Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar Climate Change Grandstand

Climate change is not biggest problem facing indigenous and underprivileged people.



Actor Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar for best actor for his role in the snow hell movie, The Revenant. A long-time and vocal environmental activist, DiCaprio took the opportunity to spotlight his concern over man-made global warming in his acceptance speech. His foundation has committed to spending $15 million on environmental causes including on climate change activism. Citing surface temperature data, DiCaprio declared that humanity had "collectively felt in 2015 as the hottest year in recorded history." On the other hand, satellite temperature data from climatologists at the University of Alabama in Huntsville suggest that 2015 was third warmest year since 1979 when satellite measurements began. The past year was particularly warm because of a large El Nino in the Pacific Ocean in which a massive amount of warm water sloshes toward South America from Asia. The phenomenon warms the atmosphere, but now appears to be fading which suggests that 2016 will be cooler than last year. 

DiCaprio further asserted that climate change "is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating." DiCaprio is right that global average temperatures have been rising in recent years, but, as an article in Nature Climate Change just last week acknowledged, temperature has been rising much less rapidly than projected by most computer climate models. If this lower rate were sustained, it would substantially undercut claims that the world faces an urgent and impending climate catastrophe.

DiCaprio also stated, "Our production needed to move to the southern tip of this planet just to be able to find snow." Apparently the original plan was to shot the entire movie in Canada, but a persistent high pressure ridge over the Pacific Coast of North America produced an unseasonably warm winter in the Western U.S. and Canada. On the other hand, the Eastern U.S. and Canada suffered through a "polar vortex" winter with plenty of snow. Perhaps the producers should have moved the filming from British Columbia and Alberta to Quebec and upstate New York.

In any case, the producers used southern Argentina as a snowy location. Originally the filming was reportedly supposed to wrap by March, 2015, but did not finish up until August, 2015 when it just so happens to be winter in Argentina and summer in Canada. Citing warmer than average temperatures in western North America for one specfic year as dispositive evidence for global warming makes as much sense as citing colder than average temperatures in eastern North America in the same year as evidence for global cooling.

DiCaprio expressed his concern for how climate change will deleteriously affect "indigenous people of the world, for the billions and billions of underprivileged people." First, the good news is that the World Bank reports that absolute poverty (defined as living on less than $1.90 per day) has now fallen below 10 percent of the world's population. The global rate of absolute poverty was 37 percent as recently as 1990. In large measure this amazing improvement in poverty rates stems from hundreds of millions of poor people gaining access to modern energy supplies. Total electric generating capacity has more than doubled since 1990 and most of that energy is produced by burning fossil fuels. DiCaprio would be better advised to direct his aid toward connecting the 1.2 billion underprivileged people who are still without electricity to modern power plants.

Finally, DiCaprio decried "big polluters" and the "politics of greed." It is true that private energy production companies are guilty of trying to make profits for their shareholders. But DiCaprio should keep in mind that governments control over 90 percent of the world's oil reserves and 50 percent of the world's coal reserves.

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  1. Gimme a D! Gimme an O! Gimme a U! Gimme a C! Gimme an H! Gimme an E!

    What does that spell? Leonardo DiCaprio!

      1. What percentage of the views of that video come from you posting it here?

        I’m guessing 95%.

        1. I’m just here to educate.

  2. He will provide an example for us all, abandoning private jets, limos, big houses….right Leo?

    1. The biggest one is the private jets and yachts. Give them up. Until then, SHUT THE FUCK UP

      1. “The biggest one is the private jets and yachts. Give them up. Until then, SHUT THE FUCK UP”

        I’ll believe them when the sell their Malibu homes for cheap.

        1. You can sustain a large Malibu home with a relatively small carbon footprint. I’m not saying any of these hypocrites do it, but it can be done.

          You can’t do it with a private jet or yacht. Period.

          1. I’m talking about the rising sea level.

            1. Ah.

              No, they won’t sell on the cheap.

              They’ll just wait until the house gets washed away in a storm and then collect taxpayer subsidized federal flood insurance.

              1. And then make a movie about it!

            2. He has a private fucking island that amounts to a large sandbar. He just needs to get the plebs in line so that the Eco-lodge he’s building isn’t consumed by the sea.

              I want to see 3 feet of sea level rise now just to see his island disappear.

          2. You can’t do it with a private jet or yacht.

            Partly right. If your yacht is a sailboat, there’s not much of a carbon footprint. Of course, I don’t think that’s what we’re dealing with here.

