Flint Sues Rick Snyder, J.K. Rowling Expands Harry Potter Universe, 'Lazy' College Students: P.M. Links


  • Rick Snyder

    Your tuition and tax dollars at work: the University of Missouri has a "lazy river" ride.

  • Flint residents file class action lawsuit against Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder.
  • Ever wonder what North America looks like in the Harry Potter universe? J.K. Rowling finally has answers.
  • Would Hillary Clinton make Bernie Sanders her VP? I doubt it, but let's humor this idea.
  • Yale students want a California-style affirmative consent law.
  • Scott Shackford is on vacation, so I have PM Links duties the rest of the week (except Wednesday). Hold me accountable when they are invariably late and subpar.

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  1. Flint residents file class action lawsuit against Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder.

    For bringing the Dem debate there.

    1. Hello.

    2. Nice!
      Seriously, though, a friend of mine posted a pic of herself with HRC today. HRC just happened to stop by her shop, which is right next door to a big Dem contributor’s restaurant. . .
      Can this all end now so we can return to real life? Do I have to hide in a cave until it is done?
      Many thanks,
      E F

      1. Whenever I see ‘HRC’ I think “Her Royal Cankles”

  2. Scott Shackford is on vacation, so I have PM Links duties the rest of the week (except Wednesday). Hold me accountable when they are invariably late and subpar.

    Just wait until 4:31 to comb your hair, Robby.

    1. Does he comb or brush it?

      1. Neither. Light towel dry + putty + blow dry + hairspray.

        I mean, if you must know.

        1. No.

          No, I didn’t because I’m FUCKEN ENVIOUS.

        2. Damn, no WONDER we lost the ozone layer.

        3. Robert! A magician never reveals their secrets!

          1. What does he feed you? Blood of virgins, imma guess.

        4. He is trolling the *&^%$#@! out of us today. Who do you think you are, Lucy?

          1. DON’T TALK ABOUT LUCY!!!!

        5. What is this ‘putty’ that you speak of? A friend wants to know.

          1. It’s a “hold” product like gel spike, only much longer lasting.

        6. I always thought you were a Dapper Dan man.

          1. *sniff*

            You been using my hair treatment?

        7. Did you ever tell us what model car you drive?

        8. The Axe pomade isn’t actually half bad…

        9. Light towel dry + putty + blow dry + hairspray.

          What the fuck is putty in the context of hair styling? Hair putty? I’m not metro, but I’m not a caveman, either, and this hair putty of which you speak is foreign to me.

          1. The grooming clay I use is a man’s product. It says so right on the Aveda lable.

        10. Yeah, I’m envious too. You have beautiful hair and I have almost none.

    2. I am insulted that you think I am merely “combed.” Do I look like the result of Prell and a hair pick? What is the matter what you?

      1. The interns hold the brush and Soave moves his head as necessary.

        1. You can’t brush your own hair while holding a cocktail in both hands, duh!

          1. He’s like a cat rubbing against a leg.

    3. That means the spanking machine needs to be warmed up!

  3. …the University of Missouri has a “lazy river” ride.

    The ultimate safe space.

    1. Meh. Presumably they used student activity fees for that. While I oppose those mandatory fees there are far worse uses to which that money could have been put.

      1. On the one it seems a frivolous expense for a silly selling point for a university rather than a spa. On the other hand there seems to a puritanical bent to this complaint that a school might have facilities that are geared to fun and relaxation and physical fitness.

        1. And these precious little snowflakes wonder why tuition is so high AND they want their loans forgiven. F ’em.

  4. Scott Shackford is on vacation, so I have PM Links duties the rest of the week (except Wednesday). Hold me accountable when they are invariably late and subpar.

    No alt-text? Off to a great start, Soave.

    1. Worse than that. No Trump.

      1. Surely, he has gone too far.

  5. Your tuition and tax dollars at work: the University of Missouri has a “lazy river” ride.

    I’m sure this is racist in some way.

    1. I was going to make a racist joke, but 80 percent of the students there are white so I guess the University of Missouri is the racist here.

    2. Old Man River….

  6. Scott Shackford is on vacation, so I have PM Links duties the rest of the week (except Wednesday). Hold me accountable when they are invariably late and subpar.


    1. Like anyone would notice…or care.

    2. Wait, there are links?

      1. Check your chain.

        1. Is this a penis reference?

  7. Ever wonder what North America looks like in the Harry Potter universe?

    Actually, not at all.

