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Prof Wants UVA's 'Problematic' Mural Censored Because It Depicts Fun, Title IX Violations

Five years after the "Dear Colleague" letter, the Office for Civil Rights has all but outlawed sex on campus.


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Some members of the University of Virginia community want a piece of art—a mural—censored, altered, or completely painted over because it depicts students and professors partying together. 

The behaviors of the fictional characters in the painting would likely violate Title IX, said UVA music professor Bonnie Gordon, a vocal critic of the mural, in an interview with 

Artist Lincoln Perry painted the mural, which covers the walls of Old Cabell Hall, over the course of 16 years. It was finished in 2012.  It features a number of different scenes of revelry involving men and women of various ages and in various states of undress. In one panel, a woman has chained a man to a pillar. In another, a woman can be seen leaping onto a dean's back. In still another scene, a woman offers her bra to a much older man standing on a balcony. 

According to the news story, criticism of the mural focuses mostly on a sole panel, in which a student and professor "obviously have been doing something that would be a Title IX violation," according to Gordon. It's not totally clear to me which panel runs afoul of federal sexual harassment guidance. The story includes a picture of the man-chained-to-pillar scene, but the accompanying video shows the balcony scene during the news reporter's relevant monologue. I'm not sure why any of the depicted actions would "obviously" violate Title IX, except in the sense that all sexual behavior on or near a university campus, involving one or more persons affiliated with a university, is now construed to violate Title IX. 

First, a disclaimer: if UVA administrators really want to change, alter, or otherwise update the mural, they obviously have that right. Maybe it's a bad piece of art. Maybe Gordon's suggestion to let art students repaint it is a good one. But it's one she recommends for entirely the wrong reasons: 

"I think it should go," said music professor Bonnie Gordon, who works in Old Cabell Hall and sees the mural every day. "It condones a certain kind of party culture in which women are depicted in ways that look problematic to me." … 

Gordon says she's troubled when she sees prospective first-year students come through Old Cabell Hall with their parents. 

"This is what they walk past," she said. "This is not the image that I want my son or daughter to associate with college." 

Again, the painting's problematic-ness is implied—some sexual activity between men and women is hinted at—and this is sufficient to invoke the dread specter of Title IX. Never mind that the college experience does actually involve sex for a great many students. Never mind that professors and students have been sleeping together, for mutual benefit, as long as universities have existed. Perhaps the mural should be replaced with a famous historical painting depicting Greek culture? Alas, I suppose not. (You would think Renaissance painters had never even heard of Title IX!) 

Today is the five year anniversary of the infamous "Dear Colleague" letter: five years have elapsed since the Education Department's Office for Civil Rights drastically ramped up efforts to force universities to police sexual harassment on an entirely subjective basis and adjudicate sexual assault without regard for due process. The evidence that these federally-driven efforts have destroyed the basic free expression rights of a great many university students and faculty members is overwhelming. [Related: Policing Students' Sex Lives Costs Colleges Millions, But Nobody's Happy with the Results] 

But I can think of no more fitting example of Title IX overreach than Gordon's response to the Perry mural. This is the landscape of higher education in 2016: all remotely sexual activity is presumed to violate Title IX in some way. Students are so delicate and infantilized—so incapable of making their own decisions—that they need protection from modern art. 

NEXT: When Sex Is Not a Crime, Why Should Sexting Be?

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  1. Title IX: So powerful it can be unleashed against *figures in a painting*, for cri-yi.

    You're next, fictional characters!

    1. Remember when Progs got all offended that John Ashcroft ordered those naked statues in the DOJ press room covered up?

      1. Principals, not principles.

        1. Ashcroft was one of those angry white men. The kind that support Donald Trump (see what I did there)

          1. The very word "Virginia" is problematic as it implies impure women are sinful or witches or hetero-normative property or whatever. Also, slavery. Duh! Capitol of the Confederacy? Did all you Trump Nazis forget General Lee? Did you know he used a misogynist "bridal" to ride his horse? I vote they rename the state Trans Matoaka.