          3. you can’t afford to pay for a large Malibu home in the first place without making tons of money using tons of carbon.

      2. I’m sure he has a Nissan Leaf somewhere in the bowels of the 15 car garage.

        1. The only outlet is in the bowels.

          1. My only outlet is in the bowel. Don’t like when things are plugged into me though. particularly not some pussy Nissan Leaf.

    2. No, because he had to fly to south America to make movies warning about what happens when you spew too much carbon into the air. You have no such noble cause, so no dispensation for you.

    3. Not to worry, Leonardo, Chuck Shumer is going to see to it that the airlines give more leg room in coach. And, when air fares go up, there will fewer hoi polloi sharing the cabin with you.

    4. Well if he has a beach front home apparently he isn’t to concerned about sea levels rising.

  3. “DiCaprio also stated, “Our production needed to move to the southern tip of this planet just to be able to find snow.” Apparently the original plan was to shot the entire movie in Canada, but a persistent high pressure ridge over the Pacific Coast of North America produced an unseasonably warm winter in the Western U.S. and Canada. On the other hand, the Eastern U.S. and Canada suffered through a “polar vortex” winter with plenty of snow. Perhaps the producers should have moved the filming from British Columbia and Alberta to Quebec and upstate New York.”

    I’m so opposed to global warming that I took part in a film production that flew enormous numbers of people and equipment to the other side of the planet.

    1. The lack of self-awareness is astounding.

      1. That could be said, literally, at every moment of the Oscars.

    2. Argentina is on the same side of the planet as the US, the western hemisphere.

      1. Depends on which way you slice it. Sphere’s don’t really have sides.

        1. *** rising intonation ***

          What about inside and outside?

          1. Strictly speaking, 2D surfaces don’t have those either.

            1. Strictly speaking, 2D surfaces don’t have those either.

              But we’re talking about the total 3D object, not just the set of points on its surface.

              1. But a sphere isn’t a 3D object. That would be a ball. If you have a sphere embedded in 3 dimensional space, it divides the space into inside and outside, but the sphere itself has just the one face.

          2. Though I would like to see DiCaprio travel to the center of the earth looking for snow.

          3. Spheres and toruses are not the same thing, that we know.

        2. Sphere’s don’t really have sides.

          They don’t have tips either.

          1. Sharp as a bowling ball

    3. There’s plenty of snow in the Pacific Northwest this year. Plenty.

    4. I’m so opposed to global warming that I took part in a film production that flew enormous numbers of people and equipment to the other side of the planet…

      because we *couldn’t* predict that all the snow would fall on *this* side!

    5. Also, I find it odd that one can get a “best actor” award for doing only two emotions: agony and anger.

      I realize the budget that film had required a box office draw actor. But I thought the academy was more about the craft than the financing. Guess I was wrong. The movie was good, but there were so many continuity problems it cannot be considered “great” by anyone with an IQ over 90.

      1. He got it because it was his turn.

        1. That bodes well for Hillary.

    6. They all drove there in a Prius. One Prius. In one trip. /progderp

    7. The filming ran over schedule. The fact that there was less snow in Canada in August is not evidence of global warming. It is evidence of seasons. He worded his speech deceptively. You should not have to use deception or exaggeration to support your views, if they are valid. And we should not be getting our information about climate science from someone with a GED. Even if he is famous.

      My statement is not about the reality or validity of climate change. It is about actors assuming that being famous makes their opinions more valid than anyone else with the same educational background.

  4. Some of you may be wondering why DiCaprio would bother to talk about climate change after winning an Oscar, but after years of seeing him and other celebrities in action, I’ve come to the conclusion that there isn’t anything that celebrities don’t know.

    1. They’re pretty smart.

    2. Never question the Film Actors Guild, Ken.

    3. They don’t need teleprompters, so they are smarter than Dear Reader. That’s pretty smart!

    4. there isn’t anything that celebrities don’t know

      hmmmm, that sounds like you might be saying celebrities are ignorant about everything.

    5. The funny part is, he read Matt Damon’s acceptance speech by mistake, but they were so similar he didn’t notice.

      1. Thread winner.

      2. Did he also blow Ben Affleck afterwards or just read the speech?

        1. Well if he did, he probably broke Susan Sarandon’s heart.

  5. Sidebar: Wasn’t there a libertarian party debate this weekend in Mississippi? There is no reporting on it pretty much anywhere I can find, but I was hoping Reason would at least mention it. Maybe something later?