    1. Everything I need (or care) to know about magic I learned from Larry Correia.

      1. +100 Hard Magic

        1. What about Jim Butcher? He gives fairly detailed steps.

      2. I’m pissed that the next MHI book got pushed to 2017.

    2. I’ll tell you anyways, it’s a bunch of rednecks in trucks with guns hunting black guys.

    3. I assumed it was non-existent, since any bad wizards are defeated by these magical implements called “guns”. Also, we outlawed segregation.

      1. Well, she’s British, so between our guns, lack of NHS, and racial diversity, I imagine she thinks it looks like the world of Mad Max.

  8. “Hold me accountable when they are invariably late and subpar.”

    We will not enact that labor for you.

  9. Yale students want a California-style affirmative consent law.

    Let’s assume it’s just some of them. In fact, likely a loud minority.

    1. It’s only a loud minority if they’re faking it.

    1. Oh thank you, GILMORE. My trumpmidians were running low.

      1. Can I interest you in a cannabis cure?

        1. Don’t trust him, he has cankles.

          Cannibis can’t cure that.

    2. Related but not to Trump: Pe?a Nieto is such a fucking tool.

    3. I’m naming my new folk punk band Hitler Warning.

  10. Would Hillary Clinton make Bernie Sanders her VP?

    Bill gets the slot.

    1. Interesting, but he would be unable to assume the presidency should anything happen.

      1. Indeed, otherwise it would give Bill a great excuse to stay away from Hillary… you know, for security reasons.

      2. I think that might render him ineligible, then.

      3. If someone is not eligible to serve as president, then they are not eligible to be vice president.

      4. Grey area? Amendment says no one shall be elected more than twice. But what if HRC is elected and then mysteriously dies? Bill would become president without being elected president a third time.

        *looks around for tinfoil hat*

        1. That’s actually covered from every angle, no 3rd terms no matter how creative.

    2. get “the Slot” huh? I see what you’re doing…

    3. I don’t think Bill has been anywhere near that slot in years.

    4. Would Hillary Clinton make Bernie Sanders her VP?

      I know what the ‘V’ stands for, but I’m a little afraid to ask what the ‘P’ stands for. Polisher? Pre-sterilizer? Penicillinator?

  11. Smart Power

    US Kills 150 Al-Shabab Members in Somalia

    Pre-emptive Strike FTW

    “They were bombed during what United States officials said they believed was a graduation ceremony, and the warplanes dropped a number of precision-guided bombs and missiles on them. “They were standing outdoors in formation,” one official said.

    The Shabab fighters killed in the strikes were “nearing the completion of the end of their training,” said Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman. He said the strikes “will degrade Al Shabab’s ability” to attack its neighbors and the West.”

    And why should the US fear the potential threat of Al-Shabab?

    “The United States has a number of Special Operations forces in Somalia, and Defense Department officials said they were also believed to have been targets of the planned attacks.”


    1. Good thing they would never, say, think of retaliating on ordinary Americans.

    2. So, the question: Short camel dealers on supply down-tick or go long on demand up-tick?

      1. Neither, they sell knockoff iPhone cases.


    4. [wipes hands] That takes care of THAT problem!

      [Walks away whistling]

    5. And why should the US fear the potential threat of Al-Shabab?

      Because we pre-emptively declared war on them and then boasted about it?

    6. “They were standing outdoors in formation,” one official said.

      And so the Allen “Al” Shaboop High School Marching Band was fatally interrupted during the dress rehearsal of their “It’s Polka Time!” revue, slated for the Tuesday evening Central Valley School District PTA Awards Show wherein Ms. Gertrude Maumstein was to be feted for her record-setting 57 continuous years employment as Cafeteria Services Assistant.

      1. That was beautiful, thank you.

    7. US Kills 150 Al-Shabab Members in Somalia

      150 with one swipe, it was an Al-Shabab

      [dons corrective, no-glare, mirrored, progressive sunglasses]

      …shish kabab!

    8. nearing the completion of the end of their training,

      Great pick on the spokesman, Pentagon.

    9. We had to use warplanes since, being Somalia, there were no roads.

      1. Where we’re going…

  12. Hold me accountable when they are invariably late and subpar.

    I see what you’re doing, and I don’t like it.

    1. (Robby sips his wine and strokes his hair and thinks of which animated GIFs might best show his contempt for the commentariat)

      1. contempt for the commentariat

        Be honest, we deserve it.

