College Accused of Blaming Rape Victims Because It Warned Students About Suspicious Drinks

Preventing rape is more important than preventing offense.



Damned if you do and damned if you don't: the Claremont University Consortium recently offended campus feminists because it warned students not to accept drinks from strangers at parties. Such common sense suggestions promote "rape culture" and are akin to blaming the victim, according to one student.

It's better not to pass along good advice if said advice empowers women to protect themselves in any manner whatsoever, I guess.

The criticism was directed at a Claremont McKenna College dean who sent an email to students alerting them to an alleged scourge of date-rape drugging incidents, according to Campus Reform. It's not clear that any drinks were actually drugged—the evidence was anecdotal—but the administration thought it best to remind students to keep an eye on their drinks at all times. That's hardly earth-shattering advice, and it certainly isn't offensive.

Or so one would think. Student Kay Calloway wrote in a statement on Facebook that the email was "disgusting" and "unacceptable." "This is rape culture," she wrote. "By no stretch of the imagination is it the fault of the drugged students that our campus is made unsafe."

But, as National Review's Katherine Timpf pointed out, the administration wasn't actually blaming the drugged students (if any even existed): it was merely passing along some sound wisdom. Timpf writes:

First of all, the school did say that drugging drinks "will not be tolerated." Second of all — and you'd think this would be obvious — everybody already knows that drugging drinks is bad. People who drug drinks don't do it because they don't know it's wrong; they do it because they are the kind of people who don't care that it's wrong.

Like it or not, these kinds of people do exist. It's important to be vigilant, and the school should not hesitate to educate students about potential threats on campus.

The blame should—and does!—rest with the person committing the crime, not with the victim. But when schools make a good-faith effort to educate potential victims, they aren't transferring blame. People like Calloway should stop searching for offensive subtext where none exists. We can only reduce rape on campuses if we are allowed to actually discuss its proximate causes. To those who say we should stop blaming rape victims, I say: stop pretending that anyone other than the rapist was blamed.

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    1. I on the other hand.

      1. You would do Crusty?

        1. I’m not gay but…

          1. You’re not gay, but your boyfriend is.

    2. This can be shortened to NOooooo…pe.

    1. I’m confused – I thought only unregulated companies like Uber had drivers who posed a threat?

    2. I don’t know why we don’t just tell all criminals to stop committing crime. Boom! No more crime.

      1. We’re just a few seminars away from ending all violent behavior.

  1. Lock your door at night, or not.

  2. Of all the progressive nonsense I find incomprehensible, these accusations of “Victim Blaming”, have to be the most incoherent. How the hell is advice like:

    1. Don’t walk down dark alleys alone
    2. Don’t pass out drunk at the Frat house
    3. Don’t let strangers give you drinks

    blaming the victim? If I tell you that your neighborhood is sketchy and advise you to lock your doors I am not shifting the blame for a burglary from the scumbag criminal to you as victim. I am trying to help you avoid becoming a victim. Blaming the victim would be if AFTER you got raped I said “Well you should have known going down that alley would get you raped so it is your fault”

    The proximate cause of any victim of crime’s suffering is the bad act of the criminal, and the criminal deserves all the blame. That, said until we get to live in happy rainbow unicorn land it makes sense to take some precautions to avoid becoming a victim. (even after we get there I am worried about some of the unicorns with purple horns, I don’t trust them)

    1. The proximate cause of any victim of crime’s suffering is the bad act of the criminal, and the criminal deserves all the blame.

      Instead of blaming the women for having vaginas, why don’t the police and the colleges just stop rape from happening? It is pretty simple.

    2. There is an idea that walking down a dark alley with $100 bills sticking out of your shirt is a human right. And technically, it is.

      1. I even agree that it is, and so does the law, intervening criminal conduct traditionally breaks that causal chain and relieves prior (negligent) acts of responsibility. But it’s still risky to exercise that right, or the right to jump off cliffs, or the right to pet tigers. You have a perfect right to do all these things (unless the Tiger Liberation Army decides that your unwanted touch was harassment), but it is a kindness to warn the gullible that there may be a bad outcome.

        1. My comment was snark. It’s a human right, but I’m going to have a hard time working up the screaming righteous indignation if someone warns you not to do it.

          1. I got the snark, my inner pedant demon makes me overexplain even to people who already get it 🙂

            1. My inner pedant would say that, absent the threat of crime in the first place, walking down an alley with $100 bills sticking out of your pocket wouldn’t be negligent at all.

              Victims of crime run the gamut from genuinely not their fault (ie, you took all reasonable precautions) to ‘you were totally asking for it’ (ie, walking down the street in a miniskirt with no underwear screaming c’mon fuck me to random passerby) – the takeaway here is that your victimization *can be your fault*. But that doesn’t excuse your victimizer, lessen the severity of what they did, nor does it mean *you deserved it*.

              That’s an important distinction. There’s a world of difference between ‘its your fault but you didn’t deserve that to happen to you’ and ‘you didn’t deserve that to happen to you so its not your fault’.

              The former acknowledges the state of the world as it is and points to potential options to remedy the wrong and prevent it from happening again while the latter removes all impetus for you to do so.

