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Chris Rock Hosts Oscars, Hillary Clinton Wins South Carolina, NASA Finds Blue Bubble: A.M. Links


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  1. The latest Mad Max film won six awards at the Oscars, which were hosted by Chris Rock.

    Way to go Mel!

    1. Hello.

      1. Good morning, Rufus.

  2. The Hubble Space Telescope found a big blue bubble.

    i'm holding out for grape ape.

    1. +1 Venus on the Half-Shell

    2. Hubble Bubble is my favorite new chewing gum.

  3. German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she does not have a "Plan B" for the migrant crisis.

    That's what she gets for waiting until the day after.

    1. It's no surprise, she didn't have a Plan A either.

    2. Oh,the Germans have a plan B,count on it.

      1. They're more into 'solutions'.

        1. They're more into 'solutions'.

          I'm assuming you know more about chemistry than I do - Is Zyklon-B technically a solution? I've always heard it referred to as a gas. I know whether it's a Plan B or a Solution B, the Germans definitely have a B there somewhere.

          1. Well, wouldn't it become part of a solution as it is absorbed into the liquids that comprise human bodies?

    3. Apparently she's already implemented her final solution.

      1. Darn your quick fingers!

        1. Apparently Bobarian beat me by a few seconds, but he and I are the only ones that know that for sure. Does thread level primacy count for anything?

          1. Darn B's quick fingers too!

          2. Sorry to say, but Bobarian beat you by two seconds:

            Bobarian (Would Chip Her)|2016/02/29 09:18:39

            some guy|2016/02/29 09:18:41

            1. Hopefully, Plan B will be implemented and not Zyklon B.

  4. I'm honestly not sure how I feel about continuing to serve in the military under a President Hillary Clinton...

    1. It will become clear. Be patient.

    2. Look on the bright side. Under any of these candidates (except perhaps crazy Uncle Bernie), you'll get to tour even more of the Middle East.

      1. Perhaps even then. He's not the type to start something, but he does come across as weak so people will start things that we may not be able to ignore.

        1. THIS!! That is exactly what I worry about with him.

      2. Oh yeah, I have no doubt that no matter when I choose to retire I'll have spent over 20 years with the Army at war in the middle east. It's more that I have absolutely no respect for her as a public figure. I've always had disagreements with the politics and policy choices of trio of Commanders-in-Chief I've served under, but I've had some level of respect for them as the CinC. I also was able to convince myself that they probably had the best interests of the Nation somewhere in their heart. Hillary is just openly corrupt, and that is on top of her plainly violating a couple laws that if I, as a clearance holder, had done I'd be in prison awaiting trial. Heck, I wouldn't even take it to a trial but accept whatever plea they'd offer because of how screwed I'd be at trial.

    3. "Commander-in-Chief", not "Commandress-in-Chief". Says right there in the Constitution it doesn't apply to a female President. (I ain't even getting involved in demanding Hillary show her lack of a long form to prove she's a female. I TMI-ed on Bill's long form as it is.)

  5. Buh Bye Felicia: MSNBC gives Melissa Harris-Perry the boot after she throws tantrum about her show being pre-empted by election coverage, other perceived slights. Suspect that she'll get a rude awakening when nobody else wants to pick up her show given her bad attitude.

    1. Melitha's gone?!?

      1. She refuses to be their high priced slave.

      2. Thath's Mithz Hawwith Pewwey to you, FTC.

    2. How obnoxious do you have to be to get canned by the most liberal network on cable?

      1. Almost everyone they hire is a mentally ill psychopath, so they can hardly be stunned when one of them finally goes over the edge.

      2. You have to be Obernoxious.

        1. Great Sick minds think alike

      3. That obnoxious. She's a moderately successful show host, but only moderately so. She doesn't have the following to push the network around like that. And she's going to learn real quick that the networks expect the talent to know its place. She may get guest slots (but always with backup guests in case she explodes), but will be at least a decade before anyone gives her a show again.

        1. Leave it to Gawker to find the real reason she was canned.

          Harris-Perry hasn't been the only person of color on the MSNBC roster who has suddenly been ousted and/or preempted due to the elections. As The Washington Post pointed out, Jose Diaz-Balart, who hosts a two hour bloc in the mornings on the network, has als0 disappeared from the lineup, which inspired the hashtag #MasJose, demanding that Diaz-Balart is put back on the air.

          1. It appears that that MSNBC is picking on the differently-hyphenated.

            Is that a protected class?

          2. What kind of sicko actually watches these networks enough to want more of anyone on any of them?

      4. How obnoxoius?

        Keith Theodore Olbermann level of obnoxious.

    3. How dare they hold an election during her show! RACISTS!!!

    4. She just needs to get over the notion that her show was her private property, and understand that MSNBC and the community have an interest in how her show is programmed.

      1. [stands and applauds] Brilliant. Fucking brilliant.

      2. NICE!

      3. "You *bathtard*!"

      4. Quick, post this to her twitter feed!

    5. You know, as Mao's control over the party waned in the 60s he and some hard-line sycophants started ginning up the students to launch a "cultural revolution" that would reinvigorate Chinese communism and purge the nation of revisionists and bourgeois reactionaries. For several years, students formed "Red Guards" and became a cudgel for Mao and his allies. And they were tolerated right up to the point where they started biting the hands that fed them, at which point the PLA took over and the Red Guards were sent to the countryside where they couldn't do any more damage.

      There's a lesson here for the SJWs and the BLMs, the Sarkeesians and the Harris-Perry's of the world.

  6. Refugee crisis to lift European growth: Moscovici

    """""Europe's refugee crisis could boost the region's sagging growth by forcing governments to ramp up public expenditure, according to European Economic and Financial Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici."""

    Other things increase government spending, so the Europeans should wish for hurricanes, asteroids, tidal waves, riots, pandemics, wars, so they can increase their economy by having more public expenditure.


    1. Government is a creator of Value. Therefore, when times are tough it should print up some Value and inject it into the economy.

    2. Err, well it *could* life European growth, but it would be by raising Europes human capital not their government spending and that would only happen if the refugees settle down assimilate into the local culture and start producing.

      1. I'm pretty sure that's not what they mean.

        1. "Honey, good news! I've invited my mother and sisters to stay with us for the next few weeks. That just the motivation I needed to redo the guest room!"

      2. settle down assimilate into the local culture and start producing get busy working

        Too bad Europeans don't have bigger lawns

        1. I'd never thought about it that way before. Maybe that is the entire problem with immigration in Europe. Not enough lawns. And the Poles already have all the construction jobs.

    3. What in the actual fuck?

      In other news, the sky is green.

    4. Soros has an even better plan.

      1. I'll give him credit for it being a better idea than the one above.

        1. They could work equally bad in tandem.

      2. I won't shed a tear if someone puts that fucking nazi's head on a spike and the rest of the waste of skin through a woodchipper. Not one tear.

        1. Pretty funny that Trump gets flack over David Duke, but nobody on Team Blue gets flack over getting support from an actual Nazi.

          1. But but but he wasn't a Nazi! Only the Koch Brothers are Nazis!!!!!!ELVENTY!!!

    5. Multiplier affect bitches!

    6. boost the region's sagging growth by forcing governments to ramp up public expenditure,

      Are the refugees breaking windows or something?

      1. I take it from the reports I hear, yes they are. Quite a few.

    7. So the refugees have broken a few windows ... literally and Keynesianly?

    8. boost the region's sagging growth by forcing governments to ramp up public expenditure

      More welfare =/= more growth.

      At best its a transfer payment. The question then becomes, what are the opportunity costs and/or second-order benefits of taking money from one person and giving it to another.

  7. More annoying Oscars moralizing: Biden on the "campus rape epidemic", or Leo on global warming?

    1. There really should be an award for "Most Annoying Oscars Moralizing".

      Can't think of a good name for it yet ?.

      1. Perhaps the "Melitha"?

        1. too therious

          1. The "Flying Fickle Finger of Fate"?

    2. Biden actually got up there and opened his pie-hole? What award was he up for?

      1. FWIW, he mentioned that he was the least qualified man there.

        1. Least qualified for what? Acting? Oh, I suppose it's marginally harder than it looks but come on. Anyone who walks up to that podium and doesn't thank their lucky stars for falling into one of the cushiest lifestyles imaginable should SFTU already.

          1. And politicians and actors aren't that different. Biden could be one of the more genuine ones, but you know they are all playing roles and pretending to be who they imagine the voters want them to be in public.

            From what I can gather, the actual production of a movie is pretty hard work. But I'm sure there are thousands of people who could do it just as well as those people who get on stage to congratulate themselves for being so awesome.

            1. But I'm sure there are thousands of people who could do it just as well as those people who get on stage to congratulate themselves for being so awesome.

              My theory of why Hollywood tends to be so leftist - they know how damn lucky they are to be where they are and getting the rewards they're getting and assume that's true for everybody else - where you're at and what you're getting is simply a matter of luck. There's a big element of "why did this happen to me?" that most people have to face when something bad happens to them that these people have to face when something wonderful has happened. They can't accept that their rewards are legitimately earned and therefore legitimately deserved.