  6. This naturally raises the question:

    Who is dumber? Leo DiCaprio, or Matt Damon?

    1. Leo, by far. Matt Damon knows he’s full of shit.

      1. “You wanna read a real history book? Read Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States. That book’ll knock you on your ass.” – Matt Damon

        1. “You fuckin’ libertarians baffle me. You spend all your money on these fuckin’ fancy books. You surround yourselves with ’em. They’re the wrong fuckin’ books!”

          1. Well, that’s just intrinsically paternalistic.

            1. At least he wasn’t unoriginal.

        2. Oh, please say he didn’t.

          1. Okay. “He didn’t.”

        3. He didn’t actually recommend Howard fucking Zinn in real life did he? Guy is a freaking leftist crank!

    2. Being that Leo is fucking a different blonde beauty every few months, I’ll have to go with Matt.

    3. Matt Damon unironically cited the brilliance of Howard Zinn in his first movie, the script of which he personally wrote.

      Damon by a mile.

      1. ^All of the This

      2. So DiCaprio is clueless while Damon is actively stupid. Sounds legit.

    4. well Matt Damon is married. So him.


    6. That’s the kind of question one could contemplate to reach enlightenment. I can see a zen master posing it as a riddle to a student.

      “Who is dumber, DiCaprio or Damon?”

      “Master, what is the sound of an empty sack dumping out its contents?”

      “My son, I have nothing left to teach you.”

      1. (golf clap)

        1. A golf clap with only one hand.

      2. I’m shamelessly ripping this off.

    7. Look at the pic. Leo’s head is physically growing bigger!

      1. It’s a virtual planetoid with its own weather system.

        1. It’s like an orange on a toothpick…

      2. He’s turning into Orson Welles. Except for the talent part.

  7. This is what happens when you give someone without an education a microphone.

    I can deal with the things stupid people say, it’s the ignorant ones I have no tolerance for.

      1. Reagan:

        The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant…

    1. Likely renewing his membership in the Mile High Club with a different blonde model on each flight.

      1. That’s some global warming even I could get into!

      2. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

  8. You who finally got the point across of how big of a problem this is? at the end of the day it wasn’t the fancy charts, graphs and faggy science. No, it was a guy who frequently parties on private yachts, jetsets around the world shooting movies and bangs 20 year old super models.

    1. You *know who finally

      1. …the most urgent threat facing our entire species…

        Somehow I don’t see the fact that the weather might be getting slightly more pleasant for human flourishing as a the most urgent threat to our entire species.

        1. Mankind was made to suffer in the best of all possible worlds.

        2. Some would dare claim it is widespread government bankruptcy and failed financial engineering. You could even be so ignorant as to warn that overt government corruption and pending wars might be a threat to the citizens of the world.

  9. Is Mr DiCaprio not making a profit for himself on every gig? Is he complaining abut the 1% of the 1% who make more than he does?

    1. His money is pure because of intentions. He’s decrying the “politics” of green….totally different.

      1. It’s a type of money laundering except in this case it’s guilt laundering. Being green (the color of envy ironically) permits the washing of his ill-gotten gains and presto! You’re laundered.

    2. I wonder what the total amount of tax subsidies his films have received; monies which could have been spent “saving the world”. But you know got to fight the “politics of greed”, right Leo.

  10. Clarence Thomas reminded people he is still alive today by asking his first question in nearly a decade.

    1. ?

  11. When they start acting like global warming is really a crisis, I might consider recycling my plastic bags. That means every enviro-celeb must give up private jets, yachts, huge ocean-front mansions, SUVs, and even meat.

    Until then, fuck off.

    1. Progressives never pay the price for their policies. That’s for the little people.

  12. Sometime Reason contributor Brendan O’Neil has an article on Spectator blog on the same subject:

    …Leonardo DiCaprio did his best impression of an earnest but dim sixth-former in his infantile speech about evil polluters plotting against poor Mother Earth. That he did this while accepting the Best Actor gong for a film that is literally all about how mental Mother Nature is ? The Revenant ? confirmed that he really is just a pretty face.

    ‘Climate change is real, it is happening right now’, said Leo, to vigorous applause, of course, since believing in climate change is to the 21st century what believing in God was to the 14th: do it or you’re screwed. If an actor had taken to the stage and said, ‘Meh, I’m not convinced by this climate-change lark’, he’d have been elbowed out of Hollywood polite society faster than you could say ‘Joseph McCarthy’.

