Super Tuesday

The Super Tuesday Super Results Super Thread!

Who is getting the delegates? We'll be updating all evening.


Bow down before the ones you serve. You're gonna get what you deserve.
Credit: DonkeyHotey / photo on flickr

(3 a.m.): Ted Cruz has taken the lead from Donald Trump in Alaska, but it's just a couple of percentage points between the two of them with 60 percent of the vote counted. CNN reminds us that Alaska's delegates will be handed out proportionally, so Trump and Cruz will end up with fairly similar number of delegates from the state and therefore waiting up for final numbers is pretty silly. 

Here's who has won what so far:

Donald Trump:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Massachusetts
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • Arkansas
  • Vermont

Ted Cruz:

  • Texas
  • Oklahoma

Hillary Clinton:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Georgia
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Massachusetts

Bernie Sanders:

  • Vermont
  • Oklahoma
  • Colorado
  • Minnesota

Marco Rubio:

  • Minnesota

(Earlier): Will Donald Trump continue to give noogies and wedgies to all the other Republican candidates (and the GOP in general) this evening as polls predict? Will the latest round of Hillary Clinton e-mails hurt her efforts to keep the Bernie Sanders campaign at bay? (Stop laughing.)

Eleven states are holding their primaries today and selecting delegates (two others will be holding single-party caucuses). While the outcome of tonight's primaries technically will not determine the winner of each party's nomination, certainly we will know by the end where the voters in each party are leaning. Reason will be keeping an eye out for election results and will be posting regular updates through the evening with the latest numbers. Check in with us throughout the evening for the latest state by state information here, and share your despair or delight in the comments. Poll closures listed in Eastern time. 

ALABAMA (polls close 8 p.m.)

Republicans: Donald Trump projected winner based on exit polls.

Democrats: Hillary Clinton projected winner based on exit polls.

ALASKA (polls close midnight)

Republican caucuses only: Ted Cruz leading at 3 a.m.

ARKANSAS (polls close 8:30 p.m.)

Republicans: Donald Trump projected the winner.

Democrats: Hillary Clinton projected winner based on exit polls.

COLORADO (polls close 9 p.m.)

Democratic caucuses only: Bernie Sanders projected the winner.

GEORGIA (polls close 7 p.m.)

Republicans: Donald Trump projected winner on early returns.

Democrats: Hillary Clinton projected the winner based on exit polls. 

MASSACHUSETTS (polls close 8 p.m.)

Republicans: Donald Trump projected winner based on exit polls

Democrats: Hillary Clinton projected to win.

MINNESOTA (polls close 9 p.m.)

Republicans: Marco Rubio projected winner.

Democrats: Bernie Sanders projected winner.

OKLAHOMA (polls close 8 p.m.)

Republicans: Ted Cruz projected the winner.

Democrats: Bernie Sanders projected the winner.

TENNESSEE (polls close 8 p.m.)

Republicans: Donald Trump projected the winner

Democrats: Hillary Clinton projected the winner

TEXAS (polls close 9 p.m.)

Republicans: Ted Cruz projected the winner.

Democrats: Hillary Clinton projected the winner.

VERMONT (polls close 7 p.m.)

Republicans:Donald Trump projected the winner.

Democrats: Bernie Sanders projected the winner based on exit polls. 

VIRGINIA (polls close 7 p.m.)

Republicans: Donald Trump projected winner.

Democrats: Hillary Clinton projected the winner based on exit polls. 

NEXT: The Huckabee/Trump Bromance

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  1. Voted for Cruz this morning. That means I’m morally superior to all you non-voters.

    1. So you’ll be sitting at the left hand of God then?

        1. God may be for Trump…it seems like everyone else is.

          1. I would suspect had this been a 3 way race or maybe even a 4 way as opposed to a 3 deep basketball rooster running for the GOP nomination that Trump would not be having it this easy.

            1. ^THIS! If it had been down to the current top 3 or 4 two months ago, I feel like Trump wouldn’t have built up so big a head of steam!

              1. The others percents combined are larger than Trumps. What are the chances that many people won’t vote for him and therefore another candidate could end up with a larger percentage at some point further down the road?

                1. Exactly this.

                  If it were a two-man race between either Trump/Rubio or Trump/Cruz, Trump would absolutely NOT be getting the kind of support he is now. He’d likely be losing overall, in fact.

                  But because Trump opposition votes are now split between FOUR other candidates, Trump can walk away with the nomination, even though a MAJORITY of republican voters want someone else.

                  I know there are massive egos at work here, but the other four candidates need to make some kind of pact where only one continues against Trump and the rest drop out. Maybe they can draw straws or something. Because that’s the ONLY way we don’t end up with Trump as the nominee now.

                2. Problem is that that too many candidates have stuck around too long. Carson basically said he’s not dropping. Kasich said he won’t drop unless he loses Ohio which won’t be a couple more weeks. Cruz and Rubio are not going anywhere. Trump is consistently pulling down that 33% populist vote. So you have the other 67% split 4 ways. Makes is very difficult to overcome 33%. By the time your down to a 3 way race Trump will already have all the delegates he needs and it will be too little too late.

            2. I finally figured out that you meant “roster”; I had a confuse for most of the evening.

              1. lol:)

    2. Can’t vote as an “independent” (i.e. no party) in my state.

    3. An item of interest on the ballot: one of the choices for one of the offices (I don’t even remember or car e what the position was) was STEVE SMITH.

      I voted for him, naturally.

      1. Pyrely out of self defense I assume.

    4. Do you even libertarian, brah?

  2. Spoiler alert and also probably a trigger warning: a gigantic douche and a turd sandwich win.

    Don’t care, going to finish installing the rollbar on my car.

    1. Preparing for the Mad Max style dystopia is not a bad idea at this point.

      1. I’m secretly hoping that’s the case, what with progs blatantly endorsing mass murdering humanity in an attempt to save Mother Earth. My thunderous V8 is a gigantic middle finger to them all…until the EPA started taking notice…

        1. Shotgun!

          1. Only if you are a lady.

            1. lady?

              1. I think he meant laddy

          2. Seat’s taken.

        2. Speaking of fingering people, every time I passed a person holding a Bernie sign and waving on my way to work this AM, I waved back…. single fingered.

        3. “My thunderous V8 is a…”

          Red Barchetta?

    2. I’m assuming a stang?

  3. *Fine* alt text!

    1. The Christmas we get, we deserve.

  4. These are not the candidates I am looking for

  5. In case any of the regulars stop by and have been wondering where I’ve been. I’ve been laid off, so I probably won’t be awake in time for the morning threads for a while.

    1. That sucks dude. Good look with the job hunt.

    2. Good luck.

    3. You lucky bastard.

    4. That sucks, good luck with your search. I’m sure you’ll find something before too long.

    5. You’re in the Houston area? Send your resume to the email in my handle. I don’t know who’s hiring for what, but I’ll ask around.

    6. Proof the economy is booming.

    7. That sucks!

      But maybe a chance to go galt, although, involuntarily?

    8. “I’ve been laid off, so I probably won’t be awake in time for the morning threads for a while.”

      Don’t do that. Keep getting up at your normal hour and keep showering just like you getting ready for work.

      Then sit down at your computer and make work looking for a job.

      Don’t start sleeping in while being all depressed and shit.

      Don’t change your work habits and succumb to depression.

      1. Or start you own business like Ground Truth said.

        Just don’t start sleeping late everyday.

        Get up out of bed and make something happen.

        1. OneOut, you are fucking awesome dude! Your speech inspired me and I already have a job. I think I’m gonna get a second one, thanks.

      2. ^this

        You got plenty of shit to do. But I always expected this from you … Tulpa


      3. Concur with this. I was unemployed for about two months a few years ago, and I spent probably 60 or more hours a week just combing job sites, HR pages, even craigslist looking for jobs. I applied to just about anything I remotely qualified for, only got 3 or 4 interviews, but managed to finally get hired.

        Nothing is more depressing than wanting to work and not being able to. It’s one reason I don’t look down on the WPA or CCC–they might have been New Deal programs but unlike our current system at least it got unemployed people doing something for a bit of cash instead of sitting around doing nothing.

  6. This is why

  7. This is why

    1. Tell me the second link contradicts the first.

      1. Why do you drink is the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this thread.

  8. When do I find out which horrible person has been chosen to reduce my rights even further?

    1. It’s going to be Hillary since you really wanted to know.

      1. I think it finally hit me tonight. What a joke this world is.

        Need to focus back on my own interests, and ignore DC as much as possible.

        1. Just so long as you understand that DC isn’t ignoring you.

    2. Right as you see her walking down the aisle.


        1. I gave up a little Liberty for a little Liberry.

          I’m happy.

    3. In my case,when I sober up.Should be sometime In December.

  9. Best cheese for super results with a sandwich-maker?

    1. try narrowing it down.

