A.M. Links: GOP Debate Tonight, Romney vs. Trump, More Email Troubles for Hillary


  • Mitt Romney, the Republican Party's 2012 presidential nominee, will deliver a speech today attacking Donald Trump. "His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University," Romney is expected to say.
  • "The Justice Department has granted immunity to a former State Department staffer, who worked on Hillary Clinton's private email server, as part of a criminal investigation into the possible mishandling of classified information, according to a senior law enforcement official."
  • Defense Secretary Ash Carter weighed in on the privacy showdown between Apple and the FBI, saying that encryption technology is "absolutely essential" from the Defense Department's point of view. "We are squarely behind strong data security and strong encryption, no question about it."

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  1. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich will face off tonight at a Republican presidential debate in Detroit.

    Their cycles are in danger of syncing.

    1. Hello.

      1. Have you fled soviet canukistan yet, Rufus?

        Or has your toddler pit kept you anchored there?

        1. Anchored.

          Anyone want to sponsor me?

          1. I can’t, and you wouldn’t want to move to new york.

            1. GAK! no one wants to live in NY even people who live here, why the hell any humans settled in this environment is beyond me, and then theres the fucking government….

              1. You could always leave.

    2. It seems like there is a debate per week. Don’t people get tired of this?

      1. Speaking only for myself.


        I watch one early one and the highlight snippets on YouTube.

      2. I find it very easy to ignore.

      1. The leader seemingly cares not what happens in his wake, but I care for all of you deeply.

      2. Which one of you is the chubby guy taking a header into the grass?

        1. Palins Buttplug

          1. I thought he would be the guy who crashed and fucked it up for everyone else.

      3. Seems about right. 😎

  2. “His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University,” Romney is expected to say.

    The White House and Trumplomas are for closers.

    1. The Dole-Romney axis has turned on Trump! I’m sure he will wash out now. Those guys were so beloved by the base.

    2. Romney is going after Trump harder than he ever went after Obama.

      And people wonder why the Repubs are in the shape they are in this cycle.

      1. That was my thought. If he’d have had half as much to say about Obama as he does Trump, maybe he wouldn’t have taken such a shellacking. Maybe he’s licking his chops at the thought of a brokered convention where he is the dark horse candidate.

  3. What’s next for Bernie Sanders after losing to Hillary Clinton on Super Tuesday?

    His campaign is still waiting for that blue pill to kick in.

    1. Nobody needs more than one candidate Bernie.

      1. There’s a “Weekend at Bernie’s” joke here somewhere…. There it goes.

    1. “Sam Shiver”, eh?

      *Could* be a SF nom de plume.

      1. Even at his most extreme, though, our Sweet’n’Low would NEVER pose as a Canadian.

          1. Absolutely nobody enforces Rule 34 with as much gusto as SugarFree.

            1. Posing as a Canadian just might be the last taboo..

              1. Yes, it is to remain purely the domain of American yuppies touring Europe.

      2. I would never stoop to the lame Drumpf joke. Christ, that meme is a retarded as “Block Yomamma.”

        1. What is the Drumpf joke? That keeps popping up everywhere.

          1. It was his Great-Grandfather’s name when he emigrated to America. Like millions of other people he Anglicized his name. It’s that hilarious? A real knee slapper.

            1. That’s gotta be prejudiced or something.

              Oh, and I salute your customer service skills, what with answering questions in a dead thread and all.

  4. Karma.

    An off-duty NYPD police officer was killed in a hit-and-run on February 28 while threatening to kill a woman who had just rear-ended him.

    “Do you know who I am?,” demanded Vincent Harrison, pointing a gun at the terrified 26-year-old woman and her 2-year-old child seconds after the collision.

    “I can kill you right now!”

    Instead it was Harrison who was killed when he was struck by an Infiniti, who then sped off. The New York City police officer was 25.

    1. David French holds a vigil while blaming the mother and child.

      1. David French thinks the mother and child should be charged with murder because they caused the circumstances that led to the death of the cop.

        1. You laugh, but in the ABC7 article….

          At this time, the female driver is being treated as a victim, and no charges are expected. The Union County Prosecutor’s Office will only say that the incident remains under investigation.

          “No charges are expected”? That’s a weird way to put it.

          1. They are likely holding the possibility of charges over her head in case she wants to get mouthy with the media or thinks about filing a law suit.

            1. “Sign this non-disclosure agreement or we’ll charge you with murder.”

    2. Wow. It’s like Nemesis was driving that Infiniti.

    3. A couple years ago I noticed a police cruiser’s brake lights weren’t working. I imagine they have some switch to turn them off when they’re stalking their prey at night, and this guy forgot to flip it back on. I made note of the plate number, stopped at one of the only pay phones left in the world, and reported it. My worry was that someone would rear-end the cop as a result of not seeing the warning lights, and that the cop would murder the person for it. I may have saved a life that day. Though after reading this happy ending, I’m wondering if I made a mistake.

