Clinton Thanks Nancy Reagan for AIDS Activism, Carson Endorsed Trump, Wounded Warrior Project Finances Scrutinized: P.M. Links


  • Donald Trump
    Fox News

    Hillary Clinton praised recently-deceased former First Lady Nancy Reagan for her work bringing attention to the AIDS crisis, but many people say that's contrary to actual history.

  • Michelle Fields filed charges against the Donald Trump staffer who allegedly assaulted her. Video footage taken immediately prior to the altercation suggests that her account is accurate.
  • Greta Van Susteren, for once in her life, calls for less media coverage of something that involves Trump.
  • Ben Carson has endorsed Trump. Good surgeon, bad judge of character.
  • Trump University used "coercive tactics" to extort positive recommendations from students.
  • The Wounded Warrior Project spent a whole lot of money on candy.
  • Congrats on surviving a full week of my P.M. Links. You're all terrific deal-makers, in my view. Just the best.

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  1. Ben Carson has endorsed Trump.

    It’s not rocket science.

    1. Hello.

        1. All of you need to talk English or get deported off the American internet.

          1. Estou na California, calma senhor.

          2. You mean “talk American”, right?

            1. SPEAK WHITE.

              He means.

              1. I heard that there are whites that don’t speak American. Crazy, I know.

                1. Yes, there are.

                  We call them “Brits”.

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            1. Wealhfiend!

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          5. There’s a reason it’s called America On Line. Duh.

          6. Callate, pendejo.

    2. Ben Carson has endorsed Trump.

      Did he, or did somebody do a ventriloquist act while Carson snoozed with his head on the podium?

    3. Lowbrow, even for you.

      *shakes head*

        1. *zips up* Well, you could say that.

    4. But is it brain surgery?

      1. It’s rocket surgery

    5. Huh, Christie now has a kennel mate.

      1. Paraphrased from twitter: it’s like when jarjar nominated Palpatine

  2. Trump University used “coercive tactics” to extort positive recommendations from students.

    Threat of sucker punches?

    1. Still better than years of agonizing debt.

    2. No, nut punches.

  3. Hillary Clinton praised recently-deceased former First Lady Nancy Reagan for her work bringing attention to the AIDS crisis, but many people say that’s contrary to actual history.

    If Hillary says it you know it has to be true.

    1. It is very true. Sort of like how Fidel Castro brought people’s attention to the virtues of free market capitalism.

    2. On the other hand, “HuffPo talking smack about Republicans” is no guarantor of truth.

      Too bad they can’t both be wrong here, meaningfully.

      (“Why have sources better than Teen Vogue? It’s not like anyone’s going to critically read our content!”

      The rest of it reads like “sure, she helped get AIDS research money allocated, but she didn’t like gay people enough so it doesn’t count“.

      Which, well, I don’t care.)

      1. Umm. The frustration isn’t that Nancy didn’t like gay people enough, it’s that she had personal contact with people involved in the unfolding AIDS crisis and was highly connected in both CA political circles and Hollywood circle where a lot of this was playing out and shined it on.

        He ultimately didn’t address it as a public health issue until after Rock Hudson died. Even their daughter acknowledges that this was a fuckup on their part:

        ‘I’m not gonna make excuses for the failure of his administration to address the AIDS crisis when it was going on. It was a failure. And it hurts my heart that that happened on so many levels,’ Patti Davis, the youngest of Reagan’s four children, tells James Duke Mason in a new interview.

        ‘One of my father’s flaws was that he delegated authority to other people and relied on them to give him the appropriate information on things. Presidents get briefings every morning. So they do rely on people to bring them information on what’s going on and there were people around him who did not want him dealing with the AIDS crisis.

        ‘I’m not making excuses for him,’ Davis adds. ‘I’m saying that’s a flaw of his, and in this case it turned out to be a really tragic flaw. He didn’t really know the extent of what was going on until Rock Hudson died.’

        1. “…One of my father’s flaws was that he delegated authority to other people and relied on them to give him the appropriate information on things….”

          Reagan was often said to be guilty of ‘trusting’ people who worked for him from what I remember.

          1. Regardless, I take issue with the idea that delegating authority is, of necessity, a flaw. It’s just what reasonably smart, non-micromanaging people do when the amount of raw data coming at them can be readily described as a “shitstorm.”

            The flaw, if there was one, was in trusting the wrong people; even then, I’ve been in too many situations in my life where I’ve trusted someone only to discover, far too late, that I shouldn’t have. As a matter of form, you’re supposed to fall on your sword when that happens, but it’s not morally blameworthy IMNSHO.

            1. I agree with that assessment.

            2. I got stabbed in the back by a trusted employee myself.

          2. “Presidents get briefings every morning. So they do rely on people to bring them information on what’s going on”

            O’Bama reads the New Yalk Thymes

          3. Delegate authority, but not responsibility.

        2. Because gays are infantile and can’t help themselves until the government says the magic word AIDS.

          (This is also the problem with government funding so much of the scientific research.)

          1. I have mixed feelings on this. People who were keyed into the gay community (like those living in SF) started getting a handle on things relatively quickly, but you had a lot of people who were isolated and having sex (and possibly getting sick) in secret and not really having context to seek treatment. Doctors who weren’t on the front lines with the epidemic didn’t consistently know what was going on until there was a bigger public discussion.

            When my mom started getting sick in the late ’80s her doctor had no idea what was going on and it was her dentist who specifically sent her to get an HIV test because she kept getting thrush (which the dentist had seen in gay AIDS patients previously).

            The government was getting involved in the background, but I understand why there’s frustration that a couple with such a big bully pulpit and with personal connections to what was going on dragged their feet on the issue. I think the anger at the Reagans is overwrought, but I do get where it’s coming from.

            1. I think the anger at the Reagans is overwrought, but I do get where it’s coming from.

              Agreed. They make for an easy target, especially since there are many different versions of the truth flying around out there on the internet.

            2. I had a talk with Tonio some time back about how AIDS as a VD (I’m not talking about the Arthur Ashes or the hemophiliacs) was treated differently from other VDs in that syphilis or herpes, for example, are considered somewhat like prison rape in that the person deserved it, while AIDS sufferers were almost heroic.

