Would Chris Rock's Edgy Oscars Monologue Get Him Banned from a College Campus?

The comedian confronted Hollywood's race problem, but not in a way that would please the PC left.


Chris Rock

Chris Rock's opening monologue at the 2016 Oscars was a revelation: It was funny, it was edgy, and it addressed Hollywood's race problem without letting liberals off the hook.

Much attention has been paid to the fact that no persons of color were nominated for any Oscars this year, and Rock—as a black comedian—was under some pressure to drop out as the host of the ceremony. Instead, he addressed the controversy head on.

"Everybody went mad this year," said Rock. "Jada [Pinkett Smith] got mad. Jada said she's not coming. Isn't she on a TV show? Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna's panties. I wasn't invited."

He also added a much-needed sense of proportion by recalling that black people used to have more serious problems than a lack of awards.

"We had real things to protest," Rock said. "When your grandmother is swinging from a tree, it's really hard to care about Best Documentary Foreign Short."

The implicit political message of Rock's monologue was that racism still exists in Hollywood—and we ought to be upset about it—but we shouldn't pretend that this kind of racism is as consequential as, say, racism in America's police departments.

Rock also called out the #AskHerMore campaign, which asserts that journalists ask too many questions about female Oscar attendees' attire. He said the reason women get asked more questions about fashion than men do is obvious: the men at the awards shows are all wearing the same thing.

Rock's general contempt for political correctness is well known. It's why he doesn't bother playing college campuses anymore: liberal students are humorless and easily offended.

I wonder how many students who caught Rock's monologue had to flee to a safe space because of it?

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  1. Wait – you’re saying that Chris Rock made controversial comments about race?

      1. I hope that most of the commentariat is not at work in a crowded office right now

        1. Because Corporations can’t handle the TRUUTH!!!

    1. Jebus, I can’t believe that was 20 years ago

  2. Angela Basset was hilarious in the black history month minute.

    1. I disagree to strongly disagree. She was a good sport, but it wasn’t funny. At all.

      1. I liked it for 2 reasons: Angela basset and making fun of will smith

        1. Oh, I liked the eye candy.

          But the dead horse has been beaten.

  3. Last Friday, the Georgia Senate passed a good bill that protects religious freedom in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage. And already special interest groups and big businesses are trying to pressure the governor into refusing to sign the bill unless it is significantly watered down in the House….

    “Big business, as represented by “individual corporate giants including Hilton Worldwide, Marriott and InterContinental Hotels Group”; the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce; and the Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association, have all spoken out against the religious freedom bill as opening the door to widespread discrimination.

    “But if every Hilton, Marriott, and InterContinental hotel in Georgia already hosts receptions for newlywed same-sex couples?why can’t Georgia protect the mom-and-pop bed-and-breakfast or local Knights of Columbus hall that has a different set of beliefs about marriage? This law doesn’t harm minority rights; it protects them in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage.”

    1. these three paragraphs should all be in quotation marks

    2. That wasn’t part of his monologue.

    3. I didn’t realize that a law that narrowly targets a specific group of people as being ineligible for protection of generally applicable laws was “a good bill”.

      If the bill had been more broad, giving people a general “conscience” protection from “adverse action”? I’d be more willing to say “hey, at least it’s treating people equally”. But it doesn’t. It singles out an already disfavored minority as a group the government won’t protect.

      And it’s not even about religion. Not really. The list of weddings objected to on religious grounds is way longer then “gay people” and “non-virgins”. If the bill had at least made it “sincerely held religious belief regarding marriage” they could have claimed they were protecting everyone’s religious beliefs. But instead, they’re just protecting the beliefs of people that don’t think gay people should marry.

      And the end result? A Christian baker can kick me out of his store because his God hates fags, but can follow me into my (hypothetical) comic book store and I’m still prohibited from kicking him out because his God hates fags.

      That said, isn’t the sort of response this is prompting, individuals saying they won’t patronize the state, exactly the sort of response that libertarians/Libertarians say should happen?

  4. Making everybody uncomfortable = winning. But yes, this speech totally required several trigger warnings. I’m surprised there weren’t safe spaces somewhere in the building.

  5. “… racism still exists in Hollywood?and we ought to be upset about it?but we shouldn’t pretend that this kind of racism is as consequential as, say, racism in America’s police departments.”

    Or maybe in one of our 2 major political parties, eh Robby? Peter had an article here today that Trump just might be a racist, and yet, that didn’t stop Pete Sessions or Chris Christie from supporting him. To say nothing of a minimum of 40% of the party’s electorate. And he is well on the way to being their nominee for President.

