GMO Food

Friday Funnies: Greens Starve the Poor by Fighting Genetically Modified Foods



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  1. Golden Rice FTW.

    1. Dandelions FTW.

  2. Penn Jillette is a dick. Give Emmanuel Lewis some grub!

    1. On the plus side, Alyson Hannigan will be taking over hosting duties on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us.

      I would totally do her, but she is married to Wesley Wyndham Pryce, and I would rather not piss him off, since he’s a very scary guy/ .

      1. How tough can anyone named Wesley really be? I mean, you wouldn’t surrender to the Dread Pirate Wesley, would you?

  3. No so awful. Therefore, not quite perfect. But thank you for setting things back to normal, REASON. I was beginning to despair – in my chemo-induced dementia – that the world truly had tilted off its axis.

    But with Friday “Funnies” restored, I now merely dread the day as a I would any other, rather than as a harbinger to the apocalypse itself.

    With that out of the way – Happy FUCKING Friday, Reasonoids. I hope your medical plan denies you the life-saving drugs you require and you die a victim of the bureaucratic fuckstration that is Obamacare.

    Also, fried chicken


    1. *Slap*

      1. *slap!*

        1. *slap!*

          And what was up with the pre-slap-ass-Friday *slap!*?

          1. Er, what are you talking about? I do not destroy the magic of the day by deploying a slap before it.

            1. Apparently I *slap!*ped up.

    2. Happy Friday, Almanian. Didn’t know about the chemo. Hoping for the best for you.

    3. I hope your medical plan denies you the life-saving drugs you require and you die a victim of the bureaucratic fuckstration that is Obamacare.

      That’s practically a guarantee at this point. Also, best of luck with the chemo. That’s sone nasty shit. Hope they at least let you have medical doobage where you live.

  4. HURRAY!! Friday Funnies are back!!!

    I’m not even going to criticize this fine piece of art. It’s an excellent depiction of Liberal Hypocrisy.

  5. I like you, Payne.

  6. The GMO food gave that kid mutant arms. You’ll have to starve him to save him.

  7. I guess I get no thanks for picking up the Friday Funnies slack the past few weeks. That’s fine. I don’t do it for the laurels. I do it for the attention. And I wasn’t getting much of that, either.

    1. Bok and Payne welcome you to their bittersweet club

  8. Great cartoon. Thanks.

  9. Billions of years of evolution changed in the blink of an eye by genetic scientists, because they know exactly how everything works. I have studied the issue and have come to the conclusion that the world could be fed by small organic farms. But then Monsanto, and others would be out of business. Most GMO studies are done by the companies promoting the products.

    1. So, as the Reasonoids might suggest… go start your company and put The Monsantos out of business..

  10. Friday Funnies?

    More like, “Friday’s ‘Blue Paste’ Special.”

    With proper management, every human on the planet could be fed by family farms – without using GMOs (just typing the letters makes me feel nauseated) – and with more than enough surplus to tide everyone over in lean years.

    Granted, the chemical companies that are dabbling in agriculture would see their stocks implode. . . but that’s a minuscule price to pay for healthy, actual, food – instead of the Frankenphood being foisted off on us and claimed to be healthy by industry shills. . .

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