Clinton Thanks Nancy Reagan for AIDS Activism, Carson Endorsed Trump, Wounded Warrior Project Finances Scrutinized: P.M. Links


  • Donald Trump
    Fox News

    Hillary Clinton praised recently-deceased former First Lady Nancy Reagan for her work bringing attention to the AIDS crisis, but many people say that's contrary to actual history.

  • Michelle Fields filed charges against the Donald Trump staffer who allegedly assaulted her. Video footage taken immediately prior to the altercation suggests that her account is accurate.
  • Greta Van Susteren, for once in her life, calls for less media coverage of something that involves Trump.
  • Ben Carson has endorsed Trump. Good surgeon, bad judge of character.
  • Trump University used "coercive tactics" to extort positive recommendations from students.
  • The Wounded Warrior Project spent a whole lot of money on candy.
  • Congrats on surviving a full week of my P.M. Links. You're all terrific deal-makers, in my view. Just the best.