the same SJW crowd who complain about the current names?

      1. That would awesome. Uncle Pennybags could be the Mascot.

      2. As a lifelong Redskins fan, I’d settle for changing the name to “the Confederate Rebels” just to watch the SJW heads explode.

        Maybe the Washington “Rape Kings”.

        1. Or the Ghosts or Caspers. Mascot is a dude (preferrably black) wearing a white sheet.

        2. Snyder should change the name to the Washington Bullets

      3. That would be racist, too. You know that’s how it would work out.

      4. That would be racist, too. You know that’s how it would work out.

    5. So is he against the name, the logo, or both?

    6. He’s the Block Yomomma of the national sports media.

      1. You should wear that shirt around.

        1. Detroit.

    7. Just imagine if someone were to appropriate Irish culture for a mascot. Or Norse culture. Could you imagine an NFL team appropriating Norse culture for a mascot? Not a chance. Think of the outrage that would cause.

      Or more ancient European peoples, like the Celts. You think there would ever be a team that would denigrate such a culture by make them into a mascot? Or the Greek people. Who would dare stereotype the greek people and impugn their heritage in the form of a school mascot?

      We should form a team and make a mascot based on the American west. Something that really impugns the American Male Patriarchy. We could dress in period garb and head dress to really mess with “the man”.

      That would teach them what it is like to have your culture appropriated and your people denigrated.

      1. I do think the name “Redskins” is something that should probably be changed. But I can’t really take the issue seriously ever since my Native American History teacher wasted the entire class period, a period she was supposed to be using to review for our exam, on a rant about mascots that in one sentence complained that any use of Native American ANYTHING in a team name or mascot was racist, but the Fightin’ Irish was not racist in the slightest.

        Her argument was something to do with how people could obviously tell that the stereotype of a short, drunken, violent Irishman was false, but couldn’t tell that Native American stereotypes were false. After that stupidity, I canst take the issue of mascots with any degree of seriousness.

        1. “Her argument was something to do with how people could obviously tell that the stereotype of a short, drunken, violent Irishman was false”

          That stereotype is not false though.

          1. Who you callin’ short? Also, I’m not drunk, I haven’t had anything for twelve hours now.

          2. Them’s fightin’ words.

        2. I do think the name “Redskins” is something that should probably be changed.

          Buy the team and change it.

        3. I had a prog tell me the discrimination (culminating into internment camps in some cases) against white Europeans (like Italians, Jews, Irish etc.) was not the same and we had no right to consider it prejudicial because it was nothing like what black went through. It as ‘different’ as he told me.

          Apparently, it all begins and ends with…black American racism to progs.

      2. I’ve heard that “white” isn’t a single race like “black” or “Native American” or “Asian” is, so you’re correct to point out that denigrating Irish or Greek or Viking people doesn’t equate to denigrating all white people the way denigrating Native Americans as disparate as the Seminole, the Apache, the Algonquin and the Pawnee or denigrating blacks as disparate as the Zulu, the Somali, the Berbers and the Igbo or denigrating Asians as disparate as the Mongols, the Tatars, the Bengals and the Muong denigrates them all. Only white people are privileged enough to distinguish between one group of white people and another.

    8. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Shorten to Caucs and it works better.

      1. Or we could just call them the “Cucks” and the mascot could be a fat orange person with a bad comb-over.

    9. Already been done. The Fighting Whities was a similar protest in 2002. The only problem was that instead of hating the mascot and learning from it, the fucking white people laughed and bought a shit ton of t-shirts with the logo.