    3. The bitter irony is that progressives are the creators of victim blaming. Every time they coddle some scumbag who brutally attacks/rapes/terrorizes some innocent person, they are victim blaming. As if criminal defense lawyers, ACLU activist attorneys, etc. aren’t all progressives.

      None of this is about rape or feminism anyway. It’s about progressivism, and destroying white people and white culture. Notice how fast the left looks the other way when the rapist is some latino illegal, or black. They have no interest in THOSE crimes. But when it’s something like the Duke Lacrosse case, it’s the crime of the century.

      Everything they do, and every breath they take is about increasing Marxism. Period. The where, the how, the why, is merely a delivery system. If this trash thought that somehow serially gangraping women would bring them total marxism tomorrow, they would be slapping together the rape rooms as fast as they could.

      1. Every time they coddle some scumbag who brutally attacks/rapes/terrorizes some innocent person, they are victim blaming.

        What do you mean “coddle”, and how does doing whatever that means mean you’re victim blaming? Few things that are calling “victim blaming” are actually victim blaming. It might feel nice to give progressives a taste of the “victim blaming” card, but that doesn’t mean it’s particularly logical.

        As if criminal defense lawyers, ACLU activist attorneys, etc. aren’t all progressives.

        The ACLU I can understand, but even criminal defense lawyers?

  3. People like Calloway should stop searching for offensive subtext where none exists

    But that’s how people like her get attention and power. Why would they stop, if it continues to give them those things? I mean, that’s what this entire movement is about, after all.

    1. People like Calloway should stop searching for offensive subtext where none exists.

      But that’s how people like her get attention and power. Why would they stop, if it continues to give them those things? I mean, that’s what this entire movement is about, after all.

      1. Oh, hey, I see this is becoming common knowledge apparently.

    2. People like Robby should stop giving people like Calloway the notoriety they are seeking.

  4. People who drug drinks don’t do it because they don’t know it’s wrong; they do it because they are the kind of people who don’t care that it’s wrong.

    But those people are dangerous and probably don’t have any money. Better to just blame the timid college administration and shake them down for money.

    1. Better to just blame the timid college administration and shake them down for money.

      So much this. When in doubt, assume they’re shaking someone down.

  5. So the story here is that someone posted some stupid shit on facebooks?

  6. And there you have it: the Cult of Victimhood is so deep and pervasive that it is essentially preferable for women to actually be raped than engage in behavior that goes against their narrative.

    1. well the narrative IS bigger than any of us individually…

  7. Why exactly do we give a fuck what some random college moron posted on Facebook? She clearly lives in her own special reality and should be ignored rather than taken seriously.

    1. Friendster makes a better original news source. Better than Twitter.

    2. This is an important point, IMHO. Seems like whenever some idiot tweets something stupid, it’s jumped on as being a sign of the decay of civilization. This may have some merit if the idiot is a journalist at the NY Times, but it it’s just someone mouthing off, I think it’s a case of “methinks she doth protest too much.”

      1. Does anyone use Twitter for anything other than getting pissed off at someone in real world? I never hear about it unless story starts with “Twitter in uproar over .”

        You know what would be awesome? If object of latest Twitter uproar was being interviewed and interviewer asks object about Twitter uproar, and object answers to effect they’re not on Twitter, didn’t give a shit about it yesterday and don’t really give a shit now.

        Twitter is an idiot screaming, but only if you’re dumb enough to open a window and listen.

        1. Those kinds of stories are the lazy journalists’ way of doing “man on the street” stuff without, you know, actually going outside.

        2. Bingo.

  8. Drinks provided to college co-eds are often drugged with alcohol.

    1. Wine is fine, but vodkas quicker.

      1. Candy is dandy.
        But liquor is quicker.
        And sex won’t rot your teeth.

        1. But sex could rot your…

          1. Toes?…

    2. True.

      Our study did not reflect the current public perception of drink spiking. Drink spiking with sedative or illicit drugs appears to be rare. If drink spiking does occur, ethanol appears to be the most common agent used. Of greater concern was the frequency of illicit drug use and excessive ethanol consumption within the study population, making it difficult to determine whether a person had truly had a drink spiked.

  9. The whole purpose of creating armies of brainwashed useful idiots is so that they can’t function and so society falls apart. Their disfunctionality and irrationality are the very point of their existing. You can’t win with these people, ever. You will have better luck going to a psych ward and organizing the patients to build a house. The best you can hope for is to avoid them altogether or at least have minimal contact with them.

    OT: I may be getting divorced.

    I just walked in the kitchen where my wife is making dirty rice. I asked if I could chop an onion and a bell pepper for her. She said no, she isnt putting bell pepper in it. I poured a vodka and left the kitchen.

    1. Ugly.

    2. I must have some authoritarian tendencies. I find it just wrong for anyone called Suthenboy to be drinking vodka. Isn’t Bourbon mandatory??

      1. I had to give it up. Bulleit Rye is my favorite, but the wife prefers vodka mixers and I couldn’t justify spending that much money for both. I still buy the occasional bottle.

        A smart person would read that and think perhaps I drink too much. They would be right.

        1. I am going to start my own craft distillery in 2017.

          1. Texas Liberty Whiskey Co. Free booze for all who verify their vote for libertarian candidate. (After the fact, of course. Not payment.)

            1. I see what you are doing there. You know true libertarians will want some but refuse to take it for free. Very clever.

