Residents Abandoning Chicago: Is It Following in Detroit's Footsteps?

Illinois' sources of revenues are leaving as government employees keep demanding more, more, more.


Credit: Hammerin Man / photo on flickr

The latest U.S. Census Bureau data has the American population growing at a little less than one percent for 2015. Bloomberg has a map here illustrating the data. A little less than half the growth is from immigration to the United States.

The growth isn't evenly distributed, and a couple of states stand out like big, red sore thumbs. Illinois and West Virginia both saw population declines (along with a few other states to a much smaller degree) for the 12 months measured.

The biggest loser in the latest demographic analysis is the city of Chicago. Of all the metropolitan areas that lost population in the last year, it lost the mostā€”more than the greater Los Angeles area, more than Boston, more than Minneapolis.

For context's sake, though, the whole region lost only 12,626 out of a population of millions. The City of Chicago itself lost 6,263 residents. Nevertheless, the Chicago Tribune notes that this is the first decline in population for the city since 1990. And the reasons why are fairly predictable for those who are paying attention:

By almost every metric, Illinois' population is sharply declining, largely because residents are fleeing the state. The Tribune surveyed dozens of former residents who've left within the last five years, and each offered their own list of reasons for doing so. Common reasons include high taxes, the state budget stalemate, crime, the unemployment rate and the weather.

Richard Morton, whose family grew up and lived in Illinois, is retiring down to Florida at the age of 62. Yes, the weather obviously plays a role, but there's more:

"I used to enjoy Illinois and the area," he said. "But everyday there's a reason to not want to stay here. Between (Gov. Bruce) Rauner and (House Speaker Michael) Madigan, how will the state ever fix its pension problem? To me it seems unfixable, and I don't want to have to pay for it."

He may not be wrong. Yesterday the Illinois Supreme Court struck down an effort to contain pension costs of Chicago government employees by cutting benefits and requiring employees to contribute more. The state's constitution flat out forbids any policy changes that could result in public employee pensions and benefits being "diminished or impaired" in any way. The only solution that seems to be acceptable to certain union groups (not all of them opposed Chicago's compromise) is to feed the beast more money, which is a bit of a problem when your sources of revenue are voting with their feet. One expert calculated in the Tribune that the population drop across the state of Illinois could cost about $8 billion a year in revenue to municipalities.

The other possibility is bankruptcy. We know from the experience with Detroit's bankruptcy that federal bankruptcy courts can overrule state-level protections of pension benefits. That may be the direction Chicago heads.

And wouldn't you know it, we predicted all of this coming down the track back in 2013. In our October issue that year, we looked at five struggling municipalities in a feature titled "How to Break an American City." Chicago looked like an outlier at the time, when compared to Detroit and San Bernardino, California. But it was already losing population back then, and Steven Greenhut noted, "Chicago has high taxes and punitive regulations, large and bureaucratic government, and surly public-sector unions. But the depth of the city's problems is mind-boggling, and the results of a fiscal disaster there will be far more spectacular than bankruptcy in more obviously decrepit cities."

Read more of Greenhut's analysis here. And note that the Chicago Teachers Union has responded to this financial crisis by voting for a one-day strike to demand more money for themselves. 

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  1. You missed the obvious solution: tax the rich.

    1. Even more obvious solution – exit taxes.

      1. We think like the New Yorkers we are.

        1. I remember when the Holland Tunnel was a nickel.


      2. Residual taxes. Because “it took a village” to raise you. Just because you leave the village, doesn’t mean you don’t owe them a piece of your future earnings.

        1. The road to serfdom will be complete.

      3. Even, even more obvious answer – make Nikki move out of Chicago!

    2. You mean tax the 1%

      1. 1% tax wouldn’t cover it all…

        1. I thought that was all that was left to take

          1. There is always more left to take.

            1. Until you run out of other people’s money…

    3. Also missed the obvious problem: The Worst lives there.

  2. …the whole region lost only 12,626 out of a population of millions.

    And that was mostly from police shooting deaths.

    1. +2 more while I was trying to come up with a response.

    2. I’m no fan of the police. But COME ON! Face reality.

      But for every cop shooting, 50 blacks kill other blacks. Yes, it IS racial.