      2. It is considered too provocative for Robert to touch me while we are in public.

        1. To be fair, you bite a little, too.

      3. A Harry Potter link isn’t contemptuous enough?

    2. He’s learning the science of expectation management.

    3. It’s as if he only takes pride in his hair. And virture signaling.

  13. Flint residents file class action lawsuit against Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder.

    I don’t think this is going to go the way they think it will.

    1. Perhaps not but the attorney will be lauded by all goodfulthinkers, which is his goal

      1. Only non-Democrat around remotely connected to town that’s voted prog more than 80 years straight.

        What other option did they have?

        1. Well, it’s quite clearly the Republicans’ fault.

          1. *Republican’s

    2. I suspect that making him defend against the suit is the goal. Hope the attorneys are getting paid up front.

  14. Ever wonder what North America looks like in the Harry Potter universe?


    1. ‘Magica.

      1. Fuck Yeah!

  15. It’s both a nut punch and a nut massage!

    And do read the whole thing, there’s several things in the article that are so violently gaze-widening it could leave Swissy unable to perform.

    1. And yet people will still defend the pigs after something like this.

    2. Public defender assigned to represent the accused is married to the boss of the arresting officer. Public defender was strongly pushing the accused to take a plea deal.

      Nope, no conflict of interest there.

      1. Yeah. That is somehow the worst part of a terrible story.

    3. Thanks for the post that almost had a perfect ending

    4. Never underestimate my ability to perform…

      *narrows gaze*

    5. Crossbow? WTF?

  16. …the University of Missouri has a “lazy river” ride.

    A metaphor for academia if there ever was one.

  17. Scott Shackford is on vacation, so I have PM Links duties the rest of the week (except Wednesday). Hold me accountable when they are invariably late and subpar.

    Jeez, Robby, ever hear of not feeding the trolls?

    1. I think Rico is trolling *us*.

      1. Aren’t we all trolls though?

        1. You want cannabis with that?

        2. Of course we are, but we don’t expect to be bested at our own game.

    2. He can’t help himself, we can’t help ourselves. The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose.

      1. And the mortar and pestle sits alone, sparingly used, collecting dust.

        1. And lo, jesse.in.mb learned the hard way not to lend things to Los Doyers and began training an army of Adorphans to murder him in his sleep.

          1. I’d keep an eye on my Axe pomade too, if I was you.

      2. The scorpion stings the frog.

  18. Hold me accountable when they are invariably late and subpar.

    Why do I suspect you mean simply “bitch about it in the comments” and not any actual accountability?

    1. Worked for Janet Reno.

  19. For Sale = Starving Tiger
    – Shipping, handling not included

    1. They could take this route.

      Instead of office chair package contained bobcat. Would not buy again.

  20. Scott Shackford is on vacation, so I have PM Links duties the rest of the week (except Wednesday). Hold me accountable when they are invariably late and subpar.

    Like we hold government officials accountable.

    Lot’s of ineffective bitching and nasty comments.

    1. French believes that only American police officers should be able to indiscriminately torture people.

    2. Ah, French served in Iraq. Now it’s all clearer. Probably some shrapnel in the orbitofrontal cortex.

      1. So you’re saying he’s…IRON MAN?

        1. cortex, plexus…tomayto tomahto

    3. “Rick Tocchet ? 12 hours ago

      Is French truly this pathetic or is it an act? Wow, with pajama boys like him around no wonder we’re in such a mess.”

      Rick Tocchet was one tough hockey player.

    4. “”No man I served with in Iraq would comply with an order to intentionally kill an innocent woman or child, and no officer with a shred of decency or honor would give such an order. The Pentagon has many flaws, but truly bad soldiers are few and far between, and the military is institutionally hard-wired to resist exactly this kind of corruption””

      Of course, all of this changes when it involves a drone flying at 15,000 feet.

      1. Collateral damage never counts.

    1. I dunno, my prom date ordered like the second-most expensive thing on the menu and didn’t even put out.

      1. You don’t get to complain about that when the restaurant was Hardees.

    2. Excitable boy they all said.

      1. After ten long years, they let him out of the home,
        And he dug up her grave, built a cage with her bones,
        Well, he’s just an excitable boy.

        I do miss that clever WZ. My mother-in-law lives next door to his cousin, but we never got to meet him.

    3. Not quite

      Police believe that he killed her after she rejected his invitation to the annual formal dance.

