Joe Biden Says U.S. May Confront Iran, One Man Responsible for 6,000 Reagan Airport Noise Complaints, Air Force Vet Found Guilty of Trying to Join ISIS: P.M. Links


  • afagen/flickr

    Joe Biden said the U.S. might confront Iran over missile tests it conducted yesterday, which he said did not violate the nuclear deal but did violate a U.N. Security Council resolution.

  • President Obama will be at SXSW during Nancy Reagan's funeral, but Michelle Obama will skip the Austin festival to attend the funeral.
  • Charles Barkley said the presidential election would have "zero effect" on his life because "he'll be rich either way."
  • One man is responsible for 6,500 noise complaints about the Ronald Reagan airport.
  • U.S. Air Force vet Tairod Pugh was found guilty of trying to join ISIS.
  • Giancarlo Ibarguen, leader of the Guatemalan Universidad Francisco Marroquin, has died.