Campus Free Speech

Liberal Activism Is Giving Students Panic Attacks, Depression, Failing Grades

Life outside the safe space is even harder, though.



It's exhausting work, being offended all the time. But is activism actually ruining college kids' mental health? A report on the emotional state of Brown University student-protesters—who suffer from suicidal thoughts, sleeplessness, panic attacks, and failing grades as a result of their advocacy—paints a weirdly alarming picture. 

Brown University's inattentiveness to students' demands for greater diversity is slowly killing them, according to The Brown Daily Herald: 

"There are people breaking down, dropping out of classes and failing classes because of the activism work they are taking on," said David, an undergraduate whose name has been changed to preserve anonymity. Throughout the year, he has worked to confront issues of racism and diversity on campus. 

His role as a student activist has taken a toll on his mental, physical and emotional health. "My grades dropped dramatically. My health completely changed. I lost weight. I'm on antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills right now. (Counseling and Psychological Services) counselors called me. I had deans calling me to make sure I was okay," he said. 

As students rallied to protest two racist columns published by The Herald and the alleged assault of a Latinx student from Dartmouth by a Department of Public Safety officer, David spent numerous hours organizing demonstrations with fellow activists. Meanwhile, he struggled to balance his classes, job and social life with the activism to which he feels so dedicated. Stressors and triggers flooded his life constantly, he said. 

I don't begrudge students choosing activism over classes. If that's what they want to spend their time on, fine. 

But their anguish seems grossly disproportionate to their situation. The publication of two racially problematic columns does not exactly suggest that Brown is in the midst of a great civil rights crisis. In fact, if this is students' paramount concern, then they are enormously fortunate and privileged people. 

National Review's Katherine Timpf suggests that students struggling to balance their mental and emotional needs with the demands of their coursework might consider giving up on school entirely. One doesn't need a degree to be a full-time activist, after all. 

But there's a problem with that idea: when separated from their precious campus safe spaces, ex-students might encounter some actual injustices in the real world (police brutality, the War on Drugs, warrantless government spying, unauthorized foreign interventions—you name it). And I'm just not sure people who burst into tears every time they encounter some mild pushback on a relatively trivial issue—like an offensive column—are ready to turn pro.

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  1. You made the bed–pissed in it, shit in it, puked in it, etc–now lay in it, snowflakes

    1. It’s time to call out this activism privilege. Some of us don’t have time to spread our moral outrage full time. Where is my cis-denouncing sign? Where is my protest strange? Where are my safe space cuddles? I want reparations, apologies, and equal time. Down with the one percenter protestistas!

    2. Is latinx pronounced phonetically? La-teenks?

      Clap your hands if you believe in tink.

      1. I’ll just snap my fingers, thank you very much.

    3. No, you’re supposed to tell them to get fucked in it:

    4. The dilemma is simple. The students are too immature to understand their place in the world, yet their professors are telling them they are all grown up. This too is easy to understand. The professors are too cowardly to march their own misguided opinions down Main Street, so they con naive student to do their dirty work for them. Some part of the students subconscious knows what they are doing is wrong, but not the specifics. Hence the internal conflict. In another five or ten years, the pieces start to come together, but they are long since removed from their manipulative instructors influence and they are too busy with careers and family to right past wrongs. Now aged and infirm, the same same misguided instructors have no negative feedback to keep them from polluting the minds of generation after generation. Bad professors need to be exposed for the germs they are.

  2. OT:

    Daniel Lin

    Rubio is expecting so much praise for another primary loss that he’s legally considered a millennial

    1. He has some good tweets.

  3. The best advice they can muster is to give up school? Jesus Christ, that’s about the only thing they have going for them! How about you tell them to stop worrying about non-existent injustices and stop giving these children the attention. They don’t know any other way to contribute to society, so the only way they know how to feel like they exist is through useless gestures and threats. Let them figure their own shit out before you start trying to do it for them.

    Goddamn, I need a drink…and get off my lawn!

    1. Also, this phenomenon is taking root prior to college. We’re getting this same behavior in our new troops (minus the activism). Any little stressor sets off suicidal ideations, depressions, and panic attacks in the 18-25 year old group. It’s gotten so bad that we’ve had to take some pretty desperate measures just to make up for the loss of troops that can’t arm up for one reason or another.

      1. either i am having the most amazing deja vu and can now be considered clairvoyant or you have posted this before.

        1. Well, he/she didn’t post it on this thread before – I haven’t seen it – so it’s all good.

          To add to the above – on the base where my reserve unit drills there is an NCO who’s career is on hold because he stopped a lower ranking (male) enlisted person and adjusted his name tag. The lower ranking soldier charged the senior NCO with sexual assault.

          When I was an 18 year-old enlisted person there would have been no way to even explain to me how any of that could happen.

          1. on the base where my reserve unit drills there is an NCO who’s career is on hold because he stopped a lower ranking (male) enlisted person and adjusted his name tag. The lower ranking soldier charged the senior NCO with sexual assault.

            The fuck? What the hell would the Soldier have done if the NCO had blood pinned him?

            So wall-to-wall counselling is no longer a thing?

            1. Fcuk if I know. I did my first enlistment in the Marine Infantry in the 1970’s so this version of the military is completely outside my frame of reference.

            2. I was proud as hell to show off the bruises from getting my E-5 rating badge “tacked” on. First because I was one of only 3 promoted in my rate Navy wide (yes I aced the exam), and second, I was treated exactly like any other newbie second class since time immemorial.

            3. part of the reason i got out is that new soldiers totally lacked discipline and i saw the issues they caused my NCO’s. They’d flip nowadays at blood pinning, it’s crazy how much the army changed from 02 to 2010 (when i got out) and it sounds more and more “stupid” from the info i get from guys from my old unit.

              1. As of 2002 they still blood pinned in the Corps.

            4. Yeah, both of those were on the way out 20 years ago.

          2. Is anyone else seeing similarity to the fall of the Roman Empire here? I’m not advocating that we invade and occupy [far from it, enough with the misguided and hopeless “nation building” already] but realistically we do need to be able to defend ourselves in the real world. There is a pernicious devolution going on in our society, and it does not bode well for that ability.