              Michael Jordan was no more responsible for being born with the athletic talent he had than Steven Spielberg was for his story-telling talent or Phoebe Cates for her great tits or Albert Einstein for his great math skills - but they certainly were responsible for making the most of what they were born with so how can you blame them? The public has voluntarily said "here, have some money because I am willing to pay to see what you've got" and these people feel guilty for taking what is voluntarily offered. Read a little Adam Smith and get over yourself. In some cosmic sense nobody "deserves" what they have, but take what you've been given and be happy with it fer chrissake. We want you to have it, we want you to be happy with it.

          2. He's too hard on himself. Think of all the countless hours of entertainment he has provided just for Reason commenters

      2. Christ. Two guys, President and Vice President, and they pick the white guy?! The Oscars really are racist.

        1. IIRC, not one of the sex victims was Black. Outrageous!

        2. Watched NHL games instead of Oscars. More inclusive.

          ? Pat Sajak (@patsajak) February 29, 2016

          1. Sajak's tweets are the second best thing on twitter. The first is Nihilist Arby's of course.

            1. I want to close my twitter, but I would miss Pat and Iowahawk.

              1. Hasn't Iowahawk been shadowbanned?

                1. Iowahawk hisself claims there's no real evidence of that.

                  Since I'm not on Twitter, I can't really confirm or deny.

          2. +1 PK Subban and Nazem Kadri.

            1. -1 Evander Kane....dirty cheap shot #$@#%

              And Subban admits he farts on goalies!

              1. I hope that Subban eventually affixes his name to an official award recognizing the player that most angers opposing fanbases and the media through objectively benign behavior. Kind of like a reverse Lady Byng.

  8. Other than that it was a fine holiday...

    Group of Friends Find Decomposing Body in Garden of Their Airbnb Rental

    What began as a party weekend among friends in the suburbs of Paris took a dark turn Saturday when the group found a decomposing corpse in the garden of the home they rented on Airbnb.

    At the house in the French town of Palaiseau, the friends found a woman's body "hunched in a dug-out area, her head against the ground, covered in branches and surrounded by wood stumps," according to a police source quoted by Agence-France Presse (AFP). The body, which was far along in the decomposition process, was dressed, but no means of identifying it were found.

    AFP reports that the police were questioning the individuals who rented the home.

    1. +1 Weekend at Bernie's

      1. Sanders has a French Chateau?

        I'm not surprised, he'd fit in better there.

    2. Didn't read the article. Is one of the themes that we need to regulate and/or ban Airbnb?

      1. Like the Uber mass murderer?

    3. Previous client? The cops might want to poke around a bit more in that garden.

  9. Sen. Chuck Schumer wants to regulate leg room on airplanes.

    Moob room, you mean.

    1. He gets plenty, as he goes USAF Gulfstream or commercial first class.

      "Sir, please utilize the additional strap to hold those moobs up".

    2. "As Gawd is mah witness, I shall never be whacked in the moob by a seat-back tray again!"

    3. In unrelated NY ban-hammer news - smoke your hookah while you got it. Various levels of bans under consideration.

      1. Well, it *is* NY. They may be talking about banning *prostitutes*.

    4. IOW, he wants to make flying more expensive.

  10. Working as Intended: University of Texas Dean of Architecture is leaving before campus concealed carry laws take effect. Prediction: these laws will cause academia to self-segregate the actual academies from the marxist groupthink indoctrination camps.

    1. I applied to UT Austin for graduate school, but in a STEM subject, so the people to whom I talked were pretty sane. I ended up going to Princeton and was pleasantly surprised by the number of at least libertarianish people whom I met; the SJW space cadets were in other programs.

      1. Yeah, that's the problem - how to separate the STEM programs from the grievance programs given that everyone has to take humanities to graduate. Also, there is the squishy middle, courses like English Composition and History which can go either way in terms of legitimacy vs indoctrination.

        1. Georgia Tech ( my alma mater) has that pretty well figured out.

          The humanities and etc profs understand they will have a class full of engineers to be.

          1. The key being: separate the stem programs. It is only possible answer but it works well.

    2. "For the children" trumps all other arguments, no matter how logical. And apparently people are children through their mid-twenties now.

    3. Architecture is more STEM than groupthink indoctrination - surprised.

    4. I heard that asshole on the radio this morning. He grew up with guns and hunts sometimes, so you are supposed to believe he is a moderate on guns or something. Then he fantasizes about stressed out architecture students shooting each other when their projects go wrong. Which obviously happens all the time where people are allowed to carry concealed.

      1. When those architecture students try to get a job, they may use the guns to end themselves.

  11. German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she does not have a "Plan B" for the migrant crisis.

    Lose elections? Resign?

      1. Being Germany, I imagine she would try her hand at a d?ner kebab place first?

        "Zwei currywurst, bitte!"

        1. Currywurst is delicious.

          1. Yep. The Euros are nothing if not masters of saucing various meaty/starchy bits. After 1996 (my first visit to family and friends Across The Pond), I never looked at a plate of fries the same way again.

        2. I was in Berlin for 10 days one time and all I ate was doner kebab.

          1. So, it was a Doner Party?

          2. Good God. Your bathroom breaks must have involved some fairly epic screaming by about the fifth day or thereabouts.

    1. I was hoping she would resign and take up rope stretching.

  12. U.S. student detained in North Korea confesses to 'hostile act'

    North Korea has allowed the world to get its first glimpse of Otto Frederick Warmbier, an American student at the University of Virginia, two months after his arrest.

    Warmbier is accused of trying to steal a North Korean banner, containing a political slogan that was hanging from the walls of his Pyongyang hotel.

    A North Korean official with direct knowledge of Warmbier's case says the 21-year-old held a press conference "at his own request" on Monday morning at the People's Palace of Culture in Pyongyang.

    1. A North Korean official with direct knowledge of Warmbier's case says the 21-year-old held a press conference "at his own request" on Monday morning at the People's Palace of Culture in Pyongyang.

      I wonder if anybody other than North Korean citizens and Dennis Rodman believes that.

      1. You might find some folks on an American college campus that will believe it.

          1. The cynic in me says he will not see the error of his ways.

      2. "I never, never should have allowed myself to be lured by the United States administration to commit a crime in this country."

        Good lord.

        Feel bad for the kid but really, WTF is anyone thinking going there?

    2. Give that man a Darwin Award.

  13. Hillary Clinton won the South Carolina primary this Saturday...

    "That's what you said last time, dipshit."

  14. French pasta-maker struggling to keep up with demand for insect noodles

    An artisanal pasta-maker in northeastern France is struggling to meet demand after adding a crunchy, protein-rich ingredient to the noodles: insects.

    "The name of the ingredient may be a turnoff, but it's really delicious, especially with game meat," smiles Alain Limon as he spreads cricket-flavoured fusilli on a drying rack.

    Limon, 52, is the only employee at the Atelier a Pates (Pasta Workshop) in Thiefosse, northeastern France.

    His boss Stephanie Richard began her homemade pasta business in 2012, and is now hiring again thanks to the success of her latest creations made from insect flour.

    "The insect is the protein of the future," Richard says. "It's protein of high quality that is well digested by the body."

    1. "The insect is the protein of the future,"

      I have been hearing that for 40 years...looks like it is joining fusion and flying cars.

      1. Besides, protein will shut down your kidneys and give you gout. What you need is more heart-healthy whole grains.

        1. Seems suspicious.


            1. no toast for me

        2. That's why I drink oat meal stout and porters.

        3. Way to go, Brotein shake!

      2. ^This. It gets trendy for a moment with the tragically hip, but most people can't get past the "ick" factor.

        1. Did someone say The Tragically Hip?


      3. People eat shrimp and crabs and lobsters. Same thing.

    2. A package of 90 eggs costs like $11 at Costco. Until that changes, there's not a whole lot of reasons to eat hunter-gatherer starvation food.

      1. Although, perhaps a solution to North Korea's problems; oh, wait, they don't actually want to solve that.

      2. Do those 90 last you two days or three?

        1. I just want to know what percentage of his egg intake is cooked vs. raw.

          1. I used to drink raw eggs. It's not that bad, really, but the protein is more digestible cooked, if I remember right.

            1. I do my own bullet proof coffee, since I drink a lot of coffee.

              1 egg
              copious amounts of heavy whipping cream (maybe 3 Tbps or more)
              fresh grated cinnamon
              fresh grated nutmeg
              2 tbps of coconut oil
              blend the crap out of it

        2. About 10 days.

          1. Shall we just start calling you Gaston?

      3. And the same John had his raiment of camel's hair, and a leathern girdle about his loins; and his meat was locusts and wild honey.

      4. Look Warty, I have been told numerous times on this very board that only rich people can eat paleo/low carb/no carb. Take you fantasies back to your dungeon.

        P.S. You need to check out the nearest Asian grocer in your area and buy Pork Belly. I get it for 2.45 a lb. Then I smoke it for 5 hours. Then i slather it...ohh uhhh...I mean I eat it with a fork and knife.

    3. I would try this. And if it tasted good, gods help me, I would buy this.

      Hey, man. Two words: fish sauce.

      1. And sausage. But I prefer not to think too much about how those products are made. Hard to do with Locust Pasta.

      2. Snails in garlic and butter,yum.

        1. Snails Anything in garlic and butter,yum.

          1. I went to a restaurant this weekend that had Bone Marrow Butter as a side to a steak. It was ridiculously awesome. I asked for a quart to take home and they looked at me funny.

            Sorry Bernaise, I'm cheating on you.

            1. I asked for a quart to take home and they looked at me funny.

              Funny? More like "Does this guy have any idea how much a quart of this stuff costs?"