      What meat, what kind of bread, are you putting,mayo or mustard,on it, or tomatoes?

      1. Also, define “sandwich-maker”. A panini press or an orphan?

        1. In Texas it takes two orphans to make a sandwich I hear.

          1. ::Not sure if racist against Mexicans…::

            1. Mexican orphans?

              1. The world does need ditch diggers amd monocle polishers…

        2. Hell, I just found the thing, it’s a press, pretty simplistic.

          1. Velveeta. Use Sunbeam bread if available

            1. And don’t forget to prearrange a ride to the ER for the burns to the roof of your mouth and/or the colon bomb you’re going to have.

              1. Have to get a more high-powered one. I cut up some thick wraps, and while the cheese turned out decently, the bread didn’t get properly toasted. Used dried tomatoes, too. Less water, but they just got very “warm”.

                1. You have a stove and a skillet. You don’t need a sandwich maker.

            2. Velveeta is not cheese. For crying out loud. Unless you have a leaky pipe, don’t use velveeta for anything.

            1. Swiss is awesome but by itself…? I would want roast beef or something

              1. The OP asked for “best cheese”. But I just discovered Fontina and that might be worth a try melted too.

                1. Don’t feel too restricted. Thanks for the tip, Rhy.

              2. Another Hope Solo fan, I see.

                1. Another Hope Solo fan, I see.

                  Yes? But I don’t get the connection 🙁

                  1. You gay guys miss out on all the creepy, voyeuristic fun.

                  2. Yeah, count yourself lucky. Just don’t google search “hope solo roast beef”.

                    Or do. But you’ve been warned.

                    1. I like a dare.

                      Prolly shouldn’t have viewed that while eating dinner.

      2. That reminds me,need to pick up some blue and cheddar next trip to the store.

        1. If you like blue, try some honest-to-gawd Stilton from the UK if you can find it. Pricey, but worth it for a treat, or last meal.

          1. For anyone interested, Point Reyes Blue is… It’s life changing.

            1. Plus, progs really hate it because it comes from cows that graze in the cliffs near Point Reyes. Nice bonus for your cheesy comestibles.

      3. Mayo, but I’ll probably add it after the thing is grilled. Touch of mustard. Tomatoes. Jalapenos. Open for suggestions on bread.

        1. Muenster and cheddar together then. They play off the tomatoes well. I’d leave the Swiss out unless you enjoy the bitterness of it.

          Sourdough or take a loaf of French Freedom bread and cut your own slices from it.

        2. What’s the point in grilling a sandwich if you’re,going to,tear it apart and add mayo after its cooked?

          1. Right make grill two sandwiches and then stack them with condiments in between.

            1. +1 Dagwood

          2. Not a fan of hot mayo. Same with burgers.

          3. Not a fan of hot mayo. Same with burgers.

            1. I’m the same way

              1. Kudos, JB.

              2. Can’t stand mayo. Love mustard.

        3. Sourdough.

    2. I’m a Ruben guy myself.

      1. I was always more of a Clay guy.

        1. Would?

          1. He’s so good to his mother.

      2. Ruben? I met him in Omaha at the Rose Bowl. Love his sandwich.

    3. Hot pepper cheese

    4. I made grilled cheese on sourdough the other day. I used thinly sliced Swiss, muenster and cheddar all three. And I made my own tomato soup with it. It was a fine lunch.

      1. Bring four cups of low sodium chicken stock, one large can of crushed tomatoes (or,use whole peeled tomatoes and an immersion blender for even better results) just to boiling
        Reduce heat and add 1 cup of heavy cream
        Add pepper and a little more salt to taste
        Put a little fresh basil on top as a garnish

        Use skillet to make aforementioned grilled cheese on sourdough when you reduce to simmer and they’ll be ready at the same time.


        1. Yum. Maybe a little grated parmesan on top, too.

      2. Swiss plus cheddar, not an intuitive one for me. Anyone tried Gorgonzola, and Mozzarella?

        1. On a sandwich together? They will soften/melt at such different temperatures that it sounds iffy to me.

        2. Havarti is pretty good. I like Fontinella as well.

        3. Havarti is pretty good. I like Fontinella as well.

        4. I’m serious about Velveeta. Red Leicester is a good substitute

          1. I like Velveeta. I mostly buy Colby Jack though

          2. What about Venezuelan Beaver cheese?

            1. Common mistake. It’s not technically cheese, but beaver pulp.

          3. I’m serious about Velveeta

            One of the signs of being a Trump supporter.

            1. You’re thinking of cheese in a can

            2. I totally support Trump as President of Syria.

              1. Yes, marvelous. Imagine Trump in tribal warlord attire. — Alright, he’ll star in Mad Max 2. Just perfect for it.

                1. PS.: Clinton can play Tina Turner.

          4. Velveeta + Rotel = excellent dip.

        5. Extra sharp cheddar. Or Gruyere.

          1. Tried Jalapenos with that?

            1. Not Jalapenos but I have put roasted hatch green chiles in just about everything with cheese. Cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, mac and cheese…

    5. English muffin. Put American cheese on one side. Toast. Put mayo (or tzatziki if you have some in the fridge like I did last week) on the other side. Fry an egg over easy. Put it all together. Magic.

      1. Look at Mr. Fancypants with a bunch of tzatziki just lying around.

        1. Ever been to Uncle Stavros in Hermosa? Petros was talking about it last week. He said the best gyro pita in LA. I want to try it.

          1. Nope. First I’ve heard of it. It’s a block from where I used to live.

            I wish Papadakis Taverna was still around. Why doesn’t Petros jump on that?

        2. Not “just lying around”. Some weeks, the fridge produces what he thinks is tzatziki.

          A muffin with tzatziki, how’d you invent that?

          1. Honest to god, I googled “How to use leftover tzatziki” and using it place of mayo was one of the results. The egg sandwich, my brother perfected as a stoner cook in high school. He’d work the grill at the outdoor ampitheater in town, get baked as fuck while cleaning up, and come home and make stuff. This was his go-to, which he taught to me. Only, with mayo on the muffin, not the greek stuff.

        3. I made it for something else. Lamb pitas from ATK that turned out shitty. Not sure if them or me. Usually, it’s me, but I’m not ready to own this one.

          1. It’s not hard to make something like gyro meat at home, for excellent gyros with homemade tzatziki. Get equal parts ground lamb and ground beef, mix with some spices that I am too lazy to go look up, then mash it into a big, flat, relatively thin hamburger patty. Bake that until it’s nice and brown, then slice into thin strips and add to your pita or flatbread with sliced onions, chopped tomatoes, and your homemade tzatziki.

          2. Mix ground beef and lamb. Don’t get the lean shit, 80/20 or fattier. Mix in salt (a lot), white pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, ground oregano, and optional: coriander, cumin, and accent/MSG.

            Press it into a pan, bake at 350 for 30 min. Basically, it’s meatloaf at this point. Let it cool, and then refrigerate.

            When it’s time to serve, slice it paper thin and brown it using your preferred method. The colder it is, the thinner the slices. A smoking hot skillet will work, I use a radiant torch.

            1. Ah, but my method of baking a thin patty obviates the need to do browning later. And who needs gyro meat to be paper thin? It’s not terribly thin when they slice it off a vertical roaster.

              1. Gyro meat is cooked in 2 stages, and the 2nd stage browning is what gives it the signature flavor.

                When they slice it off of a vertical rotisserie, it’s face cut, so it doesn’t need to be thin sliced because the broad side is browned. If you’re serving edge-browned gyros, you might as well go back to mediocreville.

            2. That’s the problem. It was 100% lamb plus some gyros, egg, and spices. Like lamb meatballs. It was drier than old cooch. Its the only thing I’ve made from the ATK meat book that wasn’t a home run. We made their pecadillo tonight because its fucking awesome.

              1. Reference my 80/20 comment. I’m actually somewhere south of 70/30 on the beef because ground lamb is so lean.

                The egg is just training wheels. Yes, it’ll hold everything together, but you don’t need it when you’re doing it right.

                It really is a good dish, and VERY cheap if you make it at home. And delicious with toum. But that’s a whole different story; I’ve been perfecting toum for years and I don’t just give up my secrets.

                1. I mix ghee into lamb when I’m making lamb burgers, just to try and dodge the dryness. Maybe that’ll help? That, and a butt load of fresh rosemary.

                  Playa’s right on what needs to be browned, when.

                  1. How’s toum different from aioli? I’ve made the latter, but I’d not heard of toum til now.

                    1. Aioli can mean a lot of things. In fact, most menus that I have seen feel the need to describe it so that the diner knows what they’re getting.

                      Toum is toum. We have a lot of “Mediterranean” rotisserie chicken places here (5 within 2 miles of me), and they all have it. Same 4 ingredients. Oil, garlic, lemon juice, and salt. The trick is blending it without breaking the sauce.