    2. I thought grades were all pass/fail now except *fail* is now called second place. How difficult is it to prevail (get by) in such an *academic* environment? Just turn something in to the prof. Holy Shit, no wonder kids want free university, it’s an excuse not to work.

      1. I was thinking that they wanted free university because once things get to where they no longer have a GPA – you do your time and get your degree – that degree won’t be worth muc more than the paper it’s printed on.

        1. To save money, degrees will not be distributed as PDFs with a fillable space for the student’s name and major.

            1. Not v now: my favorite example of why I insist on fanatical proofreading.

  4. Government needs its next crop of employees from somewhere.

    1. For cases of feigned illness not driven by a psychiatric disorder, see Malingering.

    2. I was gonna go with personality disorder or narcissism but whatever. You always have to be the cool one.

  5. Ugh. The problem is mental illness indoctrination that they are subjected to constantly. “Do you feel depressed? Do you get anxious? Do you ever have negative thoughts? Then you might be mentally ill. Come to the mental ‘counseling’ center to find out!”

    It’s a witch hunt and most of these students who have these problems are victims of this propaganda. In fact many suicides result from ‘early intervention and treatment’. The agenda is to pathologize and criminalize normal behavior. For example, the campus rape hysteria says that you must believe anyone who says they were raped (resulting from an epidemic of alcoholism on campus) and you may even need mental health treatment just for listening to your friend’s account.

    1. Twenty years from now we’ll discover that all this fretfulness is a side effect of the over prescription of ritalin.

      1. It would be interesting to see if there is any correlation.

        I have a hard time believing that daily doses of mind-altering drugs administered to children won’t have long-term effects. Maybe this is it?

    2. That, and an upbringing where their fearful parents’ goals were not to raise the next generation of functional and contributing adults, but merely to make sure that their children were happy at all times (and demand their children’s neverending happiness from the community at large, including schools, neighbors, and businesses).

      In an environment where kids are never told “no,” where they expect to be entertained and happy at all times, and they’re never forced to deal with deprivation of anything, the first time they actually hit the wall of a reality where nobody cares what they want, and they’re expected to do work, you bet they’ll be despondent.

  6. And I’m just not sure people who burst into tears every time they encounter some mild pushback on a relatively trivial issue?like an offensive column?are ready to turn pro.

    That’s an understatement.

  7. I know if I were an oppressed minority on campus I would feel much safer having these fragile hyperventilating drama queens swooning all over their fainting couches on my behalf.

    1. My favorite in the article is the pronoun chick who “felt pressure” to help other retards through various crises, and was subsequently incapacitated for several days.

      What happens when a boss applies some pressure to not HAHAHAHAHA- sorry, can’t finish. This little snowflake has non-profit NGO and Obamacare sponge in her future.

  8. Where’s George S Patton when you need him?

    That kid definitely needs a good hard slap to te jowls.

    1. He would have gotten kicked out of today’s kinder, gentler military before making it to captain.

      1. He damn near got kicked out of the one he was in.

        Patton did not command a force in combat for 11 months.[128] In September, Bradley, who was Patton’s junior in both rank and experience, was selected to command the First United States Army forming in England to prepare for Operation Overlord.[129] This decision had been made before the slapping incidents were made public, but Patton blamed them for his being denied the command.[130] Eisenhower felt the invasion of Europe was too important to risk any uncertainty, and the slapping incidents had been an example of Patton’s inability to exercise discipline and self-control. While Eisenhower and Marshall both felt Patton’s skill as a combat commander was invaluable, they felt Bradley was less impulsive or prone to making mistakes.[131] On January 26, 1944 Patton was formally given command of the Third United States Army in England, a newly arrived unit, and assigned to prepare its inexperienced soldiers for combat in Europe.

        Only thing that saved his ass was that he was too damn good to let go to waste.

        1. He also made an exceptionally effective decoy for the real invasion.

      2. Patton was an outstanding combat commander, but he was also arrogant and emotional.

        1. I wonder if that “but” couldn’t be a “because”, in his case at least.

  9. One doesn’t need a degree to be a full-time activist, after all.

    If by “activist” you mean panhandler.

    1. Activists can easily be spotted by their lack of activity.

      1. made me snicker and spit up a little coffee.

    2. Reminds me of the ACORN “activists” [that was their actual job title] working the neutral grounds [what they called the grass in the boulevards] in New Orleans in the 1980s; a bunch of white hippie chicks wearing peasant dresses walking up to cars with change buckets. I used to wonder “what the fuck happened to them?”

  10. They probably should have never been in college in the first place. Flipping burgers is pretty stress free.

    1. The world needs ditch diggers too.

      1. Where’d it go?
        Right into the lumber yard.

  11. “There are people breaking down, dropping out of classes and failing classes because of the activism work they are taking on,”

    That’s just God punishing them for being wrong.

  12. Speaking of Munchausen– I watched this not long go.

    Most excellent.

  13. If I was in the hiring business I would have bots constantly crawling Facebook and other public sites looking for these people and put them in database.

    And if someone is in that db they don’t get hired. In fact their application is kicked into the “no” bin without anyone even seeing it.

    1. I have friends in their mid-30s who share similar traits. I blame social media for helping to foment their lack of accountability and responsibility, which have assisted their transition into perpetual thirteen-year-olds.

      1. I don’t know, blaming this on SM seems like a stretch. Imma think they were either too sheltered in their youth or subject to periodic trauma or…both?

        1. Sado-Masochism is excellent preparation for the real world.

          1. S for the leaders, M for the citizens.

      2. It’s weird how you have so many friends with issues. I wonder if they have something else in common that would help explain it….

        1. haha. Maybe they are all the same friends! These two guys are actually bad, though.

      3. “. I blame social media for helping to foment their lack of accountability and responsibility, “

        Yes. It has a huge role in it.

        As per my below comment on the “public ‘morality’ as social-currency”-phenomena…. social media is the primary media they use to they engage in the process of giving and receiving approval. to the point that their “Causes” often exist purely in that medium and has hardly any relevance to the ‘real world’.

        1. Thank you for agreeing with me and not implying that I am a freakish monster who forces grown men to become unaccountable babies.