    We shouldn’t ‘take this planet for granted’, decreed DiCaprio. Mate, your award is for a film in which a bear nearly kills you, the cold almost consumes you, and you have to sleep inside a horse just to keep warm. If you had any sense your speech would have been: ‘Nature is a bitch. Seriously. The more mankind can do to tame her, the better. Industrialise everywhere.’

    1. So is Brendan O’Neill still hilariously pretending to be leftist on the grounds that he wrote for Marxist publications like 10 years ago? The only time he mentions allegedly being a Marxist is when he’s using his supposed Marxism to talk about how capitalism isn’t so bad.

      1. As far as I know, Spiked Online, which he edits, is still theoretically anarcho-Marxist publication (or something). They do from time to time rage against corporate interests and crony capitalism, but for years now, every time I go there, it’s mostly about free speech issues and government overreach.
        They do have a boner against Third Way Blairism, and aren’t as critical of what preceded it, I guess…

      2. Isn’t he getting picked up by NRO on occasion as well?

        1. Like 90% of his writing is criticizing leftists for attacks on free speech with the remainder spent saying things like “I’m totally a Marxist guys, but don’t you think you’re being a bit too hard on capitalism?”

          He’s the “left-wing” version of someone like Josh Barro, who is totally a conservative, you understand, it’s just that he spends almost all his time attacking Republicans.

          1. Maybe his critiques of Marxists is similar to that of Hitchens. It goes something like this. Marx actually did believe in markets and market forces. But he believed that capitalism would so radically change the world that it would naturally give way to socialism and thence to communism as civilization outgrew scarcity. Most Marxists, on the other hand, talk as though market forces are a mere annoyance to be regulated out of existence or an evil conspiracy perpetrated by the evil capitalists. This is tangentially related to what Marx preached, but it’s a pretty dumbed-down version of Marx, which is saying something.

          2. Why *wouldn’t* a conservative attack Republicans?

  13. Sounds like some pretty serious business to me dude. Wow.


  14. Now that I’ve had a chance to think about it, this is a good thing.

    Al Gore was bad at leading the global warming movement.

    Leo DiCaprio is even worse. GOOD. I want his name an face associated with every single global warming press release from this day forward. I want him cited in every single article. Poor people are going to love it.

    1. I haven’t thought about it but you’re right. Having this guy beating the drum for any cause that involves some form of austerity is counterproductive to the cause. Keep it up Mr. Dicrappio.

    2. “Leonardo DiCaprio, taking time off from his busy schedule of flying to a private island in a chartered jet while getting blown by this week’s super model, recently explained the need for the poor to buy Priuses rather than driving the gas guzzling trucks they need for their small flooring businesses.”

      You may have a point here.

  15. He said his piece and then hopped in his Learjet for a well deserved trip to the French Riviera (not true, just making a point). If I really thought what the alarmists supposedly think about climate change and its implications, I’d be worried and would live a vastly different lifestyle than most of these people live. Fuck that guy.

    1. If I really truly believed all the worst predictions, I still wouldn’t do anything differently (except maybe sell my beach house and buy something in the mountains if I were some rich celeb). Because it’s still ridiculous to expect that people will change their behavior so drastically and quickly as we are told needs to happen to stave off disaster.

    2. One man giving up his luxurious lifestyle moves the inflection point. Millions of people forced to endure penury moves the entire graph.

      /green Stalin

    3. Ed Begley and Ted Danson need to take him aside and mentor him. Start by losing the Great Gatsby look. And don’t they make jets that run on recycled deep fryer oil or something?

      1. Ed Begley is like insane about it but at least he does more than bloviate.

        1. Ed Begley gave up acting to reduce CAGW. Oh wait, nevermind. It was audiences that gave up watching his horrible acting.

      2. It’s like Howard Hughes giving a lecture on the joys of being frugal-an absolute joke.

  16. I hear Arnie was great in ‘Yawn’.

  17. Bailey could have saved a lot of typing by just saying that DiCrapio was, is and will always be an idiot.

  18. And people wonder why I haven’t watched the Oscars in a quarter-century.

  19. Did he also apologize for glorifying the pestilential incursions of the white man into the pristine and peaceful lands of the First Peoples, via the movie for which he won the oscar?

  20. I’m sure Dicaprio cares about people in extreme poverty since even libertarians care about people in extreme poverty.