      I recently did a quick harvesting of come salient facts about the murderous city of Chicago, primarily from the Census Bureau. Consider:

      White 45.0%
      Black 32.9%
      Hispanic 28.9%

      Murderers’ race:
      White 8.3%
      Black 68.8%
      Hispanic 11.1%
      Rest are other races or unknown race

      Critics indicate that racist cops are the reason blacks get caught but others don’t. Let’s look at the “racist” Chicago PD.
      Officers by race:
      White 49%
      Black 29%
      Hispanic 19%
      Other 3%

      Of course, they MIGHT hire only self-loathing blacks and Hispanics. Yeah, that’s gotta explain the pigs’ racism, right?

      Finally, apologists here assert that blacks kill (other blacks primarily) because they are poor (as if that were an excuse). Really?

      Median income by race:
      White $38,400
      Black $25,500
      Hispanic $21,900

      BOTTOM LINE — do the Chicago math.

      Rate that per capita blacks commit murders vs. whites: 11.6 times higher
      Rate that per capita blacks commit murders vs. Hispanics: 5.5 times higher

  3. Common reasons include high taxes, the state budget stalemate, crime, the unemployment rate and the weather.

    All things the state is powerless to resolve.

  4. I thought I saw somewhere that wealthy residents were moving into Chicago for high-paying white collar jobs, and poor residents were also moving their (to leech of the rich people). I also heard that real estate values in affluent parts of the city are climbing (along with their property taxes). It’s basically the middle class that’s fleeing. Isn’t that what happened to Detroit?

    1. ^ I was just coming here to say this, although your point about poor people moving here isn’t right. The people leaving are largely the poor because there are no opportunities in Chicago for poor people and the poor neighborhoods are incredibly dangerous. A lot of black Chicago residents have moved south for the better opportunities in places like Atlanta and Houston.

      I don’t think Chicago will become Detroit any time soon because Detroit’s problem is that the rich and middle class left so the tax base collapsed. Chicago’s problem is that there are no opportunities for poor people so the low income parts of Chicago get more and more depressed until eventually all the poor people leave.

      1. Are churches and liquor stores closing up shop?

      2. But, but, conventional progressive wisdom states that only wealthy, white racists left the cities during the ‘white flight’ period.

    2. No. In Detroit, everybody with a dollar in their pocket left the city. In the early 70’s, this was primarily middle class and upper class whites. By the 80’s it was anybody that could rub 2 pennies together. Combined that with the auto industry facing greater competition from the Japanese, and many of the jobs that went away in the 70’s never came back. Even minus the race riots, Detroit would have had a tough road. Chicago seems to largely be a mess of its own making, or primarily stupidity; Detroit is stupidity plus bad luck.

      1. I wouldn’t say it was stupidity *plus* bad luck – as most of the bad luck was caused by the stupidity.

        1. You’re crazy. It was just bad luck that UAW’s ludicrous demands destroyed the big three.

          1. You mean how it was bad luck the UAW helped the Big 3 destroy themselves.

      2. But the middle class is where the slide started and seems to always start.

      3. Of course, a lot of “foreign” cars are made in right-to-work states, rather than overseas. The Japanese aren’t really good boogeymen here.

      4. What always gets overlooked about Detroit is the Milliken deseg lawsuit lawsuit, perhaps the most ambitious scheme of social engineering ever attempted in the US. The federal court attempted to drag suburban school districts, who had no liability, into into an absurd cross district busing plan, in a state that had never had de jure segregation, because progressives believe that black people are too incompetent to better themselves unless their kids sit next to white kids in a classroom. Anybody of any race was faced with the prospect of watching their 5 year old spend hours on a bus to attend a school many miles from home. Parents with the wherewithal to do so, got the hell out. Property values plummeted and Detroit became a majority black city run by progressive Democrats who, true to form, turned it into a ghost town. Seminal book on the subject is Disaster By Decree by Lino Graglia.

    3. Ahh, thanks for the correction. I guess that explains the property value hike, and the ever looming storm of higher taxes.

      1. The Trib had an interesting article on how people are leaving the South Side because of the violence problem.

        “For South Side residents, the writing has been on the wall. Starting as a slow trickle into the suburbs as industrial jobs began drying up in the 1970s, black flight increased in the 2000s, with blacks seeking the suburbs like never before ? as well as places like Georgia, Florida or Texas, according to U.S. Census data.

        The population shift has folks like myself, left behind on the South Side, feeling like life after the rapture, with relatives, good friends and classmates vanishing and their communities shattering. A recent study found that nearly half of the city’s African-American men between 20 and 24 were unemployed or not attending college.

