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Donald Trump's Victory Speech Is a Reminder That He's the Ultimate Scam Pitchman

Trump the brand and Trump the candidate are inseparable.


Foter / Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump had a very good day at the polls.

He won primaries in Michigan and Mississippi by decisive margins. And he crushed Marco Rubio, the target of his ire and mockery over the last week, by huge margins. Rubio finished in fourth place in both states, failing to get to double digit support in either state. (There's still Idaho!)

At this point, the Florida senator is no longer even winning the expectations game. Rubio, the Republican establishment's last great hope, looks increasingly like a lost cause.

Trump converted his electoral victories into an extended, nationally televised victory speech and press conference. For the most part it was pretty standard stuff: He touted himself as the most conservative candidate, railed against trade, offered a lengthy read of his polls (Trump is obsessed with his polls, and talks about them in detail; he often seems like a tour guide at the Museum of Donald Trump Polls), and trashed his rivals and critics—Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, and, of course, Marco Rubio.

He also took the opportunity to hawk Trump-branded products. The event was stocked with Trump wine, Trump water, Trump rose, and even, reports said, Trump steaks. Yes, Trump was literally offering red meat to his supporters.

But contrary to his claims, possibly not his own, Trump-branded red meat. Trump Steaks were discontinued shortly after their introduction in 2007, joining many other Trump businesses in failure. This is not exactly surprising, given the reviews. Although Trump billed them as the "world's greatest steaks," reactions were generally dismal, with one buyer saying the meat had "no redeeming qualities."

Trump opened his victory event tonight by touting his various products, including his magazine, which he proudly displayed for the cameras. Never mind that many of these products were long gone, business failures of the kind that have dogged Trump, whose businesses have gone bankrupt on multiple occasions, throughout his life. That includes Trump steaks. The red meat he served tonight was not his own product—which probably would have been rancid by now—but, some un-discarded wrappers suggested, Bush Brothers steak. Bush Brothers! Now that is some nuclear strength irony.

In any event, Trump's speech tonight was a reminder that he does not really distinguish between his candidacy and his brand, and that he is not really a businessman, a real, practical expert in the art of making deals, but a glorified infomercial pitchman, selling scam products to the gullible based on his name. And his main product in 2016 is own Trump-branded candidacy—his biggest scam of all.

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  1. Hope Megan’s worth it.

    1. Trump Brand Steak- It’s All Bull.

  2. It’s amazing. I’ve watched the descent into madness for decades now, but the pace is increasing.

  3. Self promoting hucksterism is as American as cherry pie.
    Suderman must be one of those “citizens of the world”, like a coed who just did a semester in Europe.

    1. …what?

  4. And yet no one fucking cares. Trump is the Platonic ideal of the post-truth candidate, he’s not a real person, he’s a means by which angry, low-information voters project their befuddlement onto a world that’s left them behind.

    1. Nobody ducking cares- or rather they care a lot, but don’t know what about.

    2. he’s a means by which angry, low-information voters project their befuddlement onto a world that’s left them behind.

      Don’t despair, don’t be angry, don’t forget to ask us if we’d like fries with that.

    3. Sadly, most voters are low information…no, not just the trumpsuckers, but the cankle brigade and the berntards. Doesn’t look good, no matter how one parses it.

      1. Sanders was down with the Sandinistas when they were collectivizing Nicaragua at gun point. Hillary thinks it perfectly acceptable to share a stage with him, and large portions of the Democrat party support him, not because they ignore his past, but because they agree with his past.

        How does Reason remotely justify the Trump obsession when they have one party going the full-commie this time around?

    4. he’s a means by which angry, low-information voters project their befuddlement onto a world that’s left them behind.

      Or maybe they are normal, everyday voters who are angry that politicians ignore the law and keep turning a once constitutional republic into a socialist banana republic.

      1. There is also zero reason to be a high-info voter, since you basically get one vote every 2 or 4 years to stand for everything, and it’s not a contract, so you only get to cast your wish.

        This meme of low-info voters is pretty pathetic coming from libertarian commenters. Putting any energy into voting is a waste.

      2. Right. They’re the Romans so mad at the Senate abusing its privileges they install a dictator-turned-emperor to “save” the Republic.

  5. I happened to watch a bit of that before switching, it was incredibly weird. Just a straight up sales pitch.

    1. I caught a little part of it was he was babbling some crap about his wine and just assumed he was going through a list of all his business “failures” and explaining why all of them were not only not failures but yuge successes. The guy has some thin skin and some knee-jerk compelsion to respond to every little criticism. If his opponents were smart they’d just start making up random little crazy criticisms of Trump to drive him nuts. The stripes on his ties are a quarter-inch too wide, the letter ‘R’ on his plane is slightly crooked, his aftershave smells like elderberries, the pillow mints at the Trump Hotel are factory seconds – just make crap up.