    4. “Do you know who I am?,” demanded Vincent Harrison, pointing a gun at the terrified 26-year-old woman and her 2-year-old child seconds after the collision.

      “I can kill you right now!”

      At least he was an honest man?

      1. I’m wondering if the source material for this gun pointing and threats to kill are more than just the lady’s statement?

        1. The article doesn’t seem to say whether there is anything other than the testimony of the woman he hit. But I don’t see a lot of reason for her to lie. She’s not claiming self defense or anything.

          1. Well, if a bunch of brother cops show up and start blaming you for his death, maybe she would tend to downplay her actions/reactions and ‘up-play’ his.

            But it is ironic because usually it is the non-cop who is dead and the living cop who benefits from the “dead men tell no tales” syndrome.

      1. Of course he will likely get the full hero NYPD funeral with bagpipes and all the other bullshit.

    5. An off-duty NYPD police officer was killed in a hit-and-run on February 28 while threatening to kill a woman who had just rear-ended him.

      According to ABC7NYvv[link] and Gothamist[link] Harrison repeatedly

      Both of those links say the cop rear-ended her, not that she rear-ended him. He hit a woman and then threatened to kill her.

      1. She probably wanted to report the accident, asked for his information, and he had a shit-fit.

      2. When I had the displeasure of listening to drunk cops swap stories, one of the guys talked about how much fun it was to pull women over and then hold his gun to their heads while screaming at them until they soiled themselves. His buddies thought that was a riot. The only thing more fun than that, from what I gathered through my eavesdropping, is choking people. Cops love to choke people.

        1. +1 I cant Breathe

    6. “Do you know who I am?,” demanded Vincent Harrison, pointing a gun at the terrified 26-year-old woman and her 2-year-old child seconds after the collision.

      “I can kill you right now!”

      Holy shit. That is chilling. I kinda figure cops are always thinking stuff like this, but to actually say as much to someone, with their gun drawn? Gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

      1. Hang out someplace where cops gather for drinks after work, then listen to them talk. You will forever fear for your life in the presence of a police officer after that.

        1. Your advice to both hang out with cops drinking and then learning to fear them has me confused.

          1. Look, to learn to properly fear a lion, you just gotta plop your noggin in those chompers.

          2. You are confused because your reading comprehension sucks.

            1. What do you mean by that?

              1. I didn’t say “hang out with cops.” Being that that’s what you comprehended from what you read, I must conclude that you didn’t do well on that section of the SAT.

      2. Seems to me that the driver who picked him off has a good case for self-defense (technically, defense of others), as long as he can claim he saw the cop waving his gun around.

        1. Or at least a good case for not stopping. “The guy was waving a gun around! I didn’t want to take the chance he could still be able to shoot me!”

        2. But alas, he is a member of the Team Blue mafia. That’s all that matters. Cops are allowed to heinous things within the bounds that prosecutors and judges can give them deference, and those bounds are huge.

          1. Police officers are the only people the courts actually treat as innocent until proven guilty. Everyone else is just plain guilty, and if they are acquitted it is a travesty of justice. But cops, they are truly presumed innocent.

            1. Case in point, this cop threatening a woman’s life at gun point out on the street like a common thug that should be put down like a sick animal, and the mayor of NYC comes out offering prayers to his family and calling his death an injustice blah blah blah. It’s disgusting to hear murdering criminals be praised as though they’re more than human, they’re above the standards that we mere mortals are expected to abide by when interacting with others.

    7. Thank goodness it wasn’t a woodchipper delivery truck.

    8. My heart goes out to his family. It is someone who served this city, and was killed. Again, this is the most heinous of acts to kill another human being with your car, and then leave. In this case, killing an officer of the law, and not even having the decency to stay and own up to it. /de Blasio

      Sounds like he deserved it. If this piece of shit wasn’t a cop, running down a guy pointing his gun at people and threatening to murder them would be grounds to be killed. The driver should claim he was trying to save the young women from being murdered or carjacked.

      1. The officer’s badge was plainly visible, so the driver had to know he was a cop. Prove that it wasn’t plainly visible. Prove it. You can’t. Therefore it was.

    9. Wow. The universe can be such a funny place.

    10. Ah, a pleasant nut massage.

  5. “We are squarely behind strong data security and strong encryption, no question about it.”

    Said while pulling at his shirt collar and looking around shiftily.

    1. They want impregnable fortresses that only they have the keys to open.. Otherwise, they would be on the same level as other world secrecy agencies.

    2. “We are squarely behind strong data security and strong encryption”

      Ever since Hillary’s email scandal, some flunkies haven’t been getting their memos.

    1. Space alien invasion then?

    2. Cleveland must have really done something awful in a previously life for God to hate it so

      1. Tremont is full of hipsters and hipster businesses. It’s probably something between karma and performance art by one of said hipsters.

    3. They should stick with Drew Carey.

  6. law enforcement officials will look at the potential damage had the classified information in the emails been exposed.


    investigators are trying to determine whether a crime was committed.

    Oh, FFS!

