CPAC Panel Says Political Correctness Makes It Harder to Fight Radical Islam

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: 'Political correctness is our weakness.'


Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Fox News

The Conservative Political Action Conference's panel discussion on national security put a great deal of emphasis on political correctness as an obstacle in the fight against radical Islam.

All three panelists—Rep. Steve King, the Center for Security Policy's Jim Hanson, and ex-Muslim speaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali—lamented that political correctness prevents the West from articulating what's at stake in the conflict with Islamic extremism.

"Political correctness is our weakness," said Hirsi Ali, who noted that other countries place much stricter limits on offensive speech.

Hanson and King seemed grateful that at least Donald Trump was "sweeping away" liberal political correctness.

previously wrote that resistance to PC—which is becoming so broad a term that it's rapidly losing meaning—animates many of Trump's supporters. [Related: How Political Correctness Caused College Students to Cheer for Trump]

It's certainly true that people should not face legal consequences for making offensive claims about Islam—on college campuses, or anywhere else. But we should not pretend that excess sensitivity actually threatens our national security.