Trump Campaign Manager Roughs Up Breitbart Reporter, the Strange Case of Jack Montague: P.M. Links


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  1. President Obama says don’t blame him for Trump phenomenon.

    Unless it came off the tee, he’s not responsible.

    1. He just read about it in the paper.

    2. Hello.

    3. “Hilary, now… yeah, if that bitch goes through, that’s on me. And Joe for not running.”

    4. “I blame Bush”, right?

    5. I would love to play golf with Obama.

      “That hole in 10, Barack. You DID build that.”

    6. President Obama says don’t blame him for…

      Nothing is ever his fault. It’s impossible. It’s a logical contradiction. He is The One.

  2. Ontario Human Rights Commission calls for end to skimpy dress codes

    The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) issued a policy paper on gender-specific dress codes Tuesday to coincide with International Women’s Day, calling for an end to clothing requirements that discriminate against female and transgender workers.

    Freedom of association is soooo pass

    1. clothing requirements that discriminate against female and transgender workers.

      OK, I’ll bite.

      *** clicks article ***

      1. There’s nothing wrong with companies wanting wait staff to wear uniforms or have a standard look in how they dress, added MacCharles. “It’s very important that women be respected in the workplace,
        equally as men.”

        So ??., everyone wear skirts and pullover sweaters?

          1. It’s right there in Commission’s name!

          2. And a divine left! 😉

        1. And we’ll all be named Beverly!

          1. Shirley you jest!

    2. Capris and sandals are a right! I’m going to retaliate by wearing cargo shorts that fall past my knee and calling the “loose fit capris”.

      Although I do feel for the ladies who had to wear hose in the Houston summer. Not that I got to give up my slacks for a kilt.

      1. You’d probably eat haggis, too.


      2. These kinds of antics will not last. Three hundred pounder with a beard, in a mini, will change minds on acceptable gender-specific fashion quickly.

        1. A three-hundred pounder in a mini is my beard, thank you very much.

    3. Cops in cars,
      The topless bars
      Never saw a woman…
      So alone, so alone

      1. Thanks a lot. You go and change the mood from glad to sadness….

    4. Hooters U.S. parent company did not respond to requests for comment on the dress codes in its restaurants across Canada.


      1. BOB: “Working at Hooters isn’t fun any more, eh? This bra I’m wearing is too big.”

        DOUG: “You heard the boss, hoser, we have to obey their unisex dress code.”

        1. DOUG: “And you should be grateful to the Human Rights Commission for making Hooter’s hire us in the first place.”

          BOB: “Yeah, but they made us change or program’s name from The Great White North to the Great North of Color.”

            1. Strip clubs aren’t so much fun anymore.

              1. Especially since they forced the pole stage to have a handicap access ramp (true story!)

            2. +1 mouse in a bottle

      2. Hooters U.S. parent company did not respond to requests for comment on the dress codes in its restaurants across Canada.

        Shit like this is the reason I hate most journalists. “Look at me! I called up Hooters HQ! The receptionist wouldn’t comment on my loaded question!”

    5. Those people should get a hair cut and a real job.

    6. It couldn’t possibly be that having attractive and appealingly dressed waitresses might be an important part of the business.

      1. “It couldn’t possibly be that having attractive and appealingly dressed waitresses might be an important part of the business.”

        LOL, I’m willing to be no one at the Human Rights Commission cares much about the business profitability.

    7. At my old job I wore sandals as much as I could (actually Xero shoes) and the HR troll once told me that the dress code called for anyone wearing open toed shoes to polish their nails. I told her to let me know what color they should be and never heard anything more.

      I did once, though, paint my nails black so I could wear those shoes to a formal business dinner for that company.

      1. Xeros are fucking awesome. I just ran 4.5 miles in my Xeros on this warm, rainy Ohio evening. Feels good man.

  3. Did you survive #TheTriggering?

    I THRIVED ON IT. Or wasn’t really aware of it.

  4. …but the generally pro-Trump site is now standing by its reporter and calling for a full apology.

    Which one needs the other more? Trump or Breitbart?

  5. Did you survive #TheTriggering?

    Nope. Those mean, violent words killed me.

    1. Have you considered suckerpunching a Twitter employee?

      I mean, they were asking for it or something…

  6. I was waiting for this.

    1. We all look forward to Rico’s articles, M.

    2. I do not expect to survive the Trumping.

      1. Shouldn’t that be: “I do not expect to survive the Trumpening”?

          1. Wow. The squirrels utterly nuked my comment.

            *slinks away whilst warily looking over shoulder*

    3. Robby is definitely just fucking with us now.

  7. Mexico pays water debt to the US. So I guess we’re all brothers and sisters against Canada now.

    1. So I guess we’re all brothers and sisters against Canada now.


    2. Meanwhile, we make sure most of the water in the Colorado never makes it’s natural course into Mexico.

      1. Shhh.

    3. God created Texas to train the faithful.

    4. Mexico pays water debt to the US. So I guess we’re all brothers and sisters against Canada now.”

      Ah HA ! See !!

