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Professor Kicked Off Campus, Deemed Security Threat for Posting Miranda Lambert Music Video

"Time to Get Your Gun" is not a threat.


Dickinson College suspended an associate philosophy professor after he accused two other academics of plagiarism. But the professor, Crispin Sartwell, claims he was also kicked off campus because he was deemed a security risk—for posting a Miranda Lambert music video on his blog.

Sartwell, a libertarian-anarchist academic, posted lengthy explanations of his criticisms of the two professors, Alexander Nehamas at Princeton University and Linda Zagzebski at the University of Oklahoma, on his blog. In one post, he embedded a YouTube video, Miranda Lambert's "Time to Get Your Gun." According to Sartwell, this spooked Zagzebski, who contacted the authorities.

"I was summarily removed from campus a few hours later," Sartwell wrote in an email to Reason. "They gave me minutes to leave or be escorted off."

Sartwell said Dickinson offered to reinstate him, but only on the condition that he undergo a mandatory psychiatric exam. He refuses to do so, unless the exam is optional.

Dickinson spokesperson Christine Baksi characterized Sartwell as "on leave," in an email to Reason.

"Professor Sartwell is a faculty member in good standing at Dickinson," she wrote. "He is currently on leave. Also, no, no one was evicted from campus."

Dickinson's alleged treatment of Sartwell raises serious questions about intellectual freedom at the private Pennsylvania college. Does it violate college policy to scrutinize other academics' work? In any case, the idea that the Miranda Lambert video was intended as some kind of threat is equally absurd. A quick scan of Sartwell's blog reveals that he posts numerous songs, videos, and pictures all the time. Enjoying a song that positively references gun ownership is not some kind of threat, and it isn't a crime.

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    1. “I’ll never joke about being ‘raped’ by a test again,” said one student.

    2. Then the adjunct uses the class as a platform to bitch that they spent 10 years getting a doctorate in a field with little chance of a TT job and they only make $3000 a class/semester and how they have to work so hard and how its so unfair because they did everything they were told to do and here they are at the bottom of the ladder.


  2. “””Enjoying a song that positively references gun ownership is not some kind of threat, and it isn’t a crime.”‘


    1. It was originally written and performed by Fred Eaglesmith, a known man, and that makes it a crime.

      1. i’ve downloaded all of eaglesmith in the last week. the best songwriter of this era, if it’s not lucinda.

  3. According to Sartwell, this spooked Zagzebski, who contacted the authorities.

    She better not be plagiarizing her students’ cry for safe space in the digital realm.

    1. These masturbation euphemisms are getting out of hand to be too much.

      1. Good correction. If a masturbation euphemism is ‘getting out of hand’ then it’s probably not really masturbation.

        This sounds more like a case of frottage.

  4. In one post, he embedded a Youtube video, Miranda Lambert’s “Time to Get Your Gun.”

    Talk about a “trigger warning”, sheesh.

    1. One of country music’s few redeeming qualities is that M. Lambert won’t be issuing an apology for the existence of this song.

      1. DISCLAIMER: I actually liked her song “Only Prettier”.

        1. If I’m flipping through radio stations, and I hear “White Liar”, I’ll leave it there a minute.

  5. OT: UW finally caves to liberal students’ diversity demands

    “Following this alleged instance of racism, enraged students began telling their own stories of racism and bias with the hashtag #TheRealUW.

    “#TheRealUW is where I even at 155 pounds get mistaken for an athlete implying my only place here is for my athletic ability,” Kenneth Cole, co-leader of BlackOut, posted on Twitter.”

    I hate being mistaken for being athletically gifted and in shape, too. Happens all the time.

    1. that alleged “instance of racism”….totally calling bullshit on that one. A random middle-aged man walking around a college campus in fucking MADISON spit on her and told her to go back to China? Sure he did. Christ, I’ve lived in a few areas where a solid number of the area’s senior citizens were likely Klan members at one time, and I’ve never seen a person spit on in public randomly.

      1. Most of these “incidents” are complete and total bullshit. The people telling these stories just want to claim victim status and get all the attention and sympathy that entails on campus these days. It’s fucking ridiculous.

      2. Don’t you know you’re obligated to take her story at face value?

      3. It’s my alma mater and I can tell you that, much like Oberlin, the worst instances of racial bigotry at UW are overwhelmingly anti-Semitic in nature.


