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UC-Davis Students: Sumo Wrestling Fat Suit Amounts to Anti-Asian Racism, White Supremacy

Difficult to distinguish sincere social justice activism from parody.


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The student government of the University of California-Davis apologized to members of campus who were offended by a sumo wrestling activity that was available during a recent outdoor social event. But a mere apology isn't good enough for students who say the sumo suit appropriated Japanese culture. 

One of the offended is now insisting on mandatory cultural competency training. 

Another student wrote that he felt fat-shamed by the incident and that he is entitled to "reparations payments," though I it seems he's actually just trolling. Still, the difficulty one has distinguishing sincere leftist outrage from satire is telling. 

What's inarguable is that the Associated Students of UC-Davis really did host a block party last month. It included a variety of events, including a "sumo suit" attraction—students could put on giant inflated fat suits and wrestle each for fun. But as we know by now, the words "fun" and "college students" don't belong in the same sentence, unless accompanied by the words "culturally sensitive." 

At least one student complained to ASUCD about the activity, which prompted a formal apology

We'd like to apologize for any harm the "Sumo Suit" may have caused you all. This lapse in judgment is completely ASUCD's fault and responsibility alone. 

We are thankful to the student who courageously brought this issue to our attention. We appreciated their honesty and that they took the time to include the history of the Japanese sumo wrestlers (rikishi) and that this activity could be seen as a racially insensitive to Japanese culture. 

This was an egregious oversight and it will hopefully not happen in the future. 

Yes, the student-government believes it was "courageous" to report the sumo suit as a microaggression. 

The California Aggie's story sheds additional light on what was so disturbing about the sumo suit. Cultural studies PhD student Scott Tsuchitani told a reporter that the incident was an example of "white supremacist anti-Asian structural racism." He continued: 

It is pitiful that the ASUCD would pathologize the so-called victims as in need of treatment instead of reflecting more deeply on what is needed to address ASUCD's own failure in this situation. From my limited perspective, I would suggest that the foremost need for treatment might well be for cultural competency training for ASUCD itself. That is much more relevant here than any Orientalist history of sumo wrestling." 

In other words, a cultural studies student and instructor thinks the answer is mandatory instruction in cultural sensitivity. How novel. 

Tsuchitani thinks these things—inflatable fat suits—represent anti-Asian white supremacy in action. I would say that they represent some harmless fun. No one is being deliberately demeaned, and Asian students probably have bigger racial hurdles to overcome than this. One such actual hurdle: universities explicitly discriminate against Asian applicants for admission. I wonder what Tsuchitani has to say about that.

Another student, Phil Jones, wrote on Facebook that "as a Heavy-American" he felt fat-shamed by the body suits. The Aggie reported his comments as sincere, but I'm quite convinced he was just having a bit of fun at ASUCD's expense. In any case, he certainly managed to fool ASUCD. One member of the organization responded to Jones' demand for "reparations payments" by offering to let him give a presentation to the student government on hate speech. 

To recap, one student said sumo suits amount to "white supremacist anti-Asian structural racism." Another said, "I don't appreciate the blatant Fat-Shaming involved with caricaturing one of the few sports traditionally enjoyed by Heavy individuals." The former is sincere; the latter, I suspect, isn't. (I contacted Jones and the The Aggie's reporter for clarification: neither responded). But the fact that it's so hard to distinguish actual social justice activism from parody tells you everything you need to know about the current health of liberalism on campus.

Updated at 3:30 p.m.: Jones confirmed via email that he was trolling. "I find such political correctness to be a danger to free speech and academic expression and was planning on making a deeply ironic, 1984-inspired presentation to the staff before they cancelled on me," he wrote.

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  1. One such actual hurdle: universities explicitly discriminate against Asian applicants for admission. I wonder what Tsuchitani has to say about that.

    What does he care? He’s in and that’s what matters.

    1. +1 anti-immigrant immigrant

    2. And he’s obviously assimilating into the Progressive hive-mind fairly well.

    3. When will EAFRAE [ Ethiopian-American Famine Refugees Against Eectoagression ] demand a ban on deflatable thin suits?

  2. One member of the organization responded to Jones’ demand for “reparations payments” by offering to let him give a presentation to the student government on hate speech.