        There are troubling signs that more well-to-do blacks have forsaken the city. Last fall, a Tribune article detailed how Chicago had fallen out of the top 10, from seventh place to 21st, in the percentage of black households earning at least $100,000. Many of the cities on the list are now in the South, as affluent blacks from northern cities have relocated.”

        Remember: Southerners are evil racist bigots which is why black people are fleeing Democratic northern cities to go live in the south.

        1. Eh, it’s mostly a reversal of the Great Migration. Most of the really evil (and government-enabled) bigots in the south are dead or elderly, so now you can move back to the more hospitable south and out of a north that tolerated you but never really welcomed you (Section 8, housing riots etc). But your point holds, the Democratic north is way more racist than it has ever gotten credit for.

        2. What do you know, black people care about their families too? Who would have thunk they’d pick up stakes and move someplace with jobs and good schools for their kids, instead of staying in a dying ghetto.

    4. Unfortunately, its the middle class that assumes the majority of the tax burden. Surprisingly enough, you can’t run an expansive city government with lavish employee benefits off the tax revenue of the ‘rich’ alone.

      1. Especially cest the rich tend to be either part of the government or fully capable of moving one foot over your city border.

  5. I blame capitalism. Also, look at this dirt-poor, deep red county in Kentucky of which not even people in the next county have ever heard.

  6. I blame Nicole. Can you fault people for fleeing from The Worst?

    1. I’LL KILL YOU


    2. If she was truly the worst, she’d be elected alderman.

  7. I thought the reason people were moving out of Chicago was because of Nicole. I mean, she *is* the worst.


  8. Chicago not my kind of town anymore?

  9. This is a bit old, but I don’t recall seeing any coverage back in December.

    Summary: LAPD deputy shoots partner, then shoots suspect in retaliation. Both die. The original reason for the arrest? Wearing headphones while riding a bicycle.

      1. Sheriff Lee Baca*. Nuff said.

        *yes, yes, he’s not the Sheriff anymore, but given the length of his tenure, I’d say his policies and “culture” are firmly entrenched.

    1. Both die.

      I think they only murdered the guy on the bike. Pretty sure the deputy was OK. I could be wrong though.
      *mainlines more coffee*

      Anyway, being from SoCal, I remember when this happened. It was on the news for a few days.

  10. The City of Chicago itself lost 6,263 residents.

    Including a whole lotta births, I imagine.

    1. Birth rates are dropping too. They’ve gone from 50K in 1999 to 44k in 2009.

  11. My guess as to why people are fleeing Chicago? Nicole, because she is the worst.

  12. Y’all are all missing the obvious reason people are leaving: to get away from Nicole.

  13. Florida needs to build a wall to keep out northern immigrants. They are taking our jobs, driving up welfare costs, and clogging our highways.

    1. Some of them I assume are nice people.

      1. Citation ?

  14. Are they leaving because Nikki?

    1. Wait, I thought Nikki was an out-and-out suburbanite with a yoga fetish?! So hard to keep track šŸ™

      1. Hey, don’t make fun of nicole’s sincerer and devout religious practices.

      2. Is yoga a euphemism for anal?

        I gotta keep up on my memes.

        1. With a position like downward dog, it better be a euphemism for something.

    2. Well we know the black ones are leaving because of Irish.

      1. I’ll have you know that the people of Chicago are unified in their hatred of me.

        1. City of Broad Shoulders, Hog Butcher to the World, Hater of Irish…

        2. You should run for office.

          Irish 2016
          Unity Through Loathing

          1. True story: I was born on July 1, 1964 and the next day Civil Rights Act was passed because everyone agreed that racial hatred seemed petty in a universe where something as loathsome as Irish exists.

        3. Enh – I’m pretty indifferent, actually. Well, Irish is just this guy, you know?

        4. Do you even live here, bro?

        5. *shakes fist from suburbs*

          US TOO!

      2. Irish all these unfair jokes about him would stop.

        1. Stop… being unfair?


            1. More like the low-hanging fun, am I right?

              1. You’re so white.

                1. Oh? Behold, the Mexican word of the day: mushroom

                  “When me and my family get in the car, there isn’t mushroom.”