            1. This mural is a cause for grave concern, as it depicts forms of conduct highly damaging to the reputations of many distinguished professors. It starts with an innocent office-hour encounter; a glass of wine follows; then the emails start spreading around campus; and before you know it the dignity and reputation of students and professors alike is being assaulted with inappropriately deadpan "parody." Only a single liberal judge has sought to defend fake academic fiction or Gmail "confessions" damaging to departmental reputations, with a foolish "First Amendment dissent" that has brought shame upon the judiciary. See the documentation of America's leading criminal "satire" case at:


      2. I was gonna say, aren't these the same kinds of people that defended the "Piss Christ"? I mean, seriously, pick a fucking side and stick with it! This bullshit, pretzel-twisty "I'm offended by this, but fuck you if you're offended by that!" back-and-forth is getting nauseating....

        1. They have picked a side. They believe that any speech that they agree with should be uncensored, and speech that comes from a viewpoint that they disagree with, or speech by people that they dislike, should be banned and suppressed. I strongly suspect that if we keep letting them get their way, they will start compiling lists of people that they want rounded up and put into camps. Because those people say things that make them feel "unsafe" or think thoughts that are "an act of violence".

          1. The re-education camps would be a logical outcome of this mentality. It really just comes down to who has the power and how much of it.

            1. and don't bother saying "it can't happen here."

          2. Umm, they've already started with that. Read a current list of demands from your local campus activists; there's probably something on their about mandatory social justice education for anyone they deem to be problematic for whatever reason.

            When you point out how that sounds suspiciously like the beginnings of 'reeducation camps' it's usually greeted with either and eyeroll or a 'so what, if you weren't so racist we wouldn't need to do this'.

            Brave new world indeed.

        2. Their "side" is that you're not allowed to disagree with them. Or imply disagreement with them. Or foment dangerous thoughts that might lead others into disagreement. Or agree with insufficiently vigorous levels of enthusiasm. Aside from that you're free to do whatever you like, subject to change without notice.

      3. "Yes, he was such a prude to object! Oh, wait...."

      4. If you want to see the world the faggot cookie progtards ultimately want, watch the Christian Bale film 'Equilibrium'.

      5. Yes. But, let's be clear. Ashcroft covered up that statue because he knew the liberal media would run with it and say, " Look...Three boobs!!" or something along those lines. He wasn't offended by the statue. If he had been offended, he would have covered it up earlier or permanently.

        The left never misses a chance to use it to claim equivalence when some Muslim wants western girls to cover their skin from head to toe.

      6. Remember when the Taliban blew up those Buddha statues?

        Also, wouldn't. Wouldn't even to dust off Romney.

    2. Something something Rape of the Sabine Women

    3. That's not modern. It's like four years old.

  2. It's like Scenes From A Hat from WLIIA?

    ...except every scene is "muh title ix"

  3. The problem with Bonnie Gordon wanting to ban sex on campus is that people who have no chance of being affected by a ban should not get a say in the debate.

    1. Those images make Bonnie Gordon have funny feelings. She'll try to claim the moral high ground until the day she gets caught handing her bra to a much older man in an airport men's room.

    2. ban sex on campus

      Its not "ban". Its "control" via "arbitrary exercise of authority". Subtle difference

  4. These people don't have a problem with sex. They have a problem with heterosexual sex. If the mural consisted of 1000 square feet of graphic gay and lesbian porn, these people would not only not be complaining they would be fighting the good fight for free expression against anything who thought maybe graphic depictions of gay sex don't belong in a public mural.

    1. These people have a problem with speech and any free expression THEY DON'T AGREE WITH. I wonder if the professor who objects to the mural identifies as a democrat or republican....HMMMMMM. ITS A MYSTERY!!!

  5. Perhaps the mural should be replaced with a famous historical painting depicting Greek culture?

    Or they could just copy the mural from Clark Hall.

    1. I'm shocked that they haven't tried to get rid of the Aviator statue, what with it's incredibly shiny region.

      1. Oh my. Somehow that just looks diseased.

    2. Exactly. Several generations of students and professors walked through Clark Hall to geology and mathematics classes without squawking about the Greek mural.

      It took a busybody Music professor with too much time on her hands to raise a fuss about this new mural. Is this about murals or the people looking at murals?

  6. Put that mural on double secret probation!

  7. I miss the days when insane people saying insane shit would get laughed at and told to shut-up by their bosses.

    1. Or fired. Oh, how I pine for the days when the miserable employee who said idiotic things could just be fired by the boss.

    1. I think the SJWs in Charolottesville ought to march right down Lexington and demand that thing be taken down. I wish them luck with that.