    Demanding someone enact labor for you is not reparations.

    1. What about the labor of having to listen to his pablum?

    2. Unless you accept the premise that a pulpit to spew this nonsense is the SJW’s preferred currency.

    3. should have just offered the fat bastard a cheeseburger or forty…

  3. Simple solution, tell these special snowflakes that they don’t have a right to not be offended, laugh in their faces. If they cause trouble again, expel them for disrupting the students who are there to learn.

    1. oh you poor deluded fool…

    2. Pretty sure the Progs think this is the only action still worthy of the gas chamber.

    1. Poor stunner selling by Trump there.

  4. “From my limited perspective”

    You got one thing right.

  5. Is that a pic of Chuck Schumer?

    1. No, there’s a lack of a microphone and press crew.

  6. Poe’s law: It’s not just for religious fundamentalists anymore.

  7. It was just a matter of time I guess.

    We are thankful to the student who courageously brought this issue to our attention.

    Liar, liar, mawashi on fire

  8. Just once I’d like to see a student group issue a statement that says “we have nothing to apologize for and you can all get fucked.”

    1. Now THAT would be courageous!

    2. They generally end up having to sue the school after the retaliation by administrators for the wrongthink.

      1. Thus a moneymaking scheme is hatched.

    3. They should make this mandatory viewing before entering college.

  9. Poe’s law strikes again. How can putting on a sumo suit be anti-Asian? If they were anti-Asian wouldn’t they refuse to put it on? Pretending to be Asian is anti-Asian? Makes sense. Not. A few years ago one of the biggest sumo stars was a Hawaiian. Is a sumo suit anti-Hawaiian too? Does that make it anti-American?

    1. Probably a Hawaiian of Japanese descent?

      1. Probably a sleeper-agent. Remember Pearl Harbor!

        1. “Too soon.” ? Slowpoke.

    2. I’m pretty sure donning a basketball jersey is anti-black. Clearly, hockey apparel must be construed as anti-white.

  10. Fat fucks are now “Heavy-Americans”? If you pitched this shit as a script 15 years ago, maybe as a sequel to PCU, you would have been laughed out of the room.

    As a fat fuck myself, I can call a spade a spade here.

    Wait a minute….I denounce myself for that egregious microaggression.

    1. I denounce myself for that egregious microaggression

      Fuck you you fat fuck, this fat bastard isn’t going to let anyone claim to microagress against lardasses. It’s our own damn fault we’re like this and pretending it’s hurtful to say so is more damaging than giving the truth.

      1. I was talking about “call a spade a spade”

        1. What to angular-tipped shovels have to do with anything?

        2. never call a spade a spade when you can call it a fucking shovel

          1. Never call it a spear-chucker when you can call it an atlatl, or a jig when you can call it an assembly fixture.

    2. I thought you people preferred “gravationally challenged”?

      1. Don’t be silly, the Gravitationally Challenged are low-mass individuals who exert less pull on other celestial bodies.

      2. You will please refer to me as differently tall.

        1. “Horizontally heightened”

          “Radially enhanced”

          1. I like radially enhanced. Everyone knows that the sphere is the ideal solid figure, so “morphically optimized” would work as well.

      3. horizontally enabled…get it right you skinny prick!!!

      4. I’ve always liked “dense.”

    3. In my experience, most fat people still describe themselves as “fat”. Even those who want some kind of “social justice” for fatties.

    4. egregious microaggression

      Wouldn’t that be super-egregious macroaggression?

  11. You’re starting to get the drift, Robby.
    Cui Bono?
    These special snowflakes are realizing they’ve picked a losing degree. There are a finite number of ‘diversity trainers’ and EEO investigators needed by corporate Murica – and those positions are filled with the first wave of these ethnic studies grads. So there is only two other places to MAKE the demand – Government and the Academy. All this shit is to get some employment and make those student loan payments.

    See this story from last fall about how students are getting value of the ethnic studies majors and going someplace else.…..challenges

  12. Can we all agree that the disappearance of huge, papier mache after 2008 is a relief?

      1. If Portlandia is to be trusted, they’re all doing kids’ birthday parties now.

  13. Aside from making for some decent lunchtime entertainment, these stories of campus PC outrage get me to wondering: at just point will the ludicrousness tip the scale [and earn a hearty fuck you]? As of this writing there seems to be no limit, but at some point in the not too distant future it is easy to imagine every group so offended by the very existence of the other that an actual impasse is reached, where no one can go anywhere, say or do anything, that is not subject to a grievance and demand for apologies, mandatory sensitivity training, and compensation. That is pretty much what unrestrained toddlers do, tantrum until they get what they want.