    4. There was no date.

    5. What? Doesn’t this school have a zero tolerance for blades? How could this happen?

  21. The New Yorker has a long feature on sex offender registries and how they harm children (and adults).

    1. Funny how we don’t have drunk drivers who kill registries, eh, huh, hm?

      1. How dare you insult Sen. Edward Kennedy’s memory!

    2. Awesome. This almost makes up for the time they argued that if you oppose train subsidies you have BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS

      “The ideology of individual autonomy is, for good or ill, so powerful that it demands cars where trains would save lives, just as it places assault weapons in private hands, despite the toll they take in human lives. Trains have to be resisted, even if it means more pollution and massive inefficiency and falling ever further behind in the amenities of life?what Olmsted called our “commonplace civilization.””


      1. I would have appreciated more explicitly calling out the parents of murdered children as at fault for this, but I can’t complain too much.

      2. “The ideology of individual autonomy…”

        I fail to see how this is an ideology.

        If you’re not autonomous you’re what exactly?

        These people don’t realize the depths of their own collectivist gibberish.

      3. That crap is in the New Yorker? That could have been ENB.

      4. I’m reminded of the section of “Atlas Shrugged” in which Rand says why all of the people who died in the train crash deserves it.

      5. Good Lord, his family is like some kind of proglodyte cesspool.

        I wonder if his parents can even be ashamed.

        1. Of course they can. Of America.

  22. All these jokes about Robby’s hair remind me of my buddy. He had beautiful, wavy, dirty blond Jim Morrison like hair. It made quite the clash with his steely green eyes.

    And then. Poof. Just like that. Lost it all. Seemingly over night.

    Cautionary tale for Robby. That’s why he should ask Anna Merlan out…fast.

    1. Also the subject of a Seinfeld episode.

      1. “What is the matter with Robby’s hair.”

        Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

      2. “What is the matter with Robby’s hair.”

        Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

        1. The squirrels apparently do not respect the comments of majestic beings.

        2. Now you’ve angered teh skwerlz. Great.

    1. That’s only if they leave the EU, right?

      1. I mean, the increased risk of ISIS attacks.

        The anti-exit people are unhinged in their fear-mongering.

        1. Fearmongering works in Britain right now. It is a chickenshit country. But, not in its essence and I could see the country growing a pair in the right circumstances.

        2. Yes if the British don’t vote the correct way then ISIS will get them.

    2. I saw that movie. Lars Von Trier at his worst.

  23. “Scott Shackford is on vacation, so I have PM Links duties the rest of the week (except Wednesday). Hold me accountable when they are invariably late and subpar.”

    Robby, this is not a good way to get these ruffians to stop bullying you. This place is like prison. They saw your hair and thought ‘fresh meat’ and you just need to stab someone to let them know you mean business and are no one’s bottom bitch.

    1. I thought the best strategy was to become Warty’s bitch as quickly as possible. That’s what everyone told me.

      1. Warty is unmoored from time. One doesn’t become his bitch, one is his bitch.

        1. So you’re saying, we are all, already Warty’s bitch. We just may not realise it yet.

          1. Exactly. Well, probably.

            I’m still waiting for peer review from The New Mexican Journal of Extra-Temporal Rapesquatchology. They’re more stringent than PLOS ONE, but I’m confident I can get published.

            1. Did you cite that STEVE SMITH should be excluded from review. Otherwise the review can get ugly.


    2. There’s no way to stop the ruffians, they’re out of control.

    3. Some people are proud to be bottom bitch, Irish.

      1. Robby clearly does not enjoy it and the only way for him to gain street cred is to murder Epi.

        I don’t make the rules, Nicole.

      2. +2 prison tats of breasts on shoulder blades.

        1. +1 picture of Jackie taped to back of head.

  24. U.S. takes North Korea nuclear threats seriously: State Department
    “And in exchange”, the State Dept. spokesperson continued, “we demand they take John Kerry seriously. Or at least stop laughing and doing that ‘Zombie/Mummy’ thing whenever he’s not looking. Not Cool.”

  25. cott Shackford is on vacation, so I have PM Links duties the rest of the week (except Wednesday).

    This week has already went to shit.

    1. Seriously, this is almost as bad as when i get home and discover it’s “Kids Tournament” week on Jeopardy


  26. Legislature overrides Tomblin, allows permitless hidden guns

    It will soon be legal for adults in West Virginia to carry hidden handguns with no training and without a permit, after the Legislature acted swiftly, and against the wishes of law enforcement, to override Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin’s veto of the legislation.

