Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio Drops Out

And then there were three.


Or maybe not.

"We should have seen this coming," Marco Rubio told his followers tonight.

He didn't mean the failure of his presidential campaign, which the Florida senator just suspended after failing to beat Donald Trump in his home state. He meant the tide of frustration that had thrust Trump into the lead for the Republican Party's nomination. Rubio started his speech by reeling off some of the complaints that have powered the mogul's movement—anger about immigration and economic insecurity and what Rubio called "self-proclaimed elitists"—and he declared that if he'd run a Trump-style campaign based on all that, it would have been "the easiest way to win." (Now he tells us!) But instead, he said, he had taken the high road and preached the path of hope and opportunity. Translated from campaign rhetoric, that means he'd pushed a mix of Club for Growth economics and neoconservative foreign policy.

There was a time when a lot of pundits thought this man would be the Republican nominee. Sure, they conceded, he wasn't getting many actual votes, but once Jeb Bush and Scott Walker and Chris Christie were gone, Rubio was the Last Man Standing for the Republican establishment, whatever "Republican establishment" means these days. And at that point, surely donors and voters who can't stomach Trump would coalesce behind him…right?

It sounded plausible. I thought it was possible myself: As recently as two weeks ago, I figured Rubio had a better shot at the nomination than Ted Cruz did. But the votes just weren't there. After Rubio was anointed the Last Man Standing, his numbers in a lot of states actually went down instead of up. Apparently, anti-Trump voters preferred Cruz—or even John Kasich, once an also-ran, now rising into third place.

What did Rubio offer, really? He was young and Hispanic, but that's an image, not a platform. The closest he came to proposing something innovative in the economic realm was a tax plan that would give a big bump to the child tax credit, a feature that set off a flurry of excitement among the "reform conservatives" but didn't seem to catch fire anywhere else. From a libertarian perspective, he was less of an ogre on immigration than Cruz and Trump—not that that's a high bar to clear—but also much more of an ogre on war.

And now the alleged Last Man Standing is out. The GOP field is down to Trump, Cruz, and Kasich. Establishment types can rally behind Kasich, who doesn't have much of a shot; or rally around Cruz, who they hate; or resign themselves to Trump; or put all their chips on someone new arriving at a contested convention; or bolt for a third party. They can even act like Democrats and settle for Hillary. But they won't be able to store their hopes in Marco Rubio anymore.

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  1. “What did Rubio offer, really? He was young and Hispanic, but that’s an image, not a platform.”

    It’s not 90% image?

    1. I came here to comment on the same quote. “What did Trump offer, really? He was old and rude and irascible, but that’s an image, not a platform.”

      1. Very well put! More people voted for American Idol than for POTUS during the first Obama election, but given that all the choices are about image and little substance, there really was no difference. At least American Idol has no qualms about being all about image.

        1. To be fair, only the Chicago machine voted more than once for BHO in 2008.

      2. Don’t confuse “What did Rubio offer, really?” with “Why did Rubio lose?”

      3. I came here to comment on the same quote. “What did Trump offer, really? He was old and rude and irascible, but that’s an image, not a platform.”

        90% Image, 10% Wall.

    2. an image worked for the guy currently holding the post.

      1. If the image deals with gender or race, it only works if you have a D beside your name.

    1. Agreed.


    1. “Little Marco”?

      1. Micro

    2. Don’t worry, he comes back at the end of Act II as a White Wizard.

      1. racist

    3. He’s still going to have a few guest appearances this season. And he may be brought back down the line. Maybe for a short story arc around sweeps.

      1. What if Rubio ended up being VP to the nominee? I’ll bet he’s negotiating on that right now.

        1. Remember when LBJ was just a shot away?

  3. Yup, drops out now, now that there’s no chance to stop Trump. If he had dropped out a long time ago, I suspect most of his voters would’ve gone to Cruz, and MAYBE Trump could’ve been stopped. Now?