    Meanwhile I will continue to log in just to watch the show. The real danger being of course that these snowflakes will somehow manage to graduate from these esteemed institutions of higher learning and move on to government, which of course is the most likely place for them to land [if not academia].

    1. I’m still holding on to the hope that this is just normal, time-honored student dumbassery which has found an unfortunate amplifier in the Interwebs.

    2. What we read here is the stupidest, most egregious stuff that happens. I maintain some hope that the majority of students think this is all bullshit too and will at some point stop putting up with it.

      1. What we read here is the stupidest, most egregious stuff that happens. I maintain some hope that the majority of students think this is all bullshit too and will at some point stop putting up with it.

        Zeb, I step on a college campus about 3 days a week. I realize Robby’s gotta eat, but let’s never confuse entertaining ‘News of the Weird‘ with actual news. Unfortunately, Reason‘s editorial recent decisions have been to highlight “Hey, look at the crazy people!” VICE magazine-style of journalism in various areas, be it Elizabeth “Hey, look at this crazy sex thing!”, Lenore “Hey, look at this crazy parent/busybody!”, or Robby “Hey, look at this crazy college student/professor/administrator!” Maybe they think that’s what the vaunted Millenials want to read, and maybe its justified when you datamine the page-clicks and ad revenue. For me, it’s starting to rankle.

        1. Agreed. Can we get something other than click bait and Trump. I know it is a running joke to say we don’t read the articles, but I’m really not reading the articles anymore. I just check the comments now.

          1. I save my article reading for the print magazine. Usually only the good stuff makes it in there.

        2. And they probably aren’t doing many favors to those of us here who are far enough removed from our academic careers that we might believe that this stuff is becoming typical. Sort of like the people who become convinced that the country is becoming more dangerous and violent because they watch the local news every night.

          It would be nice to get a better perspective on what it’s actually like on a college campus these days.

  14. Another student, Phil Jones, wrote on Facebook that “as a Heavy-American” he felt fat-shamed by the body suits.

    You mean he can bounce into other fat people without wearing a suit? That sounds like privilege to me.

    1. The thing is sumo wrestlers are some if the strongest people on Earth. They’re big but they sure aren’t lazy gobs of goo. They’re highly trained athletes.

      1. They are also exceptionally quick. I used to watch sumo on TV now and then when I was in Okinawa – the cable service on base had a few Japanese channels, and I would see sumo and NPB baseball now and then. Quickness and agility is just as important as size and strength in sumo.

      2. If you ever watched Sumo, you see that they are also shockingly fast for their size as well.

    2. As a cellulose-challenged American, I agree. If I have to wear a bulky prosthetic in order to approximate someone else’s mighty god-given physique then it’s me who should be claiming victim status.

      Or I could just start that all Big Mac diet I’ve been meaning to, but Big Macs are gross.

  15. From Scott Tsuchitani CV:

    2014~ Ph.D. Student, Cultural Studies ? UC Davis, Expected June 2021
    1989 Master of Engineering – UC Berkeley, Mechanical Engineering
    1986 M. S. – UC San Diego, Bioengineering
    1985 B. S.- UC Berkeley, Mechanical Engineering, with Honors

    I swear to Christ, if any of you motherfuckers step on the “muh STEMzzz!” soapbox, I will punch you until your face resembles strawberry jam on an English muffin.

    1. Who is this guy any why was he stupid enough to go back after fifteen years for the most worthless degree on the planet?

      1. And why is it going to take him 7 years to get it?

        1. I know, he’s a part-time student who wants to be called “Doctor” but doesn’t want to have to put any effort, so he picked the most bullshit PhD he could find.

        2. How long do you think it normally takes to get a PhD?

          1. In a real field, or in bullshit?

          2. I didn’t think it took 7 years for someone with two master’s degrees to get a PhD. But I guess the PhD has nothing to do with his previous studies.

