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Multiple Reports of Chaos, Confusion, Possible Fraud in Tonight's Nevada GOP Caucuses

What the heck is going on in Vegas?


Fallout New Vegas, via Fallout Wikia

Donald Trump looks poised to win another victory in Nevada's GOP caucus, which is being held this evening. But multiple reports suggest that the vote, which is still ongoing, has been disorganized and chaotic, with some observers suggesting that fraud and foul play may be involved. The implication is that Donald Trump's supporters are behind it. 

For example, National Review reporter Eliana Plott has relayed reports that a vote collector at one site has been looking at ballots before stuffing in them in the to-be-counted envelope, holding some ballots in a separate stack.

Plott also tweeted a photo of a vote collector wearing Trump gearing, saying that this is not allowed. 

Other reports have indicated that volunteers are allowed to wear gear showing support for a candidate.

Emily Cahn of Mashable tweeted a report of someone voting twice for Trump. 

And then there's this: 

Actual Trump supporters? Anti-Trump activists trying to make him look bad? Who knows!* 

In any case, Jon Ralston, arguably the most respected reporter in the state, reports that the GOP is looking into it. 

*The person who posted the KKK photo says it was taken at Cimmaron Memorial High School tonight, by a friend, though I can't verify this. In addition, the signs being held say New England Benevolant Police Association, which some commenters are saying means the photo may not be from Nevada tonight. I can't speak to the provenance of the photo one way or another; the point is that it's being passed around in the mix of reports from credible reporters and others about what's going on in tonight's vote in Nevada. 

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  1. It may seem implausible that Team Stupid can look even worse than they’ve looked since… well, I’ve been alive, but here we are.

  2. If they don’t show up, why don’t they just lose by default and start having their wages garnished? I thought that was standard procedure.

      1. Maybe, maybe not.

        1. True. Seems like a decent response to the horiible state of the nation.

    1. It’s time for John McEnroe to grow up and stop working the line judge like a rented mule. The call is the call, and the judge isn’t going to change. Hell, he’s just making more enemies aming the exact group he should be befriending. It’s ridiculous!

      1. Damnit, wrong article.

        1. Maybe, maybe not.

  3. Vote early, vote often, vote awesome.

  4. Scumbag candidate has scumbag followers. No surprise.

    The GOP should contrive this into a reason to kick Trump out of the race.

    1. They don’t have the balls for that.

      Assuming these reports are all true, it is unsettling to see these fucks being so brazen. This is the sort of shit you pull when you don’t think there will be consequences. But then it could all be much ado about very little. I know this may come as a shock, but initial reports are often exaggerated.

      1. The ‘gear’ seems to be lawful, but there a multiple reports of being voting without being asked for ID, places running out of ballots, places not even set up for the event, at least one confirmed instance of multiple voting, etc. Malfeasance and incompetence ad mix of unknown proportions.

    2. Boy, is it going to be fun watching heads explode when Trump gets elected. Especially yours.


    3. What, and bring on dullsville earlier than necessary? What’s the rush…

      1. Yes please. Dullsville isn’t a rush headlong into the arms of a mentally ill authoritarian.

        1. Indeed, it’s a rush headlong into the arms of one of a few different mentally-ill authoritarians.

          1. They aren’t mentally ill. Not so likely to go Full Fascist. Or start WW3.

            1. You give those who presume to rule the world more credit than I.

    4. ‘”The GOP should contrive this into a reason to kick Trump out of the race.”

      Unfortunately in America we have a constitution and not a Queen, like in Canadia.

      1. Well if you people stopped having primaries where any idiot can show up and have party central organs appoint all candidates instead, LIKE EVERY OTHER DEVELOPED NATION, you lot would be better off! Fuck, single payer healthcare would be right there, followed by free university, no guns etc.

      2. Um. This is a party function. The USC has nothing to do with this.

        1. I think maybe you should explain this to each state’s election commission and tell them they need to reform their ballot access laws. it will be news to them.

          1. I think the problem is, when a lot of Nevada residents heard “Caucus” they thought it meant it was only for Caucasians.

            1. To be fair, Hispanics are also considered Caucasian when they shoot black teenagers.

              1. Or when they check the “white” box on their census forms, as most correctly do.

          2. Pretty sure the Nevada caucus is run by the party. That’s why there is no dress code.

          3. Our Canadian friend is right, it is a private party function. Just because Team Purple co-opt our tax money and government institutions regularly to hold them doesn’t mean we should accept that.

        2. Membership in a political party in the US is entirely voluntary and you can’t be kicked out of one or prevented from joining one.