          1. Two out of three.

        2. We always believed that if an otherwise mentally healthy adult ever disappeared into a fantasy world, it would be truly fantastic, sort of like that panic about kids playing too much Dungeons and Dragons in the early 80s.

          Turns out, instead of being a 10th Level Cleric, they buy into the idealized social media version of themselves, complete with nausea-inducing, newsfeed-cluttering slacktivism and maybe the occasional real-life rally where they can chant whatever empty rhetoric they parrot back and forth to one another.

    2. You’d spend money on bins for them?

  14. A report on the emotional state of Brown University student-protesters?who suffer from suicidal thoughts, sleeplessness, panic attacks

    I’ve sometimes wondered if wealth and intelligence have essentially reduced evolutionary pressures.

    Obviously, I was jumping the gun.

    Progressivism isn’t evolutionarily favored.


    1. Did someone still your period, exclamation point or question mark

      1. Bush gave up his “!”. Where is your “?” ?


      2. I’m not going to enact your punctuation, Rufus

        1. Well, fine

    2. We could easily have weakness occurring at the same rate, but the lack of culling makes it seem like more now.

  15. Didn’t Reason cover this the other day?

    Isn’t “Justice Gaines” a wonderful name? Like something out of The Pilgrim’s Progress.

    Of course SJW activism contributes to mental disorders (and not just because it tends to attract people with mental disorders). If you are taught there are these hugely powerful, entrenched, insidious forces like racism and sexism that cause all your problems, and that there’s nothing that you as an individual can do to overcome them other than to Change Society, no wonder you’re depressed. You’ve agreed to define yourself as an impotent victim, and now you feel bad. Duh.

    This is where old-fashioned libertarianism/conservatism is not just good politically or ethically, it’s good psychologically. It’s “personally empowering.” It tells you to just ignore what other people are saying or doing and improve things for yourself. That sort of common sense and traditional American thinking is anathema to the PC/SJW worldview, because it “blames the victim.” The fact that it often works is irrelevant to them. God forbid you should point out that maybe that poor oppressed person over there contributed in any way to their own situation. You’re a hater for pointing out that the “root cause” of a lot of suffering isn’t racist 1% meanies, but bad personal choices.

    1. “This is where old-fashioned libertarianism/conservatism is not just good politically or ethically, it’s good psychologically.”

      It also makes interpersonal relations so much fucking simpler when you allow every one his free agency.

      1. Indeed. You’re freed from the task of assigning oppressor/victim roles to everyone. Double standards easily multiply out of hand, and everything becomes too complicated. “Can I tell this joke? I can’t tell if it counts as ‘punching up’ or ‘punching down’….”

      2. Free agency is good, but what on earth does that have to do with conservatism?

    2. In fairness, we sit here and blame (rightly) a certain group for society’s ills.

  16. Students for Justice in Palestine protested the Jewish Journeys event featuring Michael Douglas and Natan Sharansky earlier this month. Many involved with campus activism encounter mental, emotional and physical stress while trying to balance their academic and activist responsibilities. … This work is an “important part of the academic learning experience,” Ferranti said. She was present at the Brown/RISD Hillel-sponsored lecture that was protested by Students for Justice in Palestine earlier this semester, offering academic and emotional support for the protestors.

    Why not just transfer to Oxford?

    1. Is this the “Justice in Palestine” event they mean?

      “A group of 30 protesters gathered outside Salomon before the talk, which drew a full audience.

      “When the group of demonstrators moved toward the door of Salomon, a security guard told them to “get away from the entrance.” In reply, an SJP member shouted back, “Don’t get away from the entrance!”

      “Because they had booked a room in Salomon, the protesters were able to enter the building’s lobby, where they remained for the bulk of the lecture. As attendees filed into the auditorium, students shouted from the lobby, “Not another nickel, not another dime! No more money for Israel’s crimes!”

      “The protesters proceeded up the stairs in an attempt to hang their posters and Palestinian flags from the bannisters, shouting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”

      “Security guards rushed ahead of the demonstrators and shut down their efforts. They returned to the lobby, where many of them taped up posters and left by 8 p.m. ? more than half an hour before the lecture had finished.

      “Throughout the demonstration, Ashley Ferranti, assistant dean of student support services, reminded students of the University’s guidelines for staging protests. She also offered to provide further support for students who had missed class to be involved in activism or who were upset by the evening’s events.”

      1. I’m no Mideast expert, but I seem to recall that “from the river to the sea” means telling Jews to either leave or become Jim Crowified, jizya-paying subjects.

      2. “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”

        Tell that to the Maccabees.

        1. They should buy Applebees.

          1. “narrow’s Swiss Servator’s gaze, renders golf clap”

      3. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

        What a handy euphemism for “Drive the Jews into the sea!”

    2. There already IS justice in Palestine. They launch rockets, they get splattered all over the landscape. Just.

  17. According to the Volokh Conspiracy, the Brown University activists ruined their mental health by protesting against Natan Sharansky.

    So there you have it; a group of Ivy League crybullies worn out from the emotional toll of protesting Natan Sharansky, a former dissident and survivor of years of confinement, including solitary confinement, in harsh Soviet prison camps. Is there a better indication of the decline of American higher-ed culture than a bunch of Ivy Leaguers at risk of emotional breakdown due to the presence of one of the great, stoic heroes of the Cold War on their campus?

  18. OT: I smoked a pork shoulder yesterday. This is my third attempt with the new smoker and though it came out much better than the previous two but I’m still having difficulty getting the smoke to fully penetrate the whole thing. I wasn’t sure if it’s because I’m using fruit woods and the flavor is too subtle so I added 1/3 hickory this go around and it seemed to help but it’s still not perfect. I brine, let the shoulder get to room temperature before placing in the smoker, I obsessively monitor the temperature, I only wrap it during the final hour of cooking,…I’m at a loss. I know some of you older farts have a few tricks up your sleeve, please share.

    1. I was watching some food network show where some restaurant was showing how they did pork shoulders. IIRC, they cut the shoulder into smaller pieces with 2 hours to go, and then wrapped at 1 hour. They said it was so the smoke would fully penetrate the larger cut.

      How long did it take for the shoulder to hit 160 internal? Supposedly when it goes over that, it’s done absorbing the smoke.