        2. Yeah sorry snails are pointless, they have absolutely no flavor of their own and they have an unpleasant texture so just skip the snails and give me something else to eat with the garlic butter.

          1. I disagree. Snails take like dirt, quite literally. Remember back when you were 4 and put a handful of dirt in your mouth. That's snails. NOW, I LOVE the taste of snails soooo...my judgment may be skewed.

      3. Two words: fish sauce.

        And? Fish are tasty. There's no ick factor there.

        1. As I understand it, the original was more like "decomposed fish sauce".

          1. Well, it's still fermented, so it's probably not all that different from the Roman garum (aside from the fact that the modern stuff's been filtered and clarified).

    4. insect noodles

      Nice album name.

    5. I had grasshopper at a Mexican restaurant. It was crunchy and not all that bad.

  15. 'Super lice' outbreak hits 25 states

    A strain of so-called 'super lice' has hit a reported 25 states, causing concern and frustration among parents because the bugs can't be killed with most over-the-counter treatments. The treatments, known as pyrethroids, had a 100 percent success rate in 2000 against lice but now only work in 25 percent of cases, KSDK.com reported.

    A new FDA-approved treatment called AirAlle, which was developed by Lice Clinics of America, has been found to be effective against the super lice, with treatments costing about $170.

    "We use heated air, and we dehydrate the lice and the eggs in a single treatment," Claire Roberts, CEO of Lice Clinics America, told KSDK.com. "It takes about an hour, and we guarantee it."

    1. They use a blow dryer?

      1. Basically. It's the same treatment as they currently use for bedbugs writ scalp-sized.

        1. I thought they froze out bedbugs.

          1. You can. But it's easier to heat the entire room to 127 degrees for a couple of hours.

    2. Make the super lice into noodles. Japanese tourists may be confused.

      1. "This flied lice is just bugs and bugs!"

    3. As a barber,I have seen lice up close.I have hunted, fished and giged frogs through tics,spiders and snakes.Lice creeps me out.

      1. leeches and tics make me irrational and emanate sounds like a small female child.

    4. Did I miss the water turning into blood, and the frogs?

      When is the fiery hail?

      Oh shit. I am the first born.......

      1. Calm down, these are the new plagues.

        We've had a plague of Rascists (still going on), now a plague of lice, I wonder what's next.

    5. Or just soak your hair and scalp in lamp oil then leave in for an hour or so. Painless and simple. They will not develop immunity to that.

      1. Just stay away from sources of ignition...

    6. 'super lice' has hit a reported 25 states"

      Wow, I didn't know the presidential candidates had traveled to that many states so far during this campaign.

      1. Looking forward to the superlice v. Trump's hair and hat fable. A new SugarFree joint.

    7. It's brutal up here too. Not like the Ice-storm in 1998 but still bad.

      1. Read that as Lice Storm

  16. Every day Canadians see proof it's amateur hour at the Comedy Parliament Cellar. Even I didn't think it could get this bad for the liberals. It's...well take a look. Liberal Culture/Heritage Minister tries answer a sarcastic question about free speech by a conservative MP: Two minutes:


    1. Aww, she's the prettiest fascist I've ever seen. Cute as a button.

      1. She is but Jesus...Trudeau put together a hopelessly inexperienced government. We're three months in with this.

        1. Of course he did, he counted genetalia over qualifications.

          Now that it's 2016, is it time to discard the sexist bigotry of 2015 and hire based on merit?

          1. Now that it's 2016, is it time to discard the sexist bigotry of 2015 and hire based on merit?

            That would be sexist.

        2. She is

          She's French Canadian, so good-looking goes without saying.

          1. Please copy/paste this for Playa. He doesn't believe me.

          2. She's French Canadian, so good-looking goes without saying.

            Sadly, not true. And I've got skin in the game ? most of the ancestors of present-day Quebecois came from the area of Normandy my family still lives in.

            Still, would.

            1. Sadly, not true. And I've got skin in the game ? most of the ancestors of present-day Quebecois came from the area of Normandy my family still lives in.

              You're bringing me down.

              1. What can I say? I'm a giver.

  17. Florida Officials Drain Lake Full Of 'Toilet' Water To Coast

    Lake Okeechobee, a large inland lake in southern Florida, is experiencing its highest water levels in nearly a century due to heavy rains that fell during the month of January. This should not be suprising, because heavy rainfall events are increasing as the planet warms. But after water levels reached a foot above normal, public officials began to worry that the excess water was putting too much stress on the lake's aging dike. Officials then made the decision to drain the lake out toward Florida's coasts. There was one problem: Lake Okeechobee's waters are toxic.

    Local industry has long been using Okeechobee's waters as a dumping ground for an assortment of chemicals, fertilizers, and cattle manure. David Guest, managing attorney of the Florida branch of the environmental law group Earthjustice, called the lake a "toilet." While the pollution was once confined to the lake, it now flows toward Florida's coastal communities via local rivers. The water, which is flowing out of the lake at 70,000 gallons per second, will soon pollute the ocean waters in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

    1. +1 Attack of the Giant Leeches.

      1. +2 Bernie's new slogan.

    2. So, enviros willing to risk the dikes collapsing with catastrophic flooding rather than willing to risk some cow poop and fertilizer going into the Atlantic.

    3. Every word in that is bullshit. The lake has always naturally flowed outward into various tributaries. The whole reason they dump water when the lake gets too high is because it doesn't naturally flow outward like it used to. They end up dumping water multiple times a year. This is not something new.

      (And the lake is also South Florida's primary water source)

      1. ^This.

        Greenies spew more bullshit than that lake will ever hold.

    4. "a large inland lake in southern Florida,"

      As opposed to one of those troublesome "offshore" lakes, I guess.

    5. You know who else put too much stress on an aging dike.

      1. Huma Abedin?

        1. Dude, SF is rubbing off on you.

          And I don't mean that in a good way.

          1. There is no good way for SF to rub off on anyone.

    6. heavy rainfall events are increasing as the planet warms

      Ask California.

      1. Prayin' For Rain!

    7. You know who else was worried about the stress on an aging Dyke?

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  19. Jude Law visits refugee camp to show their "plight". His security team gets attacked and mugged.


    1. What the fuck kind of security team lets itself get mugged?

      1. One that wasn't allowed guns or tasers is my guess.

        1. What the fuck kind of security team agrees to do a job where they don't have the tools they need to provide actual security?

      2. Look at all the cute little kids waiting for clothes!

    2. Eventually there will be no one left to say "I told you so" to. Stupid fuckers are going to be skinned and roasted.

  20. Oddest book title prize shortlist gets behind cultural history of the anus

    Joining six other contenders on a list that also includes studies of Soviet-era bus stops and famous birdwatchers, Reading from Behind: A Cultural History of the Anus is "really trying to get to the bottom of its subject matter", according to Horace Bent, the Bookseller diarist and prize administrator.

    Reading the Liver: Papyrological Texts on Ancient Greek Extispicy is now Bent's "go-to book on divining the will of the gods from the entrails of animals; I can also imagine it becoming the core text at a pop-up street food vendor".

    Soviet Bus Stops is a photography book about what the publisher calls "unexpected treasures of modern art", while Paper Folding With Children is "a translated craft book that seems to assume children are extremely flexible", he writes.

    and the winner was: Transvestite Biker Nuns from Outer Space

    1. Mammoths had a flap of skin that covered their anus to prevent heat loss.

      1. I thought that was to protect them from Warty.

        1. It's his favorite cut of mammoth.

          1. Dude.

            Seriously...almost threw up.

            1. I thought that was very funny,which make s me ....what?

              1. Totally normal, for an H and R commentariat.

            2. Don't be a weak sister. He washes it off and peels it first. He's not some sort of butt flap barbarian,

              1. "Butt Flap Barbarian" would be a great name for a band. No, wait. Maybe a great name for the next president.

                1. "This is a BFB!"


            3. Seriously...almost threw up.

              You engaged Nutra-Sweet, what did you expect?

              1. (nods sheepishly)

    2. Who amongst the commentariat is writing the chapter on Mexican butt sex?

  21. China Stocks Tumble Toward 15-Month Low as Stimulus Bets Unwind

    The Shanghai Composite Index dropped as much as 4.6 percent. The measure has declined 24 percent this year, the worst performer among 93 global equity indexes, on concern capital outflows will accelerate and earnings deteriorate as the economic slowdown deepens. The yuan capped its longest losing streak this year.

    Investors had hoped the government would announce measures to bolster the economy over the weekend, according to JK Life Insurance Co., after People's Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan said on Friday there is room for more easing. There are also increasing signs funds are shifting from equities to housing, according to Steve Wang, chief China economist at Reorient Financial Markets Ltd.

    1. Need more ghost cities.

    2. Where is shreek?

      Rehab, I bet.

    3. The important thing is how is Thomas Friedman handling this?

  22. Hillary could lose to Trump in Democratic New York

    Confidential polling data shows Hillary Clinton could lose the presidential election in heavily Democratic New York to Donald Trump as the GOP front-runner's support grows to the point of being "surprisingly strong," The Post has learned.

    The poll results, from Democratic and Republican legislative races, have surprised many leading Dems, virtually all of whom have endorsed Clinton, while confounding and energizing GOP leaders, many of whom until recently have been opposed to Trump.