      All you nay sayers.

      They are already scared of Trump. They’re probably already taking bid on a wall even as we speak.

    1. Doh!


      1. I keep wanting the video to keep going…

            1. That’s not even powder. Stop ripping off Jerry of the Day.

          1. California is stealing all of my snow. Colorado’s been warm for weeks.

            1. LA may have done some cloud seeding when the last round of El Ni?o storms came through…

              So yes.

            2. Beaver got 10 inches yesterday. Today was awesome, somehow the heat hasn’t turned the base to a sheet of ice.

              1. My wife’s beaver got 9 inches yesterday,

                She said, ” thanks husband”.

                ( just to head off the inevitable)

            1. Neat. Triggers a lot of pangs in me. I haven’t been on skis or a board in years. Way too long. I’ve ski’d at Sierra at Tahoe, a very long time ago, but never had the courage to go through the trees. The people I was with when we went managed to have one of them snap a ski doing the stuff you were doing. He was fine; the ski, less so.

              The jump at ~1:05 or so was really well done. I’d have broken a leg trying that.

              1. Hey thanks for watching. I’ve got a real passion for the sport and this is my first season with a camera. This season has been a bit of an eye-opener for me. I’ve been an “expert” skier for over 15 years but I now realize I’m really just sitting on the bottom rung of truly rad skiing. As long as I pay attention to physical conditioning and use the judgment of my adult brain there’s no reason I can’t get better each season. It’s incremental and takes real guts to push the comfort zone. That’s why I like powder days. I chucked my body for 18 runs and while sore the next day remain intact. At my age a serious fracture or knee injury would put me out of the sport for a long time so it’s all calculated risks.

  8. Yay, so many Trump links. But can we find more? I’m glad you asked, average American. Let the Canadian State Broadcaster educate you in the mysteries of politics through the immaculate thought process of their Top Man In America.

    Some choice insights:

    It’s generally accepted in America that democracy is an absolute good; that, like tolerance, there can never be too much of it.

    But absolutism never survives the test of rational thought.

    Tolerance goes too far when it tolerates intolerance. And democracy founders when people are convinced to embrace something fundamentally undemocratic.

    It didn’t have to come to this. The party could probably have found a sensible, winning champion had it not remained deaf to grassroots anger and dismissed Trump as a joke for as long as it did.

    But if voters must be thwarted, it’s probably good that it will be conservatives themselves doing the thwarting. They are, after all, the ones who have complained most loudly about Barack Obama and liberal judges corrupting democracy.

    The Democrats need only stand back and watch.

    1. Also, you can trust on comments to further the analysis. For example

      The American political system,, designed for an eighteenth-century society and modified by the evolving societies of the nineteenth and twentieth, is no longer functional in the consumer economy of the twenty-first.

      You dumb Americans, how dumb you are that you can’t see such a simple truth. Past is nothing, forward into modernity!

      1. I’m perfectly sympathetic to claims that the U.S. Constitution has elements that could be updated. The problem, however, is that the people usually complaining that it’s outdated don’t want to improve it through the amendment process set out in Article 5, but through arbitrary government force.

        1. No one passes amendments any more. Or treaties.

          1. Or declarations of war. We’re not at war with those people, it’s just a kinect military action when we bomb them.

            1. Oh, come on, that’s as old as the Republic.

              Increased depredations by French privateers led to the rebirth of the United States Navy and the creation of the United States Marine Corps to defend the expanding American merchant fleet. Congress authorized the president to acquire, arm, and man not more than 12 ships of up to 22 guns each. Several merchantmen were immediately purchased and refitted as ships of war,[6] and construction of the frigate Congress resumed.

              Congress rescinded the treaties with France on 7 July 1798; that date is now considered as the beginning of the Quasi-War. This was followed two days later with the passage of the Congressional authorization of attacks on French warships in American waters.

      2. Yes, we would never be so enlightened as to elect a biracial Trudeau…

      3. The American political system,, designed for an eighteenth-century society and modified by the evolving societies of the nineteenth and twentieth, is no longer functional in the consumer economy of the twenty-first.

        But that 17th century Westminster Parliamentary system is just fine and dandy… now that Harper is gone, right?

        1. 19th Century, thank you very much. Where Prime Minister appoints Senators to upper house at his discretion.

      4. “no longer functional in the consumer economy of the twenty-first”

        Isn’t that the argument for the Libertarian moment?

        1. I think so. It’s hard to know what the full intent was.

      5. It would be so much better if we adopted, say a 20th century political system. A system where we could do with this old-fashioned limited government bullshit, and do what is best for the people. Maybe a system that encourages joining together as a nation say, as a fasces. Or unite all the average joes into one group. Call it, the proletariat. Maybe that has a really good sense of style. Something with shiny boots, and colorful armbands. And cool festivals that involve large bonfires, or parades with handsome Modern Men marching through the town square. Maybe a Red one.