    1. He probably stayed in at the behest of the party bosses, who were hoping he could stump Trump in Florida and force a brokered convention. I suspect on his own initiative he’d have bailed a long time ago. But he’s a young guy with lots of opportunities ahead of him. He’ll be back.

      1. I hope he sheds the weaselyness.

        1. I hope he stumbles into traffic and is run over by a bus. Actually, I hope all the candidates are run over by a bus.

          1. NOTA for POTUS!

            Or SMOD.

            Or Cthulu.

            1. Fact: I saw a “Cthulhu 2016” bumper sticker yesterday.

          2. Hopefully, a Detroit Department of Transportation bus.

            1. how long will he have to wait on the road before it finally comes around?

        2. First, i hope someone gives him a big hug. Second, I hope he treats himself to a long, deserved vacation, away from all the humble and jumble of the campaign trail.

          1. I thought you were talking about Obama for a second

  4. Marco’s problem was that he didn’t turn on and tune in, before he dropped out.

  5. Personally, I blame homosexuals and SJWs.

    1. I blame Jews and the SEIU.

      1. FOOLS! Its the coastal elites and the yokels in a conspiracy to undermine true patriots!

        1. The Rand Corporation, in conjunction with the saucer people, under the supervision of the reverse vampires…

          1. You simpletons! The blame goes to Fox News, the Koch brothers, and the secret Koch brothers employee who engaged in political espionage – Michelle Fields.


  6. He couldn’t even take Florida huh.

    1. As a Floridian I will say that this was a surprise to no one- including Marco himself. Marco saying he wasn’t running for senate again in order to concentrate on his presidential campaign was probably an admission that he was doomed to lose his re-election bid. Abandoning his post in the senate to run for the big chair rubbed a lot of TEA partiers the wrong way.

      1. Making a deal with Kennedy and Schumer on immigration really rubbed Tea Partiers the wrong way. Running for POTUS only confirmed what they suspected: he’s in it for his own political advancement.

      2. He’s attained his goals.
        A: The sweet lifetime pension.
        B: The sweet lifetime benefits package.
        C: Lifetime access to the senate floor (which will come in handy when he gets that sweet K Street lobbiest gig)
        D: Enough of a name for himself to get a sweet book deal.

        Being an elected American politician, even a failed one, sure is sweet!

  7. I blame climate change

    1. Well, the climate around his campaign certainly got steadily chillier these last few months.

  8. Wow can’t even win your home state.

    The best they can hope for now is a brokered convention and have it go to Kasich or something. If Trump gets the nomination, Hillary will win like Reagan v. Mondale

    1. Yeah, this whole “writing off Trump” thing has gone so well so far.

      The guy operates under a different set of rules. I’m not convinced that Hillary knows how to attack him.

      1. also = hillary’s support gets lower the more people see of her.

        And they haven’t even seen her at all, really.

        the turnout thing for Dems is really the biggest signal to me that she’s fucked. Because there’s 30-50% of the bernie vote that simply aint coming out for her.

        meaning – already low primary turnout is going to get lower.

        I think vanderbilt has a better chance of winning tonight.

        1. I think the disaffected Bernie vote is more real than people want to believe. There are a lot of Dems who despise her. And Bill, too. But especially her.

          1. They were saying on FOX that Bern’s got like 90% of the Millenial vote. And it’s not like she killing overall either.

          2. Trump will get the vote of the person who’s voting just because they loathe Hillary Clinton.

          3. The LP will see their disaffected spoiler votes and raise them a lid…

        2. also, they mentioned some polling the other day that a fairly large %of millenials and bernie voters still think she’s their vote when she takes the nom

          …i just think the ‘stated intent’ does not translate to action after months of having to listen to her gab.

