"Bernie Bae": New Pro-Sanders Viral Video From the Erstwhile "Obama Girl"

Bernie Sanders is "much more than a human Birkenstock."


Remember "Obama Girl"? Well, the young lady who co-wrote and sang that 2007 viral sensation (named a Top 10 meme of the decade by Newsweek) is back with a catchy and generically auto-tuned anthem she hopes will make all her cohort in Generation Snake People swoon over the 74-year-old socialist senator who's "much more than a human Birkenstock."

In an interview with Refinery29, Kauffman bragged that she's "participated in every presidential election since 2008" and feels the Bern so strongly that she just had to show her support through sound and vision

Once you get past the frightening naivete that any politician could be a "miracle," Leah Kauffman's lyrics are actually pretty clever and cheeky. When dissing the other Democratic hopefuls, Kauffman croons, "Was gonna vote Hillary/She's not feeling real to me/Won't vote O'Malley/Honestly, who is he?"

Invoking Sanders' Hebraic roots, she sings, "We both say L'chaim to Pro Choice/You believe the middle class deserves a great big voice." Kauffman even slags Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's support of Hillary Clinton as inferior to the millennial-bait that Art Garfunkel and Cornel West's endorsements of Sanders surely are. 

If slightly ironic political activism bottled in a mall-pop concoction isn't your thing, you can always rock out to the nauseatingly earnest "Yes We Can," featuring some of the world's wealthiest celebrities emotionally gazing into the camera as they literally parrot candidate Barack Obama's speeches.

The video, created by a hugely successful artist who admits he relies on expensive technology to cover up the fact that he can't sing, is a helpful evergreen reminder that presidential elections bring out the need for many Americans to project their longings onto a cult of personality

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  1. Am I allowed to tell members of my own generation that they should get off my goddamn lawn?

    1. “I’ve participated in every presidential election since 2008, and I wanted to express my support for Sanders through song and video. The practice of writing music and collaborating with friends on political videos is something that I’ll likely do forever.””

      Like zomg, I have participated in all two elections since 2008 and one day I woke up and was all “it’s like, tradition, ya know?” so then I just wrote this Bernie Bae song in like 15 minutes and my girl Shandra (hey Shandra, if you’re reading this!) was all “girl, we have to make that into a viral video!”

      1. I had a Grandmother who voted for Harding. No shit. But what is that in comparison to voting for Obama twice?

        1. In the girl’s defense, your grandmother can no longer claim she voted for the worst president in the last hundred years.

          1. Harding wasn’t that bad, the whole Teapot Dome thing was nothing compared to shit that goes on now.

        2. By extension, you grandmother voted for Coolidge as well, so relatively speaking, a big win.

        3. Voting for Obama in 2008 is forgivable. In 2012, not so much.

          1. After the revolution, we need to access the voter records and flag everyone who voted for Obama twice.

    2. I was born in 1984 and thus by most metrics am considered a “millennial” yet i feel like the kids these days live in a world that bears no resemblance whatsoever to the world i grew up in.

      1. That is because you are not retarded.

      2. There are millions of “Millennials.” These morons are just very loud and proud.

        1. Beware the kind of peeps who embrace generational labels as ‘theirs.’ Its just extending same impulse for high school cliques, but for adults.

          What are the post-millenials going to be called? ‘Broke’ is the word I think.

          1. “Broke”. Love it!!….well I hate the unicorns and rainbows spending programs, but yeah Generation Broke is right.

        2. They’re the new boomers. And are called Echo Boomers. And they actually outnumber the boomers.

        3. Say it loud!

          I’m vapid and I’m proud!


        4. Say it loud!

          I’m vapid and I’m proud!


      3. 1981. I’m not sure what year they started poisoning the water to produce the snowflake generation, but I didn’t grow up in a world of participation trophies.

        1. As soon as they started banning playground games like ‘dodgeball’ and ‘smear the queer’ I knew we were in trouble.

      4. 1988.

        For me, I start noticing the gap once we start talking about people who are about 20 and below. And below 18 is just another planet.

        Which I think is about that way for everyone. I have some friends who are 20ish, and they break with thr kids born 2000ish who don’t reemeber 9/11.