            2. I was even trying to riff on your pun. But then I was like, “This… This is a bad pun.”

            3. Are you serious, man?

              1. Yes, even my 86 year-old grandmoff is tired of all the jokes.

        2. That doesn’t seem like a complete sentence bro

          1. Ah, I see! It was a pun because Irish sounds like ‘I wish!’

            Now you know why Chicagoans hate me.

            1. AND SUBURBANITES!!!!!11!oneoneone!111eleventy!

  15. Hillary On Area 51 Secrets: ‘I Think We Ought To Share It With The Public’

    “If there’s nothing there, let’s tell people there’s nothing there.”

    “On second thought, in any event let’s tell people there’s nothing there. That seems to be working with other, you know, areas.”

    1. +Areas 1-50

      1. +1 Clean e-mail server.

    2. “If there’s nothing there, let’s tell people there’s nothing there.”

      Uh, they have. Many times.

      1. “Anybody who says there is nothing there is obviously part of the cover-up.”

        /tin-foil hat

    3. Just email it to Sid, we’ll all get it eventually.

    4. Does ‘the public’ include the spies who are trying their hardest to find out the latest US technologies?

  16. They relocating Chicago’s poor to Iowa:…..buque-iowa

    1. The poor and the gangs.

    2. Yes, Iowa is welcoming them with section 8 housing and handouts. We needed to get some of that crazy gang and immigrant violent crime that we’d been lacking…like teenagers dragging 3-year-olds out of their abode and beating them on the front lawn and a nice uptick in armed robbery.

    3. Yet through its own mismanagement, Chicago had failed to properly replace its now depleted low-income housing stock, leaving many Chicago residents looking to use their Section 8 vouchers elsewhere.

      Yeah “mismanagement.” They totally wanted them to stay in the city, but just screwed up!

  17. “The state’s constitution flat out forbids any policy changes that could result in public employee pensions and benefits being “diminished or impaired” in any way.”

    You gotta be kidding.

    It’s like the reverse of Prop 13.

    Prop 98 effectively requires that 40% of the budget in California has to spent on K-12 education, but that Illinois provision is even crazier than California.

    1. The state’s constitution flat out forbids any policy changes that could result in public employee pensions and benefits being “diminished or impaired” in any way.

      Too bad it doesn’t say “infringed’.

      1. How does that government get so screwed up that amending their constitution with something like that is even possible?

        Was this by referendum?!

        1. 1970 Illinois Constitution was the result of a convention.

          See how much they paid attention to pension language…


          1. The 70’s. So many fiscal decisions made, so much wreckage decades later.

          2. Not a well-written article. It contains this bit of farce: “Madigan, now a key player in the push to slash benefits…”

            Madigan is a key player in keeping benefits exactly as they are!

        2. Illinois has a habit of scrapping its Constitution and creating a brand new one every now and then.

          Its had four so far (1818, 1848, 1870, 1970)

          This particular clause was added during the Convention of 1970.

      2. The public employee union campaign to prevent the 2010 constitutional convention was so widespread (and misleading) that the money spent on it could have covered the pension shortfalls. They knew this provision would be removed and essentially spent their life savings to prevent it from happening.

    2. You know, it doesn’t saying anything about forbidding bumping off the retirees. They’ll still be voting to give the people of Chicago the D regardless, so I can’t see the downside for the city’s leaders.

  18. The only solution that seems to be acceptable to certain union groups (not all of them opposed Chicago’s compromise) is to feed the beast more money, which is a bit of a problem when your sources of revenue are voting with their feet.

    That’s why we just need to tax every trade on the mercantile exchange! Easy peasy.

    1. And build a big beautiful wall. To, uh, keep all the Republicans out. Yeah. Maybe also mine Lake Michigan while they’re at it.

  19. RE: Residents Abandoning Chicago: Is It Following in Detroit’s Footsteps?
    Illinois’ sources of revenues are leaving as government employees keep demanding more, more, more.

    What? The taxpayers are leaving Chicago just because the county and city governments need “more?”
    What’s wrong with these taxpayers?
    Don’t the little people realize that living in a corrupt socialist city state is a privledge (SP) and not a right?
    Don’t these neanderthal workers know the liars, thieves and whores in city and county government are stealing and wasting their hard earned money for the benefit of the collective?
    Don’t they know these city and county workers are doing their level best to make Chicago the New Detroit?
    Where’s the love?
    Where’s the appreciation?
    Where’s all the former citizens of Chicago moving to escape the insanity called Chicago politics?