    1. Let me put on my Karnac hat:
      1. “We’ve determined there was little to no serious harm or potential for serious harm had the information been exposed, and:
      2. “Therefore, no harm, no crime!”

      1. law enforcement officials will look at the potential damage had the classified information in the emails been exposed.

        More to to the point: Given that this stuff was classified, *by definition* there is damage had the information been exposed.

        This is *incredible*!

    2. “law enforcement officials will look at the potential damage had the classified information in the emails been exposed.”

      This is the same legal principle for why it is not a crime to shoot a gun a someone if you don’t hit them.

  7. Fox Business and others are playing a video from 2012 of Romney praising Trump as an insightful and successful business man. Romney looks like a loser. Kiss the Trumpenfuher’s ring, Mitt.

    1. Romney is coming off as an asshole who’s merely doing the bidding of the party. Particularly since he was on the receiving end of that tax return political stunt by Reid back in 2012.

      1. He really is proving himself to be a sleazy, unprincipled asshole.

        1. Yeah, I’ve always hated his policies and thought he was a.power-hungry narcissist, but he otherwise seemed like a decent guy.

          I was mistaken. He has proven himself to be scum

          1. I gather he’s just following orders from The Establishment but yeah.

            1. Romney is a retired hundred-millionaire with no future in national politics. If he didn’t want to do what the establishment says, he wouldn’t.

            2. He IS the establishment. Don’t get confused. Romney had been planning his ascendancy since 2008. He spent the entire first Obama administration getting the entire party aligned behind him- which is why so few “Heavyweight” contenders entered the race in 2012, and we were left with mavericks and outsiders in that race. It was “inevitable” that Romney would win the nomination.

              Then in 2012, it was his agents that changed the delegate apportionment rules to neuter outsiders with a strong ground game (i.e. the Paulistas).

              Romney is the puppet-master of the GOP, and unfortunately for him, if the audience is sick of the puppets it doesn’t matter how many strings you pull.

    2. Not playing the video where Trump was praising Romney as a presidential candidate? CNN was playing some crap Trump was saying about Mitt and actually referred to it as a “pre-emptive counter-punch” in reference to Trump’s great ability to defend himself from attacks. “Pre-emptive counter-attacks” I think are normally referred to as attacks and they’re not “defending yourself”. Unless you’re a cop, of course.

      1. “Pre-emptive counter-attacks” I think are normally referred to as attacks and they’re not “defending yourself”.

        Unless the other guy has announced his intention to attack you, of course.

        Technically, the term is “spoiling attack”, not “pre-emptive counter-attack”. Geez. What a maroon.

    3. video from 2012 of Romney praising Trump as an insightful and successful business man

      It’s not necessarily inconsistent to think both that and that Trump is a terrible candidate and bad for the party. Romney certainly is a loser in any case.

  8. I did finish the half marathon on Sunday, though not as quickly as I was hoping for (I got dehydrated by the not-freezing temperatures). Still, technically it’s a PR since it was my first. And more importantly I ended up raising $5500 for the CCFA.

    If only there had been alt-text along the course.

    1. Well done!

    2. It can be hard to hit your targets. That comes with experience as you get to know your body more. Once you see you’re not gonna hit them you have to just see it through. I finished one in VT after getting micro-fractures on my foot. Been through a few. Congrats. Onto the next one, right?!

      1. Note: Iread VT is Virginia Tech, but you probably meant Vermont.

        1. Yes. Vermont.

      2. Get to know your body more?

        That is what hands are for.

        1. As I typed that I said to myself ‘I probably should change that because’ but I was too lazy and figured entertain me.

    3. Nice job

    4. Congrats. Its harder than it looks the first time even if you train right. Same thing happened to my wife. She bonked about 12, which was about her farthest training run.

      1. She bonked about 12

        I think i saw that video.

        1. I was in that video! I was “juror number 10.”

          1. Oh yeah! You were the guy in the backwards baseball cap who wouldn’t stop smirking.

            1. I thought it was a stunning turn of events when we still voted to convict her.

              1. Honestly, i didn’t make it to that part.

      2. 12 was my farthest training run as well, and I didn’t have any issues with that. In fact, I didn’t even need any water during it. I think the big difference is that the 12 mile run was in 25 degree weather so I was barely sweating by the end.

        1. Yep. It’s usually little experiential things like that. “I don’t need water”. Nobody ever misses a PR by a water stop.

    5. That’s awesome.

    6. Congrats, Auric.

  9. The Napolitano article quoted someone saying that it was a “near certainty” that Russia accessed Clinton’s server. Anyone know anything about that?

    1. IIRC it was Bob Gates.

      1. Gen. Michael Hayden, formerly director of the CIA and of the National Security Agency (NSA), stated on CNN that it is a near certainty that the Russian government and others had access to Clinton’s non-secure server and all it contained.

    2. I think its just the way to bet, really. The Russians go to enormous lengths to penetrate our security, and are quite good at it. The odds that they wouldn’t have noticed a wide-open server being used by SecState and joyously hacked it are quite long, IMO.