      The team sold enough shirts that they were eventually able to endow a sizeable scholarship fund for Native American students at Northern Colorado. In 2003, the team donated $100,000 to the University of Northern Colorado’s UNC Foundation, which included $79,000 designated for the “Fightin’ Whites Minority Scholarship”

      1. Now if only the grievence mongers could learn from these examples and laugh a little too.

        1. They aren’t capable.

      2. Damn… refresh before posting. I’ll shuffle back off to lurk more.

    10. What kind of chestless wonder would be offended by such a thing rather than find it amusing?

    11. This isn’t even original. The Fighting Whites did it first, and it backfired on them in an epic fashion.

  25. The Air Force is ready to use an upgraded B-52 bomber to strike ISIS

    The United States Air Force says the B-52 bomber could be the next weapon used in the fight against ISIS. In a recent briefing, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said that the bomber is “ready and able” to join the fight.

    autoplay alert

    1. You know, we could probably tool up a factory and start churning out new B-52s for less than what we’ve spent on the fucking useless F-35.

      1. Or just buy some used 757s and install bomb bay doors. It’s not like they are going to shoot down a bomber at 30,000 feet.

        1. The Argentine Air Force tried 707s in the Falkland Island War….

          1. Al Qaeda used Boeing 767’s, no bomb bay doors needed.

            1. That tactic is unlikely to be repeatable, though.

              1. Robot Terrorists. Duh.

                1. Next up: A terrorist local for SEIU, to fight for their jobs against the robot menace.

                  Ain’t nobody crossing that picket line.

  26. “Bill Clinton told Black Lives Matters protesters who showed up at a campaign event that they were “defending the people who kill the lives you say matter.”

    Maybe Hillary is feeling confident and ready to move to the middle. She’ll soon be running to the right of Trump on a number of issues. She’s already to the right of him on a few.

  27. Excedrin: Company Unveils Virtual Reality Simulator to Let Users Experience Migraine

    Excedrin unveiled “The Migraine Experience” to allow users to experience what it’s like to have a migraine. The creators said they hope the experience would help break the stigma about the disorder.


    1. There’s a stigma about migraines? Since when?

      1. Since when people who’ve never had the pleasure think sufferers are malingering.

        1. Perhaps I live a sheltered life, but I have never heard anyone say that about a migraine sufferer, and I’ve worked in some feral environments and known some especially hateful people. Hence my surprise

          1. Well, to be fair, people who’ve never had the pleasure think the same about people with back pain, depression, you name it.

            1. *some people*

              1. well yes, fair enough, some people are just unsympathetic arseholes. Stigma still seems over the top

                1. ^This. I’m not aware of any “stigma” associated with migraines. Some point, though, are dicks.

                  1. Yeah, there is no stigma. But everything has to be a grievance now, so it’s not surprising to see that language.

          2. I’ve heard about people having bosses who “don’t believe in migraines” and I believe it, especially having worked for managers who thought anyone who called in sick was faking it

        2. The problem is that some of them are malingerers.

          I mean if you are the sort willing to make up any excuse to not have to work what better illness is there to fake entirely or exaggerate how bad it impacts you than one which is basically untracable and incurable.

          Obviously this isn’t most people with migraines or back pain or fibromialgia but it is more than a negligible percentage of them

      2. Excedrin is trying to sell it’s pills. They’re probably pandering to dipshits who think there’s a stigma on everything except being white cishetero male.

        1. Excedrin sucks. Advil Migraine is the only thing that works well.

          1. Feel a migraine coming on? Pop 3 or 4 Advil Migraines within 15 minutes of initial symptoms and you’re usually good to go. Add a time release Sudafed if it’s bad.

            That recipe has always worked far better for me than the migraine abortive pills that cost $10 each. And I don’t pass out on the couch because of the side effects either.

            1. I’ll take your word for it. I don’t suffer from migraines, so I can’t verify or refute that.

            2. Depends on the person. Ibuprofen-based products (Advil, Motrin, etc.) have little effect on me. I need acetaminophen-based products (Tylenol, Excedrin, etc.).

              1. I can’t tolerate acetaminophen at all. Makes me ill.

              2. Naproxen sodium is the only thing that works on my headaches.

                But there are children starving, so only 1 type of pain reliever allowed!

