Brickbat: A Black Day



University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Chancellor Beverly Kopper sent out a campus-wide email condemning a "disturbing racist post" by two students that was "hurtful and destructive to our campus community." Kopper believed the two had posted online a photo of themselves in blackface. In fact, if she'd spoken to them before she sent out her email, she would have found they had taken a photo of themselves getting a facial and were wearing exfoliation masks.

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  1. Kopper told local media that she spoke with the students in the photo after issuing her statement.

    “They indicated they had no negative intention, that this was a facial,” Kopper told NBC affiliate WTMJ-TV. “They expressed remorse, not realizing the reaction that would come from this post.”

    Their remorse is misdirected. They should be sorry for robbing Chancellor Beverly of the opportunity to place herself in the annals of outrage greatness by not posing in blackface.

    Chancellor Beverly continues her hunt for her elusive white whale of social injustice.

    1. ‘White’ whale? Sounds triggering.

      1. More so than whitewater? That’s a double whammy.

        1. Would Blackwater have been better? I really can’t tell.

  2. What kind of fools would post a picture like that on social media. Really now, in this country, in this day and time, how could you do that and not think, “hmm, this might look like a borderline blackface thing”? Come on people use your brains.

    There is a concept called social intelligence. Developing a social intelligence means considering how your actions affect others and then weighing the benefits and the liabilities of acting out those behaviors. Social intelligence is not just about being nice to others or being “politically correct” — it’s also about behaving in ways that encourage different people to cooperate with you.

    When activists talk about white privilege one of the things they are referencing is the lack of social awareness or complete disregard for the paths different people walk. Sometimes white privilege means white people do questionable things because we don’t think we need any cooperation from the minorities.

    If you don’t make sure every little thing you do isn’t going to give some white liberal scold the vapors, then you’re a bad person. This guy is what’s wrong with the world.

    1. So,skin care is racist?

    2. I can’t tell whether that was sarcasm or stupidity.

      1. a little of both I think…though maybe coming down a more on the stupid side of the equation

    3. A common lament in the Age of the Perpetually Offended.

      As Freud is rumored to have said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. In this case, a facial and the accompanying mask is just a facial.

      People need to get over themselves.

  3. It’s funny. I told my son in kindergarten that the way to get the other kids to stop teasing was to stop overreacting to the behavior. Just look at them with a blank face and say “that’s nice, are you done now? because you’re boring me”

    These are college students and older who overreact to absolutely everything. They freak when faced with the most innocuous acts. They’ve elevated the childhood temptation of treating everything like it’s overly important to an art form. When in fact, it shows a maturity level on par with a five year old.

  4. Exfoliation removes blackheads.

    Case closed.

  5. The Oscars called. They’re in need of some more talent and these two seem to fit the description.

  6. I didn’t see any racism in that. Making fun of felchers seems more likely.

  7. that this was a facial

    If your junk juice is coming out that color, go see a doctor.

  8. I propose “Beverly’s Law”, which requires exfoliation masks to be fluorescent green.

    1. Who’s law was it that said “any law named after a person (real or fictional) is going to be bad”?

      1. Oh, very well. The “Protect Innocent and Maligned People by Legal Exfoliation Act of 2016”, then.

      2. Wait, I see what you did there.

        1. And I wish I hadn’t seen what Rich did afterwards…

          1. That’s why Rich is my main squeeze. *ducks*

  9. Kopper is a retard who went full retard.

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