          Democrats win elections on motivation, energy, turnout.

          all she’s going to be offering is “NOT THE OTHER THING”

      2. She already tried and Trump used the judo to redirect it towards POTUS42 and the prediliction for interns.

      3. from derpbook:
        ~bernie is the least dishonest politician in the race, but what surprises me is that somehow clinton has earned the
        label dishonest, as opposed to everyone else in the race

        first comment: Patriarchy

        (almost makes me want to see trump win)

      4. PredictWise says it’ll be Trump vs. Hillary with Hillary winning:

        Same over at PredictIt:

        For some reason is broken.

        Anybody know of other big, trustworthy real-money prediction markets?

        1. Intrade went out of business 2 years ago.

          These other ones have no track record or volume of users nearly on par with intrade

          1. Damn your nimble fingers.

        2. Last I checked, was shutdown by the Irish government about three years ago for ‘financial irregularities’. Not sure about anything comparable recently popping up to take its place.

        3. NYT Oct 2015

          “”Betting Markets Call Marco Rubio Front-Runner in G.O.P.””

      5. Last I heard, Trump had a 63% disapproval rating with the general electorate.

        So while I agree that Hillary doesn’t know how to pierce his armor, I’m not sure she has to.

    2. Regardless of what you think of Reagan, people liked the guy. No one likes Hillary

  9. I guess I wouldn’t mind him dating my sister… or Mom.
    But President?
    Come on.

    1. I wouldn’t mind banging his wife.

      1. She seems to like big……ears.

        1. I’ll be in my bunk.

      2. Have you seen Dennis Kucinich’s wife? Holy shit, did that little gremlin ever marry up!

    2. This is kind of how he strikes me as well. Decent guy. Probably sincere. Terrible policy ideas.

  10. that’s an image, not a platform

    What planet am I on? Is this Bizarro Earth where politicians get elected for saying what they’re going to do and get re-elected for doing what they said they were going to do? Is the Donald Trump on this planet a quiet man who speaks thoughtfully and rationally and is well-known for his humility and honesty, his restraint and dignity, his refinement and good taste?

    1. We’re all in agreement that part of the column makes no sense.

  11. Damn, Kasich is still running. If he had dropped out early, the dems in the media would have been forced to say nice things about Cruz in their campaign against Trump. Now though they can just point to Kasich who doesn’t stand a chance, to pretend that they aren’t totally in the tank for team blue.

    1. I don’t think the media even bothers to pretend to be impartial any more. Remember Chris Matthews’ “thrill up the leg” comment about Obama? In a truly fair and impartial “just the facts” journalistic world, he’d have been fired for saying such a thing.

      I’ll give credit to the conservative reporters/editors at Breitbart for resigning in the wake of Breitbart’s Trump-love-fest and furor over Michelle Fields. They still had enough principle to resign. The left’s Obama propagandists are still working for their leftist media organizations–they absolutely believe it was right to be partisan in favor of the Democrats. “Resign? No way–now I deserve a spot in the Obama White House” is what they’re all thinking at CNN, NYT, WaPo, HuffPo, et al.

      1. Remember Chris Matthews’ “thrill up the leg” comment about Obama?

        Heh, that fucker just got busted for pimping the new Star Wars movie after JJ Abrams and his wife donated $2000 to Matthews’ wife’s political campaign.

    1. Thankfully you live near an endless supply of free water to drink: the Pacific Ocean.

    2. “For a blog called Reason…”

      OK, now you can drink.

  12. “…and he declared that if he’d run a Trump-style campaign based on all that, it would have been “the easiest way to win.” (Now he tells us!) But instead, he said, he had taken the high road and preached the path of hope and opportunity….”

    For those of you old enough:
    R. M. Nixon: “I could have taken the easy way and X, but instead, I (bullshit, bullshit, bullshit).
    Can it, Rubio, go ‘spend time with your family!’

    1. Nixon: Listen here, Missy. Computers may be twice as fast as they were in 1973, but your average voter is as drunk and stupid as ever. The only thing that’s different is me; I’ve become bitter, and let’s face it, crazy over the years. And once I’m swept into office, I’ll sell our children’s organs to zoos for meat, and I’ll go into people’s houses at night and wreck up the place. Muahahaha!