      1. I wonder if they thought they were being fed false information, because it was all just too damned easy?

        1. A professional paranoid would have that in mind, but I have to believe they figured out this was the real deal.

      2. ” The Russians go to enormous lengths to penetrate our security, and are quite good at it.”

        But they only had a 4-year window so I think it’s all cool.

      3. Not only the Russians, but the Chinese, Israelis (America’s Bestest Friend Ever) and the Iranians.

        1. The Germans and even the Spanish did it too… At this point the only people that claim not to have known about the server are other State Dept members, Congress, and Team Obama.

        2. And the British, French, Italian, German, Polish, Spanish……basically any country that has an intelligence service.

          Friend or foe.

          This is how the game is played.

          So America’s ‘bestest friend evar’ is in good company.

  10. Off-duty NYPD officer killed by one of you guys.

    Some HampR driver killed an off-duty cop while the cop was minding his own business, just peaceably threatening to kill a woman he had rear-ended on the turnpike. Sad, really.

    1. Posted it above. Yeah, not shedding any tears for him.

    2. That’s what I get for going and getting that second cup of coffee before refreshing.

    3. This person deserves a medal

    4. My day just got better knowing that piece of shit was killed doing what he loved bullying, but before he could do what he really loved, murdering with impunity.

  11. The Justice Department has granted immunity to a former State Department staffer, who worked on Hillary Clinton’s private email server…

    They should just grant Ms. Clinton immunity to tell us what happened.

    1. Brilliant! Having restored her trustworthiness, she could then be cleanly elected!

    2. How can they give her what she already has?

  12. “””Granted immunity to former State Department staffer””

    The staffer’s name is Hilary Clinton

  13. Doh! Why didn’t I think of this?

    Four young Twin Cities men facing federal terrorism charges have been chosen for a first-of-its kind deradicalization program under the supervision of a Minneapolis judge and a German expert on Islamic extremism.

    U.S. District Judge Michael Davis ordered the defendants to undergo an evaluation by the German scholar, who will visit Minnesota in April. The evaluation will factor into Davis’ sentencing decisions ? the four face potentially long prison sentences ? and will help in designing a program to steer each away from radical ideology.

    All it takes is one nazi super scientist to come in and teach our Somali neighbors to not be terrorists fighting for ISIS?

    1. What. The. Fuck. It’s like they’re using dystopian novels as how-to manuals.

      1. TV has a camera in it, xbox has a camera, most people buy wifi enabled security cameras. Big Brother won and got the idiots of this nation to pay for it.

    2. You know what other German ran re-education programs?

      1. Sigmund Freud?

        1. Well, he WAS Austrian. But they do speak German there–despite what the president thinks.

      2. You know what other German ran re-education programs?

        For Somalis? None.

        1. You don’t re-educate Somalis – they re-educate you…
          out of your foolish devotion to ROADZ!

    3. So long as Koehler doesn’t shoot someone’s mother to unleach their latent metal-controlling powers, everything should be fine.

      1. No, I think this German scientist is working with Vita-rays and developing a super-soldier serum. I hope someone has their eye on those Muslim convicts.

        Captain Somalia!

    4. Sometimes I wonder if they are trying to actively support the anti-immigration crowd.

    5. Thank god Ludovico finally got his passport!

    6. This puts me in mind of the Women Who Wear Short Skirts Shouldn’t Be Groped seminars the Norwegians are forcing refugees to go to.

      1. Irish….the name change, what?

        1. He’s trying to distract from all the racism.

        2. She’s been really boring lately and I just felt that I couldn’t be with someone who didn’t make me laugh.

          1. You deserve better, Irish.

    7. Get the straight-jacket and eye clamps! We’ve now moved on from 1984 to other dystopian Brit-Fic as prescriptive policy papers.

  14. I just have to post this wonderfully illustrative story again for those who missed it earlier.

    The retardation of the piece itself is, incredibly, out-tarded by the comments.

    1. Why did I read that?

      Her only criteria for supporting a candidate seems to be how she wants to signal her affiliation with a particular group.

      1. Well, at least she’s honest.

    2. Two things:
      1) Its always tone with these people, never content.
      2) If you don’t make coffee in the office, you’re an asshole. If you take the last cup, make another pot.

      1. No one asked me to make the coffee. Actually someone did once, as a joke. He never did it again.

        So you jump down the throat of a colleague who made a joke? Sounds like a great person to work with. Wonder why she vents so much about being passed over for charismatic men? Could it possibly be more about the charisma and less about the sex?

        I also think that the pic is funny. Do you think she shows it to her hipster friends and says, “I was a chubby white gal into Clinton way before Monica made it mainstream”?

        1. She sounds great to work with

        2. Well, at least her biopic will be made by Lena Dunham.

    3. I never want to read anything by Hana Schank ever again.

      1. I sampled a few random paragraphs and marveled at the ability to say *nothing* with so many words.

    4. Hmm. Either they took down the article or my computer seized up. Regardless, it probably saved me from a mild migraine.