              Put me down for a bottle.

              1. I can’t decide if our secondary product will be vodka, gin, or rum. I could can rum and sell it with soda or a river floating party… but I personally prefer gin- and I know the market might not.

                1. Secondary product is vodka; because neutral spirits. Do what you want with it. Flavored, or distilled more and added to other booze to create desired proof.

                  1. Gin is fancy flavored vodka. Rum is from sugar. Stick to grain/potato.

                    1. I understand. I’m trying to debate which one allows for most craft AND most sales.

                    2. No, no, and no.

                2. Absinthe, obviously.

                  1. Homemade absint’s the main part of my liquor consumption, because it’s cheap as fuck and easier than fuck to make. Quicker than most things, also. It takes a lot of ingredients to make it right, but not very much of most of them, in fact a tiny pinch of some. The majority of the herb is wormwood, which I grow myself. It grows like a weed. In fact, it started as a weed, that I yanked out of a wash out in the desert when I saw what it was and planted it in the yard. Now I have a flipping wormwood grove and they are the size of small trees. I’m able to harvest about what I use, and I use about half that for things other than liquor. Then probably half of the remaining herb is cheap crap you can get in high quality in large quantities from the Internet. Fennel and elecampane are easy enough to grow with minimal effort. I tried growing about everything else involved, and I can’t get enough quantity. The mint, I grow it hot in almost pure composted chicken manure–as a result it’s so strong I end up just using a pinch a bottle, dried, or one sprig fresh. And I never sweeten it.

            2. Screw that. Jump on the white whiskey (moonshine) wagon. Then when the fad is over, slap a vodka label on it.

            3. And how do you verify your vote? And how is paying for it afterwards not paying for it? Maybe this Percocet is doing something after all.

            4. Bone Spirits in Smithville, TX put out Bourbon, Vodka, Gin, Moonshine and Corn Whiskey. I was in Smithville for the weekend recently and attended the community theater production (Glenngarry, Glen Ross) which featured a tasting of their bourbon and gin at intermission. The bourbon was a bit young and raw and the gin was, well, gin. Had better, had worse, but I support their efforts and Smithville is a neat little town. I suggest The Front Room Wine Bar for a drink and nosh in the evening.

              1. puts out*

                It’s twothousandfuckingsixteen. Why is there no edit function here?

          2. BOO YAH!

        2. Bulleit Rye is my favorite

          A hipster staple. Food snobbery and Bulleit Rye? You have knocked Florida Man off his Reason’s “Resident Hipster” perch. Kudos.

          I wish I liked Bulleit bourbon, because I really wanted to collect the empty bottles so I could pretend I was Al Swearengin, and have people over to the place so I could insult them.

          1. “A hipster staple.”

            Goddammit Crusty. Why did you have to tell me that? That is going to cross my mind every time I drink it.

            I was given a bottle as a gift around 1990 and have been stuck on the stuff since. Most hipsters weren’t even born then. I don’t know any hipsters and am almost never around any of them so I don’t know much about that culture but I what I do know is very off-putting.

            1. I am a shit, but you are probably the least hipster person alive, which is why you are a best hipster. Just roll with it.

              1. Oh, and CJ, speaking of Deadwood, read the “In Popular Culture” section on the Basil Hayden’s.

                1. I did not know that. I will have to watch for it the next time I re-watch the show.

              2. As long as he drinks it non-ironically, it’ll be ok.

            2. Bulleit is okay, but I’d suggest trying Rowan’s Creek or Basil Hayden’s.

              1. I prefer Blanton’s or Rare Eagle, but those are fine choices.

          2. Why do you have to pretend to be Swearengen to do that?

          3. I really hope the talk of wrapping up Deadwood isn’t just talk.

          4. If I could be stuck on a desert island and they only let me have one thing and they won’t low no needles and string, well, then, I’d arsk for a few case of rye. I thought this through. It used to be the cheapest whiskey round. Since now it’s just a moderately to high priced one, I got to forego, on account of that I like it too much–it doesn’t last. Alcohol is a vitamin, I’m pretty sure. It made me strong, like bull.

          5. It ain’t really food snobblery. It’s just common decency. For what it’s worth, I got into some pretty intense conversations with my wife over niceties of cooking on occasion. It seems it’s always some kind of matter of basic principle that gets things heated up. It’s not, “I don’t like how it come out this strange way you chose to make it…,” but rather, “Well, maybe it come out pretty good, but even a child would know that ingredient X and ingredient Y don’t belong together in this category of dish. You can’t substitute asaf?tida for garlick in this kind of thing. It ain’t normal and it’s just an ugly thing to do, however potable it may’ve so unonpurposely come out…” And I mean conversations like the kind where I’m getting some cast iron shattered off my shin.

    3. It needs bell pepper. But enjoy the vodka, and the Not-quite-dirty rice. I’m drinking a Jim Beam neat.

      Cheers Suthen!

      1. *raises glass*

        1. What’s wrong with your wife? Bell peppers make everything better.

          1. I don’t know.

            *wipes away a tear*

    4. I wouldn’t divorce her. But, it sounds like she does need an intervention.

    5. “The whole purpose of creating armies of brainwashed useful idiots is so that they can’t function and so society falls apart.”