    2. Teenaged slavers heroically battling Yankee liberators. But no Battleflag, so I guess it is o.k. Stonewall would have been proud.

  8. *sigh* I really need to move out of this city. Right now they're also throwing a big fit over a statue of Lee Jackson in down town Charlottesville because some 16 yo girl finds it offensive.

    1. I thought Robert E Lee and Thomas J. Jackson were two different people?

  9. How far are we from these dumb asses actually taking matters into their own hands and mobs showing up to destroy "degenerate art"?

    We think it is a joke but it really isn't. You know who else wanted degenerate art removed from the public square?

    1. Your mother?

    2. The Byzantine Iconoclasts?

    3. Learn from history...something, something....repeat...something, something.....doomed.

    4. Jerry Falwell?

      1. He just didn't want the degenerate art depicting him.

        1. +1 first sexual experience

    5. The perpetrators of this

  10. Resting bitchface poster girl.

    1. She's practically the platonic ideal of RBF.

  11. "In another, a woman can be scene leaping onto a dean's back."

    Hate to be that guy but really *scene* for *seen*? A little editorial oversight might be in order here.

    1. This place is libertarian!

      That means no editorial oversight, dammit!

      1. Something, something Postrel....

    2. Language changes. Soave is just ahead of the curve. Way ahead.

    3. Is Paco editing again?

    4. What Soave did there, I scene it.

  12. Would there be a first amendment issue with banning the word "problematic"? Because I think we have to do that.

  13. They should replace it with a Hieronymus Bosch -inspired vision of Hell. One run by officious prissy college administrators.

    1. Title Nine Planes of Hell

  14. "Never mind that the college experience does actually involve sex for a great many students."

    I've been to college (more than 1), and slept with women (more than 1), but they NEVER had anything to do with each other. sitting through lectures together is not a great way to meet people, I don't think.

    1. I got a lot more sex after I got out of college and had a job and some money than I ever did in college. Not that people don't screw in college, they certainly do. The amount of sex that actually takes place, however, is a bit overrated mostly by adults bragging about their college days being more cool than they actually were.

      1. that's a good point, everything does look better in retrospect (for a lot of people at least). it's weird to see it take the form of "in my day kids were so much wilder" though; usually it's something more wholesome sounding. I dunno if "immune" is the right word, but I seem to be a whole lot less prone to romanticize the past than most people. my life has only gotten better as Ive gotten older.

        1. I'll agree that my life is better now, but damn the 90s were a fun time to be in art school in Los Angeles.

        2. College kids today are nothing but humorless little beta male pussies. I dearly wish the jocks WOULD start beating the shit out of the SJW' crowd. SJW's need to be afraid.

  15. Sounds far more likely that Title IX is going to violate the characters in the painting.

  16. Gordon says she's troubled

    So say we all.

  17. Robby totally missed an opportunity to cite Roman-Rape Culture

    1. I was about to suggest that they replace the mural with a copy of 'the rape of the sabine women'. i'm sure that would make everyone happy.

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    1. At this point should we start looking at college campuses the way the Victorians looked at insane asylums? A place to keep these people and where the public can on the odd Sunday come and gawk at them?

      1. Please do not tap glass.

      2. It's just easier to put them to sleep.

    2. Are you trying to horn in on the Suave beat?

  20. a woman has chained a man to a pillar

    The story includes a picture of the man-chained-to-pillar scene

    It's clearly duct tape, not chains.

    1. Workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose except the hair on your forearms!

  21. Gordon says she's troubled when she sees prospective first-year students come through Old Cabell Hall with their parents.

    "This is what they walk past," she said. "This is not the image that I want my son or daughter to associate with college."

    Yes. Much better to present prospective students and their parents with a constantly offended, intellectually stifling safe-space culture with Title IX lawsuits flying around. Sounds like a great place to send your kid.

  22. I think, in order to comply with Title IX, we need to review all literature throughout the history of the world and censor it to include an equal number of male and female characters. Too many men in The Iliand? Hector is now Hectora. Paris and Agamemnon are also women, so that the LGBTQRSTUV community gets some representation to boot.

    Also, sports. You can no longer attend a men's athletic event unless you also attend a women's event within 48 hours. No exceptions.