    Now that would be much more dangerous than racism in Hollywood, no?

    1. The real problem is that the key to ending the Republican Party is on the top shelf and you’re the only one who can use it, so we’re all just fucked.

      Seriously Joe, do you ever comment on anything other than bitching about Republicans? It’s pretty damn sad.

      You’re like the retard version of Shriek, which is scary because Shriek is the retarded version of Shriek.

      1. The real problem is that the key to ending the Republican Party is on the top shelf and you’re the only one who can use it, so we’re all just fucked.

        SilentCal! From the top ropes! With a folding chair!

      2. He also proselytizes about his AGW religion.

        1. Yet, somehow, does not advocate nuclear war as the solution.

    2. You’re retarded. So much so that you’re right without even knowing it.

      Everything is more dangerous than racism in Hollywood. It doesn’t fucking matter, especially because it’s not real.

      1. I’m always right. Particularly when I said the Mets would beat the Dodgers.

        1. Jackand Ace|2.28.16 @ 10:23PM|#
          “I’m always right.”

          You’re a lying slime bag.

        2. You’re an AGW kook. And an asshole.

    3. yes but suderman’s article was completely retarded and wrong, so there’s that.

    4. “Or maybe in one of our 2 major political parties…”
      One of?

      Remind us again which party favors policies which deliberately favor one race over the other in job applications and college admissions? Do remind us please?

      When half the employers whose jobs you apply for (or nearly all if you’re in an academic field) specifically state that they will discriminate against white people and/or males in their hiring decisions and you know the government will give them tax breaks for doing so, well, you begin to imagine why some white people would start to favor Trump.

      1. Yes, because if there is one group in America that is discriminated against its Whites. Right.

        1. Have you heard of “affirmative action”?

          1. I have. And that is the epitome of discrimination in America today to you?

            1. Goalposts. They have moved.

              1. Typical Joe.

            2. It is, for more reasons than you can possibly comprehend.

              1. For once you are right. I can’t.

                1. Jackand Ace|2.28.16 @ 11:59PM|#
                  “For once you are right. I can’t.”

                  You are always a lying sack of shit.

                2. Why are you too scared to just go under your old “joe” handle? Are you ashamed of the cowardice you displayed after BO won and you freaked and ran away?

            3. It is because it’s actually discrimination backed up by government force.

        2. “Yes, because if there is one group in America that is discriminated against…”
          And here you fail again at logic. Who says only one group can be discriminated against? You’re as bad as Tony.

      2. I bet Mark you think white male Christians are the oppressed, right?

        1. Jackand Ace|2.28.16 @ 11:38PM|#
          “I bet Mark you think white male Christians are the oppressed, right?”

          You’re a lying slime bag.

        2. “the oppressed”
          There is no “the oppressed.” There must be something about the ‘progressive’ mind that renders it incapable of comprehending this. Any person, or group of persons, is capable of doing harm to any other individual, or group of individuals’ for any number of reasons, including mere membership to that group. Why is it, Jackaland, that you think being wronged or discriminated against is a unidirectional line going from one designated group to another for all time?

          Or are you one of those people that thinks that all prejudice flows from white to black and if the Aztecs had conquered Europe instead of the other way around we would have had five centuries of pacifist utopia?

          I mean, can you really not wrap your mind around the idea that David Duke and Al Sharpton can both be racist turds?

          1. Al Sharpton is racist because whites made him racist.

          2. He really can’t. He’s a real worthless cunt too.

    5. Donald Trump has been a liberal his whole life. Of course, he’s racist!

  6. Liberal law professor writes a concern-trolling amicus brief in the contraception mandate case.

    “[Douglas] Laycock’s brief [for the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, arguing against the Little Sisters of the Poor and others] is remarkable because of the way it turns on its head the plaintiffs’ argument that the nonprofits are victims of an overreaching government. In fact, Laycock argues, “religious liberty can be endangered by exaggerated claims and overreaching as well as by government intransigence and judicial under-enforcement,” and that the nonprofits’ arguments “endanger religious liberty, both legally and politically….

    “What’s more, Laycock warns, the nonprofits’ overbroad argument that they are entitled to the same exemption as churches threatens the entire system of religious exemptions across the country. In addition to the federal RFRA, 32 states either have their own religious freedom laws, or interpret their state constitutions in accordance with the federal statute. Thousands of religious exemptions are codified in state and federal statutes and regulations. But that entire system, Laycock warns, is imperiled politically if courts do not “defer to reasonable efforts to draw such boundaries.””