      Uch no. Where do these ideas even come from? There is no central Left Command at work to end society. It’s much worse than that: this is the organic result of a bunch of trends massively agonized by government subsidizing it.

      1. right. conspiracy theories are appealing for the same reason religion is I think, as in it’s comforting to think that somebody knows what’s going on, but if the government could control information like that would we be hearing about hilary clinton’s emails?

        1. Conservatives love them some epic drama where they are the Fighting Cassandra’s struggling against Big _____. It feeds into their victim complex. See also ‘teh mooslim invasion of Europa’.

    6. Wait till you catch her making fried chicken. But you end up with meatloaf for dinner.

  10. Could you imagine living with such people?

    Jesus stick a kebab stick in my ear and bust my ear drum already.

    1. People who don’t put bell pepper in the dirty rice?

      1. Them too.

    1. Because libertarian moment.

    2. Lately I have begun to think that the collapse of the USSR, though inevitable, was not a good thing.

      1. That’s dark side think.

      2. The article is pretty comprehensive and addresses the fact that Millennials have no memory of the Soviet Union. But this stood out to me:

        Almost half of young adults could not guess the effects of 2 percent inflation if their bank account provided 1 percent interest.


        1. Can’t even blame common core for that.

    3. Take, for example, Joy’s brother, a millennial, who recently earned an $8,000 year-end productivity bonus. He was incensed to learn that he would take home only $5,000 of that after taxes.

      Take him, *please*.

      1. Maybe Jopy’s brother should start voting against democrats.

    4. 1) They are young and therefore stupid.

      2) The economy is in a torpor of malaise and this tends to empower stupid populism.

      This illustrates the need for massive amounts of immigration by the way.

      1. You already got your massive amounts of immigration. Or like Apu, have you noticed that America is dangerously underpopulated?

    5. “: Why So Many Millennials are Socialists”

      My theory (haven’t read the article) = They don’t remember the cold war

      (most were born in the 1980s and have no memory of anything until Clinton)

    6. Actually its pretty easy to figure out why they are socialists.

      In the US (and Europe) those clamoring for a welfare state keep screaming that socialism is the only way to do this. Any nation with heavily redistributionist tax policies is labeled socialists and their welfare spending is held up as a form of charity.

      So these fuckers, who love free shit and seem to hate learning about stuff, take this as the truth. Because why would Hillary/Obama/Sanders/Etc *lie* about this stuff?

      So they think socialism is the only way to get that big welfare state.

      (I don’t mean to offend our Millennial peers here and elsewhere who actually work for a living but too many of your cohort seem to think that if they just do what they’re told then the access to the upper levels of their professions is guaranteed – when in reality its the people who get shit done that get promoted)

      1. Eh, I think most of us libertarian millenials have accepted being aliens from our own generation on this shit.

        I think the mobility of labor may help. Everyone is working on “prjects”- some of these wilk actually be money making businesses etc. And those people will be pissed about taxes

  11. Just because Calloway wants to get raped hard, that doesn’t make her a bad person. Stop trying to make her feel guilty about trying to get raped

    1. So says Howard Roark.

    2. Most bitches just need a good hard, deep dicking to straighten them out. Then they can get back to the kitchen and bake some faggot cookies.

  12. OT: Do we fly the flags half mast when old people die of natural causes?

    1. It is natural for people to die when they are held down in the bed with a pillow on their face, so, yeah, I guess so.

      1. Your tinfoil hat is showing.

        1. *straightens tinfoil hat, remolds pointy tip*

      2. Especially when Obama or Valerie Jarrett ordered them to be killed by natural causes.

    2. 4 U.S.C. ?7

      (m) … The flag shall be flown at half-staff … from the day of death until interment of an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court ….

      It doesn’t specify a cause.

      1. That’s stupid.

      2. I mean, what if he died in the middle of an act of pederasty?

        1. Half mast for the flag but he is at full mast…a real puzzler.

        2. This bit that I originally elided would address it (same title, section, paragraph):

          By order of the President, the flag shall be flown at half-staff upon the death of principal figures of the United States Government and the Governor of a State, territory, or possession, as a mark of respect to their memory.

          If the dude was caught kiddy-diddling, the President could just not issue an order.

    3. Do we fly the flags half mast when old people die of natural causes?

      If we’re on a ship, maybe.


      1. We tried telling people to fly them at half-staff but you perverts did exactly what we knew you would. That’s no way to treat the flag!

        1. You don’t think anything getting done with a half-staff, do ya?

          I mean, with a quarterstaff, sure thing…

  13. Taking responsibility for ones own safety by making different choices means the rapists win.

    1. We won’t have gender justice until we have completely eradicated the notion of personal responsibility. Society should protect us by making all the bad things go away.

      Don’t ask me how, just make it so.

      1. I’m pretty sure the long, public slog to possibly seeing punishment meted out is worth more than anything I could do for myself.

    2. Taking responsibility for ones own safety by making different choices means the rapists win

      For all the possible answers to explain their bullshit, I bet FoE’s explanation is spot-on.

      “Why do I have to avoid the dark alley?!? The rapists should be the ones to move!”

  14. OT: I really enjoy this when I want to get falling down, black-out drunk.

    1. Bourbon whiskey sounds delicious right now.

      1. Yeah, jar flax mentioned it above and sparked my palate. A shame. I have already started drinking and refuse to drive anywhere if I have had so much as a drop.