      1. “The guy has some thin skin and some knee-jerk compelsion to respond to every little criticism.”

        Just like Gov Ventura. His thin skin interfered with his ability to function. Very weird. You would think those types would never want to enter politics.

        1. Thread Winner!

      2. excellent idea . That would be great .

        His sideburns are different lengths. Melania has crows feet . He doesnt speak loudly enough at all . He uses way too many big difficult words . His thoughts are so profound they are hard to grasp , so he needs to repeat his points much more frequently . he looks lop sided , are his lifts the same height ? Why do his jowls get bigger when he grins ? Why don’t any of his children look at all like him ? How come he doesnt have a dog ? is he scared of animals ?

  6. I could care less who wins, but watching Reason’s nonstop pants-shitting over Trump is pretty funny.

    1. The pants-shitters are the ones who deemed it reasonable to block any more Muslim immigrants and even deport the ones already here due to the possibility of dying in an event less likely than being killed by furniture.

      1. The hulk has spoken.

      2. He who smelt it, dealt it. Pants-shitter

      3. Given the wonderful benefits that every country gets from Muslim immigrants, why wouldn’t we want as many as possible? *rolls eyes*

      4. And that whole “You’re more likely to die from [accident] than from terrorism” is facile and incredibly stupid. Accidents are not part of a giant, worldwide ideology that wants to establish a theocratic dictatorship. Accidents aren’t trying to kill you. Muslims are.

        Not every Muslim right this instant, true, but at the core of their religion is the idea of conquering the world and forcing the rest of us into submission, conversion, or death. It’s in the Koran, it’s Allah’s word, and you can’t hand wave it away. Every country ruled by Muslims is a civil rights disaster. This is not a coincidence.

        1. Thanks for the buck-toothed retard take. So informative.

          “Every country ruled by Muslims is a civil rights disaster.”

          Except for Albania.

          1. Heh go Albania!

          2. When are you moving there? So a tribal society like Albania is libertopia….you are a fucking joke, man. Get out of mom’s basement for a spell.

          3. When the essence of your refutation is Albania you might want to reformulate your response.

        2. Once as a kid i had a tall bookcase fall on me when I was trying to climb up to reach a book. It’s totally possible to increase the likelihood of rare tragedies through stupid decision making. And it’s not pants shitting to want to prevent that. Some parts of Europe are like the “hold my beer and watch this” guy with refugees right now. We aren’t anywhere near that point but there are people in power who want us to be.

          1. Ha! I did the same thing! Bookcases are clearly the devil! Ban them! Ban them all!

        3. i suggest you read the Old Testament…should we kick Jews and Christians out too?

          1. Christianity has evolved past that stage of it’s history. Islam is more than a religion, it’s also a political system, unlike Christianity, so you can’t compare the two.

            1. Agreed, at this stage of history, and anywhere in the western world, anyone who makes such arguments about Christianity or Judaism is displaying either abject ignorance, or gross dishonesty.

              In the context of this forum I assume it is the militant atheist offering the latter.

          2. We are stuck with them. But should we be importing more?

            And hen there is sharia. We have some Christians who want to impose their own version. IIRC one of hem is still in the Republican field.

            Our “Constitutionalist was at one time quite happy to continue Prohibition.

            We will never find out about that cancer stuff if research is not permitted.


          3. I’m guessing it’s actually you who is unfamiliar with the Old Testament. I mean, if I were a Canaanite, I might be a little worried about Jewish immigration, if there were any evidence that a significant portion of Jews actually wants to exterminate them still, but there’s nothing about wiping out Americans

      5. How likely is it to be killed by police? Yet there is a lot of what could be described as “pants shutting” here about it.

        Going on about the unlikeness of being killed is a weak argument.

      6. shrug. Muslims in general aren’t terribly liberty-minded, so I’m not sure that importing vast swathes of them is a great idea.

        1. Perhaps people are fleeing their islamic motherlands because they want to live somewhere more liberty-minded.

          1. They want to escape the results of Islam, but they aren’t abandoning Islam.

            1. Just off the top of the noggin, but can anyone really penalize anyone else for cognitive dissonance? If there’s an underlying rejection of violence that compels people to leave their home, I’m cool with them coming here, even if they don’t particularly like my way of life and I think they’re beliefs are really wacky. So long as they leave me alone. Isn’t that the whole libertarian *thing*?

            2. In that respect they are almost as bad as everyone fleeing California.

      7. The thing is, if I trip over my foot stool and break my neck, twenty people don’t die with me. Plus, it’s an accident, not a conscious decision to kill by some religious nut. There is a difference.