                      A lot of aiolis use egg yolk to cheat, and so are basically garlic mayonnaise.

                      Toum is a straight up garlic-in-oil emulsion. It’s tricky.

                2. Playa is my go-to on this. But seriously, America’s Test Kitchen Meat Cookbook is golden. I mean, it suffers from the fact that 20% of the recipes are in any other ATK book you buy, but the meatballs, pecadillo, burgers, and some of the chicken dishes are unbelievable. I mean, we probably make at least one recipe a week out of there because the portions are plentiful and its fucking delicious. Probably would make more, but I don’t like Indian spices at all.

    6. I’d probably choose a nice Sharp cheddar for a grilled cheese. If I’m going to just eat plain cheese I want to taste it and not diminish it by combining it with a bunch of milder cheeses into a cheese-esque goop.

      1. Also, does anyone else eat their grilled cheese with grape or strawberry jelly or am I just weird

        1. Mildly weird. The proper choice is cranberry (jelly).

          By the way, the first round was a controlled disaster, but I very much recommend arugula.

    7. The only American Cheese is Colby.

  10. Confess folks, when was the last time you voted for the winner in a Presidential election? As for me, Yeltsin in 1996.

    1. I voted for W twicely.

    2. 1988?

      1. He won but I wouldn’t call him a winner. No winners were running though.

    3. W ,in my defense ,Kerry.

      1. I imagine you threw up in your mouth just a little bit.

    4. I’ve never voted for a winner, in any race…. ever.

      And yes I vote every election, even podunk ones…

    5. Never. I’ve never lived in a state that was anything close to a swing state, so I’ve generally just voted Libertarian.

    6. Never. I voted for a loser in every election from ’80-‘2000. No general election POTUS votes after that. I’ll turn out this year if the LP goes with McAfee. Otherwise I stay home unless there’s some really weird contest down ballot.

    7. Bush in 88.

      After that I realized that living in the pepuls rebulik of Assachusetts, my vote does not matter, so I started voting for third party presidential candidates as a matter of principle.

    8. I voted for Misty Dunbar class president because she had great tits.

      1. “Misty”? Oh boy.

    9. Never. I voted for Bush Sr. in 1992, and have voted Libertarian or not voted for President ever since.

      1. I will admit I voted for Reagan in 1984.

    10. I have never voted in a presidential election. Never will.

    11. I’ve never voted for anyone who won anything at a level higher than the town.

    12. Never. I’m such an libertarian party hack I even voted for Bob Barr. :[

      1. Dude, that’s hardcore

      2. I vote LP whenever I can just for ballot access.

    13. Maybe it was Reagan in ’84. I generally throw my presidential vote away on the libertarian.

    14. Bush ’04. My friend drove me begrudgingly to vote. Then we went back to my place, watched P&T Bullshit 1st season and got hammered because I knew I done wrong.

  11. I may have asked this before, but is their any correlation between primary turnout and general election turnout?

    1. I am guessing that the general election turnout will be larger than normal, due to the Trumpies.

      1. Maybe. During the primaries in 2008, Dem turnout far exceed Rep. this year it’s been the reverse. I don’t know if the pattern holds very well though.

      2. Trump reminds me of the old cartoon commander McBragg.

        1. How about his predecessor, Heeza Liar?

    1. Good [opens another lager]

  12. Sanders not getting the lady love.

    1. Whoa, WTF? He’s like an honorary woman, right? Annointed by no less than Gloria Steinem HITD herself.

      1. According to his supporters he is genuine and never panders

      2. Yes, but he supports free college for everyone, which is going to result in A LOT more rape.

  13. BTW,does Sanders understand what wealth is? With all the buying and selling going on ,small ,medium and large businesses ,home owners,ect,the top 1% don’t have and are not getting ‘almost all of it’.

    1. No, no he does not.

      1. Nor much else. He’s clueless.

        1. I don’t think he’s learned anything about economics since Eugene Debs.

          1. He is rather wobbly

    2. Didnt you hear the 1 pct are just an exclusive club that extends membership?

    3. Sanders just wants to increase his income from 200K a year.

      1. Paying off his credit card debt might help.

        1. He will pass a bill forcing the cc companies to pay it for him

  14. Mark Kirk (R) – US Senate – is running on immigration.…..coattails/

    Trump now has political backing from a member of the R party. Interesting.

    1. There’s always the debates between Hillary and Trump to look forward to.It’s a tragic comedy.

      1. Uhg.

      2. Barf bags with tiny American flags for everyone!

        1. Barf bags with tiny Chinese-made American flags for everyone!

    2. Kirk is pretty screwed.

    1. So…a GOP governor who walks the walk on limited government power, eh?

      He’ll not win another term.

    2. Thinkprogress called it anti-transgender legislation.

      1. This is the perfect political issue to allow both sides to signal and to detract from more important stuff (i.e. everything).

    1. With that brainpower, I bet he gets ass.

      1. I sent it to my friend who has a strong dislike for anything sports-related (she refers to all sports as “athletics,” which is Nikki territory), and she told me she has the dirty hawts for both of those guys. Chicks, smh.

        1. Wouldn’t x2

      2. That video was so much better after reading your comment, Paul.


        1. You have terrible taste.

          1. That was not intended to be a reply to you. Your taste is not terrible. My apologies.

            1. No, it usually sucks. But, it’s gotten me this far, so I’ll keep it.

              Then again, you are my main man, CJ. 🙂

  15. A sample of his speech: “While our people are working so hard, almost all of the new wealth and income generated in America is going to the top one percent.”

    Bernie is a one-trick pony. Every time I hear this dreck about the “one-percent” I just think of the fur trapper Vasili in “We the Living” freezing his fingers and toes in Siberia to make his fortune. Yes, there are crony capitalists, there are trust fund brats, but there are a heck of a lot of more people working long, hard hours, creating something new. And they would be a lot better off, and buying a lot more stuff and services from the “99 percent” is their wealth were not being confiscated in the name of “fairness”.

    1. What’s funny he never mentions he will have to fleece the 99 pct to pay for all his free stuff

      1. See Penn & Teller on youtube explaining socialism. Not one of their best, but it does get the point across in a rather Thachteresque manner.

  16. please no bernie

    After the thread from yesterday, i am wondering if the guy isnt just an idiot, but evil.

    1. New here, are you, whirlwind?

      1. Yea new. Was getting into with that mtrueman character earlier.

        1. Sorry, guy. Stick with me, I’ll show you around.

    2. He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don’t let that fool you. He really is an idiot.

    3. I always try to go with “idiot” over “evil” just to give someone the benefit of the doubt. But in Bernie’s case, I think the answer is “both, in spades”.

      1. Yep let’s see:

        – more regs
        – speculation tax
        – govt healthcare
        – 15 min wage
        – 200B a year spending on infrastructure
        – youth conscription program
        – more SS benefits and taxes

        it is like he is trying to destroy the country

        1. – youth conscription program

          Like the Reichsarbeitsdienst?

      2. I’m the opposite. I always go with evil first. Except Bern seems like a genuine idiot.

        1. That’s what makes him dangerous

          1. Oooooh!
            /teenage girl

            /close enough

      3. Anyone who has spent his adult life admiring and playing footsie with Marxists is evil.

  17. Apparently Team Rubio is (privately but publicly) predicting wins in at least three states. So, that means 3rd place or better?

    1. Which ones, bassjoe? He’s not even close to Trump in Florida, and I can’t think of another state he’d be competitive in.

      Stranger things have certainly happened though.

    2. Which ones, bassjoe? He’s not even close to Trump in Florida, and I can’t think of another state he’d be competitive in.

      Stranger things have certainly happened though.

  18. Wonder if bernie who wants to jack up corporate taxes and min wage….realizes this will screw their employees. But hey fairness!

    1. Stocks would be cheap for a while though

      1. The market price would be cheap but the speculation tax would make it cost about the same.

        1. I am curious to know what his speculation tax really is

            1. Nice:)

  19. 1%, Kulak, Jew, Middle Peasant….whatever.

    1. Don’t forget wrecker, saboteur, and denialist.

      1. Only a counter-revolutionary would remember those terms!

    2. So, American?

  20. Anyone else getting tired of the bernie and his same old schtick? I hope the angry old man just goes out to pasture and retires

    1. Look on the bright side, T. Bernie SOTU Addresses would be awesome.

    2. Anyone else getting tired of the bernie and his same old schtick? I hope the angry old man just goes out to pasture and retires

      Um, yes … the entire Donk Party.