    1. Don’t the little people realize that living inleaving a corrupt socialist city state is a privledge (SP) and not a right?


  20. . . . which is a bit of a problem when your sources of revenue are voting with their feet.

    But, but, but . . . aren’t we told that the affluent do not make residence decisions based on things like tax load?

    Still, there’s an easy solution that is already employed by this country – exit tax. Simply levy a fee equal to the expected tax liability for the next 5-10 years on anyone who moves out of your tax jurisdiction. We already do it for people relinquishing their citizenship.

    The next step is, of course, internal passports. Which have the dual benefit of helping control illegal immigration from outside as well as inside the country.

    1. +1 Moobsie Schumer

    2. “…But, but, but . . . aren’t we told that the affluent do not make residence decisions based on things like tax load?…”

      “Golfer Phil Mickelson has openly voiced his feelings about the issue and did not hesitate to disclose that he has considered leaving California, although he later regretted being so vocal.
      Read more at…..vVgUSpi.99”

      Wanna bet that he now spends 6mos and 1 wk at his FL address now and shuts up about it?

    3. “Why do f1 drivers live in Monaco?

  21. How much of the population loss is due to being gunned down by the Chicago PD?

    1. Twixt the gangs shooting people and the cops too…probably around 1000 a year?

  22. OT: Garry Shandling died.

    1. Don’t you mean Gary, Indiana?

      1. You can’t kill that which was never alive.

        1. KILLER FACT: I was born in Gary. Drove by it once as an adult – the smell deterred me from getting too close.

          1. The smell or the murder? Fellow expatriated Hoosier here reminding everyone, Midwest=Guns.

          2. A few years ago my bf at the time and I were going to Long Beach. As we crossed the LA River he said “Oh man, this smells like Gary Indiana.”
            “Gary, Indiana has it’s own smell?”
            “Yeah, like this, but worse, and everywhere.”

            1. That smell is the many large mounds of sulphur, a byproduct of the refineries north of the Port of LB and west of the LA river.

            2. Ex-Hoosier myself. The worst smelling city in Indiana (besides the rural pig farms) is Terre Haute and it’s paper factories. I drove by Gary once but didn’t catch the smell probably because my windows were rolled up and doors locked.

            3. The smell of Gary really is something special

    2. At least we still have Lou Reed.

      1. And Abe Vigoda.

        1. And Nancy Reagan

      1. WUUUUTTTTT?!

    3. So did Johan Cruyff.

      *Removes hat, pours out Heineken*

      1. Yeah, 68yo. Shit.

        1. Smoked like a chimney, apparently. Lung cancer finally got him.

      2. Cruyff:

        ‘…German football, and in the Netherlands we like Dutch football. There are massive cultural differences. It’s to do with winning, losing, attacking, defending, having fun and putting on a good show. The Italians are different from the Dutch character-wise. Perhaps you could even call it a matter of taste. We want to win and that has to be done playing attractive football at the same time. We’re almost embarrassed to win a match through counterattacking football, and we refuse to play the game defensively. To the Italians there’s only one thing that matters, and that’s winning, whatever it takes. The clubs have some excellent players, yet they couldn’t care less about entertainment value. It’s the end result that counts.

        Respecting all cultures. We may think that strange, but it’s not our business to think anything of it. It’s the Italian mentality and we ought to respect it. As a coach I’ve never felt ashamed of the attitude and performance of my team, but I still respect all cultures. Needless to say, I’d rather watch Spanish, English or Dutch football. German and Italian football don’t appeal to me as much, although we have to say that results clearly show that their ideas are more than just a lot of hot air…’

        1. Truer words have never been spoken.

          1. Sorta.

            England’s national side lag in technique, tactics and talent. League play is another matter. France is much better on the national side but it has one of the strangest league.

            I’d like to add and I fear he overlooked. Italy has always produced stylistic and technical players that can rival the best of any country – Totti, Baggio, Rivera, Pirlo, Giannini, Conti etc.. It’s just that their tactics are so fluid it demands conformity sometimes and this is ‘boring’ to some.

            The main difference, for me, of why Germany and Italy tower over the others historically comes down to mental toughness. You can’t break them. *Usually* they get beat by bad breaks or self-induced errors. It’s rare you beat them outright.