        Yeah, the generation who has no memory of 9-11 can vote by 2018. That’ll make you feel old

        1. The big line of demarcation, as far as I have observed, has to do with the social media. At what point in your life did the Facebook and Twitter become a thing, and how enthusiastically did you adopt it.

          The Facebook hit my school in 2005, during my junior year in college. I stayed away from it for months, eventually set up a profile so my friends would stop hassling me about it, and to this day, only sign on to directly respond to messages. I have never used Twitter.

      5. Their parents did not give them nearly enough beatings/

  2. Kauffman bragged that she’s “participated in every presidential election since 2008”

    That’s almost ten whole years! My God, what crushing historical perspective!

    1. I’m sure that this time, she expects to get the unicorns and rainbows that she expected the last two times.

      1. That’s the weirdest fucking part of all this.

        These people hail Obama as a huge success, but now bemoan a shitty economy and unmanageable health care system, and say only Bernie can come to the rescue.

        They realize the fucking Light-Bringer has been in charge for the last eight years, right?

        1. Yeah, but the Republicans held him back.

          Even those two years when the Dems had the Senate and House.

          1. Gotta love that excuse. Kind of like how the GOP held him back from enacting unworkable and expensive health care reform. Oh wait!

            Or how the GOP held him back from comflicts in Syria, Libya, etc.—Oh wait!

            If only Republicans were half as obstructionist as the Democrats make them out to be.

            1. I wish the republicans were like they were in the late forties. Force Obama out of office and sweep the country with a new massive Red Scare. Wipe out each and every faggot cookie out there.

  3. I’m having a blast with my fellow Gen X’ers who are feeling the Bern. So many inconsistencies and hypocrisies from Bernie that it’s hard to pick just one in which to send them in to fits.


    -uh, he’s been working for the system his whole life. In fact he has never been able to support himself without taking taxpayer money.


    -Right after he takes their money running for president. sure.
    It just goes on and on.

    1. And then there is always the ever reliable “but I thought we didn’t want any more old white men as President?”

      The fact that these ass clowns after 8 years of pretending President Urkel was the hippest thing ever are now reduced to supporting the crazy old man who yells at people at the Laundromat is proof God has a sense of humor.

      1. It’s also been immensely enjoyable to watch leftists realize that Bernie has absolutely zero chance in the general but also realize that Hillary’s exo-skeleton is slowly loosening from the outer skin and they don’t have the tools to fix her.

      2. Will be fun to see young energetic Hispanic Marco Rubio go up old white guy Sanders. I’m sure they’ll continue to call the GOP the racists.

    2. Bernie ‘worked with the system’ to modernize Burlington. Plus he balanced the books. That’s why hard-core socialists hate him.

      He’s going to change nothing since he talks like a populist but governs like a centralist.

      1. How hard is it to “modernize Burlington”? Jesus it’s Vermont. I am enjoying the stories about him breaking up a leftist protest to allow Unions to keep making Gatling Guns at a plant up there, but color me unimpressed that they found some loose change behind the seats at Killington.

        1. Modernize may have been a strong word – urban renewal on Church St.?

          1. How many people would live in Burlington without UVM or Ben n Jerrys?

            A hundred? Maybe a few hundred during ski season?

      2. I guess you didn’t live there under the Commissar and his acolytes.

        Bernie made Burlington into a place where service sector plebes serve their elite leftist betters.

    3. Here’s one for your quiver:

      Tell your friends that a real Dane told you that every time Sanders brays about “doing what they do in Denmark”, he is really talking about “doing what they do in Venezuela”.

      Almost every belief Bernie has about Denmark is false:

      * Denmark has no law regarding minimum wage or maximum work hours
      * Most of the middle class is taxed at exactly the same insane rate as the rich
      * Business is regulated less than in the US
      * Business is taxed way under what the middle class income tax is
      * Danish healthcare is expensive, and inefficient. And most Danes cannot afford better private care because they’re forced to pay for health care once
      * A lot of Danes live paycheck to paycheck, because after taxes, bills, and groceries, there isn’t really anything left

      A business-friendly economy is the only thing that has slowed down the descent into poverty. Yet social services, healthcare, etc. are getting worse by the year, forcing the Danish government to privatize more and more. Maybe the 36% of the Danish work force getting a paycheck from the state isn’t helping.