  15. Is this the most embarrassing selfie EVER? Woman sends ‘innocent’ snap of herself to her family before realizing she left two VERY personal items in the background

    The image – and the text conversation featuring it – were posted to Imgur by the woman’s brother, who goes by the username ohfudgemocha
    After realizing her mistake, the unnamed woman sent a ‘mayday’ message to her brother, begging him to distract their parents to they didn’t notice
    Instead, he informs her that he plans on posting the conversation online


    1. There is no reason that should be embarassing

      1. If it hadn’t been pointed out, I bet no one would have noticed.

        1. Without the big giant arrow drawing my eye, I would have just dismissed that as a hair curler or something.

    2. What the fuck is Imgur?

      Also, I don’t think Bernie is gonna like how many different shampoos she has, let alone that nobody needs two types of marital aid.

      1. Something tells me Bernie needs all the marital aide he can get.

      2. I think it’s where the cool kids post photos now. Blocked at work, thank God.

        1. Nobody posts photos there anymore, its too crowded..

      3. “What the fuck is Imgur?”

        I think it’s a minority group in China.

    3. I’m confused as to why anyone would take a selfie in the shitter and text it to someone in the first place.

      1. ^ This. What the fuck is wrong with people

      2. Because they’re stupid. That’s why everyone does everything.

      3. In this case she was showing off the new hairdo she got for a job interview to her family so it at least kind of makes sense

    4. “Unsanitary Marital Aids” was the name of the experimental folk/funk band I led in college.

      1. Oh hey, i saw you guys open for the Disco Biscuits once. Y’all were okay.

    5. Who takes selfies of themselves in the bathroom? And what woman would place, on the back of the toilet, something she sticks in her vajaja?

      1. Thanks Lee and CJ!

      2. The answer is simple, Roger. It is the type of person who uses the word fleek” while having a finger tattoo.

        1. while having a finger tattoo.

          damn you

      3. The back of the toilet is probably as clean as anything in the house. Nothing can grow on a dry smooth non-porous surface like that.

    6. She should be more embarrassed by those hand tats.

    7. Her hair is most certainly not on fleek

      1. but is it bae?

        1. No, I doubt she is having sex with her hair, pervert.

          1. You sir, lack imagination.

    8. Well, at least her embarrassment is over now. Except, you know, for being the subject of a Guardian article.

  16. In more promising domains of human living, Bugatti has just released the new Chiron.

    Listen to that rev. Sounds like someone fired up a dump truck.

    1. Wow. I trust that is illegal in California.

      1. “The Bugatti Chiron is known to the State of California to cause cancer in mice.”

    2. Thanks, but I would prefer the Lamborghini Centenario.

      Because 770 horsepower naturally-aspirated V12.

      1. I wonder, with all the cops/state troopers/provincial police on our highways, how can one truly enjoy those machines on the road?

        1. If you can afford the car, you can pay off the cops.

        2. I think the ones that can enjoy those machines take them to a track, or…actually never drive them.

        3. You don’t, you take them to a track day. That’s what I do anyways.

          1. Lambo owner?

            1. No. I track my Mustang 1 to 2 times a month, but I’ve driven and seen quite a few Lambos at the track. I haven’t reached the upper Koch echelons yet.

              1. I would like to own a Mustang as my third car.

                1. The GT350s are incredible cars, especially that wonderful flatplane V8. Mmmmm…

                  I’ll be in my bunk.

        4. You can’t. You have to leave the Land of the Free and go to a country that doesn’t view drivers as a source of revenue, and actually allows people to drive at speeds that they deem safe, not what has been dictated to them by their betters.

          1. Montana?

            Okay, it didnt last long, but it did exist. Are speeding tickets still $5, good all day?

            1. Even when there is no official speed limit in places like CO for instance, the cops can still ticket you at their discretion. Because FYTW.

              1. Unless things have changed dramatically while I was away, I’m pretty sure we have speed limits in CO.

                1. I thought there were stretches where they didn’t. Like between Boulder and Colorado Springs for example. But this is based upon what an ex-girlfriend said about a visit fifteen years ago. I don’t know what has happened in the mean time.

                  1. No, it’s posted. I remember years ago when they changed it to 75 on some stretches, but there is a speed limit, one that is mostly ignored, true.

                    1. She said the speed limit sign had a couple diagonal lines as opposed to a number, which meant “Let ‘er rip.”

        5. Outrun the cops? Go to Germany?

          1. I outran the cops in a Ford Tempo once. True story.

            1. It’s not that hard in a place with back roads. I’ve never had to because I’ve done very well just avoiding their attention, but I have some friends who would do that back in the day.

              1. That was exactly it. I lost him in the turns, then got off the road. When he passed I backtracked, and that was that.

          2. The autobahn is full of speed cameras. I would just speed and wait to see all the drivers’ break lights to discern there was a camera coming up.