          2. Whatever works for you. Excedrin were godpills for me growing up.

        2. Excedrin Migraine is just aspirin, acetaminophen and caffeine – the same ingredients as Goody’s, BC and Stanback powders which have been around for years. Taking a couple of Tylenol (or Advil)* with a couple of aspirin and a big cup of coffee and lying down in a dark quiet place with a hot wet towel on my forehead works pretty well for me. (A cold cloth may sound more soothing but you want to dilate those blood vessels, not constrict them. Put a dish towel in a bowl of water and put it in the microwave and get it as hot as you can stand.)

          *Not Aleve – that shit you can OD on and screw up your liver real quick. Most headache stuff has a two-tab dosage but Aleve has one because it’s so potent. Why the hell they haven’t been sued into cutting the dosage-per-pill in half to keep the dosage in line with other headache pills is beyond me.

          1. I thought it was acetaminophen that jacks up the liver.

      3. I guess migraines aren’t just for women who aren’t in the mood anymore.

        1. I had bad migraines for awhile. Bad enough that I was getting suicidal. They had to turn to me into a zombie with massive doses of beta blockers to get rid of them.

          But I’m all better now! Honest!

    2. “The Migraine Experience”

      Worst amusement park ride EVER.

    3. My question is how do they simulate the actual pain and occasional neurological symptoms like dysphasia, anger, metallic tastes, etc…?

      1. The needles hidden in the headset inject the weaerer with drugs to simulate the symptoms…

    4. I’ve noticed that my migraine goes away with about 25 Excedrins. The wife can’t swallow more than 6 at a pop, though. *It’s a joke. Love the wife. Don’t ban me Bemijidi.*

      1. A slightly senile relative of mine took 16 Aleves within a 24 hour period. Just slightly toxic.

        1. I wish I could get my hands on Nyquil here. Loved taking a double dose and waking up 16 hours later having slept through the worst part.

          1. Ah, winters at the University of Buffalo… I used to drink that shit between classes and between school and work.

            20 years later, one dose knocks me out for the night.

    5. As someone who once had bad migraines, why the fuck would anyone want anyone else to have a migraine unless they are a sadistic fuck?!

      1. A lot of people are sadistic fucks who want everyone else around them to suffer too.

    1. That’s kind of like blowing up an old Ford

    2. Here it is, hot off the presses.

      I can’t *wait* to find out what His Holiness has been up to this time!

    3. Harrumph!! Giving church services to SINNERS!! I can’t think of anything less Christian than that!! Jesus CERTAINLY would never have given religious services to sinners and tax collectors and the like!! I’m sure the bible said he only hung out with the most spiritually pure of people!!

      1. Ostracize them from the community! Only those without sin may hear the teachings of Christ!

      2. “If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over. But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’ If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church; and if they refuse to listen even to the church, treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector.”. — Jesus

  28. U.S. military christens self-driving ‘Sea Hunter’ warship

    PORTLAND, Oregon (Reuters) – The U.S. military on Thursday christened an experimental self-driving warship designed to hunt for enemy submarines, a major advance in robotic warfare at the core of America’s strategy to counter Chinese and Russian naval investments.

    The 132-foot-long (40-metre-long) unarmed prototype, dubbed Sea Hunter, is the naval equivalent of Google’s self-driving car, designed to cruise on the ocean’s surface for two or three months at a time – without a crew or anyone controlling it remotely.

    That kind of endurance and autonomy could make it a highly efficient submarine stalker at a fraction of the cost of the Navy’s manned vessels.

    “This is an inflection point,” Deputy U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Work said in an interview, adding he hoped such ships might find a place in the western Pacific in as few as five years. “This is the first time we’ve ever had a totally robotic, trans-oceanic-capable ship.”

    1. I’ve seen this movie

    2. Vaguely related… the UK Government’s Natural Environment Research Council is commissioning a new research vessel, and thought it would be cute to get the public to nominate and vote on possible names. The front-runner at the moment by a huge margin is Boaty McBoatface.