        1. as a fasces

          A mighty faggot.

      6. We’re going to take this from a country that still has a queen?

    2. Tolerance goes too far when it tolerates intolerance. And democracy founders when people are convinced to embrace something fundamentally undemocratic.

      Holy shit, it’s like they read sarcasmic’s posts and took them seriously.

      1. The only way to preserve democracy is to do something fundamentally undemocratic to save it-censoring political opponents, for example.

      2. And democracy founders when people are convinced to embrace something fundamentally undemocratic.

        Which is why we don’t live in a democracy, but in a constitutional republic. Democracy can be just as dangerous as any other form of government. Hence, checks and balances.

    3. But absolutism never survives the test of rational thought


      1. It’s funny how your “absolutism” is a problem but not theirs.

      2. My favorite part of that sentence is that in 9 words the author not only proved that the sentence was wrong, but also that he/she/it is an idiot.

        That’s talent.

        1. I told you, this is our Top Man In America.

          I wish I remembered where I read something along these lines:

          “People in other countries like American music, cars, movies, books etc. They dislike American history, politics, healthcare etc. Difference is, the first group they experience themselves. The second, they get told about by left-leaning employees of state controlled or licenced media.”

      3. But absolutism NEVER survives the test of rational thought. EVER.

        1. Holy shit, I didn’t notice that. “Only a Sith deals in absolutes!”

          Who am I kidding, George is a better writer.

        2. pity rational thought is so damn rare

      4. “But absolutism never survives the test of rational thought”

        Is that an absolute?

        1. That’s why my response was “moron”. They proved themselves wrong and stupid all in one go.

    4. And democracy founders when people are convinced to embrace something fundamentally undemocratic.

      *looks around nervously*

      Like… SuperDelegates?

      1. He clearly should hate every Enlightenment thinker. de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America isn’t exactly a paean to democracy.

    5. CBC commenters never fail to impress:


      The American political system,, designed for an eighteenth-century society and modified by the evolving societies of the nineteenth and twentieth, is no longer functional in the consumer economy of the twenty-first.”

      Proof the Canadian education system isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be.

      1. D’oh! I guess we all noticed that stupid comment – 182 likes to boot!

        1. It’s the top rated comment after all.

          Hilariously, I heard exact same (not shitting you, exact same) argument about what Canadian lawyers think about US judges (Scalia was the subject). There was a lot of humpfing when I said that it’s because Canadian lawyers are ignorant. Didn’t hear a lot of argument when I said that I doubt 1 in 10 read Federalist Papers, and that those that did probably don’t hold said opinion.

          1. Ice hockey is Canada’s #1 sport.

            Canada’s #2 national sport is America-bashing.

            1. Keep the French in and the Americans out — national motto.

              1. Damn, how I wish we would let them go…

                Also, as an Anglophile – Hurrah For Independent Scotland!

            2. You’ve got it backwards. In Canada, the Stanley Cup is just a legend that the old men talk about, or something they see in newsreel footage and at that museum in Toronto.

          2. I told you already. Canadian intellectualism is functionally retarded and can be summed up as ‘Us good. America bad.’

            1. Us good. US bad.

      2. To be fair, he almost kind of has a point, he’s just wrong in almost every way.

        The nation-state is out of date. It needs to evolve. To change. I think micronations are the way to go.

        1. “A nation of one!”

        2. Bring back Principalities of the Rhine! Fuck Bismarck!

          1. Bring back the Sforzas!

            1. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Rufus? Or should I call you – Prince Umberto of Firenza?!

              1. We need to CLASS UP THE JOINT!

                You! Make a painting!

        3. City-states

        4. So tribalism for you, eh?

      3. I’m always amazed how persuaded some people are by the “but it’s OLD!” argument. It has to be some kind of informal fallacy.

        1. It’s called the appeal to novelty.

          1. Thanks.

    6. He needs an education about who the Founders are and what kind of system of government they set up.

      1. He’s Canadian. You’re American. Therefore, he’s got more education. QED

  9. Trump’s USFL record:

    He is interesting. I’ll give him that.

  10. President Obama says don’t blame him for Trump phenomenon.

    Because it’s Bush’s fault or because he just learned about it on the news?

  11. Chelsea and Ivanka put their friendship on ice

    When Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump were introduced by their husbands a few years ago, they clicked immediately ? the two famous daughters swanned around Manhattan together for a time, posing on the red carpet at events like the Glamour Women of the Year Awards where they laughed and embraced for the cameras.

    File this under things I didn’t know or care about…

    But with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump now on track for a King Kong versus Godzilla political collision in November, that friendship has been put temporarily on hold ? both women, sources close to them said, have chosen to no longer be seen together in public during the election. Given the personal nastiness and vitriol of the campaign already, it may be difficult for the relationship to recover.

    Too bad, so sad.