  21. Kasich at 25% so far in Vermont? What’s up with that?

    1. Kasich is the only GOPer not shitting on America.

      1. How is my stock doing? I don’t have the internet right now.

        1. I believe it’s losing to Syracuse.

          1. Oh, it’s winning. Slow and steady wins the race.

      2. Haha! You know not Kasich. He shits all over freedom of association.

    2. The state of Sane Republicans.

      1. K-Street Republicans. They want milquetoast establishment guys who are predictable.

  22. Its Hil-Dog Vs Il’ Trumpo the Dictator.

    Are all you fucking Peanuts satisfied now?

    1. Looking forward to those debates already!

    2. Yes. This has been the most amusing campaign season of my lifetime.

      1. Yes. This has been the most amusing campaign season of my lifetime.

        I have to agree. I’m 71.

    3. We were going to arrange a different candidate match-up, but decided Clinton vs Trump would annoy you more.

  23. CNN projects Clinton & Trump win AL & TN, Trump to take MA.

    1. That went quick

  24. The accounting matters not, the country loses.

  25. Is there a way to tell whether dems in open primary red sates are voting for Trump? Because if I was dem in Virginia or Alabama, I would totally vote for Trump. Neither Hillary nor Sanders will win that state.

    1. Compare turnout?

  26. “VERMONT (polls close 7 p.m.)


    Democrats: Bernie Sanders projected the winner based on exit polls.”

    And Vermont is French for Green Mountain and the sky is blue.

    1. So very glad that I did not get that job in VT years ago before I had my libertarian awakening.Those people are nuts!

    2. Votes: 88.7% Delegates: 10/10

      Feel the Bern!

      1. Heartburn?

  27. Anyone else who didn’t care for a Coke for years then get addicted to ice-cold Coke in cans and bottles (glass, not plastic)?

    1. I stopped drinking cola when I discovered Mt Dew a couple decades ago.

      1. I bought Dew Shine today for the first time. Fucking disgusting.

        Mountain Dew is perfect. Any deviation from the original recipe is by definition going to be shittier.

        1. I dunno that one but I have tried a couple flavor variations (cherry? blueberry? [it was blue, I dunno]) and you’re right they were disgusting.

          1. I had never seen it before. I snapped a pic. Tastes like Zima. There’s a reason that shit isn’t on the market anymore.

            1. Huh. I liked Zima. Especially when the supermarket was unloading it for like 2 dollars a six-pack because everyone hated it so much.

              1. Add a little grenadine and it got….well, better, I guess. Degrees and such.

              2. My sex life in college would have been very different without $2 six-packs of zima.

                i think there was a distributor or maybe even a bottler of the stuff in nashville, because the campus was lousy with the stuff.

                men of course wouldn’t touch the stuff (flexes muscle) Actually, that’s not true, we’d drink anything. But it was mainly for the ladeez

              3. “Huh. I liked Zima.”

                And you also like men.

                Coincidence? You decide.

        2. Code Red is just as good as the original.

          1. Don’t embarrass yourself.

            1. Don’t be a hater

        3. I like the Baja Blast flavor.

          1. This.

          2. Good, but only from the fountain at taco bell.

    2. I very rarely ever drink pop. Might have an occasional Sprite Zero with popcorn or pizza. That would be it.

      1. I only drink it with vodka, not at meals….

      2. Is that another of the low calorie variants?

        1. It’s zero calorie. They just call it that instead of diet now. Marketing people.

          1. Bah. If you want sweet, go with real sugar. The artificial sweeteners are worse for you.

            1. I don’t drink enough of it to matter seriously.

            2. Can’t stand the taste of sweeteners. Slightly essentialist, too. I’m not interested in trying that new sweet-plant they “found in the rainforest”.

          2. Not exactly. The Zero line is diet stuff that’s supposed to taste just like the regular versions.

      1. Not that it’s anything like Moxie, but if you get the chance to try one, I highly recommend Havana Cola Original.

        Damn, that’s a tasty beverage.

          1. It cost quite a bit to have 2 6-pks (bottles!!!) to me. Still, would do it again, since I don’t live anywhere near southern FL.

            1. *shipped to me.

              /damn edit button! *shakes Fist at the admins*

            2. Looks good. And glass bottles are vastly superior.

    3. I’m the freak who doesn’t like carbonated beverages.

      1. That rules out Coke, alright. Can’t drink the stuff other than cold either. Speaking of temperature, I can’t stand warm milk.

    4. The only soda which i develop physical cravings for Dr Browns Black Cherry

      (*the cream and Cel-Ray are very special too, but are not an addiction in my case)

      Runner up is Jarritos Lime, which i can’t eat taco-truck food without.

      1. Don’t pretend you know about beverages.

        *Checks Earpiece*

        Oh, you actually do.

      2. Hansen’s Root Beer is very good. Real sugar.

        1. It’s named for Hansen’s Disease, the nicer name for leprosy.

    5. Glass, glass bottle, plastic bottle, or can? Straws, anyone?

    6. My New Year’s resolution was to see if I can make it all year without drinking pop. Before that, I was an absolute Coke-holic, especially for the ones with real sugar.

      The first couple of weeks absolutely sucked, but I found that seltzer water with a bit of lime juice satiates my fizzy drink craving and I don’t have to worry about drinking all the crap in soft drinks.

  28. I’m not paying attention to this.

    Cleaned out the fridge, and then a Costco run.

    I’m going to drink my 11% beer and get my super ultra gourmet meals ready for the next week.

    Tonight: Sous vide beef short ribs with soy and sesame.

    1. Sous vide beef short ribs with soy and sesame.

      Could we name this thing more patriotically? Like, I dunno, independent of air pressure?

        1. You just outed yourself as John Kerry loving Frenchie.

        1. Originalist.

    2. I know I’m a heathen, but soy and sesame are for chicken cutlets only.

      1. So very wrong – Korean kal bi short ribs *homer drool*

        1. Eh. I will say that the Salt Lick BBQ sauce is soy based and, IMO, superior to pepper/vinegar based sauces. These are things we fight over in Texas. But I think the Salt Lick has the best sauce in the land.

          1. “superior to pepper/vinegar based sauces”


            Next you’ll tell me that beef brisket is better than pork.

  29. Hillary or Trump?

    Worst election cycle ever.

    1. Worst election since the last one.

      1. Romney would have been better than Hillary, Trump, or Sanders, that’s for sure.

        If the alternatives were Hillary or Romney, we’d be much better off.

        1. And Kerry would have been better than Hillary… people say “Worst election cycle ever” every 4 years.

          1. This one is worse than the others!

            If there isn’t anyone as “good” as Romney, then it’s worse than when Romney was running.

            I think this is worse than Obama/McCain.

            Al Gore would have been better than Hillary v. Trump!

            I can’t think of a time since World War II when the options have been worse than they are right now.

            1. Nixon McGovern?

    2. That’s like Stalin or Hitler. America must pick one.

      1. “That’s like Stalin or Hitler”

        Who would have been easier to kill? Seems like it would be Hitler based on geography and him being insane.

    3. You’re supposed to say, “MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVAH” so warty can feel vindicated.

    4. Still convinced that Trump’s ceiling is 30%

      1. Do you think so?

        It’seems possible that Cruz wins TX, AR, and OK tonight.

        1. It’s also possible Trump gets in a plane crash.

        2. It’s also possible Trump gets in a plane crash.

        3. No I am not. I was asking Ken. Forgot the question mark.

    5. It is still better than no election. But not by much.

  30. mencken needs to be on more high school curriculi

    1. curriculae

      1. Curricula. It’s a 2nd declination neuter noun.

        1. Caricula, cariculi

          1. 220, 221, whatever it takes…

        2. “Curricula. It’s a 2nd declination neuter noun.”

          It will also fly in through your window and drink your blood

          1. Can I presume you didn’t like Latin, either?

            1. I got a B. I hated reading aloud in class. Its a freaking dead language!? who am i supposed to be talking to, the local Catholic Priest?

              Shout out to my homes in Ecce Romani – Puella est laeta forever bae.

              1. The kid next to me always cracked up on “Procrustes”.

              2. “Puella est laeta forever bae.”

                Uh, yeah. What he said.

                1. Day 1, first paragraph of book 1 of the Latin texts used in every single classroom in the country (AFAIK) =

                  “Ecce! In pictura est puella, nomine Cornelia. Cornelia est puella Romana quae in Italia habitat. Etiam in pictura est villa rustica ubi Cornelia aestate habitat. Cornelia est laeta quod iam in villa habitat. Cornelia iam sub arbore sedet et legit. Etiam in pictura est altera puella, nomine Flavia. Flavia est puella Romana quae in villa vicina habitat. Dum Cornelia legit, Flavia scribit. Laeta est Flavia quod Cornelia iam in villa habitat.”

                  For some reason, everyone who has taken that class always remembers how ‘laeta’ everyone is. Girls are happy as fuck about everything.