      1. I’ve seen that floating around the internet, but what no one ever says is if they’re going to actually name it “Boaty McBoatface” or if they’re going to overrule to poll.

        1. Saw a commuter train driver that changed the name of his train to “Trainy McTrainface” in solidarity.

    3. I once had an idea for a self-sailing cargo ship that was literally a sailing ship. It would deliver non-perishables from port to port at a sedate pace using wind power, making it cheap to operate. Donno if it would be cheaper than conventional freight though.

      1. Full size Panamax class container ships have experimented with giant kite sails. I mean, if it adds a knot to your speed, that tallies into the tons of fuel a year. I don’t think it was reliable enough to deploy and recover, but they damn sure tried it.

    4. But he stressed that even if the United States ever decides to arm robotic naval systems such as Sea Hunter, any decision to use offensive lethal force would be made by humans.

      Right until they try to take it offline and it fights back.

    5. Normally I’d laugh at anyone who suggested that robots and automation will cause problems.

      But the government made this thing, so yeah, it’s only a matter of time before it accidentally blows up a research sub or something.

    6. designed to cruise on the ocean’s surface for two or three months at a time

      Seems like submerged would work better, no? I wonder why it doesn’t cruise underwater.

      1. Radio waves have trouble reaching through water. It’s easier to keep track of your hunters on the surface. Plus, powering it has more options on the surface, and you don’t have to engineer for pressure, making it cheaper.

  29. Compare and contract: Bill De Blasio.

    Is he a surefire bet to be a future Presidential contender?

    In little more than two years in City Hall, de Blasio has proven himself to be both media-savvy and effective at implementing policies that even ultra-progressvie New Yorkers consider extreme. Barring full-scale race riots in the streets of Manhattan, he has a future as bright as anyone’s in the Democratic party.

    Or will his corruption and tone-deafness save us from that horror?

    He fancies himself the leader of a national movement, and spends an inordinate amount of time out of the city spreading the news of his greatness. In one telling interview, he complained that people outside New York better understood him than did the benighted folk in the five boroughs.

    Yet national pols aren’t impressed with him either. He had to cancel a planned forum in Iowa when none of the candidates would attend, and foolishly trekked to the cornfields there to make amends to Hillary Clinton after he snubbed her. She refused to see him, the smartest thing she’s done in years.

    1. He does seem like a control freak suffering from delusions of grandeur.

      1. New York Values.

    2. He’ll cruise to reelection next November.

      More likely, however, is a de Blasio run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020 or 2024, with plenty of support from the formidable Clinton fundraising network.

      This NR article is delusional. The man swept into office with the support of a whopping 17% of the voting-age public. He spends most of his time trying to spread commie propaganda around the country. One more scandal and even “ultra-progressvie New Yorkers” will drop him like a hot potato.

      1. You know what other little-known, uncelebrated nobody with meager credentials and a spotty record managed to attain the highest office in the land virtually overnight…

        1. At least George W. Bush had some charisma.

        2. Hitler?

  30. At Indiana University, there are reports of a whip-wielding man dressed in a Ku Klux Klan outfit.

    Which is true, if by “whip” you mean “rosary” and by “Ku Klux Klan outfit” you mean “the garb of the Dominican order.”

    The priest who was the subject of the misunderstanding seems fairly mellow about the situation.

    The story says that “the KKK has been active in the area in the past,” if by “active in the area” they mean “highly influential in Indiana politics,” and if by “the past,” they mean the 1920s. The article doesn’t mention that the Klan in the 1920s was an anti-Catholic, pro-public-school organization.

      1. Forgot to close HTML tag.

      2. Dad bought a painting from a family friend featuring a northern New Mexico penitente march in their traditional garb… he has to explain to visitors that, no, he’s not a closeted white supremacist.