            1. Having been there, it’s not the rigor or difficulty of the subject that is the reason. It’s the fact that most people do it part time as they are usually married, have kids, and a full-time job. Most terminal degree programs I know of, in various fields, give you anywhere from 5 to 9 years to complete your dissertation.

              1. Ok. But usually people whose plates are that full don’t even notice never mind publicly comment on undergraduate shenanigans.

    2. The 90’s must have been unkind to Mr Tsuchitani

      1. The 90’s must have been unkind to Mr Tsuchitani

        He seems to have gotten two patents out of it, though.

        1. That had to be an interesting lifestyle change. Probably would make a good made for TV movie.

          1. Probably would make a good made for TV movie.

            Lifetime or Hallmark Channel?

            1. What’s the channel that shows the near-death experience, massive head-woundy, traumatic brain injury industrial accidents? I’m guessing something very heavy fell on his head.

            2. any penis free channel will do…

      2. Or he had an uncanny vision for the true growth industry of grievance-mongering.

        1. I imagine he was a normal person until he started steeping himself in the “cultural studies” horseshit starting in 2014.

      3. It says he got his first degrees 30 years ago–maybe his parents passed away in the last couple of years and he decided that he didn’t need to maintain a striver science career to please them anymore?

    3. Thank you, HM, from the bottom of my heart.

    4. 2013 Guest Artist, the Great Tortilla Conspiracy
      Tortilla Subversion at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco.
      Designed, printed, and Served subversive tortillas under the guise of Asian Mexican culinary fusion, while discreetly distributing anti-Orientalist propaganda as institutional/structural critique, at a Matcha event in July

      this is a real person?

      1. subversive tortillas

        My next band’s name. Don’t even think of stealing it.

        1. How do you print a tortilla?

          1. You put a metal stencil on a hot plate and you can put anything you want on a grilled cheese sandwich. Or you can use tiny little Mexicans with soldering irons.

            1. OK. I was thinking some sort of 3D masa printer.

              I only want Jesus on my tortilla.

          2. Obviously you need a masters in Engineering, and a PhD in Culture Studies. Then its a breeze.

  16. If they had painted the suits all white and made the participants wear a white cowboy hat, would it have been culturally insensitive to white southerners running crooked local governments in Hazzard County, GA?

    1. It’s okay and non-problematic to mock them because they’re not in a certified victimhood group.

    2. You know the answer to that. White males cannot be victimized in any way because they are each personally responsible for all the ills of the world throughout history.

      Your suggestion would be offensive to the various minority groups on campus, however, because it is exclusionary and othering, and implies that only whites may play with the fat suits.

  17. Difficult to distinguish sincere social justice activism from parody.

    I laugh at both.

  18. Pad out your lower and upper body and you’re probably playing football. Pad out your midsection and you’re fat-shaming. I say football players are appropriating the culture of weightlifting-Americans.

    1. It’s a bad idea to microaggress against Warty, because he tends to macroagress back.

  19. Wait, Japanese are the victims of cultural appropriation here? I’ve never been to Japan, but legend has it that they’re pretty crafty at borrowing from other cultures.

    1. Crafty Asians. Report for re-education immediately.

      1. Hey! I didn’t say they were sneaky about it. Just…. clever. Oh God, I’m going to stop now.

        1. You know what other sneaky thing the Japanese did?

          1. numerous and sucky Godzilla movies?

          2. Ninjutsu?

  20. Phil Jones
    To be honest, I was shocked. February 19th was Remembrance Day for Japanese internment during WWII, and some of my Japanese friends were heavily traumatized by seeing their culture mocked in such a clearly racist fashion. Not to mention, as a Heavy-American, I don’t appreciate the blatant Fat-Shaming involved with caricaturing one of the few sports traditionally enjoyed by Heavy individuals. I honestly feel reparations payments are in order to affected individuals, and that those responsible for the grossly negligent oversight should immediately resign from their ASUCD posts.

    That person, for the record, has a picture of themselves power-lifting.

    Mariah Kala Watson Please tell all of those individuals to message us, we are working to get the necessary consoling. We had multiple staff members working on the project and even after trainings about diversity trainings this still occurred. It just shows how normalized these issues are within our society as a whole and how we as students are not perfect or immune to making mistakes. If you’d like to talk further, please message me or the Executive page directly and we’ll work on a solution.