    Also the linked puff piece is 8x longer than necessary.

    1. I think it’s time we had a national dialog about Chelsea’s and Ivanka’s friendship.

    2. Actually, it is kinda shitty. When politics starts seriously affecting what non-political segment of the upper-upper crust does, things are bad.

    3. Holy shit. Chelsea has an Adam’s apple.

  12. A staffer for the Trump campaign shoved Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields out of his way, leaving her with bruises. Members of the media initially criticized Breitbart editors of being insufficiently supportive of Fields, but the generally pro-Trump site is now standing by its reporter and calling for a full apology.

    Also, Lewandowski originally admitted to doing this, but now denies it and along with Trump’s PR staff are smearing Fields as a serial fabulist.

    1. Surely you’re just being overly emotional and hormonal.

    2. You know who else is a serial fabulist?

      1. Trump?

        1. Nikki gets the cookie. ’cause that’s what I had in mind… but I was curious to see what the answers would be and as usual, they didn’t disappoint.

      2. La Fontaine?

      3. The Lucky Charms Leprechaun?

      4. “Jackie”?

      5. Men who correctly sport tie bars?
        Oh, you didn’t say seriously fabulous? *adjusts glasses*

      6. Cathy Crowell Webb?

    3. Did Fields start bleeding out of her wherever?

      1. Hitler?

  13. Can bright light at night lead to obesity?

    Together with variables like eating habits and exercise levels, nighttime light explains up to about 73 percent of the variation in rates of excess weight and obesity

    Emphasis added. Oh, I suspect it’s more like 98 percent.

    1. Luddite propaganda?

    2. Lighting at night became more prevalent, obesity became more prevalent. Corellation something something causation.

      1. It has nothing to do with light. It’s all about the decline in pirates. That has caused all kinds of problems.

        1. something something SOMALIA

          1. Keep the fridge closed and you won’t see the light!

      2. Not to Godwin the thread, but my (thin) wife is a light nazi in the bedroom. Woe betide me if an LED on a charger be uncovered or the baby monitor screen be on.

        1. Ha, when I read “light nazi” I pictured something with handcuffs and hats but no whips or armbands…

          1. I pictured a 97-pounder sporting Hugo Boss garters.

        2. Bring peace to your bedroom with lithotape

          Also, I’m with your wife. Chargers and shit are either under the bed or in a cabinet so that I can’t see them at night. My alarm clock with a blue LED would get a shirt thrown over it (since replaced with something pale and orangey-red).

            1. There was a cheaper option in there, I just couldn’t directly link to it. Still pricey enough that I never got around to buying any and just got a different alarm clock instead.

      3. It’s funny how when societies get things like electricity and subsequently lights that people also have more access to food.

    3. This looks like propaganda from big smart LED.

      *runs out and buys Philips Hue lighting setup and waits patiently for weight loss*

    4. Really interesting. Will read later.

  14. Rufus, you here? A derpbook prog just posted a chart about US vs Canadian drug prices. Ours are higher, of course. That stuff is all subsidized, right?

    1. Price controls. “Sell at this price or GTFO. You don’t want to? We’ll get generics.” It’s how most of the world negotiates drug prices.
      Which means, yes, latest drugs are usually not available. Here’s an article about program that imports them when necessary.

      Drugs that are approved for sale in Canada are subject to price controls, though Lexchin and others say that system is also far from perfect.

      Patented drugs fall under the authority of the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB), a federal agency which sets a price based on what the same drug costs in other countries. The price of generic or off-patent drugs is influenced by the individual provincial health-care systems.

      Canada’s maximum price for any given patented drug is the median of what the drug goes for in France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, the U.K and the U.S. The price stays locked, rising only with inflation.

      1. Drugs that are approved for sale in Canada are subject to price controls, though Lexchin and others say that system is also far from perfect.

        I like the implicit assumption that price controls would incline you to believe it was perfect. Top. Men. know best!

      2. And as an added bonus, since the Pharma’s can’t get the money from UK, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, or Canada, they raise ours even more. Kind of like when Medicaid payments don’t cover the cost of care and so it gets passed on to the private insureds.

        1. It’s not their fault you’re suckers. Socialized medicine FTW.

          It’s also covenient that when a canuck needs care they get turfed across the border.

    2. Like PZ said. Canada loves price controls.

    3. Patents play into it. The stronger and longer your patent goes, the more you can change for the drug.

  15. “President Obama says don’t blame him for Trump phenomenon.”

    Obama isn’t even to blame for his administration’s policies, how can he be to blame for any reaction to these policies?

    1. “Obama voted for Romney!”

    2. George W Bush says don’t blame him for the halfwit, halfbreed.

  16. The Harry Potter thread reminded me of the dumbest SJW nonsense ever – the time Cracked wrote an insane article about video game racism

    Example: “In Skyrim, Redguards have an Adrenaline Rush perk that augments their athletic abilities, while in Oblivion, Redguards took a massive penalty to intelligence (effectively meaning that in the Elder Scrolls universe, black people were too stupid to use magic — that world’s analogue of technology).”

