Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Comes Out Against Liberal Democratic Values

They're the real problem with New York, he says.


A.P. video

When Ted Cruz pandered to South Carolina conservatives by attacking Donald Trump's "New York values," he probably was not thinking about the moment, a few months later, when he would be pandering to New Yorkers. But that moment is upon him, and the much-mocked phrase has come back to haunt him. With the New York primary less than two weeks away, the Associated Press reports that "Cruz's use of that phrase as a putdown in a GOP debate in January has hung around his neck like an anchor, particularly in New York City, where's he's been skewered in the tabloids and repeatedly heckled at campaign events."

During that January 14 GOP debate, Cruz said "everyone understands that the values in New York City are socially liberal or pro-abortion or pro-gay marriage, focus around money and the media." During a recent campaign stop in the Bronx, he tried again: "They are the values of the liberal Democratic politicians like Andrew Cuomo, like Anthony Weiner, like Elliot Spitzer, like Charlie Rangel—all of whom Donald Trump has supported. If you want to know what liberal democratic values are, follow Donald Trump's checkbook."

So now Cruz is against liberal democratic values? What happened to his reverence for the Constitution, the rule of law, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion? A.P. says "fewer than 100 people showed up at the event at a restaurant, and several of them were there solely to jeer Cruz."

John Kasich's performance sounds only slightly less embarrassing:

"We love New York values," Kasich, who is running a distant third in the delegate race, said during a campaign stop at a Bronx deli. "It means innovation, neighborhoods, great food, great people. It means everything."

Except for afforable housing. My wife and lived in New York (Manhattan and the Bronx) for seven years and might still be there if the rents were lower. I miss the pickles. Abortions you can get anywhere.