        1. At least you’re responsible. Respect.

    2. I think that would be good at any time.

  15. Practicing gun safety is murder culture.

    1. Any training whatsoever is experience-ist to the inexperienced.

      1. I keep trying to think of something dumber than what this chick actually said, in order to mock her. I keep failing. That was literally the stupidest shit I read all week. I can’t even.

    2. And modeling responsible drinking encourages alcoholism.

  16. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t: the Claremont University Consortium recently offended campus feminists because it warned students not to accept drinks from strangers at parties. Such common sense suggestions promote “rape culture” and are akin to blaming the victim, according to one student.

    The campus feminists can go fuck themselves.

    1. Who else is going to do it?

  17. OT: Just took a presidential election poll in my house – one vote for Obama*, 4 votes for Nobody, 1 for Fiery Screaming Death.

    (That’s the little one who thinks things should just stay the way they are and wants to know why we gotta have an election when nobody’s probably gonna do anything different anyways. Not sure if that answer indicates she’s a Democrat for Obama, extremely conservative for keeping things just the way they are or libertarian for thinking it ain’t gonna make any difference who wins.)

    1. I would also like to vote for Fiery Screaming Death.

      1. Dibs on Fiery Screaming Death for a band name.

      2. Fiery Screaming Death: When Hope Just Ain’t Getting The Job Done

      3. Same here.

      4. Watery grave is so much better.

  18. So telling kids to look both ways before they cross the street is blaming the victim too, right?

  19. Update: The spousal unit is eating the rice and admits it would have been better with bell pepper in it. I guess I won’t be calling a divorce lawyer.

    Everything is better with bell pepper, marriage included.

    1. I made 2 quarts of rice tonight. Should last the month.

      Basmati, rapid boil method. Just salt, lite olive oil, and msg. NO BELL PEPPERS.

      I’m using some of it tonight for my bibimbap with ribeye.


  21. Who rolled up the sidewalks?

  22. The U.S. government thought it had killed this legendary militant. Now it’s not so sure.

    s President Obama prepares to step down, the uncertainty highlights the sometimes limited intelligence surrounding strikes that have become a hallmark of his response to militant threats overseas. Inconclusive outcomes like this one may become more common if the next president builds on Obama’s counterterrorism strategy, which has sought to minimize U.S. troop deployments by employing Special Operations raids and airstrikes to target scores of jihadists from South Asia to Africa in recent years.

    Civil liberties activists have also been pressing for more details about targeted killings. A federal appeals court on Wednesday heard arguments about whether the government should be more transparent about drone strikes in a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union.

    I say ramp it up.

    1. “s President Obama prepares to step down, the uncertainty highlights the sometimes limited intelligence surrounding strikes that have become a hallmark of his response to militant threats overseas.”

      Well, limited intelligence is a huge problem for both Obama and all the induhviduals around him.

  23. Bottoms up. I mean that in the most sexist way possible.

  24. I was at the bar with my pal and I was looking to score some pussy and he hands me a couple of pills and says “Here, use these.”

    I popped both in my mouth and woke up next morning in some fag’s closet with my bloody asshole covered in Vaseline.

    1. I remember an article in the Columbus Dispatch circa 1987. Dude wakes up in a bathtub, naked, hogtied, covered in bbq sauce. Some creep he met in a bar probably rufeed him and was, I dunno, gonna’ eat him? He was able to unbind himself and he fought his way out of the house. He smashed his captor repeatedly with a TV tray. The police found him wandering down High Street at 6 am, bloody, frantic, and incoherent.

      Man I used to love reading the police blotter in the Dispatch.

      1. A kid i went to college with assured me that “Ohio has the highest number of predatory serial-killers in the US”. I don’t know why he was so hip to this data point. He was from Canton. He had some recent examples at the time. But apparently Cleveland is where its at now.

        1. He was probably a predatory serial killer

          1. Did he have three names? Serial killers always have three names.

  25. Bernie Sanders:war-monger

    but when the United States intervened in the Kosovo war in 1999, Sanders supported the war and voted for it in the House of Representatives. His defense of the military action was so firm that when anti-war activists occupied his office in protest, he personally ordered their arrest.

    Even though Sanders calls himself a “fierce critic of the Iraq war,” in 2003 he voted in favor of a resolution that gave more powers to then President George W. Bush to intervene in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    His silent support for the Iraq war was such that in 2008, when Representative Dennis Kucinich introduced a 35-point document to impeach President Bush, Sanders said it was “impractical.”

    You can stop your retarded ‘case for Sanders’ columns now Reason, Wilkinson, etc.

    1. As a rule, the less a war has any possible bearing to national security, the more Democrats are in favor of it. I know “peaceniks” who thought we should have sent the Army into the Hutu/Tutsi thing.

      1. Yup. Granted, there are some sincere peacenazies. Those are the ones that Bernie threw out of his office.

      2. It’s a huge bonus for the progtarded if the military action in question results in weakening or outright harming America. Which is always their real goal.

  26. Hillary emails:Hezbollah base in Cuba?

    Blumenthal argued that even though Hezbollah’s targets were “particularly Israel’s diplomatic and business interests” in the region, the Shiite militants had been “instructed to also begin casing facilities associated with the United States and the United Kingdom, including diplomatic missions, major banks, and businesses.”