    As an exercise, let’s accept the World Bank definition of extreme poverty as making less than $2/day in constant 1985 $ at purchasing power parity. Their data (Bourguignon and Morrison) go back to 1850. NASA’s atmospheric CO2 data also go back to 1850.

    Now, let’s regress the percent of total population in extreme poverty against atmospheric CO2 ppm. The r-squared on this regression is 0.96. The correlation coefficient is -0.98: over the past 160 years, extreme poverty has diminished from about 90% to about 20% as atmospheric CO2 increased. Anyone who has clue about statistics and has followed the AGW debate knows that a 0.96 r-squared is vastly superior than anything the climate modelers have achieved.

    This is a historical fact. I don’t argue that increases in atmospheric CO2 directly ameliorate extreme poverty, but they certainly have no history of exacerbating it. So Dicaprio expresses utter ignorance of the facts. If we are really interested in reducing extreme poverty, we should investigate this relationship to ascertain what has been the root cause of increasing both values. Otherwise, we have about a 96% chance of throwing the baby out with the bath water. The precautionary principle should cut both ways.

    1. I might have to borrow this and claim I did it myself.

      1. If you use it, you ought to have the data sources.

        Sources: Poverty data are from Bourguignon and Morrison, World Bank, 1999 and subsequent World Bank reports. CO2 data are from NASA. The period covered is from 1850 to 2010.

        1. Also rise in iPads since 1850….and jet skis….and styrofoam cups…and Android apps….

          1. And satisfied Time Warner customers?

            1. No imaginary numbers. This is statistics, not math.

    2. Meh. I am sticking to the inverse relationship between pirates and average global temperature.


    3. I’ve been meaning to correlate global temp rise with climate research funding but finding good sources is difficult. I suspect the correlation is excellent since 1979.

    4. I don’t argue that increases in atmospheric CO2 directly ameliorate extreme poverty,

      Of course, you easily could, by correlating the advance of economies out of subsistence-level activities, with the adoption of fossil fuel technologies.

  21. I was more upset by Joe Creepy Back Massage Biden lecturing us on taking some sort of pledge to prevent rape on college campuses.

    1. just give al the girls shotguns

  22. they filmed in South America because they didn’t have to pay off the unions there

    1. Some union guys in the US drive pickups.

  23. We didn’t get “plenty of snow” in the Northeast this year. Not much polar vortex either besides a week or so.

    But after an El Nino year it is fairly typical it seems. This year has been worse than almost any I can remember as far as snowfall goes.

    But, I’m not some moron who thinks a single year means anything whatsoever.

    1. Of course that section was talking about LAST winter.

  24. fucking international models on your yacht 8 months out of the year, and then using the Oscars to tell everyone to stop burning fossil fuels, the epitome of a clueless asshole hypocrite

    1. Wouldn’t surprise me if he actually tries to act like Gadsby during those affairs.

  25. You know who else was an indigenous people of the world?

    1. The Germans living in the Sudatenland?

  26. Leonardo DiCaprio took private jet roundtrip SIX times in SIX weeks, Sony hack reveals


  27. So DiCaprio says 2015 was the hottest year, and you counter with satellites. Of course, Carl Mears of Remote Sensing, which uses satellites and had to correct UAH in the past, says surface temperatures are probably the better measurement. So let’s go with Leo on this.

    Your attempt to explain away 2015 due to an El Ni?o is ridiculous. 1998 was the El Ni?o of the century, and 2015 still beat it. And every El Ni?o weve had in the past 100 years is almost always warmer than the next.

    Your BBC citation doesn’t say 2016 will probably be cooler than 2015. In fact it ranges when a possible La Ni?a may arrive, if at all.

    So 2016 may not be as warm as 2015, but it may be warmer. So what? 2015 is the warmest year on record. Do we now start counting from 2015 because the next year will be cooler? Another attempt at a pause?

    Thanks, but I’ll stick with Leo’s take. It’s more based in actual fact.

    1. Who says that only years “on record” count?

      The warmest years ever were 4.5 billion years ago when earth was still in a molten state.

      No human intervention there at all.

      Take that shorty.

    2. fuck off, joe.

    3. Hackand Jace

      You’re like a little Leo in that you want us to pay the gas tax where you refuse to pay your fair share.

    4. Jack,
      Is it possible that the weather on earth is naturally occurring and not negatively affected by humans?

  28. Climate change is real.
    St. Leo said so.
    He has an oscar.
    Everyone should believe him.

  29. I’ve heard that giving airtime and coverage for moronic rants only emboldens them further. The guy is a dumbass. Spend more time exposing them for the hypocrites they are and maybe more zombies will take notice.