    1. Professors Honeybush and Updike had no comment.

  7. Hollywood’s race problem

    [cite needed]

  8. Hollywood may have dropped the ball, but black people can always rely on the United Nations

    “The [UN] Working Group [of Experts on People of African Descent] is preparing a final report to deliver in September 2016, as part of the International Decade for People of African Descent, which the UN began in 2015 to recognize and remedy the ongoing impacts of slavery and colonialism on more than 200 million people of African descent living around the world. Many of its preliminary recommendations are drawn from a similar report following a study visit to the US in 2010….

    “The working group [in a preliminary report] applauds a number of criminal justice reforms, such as the Task Force on 21st Century Policing and the Fair Sentencing Act, as well as the Affordable Health Care Act, and urges the creation of a national commission for African American human rights. Many of its suggestions, however, are focused on education and commemoration, including “reparatory justice”…

    “Their recommendations do not specify what is meant by “reparatory justice.” Frequently, however, reparations involve financial compensation…”

    1. I wonder how many Africans UN Peacekeepers will rape this decade. Bet it trumps both the last two.

    2. I demand reparations. By enslaving humans that would have created more wealth being free, I have less wealth/fewer opportunities today.

    3. Given that most slaves were apparently sold to Arab and European slave traders by Africans themselves, shouldn’t Africa be the ones paying reparations to themselves?

      1. Benin apologized for slavery.


        Several West African states have also publicly voiced contrition for their historical role in the slave trade. Officials from Benin, for instance, traveled to the United States in 2000 to publicize their government’s remorse over the millions of fellow Africans who were sold into slavery. “We cry for forgiveness and reconciliation,” said Luc Gnacadja, a cabinet minister, during a visit to Virginia. “The slave trade is a shame, and we do repent for it.”

  9. Once again Soave presents another posting without providing a trigger warning. I needed to go get my wubby.

    It was funny, it was edgy,

    More cosmo bullshit. Notice there were no citations as to what Soave considers edgy or funny, so what we could compare and contrast with Rock’s monologue.

    What are you hiding, Soave?

    1. Of all things that can said of Rock’s performance, funny is not one.

      1. “socially conscious” humor as a genre irritates me (isnt being funny enough of a raison d’etre? i think so), but Dave Chapelle’s a whole, whole lot better at it

    1. “This is the best part of the week!” ? Homer Simpson
      “It’s the longest possible time before more church!” ? Lisa Simpson

      /my exact feeling every Sunday around noon

      1. This may be a stupid question from an agnostic, but:

        Why go to church if you don’t like going to church?

        1. ’cause Mom makes you go.

        2. Why do any duty, carry any burden, or perform any non-pleasurable act? Surly there must be some cheeseburgers nearby to eat, a comfy chair to be jerking off in, maybe a discounted electronic that could be purchased and enjoyed.

          1. Have you been spying on me/

    2. Pretty sure they wanted the structure of a married mother and father as well, but we don’t get everything.

    3. A *Methodist* church?

      Seriously, thank you for the link.

      1. Is that where method actors worship?

  10. The party where everyone masturbates each other in pretty clothes is not diverse enough.

    1. Sounds like a paradox.

  11. Why does any person in the world like Amy Schumer? What, exactly, does she bring to the table?

    1. Drunken, sloppy, blowjobs.

      1. She only has one mouth, but millions of us have to deal with seeing her on TV.

        Survey Says…
        bad deal

    2. She can be funny. She is vulgar. She crosses lines. I think she also epitomizes what a lot of younger women who pay attention to media and politics wish they were.

      1. Your points
        -Good but absolutely untrue
        -God help us all

    3. She’s a slightly more talented version of Lisa Lampanelli.

      1. If Sarah Silverrman was lumpier and blonder, and Lena Dunham was less tattooed potatoey, you would have Amy Schumer. Her show can be funny, from what I have seen. Don’t make me find links.

        1. I liked Lampanelli on Howard Stern.

          I liked the one Schumer Comedy Central show I saw.

          I like Silverman too. That sitcom she had was decent.

          Never seen Dunham nor do I want to.

        2. Except, unlike Silverman and Dunham, Schumer can be entertaining.

          1. Silverman could have been funny. I actually thought her show was absurd enough to be sort of funny. She’s good at trolling her audience, and I like that in comedy. But when I caught her speaking candidly on a couple of occasions, her enthusiastic libtardation made me sad.