    Oooh…so much for peace through non-interventionism.

  27. CNN just said Obama has announced he plans to visit Cuba.

    1. Returning to the Fatherland.

    1. Only Nixon Obama could go to China Cuba.

    2. Maybe I’ll finally be able to buy a good cigar someday?

      1. You can buy Cubans in Mexico. They’re everywhere.

  28. This is Toronto.

    Bad: Actual fucking quote from a fucking councillor: “The thing that people forget when they fixate on the affordability of the tax rate is that the tax rate collects money to actually solve the problems people care about,” Coun. Gord Perks said. “Low property taxes are the reason that there’s poverty in the City of Toronto.”

    Good: “….a motion expected from some councillors ? led by Coun. Michael Thompson ? that would slash the Toronto Police Services budget.”

    Um, not the worst: “In 2015, Toronto’s average property tax was $3,170. That’s $1,000 below the $4,182 average for the Greater Toronto Area municipalities and Ottawa. Of those municipalities, Toronto has the lowest average property taxes.”…..l-chambers

    1. A Canadian named Gordon, huh? Who’d a thunk that?

    2. Taxi drivers assault Uber driver:…

      It seems the crux is it’s unfair Uber doesn’t pay fees extortion to the government. Well, shouldn’t taxi drivers actually ally themselves with Uber and challenge the government to put an end to licenses fees?

      And fuck those taxi drivers for what they did and I hope they get their come-uppance.

      1. The union boss Benoit Jugand compared Uber to drug pushers.

        1. The union boss Benoit Jugand compared Uber to drug pushers.

          Does he mean they both meet the demand for goods and services?

          1. Ummm, incidentally the third search result for ‘Benoit Balls’ on YouTube is this (NSFW)

            1. Sabrina Dropkick, “in-house sexpert.”

              Does not compute.

      2. Cunts. He should have ran them over. Doesn’t matter; they can’t win.

        Uber won the Edmonton battle and is winning Calgary, but they could lose the provincial insurance war. They are threatening to quit the province if the government doesn’t change insurance regulations. Good luck getting the NDP and Rotley to see the light. OTOH, she was pragmatic and sane enough to leave royalties alone.

    3. “”There is a fundamental need for transformation of the Toronto Police Services,” he [Councillor Thompson] said. “Crime is trending down while the cost of policing is trending upwards.”

      Police staffers said earlier during the discussion that violent crime is climbing, and that crime rates don’t necessarily determine how many staff are required to effectively police the city.”…..ces-budget

      1. I meant to quote him calling for cuts to Toronto’s police budget. Somehow this stuff is easier to get in Canada.

    4. “Low property taxes are the reason that there’s poverty in the City of Toronto.”

      Dafuq? What a fucktard.

    5. Isn’t your country dangerously underpopulated with flapping headed, beady eyed hosers? Shouldn’t you be expending all your energy trying to import a few hundred million illiterate, unskilled indigents so there will eb unlimited prosperity for Canada?

  29. These stories seem predicated on the fallacy that “anyone should give a fuck what students think”

  30. That jsut doesnt make a whole lot of sense to me dude WOw.

  31. Actress Vanessa Hudgens Under Investigation for Defacing Sedona Red Rocks

    “Grease: Live!” star Vanessa Hudgens and model/actor boyfriend Austin Butler are in a bit of hot water after a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend in Sedona, Arizona.

    Hudgens, who came to fame starring in Disney’s 2006 hit, “High School Musical,” posted an Instagram picture of the love birds’ names carved into the rock surrounded by a heart. (The post has since been removed.)

    There’s just one problem: The carving may be located in the Red Rock Ranger District of the Coconino National Forest, and it’s against federal law to damage “any natural feature or other property of the United States,” according to a statement issued by Brady Smith, a Coconino National Forest spokesman.

    The maximum fine is $5,000 and/or six months in jail.

    It’s hard for federal officials to catch people in the act, but posting it to Instagram is what may get Hudgens in trouble.

    “On Monday, Feb.15, we became aware — via media and public reports — of an Instagram posting by Vanessa Hudgens showing a scratching or carving of a heart with two names in it on a rock that allegedly is on the Red Rock Ranger District of the Coconino National Forest,” Smith said in the statement.

    Dumbass. I was there that day too.

    1. Nothing a little sandblasting won’t fix

    2. They’re insufferable narcissists.

      1. I can’t tell which is the greater punch-face.

    3. Why can’t I be in hot water with Vanessa Hudgens?

      I still remember those naked selfies she took in the bedroom mirror, and her always being naked in that terrible spring break movie.

    4. Actress is a stretch, more like celebrity.

    5. I’m disappointed. I was hoping it would be about Vanessa Hudgens in a nude sex video getting violently fucked.

  32. Some more good news: Ottawa to ease competition rules for Air Canada after CSeries purchase


  33. Hey, everybody! There’s a townhall on CNN!

  34. Mexico: better fiscal and monetary governance than America?

    “In a coordinated move, the central bank raised its key interest rate by 50 basis points to 3.75 percent to counter the peso’s depreciation against the dollar.