        “Yet Brauer, an expert on discrimination, isn’t convinced that raising awareness of racial prejudice is the best idea, as it could increase racism.

        “If I go and tell people, ‘Everyone is littering and it’s a problem,’ this will actually increase littering. But if I go out and say, ‘Oh my God, no one is getting mammograms,’ this will actually decrease the number of people getting mammograms,” Brauer said.”

        What the fuck are you talking about and also how does one go about becoming an expert on discrimination?

        1. So fewer mammograms are being given now than 20 years ago?


          1. Well I’VE been giving a lot more lately.

            1. Should we call you Moobs from now on?

              1. I’m sorry, Citizen Moobs

                1. Giving not “getting”, Lee….

        2. [H]ow does one go about becoming an expert on discrimination?

          Practice, practice, practice?

    2. If Kenneth Cole had game he’d parlay that mistake into getting some jersey-chasing tail.

      1. If I know college age boys he probably already has, and used it all up on the fun girls, now he’s going for sjw’s and some some white guilt action….

      1. Fucking Twitter killed the image.

      2. It’s like you can screw up anything

        1. She’s a tiny girl with big boobs. Everyone wants them out of the country.

          1. Is there no love for a big girl with tiny boobs? And by that, I mean Epi.

            1. Epi’s boobs aren’t that tiny, he just tapes them up into his armpits.

              1. Hairy nipples

                *sung to the tune of Tiny Bubbles*

            2. “Big girls don’t cry!”

              /Frankie Valli

    3. That twitter hashtag is pure gold.

      No Wahala ?@FlipsHijab Mar 14
      #TheRealUW is only requiring ONE ethnic studies course. ONE. 3 credits out of 120 that isn’t centered around whiteness.

      Cream City Casey ?@moderndaybc Mar 14
      I asked yall Chancellor of she cared about Black people that didn’t wear a jersey and she changed the subject. #TheRealUW

      Jessica ?@JessforPrezz Mar 14
      We want students 2b culturally competent but the ppl running the university themselves are not culturally competent #TheRealUW

      1. Thanks for showing how worthless a college degree is, these days.

      2. 3 credits out of 120 that isn’t centered around whiteness.

        This person is a master of othering.

        1. Well to be fair, I majored in whiteness, with a minor in automotive engineering, but 3 credits sound about right.

          It’s enough to show you to never hire someone who majors in one of the social sciences.

          That’s an education that is worth something.

      3. I wonder why the US is falling behind other countries in educational standards. Certainly it has nothing to do with forcing kids to do diversity courses instead of math.

        When I was at UW I took a Native American literature course to fulfill my diversity requirement. Maybe half the books we read were any good. The other books were completely abysmal because there are so few good writers in general and such a small percentage of the population is Native American that there aren’t enough good Native American writers to fill out an entire course unless you want every book to be by Sherman Alexie or Leslie Silko.

        The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven was a good read, at least.

        1. At first I read that as:

          The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fisting in Heaven

          It seems I’ve been permanently affected by commenting here.

          1. Sherman Alexie’s short-lived foray into erotica was a pretty dark period in his literary career.

          2. Oh God, I like Sherman Alexie’s books but he is a total retard politically. The study of some of his books was banned in Arizona schools (which is ridiculous and worthy of criticism) and here was his response:

            “Let’s get one thing out of the way: Mexican immigration is an oxymoron. Mexicans are indigenous. So, in a strange way, I’m pleased that the racist folks of Arizona have officially declared, in banning me alongside Urrea, Baca, and Castillo, that their anti-immigration laws are also anti-Indian.”

            LOLwut? Mexicans who were in the US when the borders were created are indigenous. Mexicans who are Mexican citizens and then move to the US are immigrants. Sherman Alexie seems to have a tough time with the meaning of words for an award winning writer.

            1. Words are hard (and racist)

              1. This would be like if I moved to Ireland and argued I wasn’t immigrating to Ireland because as someone of Irish descent I was already indigenous.

                1. I’ve got the Indus Valley Y chromosome. I’m sure the Pashtun will be quite welcoming.

                  1. They may spill a few of those chromosomes just t make sure you belong.

        2. diversity requirement

          I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that its no longer very “diverse” if its part of ‘required study’.

        3. My brother met Leslie Silko once. He said he got to ride around town with her. I’m not sure why.

          He has an Associate’s Degree in Native American Studies. It was the only degree the tribal college offered at the time.