                  1. Yup, I had that book too.

                    1. Plus, how is it that I remember that paragraph practically word for word? It was almost 30 years ago. Eerie.

                  2. Huh. I took one semester of latin in high school and I can read that.

                    1. Pedicabo et irrumabo te!

                      Bet you didn’t read any of THAT in highschool! As a Latin teacher it makes me sad that we don’t get kids more interested by starting with the interesting/violent/nasty stuff and make them suffer through stuffy textbooks like Wheelock and Ecce Romani.

          2. “Currycula”, starring Kal Penn, in theaters 2017.

            1. Wow, they really weren’t worried about AIDS in the 1970s.

    2. t-minus few hours before winston arrives and says something about the Kaiser

      1. Call him butter cause he’ll be on a roll.

    3. Ever read Happy Days, his memoir of growing up in Baltimore in the 1880s? Fascinating and funny.

  31. For all the tugging-at-forelocks and wringing-of-hands, Paul was the only candidate who was going to put a smile on at least some of us here.
    The rest of the field is and was uniformly ugly, albeit with some differences. Is Sanders worse than the hag? Maybe, if he could get congress to do his bidding. Trump worse than Cruz? Again, depending on what congress lets him get away with.
    So we’re stuck with commentary instead of any real discussions of the relative merits of the perps; they pretty much stink, and there’s not enough deodorant brands in the world to make ’em smell a whole lot better.

    1. My support for Cruz is based almost entirely on his winning a case in favor of the Second Amendment in front of the Supreme Court.

      1. Yeah, there are sparkles here and there, but it’s generous to mention that they are almost totally ephemeral.
        Hell, even Sanders supported A2 (for a while).

    2. And even if Paul were elected President, what could he have actually accomplished over the objection of Comgress? Stop worrying and thinking politics is that important or any of these people are that smart. The sad fed is these assholes deserve a Presindent Trump. Justice demands it.

      In times of crisis it is always good to quote Lincoln: “as was said three thousand years ago, so it must be said ‘the judgements of the Lord must be true and righteous altogether.”

  32. And:
    “No More Champagne: Churchill and His Money”, Lough

    Dumb sumbitch never learned to control his gambling or spending, so he was forever in debt. By huge amounts.

      1. Like reading about an alky ‘quitting drinking’, and then rewarding himself for a day’s sobriety with a binge.
        I keep reading for the same reason, thinking it’ll get better.

        1. rewarding himself for a day’s sobriety with a binge

          I can’t understand that sentiment.

          1. Being sober for a day? I hear ya.

        2. It partially explains why he made for such a terrible chancellor of the exchequer. He was also too busy dreaming up schemes to worry about money.

          1. Plus he was all for ‘social programs’ in the ’20s, and thereafter spent considerable time with his agents and legal help avoiding the taxes HE HAD ORIGINATED.

            1. If it wasn’t for Churchill constantly going broke, he never would have made a visit to the United States, would have never written so many books. Also, it helped him defeat Hitler ( this may not be true).

              1. “Also, it helped him defeat Hitler”

                According to his generals, we’d have done better if he stayed drunk and in bed.

                1. Churchill was a badass and the greatest orator (if not statesman) of the twentieth century. You can thank him that we’re not all goose stepping down Lincoln Strasse right now.

                  Post-modernist historical reinterpretations aside, no proggle sjws to impress around here so let the dead man and his legacy be.

                  1. Note: if the comment above appears bitchy, I apologize and excuse my petulance on the grounds that Donald Mussolini Trump just wom Super Tuesday :(.

      2. And danke.

    1. I love his son in law’s comment about how long the Rhodesian peace talks would take that he was called in to broker: “Thirty days.” “How can you be so sure?” “I have thirty bottles of Pol Roger left.” And so it took thirty days…

      Really a line that should have been said by Churchill himself, but life is never that neatly tied together. I am in awe at his written output, that he wrote mainly to try and defray the large debts he found himself owing, as Sevo writes.

  33. Hillary 2016; hate and castrate.

    I think the Donald might be hard to castrate.

  34. so the country is going to have to pick from a sleazy money-hungry con artist with a long record of failures and scandals…or Donald Trump. We’re fucked.

    1. I still can’t believe Americans are taking Hillary this seriously. It’s breathtaking.

      1. It’s her turn.

        1. She is experienced. She few over a million miles. She bombed nearly a dozen countries.

          What else do you want?

          1. I dunno, a properly translated reset button?

          2. Don’t forget she gets bonus points for not having a wiener!

      2. What’s even more breathtaking are the number of Americans righteously upset about Trump who are intellectually, righteously true believers in Hillary. I don’t mean the, “shit, I don’t like Hillary but I’m TeamBlue so I’ll have to vote for her”; I mean those who are real true believers.

    2. Hey! Bloomberg could get into the race!

  35. Clinton busy spinning fantasies about the Kochtopus destroying Flint.

    1. If the Republicans hadn’t been such government hating nihilists, it would have never happened.

  36. Nice win for Cruz, too bad for him he doesn’t get all the delegates. Of course, if he didn’t pick up Texas he was toast

  37. I’ve been reading a couple of good books about the October Revolution and the Russian Civil War lately, and I’ve got to say, it’s making me more conservative. No matter how bad the alternative, I’m reminded that leftism must be crushed at all costs, whenever and wherever it rears its ugly head.

    The Tsar sucked and his people were oppressed, no two ways about it. But holy shit, they weren’t massacred on the regular like they were under the Bolsheviks. There really is such a thing as a lesser of two evils.

    1. Which books, Jim?

      1. These two (two separate links).

        1. Haven’t read that.
          Here’s Pipes:…..revolution
          And Figes:…..revolution

          1. Hmm, I’ll have to read those.

            The first one of my links does a fairly good job of paining the bolshies as the bad guys, while not sparing the horrors perpetrated by the White armies.

            The second one of my links was written by an actual guy who grew up in the USSR, and is largely comprised of exerts from Nicholas and Alexandra’s diaries with narration to make it cohesive.

            1. BTW, while Pipes hates the commies, the Tsar and prior government get no passes from him.

          2. Sevo, if you’re in the mood for an unbelievably-good WWII-era history book, put this on the list

            I think i’ve mentioned it before. very detailed history of SE Asia in aftermath of WWII, and how each country had its own little (and not so little) wars of “decolonization”, ethnic-conflicts, chinese-marxist-influenced…. what’s remarkable about the book is how it manages to treat every one very specifically and not end up doing the typical paint-them-all-w/the-same-brush thing. Its a bit dense but worth it.

            1. Just added that to my wish-list…it looks fantastic. I absolutely adore books that deal with the issues in history that “fall through the cracks” due to their proximity to major narratives.

            2. *Adds to reading list*

              If you want a brutal WWII book, read The Fall of Berlin

              1. Russian soldier rape-fest kind of brutal?

                1. That’s part of it but also the complete animal nature of the fighting, the way the Russian generals didn’t give a shit about their own troops, the civilian casualties. I’ve read parts of it before but this was just really stark. One of the examples the author uses is that when Berlin expanded after reunification and they began building a lot of housing, in some places they were pulling up 100 bodies/day of people who had been killed in 1945.

              2. “If you want a brutal WWII book, read The Fall of Berlin”
                Tough read, similar to “Fall of Hitler’s Fortress City: The Battle for K?nigsberg 1945”, Denny

            3. Thanks, G. On the list.

          3. I recommend The Fall of Berlin 1945 by Antony Beevor. The suffering and loss of life is depressing, but the events are fascinating.

            1. I’ll second anything Anthony Beevor has written. I read his books on Crete and Stalingrad and both were great.

              1. Beevor isn’t bad, but I liked Michael K. Jones’ books on Moscow (The Retreat), Stalingrad and Berlin (Total War 43-45) much better. He spent more time getting interviews out of Soviet soldiers and there’s some horrible and some inspiring stuff in there.
                Plus, I got to learn some new stuff, like the German plan to put civilians into barbed-wire enclosures, bring in the typhoid victims so that it can spread among the civilians, then have the Red Army soldiers catch the disease when they liberated the camps.

                The Stalingrad book is probably my favorite, he tries to present a more complete picture of Chuikov than the idiot brute portrayed by Beevor.

                1. “Plus, I got to learn some new stuff, like the German plan to put civilians into barbed-wire enclosures, bring in the typhoid victims so that it can spread among the civilians, then have the Red Army soldiers catch the disease when they liberated the camps.”

                  OK, the Nazis were beyond brutal, but I gotta ask:
                  Was this a “German plan” or some plan proposed by a brown-nose fanatic?

                  1. According to the book, it was an actual German Army plan that was executed to the point that one Soviet rifle corps got taken out of action for a few weeks.

                    1. One of the memorable parts of the book involved the German air raid shelters, called Luftschutzraum or LSR. The joke was that the initials stood for “learnt schnell Russisch” (“learn Russian fast”). Foreign workers were not allowed into them.