    "There are some Democrats who think that Hillary can be taken if Trump mounts a strong campaign,'' one of the state's most prominent Democrats said.

    1. "There are some Democrats who think that Hillary can be taken if Trump mounts a strong campaign,''

      There's a Democrat out there who needs a medal for catty witticisms.

      1. Hillary can be taken if Trump mounts


    2. I'm still in denial. I'm denying that Hillary will get a pass for ignoring every law on national security ever passed. I'm denying that Trump will win the nomination.

      I know it's there, but I refuse to stare directly at the clown-show of idiocracy that a Clinton-Trump race would be.

      1. Jump on that clown car cavalcade and ride it to freedom! *chokes self*

      2. Pssssst. Get into popcorn futures.

      3. "...clown show of idiocracy that...would be."

        Would be? You need to watch the current news.

  23. "NO! I WON'T! I WON"T JUMP!"

    "What the fuck is going on?" the hat mumbled. He was hanging from the rock-hard fake boob of a very classy hooker who was passed out in a very classy reproduction Louis XVI Gilded Fauteuil Arm Chair that she had dribbled piss all over.

    "I WON'T DO IT!" Donald screamed.

    "Hair? Where the fuck are you? He's having another nightmare," the hate said. "Wake him up."


    "Hair? Can you hear me?" the hat asked the darkened hotel room. After a moment, a message appeared in his cloud storage mailbox.

    Im udr the hookr
    teh hookr sat on me

    lol the hat sent back

    not funy she keps farting cum on me

    lmao the hat replied

    u dont have a ass
    wake her get hr off me!!!!

    hold on brb the hat sent him

    "NO!" Donald screamed.

    "Wake up!" the hat yelled. About 10% of humans could hear him: the broken, the weak, the insane. He tried to remember her name.

    1. "Hooker! Wake up, hooker!" he screamed. He was sure he could get through to her. You didn't get giant fake tits and let a Presidential candidate fuck you in the ass if you had a great childhood.

      "NOOOOO!" Donald screamed again.

      "Donald! Wake the fuck up!" the hat yelled.

      The hotel room door beeped and Donald's security rushed into the room. "Sir! Wake up, sir," they yelled as they surrounded the bed. Donald tore himself from his nightmare and sat up.

      "What is the meaning of this?"

      "We heard screaming, sir," his security chief told him. "More than normal, sir."

      "I'm fine. It was just a dream. Get out. And take the garbage with you," Donald said. Two of his security team picked up the unconscious prostitute and dragged her from the room as they all filed out.

      "I was having a terrible dream," Donald said. "Everyone was urging me to jump." He buried his face in his hands and began to sob.

      "Are you OK?" the hat asked the hair.

      "I'm stuck to this ugly chair with santorum, piss and hooker pussy drizzle? What do you think?" the hair asked.

      "I don't want to jump?" Donald moaned.

      "Oh, for fuck's sake, Donald," the hat yelled. "I've told you a thousand times that's not what Leap Day means!"

      1. I'm reading this like a Calvin and Hobbe's where the hair and hat go limp when adults enter the room. And I substituted hooker with Lindsay Graham. Hope you don't mind.

        1. Feel free...

        2. *sits with stunned look on face*

          1. I tried reading SF's prose once. But for the life of me I can't remember what it was about, and every time I try to recall the plot, my mind's eye goes blank and I hear a sound like a rushing of great water, growing louder and louder. Invariably I awake miles from my home, in the forest or along a country road, naked save for a sock on one foot, with a bottle of Becherovka in one hand. Anymore, when I see SugarFree's handle precede a lengthy passage of text, I scroll past it immediately and think of happy things.


          2. *sits with stunned look on face*

            Yeah. Just, yeah.


      2. I literally LOL'd at "You didn't get giant fake tits and let a Presidential candidate fuck you in the ass if you had a great childhood."

    2. About 10% of humans could hear him: the broken, the weak, the insane.

      Clumsy and pointless retconning. You might as well have said it had something to do with midi-chlorians.

      1. Shut up, neckbeard, or the next set of stories will star a girl and a black dude.

        1. go on.... /David Duke

    3. the hate said

      Nice typo.

      1. I think that "the hate" would make a perfectly reasonable recurring character.

  24. Donald Trump picked up an endorsement from David Duke

    You know who else got endorsed by David Duke? Fucking Ron Paul. This potential Trump nomination has got Reason taking pages out of the leftoid media playbook, it's writers are acting like a bunch of bottom feeding Democrats.


      1. The leftiods are out to get him. Leftiods are everywhere.

    2. Agree that there is no need to engage in the "ZOMG a ray-ciss endorsed him!" You don't get to pick which remora attaches to your belly. It's the dissembling and feigned ignorance about the KKK and Duke that is the real story.

      1. There's so many issues you could use to attack Trump and they trot out the the KKK endorsement.

    3. And the dems have Al Sharpton,

    4. What is Duke doing for a living these days besides taking money from Dems to endorse their political opponents?

      1. That's a great business model now that you mention it. Probably gets paid by media outlets so they can run some retarded false equivalences.

  25. Ashley Graham Just Got Real About How Hard It Is to Find a Dress for a "Girl My Size"

    "Trying to find a dress for the Oscars, a girl my size, [with] these girls this size ? I mean, it has been a whole job in itself," Graham told host Giuliana Rancic.

    Is it too early to talk about her 'girls'?

    1. The "just got real" schtick is tired.

    2. I understand that there are people who can fabricate clothing in any size one needs.

      1. Not being able to buy off the rack is the worst oppression there is.

        1. Was there even a single dress at the Oscars that was purchased off the rack?

            1. I can totally picture Chris Ehrlich in tight black leather, boots and sporting a riding crop.

          1. I actually missed the Oscars part, which makes her complaints even sillier.

    3. By being candid at the Oscars, Graham's voice joins the chorus of other women in Hollywood who have been vocal about the fashion challenge facing women above a size 0 or 2. Stars like Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy have called out the designers and stylists who effectively ignore women of a certain size.

      Dress sizes apparently come in 0,2, and 16.

      1. effectively ignore women of a certain size

        So do directors, casting agents, producers...

        1. Men other than Crusty....

    4. Graham told host Giuliana Rancic.

      Giuliana Rancic needs to raid Ashley's ample pantry.

  26. I for one have been enjoying watching the pundits melt down with Trump...


    Donald Trump isn't funny anymore, and we all have to stop him

    The presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump was funny. Now that he has won New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, it isn't funny anymore. Now that he has won the endorsement of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, any remaining trace of humor is gone. All that remains is terrifying.

    Some look for a silver lining in the hope that Trump's policy rhetoric may be posturing. I agree that, if he's elected, there's a good chance he won't pursue the policies he has championed. He might not round up and deport 11 million men, women and children who are living unlawfully in the United States in less than two years. He might not establish a police state. He might not impose massive tariffs and risk destructive trade wars. He very well might govern as a centrist technocrat. As a guy who can make a deal. Maybe so; maybe not.

    But the American president is not merely a package of public policy proposals. The president is our head of state ? our chief public representative, a living symbol of the nation. However he would actually govern, Trump is simply unfit to hold this office.

    1. "a living symbol of the nation".

      What the fuckity, fuck, fuck. Trump is running for POTUS, not God Emperor.

      Having said that, I would be interested in seeing what Trump's Golden Path looks like.

      1. Trump'sGolden Path

        ewwww /teenage girl

      2. Some people just worship the state and revere it's symbols and cling to it's euphemisms. For those people, every election is the most important election in our lifetime.

      3. Trump is running for POTUS, not God Emperor.

        But I thought that was what Obama was giving up 1/20/17 ...

    2. The president is our head of state ? our chief public representative, a living symbol of the nation. However he would actually govern,

      The people on the Right have convinced me that Trump needs to win. Fuck this asshole. Since when is worshiping politicians "conservative"? I no longer consider myself a conservative and am ashamed to admit I ever did. These people are as loathsome as the Progs.

      1. One of us? One of us?

        1. I wouldn't call myself a Libertarian either. I can't buy into open borders as a moral issue and a few other things Libertarians believe. I can't call myself a conservative either. They have totally lost touch with any underlying principles. It has become a brand just like any other.

          What is called "conservative" today is an amalgamation of three groups; internationalist cold warriors who left the Democratic party after the new left took over (the infamous NEOCONs); libertarians who want to support a major party and can't abide by other Libertarians going left on the culture war; and SOCONs.

          The only thing those three groups have in common is they hate and are hated by Progs. Meanwhile, the older strains of conservatism, those that rejected internationalism and embraced the national interest, that looked at the US as having a culture and values worth upholding and who believed in things like local sovereignty have been forgotten. It is just a mishmash of ex Democrat Wilsonians, confused Libertarians and SOCONs activists who assume that everyone who agrees with them is also a single issue voter on thsoe subjects.

    3. How does Michael Strain stand on felons? Commies? Where was Michael Strain when the fuckwit from Chicago was running?

      What did Michael Strain have to say about the only candidate who stood up for civil liberties? The only one left in the race who tried to stand by that candidate before this race started?

      1. ^^THIS^^

        That is a sad OP ed. And humungus didn't even quote the worst part. Get this

        Those conservatives who hold positions of power and influence need to honor their duty to address the concerns and needs of the American people by using the power of government and public policy. The conservative entertainment establishment needs to stop whipping up the public with allegations that their leaders have betrayed them by not doing the impossible.