      8. What everyone overlooks is that Islam is more than a religion, it’s a political system. Until that changes then importing a lot of Muslims probably isn’t the best thing for Western nations and their values.

        1. It is not ‘just’ a political system either. It is a collectivizing political system. One that devotes it’s energies almost entirely to othering anyone not down with every element of the plan; others who are thus deemed lesser beings undeserving of fair or ethical treatment, who at best must be subservient and at the full leave of the one true people.

          Considering this it is not surprising that militant Islam gives the left a collective boner.

      9. our next president is almost certainly going to be either donald trump or hillary clinton. it might be time to start shitting yer pants.

    2. Say what you want about Trump. But he has exquisite taste in enemies!

    3. ITT, retards that don’t understand what ‘pants-shitting’ means.

    4. You could care less who wins? So you do care a lot or just somewhat? Please don’t leave us hanging.

  7. Soo, 95% chance he drops out after the convention and throws the election to Hillary? I keep waiting for Hulk Hogan’s entrance music to play and the Hulkamaniac to save us from the cad.

    1. I don’t think you’re supposed to truncate the long con. Wait until the third year of your second term, dump Cruz as your VP, and put Hillary in his place.

      1. Trump has too much of an ego to go through all this for Hillary’s benefit.

        1. I think he got into this for Hillary’s benefit, but now that he’s actually doing so well, he’s going to try to win it for his ego.

          1. Either way, the end result is the same: President Hillary Clinton.

            1. I keep offering to bet you, and you are never willing to bet anything. Trump beats Hillary.

            2. You are a moron (case closed).

              The more I think about it there really isn’t a lot of difference between cankles and Trump. They both are about the brand, cronies extrodinaire and use it to feather their own nest. Which path is more despicable, I’ll go with the Clinton Foundation because they pretended that the foundation was an actual charity rather than a job’s program for Clinton cronies without ever dispensing charity funds like most normal charities.

              AFAIK Trump is a dick, but then that’s always been his gig, at least he’s honest about it. Hildog and Trump have no principles, so I really don’t see much difference which clown gets to ride the car. Neither will get anything done with Congress and that is a good thing.

        2. Mebbe the A.G. has promised not to indict for some fool violation–on condition that The Don reduce God’s Own Prohibitionists to gibbering disarray. The problem here is verification. How would you know it had worked?

    2. dumbest thing i have every heard from a desparate establishment puppet

  8. Drudge has been ragging Rubio hard of late.

    1. Kicking a dead puppy?

  9. Trump isn’t Hitler.

    Trump isn’t Mussolini.

    Trump is your drunk neighbor.

  10. What kind of scam? To show that the attacks from Romney, et al. was a scam?

    Isn’t the scam theory superficial?

    He indicated how he could win and reached out. He was very coherent on these things. Behind all the histrionics, he’s probably the smartest in the field, with the most acumen, and holding string despite the attacks.

    If he can run the government like his campaign to date, and most of his businesses, free of debt, wouldn’t that be nice.

    Not to mention his role in repudiating political correctness.

    1. I’m guessing Trump businesses are far from free of debt, his whole career has been using public money to leverage his private investments so your thesis is bullshit.

      1. bullshit. He has inheritance and he has been very successful business wise. What decent sized business does not use public money? Not saying it is right, but the cronyist big government system in which we live requires one to use all assets available. There is a silver of capitalism in there.

        I find it disturbing how people attack Trump for having failed business ventures. Failure is good and healthy. Those giving Trump a hard time for his failures, must love all the bailouts, right?

        There is plenty to attack Trump over, but all i hear is butthurt from the republican establishment and progressives because they are concerned their gravy train is going to get upset. Newsflash…it won’t. Trump will be no different than the D’s and R’s once in office.

        1. It’s the bullshit he spews that bothers me. His idiot business ventures are low on my list. That he lies about them is what galls.

          1. What galls me is none of his supporters seemed to be swayed by ANY of these facts about Donald Trump. We truly get the leaders we deserve, and we’re about to get it good n hard.

        2. Trump values his last name at 3 billion dollars . Think how rich you could be if you valued your last name at 666 billion a letter . He owes wall st banks 500 million . He has lost his investors more than 90% of their investment in very public company he has run.

      2. You are guessing, yet you know my thesis is wrong. Silly logic.

        Do you have any facts that that the properties he mentioned were encumbered by debt?

  11. Trump has proved he’s a snake oil salesman. EVERYONE KNOWS this. Now what do u do? Get a bunch of behavioural psycohogists to show why eveyone who supports Trump has issues?

    I prefer refer to think of it this way. A chimpanzee is in a zoo. One day, he discovers that the door that cages him in is contorlled by a door. This door is operated mechanicaly.

