Brickbat: City of the Big Shoulders


police car
Credit: MSVG / photo on flickr

Elizabeth Harrison, 82, had to be hospitalized after Chicago cops knocked down the door to her home and demanded to know where a man she'd never heard of was. As cops were later explaining her family how to file to have the door repaired, the man they were looking for walked up and told them he lived at 126 and they'd just raided 136. The officers declined to arrest him because they had no evidence against him.

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  1. An 82-year-old great-grandmother from Chicago was given the scare of her life when gut-toting cops broke down her door in search of someone else.

    Some typos are better than others.

    1. That there is worthy of John.

    2. Is it really a typo when it’s true?

    3. Was his name “Buttle” or “Tuttle”?

      Mistakes? We don’t make mistakes.

  2. Police dispute Harrison’s claim that they raided the wrong home

    Look our snitch gave us this address, who are you gonna believe the people who live here or some strung out tweaker looking to get favorable treatment from the po-po.

    1. And the guy their looking for just walks up to them He either has brass balls,or.has nothing to worry about.Then again,the city only has to pay for a door and maybe a hospital bill.Getting off cheap compared to the usual pay outs Chicago makes.

    2. The police made a little Bou-Bou.

      1. wam bang, thankyoumam.

      2. Look, if Bou Bou didn’t want his face blown off, he shouldn’t have been living in a house where cops suspected somebody might have once possibly sold drugs. (This is what copsuckers actually believe)

    3. If you can’t do the time don’t live somewhere somewhat nearby an address where there also was no crime.

      1. hero’s all went home safely though…no dogs were shot during the filming of this episode of COPS

  3. The officers declined to arrest him because they had no evidence against him. Then, they threw flashbangs in both their faces and ran away.

    1. Look, the department won’t pay for proper ninja smoke bombs.

  4. In a bizarre twist, the man police were looking for walked up to the officers as they were explaining to Harrison’s family how they can fill out paperwork to file a claim to get her door fixed.

    In an even bizarrer twist, the brother-in-law of the police sergeant who initiated the raid has a door repair business nearby.

    1. In an even more bizarrerest twist, Harrison’s niece-in-law made up to $78 an hour working from home using this one, weird trick….

  5. Chicago police didn’t arrest him because they didn’t turn up any evidence against him after they didn’t go through with searching Harrison’s home once they noticed she needed medical attention, a spokesman said.

    So, according to the spox, they declined to search the residence they had broken into for evidence from a guy who didn’t live there because the woman who did live there was in distress? Yeah, I guess whoever typed up the warrant should be fired for incompetence. They couldn’t search the guy’s actual place because they didn’t have a search warrant for that address.

    1. Everybody is too cool for italics I see.

      1. I do blockquotes to differentiate quoting something out of the linked article from something quoted off of this page.

        1. I do blockquotes to differentiate quoting something out of the linked article from something quoted off of this page.

          Yeah that’s the way I do it.

        2. Fist’s in charge of writing the H&R commenters style book.

    2. Like someone in distressed stopped them before.

  6. This was actually an episode of Brooklyn 99, right? I mean, the real cops with the power to kill you can’t really be this hilariously incompetent, right? Right?

    1. Numbers are hard

      1. You said “hard”…..huh huh….huh huh……huh huh….

      2. I thought comedy was hard…

    2. It was roughly the plot of the movie “Brazil.”

  7. Heroes.

    1. We can be heroes.

      1. Just for one raid.

  8. Without a strong police presence, social order would break down, and roving gangs of thugs would randomly … um ….

    Well, anyway, something must be done, and that was something.

  9. I look forward to David French’s explanation as to why the little old lady is at fault.

    1. Through the magic of hand-waving, this never happened.

  10. We need more stories like this that end with a cop’s funeral. This was not a “mistake”, this was “we’re the police, we don’t have to give a fuck.”

    1. And then the “war on cops” would be used to justify even heavier-handed tactics.

  11. They bust down a door, ask for a person, then when the person shows up, no arrest…which implies that even if they’d busted down his door, they weren’t there to arrest him, just to fuck with him. But it was in some way about him. I give up.

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