            1. Are there not still parts with no speed limit? I suppose they could still ticket you for unsafe speed, but if you can find a stretch of open road.

              But with a hypercar like that, it’s going to be hard to find anywhere that you can push it’s limits. Even on a track.

              1. Are there not still parts with no speed limit? I suppose they could still ticket you for unsafe speed, but if you can find a stretch of open road.

                Not that I drove on. I took the autobahn from the Netherlands to Switzerland, there were posted speed limits (Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung, my favorite German word) on that whole stretch of highway through western Germany.

                In some ways, cameras are worse than posted up cops because although cameras aren’t as likely to murder you or search you, they can ticket basically everyone where cops can only snag a few here and there.

                1. And I don’t know about Germany, but in some places the cameras nail you if you are over the limit at all. Which sucks if you are used to going 5-10 over the limit without having to worry.

      2. I did not catch that it was naturally aspirated. Everyone said Lexus LFA would be the last. So great.

        1. Not even close. The LFA has a V10. The Aventador also has a V12.

          There’s a lot of naturally-aspirated performance engines still being made, but they are endangered, unfortunately.

          *shakes fist at CAFE standards*

  17. Well, I found an interesting Slate article.

    Even if it’s interesting merely because it’s sad.

    1. “Unfairly Gendered Perceptions”

      *stops reading, closes tab*

  18. The Utah Senate has voted to abolish the death penalty in that state.

    No more death by firing squad?

    1. No, now they just make you buy warm beer at a state run liquor outlet, refuse to sell you a bottle opener at the same location, and wait for you to kill yourself in frustration.

      1. Fucking mormons!

  19. Trump’s healthcare plan

    Remove barriers to entry into free markets for drug providers that offer safe, reliable and cheaper products.

    Hmm. How to determine “safe and reliable”?

    1. 10 years of expensive FDA trials, duh.

  20. Trump released his health care plan. So if I like his health care plan, is that a valid excuse to vote for the guy? I mean you can excuse all sorts of terrible polices as long as you like someones healthcare plan right? Sure I don’t like his authoritarianism, but if it lowers the infant mortality rate and increases life expectancy, isn’t that a valid excuse for overlooking everything else? Think of how proud we will be as a people when the next W.H.O. report comes out showing our progress among the major industrialized nations.

    1. Something tells me you wouldn’t vote for Trump anyway.

  21. Good news on the Somali front in Minneapolis

    Three Minnesota guys are cleared of sex trafficking charges

    In their decision to affirm the three men’s acquittals, Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals questioned the honesty Jane Doe No. 2, who said she was underage during the alleged sex acts occurred. Her actual age remains in dispute, but she could be 5 months to 4 years older than what she claimed.

    Also in question is a St. Paul police officer who was the lead agent in the case. The officer was caught lying to the grand jury and “likely exaggerated or fabricated important aspects” of a story that Jane Doe No. 2 was taken in by the Somali gang members for sex, according to the decision.

    ” ? Despite our acute concern, based on our painstaking review of the record, that this story of sex trafficking and prostitution may be fictitious and the prosecution’s two primary witnesses, Jane Doe No. 2 and Jane Doe No. 5, unworthy of belief,” Circuit Judge Alice M. Batchelder wrote.

    The guys were put in prison for 4.5 years after being convicted by juries.

    I wonder why the cop who lied to the grand jury wasn’t named?

    1. Obviously because they’re trying to make sure none of the evidence is tainted in their perjury investigation and I can’t even say that with a straight face dammit.

  22. Trump tearing GOP apart – Slate link

    what’s at least as misguided coming from those conservatives trying to justify doing any and everything they can to derail the GOP front-runner is the notion that a Trump nomination would tear their party apart. Too late: It’s already happened.

  23. The republican party establishment has become even more desperate, sad, and pathetic than the captain of the high school chess club trying to get some attention from the prom queen.

    1. I’m pretty sure the best way for nerd to get the prom queen is for him to masquerade as her boyfriend while wearing a mask, and then give her great oral pleasure.

      1. He could also try making up retarded nicknames for her.

      2. If a young SJW watched that movie, would their head explode?

        1. Pan down!

  24. “The Utah Senate has voted to abolish the death penalty in that state.”

    Gary Gilmore hardest hit. (yes, I’m showing my age)

    1. +1 bullet and 7 blanks

      1. I think it was the other way around.

        1. Whichever.

    2. I loled. Well,not really. I smirked.

      We are old.

  25. No one cares what Mitt Romney thinks about anything

    1. He’s kinda like the Republican John Kerry.

  26. The Justice Department has granted immunity to a former State Department staffer, who worked on Hillary Clinton’s private email server…

    Sounds like Huma and/or Sheryl are gonna need to take one for Team. Being whipping boy/thing for boss-man/womyn’s crimes is unspoken job req for American court toadies – ask Scooter.

  27. One of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

    “Speakers included leaders from veterans’ groups and Islamic organizations as well as Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans, who was last to address the crowd.