              Something about that always seemed terribly wrong to me.

              1. No, I totally can’t imagine why you’d mythologize an illness that causes all of your friends to waste away and die in a short period of time from behaving in an activity that had previously (at worst) caused itchy nuts.

                I always found the cultural attitudes of syphilis to be the most interesting. It has the strangest association with the razor thin edge between greatness and madness. Pox is a really interesting read. I don’t really agree with some of the author’s presumptions/methods, but it’s still fascinating.

        3. I remember being a kid, and not understanding this joke:

          Why did they bury Rock Hudson face-up? So his friends could drop by for a cool one.

          1. Gah. Now I need a shower. Or a de-lousing. Whatevs.

            1. Now I need a shower. Or a de-lousing

              Like you’re too good to cold pack.

          2. Liberace didn’t have many friends, but he had Nabors up the ass.

            1. Actually, Liberace was never associated with Jim Nabors in fact or in rumor. OTOH, the first public suggestion that Rock Hudson was gay came in a Photoplay article about “their” wedding. The story actually began as a hoax from some gay club in the LA area to get people to come to a party.

        4. That frustration is one thing – but that’s not relevant to what Nancy did or didn’t actually do.

          They did, after all, quote someone as saying she helped get funding going for AIDS research.

          (As usual, of course, “whatever it was it’s not enough”…)

          1. It’s never enough. Question, would it have been enough if Ronnie had diverted the entire Defense Budget for a year into AIDS research? Probably not.

            1. Only one year! You monster.

  4. Sugar tax, new food guide needed to curb obesity ‘epidemic,’ warns Senate report

    A diet heavy on processed foods, combined with a lack of exercise, is writing a death sentence for many Canadians, warns a Senate committee that is calling for a national campaign to combat obesity and proposing a sugar tax.

    Strange. I cut out sugar and lost 22 kg. and I didn’t need a Top. Men. and their taxes to do it.

    1. I declare Canadian arrogance and ignorance about American history and politics to be an epidemic.

      1. You, sir, may be the exception that proves the rule.

        1. Awww.

          Moves to snuggle with BigT.

          1. [checks immunizations]

            Jesse might be more interested

      2. Actually, Prohibition was alive and well in Canada. My ex-wife’s father once showed me his “book” from the Liquor Board in Ontario in the 1920s, which allowed him 1/5th of liquor a month that he had to have stamped when he picked up said ration.

        Prohibition was a huge part of the Anglo-Saxon Protestant mentality wherever it settled in the English-speaking world.

        For the most part, alcohol regulations in the Canadian Provinces (Quebec excepted) are much more restrictive than those in most American states (Kansas, Utah and a handful of counties in the US South excepted).

    2. If only they could force people to exercise…

    3. Imagine how many pounds you would have lost.

      1. Canada uses dollars, not pounds. But it would have been many, many dollars.

        1. Dollars don’t have beavers on them– or Queens. They have Great Men on them.

          1. Sexist. Only paper dollars, metal ones have women

    4. Death sentence for many? Yikes! Oh…. Canadians. Carry on.

    5. “Death sentence”? I don’t think “you might die when you are 70 instead of when you are 80” really qualifies.

    6. I’ve noticed a direct correlation between how much booze I drink during the week and how hard it is to drop a few pounds. Strange, that.

      1. Stranger is that cannabinoids can reduce weight.

  5. Congrats on surviving a full week of my P.M. Links. You’re all terrific deal-makers, in my view. Just the best.

    Really classy links this week. Everyone says so.

    1. Sadly, I don’t think we can describe them as Yuuuuuge. What, Robbie is too good for 24 point fonts?

      1. Given the link above about obesity….

    2. Low energy effort, even for you little Fisty. Sad.

  6. Hillary Clinton praised recently-deceased former First Lady Nancy Reagan for her work bringing attention to the AIDS crisis, but many people say that’s contrary to actual history.

    No, *really* — Hillary actually praised Nancy!

    1. Further proof of her mendacity. But this is a harbinger of how President HRC would be on drug policy.

    2. UPDATE:

      HIV/AIDS: Hillary Clinton Apologizes for Praising Ronald and Nancy Reagan for Response to Virus

      “I misspoke about their record on HIV and AIDS. For that, I’m sorry,” Clinton said Friday. Clinton earlier said the Reagans started a “national conversation” about the disease.

      1. She frequently misspeaks about people’s records, usually her own.

    1. Maybe she’d like to take over his directing duties altogether.

    2. How will I know it’s an Abrams film?

      1. Aliens wearing only their bras for no reason because JJ Abrams is a 14 year old boy.

        1. I’m sure that’s next on her list.

      2. A bizarre misunderstanding of space and light?

        I saw SW7 again and liked it much more than initially, but it’s still so goddamn stupid that one planet could fire a laser that quickly destroys another planet light years away, and all of it is observed on another planet in a third system. The same silly thing happens with Spock watching Vulcan get wormholed.

        1. That stood out for me as well. How are people this stupid? Yet I bet the same idiots would call you a science denier if you dare question the dogma of global warming.

        2. Well, they transfer the energy of an entire sun into the planet. That is how!

        3. Or that that one planet *swallowed a sun*.

          Or that there’s one fucking bridge in the whole movie that doesn’t have a railing for no reason whatsoever.

          1. Look, it was a long time ago, alright?

            OSHA didn’t exist.

          2. for no reason whatsoever the whole climax of the move depended on it, so FYTW

        4. Who said it was a laser?

          But, fair, yes, the visible in the sky instantly part can’t be explained away with “it was obviously some sort of hyperspace tunneled weapon” handwaving.

          1. I heard them say something like it is a “hyper-light-speed” energy beam or some shit. I honestly don’t care too much about that, it’s just having it be viewable from an entirely different planet. And a whole bunch of planets/moons blow up at once, making it look like the system is a few hundred thousand miles away from the place that the crew is chilling.

    3. There was always a subtle mandil?n subtext in all his movies.

    4. Look her up. You would be too

  7. …Fox News host Greta Van Susteran argued that the media should just “get over” the story of Michelle Fields, the Breitbart reporter who filed assault charges against Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

    Walk it off, Michelle. Rub dirt in it. You wouldn’t see Donald Trump bringing the law into it.