    1. Paris basically acted like a chick anyway. Drama queen.

      1. They prefer to be called "transgender".

  23. it sounds like crappy art, that said though when any art can be deemed offensive and must be covered up then what are left with. Maybe a government arts breaucracy handing out art. How Orwellian we are becoming.

    1. All art must depict men and women of different color, creeds, and gender identity holding hands under a rainbow, and no white men present. All other art is triggering and therefore illegal.

      1. All other art isn't art, it's cultural imperialism.

      2. Well, only if it's painted by the "right people". Have to make sure the artist is a homeless, transgendered person of color. Otherwise, your suggestion becomes cultural appropriation.

  24. "It condones a certain kind of party culture in which women are depicted in ways that look problematic to me."

    Oh, well, if it looks problematic to YOU, sure...

  25. I am wondering, how did this mural get approved in the first place? Did anyone know what would be depicted? And it took 16 freaking years?

    1. normally these sorts of public-works things are described in detail in a proposal and then provided as mock-up miniatures before they go forward with anything.

  26. Bonnie needs more muscle to remove the mural.

    Are Bonnie and Melissa friends?

  27. You'd think maybe UVA staff might want to shut their yaps for a couple years while enrollment stabilizes...

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  29. Bonnie Gordon is a reprehensible piece of garbage. UVA should have fired her ass after she led the lynch mob in the wake of the Rolling Stone hoax. The link below

    1. Look chip, she got the narrative right. It is not her fault nor should it matter that the facts were wrong. She was just starting a conversation.

      1. False but accurate. The mural just proves her point.

  30. I think the mural's critics would have a better case if they declined to invoke Title IX.

    One should be able to make the case that the mural should be taken down purely because it is tasteless and inappropriate. Federal civil rights statues should not have anything to do with it.

    1. Yeah, but when you have retardation, every problem looks like cake.

    2. One should be able to make the case that the mural should be taken down purely because it is tasteless and inappropriate

      To *whom*?

      I think there is and should be space in public life for ostentatious tastelessness. not everything needs to be sanitized to protect the endlessly aggrieved.

      besides, the mural contains a lot more than the offending-bits, from what i gather. there's a full examination of all its components on the artist's website

      1. this might be better because it shows the whole thing on one page

        and from what i can tell, the offending section is just a single component out of many. (e.g. "criticism of the mural focuses mostly on a sole panel"")

        to 'fix' the singular 'problem segment' would basically be a rejection of the spectrum contained in the whole work.

        It seems a bit like saying, "yes the greek statues are very nice, just put some clothes on them and we'll be OK"

        1. to 'fix' the singular 'problem segment' would basically be a rejection of the spectrum contained in the whole work.

          Which is fine. If the campus community says "we really don't think this segment sets a good example, and we don't want a mural that may be perceived to endorse this behavior", that should be totally ok. That is a completely normal conversation.

          The point where they go too far is where they start going "OMG! This mural makes me feel unsafe! It's endorsing rape and sexual exploitation! The government should make the school take it down because anything less would be violating my right to equal treatement under the law!"

          It's the hysterical invokation of federal authority that is problematic, not the discussion about what is appropriate or not to put in a permanent art installation.

          1. If the campus community says _____

            And how exactly do you define *that*?

            current students? current students and faculty? current students, faculty, donors, and alumni?.... etc.

            I agree with your point about claiming exception and demanding external (federal law) authority to intervene is 'crossing the line'.

            My point is just that this assumption that "community" is something that is expressed by any given random-agglomeration of pissed off people is stupid. Rarely is anyone claiming to represent "the community" representing anyone except a extreme minority view.

            See: the claim that "97% of scientists agree~!!" (that climate change mechanics merely *exist*) is equivalent to complete endorsement of the worst-case-scenario crisis-models and their most-ridiculous economic-intervention-solutions.

          2. If they painted a football helmet on any figure considered to potentially be a rapist then it would be ok.

      2. Sure. But just because sometimes tastelessness is OK, doesn't mean that permanently installing a tacky mural involving students engaged in sex acts with professors in the middle of campus is a great idea.

        My point is that maybe the mural is inappropriate. Maybe it's sexist and vulgar and should be taken down. And if so, it should be entirely possible to make that argument without citing Title IX.

        1. there is no depiction of a sex act. The sex act is implied.

      3. The artwork actually looks rather nicely done. It's basically a modern execution of the traditional "Journey Of Life" theme: Times of need and times of plenty as represented by the changing seasons, times of strife and temptation, etc. But, in the end, perseverance and dedication lead to success.