    Robby Soave Phil Jones, are you being sarcastic, or do you really think students like you deserve reparations? Your comments were taken as sincere in this article [cites]

    1. Katherine Sjoberg
      I’m sorry if you felt personally discriminated. I know for certain this was not anyone’s intent. And in no way was fat shaming involved.
      Like ? Reply ? 1 ? February 29 at 12:40am

      Mariah Kala Watson
      We’d like to of course encourage open dialogue about this important subject, but please remember the original intent of the post was to valid the feelings of UC Davis students who were not pleased (to say the very least) with the decision to have this activity.
      Like ? Reply ? February 29 at 12:42am

      Phil Jones
      Out of my mind? Just because I’m Differently-Abled you want to marginalize my grief and use ableist slurs against me? This whole administration needs sensitivity training. I’m appalled.
      Like ? Reply ? 1 ? February 29 at 12:53am

      Taylore Kadin
      This was obviously not malicious, this is just people finding something to be mad about
      Like ? Reply ? 19 ? February 29 at 12:59am

      Phil Jones
      Apologizing for a crime doesn’t mean it never happened.
      Like ? Reply ? February 29 at 1:01am

      Phil Jones It would help me to forget about it. Maybe instead allow me to make a brief presentation to the ASUCD executives regarding Hate Speech.
      Like ? Reply ? 2 ? February 29 at 1:06am

      This young man has talent and ability and I think he might make a great writer for Reason’s “Campus Coverage” someday.

      1. Phil’s got the lingo down. But to my ear he just sounds debu

    2. To be honest, I fucking hate when people say “To be honest”.

      1. To be honest, I aspire to be a real-life troll.

      2. If someone prefaces a statement with “to be honest”, does that mean the rest of what they say is a lie? To be honest, I don’t know.

    3. to get the necessary consoling

      Oh good lord

      1. I give a Runner Up prize to this fellow, whether his humor was intentional or not =

        Dante Valenzuela

        Yall didnt have churros (frown emoticon)

        Like ? Reply ? 3 ? February 25 at 10:32pm

        1. No churros? That is a slight against the hefty.

    4. Soave doesn’t make his FB private? He is just inviting us in for new material to use against him.

    5. “…as a Heavy-American,…”

      I get it, you are a fat dude.

      “…I honestly feel reparations payments are in order to affected individuals…”

      And a shakedown artist. Fuck off fatty.

  21. We’d like to apologize for any harm the “Sumo Suit” may have caused you all.

    “We’re sorry you’re such a thin-skinned little bitch.”

  22. Tell him to shut up and put this on a continuous loop

  23. So I’m looking at The Division. It seems interesting. Maybe not MMO-length interesting, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Clancy games since playing Rogue Spear and Ghost Recon way back in the day. I would kill for a remake of either. One of the things I despised about the Vegas installment was the stupid character-driven melodrama they dumped on it: I just want a tactical shooter without the stupid action movie garbage. According to a few reviews, the story in Division is about as serious and dry as shredded wheat sans milk. Perfect.

    One thing that could be interesting in a collapse-of-social-order kind of game like this is the gradual reversion to primitivism: over the weeks and months, ammunition becomes scarce, stores are ransacked, buildings lit on fire, and humanity begins to diffuse out of cities and into the wilderness. Gameplay would evolve away from the frantic smash-and-grab dustups of the first several levels (or however progress is measured) and players would begin having to practice self-sufficiency, bartering, and recivilizing.

    1. One thing that could be interesting in a collapse-of-social-order kind of game like this is the gradual reversion to primitivism: over the weeks and months, ammunition becomes scarce, stores are ransacked, buildings lit on fire, and humanity begins to diffuse out of cities and into the wilderness. Gameplay would evolve away from the frantic smash-and-grab dustups of the first several levels (or however progress is measured) and players would begin having to practice self-sufficiency, bartering, and recivilizing.

      That’s a great idea?! We could call it, “Radiation Land”, or… uh, “Contaminationville”…. what’s the word i’m thinking of?