      1. Hmm, I’m a little tentative about pulling it from the smoker for much of anything. I only open it once to flip the fat cap down after 3 hours so I can get an uniform bark. I’ll consider it.

        1. I guess I open it twice since I check the temp after seven hours,…and again to wrap it, so three times. You get the gist. Fuck off, I’ve been drinking. 😉

      2. Oh, the temperature reaches 160 after about 6 1/2 hours. Maybe slower and lower is in order.

    2. Playa is the supposed-expert.

      I’d ask my buddy (who does smoked pork-shoulder all the time and its freaking awesome) on your behalf, but unfortunately his mom just passed away.

      1. pork shoulder with a dead mommy is just fucking horrible, gil

      2. Ah, no worries. I just know a few of you have a passion for food in general and thought I’d go fishing for ideas.

      3. I am absolutely not an expert. I am a student. I first got a smoker a year and a half ago.

        If we’re talking steaks, then yeah, I’m an expert. But steaks are easy.

        1. sorry, it was my impression of your passion for the subject.

    3. What the weight, hippie? Your fucking smoker might not be up to snuff with a large shoulder.

      1. Just a 8lb Boston butt at 250 degrees for 8-9 hours. Nothing my smoker can’t handle.

        1. Don’t brine your shoulder dear.

          1. No? What are the drawbacks? I’m relatively new to smoking, just about a year and a half under my belt. I’ve brined a turkey before and it came out amazing.

            1. Turkey isn’t prok, dear.

              1. Fair enough.

                1. I would agree with AC that Pork Shoulder has more than enough fat that you don’t need to brine. I do brine leaner cuts of pork before cooking them.

                  1. Ah, gotcha. I was worried it may be a little dry due to it being a fairly meaty chunk. It hardly had a cap at all. I just make a few incisions in the cap and smoke it cap side up for a few hours until most of it renders down and melts into the meat. I suppose that’s enough.

                  2. There you go. We just discovered some other talent AC possesses.

                    The things you learn here at Reason.

                    1. It’s all chemicals, man…

    4. Have you tried going all Hickory? If you get the penetration your looking for then that might be a good indicator. I would think half hickory and half apple would give more than enough smoke flavor. Try not wrapping it at all. You can put it in a pan if your worried about it falling apart.

      1. I may go half apple, half hickory as you suggested. I do pan it and pour any excess fat out when I flip it. I attempt to compensate for the lack of flavor in the middle by saving about 4 oz of fat and pouring it over the shoulder after I’ve pulled it apart. It seems to help but I noticed the pork doesn’t seem to fully get that smoky flavor until after it has been refrigerated. It’s fucking weird.

        OT: Commenting on this board via mobile is a nightmare.

  19. But there’s a problem with that idea: when separated from their precious campus safe spaces, ex-students might encounter some actual injustices in the real world (police brutality, the War on Drugs, warrantless government spying, unauthorized foreign interventions?you name it). And I’m just not sure people who burst into tears every time they encounter some mild pushback on a relatively trivial issue?like an offensive column?are ready to turn pro.

    Bravo Robby! That’s some good writing!

  20. There is the issue of cause and effect. This guy says he went downhill after starting activism. It’s possible he was mental to begin with and his campaigning just revealed it by amplifying his problem.

    1. Yep. This is a classic case of correlation does not equal causation. There’s a hidden variable here.

      1. Also, if there is causation, it could be in the opposite direction from what the article states.

    2. “All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That’s how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day.”

      — The Joker, “Batman: The Killing Joke”

  21. MIND bends experience
    I do understand the powers of drugs
    i have failed at many experience with many drugs and have traveled to a great many edges using drugs and herbs that i wish my arms could grow wings into
    and I have fallen into deep mystical mental menstruations that bled a billion galaxies into my face melting it into hell as i lay on the asphalt.
    but reality holds the greatest questions
    avoiding reality through the collegiate legislated drug of numbification codes places the emerging young on social heroine… heroine has a place but not atoning rational and jarring compositions of reality. Especially not with the youth who are puncturing the silent futures as they chip away their teen crete.

  22. But there’s a problem with that idea: when separated from their precious campus safe spaces, ex-students might encounter some actual injustices in the real world

    The scary part of this is that they might not be able to recognize an actual injustice in the real world. If they’ve been bubble-wrapped and special-snowflaked and you’re-entitled their whole lives, how would they develop the faculty to even wrap their minds around the concept? They can treat the failure to provide the transgendered with a third option for a bathroom the same as the Holocaust because they literally lack any sense of perspective. They really don’t know what an injustice looks like. How do you teach them something that every two-year old used to know – that life’s not fair no matter how big a temper tantrum you throw and sometimes shit happens – when their whole lives they’ve been taught otherwise? Two-year old me could deal with more actual injustice in the real world than these college kids have ever had to deal with because the day I went crying to my mother about the kid at the playground who stole my Tonka truck she smacked me upside the head and told me to quit being a whiny crybaby and go get my truck back.

    1. You know who *else* couldn’t conceive of the Holocaust?

    2. Last week my two granddaughters, ages 7 and 6, came into my office. I could hear the crying as they approached. The older one was distraught that the younger had taken her tablet and wasn’t returning it. I asked, “Did you punch her?” The thief’s eyes got very big. I haven’t received any further theft complaints.

    3. There’s a guy from Korea who I’ve worked with for nearly 30 years. Way back when, in the 80’s, he asked some advice on a disagreement with his wife, as she objected to his wish (apparently a traditional Korean custom) of beating their pre-school son’s ass every day, to tough him up with the lesson that life’s a bitch. Now the kid’s a M.D.

      1. Yep. No one has ever become an MD who wasn’t beaten on a regular basis.

  23. Look, we need to be very careful not to stigmatize these students.

    1. Let’s not suggest that they’re mixing up their activism with their mental health issues, and that their resulting policy policies will be less than fully rational.

      1. The needs of these courageous activists need to be dealt with using sensitivity. They need to be assured that their behavior is perfectly normal.

  24. Your pain is self chosen.

  25. who suffer from suicidal thoughts, sleeplessness, panic attacks, and failing grades as a result of their advocacy

    I have a feeling most of these students would be suffering from these things even if they weren’t advocates.