        Apparently allegories readily understood by illiterate Medieval peasants are now beyond the grasp of university professors.

  31. Fuck You, That's Why = Fuck You, Title Nine

  32. "In still another scene, a woman offers her bra to a much older man standing on a balcony."

    Perhaps the much older man is Chuck Schumer.

    And I assume Title IX is being invoked because the mural implies heterosexual sex, and in all such instances the woman is a victim.

  33. Funny - robby seems to have overlooked the fact that the subject of the mural is the "Maturation of a young female student" during her college experience =

    " it seemed appropriate that the heroine of the tale be a young, vulnerable and not terribly confident young woman, who is presented with various setbacks and difficulties and ultimately succeeds in graduating, released into the world as Mr. Jefferson intended. The first panel...shows us our red-headed heroine on her first, somewhat daunting, day of class. .Her back is turned and she is mid way on a spiral from below that culminates above her like a goal or a promised destination. panel 2, the student stands alone before a placque naming the designer... Panel 3 finds her sheltering from a cold winter rain, and while the architecture is continuous, we find her later in time in panel 4, a crowd scene filled with the temptations and distractions of college life. A young man teases her with a french fry, others argue, make noise, drink and carouse. In panel 5 Spring is arriving, and while she has had a setback in the form of a twisted ankle, a professor helps her to her feet..... Surrounded by men repairing an arbor, she suffers another setback in panel 7,as she drops her violin, self conscious and still basically alone.... By implication, the mural represents four annual cycles, tracing her college career, and as she gets ready to graduate in panel 10

    1. Is "drops her violin" a metaphor for "gives up the pootie"?

      1. No, but the part about teasing her with a french fry is pretty symbolic.

        1. zero women need to mature, they spring fully-formed and perfect from the head of Zeus. to suggest otherwise is code for endorsing a misogynistic form genocide i.e. you = worse than hitler

    2. Panel 7 must go because it helps demonstrate that men typically do hard, manual labor that sometimes commands high compensation thus punching down the "pay gap" false claim.

    3. That's the problem right there, then. "Maturation of a young female student" isn't something Title IX supports.

      1. my point exactly

    4. What strikes me as most sexist here is not the individual scenes, but the overall "damsel in distress" theme that is presented. Pity the poor helpless female as she is beset with troubles! Especially those presented by the beastly men and their groping hands and leering faces!

      1. leering faces

        The Male Gaze itself is a Title IX violation.

      2. of course you're that only makes sense when you entirely ignore that the point is that the work its all about her own individual self-actualization despite this distress

        Which is par-for-course for "critical reading", naturally

  34. I'm looking for reasons to support the mural and oppose the SJW professor.

    Because if I go with the killjoy professor, I lose lost of cool points on H&R, and I have almost accumulated enough cool points to redeem for a free monocle.

    Unfortunately, I can't think of a way to justify an on-campus mural suggesting an orgy, particularly an orgy involving students and professors.

    Imagine a mural at Yeshiva University portraying a bunch of Jews with big noses dancing around a giant bag with a dollar sign on it.

    Or imagine (and knowing what I do about some Catholic universities something like this may have happened) a mural with Timothy Leary telling Saint Augustine to loosen up, with LSD-taking students in the background.

    Or a mural at the Cato Institute showing FDR, Woodrow Wilson and Lyndon Johnson with halos, liberating people from poverty.

    If you can see why these examples are offensive, then try and muster the empathy to see why people might be offended at an orgy mural.

    1. Wait, did the article miss the point of the mural?

      If so, I'm sorry I reacted so soon.

    2. A link has been provided. Have you actually looked at the mural? Since you (and only you) refer to it as an "orgy mural", I must assume you have not.

    3. It's historical. Back in the long ago days when I went to college, UVA was a nationally known party school, especially during Easters, which Playboy called "The Best Party in America". I had a blast (and a fair amount of consensual sex) during those mud encrusted spring days, which have given me memories that will cause me to be smiling as I lay on my death bed. So the mural should be considered part of the history of the school, which in ordinary times would make it safe. However, these days even history is too triggering, so I doubt it will survive.

      1. Ah, yes. Fond memories of my frat going to UVA (it wasn't that far) for a spring blowout with our chapter there.

        Good times, indeed.