            Also, she seems to prefer dumpy softbodies to real men. I find that odd, because she’s always been a pretty lady.

            1. I’m not too fond of Sarah Silverman the person, but her show was pretty damned brilliant comedy. Some of the episodes were just perfect. Cookie Party, anyone? Would you like a Tab?

    4. Her show has been pretty damned hilarious so far. IMO. Some of her sketches have had me dying. Not all, but that’s usually the case with sketch comedy. Hits and misses. Her show has had a lot of hits though.

  12. The best parts so far have been Louis CK’s bit and the Samsung commercials.

    1. He was very funny and honest.

      Joe Biden was honest too. Until he started reading the teleprompter.

      1. So he got “Happy to be here” right?

  13. Abe Vigoda was not in the in memoriam. Therefore, he’s still alive. Science.

      1. He was far more talented at not being dead.

      2. I think he may have been in a movie or two. Some you may have hear of.

  14. Somebody here several weeks ago brought up the salient point that the vast majority of movies that are up for awards at the Oscars are in the English language. That encompasses a hell of a lot more than American made films. Once you factor in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, India, Ireland, South Africa, ect, ect, it will tend to dilute the percentage of black actors/actresses who recive nominations or awards in comparison to racial demographics in America. And let’s not forget what brought this all to the forefront in the first place; Will Smith felt snubbed over not receiving a nomination for his performance in Concussion, which was widely regarded by most critics to be a mediocre to shitty movie in and of itself. Awards are generally not given to people, regardless the quality of their individual performances, who are participants in subpar products. Take sports for example. The best player in any given sport, with a few exceptions, is rarely given the MVP award if the team they play for is garbage.

    1. India, South Africa

      While the complaint focuses on Black actors – as it comes mainly from the US African-American community – its about the *lack of diversity* in general also.

      India and South Africa wouldn’t dilute anything as

      a) the vast majority of Indian movies are in the local languages, not English. I’m not sure a about South Africa, but the majority language in that country is not English (though its spoken there), its Afrikaans.

      b) From neither of those countries would you expect majority white actors or a focus on them. India is obviously going to be mostly Indians and South Africa I would expect (but could be wrong) a pretty decent mix between White Africans and Black Africans.

      Though your point about the rest of the film, coming from the primarily English speaking world, are going to feature a significant percentage of whites as we make up the majority of primary English speakers.

      1. Those are fair points. I must confess my take on the subject matter was based on the assumption that the gripe was primarily about the lack of black Americans being underrepresented in the award process, not *lack of diversity* as a whole. Though I suspect most films that would be considered for contention from India and South Africa that aren’t filmed with English as the primary language generally fall into the International Films category.

  15. Edgy is saying things which can’t get you in any trouble whatsoever. Meh. Call me when Milo hosts.

    1. “Edgy” humor in SF is (I swear) making jokes about Bush. Williams made a career out of it while he was porking the nannies and all the proggy SF matrons just loved it!
      Fortunately, he offed himself after he found out what un-zipping his pants cost.

  16. Dammit Robby, they aren’t liberals. They are progressives. Liberals believe in individual liberty and personal responsibility. That is an awful long way from the progressive left.

    1. “That word, liberal, we are taking it back. It has been decades since it applied to you leftists. You weren’t using it anyway. Stick with “progressives”, it reminds me of eugenics and Prohibition. That works for Marxians. Liberal is free markets, free individual choice, not free shit.”

  17. The only thing oscars-wise I care about is that Leo doesn’t win, especially for best actor. I normally wouldn’t care, but every year, it seems, I have to hear people whine about how it’s definitely his year and how he has been snubbed in the past. It’s not a snub when he’s a terrible actor. Everything I’ve seen him in it’s like he’s just waiting for his turn to half shout his line as he remembers what he’s supposed to say. Other than that I really don’t care about self-important people celebrating themselves.

    The Islander’s game is clearly the better option right now.

    1. Indeed. Sadly the Oil just tied it.

      1. Jackand Ace|2.28.16 @ 11:43PM|#

        Indeed. You’re a lying sack of shit.

    2. Oh this night is going all kinds of wrong.

      1. Yikes. They fell apart.

        1. Jackand Ace|2.29.16 @ 12:00AM|#
          “Yikes. They fell apart.”

          Yikes, You;’re a lying sack of shit.