    1. some guyo pulled le’ trigger on mental weeds, broncos. Never fucking fuck with mental issues… because. lest. these smite you.

      However… trigger/smash/advocate/smarmy/wormy/tall deli sammich boobaloo/oh shit look at that illama piss tiny dwarves…..

      yea…. mental crap is real. And as much as I think Robby is a bad butt clod of fat black cock for his lines.

      Humans largely suffer with all sorts of things in their brains even before resistances of fancy.

    2. Yeah, they should be drinking and getting laid like normal college students.

      1. Not if the boy lost his parents in a car wreck and does 20 benzos a week, babe. The goddamn horrors out there line steeples, man.

        1. The boy needs to man up and grow a pair. I get sick of these people act like nobody else in the world’s ever dropped dead before. Holy fuck. Just read an Indian newspaper, and that’s just the surface of what goes on there.

          1. Limpee is a real jesus, man. I want to fuk his asshole with my dream tanks.

        2. 20 benzos a week? That’s the privilege I’ve been hearing about.

  26. so Robby leaves the fields littered with his words this evening and so on.

  27. Preliminary results indicate that Evo Morales of Bolivia got pwnd in his referendum attempt at indefinite re-election.

    link text

    1. The bad news is that he’ll still be around until 2020 unless he’s somehow forced out which is unlikely. The good news is that he’s one of the least actually left-wing of the ‘Bolivarian governments’ and Latin America is leaving the left.

      1. Another left wing Dictator attempting to plow the sea.

  28. I really think someone needs to stand up and point out that 99% of this so-called activism is just collective self-aggrandizement.

    Its fashion; its herd-behavior; its all part of game of giving and receiving social-approval.

    It converts “Morality” from something that guides your personal behavior and value system into a form of Public Social-Currency. its about constantly ‘advertising’ your outrage on behalf of some theorized victims. And any horrible selfish immoral behavior can be justified as long as its done in the name of some popular “cause”

    We’ve allowed people to turn “pretending to care” about [insert arbitrary ‘Cause’] into a social-reward system. To the point that people constantly invent “problems” out of everything… because if all you know how to do is “protest injustice”, then you will look for injustice in everything.

    this chap here touches upon the a kernal of truth when he says,

    “The Motto of the Millenial Generation = “Here’s why that’s a problem.”

    and yes, i’m aware the source is ‘problematic’ itself. I think the reason those horrible alt-righters have the very obsessions they do is directly due to backlash from the above-described social phenomena.

    1. Or they are indulging in very similar behavior. Otherwise good point.

      1. there’s no mechanic of “ostentatiously taking offense as a social-virtue” among the ‘race realists’/alt-righties

        while there are obvious mutual-affirmation-signaling elements in any community, the thing that makes the social-justice kiddies unique is the adoption of this “save the planet”/’public morality’ as an ego-boosting device.

        they’re just racist/sexist dicks to signal who they’re “not”, which is ‘not the above’

        1. What is a “race realist” and an “alt-righty”?

    2. Groupings massing around ideas do so out of selfish interests. Why? Because the survival of the collective interest survives ONLY on the impetus level of angster (gang+angst) of the crowd.

      Crowds will kill America by the way. The final bastion of what our ilk enjoys to fucking toss about in terms is on the verge of being assassinated by normal watermelon dreams and button punchers at the metal buildings in all the counties of America.

    3. An argument can be made that the church long served the purpose of providing a ready-made moral code for anyone not able, or not inclined, to define one for themselves. Now, I don’t have numbers, but I don’t think it a stretch to assume that the rate of church membership (more precisely, acceptance of moral codes dispensed by the church) among the so-called millennial generation would be found to be far lower than for preceding generations; if so, and given that such people’s moral sentiments have to come from somewhere, then it wouldn’t seem surprising to find this type of moralizing going on in the public spaces.

      If that holds, then the result should be found to be even more extreme, given that the prior regime reserved to itself alone the authority to define, and to judge; where it wisely (for its purposes) and explicitly said, “judge not, lest ye be judged,” there can be found no such governing principle in the church of the twitterverse — everything must be figured out from scratch, in a messy, arbitrary, democratized fashion.

      In other words, though not to commend the church as fit for the purpose, it can be argued that this current state of affairs shows that humans in general are not yet ready to deal with a world lacking functions that the church provided, and that consequently, they will automatically organize to recreate its basic structure, whenever the current iteration is for whatever reason cast away.

      1. So many of these “movements” have smacked of fools and knaves trying to imitate the social institutions that their parents and peers laughed at and told them were worthless. The problem is that they are too clueless and disingenuous to do it properly, and instead are constantly falling over themselves trying to send the right social signals and avoid what they’ve been told are the mistakes of the past, without bothering to study any actual history or learn anything about how people actually live outside of their cloistered bubbles.

  29. I’m dreading the day ten years from now that these fragile peckerheads are in charge of every HR department out there. God, I hope this stuff is less widespread than it seems.

    1. There will be major limits to how much they will be indulged.

    2. ” I hope this stuff is less widespread than it seems.”

      I think it very much is.

      But while it affects a minority, its still seen and accepted as ‘normal’ behavior by the majority.

      1. “But while it affects a minority, its still seen and accepted as ‘normal’ behavior by the majority.”

        I hope you’re wrong, but suspect you’re right.
        The lack of ironic comment is what makes me think you are:
        Patient: ‘Doc, it hurts like hell when I twist my neck around this way!’
        MD: ‘Don’t twist your neck around that way.’

        1. “I get no respect. I said to my dentist the other day my teeth are yellow! He told me to wear a brown neck tie!”

          Rodney Dangerfield

  30. OT: Decent article on the Apple battle…..ghting-fbi

    1. The debacle reminds me of the villain in Atlas Shrugged asking Galt would he please just go back to work?
      Apple doesn’t have the, or a, key; the gov’t, with all its high-powered IT resources claims to be unable to find one.
      ‘Please, Mr. Apple, won’t you think of the common good?’

    2. “The first thing to understand about Apple’s latest fight with the FBI?over a court order to help unlock the deceased San Bernardino shooter’s phone?is that it has very little to do with the San Bernardino shooter’s phone.”