          Appearing on state ballots is entirely the authority of state election commissions and unless someone petitions to have you removed from a ballot in any given state under some rules-requirements, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop a person from running and advertising themselves as a member in any given party.

          Similarly the results of these elections can’t be invalidated by the political party no matter how much they might dislike a character as long as the state affirms them as kosher. If someone is pressured to leave a party voluntarily they can run as whatever they hell they want (or nothing) and still retain the victories in prior elections.

          All the party can do is withhold funding, access to party-resources, or attendance at functions.

          So, tell me again how “This is a Party Function”?

          1. In the sense that federal regulations don’t apply ie the dress code. On the rest you may be right. I’d like a second opinion, but I am pretty sure we are both right.

            1. What you’re specifically wrong about was the idea that the “Party” could kick trump out of the race. Any race.

              They might be able to disqualify their own caucus because of impropriety. But the party has no control over election results once they are affirmed by the state. The party might have their caucus processes established and validated by Nevada, but they don’t have the power to decide themselves whether it was ‘fair’ or not and arbitrarily alter the results. The power to hold elections is completely in the hands of the states (as per the constitution), and if the State says the process was kosher, the party can’t do fuck-all about any single candidate as long as they meet the state requirements for ballot-access.

    5. That would be the most awesome political result of my lifetime. Kick him out.

  5. What the heck is going on in Vegas?

    Hookers and blow, for the lucky ones.

    1. When in Vegas, I recommend The Peppermill. Fun times.…..-las-vegas

  6. Replies to that Trump “supporter” pic say that those are BLM protesters at an old event in NH. Their hands look black, but it’s hard to say as the quality is pretty shit, also the sign references the New England Police Benevolent Association, so I don’t think it’s from Nevada.

    1. Also, the person who tweeted it didn’t take the pic, says it’s from a friend, and is a big Cruz supporter.

      1. Clayton Bigsby’s bringing in new membership!

    2. Why, Rhett! How many times have I told you to wash up after weekly cross burning?

      1. This’ll teach me to refresh before replying.

      2. Great (twisted) minds….

  7. It’s like they’re trying to get a Kennedy elected out there.

  8. I support anything that reduces faith in the honesty of the system. Go Trump!

    1. Trump is very much the Dada/punk rock candidate of this election. That’s part of what makes it amusing. All the pearl divers in history, added together, haven’t clutched as many pearls as the political pundits have in the last six months. It’s hilarious.

      1. I was a very hip infant. My first word was “dada”.

        1. Mine was synergistic-intersectionality.

  9. “”No one is checking in or checking IDs”

    CHECKING ID’S? What is this, the soviet union?

    1. Yeah, I’ve been told IDs are totally unnecessary because vote fraud is negligible. So what’s the big deal?

    2. New system: you put your finger into the voting machine, and it is removed. No IDs necessary, and you are free to use as many of your allotted votes as you wish. Kind of puts the old if you choose not to decide thing in a new light, though…

      1. I’m not interested in some new-fangled digital system!

        1. Better than the binary one we seem to have been stuck with!

    1. What is this, Epi’s mom?

      1. Is there vag grease pooling on the ground?

        1. Quick, pick that up. You can get good money selling grease.

          1. A straw, a straw! My kingdom for a straw!

  10. Props on the pic, Mr Suderman, but no alt text? Does remind me I should finish the thing already…

  11. Snaggle-toothed Trumpet creepers are colossally whack. Brother Donald should string together a prayer line to heal some fucking cripples and grant some goddamn wishes. Toss doves into baby asses. Call Shekinah down from all the glory and make it fondle his magic foreskin behind the veil of paradise. Play those motherfucking sycophant zealot cunt Trumpets like a billion-dollar faith healer on a supernatural surfboard ripping curls through ice-cold gold and American fantasies.

  12. What is this, Spain in the 30s?

  13. Was there a coin toss involved?

  14. Alec MacGillis ?@AlecMacGillis 1h1 hour ago
    Nevada GOP giving everyone a good reminder tonight how Harry Reid managed to win re-election in the midst of an epic Republican sweep.

  15. Doesn’t matter. Morgan Freeman is narrating Hillary ads now. Disappointing. I would’ve voted Freeman/Diesel.

    1. If she’s got Freeman on her side, it’s all over.

      1. Of course, Corporate Kane/Demon Kane is the ideal libertarian ticket. Isaac Yankem DDS appointed to surgeon general. Fake Diesel as head of secret service.

  16. Just a quick reminder that the Nevada caucuses have been a Chinese fire drill long before Trump ran for President.

    1. They were slated to lose their place as a primary state in 2020 before this. Apparently the Nevada GOP is the most dysfunctional GOP.

