John Kerry

John Kerry Was So Proud of Meeting With Hollywood Hotshots He Tweeted This…

The secretary of state is seeking helping in disrupting ISIS's "narrative" (and maybe a cameo on Fuller House).


Say what you will about John Kerry, but he really, really, really knows how to antagonize even the people he ostensibly represents.

Which maybe isn't exactly what you want in a secretary of state—or even a receptionist at the local Meineke Muffler joint.

But Secretary Kerry recently got down to brass tacks regarding the Islamic State or ISIS (anything but ISIL, amirite?) by talking with…Kurdish freedom fighters? Iraqi Sunnis or even Iranian strategists? Maybe European allies or Turkish diplomats or the odd Saudi prince?

Well, no. Kerry sat down with "studio execs" in Hollywood to get their ideas on "how to counter the #Daesh narrative."

Seriously. So this is how our chief global diplomat is spending the waning months of an administration that has somehow managed to suck just as terribly at foreign policy as the George W. Bush administration did. Sweet-talking and strong-arming moviemakers into, what, finally greenlighting the long-awaited Rambo IV, in which Sly Stallone's signature psycho-Vietnam vet tracks down the radical Islamists he fought with against the Soviets in Rambo III? Or maybe Kerry just wants a cameo in Fuller House?

Because it's only Wednesday, let's leave aside the obviously disturbing notion that a representative of the U.S. government is talking with pop-culture producers in a way that is every bit as problematic as when the White House was into pushing TV shows to do its bidding in the drug war. This is the guy, after all, who suggested that killing cartoonists had a "legitimacy" that killing concert-goers didn't in the wake of the ISIS attacks in Paris last year. We've still got two work days left in the week, so let's just focus on the waste of time this bold mission represents on its face.

The mind simply boggles when looking at John Kerry's long political history. He is not simply awful and undistinguished. He is awful and undistinguished at so many different jobs. Here's his tweet:

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