    4. Go look at the mural online. The article makes the mistake of assuming the original reporter and Professor Bonnie Gordon have accurately described the mural, which they have not. There's no room for empathy here.

    5. I can't think of a way to justify an on-campus mural suggesting an orgy,

      Who says it needs to be justified?


  35. Title Nine ought to be called Title Nein.

    1. You know who else - ahh, forget it.

  36. I was hoping the promoted comments was an April fools joke. I was wrong.
    Why? There's not thousands of comments inmost articles.

  37. Anybody else remember when it was the right-wingers protesting against works of art that they didn't like?


    1. Like Tipper Gore and the Washington Wives not liking music? Oh wait. Yeah. Her husband was a liberal. Forgot.

    2. Nothing inflates the value of an artwork than the ire of Right-Wingers

    3. The difference is, most "right-wingers" don't believe in censorship. They'll just avoid the artwork. I could be wrong, but don't recall conservative hysteria over Piss Christ. Progressives live to elevate victimhood, so they'll identify with this wretch.

      1. I'd have to look it up to refresh my memory, but I dimly recall that Piss Christ was part of a fight over public funding of such "art", conservatives being outraged at the thought of their tax dollars going to such things. Via the NEA, IIRC.

  38. Perry should add a portrait of Gordon with donkey's ears. Not that I'd expect any of todays Marxist faculty to get the reference...


    1. "" the reference...""

      Midsummer Night's Dream? Pinnochio? King Midas?

      1. Sistine Chapel.


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  40. This is truly indicative of bureaucratic namby pamby behavior. They commission this guy for 12 years to do this mural and then some feminist Marxist teachers complain and suddenly they're going to have to paint over it to cover up the controversial parts...She's probably just mad none of her students come to 'office hour' anymore. Now that she's starting to wear a little.

  41. Never mind that the college experience does actually involve sex for a great many students.

    With you so far...

    Never mind that professors and students have been sleeping together, for mutual benefit

    ...what? Last time I checked, that's both highly unprofessional and inappropriate regardless of whether the mural should stay up.

    1. Why is it inappropriate for two adults to sleep together? I mean if I chat up a woman on campus and find out she's a professor at the school, why should I throw that number away?

  42. So this professor wants to censor any art that depicts women "in ways that look problematic" to her?

    You mean like those fundamentalist Islamists want to censor cartoons that depict muslims "in ways that look problematic" to them? Does she even realize how dangerously close to their position she is getting?

    Too f-ing bad if art is problematic. Don't look at it, then! Isn't art supposed to stir up feelings, both positive and negative, and cause thinking and discussion? For a music professor, she sounds like quite the low-brow philistine. I bet her favorite painter is Thomas Kincaid, painter of light, and her favorite sculpture is produced by Hummel.

    1. Does she even know how dangerously close to their [Muslims'] position she is getting?

      Leftists hate the west. They take an enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend position on Muslims. It doesn't matter how much evidence you show them about Muslim genocide, treatment of women, and censorship. They won't debate. They'll either refuse to respond or will find some flimsy evidence that allows them to claim some sort of equivalence. For instance, If a progressive steals a Rolls Royce, they'll inevitably look for a conservative (or libertarian) who stole a cookie so they can claim everyone steals.

      Bottom line - When a progressive's ideology runs face first into reality, it's reality that has to go.

    2. Likewise have to wonder what sort of music she teaches. I suspect that she thinks Indigo Girls is "classical music".

  43. Maybe sex should be outlawed for prog breeders.

  44. One look at Bonnie Gordon and any and all desire to violate Title IX vanishes. The perennial scowl and cheap hipster glasses magnifying ghastly eyes betray her as an intellectually arrogant hyper-leftist.

  45. When I was a student at UVA in the '70s, I had a semester-long relationship with a professor. I can't speak for her, but I have no regrets, except that she only gave me a B.

  46. RE: ? Prof Wants UVA's 'Problematic' Mural Censored Because It Depicts Fun, Title IX Violations
    Five years after the "Dear Colleague" letter, the Office for Civil Rights has all but outlawed sex on campus.

    1. There is to be no fun on the re-education camps commonly called American universities and colleges. Otherwise happiness and joy might break out amongst the general illiterate students.

    2. Outlawing sex on campus is a good idea. If the students want to get fucked, they should wait until they see their tuition rise for no reason.

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