    Note that a bunch of other groups (including the Scandinavian inspired Nords) had the same intelligence penalty, but that goes unmentioned because you couldn’t call it racist then. They also claim it’s racist that a Resident Evil game set in Africa has you shooting at black zombies.

    Note: The picture of the writer is everything you’d imagine.

    1. If you hear the dog whistle then…

    2. They also claim it’s racist that a Resident Evil game set in Africa has you shooting at black zombies.

      I remember that outrage now! Man, I loved RE:5. Even when I died 88 times on that one boss fight on Professional difficulty. I think one of the points they tried to make was that the game was about this big, strapping American (Chris’s triceps FTW) shooting a bunch of crazy black people. Never mind that his partner was a petite black woman, and you could choose to play as her, all the same.

    3. Cracked drowned in the shit pond long ago. It’s a shame because they used to be good. Now they and the Onion are battling it out for the Worst Comedy Website that Used to Be Funny Award.

      1. It’s almost like they cracked.

    4. Cracked should do a top ten list of social-justice-obsessed Cracked articles.

    5. And this is why GamerGate matters. Companies are starting to seriously listen to these SJW idiots.

  17. This couldn’t possibly be our John, right? Other than the first sentence being Johntastic. GO TRMP

    1. We’ve been debating that for days.

      1. Well, he certainly hasn’t denied that it’s him. Even when he’s been active in the threads where it’s been brought up.

        And since Silence = Consent and since no means yes and yes means anal…

        I’m just asking questions here, guys!


        1. If it’s him, he deserves a nice punch right in the jaw for such an offensive and distracting article. WORDS

        2. If he wanted to get a response from NR, he got it. From David French.

          1. Oh man, that was amazing:

            The essay makes what is best described as a Democrat’s case for Trump: He likes Donald Trump because he doesn’t worship free markets and free trade, won’t obsess over abortion, doesn’t pretend to fight big government, rejects nation-building, and doesn’t care much about civility.

          2. Yet with the exception of his opposition to nation-building, an extraordinarily controversial approach even among life-long Republicans, how is Kluge recognizably conservative? The longer the race drags on, the electoral reality is increasingly clear. As the New York Times recently declared, Trump appeals to a “certain kind of Democrat,” and the GOP electorate, it turns out, is chock-full of Democrats.

            Apply as needed.

            1. That’s like Andrew Sullivan in 2004.

              1. Aww, I liked The Dish before Sully lost his mind.

                1. Dish led me to McArdle, which, through nepotistic Suderman link, led me to Reason, so I’ll always have a soft spot for him.

            2. French can be great when he’s not being a copsucker.

        3. I’ll just put this here.

          1. That’s it. That’s proof. There is no uncertainty.

    2. Idiot nationalism, absence of reason, victim complex, using the past mistakes of others to illogically support his own….it’s not out of the question at all.

      1. Check the bio at the end. I’m 99% sure at this point.

        1. Oh wow. Wow.

        2. That had to have required 27 proofreaders.

    3. And I posted this two days ago.

      1. There are no hat tips in Somalia, grrizzly.

      2. *beats up grrizzly*

        1. I’m imagining this, but hairier and tentacley-er

          Alternately this, but less hairy and with less Turkish music.

    4. I can’t be sure if others suggesting it’s him prejudiced my perception of it, but reading it I found the similarity in writing style to be downright eerie.

    5. It’s not, there are no typos.

      1. I assume it went through weeks of 24/7 editing.

        1. Anyone who removes a John-o is a monster. Nearly each of those is a small bundle of delights to be treasured.

          1. Shut up Pav Lovgolba, you stupid idiot. You have no idea what youre talking asnout. Get back to me when you come get your head out of youre ass.

            1. Are you channeling CT now?

              The juggler amazes.

              1. That was my “John.” I guess I have to work on that, or just never do it again.

                1. See, you thought it was easy, but there’s a level of talent involved.

            2. ?1 fucking halfwit

              1. Gosh, it sucked. I get it.

    6. It sure looks a lot like some of the things he’s written. The bio/name are damned near exact to things he’s posted here in the past.

      OTOH, this passage is very surprising to me if he wrote it.

      At the same time, I cannot for the life of me understand how conservatives of all people convinced themselves that the solution to the 9/11 attacks was to forcibly create democracy in the Islamic world. I have even less explanations for how ? 15 years and 10,000-plus lives later ? conservatives refuse to examine their actions and expect the country to send more of its young to bleed and die over there to save the Iraqis who will not save themselves.

      The lowest moment of the election was when Trump said what everyone in the country knows: that invading Iraq was a mistake

      God knows I’ve argued with him here enough times that the Iraq War was a hideous error, and that conservatives would rally behind someone who acknowledged that the endeavor was nowhere near worth what we paid in blood and cash. Surprising to see he finally agreed with me…

      I want to believe. I can see that it might be his. I just don’t know.