    1. Van Susteren is scientologist, right? Yeah, they are my go-to for civil rights.

      1. Yeah her and her husband,I no use for her.

    2. If that video is supposed to capture the “assault”, then I’m with Greta. What the vid shows is a big nothingburger.

  8. Zero-hour contracts banned in New Zealand

    Treen estimates there are “hundreds of thousands of workers” employed on zero-hour contracts in New Zealand, which means employers do not have to guarantee minimum hours of work per week, and often expect employees to be available 24/7.

    Freedom of association is hard.

    1. Well, I’m guessing that those hundreds of thousands will no longer have zero-hour contracts, that some of them will go into regular employment schedules, and that some of them will be completely unemployed.


  9. From one vicious cunt to another.
    And with the usual accuracy and sincerity we’ve come to expect from Shrillary.

  10. Soave links on time! Thus he breaketh the seventh seal!

    1. Why do I hear hoofbeats?

      1. Because Tonio no taketh his meds!

  11. Congrats on surviving a full week of my P.M. Links. You’re all terrific deal-makers, in my view. Just the best.

    To finish it off, you should have added more Trump.

  12. With a history as an actress, and the wife of an actor-turned-politician, Nancy was known for her glamorous lifestyle and her fashion ? she was also known for her Hollywood friends, including Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor.

    And compared to First Ladies of the modern era (Looking at you, Hillary) she remained mostly quiet and in the background, where most first spouses belong.

    1. Sarcasm?

      1. I SAID ‘COMPARED’ PEOPLE!!11!!

        Sure, maybe it was the lack of internet. I’ll grant the peanut gallery that. But not a goddamned day goes by that I didn’t have Hillary Clinton and/or Michelle Obama pillorying me about something, or heading some secret meetings with several thousand pages of legislation behind it.

        And to Juvenile Bluster, yes, Babs Bush was famously quiet. So quiet, the pro-life movement was mad that she didn’t have more influence on her husband, who had abortion banned across the 50 states.

        1. I don’t recall hearing a whole lot from Laura Bush either. Maybe Hillary and Michelle O. are just really bad. I’d say Nancy Reagan was middling as a non-obnoxious first lady.

          1. I can agree with this. Sadly, her Just Say No campaign kind of became a roadmap for future 1st spouses, somehow largely skipping Babs Bush who I’d agree, may have been the quietest of them all. Sadly, it’s now expected the first lady be front-and-center for some campaign or foundation or something, and continuously have press releases.

          2. Yeah, I’d say Laura and Barbara Bush were the ones to stay in the background and smile.

            Reagan, Clinton, Obama’s wives are the ones that seem to think their ‘position’ is something other than purely decorational.

            1. Lady Bird Johnson seems to have really started the whole “First Ladies Should Actually Try To Do Things” thing.

              (Possibly inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt’s post-First-Lady activities, is my guess.)

              1. (And in fairness to LBirdJ, her causes were pretty cheap and anodyne, too.)

          3. Laura Bush was pretty active, but her cause (literacy) was pretty unobjectionable, so you don’t remember it.

            1. And heart disease in women, no?

            2. Yeah, I do remember that.

              I wouldn’t expect them to do nothing. And I imagine it’s not easy to keep a regular job while married to the president.

              It’s the ones who think it’s a political position that are annoying.

    2. And compared to First Ladies of the modern era (Looking at you, Hillary) she remained mostly quiet and in the background, where most first spouses belong.

      Yeah, no.

      The only First Lady in recent memory who actually did that was Barbara Bush.

      1. I don’t remember anything in particular about Carter’s wife, but that may not count as recent memory any more.

        *tries to remember how long ago the 1970s were*

        1. She was harmless, IIRC. I was going to mention her but the seventies are ancient history for many here [scowls at young punks] and I did’t want Los Doyers rolling his eyes at me.

          1. Just throw out the era abbreviation before listing facts that old:

            In the Era B.T. (Before Twitter). That will immediately filter out anyone under 29.

          2. *rolls eyes at Tonio, goes back to playing The Bee Gees Greatest Hits*

        2. Carter’s wife spent all her time hanging out with Larry Flint.

      2. Isn’t that partly because Babs’ politics don’t neatly line up with the GOP? I remember my parents always being upset that she was pro-choice.

        I always liked Barbara, she rarely talks but when she does she speaks plainly to the nation’s heart.

        1. Yes, see my comment above. She was pro abortion. But too classy to make rap videos about it.

          1. You mean the one you made after mine?

            1. Sorry, misread that as you misreading my comment as a criticism, bitchiness withdrawn.

              1. Thanks, I was wondering what I had done wrong NOW.

                1. If you don’t what you did, Jesse isn’t going to tell you, Paul!!!

        2. Comments on that video:

          – The Bushes destroyed the country
          – The corporations are destroying the country
          – The Jews are destroying the world

          The rest of the comments make the one that says “with $15/hr minimum wage, there would be fewer people on welfare” look downright sane by comparison.

    3. And like Hillary she sported a sweet pair of cankles.

      1. Wait till you get a load of First Lady Bill, I hope she wears his leathery ballsack around her neck, should she be inaugerated… watching from afar, way out north of flyover country… home of socialized medicaire, and as it turns out the last bastion of conservatism in canada… maybe,…election called, sasquatchewan may too fall…All good though I almost have the $ to relocate to someplace warm and free

        1. Where is there someplace free?

    4. I have to say this funeral seems a little over the top. Check that, it’s way over the top.

      You would think she was the head of state instead of the head of state’s wife.

      1. Meh, she was the living link to one of the larger figures of the American presidency of the 20th century.

  13. “Ben Carson has endorsed Trump.”

    Ben Carson hates black people!!! Oh wait…

  14. Immigration experts have no idea what Hillary is talking about

    “I will not deport children.”

    But immigration advocates interviewed by The Post took away different meanings from Clinton’s declaration as to which children she would protect from deportation ? undocumented kids living in the United States, unaccompanied migrant children fleeing Central America, or both.

    Sheesh, people, just take her at her word: There will be at least two children she will not deport.