            What made Spain? Not the tiki-taka. Style is fluff. If you look at Spain from the 60s through the 90s they usually let their tempers flair and they’d lose composure. Now look at Spain 2008 on. As mentally tough as Germany and Italy now. I don’t fear Spain’s talent; great as it is. I fear the added feature of composure.

            So Cryuff is still underplaying the reality of realpolitik in soccer.

            1. flare.

              1. Jesus, Cruyff.

                As for Holland, their problem has always been team unity.

                They should have won a WC by now.

    4. Someone wasn’t around last night. Norm MacDonald on The Larry Sanders Show:

      1. Sure wasn’t. Thursday is date night. As much as I love you ruffians, HyR loses out to a real live woman every time. You’re heartbroken, I’m sure.

  23. which is a bit of a problem when your sources of revenue are voting with their feet

    Well, we’ll just outlaw voting with feet! /prog

  24. The only solution that seems to be acceptable to certain union groups (not all of them opposed Chicago’s compromise) is to feed the beast more money, which is a bit of a problem when your sources of revenue are voting with their feet.

    I’m guessing the Chicago Democrats will propose some sort of wall.

    1. “Rehousing the Homeless of Chicago inside Minnesota Act of 2016”

      1. Just claim they are Somalis.

      2. Or offering them a job with the Night’s Watch?

  25. My cousin’s cousin on the other side of his family is a Chicago teacher. Really nice girl from great parents.

    It’s quite the juxtaposition to consider whether or not she is protesting for more monies.

  26. Ok, but Scott left out the part where this is all Japan’s China’s fault.

    1. That Japanese pop is horrid.

      1. Would it help if you knew that the song’s lyrics are one extended metaphoric reference to ejaculating all over a woman’s face as she wears glasses?

        1. Only in an academic sense

          1. Only if the frames go with her necklace.

            1. If I ever establish a Neo-Swiss Empire – you shall be my Minister of Culture, HM.

          2. Narrow your gaze at yourself, you Helvetic humdrum.

        2. Would it help if you knew..?

          Not while I’m at work.

  27. how will the state ever fix its pension problem? To me it seems unfixable, and I don’t want to have to pay for it.

    Fucking kulak.

  28. Hundreds of comments and no one mentions the real reason for the Chicago exodus…. deep dish pizza.

    You people are getting soft.

    1. *narrows gaze and opens Lou Malnati’s menu*

  29. NYC nearing 8.6 million – thanks to immigrants as usual. I guess some of them might be good people.

  30. “And the reasons why are fairly predictable for those who are paying attention:”

    The murder rate, right? I mean, did they adjust for that?


  31. Tax the unemployed. Force them to pay a penalty for failing to work.

  32. Detroit and Chicago: Just more “mistakes on the lakes”.

  33. How Immigration and Multiculturalism Destroyed Detroit

    Today, you hear Muslim calls to worship over the city like a new American Baghdad with hundreds of Islamic mosques in Michigan, paid for by Saudi Arabia oil money. High school flunk out rates reached 76 percent last June according to NBC’s Brian Williams. Classrooms resemble more foreign countries than America. English? Few speak it! The city features a 50 percent illiteracy rate and growing. Unemployment hit 28.9 percent in 2009 as the auto industry vacated the city.…..sty506.htm

  34. It’s best that the Chicago fiscal collapse happen quickly and dramatically. It’s the (BIG) canary in the coal mine. If the Windy City is itself blown over — suffocating and paralyzed — it might be the dramatic event needed for reform across America.


    No way the other failing local governments would learn from such a collapse. Politicians have a motto: “Never fix today what you can avoid by retiring first.”

  35. Yeah I live in northern Illinois near Rockford. The property taxes on my 1?8?0?k? 150k (and declining) house are 5400.00/year (would be another 1000.00 inside the city limit), sales taxes are 9.75%, state income tax was 5% and for my money I get exactly jack shit. I think Rauner honestly believed that the chicago demothugs , given the opportunity, would make some effort to save what’s left of this shithole state. Kinda charming but hopelessly naive. Madigan and his henchmen are not finished with their pillage. Best alternative for the state is to flush the city of Chicago into lake Michigan, but undoubtedly the rotting corpses of Rahm and his progressive brethren would get some unwanted attention from the EPA .

  36. Sorry for the late post, but sometimes, it’s better than never.
    I saw this article on ZeroHedge about the rich people leaving the city.…..vil-unrest

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