Brickbat: Don't Eat That


Credit: cyclonebill / photo on flickr

Management of the Wagtail Close care home in England have promised better training for staff after a report found that Muslim workers at the home were refusing to serve bacon to residents when requested and even refused to help them buy ham, sausage or pork pies. The report said residents had complained to senior staff but received no help. 

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  1. Well this is totally OT. I’m surprised Reason isn’t in the fray yet.

    Three of the women in the Cruz scandal may have been identified. There may also be bribery involved.

    1. Hell with that.The Browns signed R.G. III.This after letting 4 of their best players walk,including half their O line. Their not even trying.Between them and a Clinton-Trump race this fall’s gonna suck.

      1. Trump!

        For the LULZ


        Because FYTW

        1. FYTW should be the Browns new team motto.Oh well,there’s always beer and nachos to watch it all burn .

          1. “Stick around for the funeral! It’ll be a reall LETDOWN!”

      2. You don’t have to pull for the Browns any more than you have to pull for Clintrump.

      3. I watched that game where Shanihan sent him back in after the initial injury so he could screw himself up beyond repair. Criminal.

    2. If 2 or more are hot than I think that helps his poll numbers

      1. Is it terrible I was thinking the same thing?

    3. Did they say nothing about the possible link to the Ashley Madison kerfluffle?…..-accounts/

      Besides Duggar, reports show that emails linked to congressional offices, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz’s office, White House officials and the armed forces were also used to sign up for accounts.

      After the data was leaked, a website was created for users to check and see if their information was among that was posted publicly online. However, that website appears to have been removed at the request of Ashley Madison’s legal team.

    4. This is one thing that Trump definitely has going for him. He’s not sanctimonious. If something like this came out about him he’d just smile and wink and his poll numbers would go up 5%.

  2. Can’t eat bacon,can’t drink beer .Islam sucks .Didn’t Mo just steal whole parts of the Koran from Jewish writings? Oh,they need to get some balls and tell them to do their job or your fired.

  3. They can’t just wipe a snag on it in the kitchen like the native Brits?

    1. Pork is Muslim kryptonite. Can’t be near it it seems.Or,their just forcing their beliefs on others.

  4. If we could only drop tens of thousands of parachute wearing porkys on Raqqua next week, this shit would be over in a jiffy.

    1. Or send in some stealth salami, some undercover jamon, a kie?basa assassin squad…

      1. You know who else sent in stealth salami?…

        1. The butcher of Baghdad?

        2. Caitlyn Jenner?

        3. Joe Biden?

      2. stealth salami

        Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

        1. Cocktail weenies maybe?

  5. Get some holy water and a squirt gun. Baptize those workers. Then when they’re no longer Muslim they’ll have no choice but to give you your bacon.

    Then the Muslim workers, when they get old and go to a care home, could force Catholic staff to buy them rubbers. ESCALATION.

    1. I’m a bit confused as to whether we should treat Muslims like bakers of wedding cakes or not.

      1. If they own the business they don’t have to serve or sell pork If they take a job that requires they sell or serve pork then do it or quit.

        1. How are we suppose to have a 500 comment bitch fest when you drill down to the core of the matter?

          1. Sorry,I’m drinking coffee,I save the sarc posts for evenings with a few beers.

  6. This is how it starts. They’re offended by bacon, so no body can have bacon. When they start getting elected to public office, I’m sure there will be bill to have all pork products in a separate room of the grocery store… in plain brown wrappers.

    It will not pass at first, but get enough Muslims and Leftists in there and who knows, they might even succeed in getting it banned. They’ll say, “it’s not because of Muslims… it’s because it’s bad for you.”

    1. Bacon is like wine and beer it ‘gladdens the heart’. I would also add cheese.

      1. While bacon and cheese are good things, I can’t stand either wine or beer. There’s something in the smell that makes me literally have to hold my nose to imbibe them. My best guess is it’s a chemical that a lot of people don’t pick up, because I get a similar smell from wood-aged hard booze as well, but not unaged, distilled spirits.

        I also find it funny that a Bangladeshi grocery opened up next to my pizza place. I’ll have to order a pepperoni, sausage and bacon pizza this afternoon. I think they already have that on the menu…

        1. You hate wine and beer? Heretic. Well,more for the rest of us. I do like scotch though.Oh,and be careful,the smell of the pizza may be triggering.