      That sounds familiar

      I think he gets everything correct, but her could expand the point #1 that this whole thing is really just stage 1 in an effort to get Congress to expand CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act of 1992) to cover every kind of data that passes through a portable device.

      Read the depth of FBI whining about “Going Dark” and you’ll see how this really has very little to do with the specifics of Apple & this phone, and more to do with a long-standing issue…

      …which is that law enforcement feels that ‘everything – and everything is EVIDENCE – is becoming digital’, and they lack the legal ‘tools’ to use everything digital the way they’d like to. They’re just using this piece of ‘evidence’ as a lever because it has some vague connection to ‘terrorism’, and that connection happens to have extra-special constitution-dissolving properties which they find useful.

      1. Gilmore is the dank superpower flexing his slathorous gargantuons pressing the angry assault on Abraham Lincoln against the FUCKING CISTERN of HELL!

      2. This.

        Look, they already broke into the two other phones he used for plotting the attack. The iPhone was a work phone, and it’s unlikely he was using that for those purposes. Even so, they already got a lot of the messaging and phone conversation content for that phone from other sources, and Apple has already handed over the data he stored from that phone to iCloud. The likelihood that there is other data remaining on the phone that could be useful for “protecting national security” or saving lives is remote.

        1. “The likelihood that there is other data remaining on the phone that could be useful for “protecting national security” or saving lives is remote.

          and even if that were their goal – merely getting the data – this isn’t how they’d go about it if that were the case.

          the goal is to address the “going dark” shit, and the FBI is using this shit as a weapon against Apple to see if they can jawbone some compliance out of the telecom/device industry and get them to build backdoors to *pre-empt* the threat of possible legislation.

        2. Piling on, if the FBI were really concerned about the data left on this phone, and were stressed that there might be an ongoing conspiracy by their associates to commit more terrorist acts, would they have opened up the terrorists’ apartment to the media, 36 hours after the crime?

          This, for an agency that thinks nothing of locking up crime scenes for months, or shipping the entire thing to Quantico on several transport flights, when they want to preserve a scene?

          1. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the FBI knew of the plan and failed to stop it the way they did the WTC bombing in the early 90s.

  31. America for your little boys and girls will turn wine into a Galilee of mysteries, man.

    1. Mine too, by the way

  32. I remember having a semi-political conversation with my dad a number of years ago which somehow turned into him asking if I was suffering from depression. He asked because he has suffered from it too and found that the sense of hopelessness about the world that it brings on would sometimes manifest in your belief system. He was right and I needed to hear it.

    I’ve never been an activist but I wonder if a similar thing is going on there. They need someone to sort of wake them up to the fact that they might not be all right but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Take a deep breath and step away from the soap box

    1. Have you considered Scientology?

      1. Jokes aside, that runs on my mom’s side of the family. Without fail, it’s because they don’t stay busy enough. Keep busy.

        Fucking midwesterners. No fucking plow experience.

        1. “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop” has merit.

        2. Stay busy by laying out on the beach?

          But yes I know what you mean, if I can avoid ruminating too much it helps a lot.

          1. Laying out on the beach is a reward for doing what you’re supposed to do.

            A very nice reward. If you do it too much, it cheapens it, and you’re back to square one.

      2. No I’ve never been that far gone, thank goodness

        1. Will you take a brief personality test?

          1. no, playa. you silly fuck

    2. And Vote for VERMIN SUPREME 2016 !!!!!!! =D

    3. the mind is tons of steps into an array of unintended dreams, lap. it splits and spits and sprints and calls and dries and cries while the suns slip behind the stones and the mind fastens the clicks and clacks of turning locks and memories and then falls…
      vague fedorahdefinitionslantedoorway

      1. It’s like you live in my head

        1. i eat lap83 forever

    4. He asked because he has suffered from it too and found that the sense of hopelessness about the world that it brings on would sometimes manifest in your belief system.

      That’s certainly true, but conversely, most despair and morosity is not due to depression. Suggesting that it is can be the psychiatric equivalent of a push poll.

      1. I don’t think anyone suggested that

    5. I was debating a Berniebot last week on Twerper about how to end poverty – all these low skill low wage people who need to be helped. I suggested they improve their skills and get a better job. “But…but…but” I will gladly create environments and give them the tools to better their lives. I don’t want to make excuses for their failure to do so. “Teach a man to fish…” The proggies assume that these people will never improve, that they will always have no skills, so other must be compelled to give them a ‘living wage’ just for showing up at a place of employment.

      1. I was raised a Unitarian and thus have experience with the type.

        The way I understand their “thought” process is that once you have trained the poor they are now skilled labor thus no longer poor so you are not helping poor people.

        I hope this helps.

    6. I’ve thought something similar many times. I know for a fact when I’m depressed or really stressed I get very caught up in online activism for lost causes.

  33. all these things glisten

  34. I just want to say I love you crazy fuckers. You are the sanest, crazy people on this planet.

    1. i love pyrates

      1. We love you to AC. =D

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    i still love reason

  36. Reason is a heaven for brilliant angels

  37. the internet is heavy with the earth until it bends into the dimensions of my riveting reasonings.

    1. Rocks. Today, I drew noteworthy rocks at an unexpected scale.

      2′ 7 3/8″ is a stupid measurement, especially over and over.

      1. tingles on a scale whisper arm bends under the willows lovelee Q

        1. We have a shop scale gone squirrelly. It tells us what we already know, the shop’s cat has gotten fat. We know this in kilograms. Whatever, it’s times 2.2 for the UPS.

          1. q is the ultra mage, of love and hell

            1. Damn straight.

  38. “The publication of two racially problematic columns does not exactly suggest that Brown is in the midst of a great civil rights crisis”

    OMG, Robby, that is so pro-apartheid!

  39. Since this seems to be the late night catch all thread:

    OT: Saudi Arabia analyst claims KSA has nuclear weapons, as of two year ago, and will be testing a device in the next few weeks.

    Link is to MEMRI, where they are broadcasting a Russia Today TV interview with Dahham Al-‘Anzi, a Saudi “political analyst.” I dunno whether Al-‘Anzi is the Saudi version of Alex Jones, or if his stuff’s usually legit. Arms Control Wonk hasn’t mentioned this yet, and they’re who I usually look to for analysis on this sort of thing.

