RIP Cornell President Elizabeth Garrett, Fierce Opponent of Trigger Warnings

She was 52.



Cornell University President Elizabeth Garrett passed away Sunday from complications due to colon cancer. She was 52.

Garrett was a staunch defender of free speech on campus. In October, she generated headlines when she proclaimed her total opposition to mandatory trigger warnings.

"With respect to trigger warnings, first and foremost I am an absolute defender of academic freedom," said Garrett, according to The Cornell Daily Sun.

Garrett also told students that the answer to speech that made them uncomfortable was more speech:

"A university is about the fullest and freest expression of ideas and arguments. There isn't any idea that ought not to be tested and questioned. Because that's how we get closer to the truth. We're about reason, rationality, debate. So if you disagree with someone, the answer isn't to shut them down."

In an age of constant calls for censorship in response to controversial forms of expression, too few college presidents are willing to defend free speech as a necessary component of a liberal education. It's sad to lose one who did.

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          The reality that they make narrow margins, a lot of which gets spent on R&D, and the only reason they are so big is because nobody else can get FDA approval, is lost on them.

          But then again people whine about “medical bankruptcy”. As though there are better reasons to go into bankruptcy than preserving your own life and health.

          1. It only takes 1-2 decades to get a drug or new medical device approved for use. The problem with that is that with the speed of today’s technological increases, a drug that is approved 10 years from now will be like 1800s technology to us by that time. Something has to change because people are going to be dying waiting on life saving drugs and technology that already exist.

          2. The reality that they make narrow margins,

            I don’t regard a 20% margin as a narrow margin.


          3. The unmentioned elephant – inexplicably under the radar – in discussions of American healthcare costs vis-a-vis the world is America’s, ahem, unique malpractice industry. Huge offbook cost on every pill, procedure, etc.

            Mention emulating Britain’s NHS for America and all the Bernie-lovers come out to the yard. Mention emulating the English Rule for Britain’s tort system (including medical malpractice), and all the Bernie-lovers run from the yard.

            Democrats only want to emulate half of Europe’s healthcare setup.

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        1. Once…

      7. A friend of mine threw a link to that conspiracy theory up on Facebook. He is also the one who puts up the “I Fucking Love Science” links.

      8. What is this cancer curing industry? It still seems like, in the long run, most people die from it or from complications from cancer.

        I mean if they had a pill that you took daily and it became chronic, somewhat like HIV is becoming (slowly), I could understand.

  8. She must have felt incredibly lonely in her profession.

    1. It’s pretty sad that one that fought against the derp is gone so soon.

      And no one will notice, yet a vile wretch like cankles is still wasting oxygen.

      Justice, I worry about you.

  9. Sucks – I like this lady. A graduate of an Ivy League should be capable of reaching logical conclusions and engaging in debate on a range of topics. Trigger warnings and safe spaces are simply cop-outs to avoid developing those adult skills. They devalue the individuals and the institutions.

  10. RIP, that’s kind of young to die.

  11. Indeed.

  12. RIP. So young to die. And we lose a defender of free speech.

  13. “With respect to trigger warnings, first and foremost I am an absolute defender of academic freedom,”


  14. Garrett also told students that the answer to speech that made them uncomfortable was more speech.

    For instance, when someone tells you “People have the right to refuse service for whatever reason”, the speech-answer to that on campus should be “You Fascist! You racist dirt bag! Yo should die a miserable death being tied up on an anthill under the scorching sun!”

    What? Did you really think these college academics meant reasonable and well thought-out speech when they were talking about answering speech with “more speech”? Please.,

    Call me a cynic, but I’ll kick your butt if you do because I am right when I say the sincerity of academics is not to be trusted, even of dead ones from colon cancer.

    1. I’m a cynic as well but this lady was on the right side of the equation…you are barking up the wrong tree here bro, wanna kick my ass, let’s exchange numbers…

  15. Hopefully Cornell will replace her with someone more willing to unite differences.

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