          (He also attended a regular, non-ethnic college at the same time. They have some sort of affiliation where the tribal students also attend the state school.)

      4. Kaness Kalaichelvan ?@kanmax92 13 Jun 2015

        #RealUW being forced to sit down, not get water or go to the bathroom because some old fart is talking?

        ugh, college involves listening to OTHER PEOPLE? so wrong.

      5. #TheRealUW

        There’s only French’s mustard packets for the knishes in the cafeteria. French’s, Not GULDENS.
        So anti-semetic I cant even SMH

        1. It’s a good thing you’re talking about French’s mustard and not ketchup, otherwise this place would be instantly overrun by outspoken Canadians

      6. The words of some true scholars at one of America’s premier public universities!

  6. Anti-Trump Groups Threaten ‘Largest Civil Disobedience Action of the Century’

    Despite the fact that many of the main groups endorsing Democracy Spring are funded by billionaire Soros, the group complains that “American elections are dominated by billionaires

    April 11-16. Be there or be square.

    1. Trump has no authority (yet) and is only a candidate. I don’t think these morons know what “civil disobedience” means.

        1. That will be entertaining.

      1. It’s the opposite of acrimonious disobedience. Obviously.

        1. I imagine there’ll be a bit of that as well.

      2. Douche with bullhorn: “WHAT DO WE WANT?”

        Crowd: “WE DON’T KNOW!”

        Douche with bullhorn: “WHEN DO WE WANT IT?”

        Crowd: “STOP BOTHERING US!

        1. “We will demand that Congress listen to the People and take immediate action to save our democracy. “


          1. Sooo… he wants election reform?

          2. I think that means “we don’t like the way the primary voting is going because our preferred candidates are not winning, so.Congress must…” The rest I’m not really sure about.

        2. Crowd: “STOP BOTHERING US!

          Where did you find a whole crowd of libertarians?

    2. If I wasn’t already a misanthrope before this election, I sure as hell am one now.

      1. +1000

      2. My wife doesn’t understand why I fantasize about living on a thousand acres in the middle of nowhere… This is one reason why.

      3. My wife doesn’t understand why I fantasize about living on a thousand acres in the middle of nowhere… This is one reason why.

      4. Are you plagiarizing my thoughts? Next you’ll be triggering me with country music.

    3. These idiots are determined to get Trump elected in a landslide, aren’t they?

    4. Well, I’m sure that will do a lot to dissuade people from supporting a candidate who has explicitly called for uppity, bothersome protesters to get their skulls cracked.

    5. Soros is different. He is doing the Lord’s work, so his money doesn’t have the original sin that other billionaires’ money has.

      1. Soros’ money was washed clean by the blood of his victims when he was collaborating with the Nazis.

        1. But that was a LONG time ago.

  7. If they actually listen to the song (I know, how quaint) they’d see that it’s just a commentary on a changing neighborhood, with the narrator thinking she ought to get a gun to protect herself but would need to change her habits to be able to afford it.

    Hardly what I’d call violent or threatening.

    1. Shut up, gunsplainer!

    2. she ought to get a gun to protect herself

      Enjoy Every Sandwich said a forbidden word of power!!!!! We must destroy him before his blasphemy angers the gods and they destroy us!!!!!!!

      1. Guns don’t kill people – the word “gun” kills people!

        1. So do images of guns. And Pop Tarts shaped like guns.

  8. Looking further in to Crispin’s post, here’s the article that details what he believes to be a “clear case of plagiarism.”

    So Zagzebski decided to accuse him of making death threats through a Miranda Lambert song so she wouldn’t have to deal with the accusations of plagiarism, which in her profession is a death sentence all its own.

    Glad to see things getting so much better on Campus!

    1. Does not one there know how to actually debate?

        1. What the hell is that?

          Socrates weeps.

          1. I know our current political debates are nothibg close to what they are called, but I was hoping academia still had some actual, thought out debate.

            1. The GOP debates look positively intellectual in comparison to that, whatever that is.

        2. President of the CEDA debate society calls critics of the 2014 “Champions”….racists.

          The runner-up team didn’t win even though they plainly stole Tupac lyrics and then rapped them to make his arguments. Unfair!

          1. “Comments are disabled for this video.”

            Gee, I wonder why?