        Stop whipping up the Proles and causing them to expect us to accomplish anything!!

        God I loath these people.

  27. Did you hear? Leo got his Oscar!

    1. Most whiny bitch of the year? I don't think he earned it given the competition.

      1. Should have got it for the Wolf of Wall Street

    2. Good, maybe he'll go away now.

  28. Cracked.com has an article up about Venezuela's economic collapse

    This is the part where you think, "Well, that's what you get under radical socialism. But that could never happen in America!" But until recently, their grocery stores looked the same as yours, except with more accent marks in the product names. Now, Venezuelans are only legally allowed to shop twice a week, and they have to hope they pick a day when looters don't show up. There was no evil commie conspiracy; just a spiral of bad decisions. We're not saying it's likely that you're going to wake up one day and go through the same thing where you live, but it's not impossible. An economy can be a fragile thing.

    That sight used to be fun, but between crap like this and them wanting to scrap the photoshop contest (not the macros, or BS headlines or Auntie Meme, just the ones that are only funny pictures) because apparently the snow flakes can't find things funny unless you explain the joke.

    1. There was no evil commie conspiracy; just a spiral of bad decisions.

      Talk about missing the point.

    2. That's actually a lot more honesty than I would have expected from the "new" Cracked.

    3. Even in Venezuela the capitalists are to blame.

      For years, the government allowed businessmen to siphon away tens of billions of dollars in oil revenue. And so instead of having a safety cushion to keep the country going through some lean years, Venezuela ended up with a patch of cement to splatter against.

      1. A system that appeared flawed but solid ("Sure there's corruption, but we're sitting on an ocean of oil, bitch!") turned out to be a house of cards.

        Nope, no one could see any preoblems.

        1. Link?

            1. Let me just say, that article was terrible.

              The reason Venezuela sucks? Because capitalism made gas cheaper and greedy business men were allowed to keep some oil profits during the boom years which the wise socialist overlords should have been responsibly squirreling away. He even goes so far as to ridicule the notion that communist/socialist ideology has anything to do with the present situation. It's not bad ideology, just bad decisions from otherwise brilliant altruistic leaders.

              1. So it was like a current Sander's supporter explaining why "democratic" socialism isn't socialism?

      2. And so instead of having a safety cushion to keep the country going through some lean years

        Nope, nothing commie about the government letting you have your money only when it feels like it.

    4. I'm hearing progs say the IMF deliberately sabotaged Venezuela's currency.. Anybody have any idea what they are referring to?

    5. Bring back Craptions!!!

  29. German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she does not have a "Plan B" for the migrant crisis.

    So, the initial plan was the final solution?

    1. Suicide doesn't call for a Plan B if properly executed.

  30. Did Jeb Bush Help Create The Trump Phenom?

    "If Bush nev?er ran for the pres?id?ency, would Don?ald Trump even be a for?mid?able can?did?ate? It's pos?sible that the can?did?ate run?ning as the an?ti?thes?is of Trump may have done more to boost the New York?er's can?did?acy than any?one else. Con?sider: a) Bush's en?trance in the race pre?ven?ted any oth?er main?stream al?tern?at?ives from get?ting at?ten?tion for months; b) his Right to Rise su?per PAC nuked the most-elect?able al?tern?at?ive in Ru?bio with mil?lions in at?tack ads while spend?ing much less against Trump; c) his can?did?acy defined the two poles of the Re?pub?lic?an Party, and gave Trump plenty of fod?der to show?case him?self as ag?gress?ively anti-Bush and be?come an anti?es?tab?lish?ment icon; d) Trump may not even have got?ten in the race if it wer?en't for Bush cre?at?ing the pro?spect of a dyn?ast?ic coron?a?tion.

    What's amaz?ing is that Bush didn't have enough self-aware?ness to un?der?stand that the party, after three straight anti?es?tab?lish?ment elec?tions for Re?pub?lic?ans, would not have the ap?pet?ite for an?oth?er Bush in of?fice. If Trump wins the GOP nom?in?a?tion, that mis?judg?ment will have wide-ran?ging rami?fic?a?tions for his party in the years to come."

    1. See my post below, Bush was the choice for those people because they figured he had no chance of actually winning. The plan was for him to suck all of the money away from any of the candidates who could win. They never planned on Trump.

    1. So much for her and her family. Russians get even.

    2. she later told police she killed the girl because of her own husband's infidelity.

      Thank God it wasn't terrorism!

      1. Was she a refugee or an economic immigrant? Enquiring minds want to know!

        1. Uzbekistan still has 1.2 million legally held slaves, the 2nd largest slave state by proportion of population.

          1. They passed Mauritania?

            (disclaimer, I may have gotten the country wrong)

            1. Mauritania is #1.

              1. So who's #3? (or a link to the list...)

                1. Global Slavery Index

                  It's not perfect, but it gives a basic overview.

          2. So economic migrant. /not serious

      2. You can't spell infidelity without infidel.

        1. Throw The People of The Book at her!

  31. Sounds like space needs a bj

    1. *tightens lens aperture*

    2. In space, no-one can hear you cream.

      ...is how a disgusting pervert might respond.

  32. Republicans in Congress keep saying they can't support Trump if he is the nominee. Why is that? Sure Trump has vague and sometimes contradictory positions and is no friend of small government, but since when did that matter to these people? And don't tell me he is the Hitler because if he were the last people who would stand up to him are Congress creatures.

    I think the Republicans in Congress are terrified Trump might win. In 2002, the Republicans took control of Congress and the White House and it ended in an orgy of stealing and incompetence that saw them totally out of power by 2008. Life under Obama in contrast has been good. They were able to retake the Congress with bigger majorities than they ever had all the while continuing to steal for their cronies and being able to tell their supporters, "we tried but we just don't have the White House". If they ever retook the White House, they couldn't do that anymore.

    1. Think about the last two Presidential election cycles. In 2012, they ran Mitt Romney, a guy who was on the wrong side of the most important issue of the election, Obamacare and who had no balls. He was the perfect cannon fodder for Obama and the media. It is possible they didn't know Romney was such a loser except that the plan was to run Jeb Bush in 16. I know these people are stupid but no one is so stupid that they think the country would elect another member of the Bush family. And the replacement after Bush died is now Rubio, another guy who is on the wrong side of the most important issue of this election; immigration.

      The only conclusion I can make is that they want to lose because doing so will allow them to continue to get rich and steal while never being held accountable. If they thought Trump really was a sure loser, they would be all over supporting him. In contrast they know Trump has actual supporters and the balls to go after Hillary and might actually win.

      1. How do you see the splintering of the GOP actually taking place? I think there will be "weird scenes inside the gold mine" at the convention.

        1. I think Trump is going to win so big that it won't matter. He will go to the convention as the nominee. When that happens, the Republicans in Congress will do anything they can to stop him and get Hillary elected so they can keep what has been a very good situation for them going.

          1. You don't think Hillary's skirts will sweep people in down-ticket?

            [i threw up a little in my mouth when i wrote that]

            1. No. Why would she? No one likes Hillary. Her negatives are huge. Democratic turn out is way down this year compared to 2008. There is nothing about Hillary that indicates she would have any coattails. Obama got re-elected in 2012 and is a hundred times more liked and popular than Hillary and didn't have any coattails.

              If Hillary wins it will be because the country loathes the GOP nominee more than they do her. And no way is the country going to put Hillary in without any adult supervision from Congress like they did Obama in 2008.

              The claims that Trump would lose the Republicans congress are ridiculous and the clowns making those claims have to know that.

              1. John- I think I agree...

                I can see a narrow Hillary win against Trump where the Repub votes for Representatives and/or Sens are higher than Trump's total...

                Repubs are pissed and many don't like Donald- but they're all going to show up to vote...

        1. I think it is true. How else do you explain their behavior? Incentives matter and the fact is life under a Democratic President has been a lot better for them than life under a Republican one.

          And I think the Democrats have figured this out too and that is why they are so unconcerned about losing the Congress.

          1. Actually, it's a view I kind of share...

            I've long argued that the Republican Party's Hoi Polloi would prefer the graft opportunities presented to them in the opposition, to an end to the graft if a genuine small government Republican were to get into office and keep his promises.

            I have never gone so far as to think they might actively sabotage their party's chances at the Presidency in order to keep the graft going.

            But it would explain a lot!

            1. I would have never thought that until I saw Romney just stand there with his teeth in his mouth and refuse to say anything bad about Obama. How do you explain that other than either Romney wanted to lose or was a congenital loser put up by the party to lose? And even if you think they were just wrong about Romney, how do you explain their support of Jeb Bush? I am sorry, no one is so stupid that they think Bush could have won the general election. You only choose Bush because you know he will lose.

              1. I saw Romney just stand there with his teeth in his mouth and refuse to say anything bad about Obama

                You don't know many Mormons do you?

                1. No BigT, I don't. Presumably the people who put Romney in as the nominee knew he would be that way and thus clearly wanted someone who would lose.

                  1. In general they are super nice. I know one who has terrible problems sleeping, and was an infinitesimally bit short with me, and his wife made him apologize for it, even though I hear way worse from other people throughout the day.

      2. Another explanation is that they fear Trump could end up caucusing with the Democrats on issues that are dear to Republican hearts.