    He discovers the door is operated by works. Those works that control the gate have gears. The chimpanzee, one day discovers that the the mechanism that controls the gate has gears, the chimpanzee picks up a stick and throws it into the gears. The monkey in the works a story as old as time. its happening now. I am not a Trump supporter. Full discloser.

    1. So Mencken was right. “Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.”

  12. yo free markets
    then maybe fee minds prioriteis are fucked up

  13. the only real case against trump is David Riccardo

  14. and riccardo is complex and cannot be explained in a soundbite

  15. trump went to business school so he knows about riccardo

  16. i dont think trump iw a free trader he knows about ethanol and sure and doesnt wat to change it. he has alsow promised a lot to labor. which he will never agree on but still.

  17. *and sugar there are two prices for sugar domestic and world. Now one trades domestic sugar. Only world cuz the price moves.

  18. they tried to make a non market in oj too
    but they lost the fight

  19. they just buy politicians in congress to get protection. everony who know the commodities markets knows this. either party is 1000 percent corrupt

  20. at least the stock market is only filled with front runners
    they are leagal calle high frequency traders

  21. they get to front run everyone of ure trades by .0001.Retail trader are only allowed to go to 0.01

    1. WTF is wrong with you?

    2. Lay off the Trump brand vodka and Quaaludes.

  22. Trump is obsessed with his polls

    He knows people like power and they like winners.

  23. woodrow, head to Miles City and get that arrow out of your leg. It kind of worked in Lonesome Dove.

  24. Just got done watching the whole thing. He alluded to not making war with the whole world and using tariffs to open up Asian markets. They sell here tariff free but US companies get fucked with tariffs. He’s so anti free trade *sips cocktail

  25. The Stockholm Syndrome is kicking in…I’m trying to assure myself he won’t be that bad.

    Really, as an opportunist, he will flit from one policy to another, and maybe he’ll light on the right policy from time to time.

    In contrast, the Dem candidates are committed in principle to bad ideas, reducing the possibility that they’ll do anything right.

  26. Every candidate is selling BS. What is the difference between Sanders “medicare for all going to make healthcare cheaper” and Trumps wall? Both are idiotic solutions to gov created problems to begin with. They’re all selling more of the same. Trump is absolutely 100% correct about trade. And I did not hear him “rail against trade”. He railed against unfair trade policies that the rest are basically saying, “shut up and keep taking it in the shorts”. Or “protectionism”, “trade wars” to scare the fools. We are at a disadvantage to the rest of the world by design and I doubt seriously Trump as President would change that. But we know for certain the rest will do nothing. It would require deep changes to our debt based monetary system. As in scrapping the entire really, really bad idea of Keynesian economics.

    But let’s be honest, it only gets worse from here until you stop private banking interests from arbitrarily changing the value of money in your pocket in effect stealing from you in the dead of night. All else is just pulp fiction.

    1. We have to be at a disadvantage to the rest of the world. It is called “reserve currency”. Wall St. et. al. then recycles the dollars.

  27. Omaha steaks are good.

    1. So that’s what Peyton Manning’s been screaming about all these years…

      1. HAA! Literally screaming about it. I thought maybe Mutual of Omaha, but this makes more sense.

  28. Seems to me The Don is the Ultimate Republican, plain and simple. It would be a treat to see numbers on how he fares in 20 states where the LP is banned or hobbled. Bernie’s democratic Stalin republics up Northeast, the AL-OH Klan belt and the glucose gangland states flanking Illinois are all generating statistics. If The Don is an outlet for the noncommunist disaffected, his numbers could suffer where there is no alternative party.

  29. A liberal friend of mine described the Trump phenomenon best when he described Trump as a carnival barker: he’ll say anything to get you inside the tent.

    “There’s no need to fear. Underzog is here.”

  30. OT but relevant: That moment when you realize that Ron Paul was once considered too conservative for the Libertarian Party.

    “When Ron Paul sought the 1988 Libertarian Party nomination for president, many saw him as too conservative and supported American Indian activist Russell Means to run against him.[6][7][8]” -Wikipedia “Factions within the Libertarian Party”

    1. There are several folks running around here that still take that stance.

  31. Can anyone remotely explain why evangelicals are attracted to Trump? (Not meant to be the setup of a joke)

    1. Are they? I thought Cruz was pulling almost all the evangelical vote?

  32. Once again Trump proves hes more sizzle than steak.Trump can boast about his juicy steaks all he wants but when it comes to substance and policy…wheres the beef? There’s just too much at steak here to to empower this wiener.

    Clearly Trump is following the conventional wisdom of my childhood that asserted “meat was what made America great” Cooked to a carcinogenic turn, nothing was more American than a back yard barbecue when slapping a hunk of meat on a Weber grill proclaimed to the world “I’m proud to be an American.”

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