            1. You know someone’s argument is weak when comments are prohibited.

        3. Damn you, Rich. I had forgotten all about that travesty.

        4. Debate Topic: Presidential War Powers

          I be having dreams of chocolate covered watermelons, fried filled with chicken rice and sticks covered in aluminum foil trying to catch a chicken wing while aunt Jemima and uncle Ben are sitting in the corner with rifels pointed at the children ‘don’t shoot the childen’ I shout “don’t shoot the childen” PLOW PLOW PLOW

        5. Oh come on now, you made that video yourself right? It’s not real, it can’t be. They won doing that?

        6. … I’m just gunna go drink ocean water until the world makes sense. Though maybe a jaunt over to Flint Michigan would have a quicker effect.

  9. This story about the management at a private school has NOTHING to do with libertarianism (i.e. the NAP) and certainly nothing to do with government. There are plenty of websites — plenty — who talk nonstop about these social wars; can’t Reason stay focused on the issues few others ARE addressing?

    1. #notalllibertarians are into the NAP.

    2. While management is free do to as they wish at a private school, I see no issue with calling them out as being ignorant douchebags when they act like ignorant douchebags.

    3. Uh, Zagzebski involved the State Police in having Sartwell removed from the campus. This rises above just the actions of a Private University.

    4. Gosh! You are a tiresome little moron aren’t you?

      You just did what you are bitching about Reason doing.

    5. Private school? How much of their budget is ultimately derived from federal & state grants?

      1. By that logic, taking social security means you give up your constitutional rights.

        1. Maybe not give them up, but it’s certainly harder to assert your rights when you’re clamped onto Uncle Sucker’s nipple like that.

          1. “Mmumph! Ammm, mumph!”


        2. That doesn’t follow. The point was, he didn’t want reason to comment on this, because it:

          has NOTHING to do with libertarianism (i.e. the NAP) and certainly nothing to do with government.

          To which I say there’s plenty of room for people to comment, when it’s ultimately money stolen from them, that funds the school in question, however private may prefer to regard itself.

          And in the case of SS, at least it can be reasonably argued that you’re only getting back money you put in yourself.

    6. It does have a lot to do with free minds. Which is half of Reason’s motto.

      1. Zeb is full of it. It’s clearly 2/5ths


  10. Isn’t a crime yet.

  11. posted lengthy explanations of his criticisms of the two professors, Alexander Nehamas at Princeton University and Linda Zagzebski at the University of Oklahoma, on his blog

    is it too much to ask that the actual criticisms be linked to, rather than his entire ‘blog’?

  12. Zagzebski swatted him and he survived, so far.

  13. In fairness, reading Sartwell’s blog, he seems quite unhinged.

    Also, his posting that ‘Time to Get a Gun’ video did not seem as innocuous as Soave describes it. Here’s the paragraph directly preceding the video, note especially the last sentence:

    “note to the apa. the thing that actually got me to just decide to quit academia was the anti-bullying thing. and that was what made me decide to write the entry below, which began to expand into this. i think you may see what bullying really is pretty quick.”

    1. I’m withholding judgment until more evidence is in, since people lie about shit like this all the time.

      1. That’s mighty white of ya!

        /Are we still doing this meme or not?

    2. reading Sartwell’s blog, he seems quite unhinged.


      You can only find writing that horrible and incoherent on an academics’ blog with an audience of zero… or Gawker.

      1. I don’t know, Matt Yglesias gets published in plenty of places.

        1. za-zing

  14. It’s a private college and they can do what they want.

    If they do this to a faculty member, chances are he isn’t so popular with how colleagues and/or the university to begin with.

  15. Really? No one?

    1. That should have been the alt text.

      I’m lookin at you, Suave!

  16. Crispin Sartwell ? That’s fake.

    1. You’re confusing his name with the great “I AM CRISWELL“-narration* from Orgy of the Dead

      *Also used in my very first mixtape

  17. How does an anarchist professor run a class anyway? Do you fail if you show up?

    1. your comment is apropos = he seems to think Capital Letters in his sentences are hegemonic linguistic totalitarianism

      1. “hegemonic linguistic totalitarianism”. Are they dubstep?

        1. i believe its an expression from canadian backpacker-rap

  18. “Blurred Lines” might have been a better choice of song?

  19. I can’t tell the different between legitimate philosophy research and crazy-person rantings.

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