    “We’re all Muslims deep down,” Evans said. “We all yearn for peace.””

    This retarded ‘Islam=peace’ meme has gotten a bit out of hand.

    1. I thought the better translation of “Islam” was “submission”, not “peace”.

      1. ‘I thought the better translation of “Islam” was “submission” ‘

        As a scholar of ancient languages, I can testify that “Islam” translates literally to “FYTW”.

      2. Perhaps some sense of inner peace once you have submitted to God.

        Now Christianity also involves submission to the will of God, it seems to me. But, at least in its origins, it has a much better claim to being a “religion of peace”.

    2. “We’re all Christians deep down,” Evans said. “We all yearn for peace.”

      Can you possibly imagine the shit storm this would create if he said this????

      1. It’s especially bad because according to Islamic orthodoxy we ARE all Muslims deep down because being a Muslim is the natural state of humanity. Essentially, everyone is born a Muslim and if you don’t live as a Muslim it is because you have rebelled against your nature. It’s actually common for Muslims to refer to converts to Islam as ‘reverts’ because they are reverting to the natural state in which they were supposedly born. (Mohammad said that every child is born into Islam and it is their parents who raise them into other faiths, according to the Hadith).

        So the Boston police commissioner is basically making a statement of religious orthodoxy. If he were a GODDAMN CHRISTFAG there would be angry articles all over the left-wing blogosphere.

      2. What do Norse pagans yearn for? Glorious death in battle?

    3. Yeah, what the hell is that about? I’m not judging individual Muslims simply because of their religious affiliation. I do believe that most Muslims do want peace. But Islam, historically and doctrinally is a religion of war and conquest.

      1. Yep

      2. Yeah, what the hell is that about? I’m not judging individual Muslims simply because of their religious affiliation. I do believe that most Muslims do want peace. But Islam, historically and doctrinally is a religion of war and conquest.

        I agree. I think a Muslim can be a good person insofar as their beliefs, lifestyle and actions deviate from Islamic orthodoxy.

    4. Yea i think most muslims want peace but don’t really understand this “islam= peace” stuff is bizarre. Seeing how screwed up the middle east is.

      Does anyone find it ironic the left loves a very very very conservative religion especially with treatment of middle east with respect to women and gays (who are also part of their victim groups)? Does anyone understand this?

      1. No, it’s just weird. Islam is the most illiberal religion there is, more or less and is contrary to everything that the left supposedly wants in the US.

        My best guess is that it’s just a knee jerk reaction to favor any non-European culture.

        1. Yep and also i think they clash with Christians at least in the made up culture wars

        2. My best guess is that it’s just a knee jerk reaction to favor any non-European culture.

          That’s a bingo.

          1. Which is also ironic cause they always want to be like Europe all the time.

            1. They do, but being anti-European is quite fashionable in European discourse right now. The left is borrowing that, like they borrowed sophistry, despite it’s European origins.

              1. Haha. But we need to be sophisticated like europe!! And safety net!!

      2. Women and gays can get stuffed when there’s signaling to be done.

      3. There is no left, there is only the bizarro far right. The far right thinks Muslims are all terrorists and Islam should be banned, so the bizarro far right thinks that no Muslim is ever a terrorist, and we should impose Sharia law.

    5. “We’re all Muslims deep down,” Evans said. “We all yearn for peace.””

      Well maybe this guy lives in an alternate universe where Islam is actually the religion of peace, not some all-encompassing ideology of barbarism, murder and submission like it is in our universe.

  28. Article regarding differences in intelligence between people who go into different college majors.

    Note that journalism is in the bottom half and education is second to last in SAT scores and last in GRE scores.

    Yet another reason I’m very sick of journalists pretending they’re smart and teachers pretending they deserve large salaries and kick ass benefits.

    1. Oh, and they manage to take the absolute most retarded lesson from this:

      “Consider that the world’s top performing school systems, such as those in Singapore, Finland, and South Korea, only recruit new teachers from the top third of the academic cohort, not the bottom, says Wai. He adds that what a country’s top students choose to study says a lot about a society, so hopefully it won’t take another 70 years for the US to figure out that it needs to properly compensate its educators.”

      Except the US already compensates teachers better than Finland and South Korea and is very close to Singapore.

      How much are we supposed to pay teachers? We pay them $14,000 a year more than they’re paid in Finland. There are so many teachers that if we started paying them $70,000 a year it would completely crush every local budget in the country.

      1. But think of the multiplier effect! If we pay 100k/yr to all of our elementary teachers, suddenly those smart STEM majors will switch into education where instead of designing high-capacity lightweight batteries or fusion reactors they can teach the next generation of super smart teachers who can then teach the next generation and so on. What’s engineering ever done for anybody anyway? Hiroshima? Monsanto? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

      2. Ah the whole throw more money must equal better results approach.

        If it was mandated my company pay me 3X, i automatically become 3X the employee!!

        1. No, you would be replaced by the 3X employee and you’d have to teach or something.

    2. I get sick of smug journalists thinking they are smarter than everyone. Most are idiots with no grasp of how to structure an argument and can barely put a sentence together.

