Donald Trump

Early Super Tuesday Wins Demonstrate Donald Trump's National Appeal

Trump is not a niche candidate.


Gage skidmore / Foter

Donald Trump was projected to win big in today's Super Tuesday primary contests. And so far, the projections look like they are holding up.

Although the night is still young, he appears to have won victories in four states: He's projected to win in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Massachusetts, according to CNN. [Update: Trump is also projected to win in Virginia, according to Fox News, giving him a significant win in a state where some had hoped Marco Rubio might have a chance.] 

These wins demonstrate Trump's broad national appeal. Trump appeals to the more secular, relatively moderate—even, in some sense, liberal—GOP voters in Massachusetts, because of his outsider status and his blunt rhetoric. But he also appeals to the more religious, staunchly conservative voters in southern states.

We've already seen some early evidence of Trump's mass appeal: He's won in New Hampshire and South Carolina and Nevada, after all. But Super Tuesday looks set to prove that Trump's fanbase really is as broad as it seems.

The common denominators for Trump fans appear to be a generalized anger at government (especially in the South), a desire for an outsider candidate, and a sense that Trump is willing to say things that no other candidate will say.

All of which suggests that frustration with government, exasperation with the failures of the Republican party, and opposition to the political status quo are, at least within the GOP, both geographically diverse and intensely felt throughout the country. Yes, Trump appeals somewhat more to men, and to voters with less income and education, but what Trump's wins so far suggest is that these are not niche sentiments, limited to a few states or a single region of the country, at least where Republicans are concerned. And as a result, like it or not, Donald Trump is not a niche candidate. 

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  1. When you own a big chunk of the bloody third world
    The babies just come with the scenery.

  2. I dont like trump in the least but at least he's not a religious fanatic or a Marxist

  3. Let me explain the Trump phenomenon with one name: Lois Lerner. The individual in charge at the IRS who denied conservative/libertarian organizations non-profit status on the basis of their beliefs. She is the epitome of the Obama administration for many, and now they want revenge. And Trump is just the perfect kind of bully to do it.

    The political media 'elite' still don't understand this and probably never will.

    1. You might be right, but that makes no sense.

      Trump has vowed to punish his enemies, which includes probably half the Republican party and any member of the press which writers a bad story about him (which includes a lot of conservative media)

      1. Sure but the established political class are not the ones supporting him. Trump's main base is the crowd. The low-info, unprincipled, but still hyper-partisans.

    2. I agree with you, but I think it goes further than that. Trump is a reaction to the "only black lives matter", "white privilege", "all white people are racists", "all conservatives are crazy, and if not crazy then stupid" drumbeat of the left.

      Trump is a big, fat, "fuck you" from the silent majority who are fed up with being vilified as stupid, inbred monsters.

      I think Trump will be a terrible president, but I take great pleasure in seeing him tell the morons on the left to shut the fuck up.

      1. Good point. It's just a continuation of the culture war, of course.

        Unfortunate that human liberty is subject to such emotional posturing.

        1. I think the combined forces create a "new" silent majority; people who are fed up with political correct bs but also with Trump's shtick. People who are upset with how things are, but aren't so keen on burning the whole damn thing down. Unfortunately it doesn't look like there's anyone capturing this sentiment, although that might not be such a bad thing as it seems every vessel of frustration amounts to hardcore authoritarianism (Trump, Sanders).

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