    Thank the temperature gods that earth acted like earth tends to do. These psychos were on the verge of completely destroying entire businesses and did proceed to cause huge amounts of capital misallocation in the transportation sector and energy sectors.

    The whole scam will never properly be debunked unless the sheep understand that the root of these outrageous assertions was always based on utter disdain for private enterprise, profitable business, and exploitation of natural resources to the benefit of people all over the globe.

    The bottom line is that the vast majority of all college professors are eminently corruptible luddites and either knowing or unknowing marxists. All of you morons should have recognized it was a trumped up crisis when politicians immediately adopted the crisis meme.

  30. Anyone who thinks anthropogenic climate change is a greater danger to the human environment than anthropogenic tyranny has their head stuck where the sun never shines.

    1. Ok and cancer is worse than diabetes. So why worry about diabetes, right. WGAF if you think something is even worse than Climate Change. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s a huge problem and only getting worse and probably nothing will be done about it.

      1. You’re right. Nothing will be done about because humans cannot tell the earth what to do.
        Just like professors cannot tell the economy what to do.

      2. Why is it a huge problem? What if its a good thing? Are you sure right now, today, is the perfect temperature for the earth? What do you propose we do about it?

    2. another climate change denier. Clearly the sun shines everywhere and makes everything warm. And capitalist factory owners are going to kill us all.

  31. I love when people blame warm weather on El Nino. Guess what causes El Nino… the overall climate ! The overall climate causes all the weather… just goofy.

    And ok so indigenous peoples aren’t most at risk for Climate Change. That wasn’t really the main point of his speech or argument. You are distracting from the main issue by nitpicking.

    And yes gov’ts control “90 percent of the world’s oil reserves and 50 percent of the world’s coal reserves.” And guess who controls governments…. big business.

    1. But how many years of contradictory evidence and failed projections of our imminent demise would you have to see to finally consider that the alarmists and college professors who endorse this “science” might be wrong?

      Is it possible that the earth is a naturally occurring ecosystem and that humans are not negatively affecting it?

  32. In the words of Glenn Reynolds: “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who say it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis.” DiCaprio’s still flying around on private jets, isn’t he?


  33. At the end, Bailey seemed to be advocating that DiCaprio think. Ha! That’s not going to happen.

  34. i warned the world not to give him stuff. this is the beginning.

  35. To his credit he didn’t spend the years from1993-2005 claiming that global warming was a scam and that scientists were falsifying data to fit mathematical models in order to run an “Eco-scam”– whatever that is.

    1. It’s how their bread gets buttered, fag. You pay a scientist to find global warming, he’ll find as much as you can pay for.

  36. Leo – I’ve given up driving my 57 ‘vette and now ride on my unicorn.

    And you?

  37. I wish Evangelicals won more Oscars – much better preachers.

  38. There was a time when actors and musicians were regarded as generally disreputable people.

    One more piece of evidence indicating our ignorant, bigoted ancestors were a lot smarter than our enlightened, tolerant moderns.

  39. DiCaprio also stated, “Our production needed to move to the southern tip of this planet just to be able to find snow.”

    Must have found a bunch of it judging by the snow job he’s trying to hand everyone.

  40. How about we just fucking start a full scale nuclear war with ISIS and Gaza?

    We all know how nuclear war affects the climate…

  41. As an Albertan I can say that nobody I know gives a fk what Leo says about the oilsands or climate change or anything else for that matter. Any more than we give s ht what Neil Young has to say on the matter.
    We don’t take kindly to hippies around here….

  42. DiCaprio further asserted that climate change “is the most urgent threat facing our entire species,

    Dumb Hollywood actors seem like a bigger threat to our species to me.

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  44. So Leo finally gets an Oscar, and makes his speech about this shit? Can’t say that I’m that surprised.

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  46. My problem is not so much with him pointing out “climate change” – if he feels that way, that’s fine – but I have no respect for him when trying to cast it as a problem that will adversely affect the poor and “indigenous peoples of the world” (aren’t we all indigenous to the world?). If he really cared, he’d underline that it affects EVERYONE, not try to pull at people’s heartstrings and make it about the *children* or the single moms or whatever disadvantaged group is flavor of the month.

  47. I hate these fucking Hollywood dipshits, elitist scum, holier than thou, you think Leo will listen to reason or logic, nope. Those are two things that don’t exist in that empty head of his.

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