      2. If Cizikas is the sum total of the offense, it was bound to be a long night.

        1. So many opportunities…

  18. Jackshit with better integrity:

    “Mark Ruffalo, ‘Spotlight’ director join pre-Oscars sexual abuse protest at L.A. cathedral”
    “Only a few short hours before the 88th annual Academy Awards were due to begin, Oscar nominee Mark Ruffalo and “Spotlight” cowriters Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer took part in a protest against sexual abuse within the church in downtown Los Angeles.”

    ‘I swear, Chris, this was totes spontaneous!’
    (and equally slimy)

  19. This thread restores my faith in H&R

    It didn’t turn into a virtual cosmo-faggot oscar party

    1. Fuck the Oscars. Hollywood puts out very few good films these days. Watched “The Man Who Would Be King” last night with the wife. Great 1975 film with Sean Connery and Michael Caine as Brit soldiers in India and beyond. The 1970’s and early 80’s were the last very inventive period for mainstream movie making here it seems to me.

      1. “I ain’t goin’, Peachy, and that’s final!”

        1. “Now listen to me you benighted muckers. We’re going to teach you soldiering. The world’s noblest profession. When we’re done with you, you’ll be able to slaughter your enemies like civilized men.”

      2. That’s false. Everyone knows 1999 was the highpoint for Hollywood movies.

        American Beauty, Fight Club, Being John Malkovich, Magnolia, Eyes Wide Shut were all great movies. There were good pieces with inventive visuals and story telling in The Matrix and The Blair Witch Project. There were good comedies in Galaxy Quest, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and Southpark. Etc.

        1. Etc. being The Limey, The Limey and The Limey.

        2. I do agree that the first three were very good. The Matrix was of course very well done. Southpark I think of more as a late nite show.

        3. Let me guess, you were born around 1979.

        4. Shite Club remains a cinematic turd without equal, and Palaniuk remains a stain on Enlish letters.

        5. Magnolia sucked ass. Hard.

        6. The Matrix was all sizzle and no steak.

    2. *mouses over SIV’s handle link*

      Huh. Never seen that one before. Let’s see what kind libertarian manifestos SIV writes on a regular basis…

      *clicks link*

      Mein Gott! How long has this been here?? I thank you, and your country thanks you.

  20. Rock closes with a “Black Lives Matter”. Can’t wait to hear about him getting boycotted by police unions.

    1. Not watching. What did he do???

    1. This video is not available in your country.

      They refuse to let Japanese people watch them?

    1. Doesn’t everyone assume Trump has had business dealings with the mob?

      1. Yes, he has donated to both parties.

    2. Cruz’s New Attack On Trump: Perhaps His Tax Returns Show Extensive Dealings With The Mafia

      Ted, Ted, Ted – You know when you try to out-Trump Trump you need to avoid making yourself look like a complete moron at the same time. Trump hits with the below-the-belt zingers but doesn’t look like a moron unless you actually take time to examine his positions.

      There’s no special block on your tax return for ‘dealing with the Mafia’. 99.9999999999999999% of the US wouldn’t recognize a mob-run business short of actually seeing the guys with no-necks and baseball bats standing around in track suits.

      Or was your next step to jump in and say that your operatives caught him dining at DaVinci’s or something?

      Christ man, hit him on his vanity, his constant lawsuits against anyone who speaks ill of him, his cronyism – all the sort of shit that is in the public record.

      because all you’ve done is basically call every garbageman and construction worker in New York and New Jersey criminals while leaving people wondering what the hell is in *your* tax return.

      1. 3 Felonies a day would say that Cruz might be right in his insinuation, wrong about the particulars.

      2. 3 Felonies a day would say that Cruz might be right in his insinuation, wrong about the particulars.

      3. Of course Cruz could have just played a short clip of Christie endorsing Trump 10 times in a row, followed by one of Hillary barking.

  21. So has anyone seen Spotlight? Is it good or was it just Important?

    1. Good and important, but not Best Picture good. Very straightforward and procedural. Stakes felt low to the characters involved. Didn’t really care about the reporters.

    2. Neither.

      Oscarbait pure and simple.

  22. I wonder what will win Next Year, will it be that Nat Turner movie? Ought to be relevant.

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  24. “implicit political message of Rock’s monologue was that racism still exists in Hollywood?and we ought to be upset about it?but we shouldn’t pretend that this kind of racism is as consequential as, say, racism in America’s police departments.”

    Robby, do right-wingers think that this kind of statement upsets liberals? There’s scads of articles from liberals to Marxists that think liberals need to be less concerned about race and more concerned about class.

