Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Says Scott Walker's Ideology 'Kills People'

Sanders, who is a fan of communist regimes, accuses a center-right governor of being responsible for people dying because of his policy preferences.



Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.), who has expressed support for murderous communist regimes like those in Nicaragua and honeymooned in Moscow (correction: north of Moscow) in the 1980s, after the Soviet Union had already been responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people in Russia as well as around the developing world, accused Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) of being responsible for people's death because of his "right-wing ideology," his decision to decline Medicaid expansion in his state and his support for some entitlement and spending reforms.

Sanders' father emigrated from Poland in 1921, at the tail end of the Polish-Soviet war, which was lost by the Soviets, who would invade Poland again in 1939 and impose murderous regimes there and across Central and Eastern Europe that lasted more than half a century.

Sanders is the "good guy" to the Donald Trump "bad guy" (who, like Sanders, is anti-trade, believes immigration laws are a plot by wealthy people to endanger American workers, and peddles myths about money in politics) in the mainstream liberal narrative. Clinton, who pushed U.S. intervention and military actions in Libya and elsewhere in the Muslim world, has so far escaped any serious discussion of her responsibility for people killed by the U.S. government when she was a member of the Obama cabinet.

This election is beyond parody.