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Mizzou Fires Melissa Click, Oppressor of Student Journalist

Can we move on now?


Melissa Click

The University of Missouri will fire Assistant Professor of Communications Melissa Click. Mizzou's board of curators voted 4-2 to rid itself of Click, who was famously caught on video interfering with a student-journalist's right to make a recording of a public protest. Click will be able to appeal Mizzou's decision, though it's not clear if she will. 

According to The Columbia Daily Tribune: 

Click's employment has become a political liability for the university. The House Budget Committee will consider a spending bill next week that cuts $402,000 from the Columbia campus budget — the amount of Click's salary as well as that of her department chair and the dean of the College of Arts and Science — and $7.6 million from the UM System's administrative budget. 

State Rep. Chuck Basye, R-Rocheport, wrote to members of the Downtown Community Improvement District board that Click is a symbol that is hurting the university. 

"Everybody that I talked to said it would be a step in the right direction and would show some leadership," Basye said Thursday. "I firmly believe she should have been terminated after the first video." 

I have previously referred to Click as "the scowling face of campus repression," while remaining unconvinced that her conduct was severe enough to merit either her termination or arrest.

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  1. Assaulting a student, and inciting a mob to batter him aren't malfeasances worthy of firing?


    1. but but Trump does that at HIS rallies


    2. But she's a journalist, they have secret powers special rights, you know.

    3. I had a similar response to the last part of the article. She went way beyond peaceful protest in a way that totally justifies firing simply due to liability issues. I don't know about an arrest, but firing was definitely a good move.

      1. Incitement to riot is a serious thing.

        1. Apparently that's what she did in the video, but I didn't watch very much of it. I'm just happy that she isn't teaching anymore. As for the arrest, that's for the cops/courts to figure out. I literally didn't know about the arrest.

      2. I don't know about an arrest,

        There's two counts of assault on that video.

        1. Sorry, when I say "I don't know", I literally mean "I don't know." I literally didn't know that she was arrested, what grounds she was arrested on or the evidence (apparently its in the video). I've heard about the assault via articles, but didn't watch very much of the video.

          1. She was arrested for the incitement, which counts as an assault under state law, but not for the actual, hands-on assault, which I thought was kinda weird.

            1. Doesn't the person assaulted (I'm guessing the student journalist) have to press charges for her to be arrested for assault? I'm guessing that rule doesn't apply to inciting a riot, since that falls under "protecting the peace" or some such. I'm not a lawyer.. can you tell?

              1. Based on fuzzy recall of a wide-ranging business law class many years ago, the "pressing charges" thing is mainly a trope for police-drama TV shows. An uncooperative victim certainly makes it less likely that a prosecution will be successful, and thus less likely to be pursued. At least in the eyes of the law, the crime has (ostensibly) been committed, and it's not up to the victim to say "no harm, no foul." It's up to the cop to decide if it's worth telling the prosecutor, and up to the prosecutor if it's worth telling the grand jury. Not sure how it works if no one is around to press charges against a ham sandwich.

                1. Ah, I see. Thanks!

        2. In other words, I don't weigh in on the arrest at all. All I care about is that she's no longer teaching.

    4. Yeah, usually you need a badge in order to get away with that kind of thing...

    5. Crusty Juggler hardest hit

  2. Good riddance.

    1. ^this. But let's hope the firing sticks. How often have we seen government employees notionally fired for wrongdoing, only to be quietly reinstated after the union does a backroom deal?

      1. I hope the little street thug is gone for good, I've a feeling any appeal will fail.

        1. It will fail if giving her back her job costs the school millions of dollars.

      2. She's an assistant professor. Do they even get a union? Regardless she'll just end up at some slightly crappier college two states over.

        1. Shit, in some circles this is a resume enhancer. My guess is she ends up at a posh private school for functionally retarded SJWs. Something like Brown or Oberlin. I'd say Princeton but that might be setting the goal too high.

        2. She's an assistant professor. Do they even get a union?

          AAUP, bitches. Her institution may also have it's own union/employee's association.

  3. *Nelson voice*

    Ha ha!

    1. *Nelson Mandela voice*

      Hee hee!

  4. Yelling and screaming is one thing. Calling for politically motivated assault and battery is another, Robby. One that should result in getting canned.

    1. Calling for politically motivated assault and battery is another

      And committing an actual assault is yet another. She did both.

      1. True. Reasonable fear or apprehension and all that.

        1. When she laid hands on him, that was an assault. Calling for muscle was a second assault, and the one she was arrested for.

          1. I didn't realize she laid hands on him. That's actually a battery. Just making him fearful of a battery would constitute assault, no? Then again, I cocked up my crim law knowledge yesterday so I'm loathe to do so again.