    1. Look people she said “children”! And if it’s for the children you have to support it.

    2. “I will not deport children.”

      She wants to break families up!!!

    3. Sounds like the immigration law will be passed by Clinton and Roberts will end up telling us how we’re all going to pay for some children to get deported.

    4. Is this gonna be like with “gun violence” where “children” goes up to 25?

    1. Is “treatment” mentioned? Decriminalization is better than nothing, but it still props up the prohibition industry.

    1. Covered earlier by Sloopy in another thread. Does bear repeating. I wish I could feel that something would come of this.

      1. Yeah, “devastating” might mean “devastating to the FBI’s case”.

      2. I only read the cool kids’ comments.

        1. Sloopy draws a lot of water on this board. You don’t draw shit, Crusty. I don’t want to see you around here anymore.

          1. This board suckles off of my idiosyncratic teat.

            1. So Crusty doesn’t abide?

              1. So Crusty doesn’t abide?

                I abide, sir.

            2. Now there’s an image.


              1. That’s twice today in just a few hours.

                What are you a rabbit ?

    2. And nothing else happened

      1. And nothing else happened

        Hell, Reason ran an article denouncing Trump when he said South Korea should pay us for defending them. It’s going nowhere.

    3. This is crazy. And maddening. We all know what would happen if this were one of us, the little people. And we all know that the press would be all over it if it were someone not on their favored team. That the current administration has taken until now to give the appearance of getting serious about this tells me a fix is in.

      My bet is on a proactive pardon.

      1. I trust Comey (and others) will then resign very publicly.

      2. There must be many people in the Obama administration who knew or should have known about Hillary’s conduct. It takes a lot of time to prepare excuses for so many involved.

      3. Remember Sandy Burger got caught stealing documents during the Bush II administration and all he got was a fine and his security clearance taken away for 3 years. 3 years of the Bush admin which probably would not give him a job so that was no loss.

        Burger was an insider and even the Bush admin would not go after him hard

        Clinton is the leading democratic party candidate, I doubt it the Obama admin is pushing this hard

      4. My brother’s nearly 20 years in the navy now, and if he’d ever done anything like that…

      5. What’s not making a lot of news is that they just got the guy who was the hacker that first exposed the emails between Sidney and Clinton extradited to the US.

        I think that going to shed a lot of light onto the fact that others outside the country have seen her emails as well.

        Still it’s the bribery aspect of all this that should be getting the main attention IMHO.

      6. Please. Someone in the vicinity of Donald Trump may have sort of roughed up a reporter. Have some perspective.

  15. The Wounded Warrior Project spent a whole lot of money on candy.

    Yeah, call me cynical, but when organizations get big and successful and popular, they start to go a little off the rails. I switched from giving to WWP, to giving to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, a couple years ago, for that reason.

    Doesn’t make the WWP debacle any less infuriating, though.

    1. I just hope we can get the words warrior and hero back.

      1. Hey, we’ve got cops, right?

  16. “Video footage taken immediately prior to the altercation suggests that her account is accurate.”

    But earlier today Trump fans on Twitter were arguing that Joel Pollack’s completely inconclusive footage proved she was a lying harlot, probably in the employ of the Cruz campaign.

    Journalist? More like degraded lying whore, yearning for the sweet caress of Donald’s pimp hand.

    1. Dat bitch be crazy

    2. Am I the only one who can’t actually see anything on this video?

      Gotta get my eyewear prescription checked, I do.

      1. I certainly don’t see an assault.

  17. Open Carry Texas: Gun Rights Group Plans Demonstration at South by Southwest Festival

    Open Carry Texas will hand out literature and confront the “stigma associated with firearms in public” near where President Obama is slated to speak, the group wrote on Facebook and Twitter Thursday.

    1. I expect more from you crusty.

      1. More? Lower those expectations. Also, it is not like the I was misleading.

        1. i haven’t been drinking,so,there’s that.

    2. Just think of all the people who have worked decades, sleepless nights, weekends, breaking up families to create the internet.

      And now we can see it was all worth it since we can see cat videos 24 hours of the day

    3. Vertical video. Unsubscribed.

  18. Keith Emerson: Rock Musician Dead at 71, Former Bandmate Says

    Carl Palmer, who performed with Keith Emerson in Emerson, Lake & Palmer, shared the news in a statement. “I am very lucky to have known him and to have made the music we did, together,” he said.

    1. I have the live album from the Olympic Stadium in Montreal in 1977. I love the intro. ‘Emerson….Lake….and PALMER!’ as they open with Peter Gunn.

    2. Shit shit shit shit.

      You just fucked up my week 🙁

    3. E,L&P was what you got when you bought your 5YO nephew a keyboard.

      1. If I had a 5YO nephew who could play like Keith Emerson, I’d buy stock in his future music career.

        If that was a thing.

        1. Keith Emerson could have been great if he had ever developed a sense of when his solo had come to an end and it was time for someone else to do something.

      2. Emerson doesn’t get enough credit for being in The Nice, which was way better than ELP.

        The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack is one of the great albums of 1967.

        1. The Nice was…nice. Pre-Moog times make for a more jazzy sound (but for America hth did he get all those noises out of a B3???).

          Never did like the singer much though, and I don’t have any Nice albums (Thoughts included) with even mediocre recording quality.

          1. The shitty recording quality and half-assed singing is part of the charm. It’s psychedelia that verges on punk and prog at the same time. Only the first album is a masterpiece, though – as Emerson took over the band and nudged everyone else out, they got more and more patchy.

  19. Do teens know 90s music?

    The link is as annoying as it sounds, although I did enjoy the section when they listened to Nine Inch Nails.

    1. Professor friend had freshmen write an essay about who they would meet if they could meet a dead person and 1/3 of the class said “Kurt Cobain”

      Parents with nostalgia goggles for grunge music have college-aged children. Let’s push the doomsday clock forward a minute or two (please?).

      1. There is not enough appreciation for grunge music, that’s what I say.

      2. “1/3 of the class said “Kurt Cobain””

        Not at all shocked. The moment I heard he was dead I said to myself (and several others) “in 20 years kids are going to think this guy is a genius.”

        Could you imagine if Jim Morrison were still alive what he would be like and what we would think of him?