    2. Well, I take that back, because the tsar did have massacres carried out against protesters and strikers. But it was massacres measured in the hundreds, or sometimes low thousands…not in the millions.

      1. I’m asking since Pipes makes it clear he despises the commies while Figes tries to finesse the actions of the slimy bastards.

      2. Some of the earlier tsars were pretty brutal, but that’s telling in itself i.e. to get to the magnitude of 20th century communists you have to compare them to 18th century monarchs (that would be like comparing 21st century radical Muslims to medieval Christians – but no one would be dumb enough to do that).

        1. Eh, Nicholas II may have topped 10,000 murdered during his reign, largely when putting down strikes or rural uprisings and urban protests.

          That would be an off week for the communists.

          1. I was thinking earlier than that. The slaughters after the Pugachev Rebellion in the 1770s were pretty bad.

            1. Oh I know, I just meant that Nicky doesn’t get to skate. He was a tyrant.

              Just a lot better option than what followed him.

              Or what followed what followed him, since the Provisional Gov’t was technically his replacement.

              1. Ain’t that the truth. The ProvGovt probably would have been one of the better government’s in Europe.

    3. Read about the French Revolution. It’s the same story. And it is never the poor who rebel and murder everyone. It’s all the half assed failed intellectuals angry that the world didn’t recognize their genius

      1. The commies actively hated the peasants, because they found them to be parochial conservative elements, who largely just wanted land reform and then to be left the hell alone.

        To be fair, there were significant peasant rebellions in Russia due to the land issue having been very poorly handled after serfdom was abolished (they weren’t allowed to sell or mortgage), but the rebellions were about that specific issue, not against the monarchy itself.

        The reds used terror against the peasants to extract enough grain to feed Moscow and Petersburg/Petrograd, and the peasants never forgot it.

        1. They were fucking animals. The Kaiser’s worst sin, worse than starting the war, was not shooting those miserable animals and instead turning them loose on Russia.

          1. Yep, ol’ Kaiser Bill really managed to fuck the entire world in the ass with that one. It makes me hate him more than most.

            It’s like me and Confederates. I hate them…but not because of proggie goodthinkness, but because they permanently sullied the (good) idea of secession in this country by forever associating it with about the worst fucking cause in the world that anyone could have gotten behind at that time.

            1. Yup. I hate the fucking South for that. And for forcing the country to choose between federalism or allowing those animals to maintain Jim Crow.

    4. Hi, have you read any books on the Vietnam war, the two nuclear weapons dropped on Japan, u.s. Support for paramilitary groups in Central America, or how Iraq is doing since the glorious liberation from Sacramento Hussein. He was a tyrant and mosdef worse than hitler.

      1. american socialist|3.1.16 @ 9:23PM|#
        “Hi, have you read any books on the Vietnam war, the two nuclear weapons dropped on Japan,”

        Yes, shitbag, as a matter of fact I have. Please tell us what you’ve read on the bombing of Japan, and why it was obviously the most humane alternative.
        I’ll be waiting.

        1. Please tell us what you’ve read on the bombing of Japan, and why it was obviously the most humane alternative.

          Let me be REALLY clear, I’m not siding with AmSoc on this. BUT, if you want to read a couple of provocative books that argue for dropping the bomb try Downfall by Richard B. Frank and

          1. …and Prompt and Utter Destruction by someone whose name escapes me. The latter argues for Hiroshima but is more ambivalent about Nagasaki.

            1. “The latter argues for Hiroshima but is more ambivalent about Nagasaki.”

              When I see alternatives offered, I now check for publication dates. If it is prior to Downfall, I ignore it, knowing it’s been OBE.
              And after reading Downfall, I have a hard time believing anyone could argue that one would have done it.

              1. Yeah, it’s earlier than Downfall. Been awhile since I read it but I don’t think he had access to the documents that Frank uses to show the Japanese government was fairly unimpressed by Hiroshima.

              2. The answer to “two too many” is “one not enough”.

          2. RN, see below; I was baiting commie-kid. I know full well that the alternatives would have been blood-baths.

            1. Ah.

              *Smacks head; adjusts sarcasm meter*

      2. Fuck off Tulpa. Stop trolling. No one is this fucking ignorant

      3. I’m curious what this has to do the topic at hand, since it was leftist democrats who dropped the bombs and started the Vietnam War, and the interventions in Central America were largely a bi-partisan affair (as they were carried out under dem and rep administrations).

        The only thing you have to stand on there is Iraq, and I’m certainly not going to defend that shit-show.

        1. And The Iraq war was done in the name of enforcing UN sanctions. It was a Wilsonian war if there ever was one.

          1. True that; neocons are progs with religion.

            So I guess really just like the original progs.

            1. without eugenics

        2. Gojira|3.1.16 @ 9:32PM|#
          “…since it was leftist democrats who dropped the bombs…”

          Only partly.
          For all of Truman’s ‘shoot-from-the-hip’ decisions, he did examine this one and consulted with plenty of folks who were not ‘new dealers’.
          By summer ’45, Japan was not about to surrender; they were hoping for some negotiated settlement that would leave them with what remained of their conquests, and treaty limitations on the Allied navies, so the Allies really had only four alternatives:
          1) The Allies could surrender (and actually Tony proposed this!). Truman would have been swinging from a rope in the portcullis.
          2) The Allies could have blockaded Japan and starved the population starting with the infants and elderly, since the soldiers are always at the front of the food line. Predicted deaths of starvation: 30-50,000,000.
          3) The Allies could have invaded, and Japan had made it clear that as far as the government was concerned, there were no Japanese civilians. Predicted deaths: 20,000,000 at minimum.
          4) Drop the nukes and hope. Phew! Surrender with somewhere between 150,000 and 200,000 deaths.
          What a RELIEF! Imagine the number of Japs living now who wouldn’t have otherwise.

          1. To be fair, I’ve heard an alternative proposed, that we should have dropped one in the sea just off Tokyo, after inviting the Jap gov’t to sit outside and have a look-see.

            Then, if they still didn’t surrender, bombs away.

            1. “To be fair, I’ve heard an alternative proposed, that we should have dropped one in the sea just off Tokyo, after inviting the Jap gov’t to sit outside and have a look-see.”

              That was never a valid alternative. It requires that the witnesses were honest, that they interpreted what they saw in sufficiently terrifying terms and that the bomb worked as planned.
              BTW, there were only two bombs available at the time.
              Suffice to say, it was examined based on the best info the US had at the time and rejected .
              See RN’s recommendation; Frank dissects *every* proposed alternative and ends up with nothing to offer.

          2. From Downfall which I referenced above, conservative estimates are that 100k people a month were dying in the regions occupied by the Japanese army.

          3. Why not offering Japan the opportunity for a conditional surrender?

            1. Because a) US was fucking pissed off and b) conditional surrender of German army led to the myth of “stab in the back,” so they weren’t going to have another go-around of “no, honest, we were totally winning (i.e. getting trashed to hell) when politicians asked for armistice (because we went to them and told them we were getting trashed to hell)”.

              1. Also, it would have been hard to come up with any conditional surrender that didn’t involve Allied troops in Japan and that would have been a pretty brutal situation.

            2. LynchPin1477|3.1.16 @ 10:20PM|#
              ‘Why not offering Japan the opportunity for a conditional surrender”
              See above and please read Downfall; the “surrender” Japan had in mind was, in effect, the Allies surrender.

            3. That wasn’t going to work or happen.

    5. Welcome to the dark side.

      Tolstoy didn’t seem to like them either as far as he described them in his novels; not that I know too much about his politics but it’s something I’ve detected in his books.

      I’m of the opinion leftism destroyed Western civilization. But that’s just me and my over-reading (like miles and miles and kilometers long) the whole thing.

      1. There’s a difference between young Tolstoy and old Tolstoy. Read The Sebastopol Sketches written by Tolstoy as a yute about his experiences during the Crimean War, and compare it to his religious mysticism later in life. It’s an interesting difference.

        1. I have only read War and Peace and it literally changed how I viewed the world I need to read more.

          1. I actually minored in Russian at Texas Tech, so I had three solid semesters of just Russian lit (19th century, early 20th, late 20th).

            If you’re ever looking for some good reads, The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky is much better than his more famous book. Here, Jesus comes back and is arrested by the Inquisition.

            Also, Fathers and Sons by Turgenev is great. It deals with issues as you were describing above; a spoiled intellectual angry at the world for not putting him on a pedestal.

            1. Brothers Karamazov is my other life changing book. I also love Forst Circle.

            2. Ah. Dostoyevsky. ‘The Idiot’ and ‘Crime and Punishment’ were wonderful reads.

              I took a Russian history class in university.