      3. Hell, it would be a step up if our cops were rocking Hugo Boss uniforms.

  31. Stupidest article I have read this morning:

    Mother says sex with her son is ‘incredible’ as she reveals they’re planning marriage and trying for baby

    A mother reunited with the son she gave up for adoption 30 years ago says now they’re in love – and trying for a baby together.

    Kim West, 51, has been in a relationship with her biological son Ben Ford, 32, for two years and believe they are ‘meant to be’ after she was forced to give him up for adoption just a week after he was born.

    But the couple, who say their sex life is ‘incredible’ and are planning to get married, insist their relationship is not incest, the New Day reports.

    1. Feeling confused about the attraction, Kim decided to look it up on the internet and came across an article on Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA), and felt like a weight had lifted.

      The internet, providing rationalizations for weird shit every day.

      1. Just because there is a biological explanation for why it exists is not a permission to give into it.

    2. I’ve heard this one. they go on to rule Thebes until a plague reveals that it really was incest, she hangs herself, he gets blinded and eventually her brother takes the throne.

      1. My favorite comment. I don’t think it is serious.

        Hopefully the American tax dollar will be able to pay for this!

    3. Would?

    4. With any luck her fertile days are over

      1. “Insists their relationship is not incest”

        Yeah because the love cancels out the huge risk of birth defects! Derp!

        1. Define “huge” and what qualifies as a “birth defect.”

        2. Probably because she has somehow gotten the notion that “incest” counts only for emotional relationships, not merely genetic ones.

  32. Definitely Not Safe For Work

    Graphic Photos: Los Zetas Cartel Civil War Brings 5 Beheadings in 1 Week South of Texas Border

    CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tamaulipas ? The raging war between two factions of Los Zetas continues in this city as five severed human heads have been left behind in two separate cases this week meant to spread fear terror.

    The most recent case of narco-terror took place on Tuesday evening outside of a local elementary school in the Tamatan neighborhood when a group of cartel gunmen left two ice chests and a large narco-banner.

    1. This being Breitbart, the lesson will of course be ‘Look at the scary Mexicans’ and not ‘End the drug war that empowers cartels and causes this violence to occur.’

      1. The comments are gold:

        No walls! Minefields are a lot cheaper and much quicker to complete, plus crossers can’t climb over a minefield, and the cries of those attempting to do so serve as a warning to other would-be invaders. And the small plastic Canadian Toe Poppers are cheap, non-lethal, and relatively humane, only forever depriving the crossers of their ability to play soccer. “A nation without borders” is in fact no nation at all.

        1. “And the small plastic Canadian Toe Poppers are cheap, non-lethal, and relatively humane”

          Relatively humane means something drastically different in Breitlandia than it does in the world I’m living in.

          1. Breitbart commenters make John Yoo seem relatively humane.

          2. I think compared to blowing their limbs off, a toe-popper is “relatively” humane.

        2. Apparently this person does not realize how useless unguarded minefields are.

          If you know it is there and you have the time defeating a minefield with no losses is trivially easy

      2. Most of the cartel stories at Breitbart Texas are actually written by mexican journalists who can’t report on it in mexican media. They’re double-printed with a spanish and english version. All of the ones that start with the warning ‘GRAPHIC’ belong to that subset.

      3. This being Breitbart, the lesson will of course be ‘Look at the scary Mexicans’ …

        You are right. I think Stormfront showed up in the comment section.

      4. No war! Choose only one, though. Drug, Poverty, Women, Climate Change, Actual war.

  33. Wichita, Kansas: Man Arrested After Doctors Remove Octopus From 2-Year-Old Boy’s Throat, Police Say

    Matthew Gallagher was arrested on suspected child abuse following the incident, in which bruises were discovered on the boy’s face, police said. Gallagher is the boyfriend of the boy’s mother.

    1. Unless there is a pattern of other incidents, I think it’s reasonable to say not much info can be drawn from this situation.