    One oddball idea: this could be an attempt to cause Iran to admit it also has nuclear weapons, in the (IMHO, totally vain) hopes that would trigger sanctions against Iran that would choke off its new crude exports. AIUI, Iran hasn’t been wanting to play ball on going along with cutting back on oil production. Not surprising, considering how long they’ve been under sanctions.

    1. iran is the sandwich of anger of fantasies that politicians pretend to imagine in the halls of their jokes.

    2. Kansas has nukes? OMG! You don’t think they’ll try to use them on Colorado to stop the reefer maddened zombie hordes from crossing the border, do you?

    3. The Russians are highly supportive of Iran, and are looking for every justification for . . . fighting Sunnis in Syria for the benefit of both Syria and Iran. Demonizing the Saudis, who are fighting against Iranian backed Shia militia in Yemen in elsewhere, makes a lot of sense if you’re the Russians . . .

      And what’s the point of having a propaganda network if you don’t use it for propaganda, amirite?

      If Iran ever tests a nuclear weapon, Saudi Arabia will be the first to want nukes of their own, but if Saudi Arabia did have nukes, they would be under tremendous diplomatic pressure from the U.S. not to test ahead of Iran. If the Saudis tested a nuclear device before Iran, it would give Iran all the justification they’d need to go full bore on their own nuclear program. I’m not even sure the Saudis would want that.

      I’d bet against a test happening in the immediate future.

      1. “It would give Iran all the justification they’d need to go full bore on their own nuclear program. I’m not even sure the Saudis would want that.”

        There are only two people I can think of who would want that.

        Barack Obama and Francisco d’Anconia.

        It’s funny because it’s true.

        1. Want?


          Accept that:

          1. We are incapable of stopping it
          2. We would be immoral to try
          3. No harm will come from it

          1. You’ve never said it would be good if Iran got nukes so we and our allies would be less likely to start another war?

            Are you really gonna stick with that?

            1. I think it’s more likely to create stability in the region than otherwise.

              And it’s not a threat to us regardless.

              1. Yeah, backing away from suggesting you never said it would be good if Iran got nukes because it would deter the U.S. from war–is an excellent idea.

                1. I’m not backing away from shit.

                  Iran wants nukes for one reason. Because no one attacks a nuclear power. NO ONE! The US has shown it has no problem preemptively starting a war. The Israelis have threatened. If you can’t see why Iran would want a Nuke, you’re insane.

                  And, yes, if they had one it would deter the US, the Israelis and everyone else in the region from attacking them. Not sure why you think deterring war is a negative?

                  1. Well then why take issue with what I wrote?

                    “”It would give Iran all the justification they’d need to go full bore on their own nuclear program. I’m not even sure the Saudis would want that.”

                    There are only two people I can think of who would want that.

                    Barack Obama and Francisco d’Anconia.”

                    —-Ken Shultz

                    That’s true.

                    You want Iran to have nukes so to deter the United States.

                    That is the truth.

                    You’ve even said so within the context of arguments about Iran’s ICBM capabilities.

                    You’ve said it numerous times over the last year in different threads. You said it about a year ago, and you’ve said it again more recently.

                    Why take issue with me pointing out the truth?

                    That’s what you think.

                    That’s the truth.

                    1. You really don’t listen to well, do you Ken?

                      I don’t “want” shit.

                      I don’t give a single flying fuck what happens in the ME. They have nothing we need and we have no business being involved at all. If they want to engage in mutually beneficial trade, fine. If not, that’s fine too. Other than that, I don’t give much of a fuck what they do until they take an aggressive action against us.

                      Shitting our collective pants about another nation wanting the ability to defend itself is absolutely ridiculous.

                      And the following statement:

                      There are only two people I can think of who would want that.

                      Barack Obama and Francisco d’Anconia.

                      Is inaccurate.

                    2. “I don’t give a single flying fuck what happens in the ME. ”

                      Which is why you’ve….voiced approval for Iran getting a nuke in the past.

                      “Shitting our collective pants about another nation wanting the ability to defend itself is absolutely ridiculous.”

                      STRAWMAN DOWN

                      “Other than that, I don’t give much of a fuck what they do until they take an aggressive action against us.”

                      Iran has aggressed against American multitudes of times, but you don’t care because you’re a psycho.

                    3. Lol. Oh, our frail little Eichmann from the north.

                      You’re so cute.

      2. So… the Saudis should wait for Iran to get nukes, because if they don’t then Iran would get nukes?

        1. I’ve thought they always had them, since the early 90s anyway. Or if they didn’t have nukes, they didn’t in the sense the U.S. has sometimes used when tiptoeing around the issue with Japan, AUS, and NZ: we don’t have nuclear weapons on these ships (Only because we haven’t armed them yet or mated the physics packages to them.)

          The Saudi’s have secretly held Chinese IRBMs since the 80s, missiles that are so inaccurate that their only realistic use was to kill cities with nukes. Which is what the Chinese intended with them.

          I think Ken’s take is the most likely: it’s an attempt by the Russians to discredit a regime that, only a few years ago, idly threatened Russia with terrorism at their Sochi Winter Olympics. That said, once both Iran and the Gulf nations get nukes, I don’t think it’ll be long at all until they’re used. Hopefully on each other, and not on either the U.S. or the Russians in an attempt to get big brother involved in destroying their foe.

          How is advocating nuclear nonproliferation immoral?

          1. And by they, I mean KSA.

        2. The suggestion is that the Saudis already have nukes, and the question is whether they would test them ahead of Iran.

          If the Saudis tested them ahead of Iran, all meaningful opposition to Iran’s nuclear program would fade.

          Why would the Saudis want to throw that leverage away?

          If and when Iran tests a nuclear device, the Saudis will want one of their own. If this report is correct, and they already have a nuke, they’d wait to test it until after Iran did.

          All the benefit of everyone thinking the Saudis don’t have a nuke would disappear, and the Saudis themselves would become more of an international pariah. Why would they prefer that to their enemy Iran playing the part of an international pariah now?

          It is entirely possible for governments to do things that are not in their own best interests, but if the Saudis already have a nuclear device (highly unlikely), it is not in their best interests to test a nuclear device ahead of Iran.

