Multiple Reports of Chaos, Confusion, Possible Fraud in Tonight's Nevada GOP Caucuses

What the heck is going on in Vegas?


Fallout New Vegas, via Fallout Wikia

Donald Trump looks poised to win another victory in Nevada's GOP caucus, which is being held this evening. But multiple reports suggest that the vote, which is still ongoing, has been disorganized and chaotic, with some observers suggesting that fraud and foul play may be involved. The implication is that Donald Trump's supporters are behind it. 

For example, National Review reporter Eliana Plott has relayed reports that a vote collector at one site has been looking at ballots before stuffing in them in the to-be-counted envelope, holding some ballots in a separate stack.

Plott also tweeted a photo of a vote collector wearing Trump gearing, saying that this is not allowed. 

Other reports have indicated that volunteers are allowed to wear gear showing support for a candidate.

Emily Cahn of Mashable tweeted a report of someone voting twice for Trump. 

And then there's this: 

Actual Trump supporters? Anti-Trump activists trying to make him look bad? Who knows!* 

In any case, Jon Ralston, arguably the most respected reporter in the state, reports that the GOP is looking into it. 

*The person who posted the KKK photo says it was taken at Cimmaron Memorial High School tonight, by a friend, though I can't verify this. In addition, the signs being held say New England Benevolant Police Association, which some commenters are saying means the photo may not be from Nevada tonight. I can't speak to the provenance of the photo one way or another; the point is that it's being passed around in the mix of reports from credible reporters and others about what's going on in tonight's vote in Nevada.