    1. Fuck yeah.

    2. against the wishes of law enforcement

      Please, someone tell me again that the cops are on the side of law-abiding citizens. I need a good laugh.

      1. More specifically, it groups like the WV Sheriff’s Association, the chiefs, and the FOP. The WV State Police were silent. As far as rank-and-file officers opposing the bill, it was only the Sheriffs from several counties – permit fees go into their slush fund.

      2. The WV pigs want to kill dogs with impunity.

      3. WV Sheriffs processed the CC applications so they’ll be losing out on a kickback.

        Thats undoubtedly the primary motivation against.

    3. Hell, the cops are going to shoot you anyway. You might as well actually have a weapon on you.

      Might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb. (I think I got it right that time)

      1. What did you use to do with the sheep?

      2. You’d think law enforcement would be happy they don’t have to plant their own guns anymore

    4. It will soon be legal for adults in West Virginia to carry hidden handguns with no training and without a permit, after the Legislature acted swiftly…

      Oh. The. Horror.

  27. “Pope Francis met with leaders of the Permanent Synod of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church (UGCC) on Saturday, praising their people’s “tireless witnesses of hope” in Christ amid decades of hardships….

    “The UGCC is the largest of the Eastern Catholic Churches, with some 4.42 million faithful. Many of its faithful live in Ukraine, though it has large expatriate communities in Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Poland, and the United States.

    “The audience coincided with the anniversary of the 1946 pseudo-synod of Lviv, a council orchestrated by Josef Stalin’s regime as part of the forcible absorption of the UGCC into the Russian Orthodox Church….

    “”In sad memory of these events we bow our heads in deep gratitude before those, who at the cost of suffering and even martyrdom, continued to witness the faith in the course of time and to show dedication to the Church in union with the Successor of Peter.”…

    “Pope Francis also renewed solidarity with the pastors and faithful for all they do in “this difficult time marked by the hardships of war, to alleviate the suffering of the population and to seek the ways of peace for the beloved Ukrainian land.””

    1. “Ukranian Greek Catholic?!”
      “Are they the ones going around mutilating squirrels?”

      1. They’re the ones Stalin outlawed because they were threatening to his regime.

  28. Boy told he’d have to go blind before health system would pay for sight-saving surgery

    Vergunst’s parents took him to see several specialists, including a pediatric ophthalmologist who recommended early intervention and a minimally invasive procedure called corneal collagen cross-linking or CXL, which could be done right away.

    CXL is not new. The procedure has been performed in Canada for many years with excellent results according to ophthalmologists.

    But there was a catch. Vergunst’s parents would have to pay $3,000 because CXL isn’t covered by OHIP, Ontario’s health-care system. The alternative was waiting until the boy was legally blind and eligible for more complicated surgery ? a corneal transplant, which is covered by the province.

    Bonus un-self-aware quote:

    “It’s more political than health [related]. ” [Dr.] Slomovic said.

    Gee, putting health care into the hands of politicos makes it political… whoddathunkit?

    1. But that can’t be true. Why I am regularly lectured by progs about how all the stories about problems getting treatment from the Canadian healthcare system are kochtopus propaganda.

    2. The system was ready to let my wife’s ten year-old cousin die of cancer even though they were told there’s a procedure to save her. Long story short, the family went to war, the surgery was performed and she survived.

      Anyone who thinks this is ‘part’ of how things go can go fuck themselves. It’s retarded and it’s immoral.

    3. Glancing at the comments, I see that just like Americans, Canadian internet commenters can blame everything on “the right”, even in a left-wing province with a liberal government and a liberal PM.

      1. OMAGERD, you right-wing bastard, Mike Harris was a Premier like 20 years ago and he SCORCHED THE EARTH! What can poor Liberals do?

      2. They’re gonna milk Harper for all its worth. In fact, Canadian history and politics began with Harper. It may have even ended with him.

        1. You’re forgetting that liberal/proggie Canada went on strike during the entire Harper administration, buddy.

    4. What kind of asshole would rather go blind than borrow $3k?

      1. What kind of asshole would let his kid go blind rather than borrow $3k?

    5. My fellow cheap-assed Canadians embarrass me. If the only thing stopping my kid going blind was a mere $3K, I’d find a way to get that cash so fast you’d think Einstein was wrong about the speed of light. Fight the god-damned “health-care” system afterwards, you flaming dickheads.