      1. The Democrats went through the same thing, and Reid’s retiring and can’t pull influence for an early spot for the state, so they’re going to get kicked to the back end now.

        I won’t be surprised if both parties mandate that all states need to conduct primaries in 2020, and if any of the caucus states don’t want to play ball, they’ll end up being shut out at the convention.

  17. Chick who tweeted the kkk pic is hilarious

    Krystal Heath ?@TheFriddle 1 hour ago

    Yes, sign says “New England” – signs can be reused. Also, woman in photo is wearing a Clark County GOP voting sticker. This was #NVCaucus.

    Krystal Heath ?@TheFriddle 2 hours ago

    Uhm, guys? Do I think they’re ACTUAL #Trump supporters? Probably not. Did they say they were? Yes. Was picture taken at #NVCaucus? Yes.

    And check out the ABC news chick who showed up:

    Alana Abramson Verified account
    @TheFriddle I am with @ABC – did you take this photo/can we use for all partners and platforms? We will credit you. Thanks.

    Amaresh Vidyarthi ?@zidaine26 1 hour ago

    @aabramson @TheFriddle @ABC If you fall for this you are literally the worst reporter in the world.

    1. Wow, two whole KK members! Of course, if the statistics hold, one of them is an FBI agent. So I’m not too concerned.

      But of course Democrats can crow, because their candidates have never had two dangerous and disreputable supporters.

    2. What kind of person do you have to be that you’re like, “OMG THIS IS REALLY SEAN HANNITY!!!”

      That’s sad. Still, would.

  18. ‘…the point is that it’s being passed around in the mix of reports from credible reporters and others…’
    Credible reporters and others covers quite a range, credible reporters and incredible reporters?

    1. I didn’t even know there was a third one. He’s like Zeppo of Castros!

      1. He was a Marxist brother.

        1. +1 Cocoanut

  19. There’s now a dating site for singles who like Bernie Sanders. In order to join, you have to take a math test with questions about billions of dollars in taxes and spending. If you fail all of the questions? you’re in.

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week!

    1. Is that some sort of threat?

      1. Only to the humorless.

        1. So C-tox and John then?

          1. John has his humorous times.

            1. All of which are unintentional.

  20. Report from Churchill County, Nevada. It went pretty smoothly for me. In and out in just a little more than an hour. My neighbors in my precinct did everything correctly. Checked my record that I’m registered Republican. Verified my ID. Gave me one ballot.
    Note that the rules are Nevada GOP rules, not state law. The wearing of political advertising is not disallowed although it’s generally thought to be inappropriate garb for poll workers. We’re pretty live-and-let-live.
    Biggest problem was parking. I parked outside the fence and walked in. I’ll let the geriatric crowd and the disabled have closer parking spaces. It’s held in the County Fair buildings. The parking lot was quite full. Huge turnout for this rural county.
    Quite a long line to get into the Multipurpose Building, where “county” precincts – vs. “city” precincts – caucused. Remarkable because of the extremely low density outside the single city. My precinct extends 80 miles east from my house. The Bench Creek Ranch, for instance, is connected via a 13-mile long dirt road over their private property to US50. From there, it’s only a few miles to a historic Pony Express changing station that’s now a bar and cafe and about 47 miles into town. Some folks drive more than an hour to vote.

    1. It couldn’t have gone that smoothly if you wasted hours of your life to vote for one of those shitheads.

      1. You are a classy fellow

        1. Would you say the same if he had gone down to the Democrat Caucuses last week and voted for one of the other shitheads?

          1. While i’m hardly a saint, i’m not a partisan dick, no. I think spitting on people for no other reason than “having voted” is ridiculous.

            1. Well it was for who he (i assumed) voted for, not simply having voted. Of course it turns out he voted for a candidate who has dropped out, which is a supreme waste of time, but not for one of the shithead left in the race.

              1. Speaking of wasting time….

      2. He’s posting his experience on a libertarian website so he probably voted for the antiwar candidate over the SoCon.

      3. Rand is still on the ballot. He got my vote.
        Churchill County is Ground Zero for Ron Paul’s takeover of the Nevada Convention. Our County GOP Chairman was the one who pulled the microphone out of the State Chairman’s hand and declared what the Nevada GOP was trying to do was illegal and immoral.