  18. Why was Yale University basketball player Jack Montague expelled?

    I bet Trump had something to do with it.

  19. I was so injured by all the triggers that I looped back to being a reasonable adult.

    OT: This is one of the better places I’ve found for libertarian news and commentary (tried /r/Libertarian for a while, lost an indeterminate number of brain cells from second-hand derp), but seriously, y’all are nonstop. I’m 20 minutes late to the links party and there’s, what? 90 comments already?

    Doesn’t anyone else have work to do? Mines to manage? Hitlers to kill?

    1. We’re all rotting the carcass from the inside by goldbricking at government jobs.

      1. Except for Cytotoxic, who’s 12.

        1. Stop that. That meme is stupid and old. Almost as old as I am.

          1. A couple of months? Man, i was WAY off.

          2. The meme isn’t very old, probably only as old as your first pubic hair. Don’t be ashamed of your age, you’re a little a bit behind the other twelve year olds but you’ll catch up.

            1. This is hilarious considering that I am vastly more mature in behavior and thought processes than the vast majority of posters here, particularly you and CX. Much projection.

              1. The Dunning-Kruger effect is strong with this one.

                1. Again, stop trying to meme your way to victory. It won’t work, at least not against me.

    2. Of course there’s work for the orphans to do.

    3. Sir, this IS our work.

    4. It has been slow around here for the last couple of weeks.

      *prepares for incoming abortion thread *


        Oh, false alarm.

  20. Today’s PM Lynx: 133 proof Trump, by my analysis.

  21. I see our resident Hit&Runpublicans; have gone Full Metal Retard in their defense of Trump. Thanks Ken for showing us what you really are. Can you leave? And take John, Papaya, RRR, and all your fellow moral reprobates with you? Please? If not, the guys running this place should just banhammer them. This is not a place for fascists to make apologies for fascists.

    1. *throws right hook at Cytotoxic*

      1. I see now my words were mean and disruptive. Lefties have in the past been mean disruptive at events, so clearly this extremely vague set of past incidents justifies or at least excuses the current behavior of Trumptards. Anyone who says otherwise is just virtue signalling.


          *beats up Cytotoxic*

          1. He can’t pick it up, can he? Go ahead. Just pick up the hammer.”

            1. That was pretty great.

    2. If not, the guys running this place should just banhammer them.

      How many years have you been here?

      1. Too many.

    3. Tolerance goes to far when it tolerates intolerance.

      1. Yeah, if people got banned for shitting up threads and generally being obnoxious, Cytotoxic woulda been outta here a while ago.

        1. No I wouldn’t. Not in a just world.

          1. Oh please, an objectivist appealing to universal justice, what a fucking joke.

            (just giving you shit CT)

            1. What?

        2. Like it or not, I am one of the better posters here. Not as good as Irish but similar class.

      2. I have never been a big tolerance praiser.

      3. To far what?


    4. The enemy of my enemies…is still an idiot.

    5. If they bother you so much, why don’t you leave? Or just ignore them? That’s what lot’s of people do with you and the world seems to go on just fine.

      1. I don’t have fascr. Also, these people are shitting up the liberty movement. They don’t belong here.

    6. If not, the guys running this place should just banhammer them. This is not a place for fascists to make apologies for fascists.

      Fuckin’ LOL at you mewling for a safe posting space. The best part is you calling us “Hit&Runpublicans;” when you’ve been whinging for months that Trump will “destroy the GOP brand”.

      1. You are nothing if not an expert in throwing in red herrings and trying to make a point out of it. Asking for QC by moderation is not mewling for a ‘safe space’.

        1. Oh please. You belch out “fascism” like a typical SJW without understanding a single thing about the political philosophy, and then demand that the mods set up a hugbox for you where only Cytotoxic-approved opinions are expressed. Someone who’s been freaking out that Trump will destroy the GOP brand isn’t really in a position to use Hit&Runpublican; as a slur unless you’re expressing solidarity with them. Your lack of self-awareness is stunning, as always.

    1. Leave Aimee alone!!

      1. That’s Pure Prairie League, man. You’re out of your element.

        I mean hell, that’s like mixing up the Marshall Tucker Band and Black Oak Arkansas.

        1. What ya gonna do?

    2. He’s the lonesome loser.

    3. Therefore, Little River Band is our nascent Sturmabteilung, ja?

      1. Well, with a name like that… A Band of WHAT, I ask?

  22. The ECB is turning up the stimulus to 11. More negative rates and more asset purchases. They are doing this as the Fed reserve is turning it down and even tightening up.

    Isn’t it pretty dangerous to go loose on monetary policy when others, particularly the US, are tightening? Might the economic activity and price increases caused by the loosening in Europe and Japan even encourage further tightening in America? Which makes this an even worse idea?

    Ireland grew at a rate of 7.8% last quarter. Capital formation up by almost 23%. Wowza.