      Christ on a stick.

  29. Shut down Saskatoon pay-for-plasma blood clinic, NDP urges health minister

    NDP Health critic Don Davies is calling on Health Minister Jane Philpott to close the country’s first paid-donor blood clinic in Saskatoon.

    Canadian Plasma Resources opened its doors Feb. 18 and plans to pay people with $25 gift cards for making blood donations.

    The centre will be inspected by Health Canada and must comply with national regulations, including donor screening and testing.

    Tracy Zambory, president of the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses, has written a letter to Philpott saying nurses believe the clinic poses a serious safety risk to the blood supply.

    Of course… money pollutes everything, amirite?

    1. I hate the NDP.

      1. I *loathe* the NDs. If I had my way, I’d put every ND into a rocket and shoot them into the Sun.

    2. She certainly is critical of people being healthy.

  30. Robert Reich posted this on derpbook (continued in a reply). Seems that all of these could apply to Obama….

    Since the 1930s, fascist dictators have used 7 techniques to amass power. I’m not suggesting Donald Trump is a fascist or wanna-be dictator, but he does seem to be following the script.

    1. Create a cult of personality. (Donald Trump doesn’t offer policy prescriptions. He offers himself as a strongman who is powerful enough do whatever it takes.)

    2. Jail the media. (Trump hasn’t gone this far, but reporters covering his rallies are kept in a cage, quite literally. And he describes the media as his enemy.)

    3. Intimidate opponents. (This is Trump’s stock in trade. For example, he tweeted recently that the Ricketts family, who are spending money against his candidacy, “better be careful, they have a lot to hide.”)

    4. Incite violence. (People describing themselves as Trump supporters have attacked Muslims and the homeless. At his rallies, his supporters have beaten and spit on black protesters.)

    1. 5. Scapegoat racial and ethnic minorities. (Trump blames America’s problems on Mexican immigrants, Muslims, Muslim-Americans, and African-Americans.)

      6. Glorify national power. (Trump’s entire foreign policy consists of asserting American power and fueling xenophobia against other nations.)

      6. Disregard international law. (Trump wants to use torture, punish the families of terrorists, for example.)

      7. Create a mass following directly, without party or other intermediaries. (Trump’s tweets circumvent all filters. It’s just him and his followers.)

      I mean, he also can’t count. But that’s besides the point.

      1. The second number 6 is really Trump’s worst problem – attacks on terrorists’ relatives. Which is against international law because it’s wrong, not wrong because it’s against international law. Also against U.S. law.

        1. Absolutely. Of course collateral damage is something else…

      2. where has trump scapegoated african americans and muslim americans?

      3. Robert Reich strikes me as a very stupid individual. I actually kind of like trump cause he gets the left to shit their pants…ironically he is closer to a democrat imo

        1. Don’t worry if Cruz wins the nomination Robert Reich will be writing articles on why can’t the Republicans pick a nice moderate like Trump.

          1. Robert Reich doing whatever to make himself feel superior!

            1. Bobby’s just tryin’ to stand tall!

      4. Not only is this list dumb, it is inherently wrong.

        “1. Create a cult of personality.” Because neither Obama NOR Hilary has tried to do that! “We are the change we have been waiting for!”

        “2. Jail the media.” I mean what the fuckity fuck fuck. Everybody hates the MSM, except of course Hilary.

        “3. Intimidate opponents.” The Clinton machine? Chicago politicians? Are you fucking kidding me?

        “4. Incite violence.” Because maybe somewhere at some rally a few people may have spit on others? How about Occupy Wall Street?

        5. Scapegoating. Maybe a little bit in regards to Muslim and Hispanic immigrants. But where is the scapegoating blacks? or Muslim Americans? Or anyone else who is already a citizen?

        6. “Glorify national power.” Isn’t Bernie saying almost the same fucking thing about tariffs and American jobs. He is, after all, a national(ist) socialist.

        “7. Create a mass following directly, without party or other intermediaries.”
        Was the National Fascist Party of Italy not a party? Was the NSDAP not a political party?
        Franco in Spain wasn’t, but then he staged a military coup. Trump isn’t, and has never been part of the military (unless you count the New York Military Academy for high school).

      5. The great thing about declaring that your political opponents are Hitler is that you get to be a brave dissident at no cost. Everyone a Deitrich Bonhoeffer on the cheap.