      1. Oh, that’s absolutely what I’m thinking. I royally burned myself out on the game this weekend.

        But in the context of an MMO like this, watching society decay into gangsterism and feuding factions would be a huge component. Maybe the first few levels are uneasy tension as people continue going about their business, then a few levels as the dam begins to break, and then a few levels trying to hold together the basic scaffold of civil society, and then total collapse. Eventually, rather than being holed up in an urban environment, players would begin pushing out into the wilderness and attempting to eke out an existence, returning to raid holdouts in the city or whatever.

      2. Nuclear winter? Wait, no, that’s not it…

        1. FALLOUT goddamnit! And don’t say that FO4 has *any* of the things described. It doesn’t bother to explore any of those themes.

          FFS, Within 5 minutes of leaving the vault you have 5 guns and 6000 rounds of ammunition. You’re loaded down with food and meds. You could be in modern day Alabama for all the deprivation you endure.

          1. There are no porn studios like in an earlier Fallout game, so yeah, it’s quite deprived.

    2. I’ve read bad reviews on The Division…basically MMO-like grinding for very little payout.

      1. Everything I hear about that game makes me glad I didn’t buy it.

    3. Are you aware of the current-generation sequel to Ghost Recon? Any signs that Division is actually a complex experience, in terms of social dynamics? I doubt it.

      1. No idea; I’ve only had my gaming rig running for a few months, and after playing through that Vegas schlock I quit following the series.

    4. Its . . . a mediocre shooter. That doesn’t even have good shooter mechanics until the end-game – all that stuff is what you have to spend all your time grinding XP for, to improve ‘skills’. Not your skills, your character’s.

  24. They shouldn’t have allowed this. The Asians are just going to ruin the microaggression curve for everyone else.

    1. They are a sneaky people, prone to peeing in cokes. as well as suspiciously punctual.

      1. You shouldn’t be taking Bill Parcells advice on disrespecting the Orientals.

      1. I just watched this with the sound off. What the fuck am I seeing?

        1. Well, if it is actually about ms park, it’s a tale of an entitled little rascist. If it’s one she wrote, it’s also full of lies and fabrications.

        2. SyFy airs a show ‘The Internet Ruined My Life’ with reenactments of the supposed ‘ruining’. Suey Park, you may remember, spearheaded a campaign against Stephen Colbert over some Asian joke that he told on his show. Park claims, and SyFy reenacts without any questioning of her narrative, that afterwards she received death threats, including “an ex-military sniper” outside her window, because that’s the audience of the Colbert Show, obviously.

          Long story short, she wants us to believe that she had to live Jason Bourne’s life for a year because she bravely stood up to Comedy Central.

          1. Was the Josh Zepps interview re-imagined as a sort of “CIA Waterboarding” or something?


          2. So: Person wants to be famous. Person gets famous. Person doesn’t like the fame.

          3. I just watched your ‘ex-military sniper’ link. It showed a bunch of graphs about the Gender Pay Gap.

            Then we got… two hipsters in skinny jeans at 13:06.

            1. Hmm…that was the wrong link then…hold on.

              1. I can’t find it with commentary..but you can have the original source.

  25. As if the ridiculous behavior wasn’t annoying enough, by now the sheer repetitiveness rivals it.

  26. I know there’s no such thing as peak derp, but this…

  27. This cultural appropriation bullshit is going too far.

    There was an article is some liberal alt weekly in SF claiming that eating burritos from a Mexican restaurant is somehow appropriating Mexican culture. I mean…. the stupidity…. it hurts.

    Yeah, non-Mexican Americans should totally stop patronizing Mexican restaurants because I’m sure that’s totally what the owners/workers want: fewer customers enjoying their cultural dishes, making it harder for them to actually earn a living.

    Also, burritos aren’t even fucking “real” Mexican food. Yeah, they’re found in Mexican restaurants all around the country but good luck actually finding the thing in Mexico. They were invented in the United States.

    1. The comment section was full retard. A white yoga instructor said the article forced her to rethink her career path due the “damage” she unwittingly has done to Indian culture.

      1. I don’t know that I have ever seen an Indian yoga instructor in the U.S., come to think of it.


      2. All Indians are forever mentally and emotionally crippled because that that yoga instructor’s irresponsibility. She *should* feel very ashamed of herself.

    2. Then I don’t ever want to see a Mexican eating a Big Mac…

  28. “Phil Jones”. Sounds white. Ignore.