        1. Bing Crosby with a drug problem.

          1. I was thinking something more akin to modern-day Meatloaf, but you never really can say what direction people are going to go.

        2. Cobain, genius? Um no. A few power chords, and bridges instead of guitar solos does not make one a genius.

          1. That is exactly why I did not say kids will *recognize* that Cobain is a genius. If Cobain were alive today, he would be less famous than Eddie Vedder.

            1. No.

              It’s impossible to understate how big Smells Like Teen Spirit was. Or the album Nevermind,

              Pearl Jam are much better musicians, but they don’t have anywhere near the impact.

          2. Genius? No, indeed.

            But he was a pretty good musician; the MTV acoustic set shows his vocal abilities with songs he didn’t write, too.

            (I mean, the best version of any Meat Puppets song is the Nirvana cover, if there is one.

            All the credit there is not due to Cobain, of course, but he really could sing well.)

    2. I’m a 90s kid and I don’t know 90s music. The only Nirvana I know is through Weird Al.

    1. FYI re Maxwell’s: I don’t know why I said 3 shirts for $150 yesterday. I bought three for $285 today. Of course, I went into the higher-end fabrics.

      1. 3 for 150 is a price I’ve seen at several places.

        1. 3 for $195 in CANUCKISTAN!

          1. Anyway, I went with Bellucci, Di Lusso fabrics and standard Sea Cotton. The former two bumped the price up.

            Meh. I can’t help myself.

            1. First time I put on a really high-end cotton dress shirt, I was enlightened.

              “Now I know why people pay so much money for these!”

              I coulda lived in that shirt. Hell, somedays I actually did.

          2. 3 for $3 in Burma.

    2. STYLIN’!!!

      (No, seriously. Kinda reminds me of Robert Palmer and his $7,000.00 Italian silk suits…)

  20. Scientists grow a dinosaur leg on a CHICKEN

    AND they did it using an Indian Hedgehog.

    Still not as cool as growing a human ear on a MOUSE.

    1. Interesting, and me and misses were actually thinking about buying a few chickens.

    2. Makes you tremble in your boots…the velociraptors in Jurassic Park will look tame in comparison.

  21. The WWP is a fucking scam. The org my dad chairs called themselves the “Wounded Warrior Fund of the Low Country” their first year and got a cease and desist letter from the WWP. When they were donating half of their take to the WWP and half to Birdies For The Brave. He told the guy “but we’re giving you $25k our,first year” to which the guy said they didn’t give a shit.

    Long story short, they gave the $25k, changed their name (and dared the guy to sue) and now donate at least two homes a year, several companion dogs, a few scholarships and a shitload of money to the Birdies For The Brave foundation. And nobody in his group or B4B is paid a penny for their work.

    I’m not one to plug anything, but I’m proud of what my father and his friends have done.

    1. Good shit, man. Your old man must be one hell of a guy.

      1. Yeah. He coaches poor kids AAU basketball when he’s not doing his foundation work.

        He’s the best of the best. No shit.

        1. I believe that in most cases the nut doesn’t fall too very far from the tree.

          With that sort of environment you might be a pretty stand up guy yourself.

      2. I’ve met the man. Nice guy. Actually, Sloopy has a very nice family. Makes one wonder how Sloopy ended up like he did? 😉

        1. When are you guys coming to Texas for a visit, man? Before or after we move to Houston (which is coming very soon according to my boss).

          1. After Houston. Maybe merge Houston with a New Orleans thing.

            1. Maybe we’ll just go to Nawlins too.

          2. Sloopy when you get to Houston let me take you out for some BBQ.

            We’ll go to Killen’s which was named #1 brisket in the US. It’s juicy.

            They have a beef rib that is indescribable. I never liked a beef rib until I had theirs.

            When are you coming this way ?

            1. I emailed you (in case you use a dead email like most people on here).

    2. Very cool. Bookmarked.

  22. Trump University used “coercive tactics” to extort positive recommendations from students.

    But they were probably progressives and/or mainstream, so whatever it takes, amirite?

  23. North Korean submarine missing

    Warning: Auto-play video

    The North Korean regime lost contact with one of its submarines earlier this week, three U.S. officials familiar with the latest information told CNN.

    The U.S. military had been observing the submarine operate off North Korea’s east coast when the vessel stopped, and U.S. spy satellites, aircraft and ships have been secretly watching for days as the North Korean navy searched for the missing sub.

    1. Suspect is described as 80 meters tall, reptilian, and last known address was monster island.

      1. He took a wrong turn after leaving Tokyo.

    2. They would like to have seen Montana.

      1. “Ryan, some things in here don’t react well to bullets.”


          1. No the best movie quote is..” he should’a armed himself if he’s gonna decorate his saloon with my friend”

    3. Give me a ping, Vasili Kim-Sung. One ping only, please.

    4. That’s what happens when you stop pedaling.

    5. Has anyone one seen Tommy Lee Jones?

    6. Shit, it’s the Deep Ones! If we’re lucky, that is….

  24. Splenda: Study Finds Artificial Sweetener Could Cause Serious Health Problems

    The study, published in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, found that mice who were fed sucralose daily developed blood cancers and leukemia.

    1. I’m just stunned to see this paragraph. STUNNED I SAY.

      But there are some major things to consider before you freak out and ditch the Splenda altogether. For one, this is an unfathomable amount of artificial sweetener?about 12 times the recommended daily limit for humans, Forbes, who cooresponded with the study author, reported. (You can read about the FDA recommendations for sucralose here.)

    2. Again — just what does the FDA *do*?

      1. Raise the price of drugs?

        1. …and delay their availability.

    3. The study[…] found that mice who were fed sucralose daily developed blood cancers and leukemia.

      Not to mention a taste for doing Pilates and hiding cupcakes inside the hamper.