            Either way, she deserved to be fired.

            1. Some states call the battery "assault" too.

      2. These are all reasons* I come here now for the commentary than the contributors. That Reason defended Click is beyond me. Talk about a tghug chilling free speech (Click). *no pun intended

        1. *more than the contributors* and *thug* Sorry for the mistakes.

  5. The scary part if the vote was only 4-2. You know that every other professor in her department and these administrators probably have the same exact views and opinions as this woman. They did this reluctantly, due solely to public pressure.

    1. But at least they fear public pressure, and legislative fallout, enough to do that.

      1. It gives me hope. Hopefully the brown shirts will be a little self-restrained in response to consequences.

        1. Campus temper tantrums in...

          1. Oh, those will be teh delicious. Just remind them that in the past that men have been lynched on the mere say-so of a white woman.

            1. +1 chiffarobe

  6. All in all, the right call.

    1. Yeah must of been a tough call, violating someone else's constitutional rights, a minority student no less, and assault with a call for extra muscle, so many nuances, so many angles to consider.

      1. He was asian, so not minority-minority.

        1. Why, that's practically white! Except to Irish, of course.

      2. Indeed, it should have been done immediately.

  7. Buh, bye, Felicia!

  8. Isn't she being sued by the kid she silenced?

    1. Hey, hey, hey. It was only ATTEMPTED silencing.

    2. I can't find anything about a lawsuit. I think he did file a criminal complaint against her.

      Also, while researching that I found that the Photography is Not a Crime folks, also condemned her. Heh.

    3. No, he pretty much forgave her.

      1. Which is also a class move. Not that I would have objected one little bit had he done so.

  9. "while remaining unconvinced that her conduct was severe enough to merit either her termination or arrest."

    Soave is on a derp roll today.

    1. What would convince you, Robby? Seriously, if this isn't enough to get fired (and I'm about to fire somebody for a lot less, and I don't fire people easily), what is?

      1. Look, if a cop trainer punches a cop student during FOP protest at the police academy, it's understandable (not justifiable) that other cops don't want the system to handle it, or for anyone to lose their job even if a criminal act occurred. This is the same thing, but with journalists. Rico just wants a little professional courtesy, is all.

    2. Rico, this woman is an adult and an employee of the state. Firing her should have been immediate.

  10. Pam from The Office is lookin' rough these days.

  11. She got into - initiated - a physical altercation with a student in an effort to hinder journalistic endeavors. You can easily change motivations, races, genders, etc., to clearly see why such a person's continued employment is untenable.

  12. Such a shame when the campus left is forced to live up to their own purported standards

  13. She's not even a spook! What's she doin orderin all these moolies around?

    1. She looks far less shrewish in that photo than in the previous photos which Robbie has used. That was a class move, Rico.

      1. She looks far less shrewish in that photo than in the previous photos which Robbie has used. That was a class move, Rico.

        Sorry, T, but I had to correct that. I have yet to find any photographic evidence that she has any other facial mode.

        Or, maybe I'm just traumatized by those nostrils.

  14. Hey, can we get some muscle over here to help her move out of her office??

  15. I have previously referred to Click as "the scowling face of campus repression

    You have crossed a line this time, Soave. I will not let comment here quietly allow let transgressions like this to stand!

    1. oh my goodness. I am done for the day, if not forever.

      1. That right you got!

        1. Crusty's a Nigerian prince?!

    2. Crusty and Melissa sitting in a tree...

      1. Crusty's inability to say no to a redhead is well-established fact.

        1. And yet I have not received any pictures. 🙁

  16. I have previously referred to Click as "the scowling face of campus repression," while remaining unconvinced that her conduct was severe enough to merit either her termination or arrest.

    Convincing Robby that a professor calling for physical oppression to be used to silence a student is like convincing a retard that the square root of 11 isn't actually potato

    Jesus Christ on His cross. What would warrant termination in Robby-land? Domeine taking her up on her assault by committing battery?

    1. Add "should be fired" somewhere in there.

  17. 402k? WTF?

    1. ...the amount of Click's salary as well as that of her department chair and the dean of the College of Arts and Science

      So, yeah, not unreasonable for three positions including a dean, especially if that's salary plus benefits. They are still overpaid, though.

      1. Click was only making roughly $57K, the dean was making over $250K.

        1. Income inequality!!!

          1. Now they're both making equally $0. Progress!!!

  18. re: "remaining unconvinced that her conduct was severe enough to merit either her termination or arrest."

    We're not privy to knowing everything the school does about this instructor, her wider conduct, her attitude re: the situation, her performance in role, etc.

    The school should have the right to can her even if this one particular incident isn't viewed as sufficient on its own to justify it.