  34. Japan to print additional ?10,000 bills as more people stash their cash at home

    The Finance Ministry plans to increase the number of ?10,000 bills in circulation, amid signs that more people are hoarding cash.

    It will print 1.23 billion such notes in fiscal 2016, 180 million more than a year earlier. The number of ?10,000 bills issued annually leveled off at around 1.05 billion in the fiscal years from 2011 to 2015.

    Some financial market sources believe it is because more people are keeping their money at home rather than in banks, because interest rates on deposits have fallen to almost zero after the Bank of Japan introduced a negative interest rate in February.

    The total amount of cash stashed at home is estimated to have surged by nearly ?5 trillion to some ?40 trillion in the past year, Hideo Kumano, chief economist at Dai-ichi Life Research Institute, said.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    1. He attributed the sharp increase to people not wanting their wealth to become known to authorities following the introduction of the My Number common identification system for tax and social security.

      In addition, the BOJ’s negative rate policy “may have fueled concerns among the public about depositing their money in banks,” Kumano said.

      Hoarders. Not Paying Their Fair Share. Obviously Libertardians who are secretly Republicans. /derp

      1. How dare those disloyal cotzens devline to pay for the privilege of someone holding their money! Who could have foreseen this?!

    2. Stimulus!

  35. Times Square: New York City Council Approves Rule Changes for Costumed Characters at Site

    The council voted 42-1 Thursday to increase regulations of performers at the Midtown location. Some entertainers in the area perform or pose for photos for tips from tourists.

    In response to scared tourists and annoyed locals, the council’s law would restrict the characters to a handful of designated zones, each about the size of a city bus, where they could solicit tips for posing for photographs. Other areas of the Times Square pedestrian plaza would be off limits.

    1. Someone raised a point that these characters are not Disney promotions or some such – they’re just bums in smelly suits – so they wonder why the rights-holders aren’t complaining about these guys aggressively panhandling and tarnishing their image.

    1. It’s cute how you criticize Hillary… Because we all know that when she gets the nomination, you’ll fall in line and vote for her anyway.

  36. pursued by prosecutors in California.
    A police chase in Los Angeles ended with two burglary suspects high-fiving bystanders and taking selfies before surrendering to cops.


  37. defending the people who kill the lives you say matter.

    It’s Friday. I’m tired. Can anyone put this into English, please?

    1. Bill said BLM defends many violent criminals that actually victimize blacks.

    2. Bill is actually right about this.

      For all the good BLM does in highlighting police abuse they pick some of the WORST cases to be their standard bearers and end up defending some pretty damn bad people.

      That said it is an massive gaffe from a politician who is usually more astute than this. About the only demographic that Hillary can rely on is minorities and her husband making an enemy out of BLM is going to really hurt her chances of winning the nomination outright before the convention.

      1. I bet the Clintons will break even. It’s not like the BLM was giving many props to Bernie for allowing them to shout him off the podium so they could rant into a microphone and at an audience they didn’t earn. At the end of the day, the vast majority of black voters are going to cast a ballot for whomever has a D next to their name. The only question being how much the Dems can crank up their turnout.

        1. It may be that BLM doesn’t speak for the black community as a whole as well. To somewhat echo Rasilio, they’ve brought some attention to police brutality, but they’ve also gone far beyond this into some pretty stupid territory.

          1. but they’ve also gone far beyond this into some pretty stupid territory.

            Sadly, my alma mater, which until now has been OK on free speech issues, has gone full retard because of some recent BLM shenanigans.

            (as a semi-bureaucrat, when I see BLM, all it means to me is “Bureau of Land Management”. *sigh*)

        2. I think we’ll see a pretty sizable dip in black voter turnout this year compare to 08 and 12. I just can’t see Hillary setting the world on fire enough to get usually idle voters to the polls. Bernie already has problems with this demographic, so he’s going to fare worse among blacks come November.

          I, for one, welcome our new Trumpy overlords.

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