    4. If experts are saying and it’s being picked up by the media it might be time to give Splenda a try!

  25. Bored of sucker-punching:

    “Part of the problem and part of the reason it takes so long [to kick them out] is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore,” Trump said during a speech at the Peabody Opera House ? around 12 miles from Ferguson, Mo., the site of racially charged mass protests in 2014.
    “There used to be consequences. There are none anymore,” Trump said. “These people are so bad for our country. You have no idea folks, you have no idea.”
    For the better part of 10 minutes in the middle of Trump’s speech, individuals shouted and interrupted.
    “These people are so bad for our country, folks. You have no idea,” Trump continued during a longer break in the action. “They contribute nothing. Nothing. And look at the police, they take their lives in their hands.”

    1. Wow. Damn. Very, uh, telling.

      1. “We don’t even win here, with protesters anymore” he complained. “The protesters end up taking over. And frankly, I mean, have to be honest: From my standpoint it makes it a little more exciting, and it gives me time to think about where I want to go next. It’s beautiful. It’s like intermission. And the guys that are near the event, they see some pretty good stuff.”

    2. “These people are so bad for our country. You have no idea folks, you have no idea.”

      Well, John was dead-on.

  26. Clinton Thanks Nancy Reagan for AIDS

    That’s what I saw when I read the headline on the main page sidebar.

  27. You guys remember in the last thread where I said the nut punches for the day weren’t over?

    Well, you,might want to not click this link because it’s the worst nut punch I’ve delivered in a while.

    I am truly sorry that I had to deliver that. Now I’m going to break something.


      1. Too late. Keyboard in pieces on other side of room.

    2. He’s going to have a lot of dogs to kill to earn that back pay.

      1. The dropping of charges is bad enough for a nut punch. The back pay makes my cask feel like Mike Tyson’s speed bag.

        1. I often call my sack a cask. Because of my potency.

          1. Banjos is pregnant again?

            1. No. We had to solder her tubes to be on the safe side.

              1. She’s just a series of tubes?

                1. More like the outside of a sausage roll.

          2. I often call my sack a cask. Because of my potency anagrams.

            What?!? it’s accurate…

  28. Clinton Thanks Nancy Reagan for AIDS Activism

    “Just say ‘No’ to AIDS!”

    1. Just say “No to but fucking each other without a rubber and sharing your drug needles with each other”.

      1. Narrrrrrrative… SOOOOCH a loonely werrrrrdd….. you knoooowww its the faullllllt of jewwwwwwssss

      2. Hey ladies, there are very few anti-Muslim hate crimes in Muslim-majority countries. Move to one of them.

        1. “Hey ladies, there are very few anti-Muslim hate crimes in Muslim-majority countries”

          I’d say there are a lot more anti-Muslim hate crimes in Muslim majority countries, if you count all the Muslims who get beaten up or murdered for Musliming in a way the state disapproves of.

          1. Well, a woman beaten for driving a car in Saudi Arabia is not considered to be a victim of an “anti-Muslim hate crime.” I doubt if they are counting honor killings in the US as hate crimes, either. This is all just the media being on the PC/multicultural bandwagon.

        2. Or don’t because the danger is tiny. Which I think was HM’s point.

          1. I understood that.

            1. Sorry, kind of distracted. I see your point is probably that it’s a hell of a lot better here than in Muslim countries for them.

  29. North Korean Scientists Focused on Anti-Aging & Sex Drugs, Say Defector

    As North Korea grappled with a massive famine in the 1990s, scientists were working at an elite institute to find ways to boost then leader Kim Jong-il’s longevity – and his libido, a defector said on Friday.

    In the early 1990s scientists were sent to Denmark to find ways to improve the tenderness of North Korea’s beef which Kim thought was too tough, said biologist Kim Hyeongsoo who worked at the center for six years.

    1. North Korean Scientists Focused on Anti-Aging & Sex Drugs, Say Defector

      Only because working on ways to improve food production and energy has no real demand in the country of the permanently fasting.

    2. Ok seriously how do people become this evil? Just shamelessly evil.

    3. Wait a minute, is Kim’s meat too soft or too hard?

  30. File Under = “You Don’t Say”?

    Arab League labels Hezbollah terrorist organization

    When they were killing Jews, Americans, the issue was “complex”. When they’re fighting against Sunni Militants like ISIS? Ohmagherd look at the terrors.

    1. Arabs hate Persians?

      1. To quote (again) my Egyptian friend from college =

        “The only people Arabs hate more than the Jews? = Other Arabs”

  31. Well, the Trudeaumania 2.0 has spread from our State Broadcaster to the UK State Broadcaster. Gaze upon the dispassionate analysis:

    But precisely because the Canadian political system makes it easier to pass legislation of any kind, Canada has already passed many progressive laws, implementing programmes that are non-existent in the US.

    America lags behind other developed countries in health care coverage, maternity and paternity leave, unemployment benefits and many other measures of equality.

    Aside from bringing Canada international attention it has not received since Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was caught smoking crack cocaine, since coming to power in October, Trudeau increased the number of Syrian refugees it would permit into Canada, appointed the most diverse cabinet in the country’s history, enacted more progressive taxation, and ended the country’s support for US bombing campaigns against the so-called Islamic State groups.

    Those are all important initiatives, and policies progressives can cheer. They simply aren’t on the world-shaking level of Bernie Sanders’ call for a “political revolution”. That will keep Trudeau from being a historical icon of liberalism, no matter how good he looks.

    1. /Vomits.

      He’s a clown.

      1. Did you see the picture of Obama and Trudeau hugging on the front page of the National Post?

        My inner voice said “Game recognizes game. The Chauncey Gardners of our two great lands comfort each other.”

        My newest nick-name for Justin is “Chauncey Gardner Perma-Smirk.”

    2. But precisely because the Canadian political system makes it easier to pass legislation of any kind, Canada has already passed many progressive laws, implementing programmes that are non-existent in the US.

      Of course the assumption is that those programs are intrinsically benign for being “progressive”, which means the author is not going to bother to dwell on the possibility that those pogrammes don’t exist in the U.S. for a good reason.

      Trudeau increased the number of Syrian refugees it would permit into Canada, appointed the most diverse cabinet in the country’s history, enacted more progressive taxation[…],

      The only thing missing from all of that is “Made the economy better” and “lowered the impact of government on people’s lives” but I guess that it all depends on Marxian aesthetics.

      1. From November: Cost of Syrian refugee plan pegged at $1.2B over 6 years

        Now we just need Cytotoxic to explain how this is an economic boon for Canada.