        1. While I think that is an even bigger waste of time, I retract part of my statement.

  21. Did the internet ever figure out if those two black people and the old Jewish lady are really KKK?

  22. I can’t speak to whatever they do down in Las Vegas. There’s lots of friction between them and us. We resent being dominated by Clark County (Vegas) and their huge population and money. They feel that us rural and small town yokels have too much influence in Carson City. Particularly, they dislike Carson City, the power seat, being so far physically away from Las Vegas. And our priorities aren’t Las Vegas’ priorities. The Sagebrush rebellion is still alive and strong in Northern Nevada but few in Las Vegas care. On the other hand, they’d sure like to take what little water we have to their metropolis.

    1. I can imagine. LV is so different than any other part of Nevada, including Reno. The state is a massive expanse. It can be very odd, but I like it a lot.

    2. I lived in Henderson for a bit and that whole Vegas metropolitan area is a shit pile. Hated every second of it.

      1. I’m not partial to Vegas at all. Been there twice for siblings’ birthdays and I have no desire to go back. Reno, that’s a different story. I have good friends there and I kind of love it. There is an awesome Basque restaurant right in downtown that has been there forever that rocks. I love the Basques as well.

    3. yokels

      Say it proud!

    4. They feel that us rural and small town yokels have too much influence

      Lot of that going on around here, too.

  23. So, Trump bagged another one. Who’s next to drop out?

    1. Dr. Gov. Ben Kasich.

  24. So many GOP tears across the internet right now. Loving every minute of it.

    1. The sweetest tears flow from the GOP-sympathizer “libertarians”.

      1. Shrug. Some of us like things like guns and free speech.

        Those won’t exist, not as we know it, when Hillary gets elected. Or Sanders for that matter.

        1. I agree with you on that. I’ll probably end up voting for trump just to see lefty heads explode and the GOP pants shitting. Also, college PC groups committing mass suicide.


            1. It’s a crap shoot might as well get some entertainment. I live in CA so my vote is shot anyway. I would vote for Gary Johnson but he didn’t do the smart thing and run for the Senate in New Mexico when he had a chance, so pass.

              1. I hope to vote for John McAfee come November. The LP needs to get him on the ballot. If it’s GayJay I stay home. I’ve done my civic duty in voting for the least bad Republican in next-Tuesday’s primary.

          2. Trump hasn’t given any indications he supports gun rights or free speech, so that is pretty retarded.

            1. He has on the 2nd. Not sure about the first.

              1. *Amendment that is

      2. Does Popehat count? Cuz his thing with Pax on Twitter today was delicious. Reason contributor: “what a little girl”

        1. Give her Robby’s job. This liberaltarian thing is played out.

          1. Eh, I’m kinda set in my ways. Don’t feel like moving HyR out of the LARPertarians folder.

  25. A Trump supporter

    Trump may be working with the zionists, but he plans to build a wall. which runs counter to international jewry’s goals. So he’s got my vote.

    Lots more like that and worse at the link.

    1. racisms on the internet?!?!

    2. Someone should start a business named Int’l Jewry just to fuck with certain people.

      1. How about a street in London’s financial district called Old Jewry?

    3. So I take it you are/were unfamiliar with zerohedge…

      1. Been a member for over 5 years. Love tweaking the anti-joooos.

        1. The zerohedge comments is what you get when two short buses, one filled with anti-semites, and the other with truthers, collide, and go careening through the front window of a house full of paulbots.

    4. Your logical fallacy is

      Unrepresentative sample, or hasty generalization

      And while you are trying to figure out what that means, you can familiarize yourself with zerohedge

  26. “I have a Jewish daughter. This wasn’t in the plan, but I’m very glad it happened,” Trump said at the event, held in Manhattan. On Israel, he said, “We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1,000 percent. It will be there forever.”

    Before the 2013 Israeli election, Trump recorded a video message endorsing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    “You truly have a great prime minister in Benjamin Netanyahu. He’s a winner, he’s highly respected, he’s highly thought of by all,” Trump said in the 30-second spot. “Vote for Benjamin ? terrific guy, terrific leader, great for Israel.”

    Isn’t that interesting. Trump “the Great White Hope” supports Israel. His supporter’s heads are exploding.

    He is so much fun I might even vote for him.

    1. There goes the Ron Paul and 9/11 truther vote.

      1. Funny enough they are not changing their minds. But the mental contortions they are going through are very interesting to watch. Very.

  27. Oh, NOW having ID to vote is important. Funny how it was “an impossible racist hurdle designed for disenfranchisement” before.

  28. “Voter fraud almost never happens”


  29. Wow, the Klan really *are* equal opportunity employers!

  30. Steve Wynn will clean that shit up now that he supports republicans.

  31. Kinda crazy when you think about it.

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