        On anything from abortion to gun control. He could nominate someone to the Supreme Court because he likes the cut of their jib. If Trump nominated Russell Simmons, it wouldn't completely surprise me.

        1. Since when is caucusing with Democrats and selling out something they won't do? And as far as the Supreme Court goes, they happily rolled over and gave Obama every one of his appointees and would do the same for Hillary.

          Sure, they won't support Trump for the nomination. But once he has it, how would he be any worse than Hillary? The answer is that he wouldn't ,except that him being a Republican would mean they could no longer sell out and avoid accountability for it.

          1. Are you talking about what the Republicans did in Congress before or after Bush? Before or after Boehner?

            Do you or don't you believe there are differences between the old establishment and the tea party types?

            I'm hopeful there will be some ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.

            1. I think there are a few Tea Party types who mean what they say., But they are a very small minority. The rest of them are either the same people who were in there under Bush or are just con men who rode the tea party wave to Congress.

              And not every Republican in Congress will refuse to support Trump. And of the ones who won't, a very few of them will do so out of legitimate principle. The rest are just assholes who are worried Trump might actually interfere with their racket.

        2. I don't think the Republicans have any issues that that are dear to their hearts except re-election, graft, and despising their constituency for having issues that are dear to their hearts.

        3. Do you think Trump would do that after the intense demonization of him by the Ds during the election run-up?

    2. What about Trump, about his history, tells you he would govern at all in a conservative manner? Fuck, half his positions are farther left than Hillary.

      1. Nothing. But what about the Republicans in Congress makes you think they find that fact a drawback? Is Trump a "conservative"? No, but even that is debatable since "conservative" seems to have no meaning these days beyond a bundle of partisan policies that people who call themselves "conservatives" like.

        The same people who happily supported McCain and Mitt Romney and would have supported Christie or Bush this time cannot now claim they won't support Trump because he is not a "conservative", whatever that means. So whatever is going on here, it is most certainly not that.

    3. "Republicans in Congress keep saying they can't support Trump if he is the nominee. Why is that? Sure Trump has vague and sometimes contradictory positions and is no friend of small government, but since when did that matter to these people? And don't tell me he is the Hitler because if he were the last people who would stand up to him are Congress creatures."

      If Republicans oppose Donald Trump's positions, why on Earth should they support him just because he's nominally part of their party?

      Refusing to support him if you don't like his ideas or think he'd be a bad president is a rare show of principle in the Washington cesspool.

      1. If Republicans oppose Donald Trump's positions, why on Earth should they support him just because he's nominally part of their party?

        Because they are hacks and have no principles?

        Refusing to support him if you don't like his ideas or think he'd be a bad president is a rare show of principle in the Washington cesspool.

        Sure if doing that were for the right reasons. We, however, know it is not for the right reasons because the people doing it pass up the opportunity to do so in every other instance.

        Seriously, are you going to tell me these people believe in anything other than their own ambition? If so, I want to know what the hell happened to Reason. Since when does Reason and its readers consider Republican Congress creatures to be virtuous and principled?

        And I am the Republican hack on here? Really?

        1. "Seriously, are you going to tell me these people believe in anything other than their own ambition? If so, I want to know what the hell happened to Reason. Since when does Reason and its readers consider Republican Congress creatures to be virtuous and principled?

          And I am the Republican hack on here? Really?"

          I specifically said this would be a rare instance of principle, like a piece of corn in a massive pile of shit.

          That's hardly a ringing endorsement for the Republican party.

          1. I specifically said this would be a rare instance of principle, like a piece of corn in a massive pile of shit.

            If it were an act of principle, they would have done the same thing had another objectionable candidate been nominated. Chris Christie is as bad or worse than Trump by any objective measure. Do you really think that had Christie won the nomination any of the Republicans in Congress would refuse to support him? Hell no. They would have jumped on the bandwagon.

            So whatever this is, it is not an act of principle.

            1. "So whatever this is, it is not an act of principle."

              How do you know that? Whether you have more of a problem with Trump than Christie is based on your own values. I don't know what some random person's values are, but Trump and Christie have different policies so clearly being willing to support Christie doesn't mean you have to be willing to support Trump. They're wildly different candidates.

              1. How do you know that?

                Because you can judge people's character by their actions. And the last five years has shown that very few of these people are willing to take any sort of principled stand on anything. They are the masters of the symbolic but meaningless objection followed by abject surrender.

                If these people had any principles, they would have shut the government down until Obama compromised. If they had any principles, Obama would have never gotten another federal court nominee through the Senate after the Republicans took control in January of 15. And he sure as hell wouldn't have gotten an AG like Loretta Lynch through.

                Why on earth do you think it is principle? What have they done to earn the benefit of the doubt? Nothing.

                1. C'mon. Ryan just gave the Dems their very-own platinum plated wish list of a budget. With a small handful of exceptions, the Repubs seem perfectly willing to do whatever it takes to placate the Dems.

                  In a nutshell, that's why the Repubs have a Trump infestation.

    4. Oh if Trump wins the Rs in Congress will go crawling on their bellies to give him what he wants.

      The Media will go in full-throttle attack mode from day one and the Dems will once again become the anti-war, constitution party.

      1. Sure they will. But that doesn't mean they want to.

    5. I think the group that is really terrified of Trump are the professional apparatchiks - the campaign managers, media consultants blah blah.

      He is handing them their asses. Making the look stupid, overpaid, and disposable. They have the ear of the current incumbents, so they are feeding the anti-Trump side of the party, to protect their own phoney-baloney jobs.

  33. Can anyone tell me why there is remotely a case for libertarians to support Trump? Disclaimer: I am not looking for one I am just trying to understand why I ended up in a Twitter spat with some dude named Eric Dondero who believes Trump holds tons of libertarian views and thereby will receive our undying love and support at the polls.

    (prepares for "why the fuck were you on Twitter" onslaught from commentariat)

    1. So we can watch the two major parties implode and create an opportunity that the LP can waste?

      1. Yeah, I said that the only conceivable reason would be if you were an an-cap and saw this as a significant step towards a political/economic event horizon by which the whole thing would self-immolate. When I asked him how he could support someone with such a disgusting disregard for basic civil rights, he went on to screech at me that "there isn't a single civil liberty issue more important than stopping political correctness."

        I know I shouldn't be shocked by the degree of stupidity in this world but...

        1. I suppose Dondero would consider PC a very threatening thing.


      There is no libertarian case to support Trump. None. There's more of a libertarian case to support Bernie Sanders than there is Trump.*

      * There's no libertarian case to support Sanders either.

      1. Well that is the libertarian case for Sanders...

        "Well at least he isn't Hillary or Trump"

    3. Dude. Dondero is basically a rightwing version of shriek. He used to haunt these pages.

    4. Donderooooooooo supports Trump?

      Why am I not surprised in the least...

      1. I think I've seen it talked about here before (Dondero supporting Trump). And no, it shouldn't surprise anyone who was around H&R when he trolled these pages.

        1. The real question, does MNG support Clinton or Sanders?

      2. He was a Guliani fan for a while.

        But Dondero is the perfect Trump supporter: about 1/10th as smart as he thinks he is, a racist fuckwad, has a huge chip on his shoulder because he thinks life owes him something, an all around conspiracy-festoon dipshit.

        1. Dondero isn't nearly one tenth as smart as he thinks he is. He's the kind of person who offers to fight people on the internet then sends them his address so he can call them a pussy when they decline to fly 1000 miles to take part in a fist fight.

          1. He has a sort of low cunning...

            And for the commenters who missed out on him, he would also post his phone number in the comments and dare people to call him.

            1. After giving the commentariat his name, address and phone number, which one of y'all set him up a profile on christiansmingle.com?

              1. JDate would be more appropriate, but I wouldn't do that to Jewish girls.

                1. You sound like Hitler /Dondero

            2. God I miss the good old days

              1. God I miss the good old days


                RIP JsubD.

                Where's "smacky", "Stevo Darkly" and/or "Ruthless"?,

                "thoreau" went leftist to "unqualified offerings" (joepboyle- the pathetic city planning midget from Lowell, Mass. inhabits the comments both there and "Lawyers, Guns and Money"-- and "jackand ass" is not joe).

                Nicole is weak sauce compared to Jen (feral genius).

                Kevin Carson was a loon- but still / alwaysfun to read.

                Who is "Jean Bart"/ Gary Gunnell?

                Who did I forget?

      1. A place filled with 20 intelligent characters or less.

    5. I am just trying to understand why I ended up in a Twitter spat with some dude named Eric Dondero

      HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

      There is no case. Eric Dondero is literally insane. He's the Joe Boyle of the libertarian political movement; short, truculent, delusional, but dimply aware that his life is in a downwards spiral and lashing out in a desperate effort to arrest the decline.

      1. To the extent that there is a case for Trump beyond him not being Hillary, here it is. Trump winning the Presidency would represent a massive defeat for both the media and the politically correct culture it enforces. Trump winning the presidency would once and for all end the media's ability to dismiss an idea or a candidate out of hand by just claiming "you can't say that" or "that is crazy".

        Libertarians more than any other group are the victims of this power. Real libertarian ideas never get a fair hearing in this country because the media is able to just dismiss them as crazy. You think it is a bad idea to let the fed destroy the currency? That is just crazy. You think things like worker safety laws do more harm than good, you can't say that. And so forth.