      2. 13 percent of Syrians have a “positive to some extent” view of ISIS.

        What does that even mean? “Well, their *name* sounds nice.”

        1. The survey asked questions like (IIRC): “Would you describe your view of ISIS as positive, somewhat positive, somewhat negative, or negative?” The results were about 4% positive and about 8% somewhat positive.

          1. If 13% support the organization. How many support it’s ideals and goals? 20% 30% 80%?

            1. And think of it this way: 13% were willing to tell a stranger taking a poll that they support ISIS. Undoubtedly that number is understated.

        2. I realize that it is a coincidence of translation, but I always get a chuckle out of the most bigotted Islamic group in the world being named for a Goddess

    3. Do public broadcasters share notes?

      1. Well, their central banks share governors. Sharing notes is even easier.

      2. They had to get a Canadian (living in New York, of course) to write this. Why in the name of St. Poutine, I have no idea.

        1. The United States is so terrible that foreigners just can’t stop moving here so that they can subsequently whine about how awful the US is relative to the country they chose to leave.

          1. so terrible that foreigners just can’t stop moving here so that they can subsequently whine about how awful the US is relative to the country they chose to leave.

            So America is the Florida of the world?

        2. Yeah, Canadians who live in the U.S. but hurl bull shit are the worst.

          ‘America is sooo bad!’ But they make damn sure their kids get educated there – and most don’t even come back.

          They’re the LAST people who we should be reading or listening to.

    4. Yeah,making it easier to pass laws is a good thing.Damn stupid Brits.

  32. I’m sure you people have discussed this since people on these threads post more before I get up than I do in a month. I thought Wilkerson was some up and coming thought leader in the libertarian field (also thought he came to liberty from the left, but see he was a young repub. Surprising.

    Bernie is sooo libertarian

    Is he another Weigel?

    1. The Weigel takes many forms.

    2. I think President Trump might well be a plus for libertarians, in at least one way: Suddenly a whole bunch of big-government types, mostly on the left, will discover the virtues of limited government, retrains on presidential power, dislike of executive orders, etc.

      1. That seems a possible silver lining. Not sure I’m ready to call it a plus.

        At this point all I want is a good string of one term presidents. It’s pretty clear that people are just going to keep electing one big government asshole or another. But why do they keep reelecting them?

        1. Because war on womens?

        2. I believe in the two-term limit: one term in office, one term in prison.

        3. The last single term president was the elder Bush. The last time a two-term president was replaced by a president of his own party was when, again, Bush Sr followed Reagan. Many people, including myself, believe Bush Sr won his one term because of Reagan’s popularity, so it was more like Reagan’s third term.
          So, the norm in modern politics seems to be two terms, then the other party gets the executive for two terms, and if you’re really popular, your party gets 3 terms.

      2. True Papaya, but that would happen if any Republican got elected. Hell even if Hillary gets elected and just accidentally called herself a Republican.

        1. This time, though, even many conservatives and Republicans will be worried about executive power.

          1. And the press will finally wake up and act like the 4th branch instead of cheerleading fluffers.

            1. Exactly.

            2. Only until the next Progressive gets in.

      3. Like in Bush years, and their solution was eight years of Obama?

    3. I thought Wilkerson was some up and coming thought leader in the libertarian field

      “”His political philosophy is described by The American Conservative magazine as “Rawlsekian”; that is, a mixture of John Rawls’s principles and Friedrich von Hayek’s methods.[2] Wilkinson formerly described his political views as libertarian, but he now rejects that label.[3]””

      he used to write here. He used to make sense. For the last many years he seems to waffle self-importantly and throw around lots of philosophical ideas in the context of making pretty simple, bone-stupid arguments. His “Democracy in American”-blog contributions are a good case study in his squishy mess of trying to reconcile his libertarian instincts with anything remotely resembling good policy. Which is why he and his peers probably needed to create a whole separate think-tank becase CATO was getting too Koch-y.

      Oh, and I will always despise him for being Kerry Howley’s dude. Sorry, but this hater hates that player.

      1. Makes sense. I remember reading some stuff by him that seemed only a little off from what I consider libertarian, but this article is just like the 2008 articles on how great and non-partisan Obama will be.

    4. He’s the mainstream media version of a palatable libertarian. Which doesn’t mean much.

    5. Wilkinson renounced the libertarian label a few years ago. I don’t know why he’s come crawling back… for the sake of his career, maybe? Less competition in the libertarian think tanks than the more general liberal/progressive think tanks.

    6. As far as I can tell, the “Niskanen Center” sprang up about a year ago to concern troll libertarians from the left.

    1. Hoping to successfully pin the blame, no doubt, but I’ll bet Gawker’s legal team goes to the mat for them.

    2. Pun or innuendo?

  33. So what if Reagan was a few years behind. We’ve known how to stop people from getting AIDS for decades now, and it still doesn’t stop all the gays from having sex with strangers without condoms. Two of my (gay) friends have HIV, and they got it because they’re fucking idiots, and all they complain about is the “stigma” of it. Sorry, but even though it is more treatable now, HIV should absolutely have a stigma. You know what’s worse than hurt feelings? Dying 20 years prematurely and spending your entire salary on antiviral drugs.
    We know how to all but eliminate AIDS in one generation. It’s called not having unprotected sex with strangers and not sharing needles. That is 99% of AIDS transmissions. It’s not that hard.

    1. My best friend died of AIDS many years ago. I am actually angry at anyone who caught it in the last 20+ years. There’s been no excuse for decades.

      1. I will pass that on to my ex who got it after his fiance cheated on him with the wrong person after they’d agreed to be monogamous and had stopped using condoms. I’m sure he’ll appreciate your anger over his misplaced trust.

        1. Well, that would be an understandable exception. I am referring to the people who just ignore the whole thing and have promiscuous sex of the riskiest kind. Not to mention the bizarre people called “bug-chasers.”

          1. Do people still believe bug-chasers are real? That was a short-lived moral panic that people flogged during the gay marriage debate to encourage a sense of revulsion and otherness about gays. Have you met a bug-chaser? Or did you just read about them on the cover Newsweek or Time at some point?