    The government will immediately slash $1.7 billion from public spending while the head of Pemex will propose to the company’s board next week to cut $5.5 billion from its budget.”…..erest-rate

  35. Ted Cruz just shit himself on the CNN townhall thing – one of the first questions they’ve asked the candidates iss about the Apple/FBI thing and Cruz came down solidly on the side of lawn order. If they got a warrant, which they do, Apple needs to unlock the phone. No addressing the issue that it ain’t Apples phone so what the hell does the warrant have to do with them? Or the issue that Apple says they don’t have a key and shouldn’t be forced to make one. Or that if Apple does make a key, it unlocks every goddamn phone to the FBI. No, Cruz just says it’s like a bank – if the FBI has a warrant the bank has to hand over your bank records. Fuck you, Ted – this is a warrant handed to my bank that says they have to make master keys for every house in the city so the FBI can go to my house and get records of my dealings with GMAC.

    1. Well put. As much scorn as I’ve heaped on Trump over the last several months, Cruz makes it nearly impossible not to want to see the party burned to the ground.

      1. Has Hillary or Bern chimed in on this issue yet? Curious if there is ANY remaining candidate willing to put a stop to this shit.

    2. “Or that if Apple does make a key, it unlocks every goddamn phone to the FBI.”

      Is the FBI asking for “the key?”

      1. They’re asking to disable the feature that wipes the phone after entering too many false passwords (or passkey? I’m assuming they mean the 4-digit number that is [usually] required to unlock it), so that they can brute-force it themselves.

        1. Are they asking to do it in a way that would give them permanent access to the update or is this something Apple could keep in-house?

          1. That article links to this.

            Again in plain English, the FBI wants Apple to create a special version of iOS that only works on the one iPhone they have recovered. This customized version of iOS (*ahem* FBiOS) will ignore passcode entry delays, will not erase the device after any number of incorrect attempts, and will allow the FBI to hook up an external device to facilitate guessing the passcode. The FBI will send Apple the recovered iPhone so that this customized version of iOS never physically leaves the Apple campus.

            1. “The FBI will send Apple the recovered iPhone so that this customized version of iOS never physically leaves the Apple campus.”

              And the FBI will recover the data how? Well, by data transfer, without that ‘phone physically leaving the Apple campus.
              Sorta like the way the FBI will recover the work-around?
              I’m solidly in Cook’s camp; stuff it, FBI. Get a warrant on a dead man and see what you can find.

              1. I’m pretty sure Apple knows how to transfer phone data without including an update image.

                1. In which case, you get to argue that Apple should just do what the nice folks ask.

                2. BTW, did you ever learn that torque is a measure of force independent of time, or are you still whining about ‘torque wrenches’?

                  1. In which case, you get to argue that Apple should just do what the nice folks ask.

                    I think the gov’t is out of line, and that Apple should just say “we’ll hack phones in life and death situations. Otherwise, fuck off.”

                    BTW, did you ever learn that torque is a measure of force independent of time, or are you still whining about ‘torque wrenches’?

                    To anyone else reading, this is what’s going on: Sevo doesn’t believe torque = power/rpm [units (N*m/s)/(1/s)] despite two engineers telling him so, because torque wrenches don’t have a clock. He really said this. He either has dementia or doesn’t understand middle school algebra. Don’t laugh. Take pity.

          2. “A 2015 court case shows that the tech giant has been willing to play ball with the government before ? and is only stopping now because it might ‘tarnish the Apple brand.'”

            So… because they did the wrong thing before – absent any technological considerations – that invalidates their current position? Fuck off, slavers.

    3. Sigh. He clearly doesn’t understand what he’s talking about (Cruz that is).

      1. Actually, if you read his full comments, he just doesn’t understand the specific technology issues involved. His comment was that Apple should only have to unlock the one phone but that they should not be compelled to jeopardize everyone’s phone security; he just didn’t understand that they couldn’t do the one without also doing the other, or that the FBI was only using this to force Apple to eventually do the latter. From Cruz’s actual remarks, it appears he’d be opposed to what the FBI is attempting to do…he probably just didn’t get fully briefed on it (which is understandable in the middle of a campaign).

    4. “Cruz came down solidly on the side of lawn order”

      Most people, myself included, prefer an orderly lawn. And faggot cookies.

  36. OK, “Train to Crystal City”, Jan Jarboe Russell.
    It’s somewhat embarrassing, but this is the first I’ve read specifically on the WWII internment camps.
    The book’s less a true history and more of a series of memoirs imputing the history of the camp from those who were interred. And while the writer’s political bias is evident at the start, it quickly recedes as I think she comes to grips with the government’s illegal confinement of citizens neither charged nor convicted of a crime. It returns only once when she eulogizes FDR’s death, a eulogy greatly un-deserved, if for nothing else than keeping his successor in the dark regarding the progress of the greatest war the world has yet suffered.
    There were decent people involved in running the camp, but that in no way reduces the criminal act of confining innocents, some as much as kidnapped from Latin America and kept in Texas. No one was murdered, no one starved, no one crawled about in rags, and that saves the US camps from direct comparison to those under German or Japanese control; damning with faint praise.
    But for that, the US deported US and South American citizens to the control of the Axis powers, using the people imprisoned as ‘trade-bait’ to recover other US citizens from Axis control; this was presumed just and proper at the time.