      Also let them know that individual liberty and individual rights are not constitutionally protected in any meaningful way, as they are in the US.

      1. But you’re happy right? I’m told it’s the happiest place on Earth. happy happy happy

        1. A myth that has been debunked. Even on tax-payer funded Danish TV 🙂

          Everyone around the world marvel at the unparalleled happiness of the Danes, even study it in prestigious universities. Danes think it’s a joke. They don’t care, because there is no reason to try and succeed in Denmark.

          What people mistake for happiness, is a stoic “meh”.

          1. So…would you say something is…rotten…in Denmark?

          2. This is what happens when you cast aside Woden and begin worshipping the nailed god instead.

            1. very few people will see the greedy, grasping hand of the cult of the One God in this, but it’s there.

  4. There’s a special place in hell for women who do not obey the call by all feminists to rally around Hill-Rod.

  5. You believe the middle class deserves a great big voice.

    Uh, don’t the middle class already get more than their share of free ponies from Uncle Sugar?

    1. The middle class is where the money is and they don’t have the liquid assets to engage in the kind of tax evasion that rich people are able to do. The middle class basically make this country and are what allow you to talk out of your ass and think everyone but you is a welfare queen. And they will of course be the ones taking it up the ass if Bernie were ever elected.

        1. That you are an idiot who believes in fairy tales about everyone being a welfare queen? Yes. And a firm yes.

          1. You know John, I have come to accept that you will never actually read any of my comments before responding to them, much less actually address the points that I bring up. But is it too much to ask for you to come up with some clever insults? Or at least fresh ones. That at least would make hacking through your bizarre tangential run-on rants more worthwhile.

            1. Maybe if you looked beyond your gross jealousy of the middle class, you’d appreciate his wit! These people work their fingers to the bone for you! All so you can mouth off on this, this, this comment board!

              1. Sure MJ. No one in this country works. They are all welfare queens. But you and Hugh of course

            2. Hugh

              If you were not so boring the insults would be better. Sorry you are just an ordinary idiot

    2. yes Hugh, the middle class gets much more than they pay in.

    3. What is “the middle class”?

      You can game that definition to get just about any result.

      1. Well, it originally meant the bourgeoisie. So maybe Bernie can change his tune and say that he’s fighting for them and bourgeois values.

    4. Mr Akston, Could you support your contention with a definition of “middle class” and some cash flow data in and out of that group? Thank you.

      1. I don’t like the income quantile definitions as the population meeting them is very transient and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of explanatory power over various correlated factors. A definition like “someone whose primary source of income is wages, their own or their spouse’s” is a closer match to the fuzzy notion of “middle class” than “someone whose income puts them in the 75th but not the 25th percentile of incomes”.

        1. Swap the order of 25th and 75th in the percentile definition.

          1. That’s an approach to a definition: employment type. One problem with percentiles is that individuals move up and down in them with time and income distribution changes also over decades.

  6. Jesus Christ

  7. The video definitely caused me to rethink my unconditional support of the 1st Amendment. You can’t get much terribler than that.

    1. Who. The. Fuck. is their audience? Teens from 1990 who didn’t buy that bullshit the 1st time around?

  8. I thought Reason was against torture.

  9. “Remember “Obama Girl”?”

    Nope. Did I miss out?

  10. Nick didn’t post South Park, Anthony didn’t post Boondocks in place of the actual video.

    1. Apparently she’s got a tough, tough life.

  11. Are the people in the video sort of self-aware and winking at us?

    1. One would hope sadly I don’t think so.

  12. Nothing says take my political opinions seriously quite like acting like a bimbo.

  13. Kaufman’s from Abington Township, PA. I know people from Abington. I dated a girl from Abington. People from Abington aren’t poor.

    On graduating from Temple (open admission university), she immediately started a company with several prominent clients. Four years later, she moved on to be one of the top executives in one of the regions major online publications.

    Kaufman’s led a pretty charmed life. Honestly, I’d love to know who her connections are. The irony is that the song amounts to a lecture about the injustices of capitalism from someone who has the stench of the worst sort of crony.

    1. I’m really hoping she’s not sent to the same workamp as me.
      NO Singing!

    2. By “injustices” of capitalism, it’s possible she comes to that conclusion because she’s been handed everything, and therefore everyone else must have also had the same?