    And the decision should be cheered not because of the merits (or lack of) in her specific case, but because it will set an example that teachers and institutions face potential consequences for treating first amendment rights with such contempt and disregard.... and that teachers should be more reticent to arbitrarily wielding their authority on behalf of politically-preferred groups

    1. What Gilly said in his last paragraph.

      1. Word. If free speech is to be protected anywhere, it must be protected in academic settings most strongly because of the dire consequences of its successful repression. And, frankly, I'm fine with faculty losing their jobs for threatening violence against students. Maybe it doesn't rise to the level of criminal offense (although if Ms. Click had behaved that way to an undercover cop I promise she'd be arraigned within the hour) but it certainly merits dismissal.

  19. Guess she wasted all that money on a PR firm for nothing.


  20. Cal State LA has decided to "allow" Ben Shapiro to speak there:


    1. Making Ben Shapiro look sympathetic was a feat.

    2. I wonder if the Click decision had anything to do with that. Will be interesting to see if other public colleges quickly but quietly roll back their anti-1A bullshit.

  21. What's the obverse of salty ham tears? Because this thread is soaking in it.

    1. Crispy sugar sweats?

    2. Urine, everywhere?

    3. Just straight up some lymph fluid?

      1. I really don't want to know what your office chair smells like.

        1. Probably like teen spirit

  22. LOL.

    Robby complains about being called out for signalling in an earlier thread. Then posts this, "I have previously referred to Click as "the scowling face of campus repression," while remaining unconvinced that her conduct was severe enough to merit either her termination or arrest."

    And he wonders why he gets called out for signalling....

    1. His hair is actually a disguised antenna through which he receives transmissions. He doesn't choose to signal, it's just his only way of communicating with the outside world.

  23. Robbo,
    I don't agree with your reasoning(drink!), but at least your sticking to your gun that shoots left/right but not straight. I would like to point out the biggest failure of your article- the reason she was fired was that MU's donations dropped by 10 million dollars this year. Money talks, SJW trainer walks.

  24. I have previously referred to Click as "the scowling face of campus repression," while remaining unconvinced that her conduct was severe enough to merit either her termination or arrest.

    And for that you receive near universal disagreement, probably because you're wrong. She was faculty of the fucking journalism school for fucks sake. How what she did is not grounds for dismissal I don't know, but then you go on to suggest that she should stay so she can learn about journalism...as a member of the faculty teaching journalism to students. Your absurd position I can only assume is some kind of professional courtesy like the cogs in our justice system give each other all the time.

    1. Yeah, there are lots of teachers who don't deserve firing. Out-and-out Marxists, for example, just because they have odious views, should no more be fired than a libertarian or conservative or anyone else. However, when you resort to thuggery as this woman did, termination shouldn't even be debatable.

      1. People shouldn't get fired from a university position for their private political beliefs, but they certainly can and should get fired if they inappropriately express them as part of their job.

        And private universities should, of course, be able to fire professors for any reason or no reason at all.

  25. She got paid.... $400,000... for teaching some bullshit... and she fucking blew it by being a nazi...


    1. This was posted ironically, right?

    2. I wonder if anyone will hire her now.

      Maybe at a community college, so she could always go to UC Santa Cruz.

      1. I'm sure there is a school out there even more retarded that Mizzou that will welcome her after the storm calms down.

        There has to be some SJW's out there that see this woman as a hero.

  26. "I have previously referred to Click as "the scowling face of campus repression," while remaining unconvinced that her conduct was severe enough to merit either her termination or arrest."

    I take delight in seeing someone at a public university fired as a consequence of her actions.

    To be fair, hundreds of thousands of other university employees all over the country should be fired as a consequence of their actions.

    . . . And many more just for being useless, too.

  27. I don't believe it warranted arrest, even though a technical legal case can certainly be made for assault, if the student journalist files charges.

    But termination? Why not? Being part of the school of journalism, she clearly misunderstood her role as "gatekeeper of the 1st amendment"

  28. The organized professoriate has fetishized academic freedom to protect themselves to the very limit* - on the grounds of the importance of free inquiry.

    They can't turn around and say that one of their own number should get kid gloves treatment when being caught trying to suppress free inquiry.

    *Sometimes they might even stand up for an icky right-wing professor, but that's decided on a case-by-case basis

  29. gotta be careful when you ask for some "muscle over here".

    once the shoving starts, sometimes it gets pointed at you.

  30. The question isn't whether she "merits termination", the question is whether she "merits employment". Academic positions are highly competitive.

  31. Thank God she was fired!!! I'm gonna have a little party today in honor. The vote for her canning should have been 6-0. Who were the two proggy fascists voting to keep her?? GOOD RIDDANCE!

    1. In the words of the Donald; YOU'RE FIRED!

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