          1. I really should see if I like the taste of gin, I’ve had an unopened bottle of it in the freezer for over a year now.

            1. Gin martinis with a few olives are very good.Only ‘mixed’ drink I like.

            2. Do you like bitter flavors? If so, start with a gin and tonic with lime. I recommend Hendrick’s gin.

              1. Hendrick’s – seconded. Also, Bombay Sapphire.

            3. Three parts gin, one part fresh lemon juice. Shake with ice and strain.

              If you find you really like them, get some lemon bitters and add a couple of drops per serving.

              Or, The Southside

        2. Are you trying to ferment discord here and gin up a controversy?

          1. It’s either that or harvest distilled schadenfreude.

          2. I see what you did there. Perfect, but someone will wine about it.

          3. I see a fight brewing.

          4. Oh, put a cork in it!

          5. George Thorogood wants to know… “Know who else fermented discord?”

            1. Ernest and Julio Gallo?

            2. Bartles and Jaymes?

            3. Well,I have to ‘head’ out.Later

            4. There I go again. My family insists I’m not funny, but I never believed them. I crack myself up sometimes.

            5. My 9th grade Bio experiment?

          6. trying to ferment discord

            better than trying to ferment Concord.

  7. better training

    How about being sacked for not doing their jHAHAHAHAHAA!! Damn, couldn’t quite get it out!

    1. look, if the patrons don’t like it they can take their monBWAHAHAHAAHA, damn that IS hard.

  8. Wagtail Close in Buttershaw

    I will never figured out British cuisine. Is that like “Spotted Dick”?

    1. Yes, but with a bit less Spam in it.

      1. And less squirrels?

  9. Wagtail Close in Buttershaw

    I will never figure out British cuisine. Is that like “Spotted Dick”?

  10. Religious objections are only something Christians get to have.

    1. What parallel stories are you referring to here? In the US, business owners are being targeted by the state under civil rights laws if they discipline or terminate employment contracts of people who refuses to do their job, rather than “accommodating that person’s religious beliefs”. Business owners are also targeted under civil rights laws if they refuse to provide products or benefits because of their personal religious beliefs.

      In all cases these are liberty violation stories, not “the other side” stories.

      1. We have a Supreme Court case about people refusing to sign a piece of paper. A piece of paper.

        Religious objections cut both ways.

        1. A piece of paper telling other people to commit the sin they themselves want to avoid committing.

          If paper were harmless, there’d be no need for freedom of speech and the press.

          /end deliberately obtuse towards sarcasm.

    2. And similarly rejected?

      “Hand over the bacon or face a 150,000 pound fine!”

      1. The religious objection laws will cover pharmacists who refuse to hand over birth control.

        1. The one in Indiana is always described in terms of covering business owners, as in protecting the business from potential state laws. So it depends if the pharmacist owns the pharmacy or is an employee. In the former, the law would protect his personal freedom, in the other it would limit the freedom of the owner. Big difference.

          Are you saying these laws do both?

  11. Are the Muslims refusing to help the old folks get their hands on pork products for religious reasons or for health reasons? I could see where this would pose a conundrum for the government – old folks eat healthy they live longer and drain the pension budget; old folks eat unhealthy they die quicker but drain the healthcare budget on the way out; but then again who do these Muslims think they are doing the governments job of telling people what they can and cannot eat?

  12. A long term goal of Islam is to turn Western countries into Muslim states and get rid of Western values. Like leftists, they slowly erode freedoms away.

  13. Fire all these jihadi pieces of shit and send them back to their own shithole countries. Deislamize Europe

  14. The “better training” course they should implement:

    “If they ask for pork products, serve it. If you have religious objections to this, here’s a map showing you how to locate the front door so you can exit the building and find another job that doesn’t conflict with your beliefs.”

  15. I’m sure all the people outraged by stories of the government forcing Christians to serve homosexuals against their will are going to be equally outraged by this story of the government forcing Muslims to serve pork products against their will, because it’s totally about their commitment to freedom of religion and totally not about their personal animosity toward homosexuals.

    1. You’re late to the party. As noted, there is a difference between the business/business owner, and the employees.

      The business can require employees to bake cakes or serve bacon, and fire them if they refuse.

      The government shouldn’t be requiring businesses to bake cakes or serve bacon.

      See? One is a voluntary relationship, the other is not.

    2. It’s very different.

      The Christians are in their homeland, a traditionally Christian society, and are forced to go against their traditional religious beliefs by a new government fiat.

      The Muslims (or their parents) left their old, sucky societies and moved into a traditionally Christian society, and now want their new country to adapt to them by becoming more like their old, sucky societies.

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