      1. Well, if she thinks that she’s benefited unfairly due to capitalism, the decent thing to do would be to renounce her advantages.

        1. Then how can she bring her message to everyone else without resources? She gives and she gives, and it’s still not good enough for you.

    3. The video definately seems to be more self-promotion than Bernie promotion.

  14. Please God, let me unsee and unhear that. I’m going to cleanse my palette with someone really bae.

    1. I feel like this word has no coherent meaning.

      1. It has the same meaning as ‘pwn’. It’s an evolution from a typo which everyone understood to mean one thing, then morphed into a meme.

        I get it, but there’s something kind of awful about it.

        *shakes cane*

        1. Sorry, by ‘same meaning’ I don’t mean same definition… but comes about because of the same cultural forces.

        2. There is something shit-tastic about it.

          Pwn, at least, had some character, and lends itself to photo-memes. It can even be fun to hear gamers shouting “PONED/PWN’D” to each other, in limited quantities.

      2. Does it?

        Seriously. . . this is the first time I’ve ever heard the I jokingly call it a word. . .

  15. I’ll repeat what I said in the Secre-tard Kerry thread:


  16. Fun Wednesday link:

    What is the quintessential Seattle car?

    Recently, when I wrote about the local love affair with Subarus, some readers weighed in: “What about the Toyota Prius?”

    They have a point. As the top-selling hybrid ? Urban Dictionary defines it as “the most liberal car ever” ? the Prius conforms nicely with Seattle’s environmentalist ethos. The distinctively styled sedan has become a kind of green status symbol, according to a recent study on Prius owners, an example of “conspicuous conservation.”

    If the outdoorsy Subaru represents Seattle’s free-spirited inner child, then the Earth-friendly Prius plays the role of responsible parent.…..ed-hotbed/

  17. Oh Bernie
    I love you
    you’ll give me free shit
    a nice new car – say a Ford Pickup
    with the V6 package
    a nice new house
    or even a vintage mid century modern pad
    but I’l need a “66 T bird with that
    and then there is school
    Free at a nice Ivy
    Maybe Brown or Harvard
    When I can study for
    a deegree in

  18. If only Sanders, or his supporters, were smarter than a “human Birkenstock.”

  19. Sounds like a very good plan to me dude, I like it.

  20. This woman produces videos with the apparent theme, “the 19th Amendment was a very bad idea.”

    1. I was going to say I can’t see men doing this sort of thing, but then I saw this which, to be fair, is probably a spoof.

      1. And whenever my search produces a love song to Margaret Thatcher, it turns out to be some kind of sarcasm.

  21. We backed Obama
    From the start
    We wanted change and hope
    But then it fell apart
    I was feeling hopeless
    And so cynical
    Now you’ve got me focused
    Bernie you’re a miracle

    That first time just didn’t work out. The Bernster will surely get done what Obama with a veto-proof majority couldn’t.

    Fuck off, you cunt. Seriously, fuck you and your batshit insane enthusiasm for a guy who wants to take your liberties and my money. If the millenials all died in a war with China, I would 100% support the resulting erasure of the memory of the most decadent generation that this country has ever seen. I have never seen a generation more desirous of slavery and perpetual minority, and I wish the few millenials who aren’t that way the best of luck in getting the hell out and making something of themselves in countries that haven’t so badly atrophied.

  22. “Was gonna vote Hillary/She’s not feeling real to me/Won’t vote O’Malley/Honestly, who is he?”

    We both say L’chaim to Pro Choice/You believe the middle class deserves a great big voice.”

    Those are neither clever or cheeky. They are, in fact, simple and clumsily crafted.

    1. “L’chaim to Pro Choice”

      L’chaim means “to life.”

  23. Now admittedly it wasn’t my scene in 2008, but I seem to recall that the “singer” in the “Obama Girl” video was a fresh faced big tittied brunette, who’s this St. Vincent looking chick in the “Bernie Bae” video?

    1. I was thinking the same thing….Obamagirl had a mega rack.

    2. Think C+C Music Factory, Milli Vanilli… and then note that the article says “the young lady who co-wrote and sang that 2007 viral sensation…

  24. Never thought I’d see something more vapid than Kanye West. I was wrong.


  25. middle aged broad hits the wall and goes Forever 21. the opposite of news.

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