          Testing to deter a pariah aggressor is understandable. Why would they choose to be the pariah aggressor when they can play the righteous defender instead?

          1. I don’t think the Saudis need to test nukes at all. These are probably pre-tested, Pakistani nukes. Word is that the Saudis bankrolled the Pakistan program with the understanding that they could get a few at a future date if they wanted. I suspect the Iranian program led them to call in that chit.

    4. Doesn’t sound right to me. Sounds like the sort of blustery bullshit arabs routinely engage in. The fact no one has even reported on the mention of it in a week suggests that no one even thinks its plausible.

      1. +1

        And it’s only reported by a Russian propaganda network?

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  41. how many Mona Lisas have fallen on the dreams of assholes into the ditches of contracts promises on the streams of power?

    1. all of them

    2. How may are still smiling? An unemployed pollster prints a resume.

      1. q is the slipstream of jagged scribes

  42. One doesn’t need a degree to be a full-time activist, after all.

    Or a brain. Or emotional stability. Or motivation. Or ethics. Or morals. Or …

    I must also go out on a limb here and suggest that it’s not their dedication to activism or attempts to balance that with getting an education that is making them unstable, but rather that they were unstable to start with and have now found a way to use that to get attention.

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  49. Are they having mental issues because of their activism, or are they involved in activism because they have mental issues? I suspect it’s more of the latter.

  50. Anyone notice that the View Comments links are pointing toward the wrong articles? For example, the previous article’s comment section is from September 2015.

    1. Sometimes on weekends they repost old articles, and the comments come along with them.

  51. When these Millennial retards start breeding, I hope their children rebel against being raised to be self-centered and neurotic.

    I was born in the very first year the Millennial generation is supposed to have emerged, and I do not believe my cohort resembles these ’90s babies.

    1. Are people this self-centered actually going to breed? If so, either their kids will die, or deliver a lasting lesson in “it’s not about you.” Though they’ll probably just transfer their self-importance to their kids.

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  53. The serfs of tomorrow doing the unskilled manual labor under what will be my daughter’s future imperium.

  54. “Diversity” has become such a hackneyed, as well as hijacked, term that I took the trouble to look it up:

    It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences. These can be along. the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies.

    This definition [from the University of Oregon, of all places] does not seem to indicate that any one identifier or belief system is necessarily superior to others. It seems to imply a willingness to accept any and all notions, including those you do not agree with or like. Along the lines to Aristotle’s definition of intelligence, being able to entertain another’s beliefs that you do not agree with.

    These snowflake students seem to have 0 interest in actual diversity; they fall apart when everyone does not see the world through their perspective or glom onto their particular beliefs.

  55. Just think folks once Bernie makes it free how much stress they will be under.

  56. These kids are beyond group think, they’re group feeling, and feeling everyone’s feelings is exhausting. Libertarians are often caricatured as lacking empathy, but being over empathetic results in the inability to function.

    1. Nail on the head. I do think college is no place for a rational person any more. Rationality is disparaged and hated.

  57. re: “I don’t begrudge students choosing activism over classes. If that’s what they want to spend their time on, fine.”

    The only problem I see with this kind of judgement is the underlying question of whom is paying for their time. i.e. if they are doing this activism in college, and failing college because of their activism or the effects of it, are they in college on the taxpayer dime ala a pell grant or other subsidy? If they aren’t in college, are they engaging in activism while on some other kind of public assistance?
    People who are busy working a job to pay for their college won’t even really stop to think about activist activities. They don’t have the time.

  58. His role as a student activist has taken a toll on his mental, physical and emotional health. “My grades dropped dramatically. My health completely changed. I lost weight. I’m on antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills right now. (Counseling and Psychological Services) counselors called me. I had deans calling me to make sure I was okay,” he said.

    I guess cognitive dissonance really is bad for your health! Thank you, sir, for providing this public service.

  59. This is part of CHILD development. The last stage. The adolescent has left the nest and is now trying to be a part of the wider world. Part of this involves finding meaning for themselves in the world. This is why college students are always out in left field doing something strange. Sometimes it’s protesting against the Vietnam war, or investments in companies that sell products to South Africa (my era), or currently protesting that fact that most of them come from affluent neo-liberal white families. But sometimes it takes the form of ultra-violent sports (early Yale/Harvard football), hijinks and shenanigans, or even obsessions over Gilbert and Sullivan.

    The problem this time around is that the faculty have encouraged it with a group of students who have already been excessively coddled.

  60. “There are people breaking down, dropping out of classes and failing classes because of the activism work they are taking on,” said David

    Nobody move, I’ve dropped my tiny violin.

  61. If we can’t get Gary Johnson (super longshot), I’ll take a Republican, almost any Republican just for the lulz – I would love to see how the easily triggered, crybully demographic deals with a ‘fully’ conservative government.

  62. RE: Liberal Activism Is Giving Students Panic Attacks, Depression, Failing Grades

    I see college hasn’t changed since I graduated back in ’75.
    That’s 1975, not 1875.

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  64. RE: College Student Panic Attacks

    I blame the vaunted American public education system.

    A system that no longer teaches young people that LIFE IS TOUGH!

  65. If a special snowflake falls on campus and nobody notices…


    Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive. Easy to govern, but impossible to enslave. — Lord Henry Brougham

    These people are ready to be enslaved?..

  67. I would simply issue failing grades to all of these students, if they are choosing to skip class and not complete assignments.

    If the administration disagreed, I would let them try to fire me.

    This whole situation has become completely ridiculous. These children need to be kicked out of the university, so they can find an employer who is willing to put up with rampant absenteeism due to “activism.”

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  69. Imagine how depressed they will be when they discover they went $100k into debt in order to pursue their activism and ended up with no job skills

  70. Maybe, get educated and then do your activism part time when you are not working….

  71. They’re not liberals but authoritarians

  72. One doesn’t need a degree to be a full-time activist, after all.

    No, but out in the real world, who would put up with their shit?


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    | | .| .’ .- / \| |
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    /_ | ‘ / / | |
    |?| ‘ ‘ \| __.-.___.’
    | | / / |\ \
    | . / / | .
    | ‘ ‘ ‘ | ‘
    \ . / / ‘ |
    / ‘ ‘ ‘ |

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