  29. Just once I’d like to see a student group issue a statement that says “we have nothing to apologize for and you can all get fucked.”

    Duke University would have been a good place for that.

  30. The only thing I find offensive in this article is that ASUCD issued an apology.

    Tell these idiots to fuck off and stop reinforcing their idiocy.

  31. So the university has a quota to limit the number of Asian students, and this Tsuchitani made the cut?

    What does this say to the Asian students who were rejected? “We’re impressed at your robotics science project in high school, and your straight As, and your team winning the Math Bowl, but we can’t accept you to our university because we wanted to admit a cultural-studies student who would babble about racist sumo wrestling outfits. We hope you understand.”

    1. We only want your very best curve-destroyers. On the first day of class, we want our non-Asian students to break-down in tears when they see you walk in.

  32. I was wondering how I could get myself off the list of “privileged” and get myself into the Victim Rolodex. Now I know: I just need to gain about 100 lbs or so. Krispy Kreme here I come!

  33. “We’d like to apologize for any harm the “Sumo Suit” may have caused you all.”

    It is utterly impossible for a sumo suit to cause anyone any harm. That’s the entire point of them, they’re heavily cushioned!

  34. Anybody posted this one yet? (I would check myself but I’m too lazy inertially-challenged.)

    “The vibe they are going for with the Orient Express is white people traveling in first class on a train, visiting ‘exotic’ places with the inherent sense of privilege that comes from being a rich tourist . . . it’s going to be a white presentation of these places they’re trying to represent, full of stereotypes, which is erasing and gross,” student Ploy Kingchatchaval told the Sunday Times, according to an article in the Telegraph.

    1. Never mind that the closest the Orient Express got to the actual Orient was Istanbul. And if the train terminated anywhere west of the Bosphorus, it never even left Europe.

    2. student Ploy Kingchatchaval

      Hey, how you doin’, tii rak, jaa?

      1. But Kingchatchaval doesn’t buy it. In fact, he insists that the school was “clearly” trying to be offensive on purpose:

        Either Katherine Timpf didn’t do her research on Thai names or I just got a boner for a ladyboy.

    3. erasing and gross,” student Ploy Kingchatchaval told the Sunday Times

      … completely ignorant of what the Orient Express actually was.

      1. Ignorance is pretty much a prerequisite for this cultural appropriations bullshit.

    1. I like that half the footage is of Chinese people. Its extra-extra-“Asian”-insulting by not even correctly stereotyping the people its claiming to be

      1. Not to mention the legitimately racist cartoons. Added to the lyrics about a white guy “turning Japanese” is a great way to troll these SJWs.

      2. And at least one clip of North Korea.

  35. Difficult to distinguish sincere social justice activism from parody.

    Not really. When in doubt assume all these fuckheads are engaging in sincere SJW activism. No matter how ridiculous, over the top, and retarded their bullshit is, assume they’re being absolutely serious. Because these cunt waffles were born without a sense of humor.

    1. Your point clarifies that the only appropriate response – whether it IS sincere, or whether its pardoy – is the same.

      IOW = Make fun of it.

      There’s absolutely *no point* caring whether its real or fake. which is why robby’s query of the person above is so hilarious.

  36. Tsuchitani thinks these things?inflatable fat suits?represent anti-Asian white supremacy in action.

    Anyone want to go in on a bulk buy of these things to anonymously send to this humorless twat?

  37. What if it were Chinese students wearing the fat suits? Then it would anti-Japanese and not anti-Asian. Just saying.

    Why do I bring this up? Because my Chinese owned company had this same sumo suit wrestling thing at it’s last summer picnic. My I need training in cultural competency training, as my culture is clearly incompetent.

  38. *golf clap* for Phil!

    But he’s still a white dude, so just ignore him.

  39. Well, so there is at least one person at UC Davis with a brain. Unfortunately, for too many students education seems to make them stupider. I wonder how many actual Japanese complained, as compared to Professionally Outraged busybodies.

  40. My Japanese wife and Japanese friends would be embarrassed by this. They have better things to do than look for reasons to be offended.

  41. I bet dressing in inflatable fat suits and wrestling is a lot of fun. You don’t have to call it “sumo” I guess, but that’s what people will be thinking, so why the fuck not?

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