        Trump winning the presidency I think would represent a great opening up of American politics. If Trump could win, anyone could and the media would no longer be able to just dismiss any idea it didn't like.

        That I think would be a good thing for Libertarians.

        1. The problem I see with this though, John, is that Trump's upsetting of the "establishment" (political and media) is completely predicated on a cult of personality. That's not really a repeatable formula, it's not based on any good policy and we've all seen numerous examples of how such hero worship based on nothing but emotion goes very, very poorly.

          1. It doesn't have to be. It is not that Libertarians would need or want their own Trump. It i would be that the media would no longer be able to bully politicians into not taking Libertarian positions. If they ever got a fair hearing, Libertarian positions would be a lot more popular than they are. If the media no longer controlled the narrative, and they wouldn't after a President Trump, there would be an opportunity for Libertarians to be heard.

            The bottom line is Libertarians will never get anywhere as long as the media has the power to dismiss their positions out of hand. I think Trump winning would do a lot to diminish or hopefully end that power.

            That is the "libertarian case for Trump" such as there is one.

            1. I agree with you on Trump's ability to do this. I just don't see it as a carry-over effect. I think it dies with the individual.

              It would be nice if I was wrong though, that's for sure.

              1. Time will tell. But I think the media is going insane for a reason and it is not any actual concern for what Trump would do. It is because they see him as an existential threat to their power. Maybe they are wrong but I doubt it.

          2. The problem I see with this though, John, is that Trump's upsetting of the "establishment" (political and media) is completely predicated on a cult of personality.

            I agree, but somebody needs an independent base to challenge the establishment. A cult of personality is the obvious source of that base.

        2. John-

          Judge Chamberlain Haller: That is a lucid, intelligent, well thought-out objection.

          Vinny Gambini: Thank you, Your Honor.

          Judge Chamberlain Haller: [firm tone] Overruled.

    6. There isn't one. The only case for supporting Cruz or Rubio is because you trust them to follow through on one issue at the expense of everything else. And that is pretty weak.

      The case for all of the GOP candidates is 99% that they are not Hillary.

    7. "I am just trying to understand why I ended up in a Twitter spat with some dude named Eric Dondero"

      Hold up - were you previously unaware of the glory that is Eric Dondero? Oh, you are in for a treat.

      1. I had no idea who the hell he was (he immediately touted how he was Ron Paul's personal travel aide for 12 years) and was responding to his Tweet to @baseballcrank that Trump doesn't need mainstream republicans because there was this massive coalition of dems, independents and libertarians supporting him. I said "no self-respecting libertarian would support that statist bag of shit."

        He did everything possible to go peak retard.

        1. Great moments in Dondero history

          "Elam, don't tempt me. I know more about the inner workings of Ron Paul's campaign than you or your Dad will ever know.

          And I know EVERYTHING about Ron Paul, and his family from the personal perspective to boot.

          Let's not go down that path. Shall we agree to stay away from the personal stuff.

          You wanna push it, fine. That's your choice. But let the record show, I was against such a campaign from the very beginning.

          There are too many people out there who could be hurt,and 90% of them are on your side of the aisle.

          You forget Elam, I go back to the Presidential Campaign days of 1987/88. I was there through the whole Nadia Hayes fiasco. I don't think we all wish to relive that one. Or the other "questionable" events within the Ron Paul organization in the last 12 years or so.

          I'd advise you to lay off."

          1. Also, someone asked why he goes by Eric Dondero since his real last name is Rittberg. This is the reply he got:

            "Yes Tarran, I am a Jew. (And also half-Italian). I am sorry you have a problem with that.

            There was another guy who had a little problem with people who were Jews. What was his name???

            Damn, slipped my mind. Right on the tip of my tongue.

            Adeus, no that's not it. Adam. No, not it either.

            Adolph! Yeah, that's it. He hated Jews too."

            You asked why I use one last name instead of the other! You're like Hitler!

            1. Sounds like the only person who had a problem with him being Jewish was him.

            2. That thread has to be read to be believed.

              You'll note - Dondero never got anywhere near Congress...

              1. For those without the stomach to read the whole thing, you at least need to see Dondero boasting about the huge number of prostitutes he sees:

                "Legalization of Prostitution is one of my top three issues. Not sure where you got the idea that I don't support legalized prostitution from? I'm an ex-Sailor. I absolutely used the services of Prostitutes overseas in the Phillipines, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Spain, all over the world, when I was a young buck Sailor. And each time was worth every penny.

                As a matter of fact, it's an absolutely tragedy that the US Military is not allowing servicemen these days to utilize prostitutes in Iraq. There are severe restrictions on prostitution for Military Personnel nowadays. We Libertarian Republicans need to work to overturn that. "

                1. Apparently a libertarian Republican is an individual who wants soldiers to be able to see prostitutes while they're waging unnecessary wars that kill those prostitutes' entire families.

                  1. +1 Hellfire Missle if you know what I mean

    8. If you argued with the guy and still don't know the libertarian case, then I guess you won the argument.

      1. His responses:

        "Trumptarian: Oppose Muslim Sharia law, No Political Correctness, End Common Core, Legalize Casinos, No Nanny-State"

        "There isn't a single civil liberty issue more important than stopping political correctness. Trump is smack on."

        "This is the point where you - Mr. tough guy - cries 'uncle' Matty boy."

        "Matthew, I'm not hearing it. You just got your ass whooped by my superior intellect. Now cry U-N-C-L-E."


      Woah haven't heard that for awhile.

      Only case for Trump I can think of (from his '90 Playboy interview, he may have "evolved" since):

      We Americans are laughed at around the world for losing a hundred and fifty billion dollars year after year, for defending wealthy nations for nothing, nations that would be wiped off the face of the earth in about fifteen minutes if it weren't for us. Our "allies" are making billions screwing us.



      Dude, Dondero is a running gag around, here.

      If you ever start to understand why he thinks what he does, seek help.

      If Donald Trump ever accidentally stepped in some libertarianism, he'd throw his shoes away and buy a new pair.

    11. Donderooooooooooo


      Ignore him. He once worked for Ron Paul and got fired. Snd has a grudge and an agenda. And it isnt libertarian.

    12. Donderooooooo!

    13. The best argument I have been able to come up with is: the Supreme Court is much more likely to start finding limitations on executive orders.

    14. I thought Dondero and Ramaindo and Vanneman were all the same nut.

      1. Dondero is a huge warboner.

    15. There's no case to support Trump qua Trump. There might be a case to support Trump as a hand grenade to toss at the political establishment, particularly in the GOP primary. There might, particularly for the right-leaning libertarians, be a case to support Trump to keep Hillary out of the White House.

  34. I know we've got some master chefs here. Anybody got a good recipe for queso or cheese dip or whatever you heathens call it? I hate the jarred crap.

    1. If you talk to your cleaning lady, she probably knows somebody or has a cousin that can come over and make something. Although their understanding of American tastes for dairy based stuff is sometimes off.

      The rice pudding comes out like arroz con leche, stuff like that. What you tell your guests in that case is that the dip is "authentic".

      Short of that, you can go to Trader Joe's. The usually have something out. Or melt some Velveeta in the microwave with some canned jalapenos you chop up and a bit of salsa. Or just get your girlfriend to do it. It'll give her something to complain about having to do, and they like that.

      1. Velveeta and jarred salsa (Pace) for the win. I like to toss in some crumbled pork sausage too. Can't go wrong.

      2. Velveeta and jarred salsa (Pace) for the win. I like to toss in some crumbled pork sausage too. Can't go wrong.

        1. Yeah. Gourmet cheese dip is like the mirror image of champagne.

          The difference between the best and worst champagne is hardly noticeable to most people.

          The difference between the best and worst cheese dip is probably like that too.

          If you want something that melts well, and won't congeal after it cools down? Try Velveeta. That's what it's for.

          Girlfriends are for something else, but they can be good for cheese dip, too. And unlike with champagne, the difference between the best and worst of them is definitely noticeable.

          Believe me, I notice.

          1. Girlfriends are for something else, but they can be good for cheese dip, too.


          2. Do you mean Champagne in the strict sense or sparkling whit wine in general. For the latter the difference is huge.

    2. Queso asadero (queso fresco)
      1 yellow onion
      jalapenos, diced fine (seeds reserved)

      Peel and halve the onion. Slice thin. In a heavy skillet, saute onion in butter with a smidge of olive oil added until onions are well-caramelized.

      Melt cheese over low heat, stirring frequently. Add onions, jalapeno, salt and pepper to taste. If you like a lot of jalapeno flavor without a lot of heat, leave out the seeds. If the sauce is too thick for your taste, add a splash of milk.

      1. Gracias. This looks like a winner.

        1. My stomach is growling. Making this recipe this week.

          1. It's great over steak burritos.

      2. leave out the seeds

        Oh, Evelyn, how can you spread such things?

      3. That looks amazing.

    3. One thing everybody is leaving out:

      Sodium Citrate. You can buy it on amazon.

      Your cheese and milk will separate without it. It only takes a few milligrams, and it will keep the cheese-in-milk emulsion.

      Same thing if you're making your own mac n cheese sauce.