              1. Crime and Punishment still ranks as the best book I ever read (not favorite – best). Maybe it helped that I was 16, or that country was falling apart, but it was a really powerful moral argument I never heard before. It really impressed me that he did not dismiss secular argument for morality, but faced it head on, then showed where he felt it was inadequate, while still keeping the argument within one individual case, rather then getting on soapbox. Didn’t make me religious, but showed me that yes, smart people can be religious, too, oh and they heard your counter-argument before (something every 16 year-old should experience).

          2. I read that while recovering from ACL surgery back in the day when they didn’t allow you to put weight on the knee.

          3. The Last Temptation of Christ was like that for me. More the language than the religion. The contrast of the earthy language and the holy character.

        2. I’ll check that out later.

    6. You might want to check out The King of Vodka, a biography of Pyotr Smirnoff. It’s an interesting look at business operated under the tsars.

      1. Thanks, I’ll check that out.

  38. So does Rubio pack it in? He still hasn’t won anything.

    1. He’s running 2nd or 3rd pretty much across the board so highly doubtful. Heard someone talking about a strategy where Rubio and Kasich would team up as Prez/Vice right now and see what that does.

      1. a strategy where Rubio and Kasich would team up as Prez/Vice right now and see what that does

        “Kasich who?”

      2. Two guys who haven’t won a thing between them. Yeah that will work.

        1. They could go ahead and quite or try something different

          1. quit

  39. Yeap. Trump and Hitlerly take the day as predicted. Of course, not that hard to predict.

  40. Yeap. Trump and Hitlerly take the day as predicted. Of course, not that hard to predict.

  41. NBC is saying that Lil’ Taco is finished!

    1. Do you call your dongle lil taco?

      1. Usually, a different part is called the taco. The pink taco.

      2. He does because he’s a girl.

        1. Buttplug has a girl vagina? I believe it.

          1. I dunno, I’m just throwing insults around, because that’s what’s done around here.

            1. You’re the ginchiest.

              1. Sure, why not?

    1. First part is fact, second part is not. They might have left the party to vote against Trump.

      1. They might have simply been union democrats doing their part to ensure Hillary runs against Trump

        1. “The term Reagan Democrat is sometimes used to describe moderate Democrats who are more conservative than liberal on certain issues like national security and immigration.

          . . .

          The work of Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg is a classic study of Reagan Democrats . . . He concluded that “Reagan Democrats” no longer saw the Democratic party as champions of their working class aspirations, but instead saw them as working primarily for the benefit of others: the very poor, feminists, the unemployed, African Americans, Latinos, and other groups.

          Doesn’t that sound familiar?

          I absolutely believe that Democrats are registering as Republicans, and when registered Democrats can vote for Trump in the general election (as opposed to closed primaries), they will do so.

          Trump’s economic message is somewhere to the left of Bill Clinton’s. Trump may be more anti-free trade than Obama ever was. Obama has negotiated, what, three free trade deals?

          Colombia, South Korea, and I forget the other one.

        2. Yeah, no doubt some of them were. But Trump is getting a lot of Democratic supporters. That’s just one indication.

          1. Hey Papaya, I assume SF is San Francisco? Moving there this week. Any one else from on here live there? Any get-togethers ever?

            1. I believe Sevo hails from there.

            2. No and no. All the best meet-ups take place 382 miles south.

              1. LA is soooooo cool

                1. LA is soooooo cool

                  Hey, no need to get all insecure on me. I’m just saying our meet-ups are renowned throughout the Reasonsphere. Just ask Shackford.

                  1. I have heard of them. It is clearly jealousy bleeding through.

                    1. It is clearly jealousy bleeding through.

                      The Bay Area in a nutshell.

              2. The coolest peeps, and therefore meetups, are in Montana.

                1. And if someone didn’t fuck up their spring break dates…

                2. Frank make a funny. Hahaha!

            3. Suell also. And C. Anacreaon. But he hangs out with us.

              1. Any plans for another LA meetup? I haven’t seen you clowns since June. Am I out of the e-mail loop?

                1. That was the last one. We’ll try for something in March or April. It’s up to Jesse; he’s the secretary.

            4. Yes, I’m here, as is Sevo and Suell. Across the bay is C. Anacreon. Also Len Bias, but I haven’t seen him around here recently. And some lurkers. In fact Suell and I were just talking about a meet up. Email me at my handle and I’ll let you know.

              1. Excellent, thanks. I am not sure if I qualify as lurker or not. Was somewhat active before getting laid off, then helping start a business and moving to the mountains to ski months ago.

                1. “Was somewhat active before getting laid off.”

                  You worked for the government just like John?

                  1. Chemical industry. Did not see it coming, but glad to be following some long term goals now.

                    1. Also, don’t we all work for the government?

            5. “California values”

      2. “First part is fact, second part is not. They might have left the party to vote against Trump.”

        We’ve become so focused on Democrats as the party of racial division, we find it hard to imagine that there are white Catholic Democrats in the northeast who maybe don’t respond to the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter, gay rights, and forcing nuns to pay for birth control.

        Irish-Italian Catholics in the northeast can be just as socially conservative as anybody. They just don’t buy into guns and the redneck aesthetic the same way. But they don’t necessarily believe that the greatest priorites of government should be minorities, illegal aliens, and gays.

        Meanwhile, third and fourth generation Latino-Americans are becoming more and more like Irish-Italians all the time. They don’t necessarily feel white guilt over the treatment of slaves, and they don’t necessarily identify with illegal aliens either.

        1. legal immigrants really, really hate illegals

    2. Trump will have a lot of support with registered Democrats in the general election.

      Think of all the Democrats who would have voted for Trump but couldn’t becasue they aren’t registered Republicans.

      Think Reagan Democrats. Blue collar, middle class, registered Democrats who voted for Reagan becasue they saw the Democratic Party as having abandoned them to focus on the problems of minorities.

      If and when Trump wins the nomination (if he hasn’t effectively done so already), look for him to start seriously playing for blue collar Democrats. He’s gonna dial up on the economic populism.

      If Trump wins the White House, it’ll turn the Republican Party into something like the progressive right wing.

      We get to choose between the left wing flavor of progressivism or the right wing flavor or progressivism–and they call that “democracy”.

      1. Effective governance is not about politicians. It is about people.

        And people generally get the government they deserve. Good and hard.

        1. I don’t deserve it!

          1. “I don’t deserve it!”

            Me, neither, but I live in a ‘democracy’ so I get the gummint the voters deserve.
            It’d be nice if only they got it.

            1. A choice of three for Democracy?
              And they’re all parasites!


      2. Are there any Reagan Democrats left? I would of thought that they have all abandoned the Democratic Party by now.

        1. Blue collar, middle class, registered Democrats who voted for Reagan becasue they saw the Democratic Party as having abandoned them to focus on the problems of minorities.

          Oh definitely. It describes most of the (white) population of (say) NYC’s outer boroughs. Most of Long Island. Huge parts of upstate NY. And so forth.

          1. Of course the Dems have promised them free shit all along but I don’t think they’re seeing much of it.

            1. I don’t think the Democrats have been paying much attention to them on anything.

              ObamaCare was about expanding Medicaid.

              It would be one thing if the Republicans were all about capitalism, market competition, and free trade. Then working class, blue collar, Catholics might want the Democrats to protect them from that.

              But The Donald is saying everything about the economy that the Democrats to the left of Bill Clinton used to say. I’m not sure The Donald says anything that couldn’t be printed in the UAW newsletter.

              They’re not about to endorse a Republican. I’m just sayin’.

              1. Well, Long Island for example was solidly Republican until quite recently. It’s not like the Dems have a lock there.

              2. I don’t think that union members are going to necessarily follow their union’s endorsement. Hillary’s husband signed NAFTA, and Trump says he’s going to bring back blue-collar jobs.

        2. “Are there any Reagan Democrats left?”

          If Trump wins the White House, they’ll call this bunch “Trump Democrats”.

          It isn’t the exact same people. I’m saying it’s the same forces at play and the same sort of demographic.

          These are maybe blue collar middle class people, who have been neglected by the Democratic Party.

          And they were largely Catholic.

          Trump’s economic populism (against illegal immigration and against free trade) are what’s attracting them.

          I’m not saying Donald Trump is like Ronald Reagan in policy. But the Democrat demographic that’s responding to Trump is the same Democrat demographic that brought Reagan to power.

          What is it about Black Lives Matter and gay rights that appeals to middle class white Catholics? Those were wedge issues–not the whole Democrat platform! It’s just a symptom of the Democratic Party losing its base.

  42. My wife is drinking heavily. I have to work tonight, but I did join her for what our friends call “blood orange martinis”. I put it in quotes because vodka, triple sec, lemon juice with blood orange juice floated on top in a martini glass is not a martini. But for two, go 3-2-1 vodka, triple sec, lemon juice. And with that much alcohol, it will sneak up and hurt you. I switched to beer after one. Usually at parties about the third one, people start stumbling and laughing at nothing.