    Robby, when’s the last time you actually picked up the phone to an actual Leftist and asked them about their belief system? We all need to understand each other. I do that by coming to this site for reactionaries to seek out common ground. Maybe right-wingers need to leave their safe space at CPAC, look around, breathe the air, and see that there is a kaleidoscope of political opinion in the world.

    1. Welcome to Retardation: A Celebration. Now, hopefully, I’m gonna dispel a few myths, a few rumors. First off, the retarded don’t rule the night. They don’t rule it. Nobody does. And they don’t run in packs. And while they may not be as strong as apes, don’t lock eyes with ’em, don’t do it. Puts ’em on edge. They might go into berzerker mode; come at you like a whirling dervish, all fists and elbows. You might be screaming “No, no, no” and all they hear is “Who wants cake?” Let me tell you something: They all do. They all want cake.

      1. It is past retardation.
        How many ways can you claim the production of another and not self identify as a thief?
        All sort of political retardation opinion in the world yes; and Fr?d?ric Bastiat captured:

        “The state is that great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.”
        ? Fr?d?ric Bastiat

        While we still have the second amendment, there is a brake on Washington and its pilot fish follower excesses.
        After that, even in the Cyber Pass we have-

        A Khyber Pass Copy is a firearm manufactured by cottage gunsmiths in the Khyber Pass region between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
        (see wikipedia)

        Some almost cynics get to the precipice, then look into the abyss and say inside; “Not yet, I’m dynamist, and top of the food chain and not for no reason”.

  25. Asking Hollywood to mind diversity is like demanding Mcdonalds to start selling “authentic” ethnic food, even though places that sell the real stuff is just a yelp search away.

    Most of English speaking people in the world do not look to Hollywood to represent them. My parents lived in this country for 20 years and they hardly watch any American programming. They watch Asian language dramas and variety shows that run on local channels or download them from the internet. I watch my share of them, and needless to say, Hollywood will NEVER get the culturally specific humor and brands that are found there. In America, the MARKET already provides diversity and choices.

    Hollywood’s bread and butter is action and animation. A superhero film with a aesthetically pleasing white guy will make money across the globe. No one in China ( a HUGE market) demands that Hollywood make more films with Chinese actors. Because Hollywood is Hollywood, and what sell specifically to the Chinese crowd exists in their own popular culture.

    I heard most farm workers are Latinos. Why not “diversify” that world? The racialists are primarily interested in representation in areas of prestige. Have they watched any foreign language films featuring non whites, who don’t even speak English? “Oscarssowhite” is a total nonevent to most minorities.

    1. non english speaking

  26. I don’t watch the Oscars and I don’t really keep up with pop culture, so someone, please educate me. Did a person or persons of color get snubbed this year that really deserve the nod, or was it simply that there just wasn’t a notable performance? I keep hearing that there were no nominations, but that hasn’t been followed by, “just look at (insert actress’s name) performance in (insert movie name), that was absolutely ground breaking. Boy, did they get hosed.”
    If it’s a about inteisic racism in Hollywood, I don’t buy that either. I see actors of color(?) being inserted in roles of white characters, Denzel in the Equalizer is just the first to come to mind, and minority characters shoehorned into classic tales with contrived backstories. One of the Robin Hood movies is coming to mind, though I might be mistaken.

    1. I hate autocorrect…should read intrinsic racism.

    2. Did a person or persons of color get snubbed this year that really deserve the nod, or was it simply that there just wasn’t a notable performance? I keep hearing that there were no nominations, but that hasn’t been followed by, “just look at (insert actress’s name) performance in (insert movie name), that was absolutely ground breaking. Boy, did they get hosed.”

      This assumes Leo’s performance was groundbreaking.

      I think John Boyega shouldn’t have played the part of a stormtrooper because he’s black. I think the job he did playing a stormtrooper was better than most of the nominees. I don’t think any of them should’ve won because none if the criteria are anywhere near ‘groundbreaking’.

  27. Short answer: No, he’s black and rich. Colleges are liberal, progressive havens. No college would dare allow criticism, much less ostracism, of a loudmouthed, racist, rich black man.

  28. Oh so rich during the Oscars last night – the president of the little popular kids club that puts on the damn thing talking about their diversity problem. She is a black woman.

  29. Robby: “liberal students are humorless and easily offended.”

    Alright, now he’s had enough.

  30. Chris Rock does not have the right to speak his mind.
    Where does this fool thinks he lives, America?

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