    2. Robert Reich sure loves the “I’m not saying, I’m just saying” arguments

      1. A while back, a friend of mine posted a Reich article on FB. He says something like:

        “I’m not suggesting Trump is a racist, but…” (goes on to suggest Trump is responsible for hate crimes)

    1. He made it clear he wouldn’t run if the felon was nominated by the Democrats.

    2. Salt and sugar enthusiasts rejoice.

      1. *Rises to feet to applaud, gets winded, sits back down*

    3. *fires off musket in celebration*

    4. He’s not NOT running for president?

    5. Michael Bloomberg could’ve made that announcement by mailing a postcard to Michael Bloomberg, since I’m pretty sure Michael Bloomberg was the only person remotely enthused about a Michael Bloomberg presidential bid.

  31. Will the left ever take responsibility for its failures?

    1. Hahahahahahahahahahah

      1. Haha i know it was rhetorical

    2. Why would they do that when everything that goes wrong is because of austerity, which is all the fault of republicans

  32. The worlds collide: PM Zoolander comments on Trump.

    Such greatness

    Americans should have a conversation about campaign financing once the “dust settles” on the presidential election, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

    U.S. presidential candidates raise billions in financing and court special interests, something Trudeau says Canada does not allow.

    I mean, His Greatness certainly didn’t court any special interests to get elected. Though he’s right – most of his donations were in-kind from the media class. Seriously, what would a six-page lavishly illustrated ad in Globe and Mail alone cost?

    1. For a guy who has publicly stated he likes dictators I would think he would like Trump.

    2. “U.S. presidential candidates raise billions in financing and court special interests, something Trudeau says Canada does not allow.”

      Trudeau would never court special interests

      “In YouTube videos posted in 2009, entitled Marriage: Are You Ready? Shazim Khan, prior to holding his current post as imam of the Peterborough mosque, gave a lecture in which he explained it’s “a major sin” for a wife to not have sex whenever her husband wants and “there is no need for her to go out” if her husband provides for her, along with other sexist musings.

      Did Trudeau and his staff know about these apparently misogynist statements?”

    3. I would be interested to ask zoolander what campaign financing has to do with the emergence of trump. Seeing how the pub establishment WHO RAISES MONEY from various sources such as special interests does not like him while trump is largely self-financing.

      1. And, as far as I can tell, Trump’s self-financing has been extremely low-cost, since he gets all the free media publicity he wants. I wonder if he’s even bought yard signs.

        1. Yep

    4. So Zoolander is saying that Hillary and Bernie spent too much money, and they should emulate Trump instead?

      1. It’s best not to look for a deeper meaning in anything he says or does. He’s just a more boring Obama.

        1. Yeah, they’re both just variations on Chauncey Gardner in “Being There.”

  33. But what does Trump think about CHINESE ELEVATORS?!?!?!?!?!

    1. Yeah, opening one of those Chinese to-go boxes after a couple of months is never pleasant.

  34. Where’s this explosive news in muh links?

    The billionaire, who has spent months mulling a third-party run, made his decision official through an editorial posted by the Bloomberg View, writing that he believes his candidacy would send the race to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and would likely lead to the election of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.


    1. Huh, already posted above by Nikki.

  35. So what have the liberals blamed the flint tragedy on….i have seen:

    – austerity (wasnt the switch a jobs program???)
    – koch brothers
    – free market
    – libertarians
    – congressional republicans
    – privatization
    – corporations
    – snyder

    Absent seems to be:
    – flint city council
    – flint mayor
    – flint city manager
    – lacking the phosphates
    – cancelled contract for what reason i am not sure
    – EPA/DEQ
    – reckless local spending

    Now sure snyder may bear responsibility for the response here but not sure how he poisoned them

    I should really become a democrat.

    1. They blame Snyder for not using phosphates.

    2. I blame Snyder for trying to make it a jobs program.

  36. Do Bernie Sanders supporters and trump have a lot of overlap?

    I can see ones that don’t like the trade deals.

  37. The verdict is in: Erin Andrews wins and is awarded $55 million big ones by the jury.

    Dang. Those may officially be the most valuable tittays of all time.

    1. Reduced on appeal.

      1. Her breasts of the jury award?

        1. Yes.

    2. Would

  38. Your tuition and tax dollars at work: the University of Missouri has a “lazy river” ride.

    So even the rides there have trouble finding muscle?

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