      The issue with teachers is an interesting one. One problem, I think, is the changing in our country’s workforce. Decades ago, women were basically able to go into one of only a handful fields. Among them, were teaching, nursing, secretary, probably a few I’m forgetting. Most households were primarily supported by the male breadwinner, so employers could get away with paying them less. And because even highly qualified, smart, capable women generally only had a few options, you could get a really great teacher for relatively cheap.

      Times have changed. Women have more or less the same opportunities as men, so fewer women (and more men) on whole go into teaching at all. And unlike nursing, which has gotten a lot more complicated, teaching six-year-olds how to read or add hasn’t changed in a hundred years (contrary to what the Department of Education may contend). So we now have fewer, less qualified people going into teaching.

      1. Speaking of smug journalists, anyone check out Ryan Cooper at theWeek? He loves the smug.

      2. Yeah, nowadays if you want to find really good teachers you need to pay a lot more. And of course before that could work, you’d need to get rid of the teacher’s unions and allow merit pay and a more selective hiring process. As it is now, the best you are probably going to get is someone who has finished another career and wants to teach because they like it. The best teacher I had in school was a former Navy nuclear engineer who taught math and physics.

        1. It also doesn’t help that school boards and governments at all levels are constantly trying to micromanage everything teachers do. Who in their right mind would sign up for that shit?

          1. That too. I thought about becoming a math teacher for a while. Summers off. You don’t have to read shitty essays all the time like a history or English teacher. But for the reasons you state, I decided that just wasn’t going to work.

            1. Same here, but then I talked to a couple of my old teachers about the administrative and bureaucratic aspects of the job and thought better of it.

              1. Same here until I heard what my older brother went through.

    3. Too bad you can’t (in public schools) pay the teachers who are smart and talented and deserve large salaries more than the dumb ones based on anything other than seniority.

      1. This

      2. Also, let’s be fair, most of elementary achool is baby-sitting. If you can’t be smarter than a third grader by reading the teacher’s edition of a textbook, you probably have an education degree.

        1. There is a particular kind of skill and ability involved in effectively babysitting 25 elementary schoolers. You don’t have to shine academically, most of elementary education isn’t primarily about the academic content, but you do need to have the right temperament and some particular skills.

          1. Fair enough, but is that skill as competitively marketed as the skills to teach calculus or chemistry or programming? I suspect not. And the pedagogical methods in Ed programs rarely translate without a good early mentor. So why go to college for that except that people want their 9 year olds taught by college graduates? Well, I guess tge old Normal schools were designed when teachers were expected to teach everything from reading to trigonometry. I don’t care if my 9 year old’s teacher has an M. Ed.

      3. Yeah, if good teachers want higher salaries the unions would have to give on issues of seniority and tenure.

  29. Posted this last night. I dare any dude to suggest this at their next staff meeting.


    1. I predict some world-record-breaking period periods.

    2. Can I take days off for my exclamation point?

    3. Patty takes off the 1st of every month. The 15th of every month all the guys are asking Patty out for drinks.

      1. Reminds me of the Jeff Ross joke:

        “So this girl I met is a porn star and she wants to meet up one day. She says, ‘I work on Tuesday and Wednesday, how about we meet on Thursday?’
        I said, ‘how about we meet on Monday?’ “

    4. “Sounds like you need a day off” now grounds for sexual harassment.

    5. yet they feel they cannot take sick days each month without being seen as unproductive.

      I’m not sure why that would change if they take period days instead of sick days.

    6. This is why I love PTO. I don’t give a fuck why you aren’t at work. Here is a basket of days to manage. I require one day of notice per consecutive day off for multiple days off or a doctor’s note. They can be like my former coworker: our boss came to him and said, “You’ve only ever called in sick on Monday or Friday for three years. Call in sick next Tuesday. ” After we went to PTO, the boss never checked which days he was out.

    7. ‘Why don’t you take the day off. Obviously you’re on your period.’

    8. Won’t all of the women in a particular working group be out at the same time?

  30. Bernie Sanders seems to be developing delusions of grandeur. When socialists enter this arena, it always ends in disaster.

  31. “Mitt Romney, the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential nominee, will deliver a speech today attacking Donald Trump. “His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University,” Romney is expected to say.”

    I don’t really get the “reporting on the content of a speech before it happens” thing. How about waiting for the guy to actually make the speech?

    1. Also, Reason’s bullshit comment software won’t let one hyphenate a long string of words to turn it into a noun, because “more than 50 letters,” so it must be put in quotes.

      1. This is just a test:

        reporting-on-the-content-of -a-speech-before-it-happens

        1. Backspace didn’t work, btw

          1. Preview function = Fail if name is associated to a link.

            De-associate name and Preview works alright; unless the squirrels are out – then all bets are off.

    2. If it doesn’t happen on twitter, it doesn’t happen at all.

      1. My entire universe does not exist. I suspected as much.

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