    1. One hit off of good reefer and people start stumbling and laughing at nothing.

      1. I get a random screening for work. Everyone at my company gets a random screening. 10% of the company any given month. Given that I’ve been called for one in 15 months, I’m due for two close together in the next 15 months. When my kids are older and its all legal, I’ll take a different job and we’ll have different nights.

    2. I could go for a Long Island Iced Tea right about now.

    3. Just the third? Lightweights.

      *Swigs freely from Mickey’s*

    4. Yeah, Kamikazes were always my go to shot

  43. WANT

    its a little silly and hideous but i appreciate it for the pure “mad max”-chic

    1. That made me think of this.

      1. Now the DOW grenade launcher I would definitely go for if I could:)

      2. The US military currently has a 6-round, 40mm version … that thing in the Dogs of War I think only ever existed in movies, tho the design (as they mention) was based around a tear-gas gun that was used for decades.

        1. Yeah. they make a full-auto jeep mounted one as well:)

    2. Cool but my list is already way too long.

  44. Marco in Minnesota?

  45. Trump talking. WTF is Christie doing standing behind him?

    Sanders winning OK. Wut?

    1. Christie’s throwing all his weight behind Trump now.

      1. Yeah but he looks a sad lapdog angling for a treat. Like “VP” or “AG”.

        1. There’s probably a good reason he looks like that.

          1. *shudder*

            I would fear Christie as AG more than Trump as pres.

      2. He may have to eat those words.

  46. Can an algorithm account for what a government employee will do?…..SKCN0W22DG

  47. Trump is winning because the GOP opposes Obama. You have to go to a pretty expensive college to get this stupid.….._nuts.html

  48. Presidential candidate switching parties to run as a Libertarian.


    1. Vote boot, vote often.

  49. Stossel to host Libertarian Presidential debate?…

    1. Gary who? I’m not sure how some ex-Mexican governor is even qualified to run for US president. McAfee has the name recognition.

      1. In many cases, that recognition is “GET THAT SHIT OFF THE PC!”

        1. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than “crazy person”.

        2. “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”

          I never forgot to uncheck a box and then had to remove GayJay from my computer.

    1. I was expecting this.

      1. Sorry, I was born in ’91.

        1. That doesn’t absolve you of your responsibility for knowing the classics.

        2. Jesus. I remember ’91. Get off my fucking lawn.

  50. Here in Kansas the KU students are protesting ESPN because they scheduled the KU basketball game during the Democrat caucus. Apparently they believe ESPN is working with Clinton to suppress Sanders voters.

    1. Haybob…perfect handle for someone from KS. I rather enjoyed staying at my buddy’s lake house in Wichita, though. It was probably the lake house that sealed it.

  51. Ha its a long time family nickname… Kansas isn’t that bad, the media loves to portray us as dumb ultra right wing Christians who don’t believe in evolution but here in the KC area its very diverse.

    1. Kansas City was a good time. We went to Joe’s for dinner and breakfast, in that order.

    2. ” Kansas isn’t that bad” is not quite a ringing endorsement.

      1. The food is.

      2. Lets be honest Kansas isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think I want to go on vacation. But there are a lot of misconceptions and confusion about the state. Also refrain from making Wizard of Oz comments we’ve heard them all.

        1. It is the home of Rock Chalk Jayhawk as well as baby Mangino. How can you top that?

        2. I’m sure Kansas is very nice. Just yanking your chain

    3. True, there are also lots of dumb populist liberals. It’s a diverse rainbow of stupidity, like most states.

  52. Interesting, the “not Trump” delegates total is higher than Trump’s so as soon as Kasich, Carson and either Cruz or Rubio drop out, there might be a chance.

    1. I don’t see either Cruz or Rubio dropping out before the convention. Whether that allows Trump to win or not, well, we’ll see.

    2. Needs to happen before the winner-take-all primaries come along. It’s a game of chicken. Cruz is too much of an egotist to take one for the team and drop out.

  53. The original in the gas station?

    1. Is that the one down in the old part of Olathe?

      1. Dunno, 47th and Mission St on the Kansas side of Kansas City.

      2. The gas station Joes is just barely in Kansas City, Kansas. There 2 newer locations in Olathe and another in Leawood.

        1. there are*

  54. Some Sanders people came to my door Saturday. I told them I wasn’t allowed to vote in primaries, but they told me the Oklahoma Democrats were allowing independents to vote this year. Came as a huge shock to me.

    So I went and voted in my first primary ever today.

    I considered the idea of Sanders, simply because I’m so terrified of HIllary winning, but I just couldn’t stomach the thought of Comrade Bernie either. I wondered if maybe Jim Webb was still on the ballot, but he wasn’t. (O’Mally was, though.)

    There were four or five names listed that I’d barely heard of, or hadn’t heard of at all. I picked the one that sounded coolest.

    I’m sure it’s some wannabe tyrant, but at least it wasn’t one of those two horrors.

  55. Cruz may well walk away with as many, perhaps more, delegates tonight. Pop vote going to be close too

  56. Cruz vs Clinton would probably be as bad a loss for the GOP as they got in 2008.

    Trump vs Clinton would be more like 1984 with the parties switched, and the GOP would be covered in the Donald’s stink for a generation. Plus you know the dipsticks that voted for him in the primary this year would do it again in 2020.

    1. I’ve come to believe Trump *could* win in the general, though I think it unlikely. But his campaign is one of blue collar populism. Sanders’ campaign was one of socialist populism. The distance between those two is not that far and, I think, largely generational.

      If Trump can lay off the bigotry and focus his ire on Wall Street and offer up student debt relief, it would be a power hybridization of the populist Tea Partiers and Occupy.

      1. There is always hope that Clinton gets indicted…

      2. Honestly, I think Trump can get elected in the general. I don’t think he can keep it together for four years and win re-election. But he can get elected. He’s Clinton’s kryptonite. Nothing is off-limits to him. He’ll make sure to remind everyone that Hillary spear-headed all of the suppression of Bill’s rapey conquests. And stuff that was dicey in the 90s is completely beyond the pale now. And Sanders will be the Mondale of the current generation if he somehow gets nominated.

  57. I just want to leave this here for anyone who presumes commie-kid has an ounce of credibility:

    “american socialist|3.1.16 @ 9:23PM|#
    Hi, have you read any books on the Vietnam war, the two nuclear weapons dropped on Japan, u.s. Support for paramilitary groups in Central America, or how Iraq is doing since the glorious liberation from Sacramento Hussein. He was a tyrant and mosdef worse than hitler.”

    After which shit-bag got bitch-slapped with all sorts of specific responses and somehow never found it possible to respond to those.
    So, is there an innertubze-recognized symbol for a Bronx cheer? Pretty sure we all know one who deserves it…

  58. Minnesota is so strange. It is so strange that I want to live there, but it also seems so boring. How can it be both boring and strange? It’s like a David Lynch movie of a state.

    1. Minnesota is cold in the winter. I mean, it’s cold. Nice people; they’re almost Canadian.
      If you enjoy ice fishing for walleye, or snowmobiling, it’s great.
      I do not care for that level of cold.

  59. Well, I NEVER!

    “FBI admits it wants access to even more smartphones”
    “FBI Director James Comey told Congress on Tuesday that if the government succeeds in forcing Apple Inc. to unlock an iPhone owned by one of the San Bernardino shooters, the case would establish a precedent that could be used to gain access to data in many more iPhones, an acknowledgement that runs counter to the agency’s earlier contention that the case is limited to a single device.…..864178.php

    Who’d a think it?

  60. For the first time, I’m almost glad my vote doesn’t matter in Massachusetts. I’d vote LP in any case, but at least I don’t have to feel like my vote is contributing to either Hillary or Trump winning — and I’m not sure who would be worse.

    It’s Kang vs. Kodos 2016…

  61. On the “I’m glad I don’t live in a proggie area front” I’ve been watching my nephew while my sister works. He’s 3 and his mom hasn’t cut his hair yet. So he has blonde locks. I take him out to socialize at the play land at the local Burger King every now and then, and most kids and parents assume he’s a girl at first because of the hair, and he had hearing problems for the first few years, so he’s behind on his language skills. So if people ask him if he’s a boy or a girl, he just says “I’m Bobo” (his nickname). So today I was telling him that he should say he’s a boy, but his siblings are girls and his cousins are are all girls so he says “I’m a girl”. So I told the little boy he met today at the play land “He might say he’s a girl, but he’s a boy”. I’m sure I would have been attacked for not letting a 3yr old self identify in a more proggie area.

  62. Hillary got just under 1.5 million votes in 2008, and it looks like she’ll falls short of that in 2016.

    And around this time in 2008, both Edwards and Biden dropped out and the rest were inconsequential.

    The under 28-30 age crowd, just aren’t feeling Clinton.

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