      1. Get a load of Heisenberg over here.

        1. Do it right, or don't do it at all.

        1. Egg yolk is the emulsifier in mayo.

      2. Velveeta has sodium citrate. So the people who mentioned it didn't really leave it out

      3. Or you could make a simple white sauce, drop the shredded cheese in it, whisk it in and voil?!

    4. I make this one sometimes. You can up the chorizo a bit, and perhaps the chiles in adobo.


    5. Velvetta and pico de gallo

      by hand the long way

      chop onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and jalapenos

      melt Velveeta cheese in the microwave and stir frequently

      short cut

      buy pre made pico, you may want to add extra cilantro

      real short cut

      open a can of chopped tomatoes with chilies and stir it in the melting velvetta

  35. Anti-Gay Stickers At Indio High School Touch Off Debate: Hate Speech Or Free Speech?

    The stickers show a rainbow ? the symbol of the gay community ? with a line crossing through it.

    Obviously one (3, 5, ?) line is hate speech and two (0, 4, 6, ?) lines is free speech.

    1. Of all the FANBOYS to choose from "Or" is the worst choice in that headline.

    2. Maybe they just hate rainbows.

      Hate Speech Or Free Speech?

      False dichotomy, anyone? How damn hard is it to figure out that free speech necessarily includes hateful speech and other things you don't like. Though given the "Bong hits for Jesus" precedent, I'm sure they can ban these.

    3. why can't it be both?

        1. Nonsense, it's only free speech.

          It's a colorblindness awareness mark.

          1. I mean generally. I do think that the word "hate" gets thrown around too freely.

            1. I hate it when people do that.

              You know what else I hate? Misconfigured sarcasm detectors (both mine and other peoples')

              1. Yeah, those things suck.

  36. "At least 70 people were killed in Baghdad in twin suicide bombings."

    If only that bastard Bush hadn't ousted that wonderful grandfatherly Saddam who kept the peace in Iraq so well.

    1. Thank Allah they weren't triplets.

    2. Twins -- can they ever really be trusted?

  37. Hey, bitches! First time posting from an airplane. Does that qualify for Mile High club?

    I was going to convene my precinct in the GOP caucus tomorrow but got called away on business. I have to admit that I am glad about that. I want nothing to do with what is left of the political process this year.

    How can it really be Hill vs Donald?

      1. Who am I? Daily lurker, rare poster.

        I am a born again Libertarian, still struggling to fling off my GOP habits of old. I was planning to skip the caucus altogether this year but when the local coordinators begged my to convene my precinct again, I relented. But then was called out of town so I can miss the whole shit show.

        The Reason commentariat reminds me that although we might be insane, we are not alone.

  38. Massacre in India: A Man Stabbed 14 Members of His Family to Death Before Hanging Himself

    In one of the grisliest massacres in recent Indian history, a man stabbed 14 members of his own family to death, including seven children, before hanging himself on the outskirts of Mumbai, police said on Sunday.

    Hasnin Warekar, 35, killed his parents and several of his sisters and their children at the family home shortly after midnight in the city of Thane, about 17 miles north of Mumbai, police spokesman Gajanan Kabdule said. Warekar had reportedly invited his family members over for a celebration of some sort.

    One of Warekar's sisters, Subiya Parmar, was rescued by neighbors and hospitalized for her injuries. She told police she was clueless as to why her brother went berserk.

    something something common-sense knife control

    1. This doesn't happen in other civilized countries.

  39. I was going to post a pic of myself at Copper Mountain because I had such an awesome time there last week, but it has taken me 30 fucking minutes to scroll to the bottom of this fucking post on my fucking tablet, because every fucking time I touch the fucking screen, I get redirected to the fucking article on Kansas's fucking DUI sobriety test bullshit. Doesn't matter where I touch the goddammit screen.

    So, fuck. If I can only interact with this POS Web site on a fucking desktop with a mouse, so be it.

    1. Kurt Douglas reads Reason, word on the street has it. If he doesn't get the entire thing in audio, narrated by the voice of Morgan Freeman, then what chance have the rest of us poor bastards?

      1. Kurt?

        1. Hamster meant to write Kurt Russell. That is because Hamster is most likely Kurt Russell, and is just trying to throw us off the scent of outing her as Kurt Russell.


    3. Kristen, I have the same problem on my Android tablet. Its infuriating.

    4. That happens to me with my IPad. Drives me crazy.

      I'm glad you had a good time at Copper. Colorado needs more snow and lower temperatures, stat.

    5. Ah HA!
      You DID take my advice.

      Copper is the shiznit, but mainly for boarders. If you come back we can get a "reasonoids who like sliding down mountains" party at Jacks or something. I am out of passes for this year...no time. But kiddos take class there in January and Feb. Also, the snow was better in Jan this year. I hit a day with no people (roads were fucked) but 5 inches of powder, best day I had in a long time. Wife and I basically had the eastern side (Super B) all to ourselves.

      1. P.S. Breckenridge can kiss my ass.

        1. Copper is my mountain. I love it there

    6. Hope you stopped by jj's for lunch!

    7. I usually read Reason from an Amazon Kindle Fire, and damn, it's formatted terribly for that! I too get the frequent shifts to the "article on the right" when I am just trying to scroll down.


  40. Desperate migrants use battering ram to smash though fence on the Macedonia-Greece border

    Hundreds of migrants have smashed their way though a fence on the Macedonia-Greece border.

    The desperate group are thought to have used a home made battering-ram to break through the border.

    Teargas and stun grenades thrown into the crowd by Macedonian police after they stormed the crossing.

    They tore down the gate as frustrations boiled over at restrictions imposed on people moving through the Balkans.

    The protesters, who were chanting "open the border" and throwing stones at Macedonian police, were repelled.

    1. But remember, it's definately not an invasion.


      1. And it is going to make Europe more free. Cytoxic assures me of this.

    2. It is totally not an invasion.

      What is really heartbreaking is seeing all those widows and orphans struggle with that heavy battering ram.

    3. "The protesters, who were chanting "open the border" and throwing stones.

      And where was Shikha Dalmia during all this?

      1. She wasn't there but Jude Law apparently was. They mugged his security team.


        It is a bitch when reality collides with your virtue signaling fantasies.

    4. How long before there is an exchange of gunfire at one of these "open border" parties?

    5. The cynical part of me thinks that Germany created this entire crisis just so Greece gets filled up with so many migrants that the Greek people are essentially driven out of their own homeland. I think before the tap was shut off, it was already about 1 migrant for every 10 greeks, but if they keep pouring in and the EU doesn't let any pour out...

      Fuck with the central banks at your own peril, seems to be the lesson here.

  41. How much did the picture of that blue bubble cost me?

    So some science fag can use at as a desktop?

    1. Oh quit whining. It didn't cost you a nickel. (they BORROWED the money!)

      1. Oh. It came out of my future earnings then? Thanks, I feel a lot better.

        I guess the upside is that maybe inner city minority kids will see that picture and be inspired to become astrophysicists.

        And that's something that's very important to me. Almost as important as NASA fanboys getting a new wallpaper.

        1. I guess the upside is that maybe inner city minority kids will see that picture and be inspired to become astrophysicists.

          And aspire to be like Neil deGrasse Tyson--a smug knowitall in areas outside his expertise.

    2. Probably less than a tenth of a penny.

      Hubble's budget is not worth bitching about.

      1. Yeah, research like that is pretty low on my list of things to get worked up about. It's a small expense in the grand scheme of things and it pretty damn cool.

  42. Jimmie Johnson tied Dale Earnhardt, Sr. on the all-time NASCAR wins list.

    That may been the most boring NASCAR race I can ever remember not really watching. JJ pulled a slick strategic maneuver with his early pit stop, and handled the last restart well, but other than that it was just background noise.

    1. Every NASCAR race is that way. The rules ensure the cars are all exactly as fast as one another. You win in NASCAR not by going faster and having a more skilled driver. You win by strategically planning your fuel use, tire changes and pit stops to beat the other guy. It is about as exciting as watching a bunch of Prius trying to win a hyper millage competition.

      1. Exception: Bristol.

      2. Yet it manages to be the most popular spectator sport in the world. F1 is more interesting because the driving is a bit more interesting and the cars are amazing and differ a little bit from each other, but it has similar problems. I think if you want really interesting racing, the top levels are not the place to go.

        1. You are right Zeb. All top level racing has the same problem, the technology has long since been able to make a car that is too fast to safely race. So the days of the cars being really different and interesting are gone. Each series has to limit the speed and effectively take away all of the variety and interest in the racing.

          I think, however, the world sports car racing people may have found a solution to this problem. Starting last year, Le Mans stopped regulating the kinds of cars that could be entered into the prototype classes and instead put a cap on the total fuel the car can use during the race. At first I thought this was just tree hugging crap. But it has made the racing interesting again. The cars are now different. Audi uses a diesel, Porsche uses a hybrid and so forth.

          I really think they need to stop regulating the cars and just set a max amount of fuel use. That would allow the builders some creativity again.

      3. Every NASCAR race is that way.

        As a casual fan, I'd say about half are. Restrictor plate races tend not to do this, and neither do short-track and road races (which they should definitely have more of).

        This was unusual in that I only stopped and rewound once. Usually its a lot more than that, since I don't really focus that much on the race, and when something interesting happens usually need to rewind to catch it.

        1. Restrictor plate races tend not to do this,

          The restrictor plate races totally do this. The cars are all exactly the same speed.

  43. Dude seems to have a pretty good plan I think.


  44. RIP Frank Kelly, just saw that he died. Feck! Drink! Arse!

  45. The hottest new package for Linux users.

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