"Bernie Bae": New Pro-Sanders Viral Video From the Erstwhile "Obama Girl"

Bernie Sanders is "much more than a human Birkenstock."


Remember "Obama Girl"? Well, the young lady who co-wrote and sang that 2007 viral sensation (named a Top 10 meme of the decade by Newsweek) is back with a catchy and generically auto-tuned anthem she hopes will make all her cohort in Generation Snake People swoon over the 74-year-old socialist senator who's "much more than a human Birkenstock."

In an interview with Refinery29, Kauffman bragged that she's "participated in every presidential election since 2008" and feels the Bern so strongly that she just had to show her support through sound and vision

Once you get past the frightening naivete that any politician could be a "miracle," Leah Kauffman's lyrics are actually pretty clever and cheeky. When dissing the other Democratic hopefuls, Kauffman croons, "Was gonna vote Hillary/She's not feeling real to me/Won't vote O'Malley/Honestly, who is he?"

Invoking Sanders' Hebraic roots, she sings, "We both say L'chaim to Pro Choice/You believe the middle class deserves a great big voice." Kauffman even slags Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's support of Hillary Clinton as inferior to the millennial-bait that Art Garfunkel and Cornel West's endorsements of Sanders surely are. 

If slightly ironic political activism bottled in a mall-pop concoction isn't your thing, you can always rock out to the nauseatingly earnest "Yes We Can," featuring some of the world's wealthiest celebrities emotionally gazing into the camera as they literally parrot candidate Barack Obama's speeches.

The video, created by a hugely successful artist who admits he relies on expensive technology to cover up the fact that he can't sing, is a helpful evergreen reminder that presidential elections bring out the need for many Americans to project their longings onto a cult of personality