    1. Cont’d:
      Worth reading; 3.0 to, oh 3.5.
      In my case it hit pretty close to home. I was stationed in Japan during the ’60s, and encountered Spanish speaking ethnic Japanese, who told me they were from Peru, not mentioning the side-trip to a place in Texas. I’m sure their view of the US as a bastion of liberty was, oh, tempered.

      1. Have you been to the one outside of Bishop?

        I almost went up 395 today, but it’s going to dump tonight and I can’t find my chains.

        1. Manzanar is so beautiful; but would be a terrible place to live. Especially in plywood shacks, under the barrel of a government gun. The Japanese-American museum in DTLA has some really great exhibits about how terrible internment was. Gut wrenching.

          On a lighter note, I’m looking into buying a motel along the 395 in Lone Pine, Bishop, Big Pine, Lee Vining, etc. Any thoughts?

          1. It’s been 10 years since I’ve been up there, so I’m not really familiar with the traffic patterns anymore. Mammoth is sold out every weekend, though. My kids are up there right now, and it’s going to snow a foot tonight.

            Bishop is at the junction, so you’re going to have more people passing through. And it’s not as cold as people think.

            1. “And it’s not as cold as people think.”

              But the barb wire isn’t any less ‘pointy’…

              1. That comment was more for motel location.

                But yeah, Bishop is VERY hot in the summer. Average high is +/- 98 in July. I wouldn’t want to live in a wood shack in those conditions.

          2. Gives perspective on the current problems with government power faced today. It’s bad, but it could be and was so much worse.

        2. I haven’t been to a single one, and I can only claim willful ignorance.
          The Japanese were all cheerful and well-fed, right? And while the government let other people steal their wealth, they got, uh $20K back, fifty years later.
          Then there’s the fact that Germans got essentially the same treatment and got bupkus for their inconvenience.
          I’ll admit coming to this realization a bit late, but we (and those who spend the war behind barb-wire) owe FDR (and Earl Warren) a great big Bronx cheer.
          Got several books in line (yeah, HM, Khan will get attention), but I need to read more about this.
          e310, zero knowledge of the hospitality bizz; can’t help.

          1. zero knowledge of the hospitality bizz

            I’ve worked a bunch of hotels and let’s just say it requires a certain attitude – most hotels hire cheap labor like me who don’t have it. You basically have to learn how to enjoy being a doormat. But if you have the right attitude it’s probably a great living.

  37. Maybe I missed it, but has Reason taken note of Twitter’s shadowbanning of un-PC tweets?

    I would not be at all surprised if Twitter, Facebook, and Google tried to sway the election.

    1. Ah yes, more of The Conspiracy.

    2. What media company doesn’t?

      1. I think there are different levels. It’s one thing for a media company to (e.g.) write articles that are nicer to favored candidates. It’s quite another to have an “open” social media platform and then, subtly and invisibly, suppress the speech of users you disagree with.

        1. I’ll just say I agree with The Duck’s opinion of journalists. I don’t think the obvious SJW bullshit Twitter does compares.

  38. “Burglars often prowl around at night, so keep your doors and windows locked.”
    “Good idea!”

    “Car thieves frequently look for vehicles left unlocked or left running, so always turn off your vehicle, lock the doors, roll up the windows, and consider using a steering wheel boot if you are in a particularly bad neighborhood.”
    “Wise advice!”

    “Hackers these days are getting more and more sophisticated. You should use complex and unpredictable passwords, avoid giving out too much personal information on social media, and keep your antivirus software up to date.”
    “I’ll do that!”

    “Muggers always look for people who are making a big display of their valuables. Therefore, you should be subtle about your cell phone and money and perhaps keep your cash in your shoe.”
    “A sound strategy!”

    “Rapists have been known to get women intoxicated – possibly with the help of a roofie – and then lure them to a secluded spot to rape them. Women who choose to become highly intoxicated should keep a close eye on their drinks and stick together to ensure that nobody can take advantage of one of them.”
    “OMG u viktim blayming shitlord pig!!!!111 I shouldn’t have to do anything at all to protect myself from crime!! THAT’S SO SEXIST!!!! RAYPE KULTOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    1. I believe you have it!
      I had a GF back when there were no cell phones. She jumped out of the car, leaving it running, to make a call from an phone booth. Yep; gone.
      After a suitable period of time (I’m not crazy!), I pointed out that the thief was a thief, but she sure didn’t help matters…

      1. “I had a GF back when there were no cell phones. She jumped out of the car, leaving it running, to make a call from an phone booth. Yep; gone.”

        Technically that was a failed kidnapping, Sevo

        1. G, the ‘conversation’ regarding the issue filled *pages*.
          And bleeve me; that woman was HOT and lucky she didn’t get a ride (and more) out of the kerfuffle.

  39. I finally had to install the Adblock browser on my phone. Sorry, Reason, the clickbait ads have gotten out of hand. Bonus: I can disable the obnoxious social media buttons, too.

    Should have done this ages ago.

  40. RE: College Accused of Blaming Rape Victims Because It Warned Students About Suspicious Drinks

    Yeah, its all those damn rape victims that put date rape drugs in their drinks. Don’t these kids recognize “suspicious drinks” when they see them?

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