    1. Isn’t it dangerous to go tight on policy when a shit ton of indicators show a downturn is on its way?

      1. Do they? The US economy seems to finally be going through the recovery promised for 7 years.

        1. The Fed is talking seriously about implementing negative interest rates and you somehow see this all as a long awaited recovery. Such nuance and sophistication, no mere mortal can comprehend the breadth of your arguments. Probably because mortals tend to live in reality.

          1. Canadian math.

          2. Is the Fed talking about neg interest rates? Because they are currently raising rates, or at least did once, and stopped QE.

            I live in the reality where job numbers are slowly, grindingly improving. You’re welcome to pull your head out and join in with reality.

        2. There are indications that the stock market is going to correct fairly soon to shed off the QE3 bloat.

          1. I thought that’s what it had been doing for the past several months?

        3. There’s an incoming credit crisis due to large exposures to the oil and gas business.

          Don’t get giddy yet.

          1. The DOW has been flat since ’14 and is down overall, even with the rally of the last couple of weeks… not a direct indicator of the macro economy, but it certainly backs up one of the Fed officer’s statements that they merely created a wealth effect for the stock market.

            China manufacturing is down and the realty is china’s manufacturing is our manufacturing. My industry which is heavy commercial trucking is already dipping and projecting downfalls for 2016/17. I have little faith for the near-term economic outlook.

            1. You both make good points, but I don’t understand you statement about China’s manufacturing being our manufacturing. Supply chain?

      2. Isn’t it dangerous to go tight on policy when a shit ton of indicators show a downturn is on its way?

        To a Keynesian, yes.

        To an Austrian, tightening and loosening are both evil.

    2. Paul Krugman’s claims about Ireland were just as accurate as his claims about most things.

      Note: Paul Krugman wrote this claim about how austerity was going to destroy Ireland in 2013. Ireland grew by 5.4% in 2014, 6% in 2015 and over 7% the first quarter of 2016. It’s a joke how wrong Krugman was about that.

      1. Look, all he needs to do is perform some reasonable data adjustments to account for measurement errors and…

        1. Admitting error is not really Krugman’s style. He’s going to make some flaccid argument about how either 1) he’s been saying Ireland should do ‘X’ all along or 2) he’ll claim those numbers are what they are despite the economic hellscape in Ireland that only he is able to see. He’ll probably point to some metric, like “look new home construction is at a 30 year low!” to show that it’s a faux recovery.

          1. I was listening to a contra krugman podcast a couple months ago where apparently back in 2001 Krug was calling for inflating a housing bubble. Of course later krug said he was just joking

          2. It’s not really your style either.

      2. Shreek = Krugman? I’d believe it.

      3. In a just world, this would sink him forever.

  23. Federal government has record tax receipt haul through first five months of FY16, yet still runs total deficit of $353,000,000,000.

    Furthermore, simple math I learned in elementary school math shows me that that deficit projects out to close to $850 billion over the course of the entire year, which is like double what the government/media complex has been telling us it would be.

    1. I’d wager they’ve taken in more revenue than any government has ever taken in human history. I like to tell people to keep that in mind while they claim government services are underfunded.

      1. Duh, the needs are greater than ever!

        1. Well more old people than ever.

          1. Let them eat meals on wheels.

      2. Okay, free marketeer, so if it took in $5 last year, and $10 this year, you’d say the same thing. What you miss is that what we should take absolutely dwarfs what we’ve ever taken in the past. Underfunded is a relative term.

        Damn, I was supposed to never say that out loud!!1!111!!!!!!1

  24. Can we please not link to the trashy Gawker site, please?

    1. It’s a millennial thing. Just go with the flow.

  25. Government Responds to Apple = “Nuh uh, You Lyin’

  26. The 78-year-old guy who punched someone being escorted out of a Trump rally seems to have a pants-shitting problem.

    1. Paranoid schizo grandpa supports Trump because feelingz. What a shocker.

    2. That guy has the Trump-speak down pat. I am impressed.

      1. I think the most annoying thing about Trump is how much his debate responses sound like my Dad whenever politics come up.

          1. With older people. He and his idiotic politics have no future. Millenials suck, but at they don’t suck like this.

    3. Hillary Clinton ?@HillaryClinton 3m3 minutes ago

      Hillary Clinton Retweeted Christopher Hayes

      This kind of behavior is repugnant. We set the tone for our campaigns?we should encourage respect, not violence.

      1. It’s cute when murderers are hypocritical about violence.

        1. Hillary does her violence democratically and with class: She outsources it.

    4. I would say Trump has the mentally ill old man vote all locked up, but then I remembered Bernie Sanders is the runner up in the Democratic Primary.

      1. I assume the vast majority of the people at Trump and Sanders rallies are mentally ill.

        1. …..but what about the audiences?