            1. There are people who cut off their own limbs.

              1. I also think any time there’s a moral panic some weak-willed person decides to identify with that flavor of the news cycle and ends up making krokodil in their basement or something. So maybe that it’s not non-existent, just that its existence was marketed intentionally and overblown.

                1. I have no doubt that such things get disproportionate media attention, but according to the references here it was not just a few people. E.g.:

                  Drs. Christian Grov and Jeffrey T. Parsons’ (2006) research using the internet profiles of 1,228 bug chasers and gift givers identified six subsets of bug chasers and gift givers.

                  1. I notice that the entire article lacks even an estimate for how many people any of these researches believe are bug-chasers. I’ve seen an awful lot of internet ads for sex, profiles on dating websites, and on hookup apps and this just isn’t a thing.

                    You don’t think it’s odd that they used the internet profiles of exactly 1,228 bug chasers…It’s because they couldn’t find the profile of a nice round 1,230.

    2. Arthur Ashe and other victims of bad transfusions aside, there really is no excuse for there to be HIV in a civilized society.

      1. I have a feeling a fair number of those “bad transfusion” stories were just that – cover ups for people who caught it the usual ways.

        1. Hemophilia is secretly just code for gay.

          1. That “e” is practically an “o”!

        2. A number of hemophiliac kids were infected in France.

    3. AIDS is currently trending on Twitter, so I think it has seen its final days.

    4. the abortion industry has spent decades claiming that pregnancy is a random event. This is more of the same.

    5. That would work great, but as it happens people are stupid and/or bad at evaluating risk, especially when they are about to get laid.

  34. Well thank God he’s no longer a cop but what the fuck does it take to prosecute a cop for a violent assault In the state court system instead of the bullshit “violation of civil rights” federal charge?

    1. Hey Sloop, Here is case that happened close to me pretty recently. I read the Judge and cop’s attorney had law firm together.


  35. Video footage taken immediately prior to the altercation suggests that her account is accurate.

    Click through and watch the video. It looks like it probably is Lewandowski rather than the security guy who reaches out at on the vid, but other than that, wow – does even touch anybody? Does he touch Fields? If he does, it couldn’t have been much at all – he never exerts himself or shifts his weight or anything.

    In the context of a crowd like that, I’m not seeing anything out of the ordinary at all. Maybe there’s better footage somewhere, but I’m not seeing a smoking gun. Show that to me as a juror, and I vote to acquit without more.

    1. Could have been smoothed over easy, but Trump and his acolytes admit no wrongs or mistakes. Or admit to crazy conflicting policy proposals.

      1. I think, and this is easy to say in hindsight and from a distance, but I think she would have been better off writing a story about it, complete with photos, and the witness(es). “This is what happened to me while covering the Trump campaign as a Breitbart reporter.” I guess her editors could have killed that idea. She has no fault in this, though.

        Instead, as Gilmore pointed out in another thread, that video is like the Zapruder film, so now semantics will be argued, preconceived notions as to what happened will jibe with biases, and nothing will come of it.

        1. Just read on Ace that she is now pressing charges, which she should have done from the get go. The WaPo reporter saw it and claims it was that guy, so instead of a he said she said thing we can hopefully see what a judge says. And thing I noticed about the film is how many other cameras are filming up close. Should be more films coming out.

          And Breitbart looks pretty bad as well as Trump now that their spokesman resigned.

          1. Oh, I know. I am glad she is pressing charges as well. I don’t mean to imply that nothing happened to her, or that she is wrong.

  36. Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond is coming in a few shorts months, but news just broke of reshoots as well as the addition of a new cast member. Deadline reports Shohreh Aghdashloo (24, The Expanse) has been added to the cast as the High Command of the Federation.

    I would listen to Shohreh Aghdashloo read a phonebook. Forever. I think it’s criminal that there isn’t a collection bedtime stories read by her on Audible.

    1. I had to do some googles to find out who she was, and I agree on that voice. I need a cigarette.

      1. I can see Jesse’s attraction to her…NTTAWWT.

  37. Via the Drudge: Ted Cruz: Closet Pentecostal

    Time to get fire and brimstone up in this piece.

    1. I want to see him on stage holding rattlers in his hands.

    2. Bill Clinton’s father was the town’s drunk.

      I guess the son should inherit the sins of the father if he is a Rebublican.

      But only, IF.

      1. He drank, but he didn’t swallow.

  38. Happy Friday everyone. I have some pulled pork for dinner, followed by a lovely game of forty hands!

  39. “Michelle Fields filed charges against the Donald Trump staffer who allegedly assaulted her.”

    In related news, Lois Lerner is still running amok, and Hillary Clinton is running for President.

  40. Clicking on sloopy’s Mississippi story, I found this other story – “Mississippi man pleads guilty in terrorism case.”

    I guessed that this “Mississippi man’s” name wasn’t Turnipseed, and I was right.

  41. Trump is a great CHARACTER. His bad character is part of the reason.

    I’m voting for the LULZ.


    1. Let me add that he is doing before the election what they all do AFTER the election. Showing he will not keep his promises.

      He is honestly dishonest. Which is refreshing when given the alternative of dishonestly dishonest.

      For the LULZ

    2. the proggies ruined the trump rally. i want trump to win to watch the pants shitting commence

  42. If there has been any doubt that Obama is absolutely nothing if not a mendacious, worthless fuck, I cordially invite you to peruse the following exhibit:

    He cited the fact that law enforcement can get a warrant to search your room, “rifle through your underwear,” if you are suspected of terrorism, and yet your phone is somehow off limits.

    “It’s fetishizing our phones above every other value, and that can’t be the right answer.”

    1. Someone invent me a door lock that cannot be breached without a quarter trillion dollar tech company inventing a key.

    2. “If [the government] can’t get in, then everyone is walking around with a Swiss bank account in their pocket”

      as if that’s a bad thing.

      1. “Progressives” ALWAYS see it as a bad thing when the government finds its power limited in some way.

  43. Trump or Hillary will win to support the large investments that they represent. Fortunately, that victory will mean that our economy is safe. Ask them to make me an ambassador, and I promise to force the State Department to help sell American investments in whichever country I am placed.…..bassador/#

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