  13. Kasich? Kasich is out. He’s mathematically incapable of getting a majority of delegates; he can win every single delegate from tomorrow on out, and he still can’t get the nomination on the first round.

    Sure, Kasich has a chance on second-round and later votes in a brokered convention. But so do Rubio, Bush, Ryan, Romney, or anybody else.

  14. Thank Christ the man child has finally accepted reality and bailed. Too bad he didn’t do it soon enough so we could hold our noses and rally around Ted and stop Trump. If that was ever possible, it’s probably not now. Thanks, Marco. PS – You suck.

  15. So, he stayed in just long enough to torpedo Cruz’s chances and secure a Trump nomination. This after vowing he would never quit the race… even if he lost FL.

    What a prick.

    I am normally pretty hardcore against conspiracy theories, but this kind of stuff seriously makes you wonder.

    Cruz isn’t a great choice by any means, but between Trump, Should be in Jail Hillary, and Marxist Man, he’s the best we’re gonna get outa this lot.

    What we really need is for Rand to run as an independent.

    1. Cruz is a great choice but regardless we have to keep fighting for a brighter future. Who knows what it will take to bring Don down but we may soon find out.

    2. What we really need is for Rand to run as an independent.

      Rand punched out way too early; was hoping he’d survive on built-in ~7-10% until the clown herd thinned and Rand got the second look. Instead, he was one of the clowns in the herd.

      1. Young Rand is another antiabortion mystic too much like Rubio.

  16. Rubio started his speech by reeling off some of the complaints that have powered the mogul’s movement?anger about immigration and economic insecurity and what Rubio called “self-proclaimed elitists”?and he declared that if he’d run a Trump-style campaign based on all that, it would have been “the easiest way to win.” (Now he tells us!) But instead, he said, he had taken the high road

    “Hey voters. When you want policies that protect you’re interests, you’re scum. I don’t want your votes. They would make me feel dirty.”

  17. What did Rubio offer, really?

    He offered the promise of Florida’s 29 electoral votes in a pivotal swing state. Does anyone think Marco would’ve been taken seriously had he been a senator from Tennessee or South Carolina?

    Also the sole reason Kasich is still floating in the GOP pool like a Baby Ruth bar and why one or the other is likely to be Trump’s VP candidate.

  18. Rubio was a manifestation of the word “conservative” having no meaning. His enthusiasm for domestic spying and his apparent love of carnage are both despicable traits. He was never anybody’s hope for anything, except for maybe continuing the neocon bloodline. Glad he’s gone.

  19. Traitors To The Party

    The Republican establishment opposes Donald Trump. A majority of Republican voters oppose him, also. Trump never has won a majority in even one state. Yet, he likely now will become the Republican candidate thanks to two, egotistical, petty politicians ? Kasich and Rubio.

    Had these two acted in statesmanlike fashions by withdrawing after Super Tuesday, Cruz likely would have beaten Trump in every primary last night. Instead, he lost in every one.

    After Super Tuesday, neither Kasich nor Rubio mathematically could win the nomination. Yet, they remained as spoilers, and spoilers they were with Rubio humiliated in Florida and Kasich semi-humiliated in Ohio.

    As in 1996 with Dole and in 2008 with McCain, the Republican establishment is shooting itself in the foot. Instead of having launched a vitriolic campaign against Trump, thereby, having acted deceitfully, it should have convinced Kasich and Rubio to withdraw. Now, its only hope is to deny Trump a majority going into the convention. Good luck with that one!

    In the words of Chester A. Riley, “What a revoltin’ development this is!”

    See “Revoltin’ Developments” under ……..liticians/ .

  20. “he declared that if he’d run a Trump-style campaign based on all that, it would have been “the easiest way to win.” (Now he tells us!)”
    Hahahaha, I was so close to spitting out my coffee.

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