    1. Damn, I guessed wrong. That would be a kickass name for a metal band, though.

  27. Kasich = Spouts Gibberish, Insists He’s a Winner

    “”In order to be the nominee, you have to have a certain number of votes,” Kasich said after a town hall in Monroe, Michigan, which holds its presidential primary on Tuesday.

    “You’ve got to win. You don’t just say, ‘Well, I have more than anybody else, therefore I’m in,'” Kasich said, according to the Washington Post.”

    He bristled on Monday when asked about contentions by some Republicans that he is a spoiler in the race to beat Trump, whose rhetoric on immigrants, Muslims and women has raised alarm within the Republican establishment and beyond.

    “Maybe they’re spoiling it for me. Maybe they all ought to get out,” Kasich said on Fox News on Monday.

    1. “Maybe they’re spoiling it for me. Maybe they all ought to get out,” Kasich said on Fox News on Monday.

      “NUH-UH! I was here first! You guys are the ones clouding MY spotlight!”

      Man, this guy is tedious. At first I figure, Kasich is just angling to get the VP nom. Now I’m thinking, maybe he really is this narcissistic.

      1. We’re talking about someone who got into politics because he was offended by a movie for rent at Blockbuster

        1. Kasich is as bad as he seems. Still far better than the donkeys they run against him.

      2. He’s 61. He really thinks he’s going to be a contender for the lead job after eight years of him being a VP? Bush the Greater was 64 when he took the reins in ’89. Hard to think that the GOP wouldn’t find a better candidate than someone 5 years older.

        I think he’s trying for a brokered convention, no matter what it does to the party. He might get OH, and IL in these upcoming, winner-take-all contests. With a little momentum, and the fact that Trump seemingly loses 5-10 points of support every debate he opens his mouth in these days, it’s not inconceivable that Kasich can at least prevent Trump from hitting ~1250.

        1. In Cleveland, I can imagine Kasich ordering the CPD to bash some heads, if there aren’t any 12-yr olds around to shoot.

  28. A staffer for the Trump campaign shoved Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields out of his way, leaving her with bruises. Members of the media initially criticized Breitbart editors of being insufficiently supportive of Fields, but the generally pro-Trump site is now standing by its reporter and calling for a full apology.

    I am glad there is more evidence as to what occurred. The bigger issue (not that pushing around ladies is not a big issue) should be how raucous the Trump campaign is.

    1. More evidence still:…..ack-220589

      1. Yeah. The actual act of what happened – not a tweet vaguely referring to it – is bad enough, and I am sure the audio enhances just how bad it is.

        The reality of the Trump campaign is horrible on its own; there is no need to sensationalize it.

        Also, Breitbart’s response to this is something she should make public. It is not like she is going not going to be able to find employment if she says they encouraged her to stay quiet after being pushed down even erroneously (if we give the staffer the benefit of the doubt).

  29. Why is the rum always gone?

    1. They really don’t have a clue what they’re doing at this point.

      1. Do central banks ever have a clue what they’re doing?

        1. No. But they usually at least pretend to.

    2. It’s too bad that one of the major reason’s why Thatcher was booted out of office by her party was because of her refusal to have the UK join the monetary union. She had the foresight to see that it would be a clusterfuck and that it would diminish the UK”s fiscal, economic and political independence.

    3. You know that the Fed was is still doing that, right?

    1. He provides no evidence whatsoever that their support among fatherless people is higher than other candidates.

      In fact, illegitimacy rates are highest among blacks and Latinos who are…overwhelmingly supporting Hillary Clinton. So the demographic groups with the highest rates of fatherlessness are not voting for Trump and Sanders, which completely undercuts his nonsensical bit of armchair psychology.

      1. Yep plus. Alot of Sanders support is under the 29 crowd college kids who i am thinking have been coddled by mommy and daddy

        1. In my experience

    1. Didn’t even hear about this until now. For a political ad it definitely punches well above it’s weight. Cruz isn’t anywhere near the top of my list of candidates I’d consider supporting (the current count stands at zero), but I have to say that his campaign has produced some pretty entertaining material so far.

      1. Of course they were wimps and put the wrong song with the video. /sarc

        1. I see you covered my point an hour ago.

    2. A www. Technically, it was an Office Space ripoff, but they used a different Geto Boys song in the movie scene, IIRC.

  30. So Ben Carson is endorsing Trump because Trump is the SoCon candidate? Are you kidding me? Trump is the establishment candidate (establishment being whatever it takes to get elected and we don’t care what your position is on any particular issue) but he’s the SoCon candidate only if you consider his only competition is Hillary – and I wouldn’t be so sure Hillary isn’t to the right of Trump on some SoCon issues.

    1. OK, now I’m buying into “forget Trumpy, Cruz is the real villain for GOP” theory. Because say what you will about Trump, but he’s no SoCon. Fuck, he’s something out of Russian Mafia in 90s joke

      “Yes, Father, I’ll donate for the big cross, but can I get it in gold, with diamond on top, and without the gymnast?”

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